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#rockbox log for 2003-11-02

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00:08:53Kontakt501gl on the patching
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00:27:48man-ehow r u all ?
00:28:26man-emmm.. I guess all r sleeeeepy, eh ?
00:28:44scott|sleeepthats about it
00:29:14man-ewell, atleast ur alive!
00:30:08man-esay, are u speaking to anyone on the channel right now ? (cept me)
00:31:21man-eoh, silence
00:31:34man-emakes you wonder
00:31:38man-eabout things
00:32:34man-eok, bye
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04:13:14midknight2k3linus, aer you around?
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04:51:24midknight2k3ok, anyone here who can program?
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04:53:54midknight2k3hi k3no_
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06:11:09midk2k3I GOT IT!
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10:24:24midknight2k3hi edx
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11:45:43trackhi webmiond
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14:49:59mjhdoes anyone happen to know whether Zagor ever managed to get hold of a PortalPlayer spec sheet?
14:50:03mjh(further to "15.03.19 # <Zagor> elinenbe: yes, I noticed. I just signed up for a PortalPlayer data sheet :-)" at
14:51:44LinusNno idea
14:51:59LinusNwhat is a portalplayer?
14:52:46mjhthe ARM-based chipset used in iPods
14:53:17mjhthere was a short flurry of discussion as to whether rockbox could ever run on them a while back (as per that log, which I just found through Google)
14:54:01LinusNaha, i haven't heard anything
14:54:27*mjh nods
14:54:31mjhfair enough :)
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15:14:10[IDC]DragonHi there!
15:14:59[IDC]DragonLinus, do you read?
15:15:37[IDC]DragonIn case you will:
15:16:03[IDC]DragonI'm looking at the settings load/save, being desperate for RTC bits.
15:16:44[IDC]DragonI want to mave the charging settings there, to have them avail. before disk spinup.
15:19:19[IDC]DragonI have an idea of how to make this load/save code more simple and efficient (Some days ago I was discussing this with Zagor):
15:19:48[IDC]DragonUse the 44 bytes as a stream of bits, not caring for byte boundaries.
15:20:07[IDC]DragonThen write each item with the number of bits it needs.
15:20:53LinusNi'm listening
15:20:57[IDC]DragonThis way we don't "waste" bits.
15:21:53[IDC]DragonWhy is this checking for 0xFF in each byte? Either the settings are checksummed valid or not.
15:22:15LinusNthe checksum is calculated on all bytes, unused or not
15:22:20LinusNunused bytes are 0xff
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15:22:47LinusNso when we introduce a new option, the byte may be empty==unused, but the checksum is still valid
15:23:06LinusNhowever, bumping the revision solves that problem
15:23:25[IDC]Dragonyes, I thought you do this each time.
15:23:42LinusNwe originally had the intention not to bump the revision
15:24:00LinusNso yes, we can make this much simpler
15:24:08[IDC]DragonHow would you like my bitstreaming?
15:24:28[IDC]DragonI'll code it, don't worry
15:24:36LinusNsure, if it is elegant
15:24:54[IDC]DragonThere could be a table with all entries
15:25:06[IDC]Dragonand a generic code that walks it.
15:26:05[IDC]DragonIs that an issue here?
15:26:52LinusNnot really
15:27:18LinusNthe resume function writes to the RTC every other second or so
15:27:57[IDC]DragonWhy do the non-RTC values start so late, at 0xA8 ?
15:30:06[IDC]DragonSomething inbetween I'm missing?
15:30:14LinusNthe top values grow backwards
15:30:35[IDC]DragonAh, I see.
15:31:24[IDC]DragonI'm also missing the resume filename, which would be a variable length entry.
15:32:34LinusNwhy variable?
15:32:56[IDC]Dragonor at least limited size.
15:33:25[IDC]Dragoncould be a very long pathname
15:33:37LinusNit is in a separate sector, iirc
15:36:37LinusNi am silly
15:36:44LinusNwe don't save the file name
15:37:14[IDC]DragonI could make a rtc_write_multiple, that would probably increase the save time a lot.
