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#rockbox log for 2003-10-30

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00:39:27 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
00:41:58midknight2k3hi hardeep
00:42:02midknight2k3are youy around?
00:45:16Plughsorry I was rude earlier, mid. I had to tell a good friend about the death of a mutual friend. He just heard about it today, 4 months after she died
00:46:25midknight2k3you werent rude
00:46:44midknight2k3although, an apology is rare, so i'll accept it ;)
00:46:56Plughokay. My intent was rudeness. Didn't come across as such
00:47:07midknight2k3it was rude intent?
00:47:09midknight2k3you suck
00:47:19midknight2k3thats mean
00:47:27Plughand my wife appreciates it when I do
00:47:40midknight2k3when you do what?
00:48:04PlughI appreciate it when she does too
00:48:33midknight2k3confused by your trash talk once more
00:48:38midknight2k3i thought you meant "mean"
00:48:41Plughyou started it
00:49:01midknight2k3started what?
00:49:13Plughyou're the one who said I suck
00:49:41Plughand you know that I always agree with you
00:49:56midknight2k3even if i say you are stupid?
00:50:14PlughI always agree when you say I suck
00:50:34Plughand I know you don't mean it when you say I'm stupid
00:51:46midknight2k3i know
00:51:50midknight2k3so if i say you..
00:52:34midknight2k3if i say you.....
00:54:51midknight2k3gimme a minute to think of something
00:54:56midknight2k3or oyu think of something
00:55:52PlughI'm thinking that I just got a reminder of a company meeting
00:56:14Plughand there was a chocolate cake back in the kitchen area that says this is gonna be a good one
00:56:41midknight2k3if i say you stink what do you think
00:56:57 Join [iolaus] [0] (
00:57:01midknight2k3hi [iolaus]
00:57:04[iolaus]Hey all
00:57:17PlughI'd say that I had some of that onion and garlic chili last night that I was talking about the other day, and I'd agree with you
00:57:21[iolaus]Having big troubles with my AJBR20 :(
00:57:37midknight2k3[iolaus]: go on, Plugh: i remember, just seeing if you do
00:57:43Plughwhat sort of troubles
00:58:24PlughI think I just confused iolaus
00:58:37midknight2k3lol dont be mean
00:58:41midknight2k3plugh: try this
00:58:50[iolaus]It was flaking out on me recently and I was hearing clicking so I figured the HD must have died. I got a new drive and tried it out and can't get the device to complete booting still. I get 4 bars of the boot screen and an error message: drive reset error.
00:58:51midknight2k3its simple and quick
00:58:53[iolaus]any ideas?
00:58:55midknight2k3oho plugh
00:58:56midknight2k3or now
00:59:01midknight2k3let me read
00:59:23midknight2k3how big is the drive?
00:59:25Plughmidknight2k3: my tab complete works great, but I don't really consider [] part of someone's name
00:59:30[iolaus]new drive is 60gig
00:59:47midknight2k3plugh: it still works
00:59:55[iolaus]formatted in FAT32 (working in windows)
00:59:55midknight2k3[iolaus]: hmm
01:00:06Plughthen I have to trim the []
01:00:09Plughmeeting time
01:00:15Plughenjoy fixing this one. I'll bbl
01:00:26midknight2k3ok bye plugh
01:00:33midknight2k3[iolaus]: hmm
01:00:56[iolaus]I'm fearing my Archos has become a large paperweight
01:00:59midknight2k3just a sec
01:01:01midknight2k3i hope not
01:01:04midknight2k3it doesnt sound like it
01:01:52midknight2k3lets see
01:02:57midknight2k3drive reset error?
01:03:04midknight2k3it goes 4 bars and says drive reset error?
01:03:20[iolaus]and takes a long time to get to the 4th bar
01:03:46midknight2k3did you connect it right? did it fit in well?
01:04:06[iolaus]yes, fit easily... same exact size as the original
01:04:37midknight2k3did one row of pins on either side get stuck off? it happens VERY easily, even wehn you're sure you've done it right..
