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#rockbox log for 2003-11-06

00:03:15 Join M2k961 [0] (
00:03:55M2k961Hey, does anyone know how to speed up the time it takes to skip songs?
00:04:31top_blokeu cant
00:04:33LinusNyeah, double the memory and overlock the CPU :-)
00:04:44M2k961It takes long :(
00:04:47top_blokewell yeah
00:04:56top_blokemaybe faster hd too
00:05:05M2k961And the shuffle hates me. It purposely picks the worst songs.
00:05:08top_blokei think the spinup is part of the problem
00:05:17top_blokeyeah the shuffle can suck
00:05:23top_blokesometimes it picks good songs
00:05:24LinusNM2k961: you can increase the spindown time
00:05:54M2k961Booting it up now.
00:06:12top_blokewell depends on what kind of skip
00:06:13M2k961spindown = 5s
00:06:26M2k961like go through the playlst
00:06:26LinusNincrease it
00:06:42M2k961it keeps going
00:06:44top_blokewould it even matter then
00:06:46M2k961im at 20 :)
00:06:58top_blokeyou'll lose bat. life
00:07:10LinusNtop_bloke: only when skipping songs
00:07:25M2k961LinusN: what do you recommend on the time?
00:07:38top_blokeam i missing something
00:07:40LinusNM2k961: 10-20 seconds may be ok
00:07:58top_blokewell i think i get it
00:08:18LinusNtop_bloke: the disk spindown timer only affects user-generated disk activity
00:08:32top_blokelike skipping
00:08:39LinusNautomatic disk activity, such as mp3 buffering, always spins down asap
00:09:02top_blokehow about browsing?
00:09:09LinusNuser interaction
00:09:19Doggerhey whats the cheapest device I can run rockbox on? is it the mp3 jukebox 10 or something?
00:09:27top_blokei think maybe i should do this too
00:09:50LinusNthe disk spindown timer is defined as "how long to spin the disk after last user-generated disk activity"
00:10:00top_blokeyeah i get it
00:10:15LinusNDogger: probably, but i'd go for a recorder device
00:10:34LinusNfor the LCD and USB2.0
00:10:39DoggerLinusN: ok, just wanted *some* platform I can try this out on, to learn how to do it for av products
00:10:46Doggerah ok, yeah usb2 is nice
00:10:57LinusNbetter sound as well
00:11:13LinusNM2k961: have you tried out the disk timer?
00:11:22top_blokecant u just use the simulator?
00:11:43Doggerhmm yeah suppose,
00:11:59M2k961Yea, it didnt show no real improvement..
00:12:05M2k961I mean, some.
00:12:38LinusNM2k961: skipping in playlists is somewhat slower than directory play
00:12:44M2k961Well yea
00:12:46M2k961I meant that
00:12:54M2k961DIrectory play.
00:17:39LinusNspeeding up next/prev is not easily done
00:18:20LinusNthe playlist handling and the mp3 buffering takes time
00:21:42 Join scott666 [0] (
00:22:31 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")
00:22:39top_blokemaybe if u buffered a little bit of the next track in playlist
00:23:20top_blokeonly a few sec
00:23:30LinusNtop_bloke: reading the next entry in the playlist takes time too
00:23:44LinusNand it will complicate the mp3 buffering
00:23:52top_blokeso do it along with the first read
00:23:58top_blokewhen the disk is already spun
00:24:12LinusNstill, the mp3 buffering gets complicated
00:24:18top_blokei see
00:24:26LinusNand what if the user wants to do Prev
00:24:37top_blokedont account for that
00:25:06top_blokei dont know
00:25:22LinusNit's not impossible, only complicated
00:25:47LinusNand it will only speed up the first Next operation
00:26:03top_blokethen load 2 tacks
00:26:09top_blokethen 3
00:26:17top_blokeand soon youre all out of buffer
00:26:34scott666so? who listens to more than 5 seconds per song anyway?