15:37:24LinusNthat would be nice
15:38:46[IDC]DragonNo filename? I thought Zagor mentioned it, as the "clean" solution opposed to a sector #
15:42:53LinusNthe dynamic playlists changes the resume behaviour
15:43:33[IDC]Dragonanother "???"
15:43:40LinusNthe resume track info is in the .playlist_control file
15:43:44[IDC]Dragonbut perhaps I should not worry.
15:44:05[IDC]DragonThen I don't worry.
15:44:22LinusNonly the index and time offset is in RTC
15:47:59[IDC]DragonSo, would it be OK to go ahead with my serialization?
15:48:27LinusNif it makes the code simpler, yes
15:48:40[IDC]Dragonit shure does ;-)
15:49:12[IDC]DragonThe question coming up again it: what do we do withnew values growing in?
15:49:36LinusNwe will move to a config file approach
15:49:47LinusNonly "real-time" values will stay in RTC
15:49:56LinusNlike the resume info
15:50:08[IDC]Dragonand the "early" stuff
15:50:24LinusN...will be moved to the config file
15:50:32LinusNsome day
15:50:46LinusNif you like, you can work on that as well
15:50:47[IDC]Dragonwhich you can't read befor you have HD
15:51:13LinusNvalues you will need before the HD can be read must stay in RTC
15:51:40LinusNremember that Players don't have RTC
15:51:58[IDC]Dragonbut they also have no charge control
15:52:30[IDC]DragonIt's the charging I'm trying to fiy here in the first place.
15:53:14 Nick [OFF]BtT is now known as [GoE]BENtheTEN (~quasi@
15:53:37[IDC]DragonOK, thanks for your time.
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16:06:10[IDC]DragonLinus, I assume that bool values in a struct won't get packed? Meaning, I can pass pointers to those?
16:06:37LinusNi believe so
16:07:19LinusNi'm trying to figure out why you can't charge a flashed recorder with flat batteries
16:07:36[IDC]DragonFM or Rec?
16:08:12[IDC]Dragonbecause it's too weak to start the CPU part?
16:08:20 Join striders [0] (
16:08:23stridershi all
16:08:27LinusNit shouldn't be too weak
16:08:34LinusNthe cpu can run from the AC alone
16:08:39LinusNhi striders
16:08:55[IDC]DragonI'm not shure where to sort those postings, if flashing really made something worse.
16:09:02striderssorry to bother u again
16:09:24stridersbut is it worse and worse
16:09:31LinusNwhat is?
16:09:36stridersi cannot boot my archos anymore
16:09:47[IDC]DragonIs that our subject?
16:09:49stridersI format it through Win2k sp4 in fat32
16:10:02[IDC]Dragonthen it isn't.
16:10:20stridersok i let u finish
16:10:39LinusNstriders: player or recorder?
16:10:40striderssorry about that
16:10:48[IDC]DragonGo ahead.
16:10:54stridersJukebox recorder 20
16:11:02LinusN[IDC]Dragon: it doesn't look like it is charging at all...
16:11:14LinusNstriders: what does the archos say?
16:11:26striderswhen the archos is booting (os version 1.28), really bad noise of the hard drive
16:11:32stridersread access error
16:11:38striderscan't access hard drive
16:11:42uskistriders: hardware problem ? i.e. defectuous drive ?
16:11:48stridersi think so
16:11:50uskiplus clairement, ton disque est niqué ?
16:11:52LinusNthe bad noise could be a bad hard drive or bad batteries
16:11:52stridersbut it is a brand new archos
16:11:52[IDC]Dragonsounds like harware problem
16:12:02stridersi return my former archos for a similar problem
16:12:09uskistriders: yea but new archos might have problems
16:12:09stridersthe send me a new one
16:12:12uskilol perhaps they returned you the same
16:12:39striderswhen i start to test it, i full the hard drive but at the end of the copy
16:12:49LinusNstriders: is it different when you boot with the charger attached or not?
16:12:49striderswindows said me unable to copy...
16:12:57stridersi try
16:13:12stridersbattery charging
16:13:19stridersnow i press the button on
16:13:59stridersnope, only creaking of the hard drive :/
16:14:14LinusNwow, and connecting it via USB works?
16:14:31stridersbecause i cannot reach this state
16:14:37LinusNthen hod did you format the drive?