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01:04:58[iolaus]nope, all pins are inserted
01:05:16[iolaus]maybe I should try the original drive again and see if it will at least boot with that
01:05:17midknight2k3is it apart right now?
01:05:21[iolaus]yeah, still apart
01:05:28midknight2k3ok, try the old drive
01:05:55[iolaus]alright, gotta remove the old drive from my PC, brb
01:06:05midknight2k3it works on your pc?
01:06:14[iolaus]I just moved the archos a bit
01:06:25[iolaus]and it seemed to boot into the filesystem screen
01:06:30[iolaus]but then turned off
01:06:47hardeepmidknight2k3: did you have a question?
01:06:58midknight2k3hardeep: yes
01:07:15midknight2k3when you're not holding down the F2 or F3 key, any key can be used in that screen right?
01:07:48hardeepmidknight2k3: yes
01:08:13midknight2k3ive heard numerous mumbo jumbo on the subject, and you can use UP in the F1 main menu!
01:08:27midknight2k3so clicking the Fx button then any key is possible right
01:08:31hardeepmidknight2k3: you just can't use them in combination
01:08:41midknight2k3like you cant hold f3 and press up
01:08:57midknight2k3most people release the Fx buttons before selecting right?
01:09:08midknight2k3i tried it recently and it felt awkward to hold it and press the key
01:09:11hardeepi know i do
01:09:12[iolaus]yikes, for some reason it just booted now
01:09:18[iolaus]this is flakey
01:09:22midknight2k3did you get my message [iolaus]?
01:09:30hardeepthe one cool thing about holding on is it immediately returns to the wps once you're done
01:10:22midknight2k3maybe i'll omit the UP key
01:10:32midknight2k3any others can be used that way?
01:12:11hardeephmmmm, F1, F2, F3, and UP are on the same analog input
01:12:17hardeepso they can't be used in combination
01:12:33hardeepsame with DOWN, PLAY, LEFT, and RIGHT
01:19:44 Quit _aLF ("Client exiting")
01:23:00midknight2k3how about ON?
01:26:11BoD[]up down left righ a b start
01:26:32BoD[]:) it's an old cheat mode i remember
01:26:47midknight2k3for what consile?
01:27:20midknight2k3hardeep: and can you make bm2rb work
01:27:52PlughI got it to work
01:27:56Plughwhat's wrong with it?
01:28:56midknight2k3it gives an error
01:29:07midknight2k3too big bit depth
01:29:11midknight2k3i cant make it less either
01:29:36PlughI did it
01:29:39Plughused gimp
01:29:57Plughwanna send me the file? I can convert it for you
01:30:16PlughI did it for... um I forgot
01:30:36BoD[]mid : it was for Sonic on the megadrive
01:30:43BoD[](or genesis)
01:31:09 Quit [iolaus] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:31:55midknight2k3plugh: in a bit please
01:32:17midknight2k3but thanks
01:32:26midknight2k3perhaps i can boot to knoppix to do it later if i must
01:32:35Plughget gimp for Windows
01:32:41Plughthat's what I used
01:32:50midknight2k3<boo hoo> its not the same!!! </boo hoo>?
01:33:04Plughboot knoppix
01:33:32PlughI'm sure it causes a rise in your levis every time you boot into such a powerful OS
01:33:46midknight2k3shutu p
01:34:11PlughLinux plugh 2.4.20-20.8 #1 Mon Aug 18 15:11:31 EDT 2003 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux
01:34:36Plughbut my uptime is shot to hell
01:34:39BoD[]I prefere GNU/The Hurd
01:34:41Plugh 4:34pm up 3 days, 43 min, 9 users, load average: 0.04, 0.03, 0.00
01:34:55midknight2k3plugh: ID ONT CARE
01:34:57DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
01:35:00PlughPG&E turned off my neighborhood for 6 hours
01:35:05midknight2k3YOu told ME
01:35:05Plughon Sunday
01:35:08midknight2k3you told me
01:35:15Plughand my UPS isn't quite that good
01:35:24midknight2k3died within 10, eh
01:35:36Plughnah. Lasted about 45 mins
01:36:06PlughI don't even put the router and hub on the UPS
01:36:18Plughso when the power goes out, the net is gone
01:36:22midknight2k3WOW WOW
01:36:45Plughonly my CPU box is on the ups
01:36:59midknight2k3plugh: you're sounding like track now
01:37:18PlughI think track sounds like me
01:37:25Plughso whaddya have to say to that?