00:27:17top_blokeyeah a scan mode could be done like this too
00:27:31top_blokewhere it plays the first x seconds of tracks
00:28:42top_blokebut would also have to buffer all those
00:29:29*M2k961 just wants faster next timings :(
00:29:45top_blokei do too
00:29:51LinusNme too
00:29:58top_blokewe all do
00:30:15M2k961Well, im going, cya around.
00:30:15 Part M2k961
00:31:06scott666is counting over the claimed end of a song a known bug? (eg: 3:29/3:30, 3:30/3:30, 3:31/3:30, 0:00/5:00)
00:31:54LinusNbut a bug? seems like one
00:32:10LinusNyes it is
00:32:15scott666any idea what causes it?
00:32:32scott666care to enlighten me?
00:33:06LinusNwell, the duration calculation code lacks precision
00:33:49LinusNeach mp3 frame is (in the 44.1kHz case) 26.12 ms long
00:34:08LinusNbut we only count 26ms
00:34:22scott666ahh, figured it'd be a rounding error
00:34:32LinusNthat is one of the causes
00:34:48scott666are we able to count as 26.12?
00:34:59LinusNanother is that the timer counts independently from the mp3 decoding
00:35:25LinusNso the timer could be started before the actual decoding starts
00:35:40scott666i see
00:35:55LinusNwe can increase the precision, but then we have to use 64-bit ints for the calculations
00:36:44LinusNif you pause the song, the timer will be slightly off
00:37:19scott666because of the delay between starting hte decoding and starting the timer?
00:37:30LinusNand the stopping
00:40:04 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
00:40:49 Quit edx ()
00:44:18 Join klaxon [0] (
00:45:27klaxonhow common is it to hear pauses in playback caused by disk spinup?
00:45:42LinusNshould be very uncommon
00:45:51LinusNis it a vbr file?
00:46:14LinusNthen run "Update VBR file" on it
00:46:29LinusNin the browser
00:46:47klaxonah. is that some xing vbr header thingie?
00:46:54LinusNmost probably
00:47:20LinusNyes, "update vbr file" recalculates the xing header
00:47:22klaxonfine. i was concerned, the disk was lame and not spinning up fast enough
00:47:54LinusNrockbox takes the disk spinup time into account
00:48:05LinusNin the daily builds at least
00:48:59klaxoni just built today's tarball.
00:49:00LinusNbut this dynamic buffer handling fails when the Xing header is missing
00:49:23klaxonthat makes perfect sense.
00:51:00klaxoni encode cds as one file, then split them by track for the archos, so i'll need to add fix the vbr header
00:53:03LinusNwhy do you do that?
00:53:47klaxonfor continuous mix discs, to avoid the track gap.
00:54:04LinusNlame −−nogap does that for you
00:54:07klaxoni listen to them as mp3 on archos, but burn cdda for the car
00:54:32klaxonyeah i have heard about −−nogap but it was not ready last i heard. look again you say?
00:55:02LinusNworks for me
00:55:35LinusNbut if whole-cd encoding works for you...
00:55:47klaxoneven if the files get id3 tagged and mangled, you can put them back together okay?
00:55:57LinusNof course
00:56:28klaxonokay i'll revisit. i've had quite a long discussion about this with friends.
00:56:36LinusNrockbox strips all non-mp3 information
00:57:30klaxonyeah i haven't noticed a gap in archos playback. the issue is recreating a nogap cdda
00:58:07klaxoninfact while many car mp3 players can't get the gap out, notably pioneer (pioneer!), archos does it fine.
00:58:36klaxonso i use archos on linein on my pioneer car system. wish they would get some decent programmers..
00:58:39LinusNi've put a lot of effort in that
00:58:46klaxonyou rock.
00:59:37LinusNpretty tricky, since many files violate the id3 specs in one way or another
01:00:27klaxoni can imagine. id3 is really messy.