16:14:48uskiwhat does happen if you connect the HDD on the USB port ?
16:14:53uskithe archos i mean
16:14:53stridersi try
16:14:57uskiok, try
16:15:05stridersi format the hard drive through win2k
16:15:11stridersand after do a scandisk
16:15:41LinusNyou mean that you removed the hard drive and put it in your PC?
16:15:52stridersi reboot
16:15:55uskistriders: tu es français ?
16:16:05uskipv, i will translate
16:16:21[IDC]DragonLinusN: did you experience the non-charging? Was that with Rockbox or Archos charging screen? Or trying to startup with HD?
16:16:47LinusNnot sure now, it seems to be charging
16:17:05LinusNi inserted a set of batteries that i knew were flat
16:17:26LinusNi connected the charger and it started charging, everything seemed ok
16:17:46LinusNafter a while, i discovered that the jukebox had shut off
16:17:53LinusNand now it can't boot
16:18:19LinusNit works with a set of non-flat batteries
16:18:21[IDC]DragonIt should not shut off.
16:18:27LinusNi know :-)
16:18:42[IDC]DragonCan't boot even into charging screen?
16:18:45LinusNi guess something is draining the batteries
16:18:55LinusNthe green led blinks
16:18:58LinusNead screen
16:19:26[IDC]DragonI've never tried with flat cells.
16:19:31LinusNwhen i insert the charger with fresh batteries, i can hear the hd beginning to spin up
16:19:42LinusNthen it stops when the charging screen appears
16:19:52uskiperhaps the firmware tries to start the HDD, thus killing the power from the batteries ?
16:20:09[IDC]DragonMaybe I should switch on charging within the bootloader
16:20:41LinusNwe should rewrite the power management code
16:20:50LinusNit takes it up to a minute to start charging
16:20:53[IDC]DragonAre you shure it got there?
16:21:09LinusNgot where?
16:21:19[IDC]Dragoninto the power code
16:21:53LinusNnot sure
16:22:12LinusNwell, i think it's power_init() that starts the hd
16:22:52[IDC]DragonThe HD is on since the bootloader.
16:23:08[IDC]DragonThe charging sreen shuts it down again.
16:23:31LinusNwhat does the boot loader do with the ata power pin?
16:23:49[IDC]DragonNothing, the disk is on by hardware default.
16:24:06LinusNhow silly
16:24:19LinusNwe should turn it off asap
16:24:19[IDC]DragonI liked it, gives faster start.
16:24:44uski[IDC]Dragon: why not turning the HDD on or off, depending of the voltage of the battery ?
16:25:03[IDC]Dragonyes, that might be an idea.
16:25:18LinusNi'm not all fond of that idea
16:25:28[IDC]DragonBut it makes the bootloader too intelligent.
16:25:36LinusNthe battery voltage measurement is not all that accurate
16:25:58LinusNand i don't like when the code is, like [IDC]Dragon said, too intelligent
16:26:55scott|sleeepyou could make sure that the voltage is well higher than the margin of error
16:27:08LinusNthat's what i mean
16:27:27uskiyes but currently
16:27:32uskiif you don't do this in the bootloader
16:27:35LinusNthen the user won't be able to use the hd, even if his batteries might have been sufficient
16:27:36uskiyou cannot fix the issue
16:27:43uski=> power => start hdd => voltage drop => boom
16:28:06scott|sleeepwe can't init it later?
16:28:17LinusNthat's what we are discussing
16:28:32LinusNthe boot loader should shut if off as soon as possible
16:28:44scott|sleeepcould we move the init to after the charging screen finishes?
16:28:45[IDC]DragonThere's nothing bad if the bootloader leaves with the HD off, it just has to be turned on again later. Boot time is a bit longer than.
16:28:48uskiand the "main" code should check the voltage, or start charging
16:28:50LinusNscott|sleeep: that's where it is
16:29:03 Nick scott|sleeep is now known as scott666 (
16:29:21LinusNthe HD is on by mistake as it is today
16:29:50LinusN[IDC]Dragon: is the boot loader in cvs?
16:30:07 Quit striders ("Thanx RockBox !!")
16:30:18[IDC]Dragonno, but available in my source pack.