01:37:55midknight2k3i think you are very different
01:37:57midknight2k3what now
01:40:10Plughyou have me at a loss for words
01:40:20midknight2k3and plus you suck big ones
01:40:51Plughmore than a mouthful is more than enough for me
01:41:06midknight2k3what now
01:41:29 Join [iolaus] [0] (
01:41:37midknight2k3i remember when plugh was a new
01:41:48[iolaus]well, looks like the old drive is bad, windows had a fit when I tried to copy to it
01:42:03midknight2k3and the new one is busted?
01:42:07[iolaus]but still doesn't explain why I can only boot sometimes with the new drive
01:42:26[iolaus]I certainly wouldn't think so, but I'm checking on my PC now (thorough scan)
01:42:29PlughI remember when mid was a newb. This morning. HAH!
01:42:34[iolaus]it was a brand new drive
01:42:46midknight2k3plugh: i don't get it
01:42:52midknight2k3[iolaus]: did you try my idea
01:43:19[iolaus]yeah, same result after removing hd and batteries and then installing hd first, then batteries
01:43:41midknight2k3try no drive bootup
01:43:56midknight2k3plugh: what did you mean then?
01:43:58[iolaus]sometimes it won't boot at all, sometimes I get in and it seems to work, sometimes I get in and it says something like "access error, couldn't read drive"
01:44:07Plughthat you're still a newb
01:44:07[iolaus]you can boot no drive?
01:44:14midknight2k3plugh: how?
01:44:20midknight2k3[iolaus]: its worth a try
01:45:02Plughsee, watch this iolaus. I won't explain myself and midknight2k3 will start getting all bothered and angry
01:45:11Plughit's a game
01:45:41midknight2k3it does bother me
01:45:42[iolaus]no hd gives me a hd register error
01:45:43midknight2k3what did you mean
01:46:14midknight2k3[iolaus]: try... uh, how about we go and.. ARGH! what did you mean plugh!
01:46:43midknight2k3[iolaus]: anyways
01:48:07midknight2k3its bugging me
01:48:12midknight2k3i'm at 90% now
01:48:15midknight2k3tell me
01:49:04midknight2k3tell me
01:49:07midknight2k3i will .. die
01:49:37Plughthere's a Napster add on Yahoo
01:50:40Plugh16:50 Ignoring MSGS from midknight2k3
01:50:57midknight2k3you suck too
01:51:01Plughyou wanna talk to me, talk in channel
01:51:13midknight2k3lets start with, you suck
01:52:29midknight2k3you suck
01:53:11midknight2k3HEY DUMMY
01:53:47***Alert Mode level 1
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02:07:08[iolaus]bad sector scans are SLOW!
02:08:10[iolaus]stupid archos! Grrrr... why must you be so much trouble?
02:08:24midknight2k3if you flash it this might not happen
02:09:02midknight2k3flash it? are the docs
02:09:12midknight2k3you need a hard drive to flash it
02:09:21[iolaus]just put the new rockbox on the hd you mean?
02:09:25midknight2k3if you flashed before it might have worked im saying
02:09:36midknight2k3rewrite the archos software so rockbox is stuck
02:09:51[iolaus]oh, I gotcha
02:17:00midknight2k3hah oops
02:17:08midknight2k3i just screwed something
02:17:19midknight2k3upon loading my newly modeed ajbrec
02:17:30midknight2k3Resume? Show icons. The disk is full.
02:18:14midknight2k3f2 screen
02:18:25midknight2k3ShuffUnits Per Read
02:18:30midknight2k3Off Mode Off
02:18:37midknight2k3Idle Poweroff: Music
02:27:41 Quit [iolaus] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:30:21midknight2k3night all
02:30:38 Quit midknight2k3 (Client Quit)
02:44:52 Join Kontakt501 [0] (
02:48:08Kontakt501u got any archos tips?