01:00:37 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
01:00:49midknight2k3hi linus
01:00:53midknight2k3my patch is merged! yay
01:01:18*midknight2k3 thinks about new patches
01:01:43LinusNmidknight2k3: i discovered a sad thing when i merged your patch
01:01:44midknight2k3so in order to get in the credits, you make up something from scratch and not just patch an existing file right?
01:01:48midknight2k3uh oh
01:01:49top_blokeahem *animated menus*
01:01:54midknight2k3top: yes yes
01:02:01LinusNmidknight2k3: you are in the credits
01:02:06midknight2k3i am?
01:02:12*midknight2k3 rushes to check
01:02:20LinusNi discovered that LCD updates disturb the FM reception
01:02:30midknight2k3they do?
01:02:46LinusNalso the Stereo/Mono check communication with the FM chip
01:02:51LinusNat least on my FMR
01:02:57midknight2k3sounded ok to me
01:03:14midknight2k3am i looking at the wrong credits?
01:03:29LinusNmy FMR has been opened auite a few times, to the copper cage may be leaking
01:03:43midknight2k3Patch #836267 by Zakk Roberts, adds peak meter to the radio screen, plus a few more changes
01:03:56midknight2k3did you forget to add me? or is it my eyes ? :)
01:04:12midknight2k3this one?
01:04:13LinusNand in the "version" scrolle rin the menu
01:04:43*midknight2k3 doesn't see midknight2k3's name
01:04:49midknight2k3was it at that link?
01:05:07*midknight2k3 tries CTRL+F5
01:05:24LinusNDOH! I forgot to commit it!
01:05:33midknight2k3i thought so!
01:05:38LinusNi committed it now
01:05:42midknight2k3just this second?
01:05:45midknight2k3that was quick
01:06:04LinusNdid you like the f-key button bar?
01:06:14midknight2k3where at?
01:06:35midknight2k3i saw that as a new thing recently but i didnt try a new release
01:07:56*midknight2k3 jumps around with joy
01:07:56midknight2k3so just like the archos firmware?
01:07:56midknight2k3the button bar?
01:08:00midknight2k3like Menu, etc?
01:08:14LinusNyes, but only for the radio screen for now
01:08:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:08:34 Join thedude02 [0] (
01:08:43midknight2k3i tried to make PLAY mute
01:08:45LinusNdid you notice that the station search is a lot faster now?
01:08:45midknight2k3but the oly un-mute option was up and down
01:08:50 Quit AciD ("")
01:08:51midknight2k3ill take a look
01:09:45midknight2k3i think we should put button bars around the whole setup
01:09:51midknight2k3and have an option for it
01:09:57LinusNwe will
01:10:04midknight2k3general settings->display->button bar
01:10:30midknight2k3maybe i can do it
01:11:08LinusNi want that to accompany the ui overhaul
01:11:22midknight2k3i can try it
01:11:36LinusNright now, the menu functions can't handle the button bar
01:12:13LinusNthey will overwrite it
01:12:24midknight2k3when will the credits be replaced?
01:12:37LinusNin tomorrow's daily build
01:12:48midknight2k3but they will be put up right now right
01:12:53midknight2k3for bleeding edge or something?
01:12:59top_blokewhats a button bar?
01:13:06LinusNthe site is updated sometime during the night
01:13:08midknight2k3like the archos fw
01:13:17thedude02a bar of buttons
01:13:31midknight2k3dude: button :LABELS
01:13:32LinusNtop_bloke: a bar describing what the F-keys do
01:14:02thedude02AHHHHHHH! in Rockbox!
01:14:13midknight2k3no duh
01:14:21top_blokeconstantly on the screen?
01:14:22top_blokelike the keyboard input has
01:14:27thedude02I thought he was asking in general what it means
01:14:33LinusNtop_bloke: yes
01:14:33midknight2k3just like that
01:14:42midknight2k3there is no general definition
01:14:50top_blokeso its on the screen all the time?