16:30:23uski(fyi, striders will send back his archos)
16:30:41LinusNuski: ok
16:31:27LinusNwow, the sourceforge anon cvs is up-to-date again
16:32:30LinusN[IDC]Dragon: i leave it up to you to fix it, just make sure that the hd is off by default
16:33:42[IDC]DragonHmm, what a pit for the boot time. Probably costs an extra second.
16:33:50 Quit uski ("BRB")
16:34:10LinusNprobably... :-(
16:34:35[IDC]DragonHow about powering it down only when I detect the charger?
16:35:38[IDC]DragonThat's a nice one, independent of voltage readings, etc.
16:37:03[IDC]DragonNext thing to fix is probably us powering up the disk, not shure that's done.
16:37:39LinusNshould be done in ata_init
16:38:27[IDC]DragonI'm not shure how this disk powering goes for all the platforms.
16:38:43[IDC]DragonI've been very unsuccessful with the Player.
16:38:45LinusNoh, it is already done when charging_screen() exits
16:39:03[IDC]DragonAh yes, I needed that.
16:39:40LinusNpower_init() shuts it off
16:39:52[IDC]DragonPlayer to be clarified...
16:39:55LinusNwhen it sets the data direction
16:40:07LinusNi'll work on the player
16:40:56 Nick [GoE]BENtheTEN is now known as [OFF]BtT (~quasi@
16:43:49[IDC]DragonOK, I'll work on the bootloader.
16:44:15[IDC]DragonEverybody would have to do a full reflash then to bring it in :-(
16:48:39[IDC]DragonI should check in the flash tools to cvs.
16:49:24[IDC]DragonSo far I didn't because the directory struct should be agreed on first.
16:49:46LinusNi suggest we add a directory called "flash"
16:49:51LinusNlike with the gdb
16:50:02[IDC]DragonI have a dir "flashtools" next to apps, firmware etc.
16:50:25LinusNis the boot loader in there?
16:50:51LinusNthen i think "flashtools" isn't the best name
16:51:03LinusNsince the boot loader isn't really a tool, is it?
16:51:03[IDC]Dragonlook in the zip file
16:52:33[IDC]DragonI have bootloader, extract (grab .ajz out of Archos dump), make_firmware (authoring), minimon (code downloaded for UART boot), RockFlash (the PC counterpart)
16:53:23[IDC]Dragonwe can call it "flash", not to be cofused with MacroMedia
16:55:28LinusNwhy only 14400 for the Player monitor?
16:56:00[IDC]Dragonbecause the higher one is not matching the clock
16:56:10LinusN38400 works for me
16:56:26 Join mad8k [0] (
16:56:46[IDC]Dragoniirc, it would need a .5 divider
16:57:13LinusNi use that when i run gdb on my player
16:57:14 Quit k3no_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:58:18[IDC]Dragonlemme calculate the error...
16:58:46LinusN#ifdef RECORDER
16:58:46LinusN BRR1 = 2; /* 115200 */
16:58:46LinusN BRR1 = 9; /* 38400 */
16:59:03 Join k3no_ [0] (
16:59:20[IDC]Dragonso the true baudrate for BRR=9 is?
16:59:42LinusNcan't remember
17:02:00[IDC]DragonYou'd need a BRR of 8.76
17:03:07LinusNthat's a 3.7% deviation
17:03:08[IDC]DragonVersus for 14400 baud you need BRR 25.04
17:04:03LinusNi think you can deviate up to 10%
17:04:18[IDC]Dragon5% should be acceptable, but I didn't like it too much.
17:04:39LinusNas long as you don't send the bytes back to back, you should be allright
17:05:16[IDC]Dragonjitter must not be more than half a bit at the end of a byte (= 9 bit)
17:05:18LinusNnever mind
17:05:46[IDC]DragonThe monitor has a command to switch baudrate anyway.
17:05:54LinusNas long as it is only the monitor
17:05:58[IDC]DragonIt's just the starter
17:06:21[IDC]DragonWell, if I flash with the monitor I want it to be reliable.
17:06:43***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:08:06[IDC]Dragonthe really tricky part with UART boot is generating 2300 baud (player) or 2120 baud (recorders)
17:09:35[IDC]DragonThe boot ROM sets BRR to a stupid value which results to these.