02:48:12Kontakt501for the fm recorder
02:48:23Kontakt501using rockbox
02:48:36Kontakt501wondering if im missing some features
02:48:41Plughwhat kinda tips? That's the one I have
02:48:50Plughheh. I don't use half the features of rockbox ;)
02:48:58Kontakt501ya me neither
02:49:07Kontakt501any cool plugins out?
02:49:09PlughI use the multi-bookmark patch
02:49:15Kontakt501whats that
02:49:26PlughI helped write a VU meter with needles. It's kinda spiffy
02:49:34Kontakt501is there anyway i can have it random play songs from different folders
02:49:45Plughyou can store a bookmark for any number of tracks
02:49:45Kontakt501like shuffle but in sub directories to
02:50:01Plughevery time you press stop it asks if you want to write a bookmark
02:50:12Kontakt501what will that get me
02:50:17Plughso I can save my place in multiple audio books
02:50:36Kontakt501does it save u time navigating
02:50:38Plughthat's what I mostly use my archos for
02:50:44Kontakt501or is it about the same just by going into the folder
02:50:59Plughnot really. But it saves me time scanning a long track for where I left off
02:51:22Kontakt501any cool plugins out that dnt come with rockbox
02:52:30Kontakt501blackjack would be cool
02:54:06Plughtake a look at the patches directory
02:54:13Plughon the web site
02:54:20Plughthere's all kinda neat stuff
02:54:27Kontakt501ya dont see any games there
02:54:31Plughbut don't ask anyone for a chip8 build ;)
02:54:47Kontakt501why they get pissed?
02:55:07Plughnobody has one and nobody wants to do the work to integrate it in the current build
02:58:44Plughand the original author dropped off the face of the net
02:59:27Kontakt501maybe archos put a hit out on him
03:00:13Plughif anyone, they'd hit Linus
03:00:47Kontakt501well im off
03:00:56Kontakt501thanks again
03:01:10Kontakt501hope we get that chip
03:01:25 Quit Kontakt501 ("[I was using Polaris 2002] Version:[1.0] Webpage:[]")
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03:09:33 Nick yutlin is now known as [iolaus] (
03:09:48[iolaus]Hey all, anyone around?
03:22:25 Join rootcode [0] (
03:22:25 Quit [iolaus] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:22:34rootcodeanyone here?
03:25:23 Quit rootcode (Client Quit)
03:29:21 Quit hardeep ("Killed by gemini (Requested by panasync)")
03:52:49 Quit BoD[] ("ffoofo")
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05:31:42 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
05:46:55midknight2k3its the presentation
05:47:07midknight2k3who wants to see it
06:19:45midknight2k3night plug\
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10:22:03k3noi love rockbox
10:22:19dwihnoEverybody does! :)
10:23:43k3noa live one ahh
10:23:59k3nobeen ages since a non idler was here :)
10:24:25k3noI got a suggestion that should be really easy to implement.. dunno if it's on the wish list yet
10:25:42k3noI hope this gets logged
10:26:44k3noI always find this annoying - the track list shows the beginning of the filenames and scrolls the current filename if it doesn't fit, which is usually the case.
10:27:24k3nomost downloaded mp3s have the artist name or album name, which usually takes up enough space on it's own to fill the JB's horizontal space, and then the track name itself.
10:28:35k3noI have to highlight each track and wait a while before I can get it's name, therefore I figured it would be nice to have an option that truncates the string from the right, not from the left
10:29:56k3noe.g. "Faithess - Reverence - 10 - Drifting Away.mp3" that first showed something similar to "Faithless - Rever.." will become "..ifting Away.mp3" when this option would be enabled.
10:34:20 Quit Schnueff (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:36:48webmindk3no, renamind your mp3's works fine :)
10:37:13k3noheh not for the lazy ones :)
10:37:19webmindk3no, i'm lazy..
10:37:26webmindthat's why i have script to help me :)
10:37:43k3noI use wincmd to mass rename
10:37:45k3nothat's not the problem
10:37:52CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
10:37:52*webmind uses /artist/album/trackid_songname.mp3
10:38:02k3nobut I don't want my mp3s to be listed as like 05 - songname.mp3
10:38:19webmindwhy not ?