01:14:57midknight2k3unless you turn it off
01:15:01thedude02of button bar? yeah there is: a bar of buttons
01:15:01midknight2k3there will be an option
01:15:14midknight2k3dude: sure.
01:15:43top_blokewell if its an option its cool
01:15:43top_blokeok got it
01:15:59midknight2k3will ableeding edge have the button bar? right
01:16:22midknight2k3might as well reflash
01:16:47midknight2k3oh no
01:16:53midknight2k3there is no UCLs for bleeding edge
01:16:55midknight2k3fix it! lol
01:17:36LinusNmidknight2k3: i included the buttonbar in your patch, it should be in today's daily
01:18:35midknight2k3the radio looks a little bad
01:18:54midknight2k3well we should do font_sysfixed for one
01:19:02midknight2k3as the custom font disappears after a few seconds
01:19:20LinusNi'm working on that as we speak
01:19:27midknight2k3updating SLOW too
01:19:36*midknight2k3 looks worried
01:19:42midknight2k3i hope i put up the right patch
01:19:49midknight2k3i did
01:19:57LinusNwell, your submitted patch was very slow
01:19:57midknight2k3i remember testing it
01:20:03midknight2k3it was good for me...
01:20:08LinusNbut i fixed it before committing it
01:20:19midknight2k3let me check that button_get_w_tmo
01:20:27LinusNit was not the timeout
01:20:39LinusNit was lots of unnecessary lcd updates
01:20:55midknight2k3it made it run nice
01:21:03midknight2k3now its like twice per second or less
01:21:08midknight2k3and it looks terrible
01:21:52thedude02just in case yuo wanted to know I'm going.
01:21:57 Quit thedude02 ()
01:22:02midknight2k3that was uncalled for
01:22:16midknight2k3button = button_get_w_tmo(HZ / peak_meter_fps);
01:22:23midknight2k3are you sure that's the way to do it?
01:22:35midknight2k3which reminds me, let me put up my PM FPS patch
01:22:53midknight2k3timeout = current_tick + HZ/2;
01:22:57midknight2k3that looks like the problem
01:26:18LinusNno, that's not a problem
01:26:30midknight2k3it goes slow for me
01:26:34LinusNthat timeout is not for the peak meter
01:26:40midknight2k3the whole LCD goes slow
01:26:48LinusNmidknight2k3: are you sure that your radio.c is up to date?
01:26:54midknight2k3the station skipping goes like 2-3 at a time until you hold
01:27:01midknight2k3yes it has the button bar so it must be right
01:27:19midknight2k3if you go click click click it will only update every 2 or 3 stations
01:27:26midknight2k3aka every 1/2 second or so
01:30:57LinusNyeah, that's a bug i have fixed but not committed
01:33:22 Join thedude02 [0] (
01:37:35 Quit thedude02 (Client Quit)
01:44:03 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
01:50:56klaxonbye all thx linusn
01:51:02LinusNyou're welcome
01:51:04 Quit klaxon ("Ahwoooga!")
01:59:22 Join thedude02 [0] (
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02:17:28 Join Jet8810 [0] (
02:17:37midknight2k3hi jet
02:20:16 Quit thedude02 ()
02:33:37 Part GEM
02:36:52 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
02:49:49Jet8810hey midknisht
02:50:24 Join diddystar5 [0] (
02:50:28 Join diddystar50 [0] (
02:50:40midknight2k3vu meter away
02:50:54diddystar50is my text being doubled?
02:51:20diddystar50rolands irc page is down, and i had to find another client
02:52:35diddystar50lol all the text is doubled on my screen
02:52:48diddystar50or maybe im drunken lol
02:55:47LinusNtime to sleep
02:55:51LinusNnite all
02:56:00 Part LinusN
03:06:58 Join hardeep [0] (
03:07:10midknight2k3hi hardeep
03:07:22midknight2k3i'm in the credits, im in the credits, woo woo, wooo woooooooo
03:07:25diddystar50hey hardeep!
03:07:32diddystar50me 2!