17:10:31[IDC]DragonThen the first byte of the UART boot protocol will be written into BRR.
17:11:36[IDC]DragonMy challenge was to have the PC generate something that viewed with this stupid rate looks like a byte that gives us a BRR value we can continue with.
17:13:09[IDC]DragonSo I ended up drawing diagrams how 2 bytes with 4800 baud would be sampled at those baudrates.
17:14:38[IDC]DragonThe unavoidable stop bit messed it up. Was only solveable with some wild interface settings for stop bits and parity.
17:18:02LinusNhehe, nice work
17:19:04[IDC]Dragonfirst I thought this is impossible, I need a microcontroller inbetween.
17:21:33[IDC]Dragonfor the charging: I wonder where Archos switches off the HD.
17:22:56LinusNme too
17:23:13 Join top_bloke [0] (
17:23:34[IDC]DragonThey can't be too fast, descramble their way bigger loader first.
17:24:39LinusNall that needs to be done is to set the data dir of port a
17:25:46LinusNthe data register is probably 0 by default
17:25:55[IDC]DragonYes, but since the boot ROM is not doing it, they can't do it earlier than in the loader.
17:27:42[IDC]Dragonthe descrambler in the boot rom is very inefficient, thus slow to descramble ~9k
17:33:09[IDC]Dragonit reads 5 times from flash to process 1 byte
17:33:28LinusNhowever, it seems that my set of test batteries were bad, because it measured over 6V when charging
17:33:57LinusNi have unpacked a fresh set of batteries to try with
17:34:05[IDC]Dragonovervoltage, how come?
17:34:09LinusNi dunno
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17:37:03LinusNi gotta go now
17:37:31[IDC]Dragonshure, was a productive chat!
17:38:20LinusNcu around
17:38:26 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|away (
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18:35:37DJBazanyone know of nice custom wps's on the web?
18:37:40top_blokejust make your own
18:37:54top_blokeits easy
18:39:50DJBazbut over ppls work would be better than mine
18:43:05 Quit k3no_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:43:34DJBaztop_bloke ever used JB_Sync ?
18:44:41[IDC]DragonIs there anybody with a flashed FM here?
18:46:11DJBazthis may be silly but does the FM also work with AM?
18:46:53top_blokei dont think so
18:47:07top_blokeunless you hack it or something
18:47:08[IDC]Dragonthen it woudn't be an FM
18:47:16[IDC]Dragonno, it can't.
18:47:22top_blokeyeah i'd be am/fm
18:49:10DJBazanyone here know of any features the developers r working on for rockbox recorder?
18:53:33[IDC]Dragoncan't speak for the 3 swedes, but I've some things in mind.
18:54:16[IDC]Dragonflashing the player
18:54:25[IDC]Dragonmerge of talkbox
18:54:26DJBazim thinking about buying a usb2 card, how long would it take to transfer 70meg on usb2?
18:54:33[IDC]Dragonaudible seek
18:54:58[IDC]Dragonrecording with the disk off as long as possible
18:55:10[IDC]Dragon(for short clips via mic)
18:55:13top_blokewhat is talkbox?
18:55:42[IDC]Dragonbetter charging algorithm
18:56:07[IDC]Dragonand the big one: emulating an Alpine CD changer
18:56:10top_blokei thought it meant rockbox would talk or something lol
18:56:26DJBazalpine cd charger?
18:56:55 Quit mjh ()
18:56:57DJBazwhat would that benefit, i dnt understand
18:56:57[IDC]Dragontalkbox is a batch to play mp3 "thumbnails" as directory names
18:57:33top_blokepeople who have alpine head units
18:57:57top_blokethat would be sweet
18:58:10DJBaz[IDC]Dragon has talkbox been coded as a plugin/
18:58:17top_blokecontrolling rb through your car stereo
18:58:32[IDC]DragonDJBaz: no, it can't
18:59:09DJBazdragon do u have a 2meg recorder?
18:59:16top_blokeso it DOES talk
18:59:29top_blokei tought i was stupid thinking that
18:59:33[IDC]DragonDJBaz: no, 8MB
19:00:41DJBazi only have 2mb :|
19:02:06 Join k3no_ [0] (
19:02:11DJBazany features rockbox will have in the 8meg but not in the 2meg?