10:38:21k3noI prefer the album/artist - ## - songname.mp3 format
10:38:49 Quit dsg (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:38:59k3noand if rockbox would give me the ability to watch the RIGHT part of the filename string first, then scroll left it would be great.
10:39:39webmindthat's not that easy to implement ?
10:40:06k3noI don't code C, but it seems really easy to implement
10:40:16webmindwhy not trackid_songname(artist).mp3
10:40:41webmindk3no, mind you this is embedded software?
10:41:21webmindthere's limit on the amount of memmory you can use
10:41:48webmindand the more is used for the firmware, the less can be used for buffering, the shorter your batteries will last
10:42:04k3no## - songname (artist).mp3 is bad for independent compilations, which I do very often..
10:43:13k3noas for the scrolling, I think the current dir's filelist is loaded into memory entirely, so it's just a matter of changing the trimming of the string from right to left.
10:45:35webmindwhich requires extra code
10:45:43webmindand probably extra memmory for the operation
10:48:15k3noextra couple of lines of code, yeah (those get add all the time), but extra memory, I don't think so.. since the trimming operation is done anyways, the part you trim doesn't matter (left of string or right of string). I mean, string.substr(0,8) requires same amount of memory as string.substr(string.length-8,string.length)
10:53:01webmindk3no, only when its actually usefull
10:53:36webmindk3no, uhm.. i dont think that is C code ?
10:53:59webmindbut ya can request it ofcourse :)
10:54:00 Quit k3no (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:54:47 Join k3no [0] (
11:00:50k3noI know this is somewhere in the docs, but could someone explain to me real quick the difference between queue next and insert next?
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15:59:59 Quit dsg ("foo")
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17:11:48 Join hohoohhihiih [0] (
17:12:44hohoohhihiihI need assistance
17:17:49 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
17:20:33webmindhohoohhihiih, plz dont send msgs to me again or i'll ignore ya
17:21:14Schnueffhohoohhihiih, plz dont send msgs to me again or i'll ignore ya
17:23:36hohoohhihiihPLIZ HELP ME
17:23:37webmindlike i do now :)
17:23:38hohoohhihiihPLIZ HELP ME
17:23:38DBUGEnqueued KICK hohoohhihiih
17:23:38hohoohhihiihPLIZ HELP ME
17:23:52hohoohhihiihwebmind pliz
17:23:55hohoohhihiihI to buy the jukebox studio 10 and I will like to put plays like tetris all its
17:24:55hohoohhihiihit is possible to play has tetris on the jukebox studio??
17:24:56hohoohhihiihit is possible to play has tetris on the jukebox studio??
17:24:57hohoohhihiihit is possible to play has tetris on the jukebox studio??
17:25:59hohoohhihiihhas which plays alor??
17:26:20hohoohhihiihhas which plays then??
17:26:40MTthe studio doesnt have any games
17:27:04hohoohhihiihI have the plays jackpot
17:27:18hohoohhihiihI have the games jackpot
17:27:53hohoohhihiihthere are other plays?
17:28:01hohoohhihiihthere are other games?
17:28:54CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
17:28:54*webmind wishes to state he finds hohoohhihiih anoying...
17:28:55hohoohhihiihsniffffffffffffffffff MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNn
17:29:44hohoohhihiihthere is other firmware has by rockbox??
17:31:42hohoohhihiihit is what the id3???
17:34:02hohoohhihiihit is what the id3???
17:34:03hohoohhihiihit is what the id3???
17:41:38 Quit hohoohhihiih ("-=SysReset 2.53=-")
17:55:05 Join hohoohhihiih [0] (
17:55:11hohoohhihiihI can increased the capacity of my hard disk until A how much?
17:55:43webmindi think the biggest 2.5" disk is 80gb?
17:56:00webmindbut if ya put a 3.5" on it you could go to 300gb
17:56:15webmindbut it kinda wouldn't be portable anymore
18:06:01 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
18:08:22 Join edx [0] (
18:13:32hohoohhihiihI will want increased the capacity of my batterrie which is of 1500 mAh until A how much I can increased??