19:03:15[IDC]Dragonno, just more buffer for mp3, to playlonger without disk spinup.
19:03:52DJBazgood good
19:04:03top_blokesomeone should start a business upgrading jbs to 8mb
19:04:29top_blokeand throw in an 80GB drive while at it
19:06:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:10:30 Quit DJBaz ()
19:15:50 Join Dogger [0] (
19:20:14 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:30:30 Part LinusN|away
19:33:41 Quit dsg (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:37:51 Join dsg [0] (
19:53:13 Join dsg_ [0] (
19:55:42 Quit dsg (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:56:25 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")
20:06:13 Quit uski ("Fermeture du client")
20:06:17 Quit top_bloke (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:17:06 Join edx [0] (
20:18:23 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
20:21:31 Nick midknight2k3 is now known as me (
20:21:43 Nick me is now known as midknight2k3 (
20:22:01midknight2k3hello [IDC]Dragon
20:27:14midknight2k3dragon: i have a flashed FM
20:41:34 Join AciD`` [0] (
20:42:49midknight2k3hi acid
20:55:17midknight2k3dragon, are you around
21:02:03 Join top_bloke [0] (
21:02:37midknight2k3hi top
21:03:07midknight2k3whats UP
21:06:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:06:58 Join dsg [0] (
21:06:59 Quit dsg_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:18:50 Join Dogger [0] (
21:19:00midknight2k3hey dogger
21:19:26Doggerhave a good idea now
21:19:32DoggerI make a worm game say for the av3xx
21:19:35DoggerI dont release it
21:19:44DoggerI just do a video of me playing worm on my av3xx
21:19:45 Quit top_bloke ("wasted 0 seconds online")
21:19:48Doggerthen post it everywhere
21:20:04Doggerwith a link saying 'if you want this on your archos, tell them to stop being silly'
21:20:12Doggeror similar
21:20:16 Join top_bloke [0] (
21:20:17midknight2k3i get it!
21:20:20Doggerthen I am certainly not breaking the law,
21:20:27Doggerand they will get tons of livid customers
21:20:33midknight2k3and they will realize that you are doing good things!
21:20:42midknight2k3and they will say ok, go ahead
21:20:51midknight2k3then they get more customers!
21:20:54midknight2k3its good idea!
21:20:54Doggerperhaps :)
21:20:57midknight2k3good good!
21:21:03DoggerI finished my packer anyway
21:21:11Doggerso I can run code on the avxxx now
21:21:21midknight2k3can you put up the current code?
21:21:23Doggerav mm20, av1xx av3xx
21:21:40Doggerarchos would start legal precedings
21:21:49midknight2k3but wait!
21:28:45 Quit k3no_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:30:45 Quit [OFF]BtT (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:32:24 Join [OFF]BtT [0] (~quasi@
21:32:30 Join dsg_ [0] (
21:32:40 Join k3no_ [0] (
21:44:25[IDC]Dragonmidknight2k3: I'm back!
21:44:45[IDC]DragonDogger: sorry for your grounded research.
21:45:05Doggeryeah its a pain
21:45:06midknight2k3[IDC]Dragon: cool
21:45:11DoggerI'm still working though
21:45:13midknight2k3did you need a flashed fmr?
21:45:15Doggerit's just a hitch
21:45:35midknight2k3ill send em a piece of my mind
21:45:38 Quit dsg (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:45:39[IDC]Dragonmidknight2k3: not need, i'd just like to ask something.
21:45:51midknight2k3i got one right here
21:46:02[IDC]DragonDo you charge with Rockbox' charging screen?
21:46:19midknight2k3although i dont like that it keeps the disk going
21:46:21[IDC]DragonIs the disk spinning while you do?
21:46:38[IDC]DragonThat was my question.
21:46:54midknight2k3sometimes i use f1+on, so i don't make the disk wear down
21:46:57midknight2k3is there a way around it?
21:47:05[IDC]DragonPowering down the disk works only for recorders.
21:47:14[IDC]DragonI have to find a way.
21:47:38midknight2k3why can't we do it in fmr's?