18:14:19hohoohhihiihwithout breaking anything
18:16:09 Quit AciD` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:24:19hardeephohoohhihiih: there are 2300 mAh batteries available nowadays
18:38:55hohoohhihiihnot but I want to say with the firmaware rockbox one can increased lasted of the batterrie
18:44:27 Join AciD` [0] (
19:02:39 Quit AciD` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:04:53hohoohhihiihnot but I want to say with the firmaware rockbox one can increased lasted of the batterrie
19:05:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:05:35hohoohhihiihnot but I want to say with the firmaware rockbox one can increased lasted of the batterrie has how much I can increased??
19:05:36hohoohhihiihnot but I want to say with the firmaware rockbox one can increased lasted of the batterrie has how much I can increased??
19:17:17 Join track [0] (
19:45:25 Join dsg [0] (
19:57:50hohoohhihiihnot but I want to say with the firmaware rockbox one can increased lasted of the batterrie has how much I can increased??
19:58:09MTstop repeating the same thing over and over again
19:59:13hohoohhihiihsorry man but i no speak anglish and i buylding jukebox studio but i dont know fonctionaly
19:59:32hohoohhihiihfor rockbox firmaware
20:00:02hohoohhihiihwith the firmaware rockbox one can increased lasted of the batterrie has how much I can increased??
20:00:32MTit lasts longer
20:00:33MTthis is in the manual
20:00:33MThave you read the manual?
20:03:35 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
20:18:05 Quit hohoohhihiih (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:18:07 Quit track (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:23:06 Quit dsg ("brb")
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20:50:09 Join _aLF [0] (
20:52:43 Join dsg [0] (
20:54:13 Join Neurosupherot [0] (
20:54:58tracktheripperHi Neuro
20:55:17Neurosupheroti would like to know
20:55:33Neurosupherotwith the source, how do we make the ajz?
20:56:13tracktheripperu need to ask Bjorn and co or read the docs on this website
20:57:36Neurosupherotediting source is reserved for hackers
20:57:43Neurosupheroti just want to change the boot logo
21:05:00 Join [iolaus] [0] (
21:05:07[iolaus]Hey guys, anyone around?
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22:29:21 Quit Neurosupherot ()
22:30:15 Join Neurosupherot [0] (
22:30:26Neurosupherotwhere can i find an emulator for archos?
22:30:33 Join xam [0] (
22:33:49Neurosupherotwhere can i find an archos mulator
22:35:01 Join tboy [0] (~xxx@
22:35:38xam ?
22:39:00Neurosupherotthere is no .exe?
22:40:06Neurosupherotand how do we do for make a ajz?
22:40:25 Join thedude02 [0] (
22:40:35Neurosupherotand how do we do for make a ajz?
22:40:42 Part thedude02
22:41:17 Join thedude02 [0] (
22:42:57 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
22:42:58thedude02hello y'all
22:44:00*thedude02 slaps Plugh around a bit with a large trout
22:44:09*thedude02 slaps thedude02 around a bit with a large trout
22:44:27*thedude02 says hello
22:44:58tboydo new variables in languages files
22:45:08tboyget inserted at the bottom
22:45:27tboyI mean in the english lang file
22:45:52tboysince I wanted to update the icelandic lang file
22:46:44 Quit Neurosupherot (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:47:54 Join tracktheripper [0] (
22:48:14tracktheripperhi dude
22:48:33thedude02hi trackripper
22:48:55tracktheripperim back
22:49:19thedude02I've... never... seen you before...
22:49:32tracktheripperive been on Rockb ox fo a long time
22:50:04tracktheripperwhat is so funny?
22:50:23thedude02yeah what is funny?
22:50:29*thedude02 slaps tboy around a bit with a large trout
22:50:36thedude02I just ahd to do that
22:50:50tracktheripperprobably thinking of midknight's funny feature requests
22:51:03tracktheripperlike "Make the USB a digital out on the FM recorder"
22:53:51thedude02that would be EXTREMELY useful!