21:47:44midknight2k3i liked that option when i had a recorder
21:48:07[IDC]Dragonis does not give hardware control over the disk power.
21:48:25midknight2k3the recorders did?
21:48:47[IDC]DragonYes, they have a transistor for that, controlled by a port.
21:49:09midknight2k3you should make animated menus
21:49:32[IDC]DragonToday Linus had a problem charging his recorder with flat batteries, read the log if you like.
21:49:42midknight2k3i did
21:49:56[IDC]DragonI fixed it now, but the same will apply to FMs.
21:50:52[IDC]DragonDogger: Do you have an address from Archos where we could write to?
21:51:11DoggerI just emailed tech support
21:51:21Doggerthen it got forwarded to the ownder/ceo/founder
21:51:26[IDC]DragonHacking the box gives customers, they seem to be unaware of that.
21:51:40Doggermakes me wanna take mine back to the shop
21:52:00[IDC]DragonCurrently I'm not buying one becaude there's nothing to "do" with it.
21:52:19Doggeryeah there is,
21:52:21Doggerfor me ;)
21:52:26DoggerI can run code on mine
21:52:30Dogger:P so ner
21:53:00midknight2k3animated mennuuus!
21:54:34 Quit dsg_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:58:02 Quit AciD`` (Connection timed out)
21:58:48 Join dsg [0] (
22:05:32 Join midk2k3 [0] (
22:07:21 Quit midknight2k3 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:07:49 Nick midk2k3 is now known as midknight2k3 (
22:16:39 Quit dsg ("foo")
22:21:28scott666hey mk
22:21:49scott666whats goin on?
22:21:57midknight2k3not much
22:22:23*midknight2k3 needs to work on homework and a review of the chiba 256
22:22:39midknight2k3rio chiba
22:23:32scott666did you buy one?
22:23:44midknight2k3i got a chiba 256 yeah
22:24:16midknight2k3its a bird, a plane...
22:25:02scott666damn, theyre $200
22:25:13midknight2k3i want that karma
22:25:26scott666i'd love a karma 40
22:25:36midknight2k3they gave up on the 40gig model
22:25:49midknight2k3i know
22:25:57midknight2k3i guess the 20 didn't sell well or something
22:26:00scott666i have more than 20gb now
22:26:06midknight2k3Karma 20 comes in black on light gray
22:26:12midknight2k3it used to say, Karma 20 comes in black on light gray
22:26:20midknight2k3Karma 40 comes in black on dark gray
22:26:26midknight2k3they omitted that part already
22:26:43midknight2k3they might have a 60gb in the works or 80gb maybe
22:26:45midknight2k3not sure
22:26:49midknight2k3some new model i think
22:26:59scott666their site has false advertisment!
22:27:06midknight2k3since when
22:27:19scott666*1 GB equals 1,000,000,000 bytes
22:27:25midknight2k3that's right
22:27:40scott666no, its 2^30 bytes
22:28:19scott666my HD says its 120GB
22:28:30scott666it has 120,000,000,000 bytes
22:28:35scott666its 11.3GB
22:28:36midknight2k3so is 1,000,000,000 bytes more or less than what it really is?
22:28:45midknight2k3113gb you mean
22:29:16 Quit dwihno (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:29:19midknight2k3thats good
22:29:34midknight2k3The tight, original design houses...
22:29:56scott666its more obvious on a larger scale, but still, thats 9GB i could be using
22:30:03midknight2k3be back in a few
22:30:07midknight2k3i got a 120gb too
22:30:25scott666i wish theyd actually label them properly
22:30:30 Quit midknight2k3 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:34:15 Join AciD` [0] (
22:44:43 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
22:49:37 Join Guest [0] (
22:49:51 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
22:51:22Doggerfantastic news
22:53:15 Quit scott666 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:53:40 Join scott666 [0] (
23:04:58 Quit cjnr11 ()
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23:09:31 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")
23:21:00k3no_any torrents for nba live 2004?
23:25:59 Quit AciD` (Connection timed out)
23:33:08k3no_eek wrong chan
23:35:03 Join cyberia [0] (
23:39:02 Quit cyberia (Client Quit)
23:41:04 Join LinusN [200] (
23:43:17 Quit edx ()

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