22:53:59thedude02and I'm not being sarcastic!
22:54:19tracktheripperhis other request was "Convert MP3s to ringtones for mobilephones"
22:58:07 Quit thedude02 ()
23:05:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:24:25 Join diddystar5 [0] (
23:32:57 Quit tboy ("Bye guys")
23:34:57 Join Mine78 [0] (
23:35:39Mine78HW info: removed the V2 boot ROM crap, now gives boot ROM CRC or says no boot ROM in case of flash mirror
23:35:50Mine78I flashed my firmware yesterday
23:35:56Mine78have I to re-flash it ?
23:36:16diddystar5you can
23:36:19diddystar5if you want
23:36:32Mine78The rom was dated 27October
23:36:44diddystar5get the .ucl file to flash at
23:37:26Mine78I used
23:37:31diddystar5transfer that file to your unit and "play" it as if it were a song
23:37:46diddystar5yes, the .ucl file is the one used to update you flash
23:38:12Mine78I can use it without following the procedure on that page: ??
23:38:58Mine78So the .ucl substitute the procedure ?
23:39:10diddystar5just download the correct .ucl for your unit, and put it on your unit, and play it
23:39:14Mine78Or maybe the ucl substitute the Modded firmware only ?
23:39:25Mine78Leaving the original alone ?
23:39:42Mine78I mean, if i use ucl can i hold f1 and have the original-old firm ?
23:40:37Mine78another thing: in windows xp is there a way to remove RECYCLED dir and System Information dir ?
23:40:57diddystar5sorry the correct link to get the ucl is
23:41:24diddystar5everytime you connect you unit to your computer, those folders are created
23:41:30diddystar5nothing you can do about that
23:41:38diddystar5just dont worry about them
23:41:41Mine78how can I remove them ? they cannot be deleted in my xp
23:41:49diddystar5xp want let you
23:42:01Mine78ok thanx
23:42:07diddystar5your welcome
23:42:24Mine78one last thing: how can I play a folder insted entering in it ?
23:42:25diddystar5the flashing is kinda hard to understand at first, but youll get it
23:43:08diddystar5ummm you cant
23:43:21Mine78but a 2day old new said it was possible
23:43:43diddystar5where did you see that?
23:45:22Mine781 moment
23:45:32Mine78look at old news
23:45:35Mine782 or 3 days ago
23:47:38*diddystar5 dosent see it
23:48:25Mine78it was written "added ability to play a folder" or something like that
23:48:37Mine78can you post me the old news link ?
23:50:39diddystar5there is not a old news page, im just looking at the cvs logs
23:50:55Mine78ah ok
23:51:00Mine78I ensure it was written
23:51:16diddystar5one minute though....
23:51:48Mine78UCL says: "file read error"... why ?
23:51:48diddystar5im looking at my old email, since i would have gotton a cvs log mail about it
23:52:19diddystar5file read error? did you "play" the ucl?
23:52:37diddystar5ok, then get the "full" version from
23:52:48Mine78and then ?
23:53:13diddystar5it is a zip file, unzip it to your unit
23:53:26Mine78that's all ?
23:53:37diddystar5well yes
23:53:40diddystar5then try it
23:53:54diddystar5there is a plugin in that zip you must not have had
23:54:42Mine78the flash plugin ?
23:54:55Mine78I deleted it today !
23:55:08Mine78To avoid confusions...
23:55:12Mine78thank you ;)
23:55:22Mine78what is the correct name of the plug ?
23:55:45diddystar5humm rockbox_flash.rock
23:57:05xamwhat are the new features of the plugins compared to the stable version 2 release?
23:57:37diddystar5lot of new stuff like a calendar and many many new stuff and bug fixes, and features........
23:57:50diddystar5you should get a daily build xam
23:58:05diddystar5they are much better andmore stable than 2.0
23:58:21xamdiddystar5: the funny thing is I'm happy with v2 (can't recall I've seen any bugs)
23:58:34diddystar5xam: there are :)
23:58:51diddystar5xam: even with the bug fixes, it is just so much better

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