03:08:00Jet8810hey hardeep
03:08:13midknight2k3stop crowding hardeep
03:08:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:08:21hardeepmidknight2k3: nice :)
03:08:31hardeepdiddystar50: nice :)
03:08:54midknight2k3ya ya ya ya YA ya
03:09:09diddystar50PARTY TIME!!!!!
03:09:27midknight2k3WOO WOOO
03:09:31*midknight2k3 throws a party
03:09:37midknight2k3ok party over
03:11:53Jet8810its really hard to find a local sponsor a child
03:11:58Jet8810or jus tsomething of the sort...
03:12:06midknight2k3oh yeah
03:12:09Jet8810but I want it local, I dont want huge multinational, international charity
03:13:14Jet8810am I thinking about this donating thing WAY too much?
03:13:25midknight2k3very overthunk
03:13:37Jet8810so whats your reccomendation?
03:13:50midknight2k3stop overthinking it
03:13:54midknight2k3the answer will come
03:14:02midknight2k3such as
03:14:09midknight2k3DEAD PAPER!
03:14:12Jet8810well I dont overthink it
03:14:19Jet8810I have though tabout it like twice briefly since I mentioned it to you
03:14:24Jet8810but I really would like to donate the money
03:15:34Jet8810so, hows life?
03:16:37 Quit diddystar50 (" ("switching clients")")
03:16:44 Quit diddystar5 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:17:15 Join diddystar5 [0] (
03:18:27diddystar5bye have to go home
03:18:44diddystar5sorry i couldnt stay longer
03:18:52 Quit diddystar5 (Client Quit)
03:19:30 Quit hardeep ("Erection reset by queer")
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03:21:08midknight2k3bye all
03:21:18 Quit midknight2k3 ()
03:41:55 Quit Jet8810 ("Leaving")
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04:14:51 Quit hardeep ("Real programmers code it into the client")
04:22:56scott666anyone here?
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07:30:59dwihnoI have returned.
08:02:50 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
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08:02:54 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
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12:27:48 Join Dogger [0] (
12:30:10Doggeroi 2 you 2
12:40:55 Join LinusN [200] (
12:41:00 Part LinusN
12:43:05 Join LinusN [200] (
13:04:44dwihnoHowdy Dogger!
13:04:53Doggerhi dwihno
13:05:12dwihnoDogger: What's up?
13:05:43Doggereverything :(
13:05:50Doggerhave a bad cold :(
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13:10:01dwihnoSheez :/
13:10:06dwihnoSo what's up with AVOS?
13:10:10dwihnoI read something about legal stuff :)
13:10:15dwihnoDid Archos screw you up?
13:10:18LinusNdon't get him started :-)
13:10:35DoggerArchos got their heavies in
13:10:42Doggerthey came round my house and took all my stuff
13:10:51Doggersaid 'this should pay for the damage you've done'
13:11:09Doggerthen they gave me a bloody nose, stole my laptop and said next time, we'll break your knees
13:12:52Hesyou sure that was not the mafia?
13:13:34DoggerI believe the mafia OWN Archos
13:13:49Doggerthey have also embedded bombs in all archos products,
13:13:55Doggerwhich can be set off remotely
13:14:03Doggerthey just release a new firmware,
13:14:10Doggerwith the code that says 'blow up'
13:14:13HesNo, that's Nokia, they've put the bombs in the batteries.
13:14:14LinusNYou wanna know where all the Rockbox donations go?
13:14:15Doggerand there is mass suicide
13:14:37LinusNwe pay Archos for "protection"
13:14:58Doggerand in return they dont come round YOUR house and take all your stuff
13:15:53LinusNi gotta fly
13:15:58LinusNcu around
13:16:03dwihnoBye L
13:16:06Doggernah that cant be it... I offered to pay archos money to do this ages ago
13:16:09Doggerok laters :)
13:16:11dwihnoDogger: Seriosley though. What happened?
13:16:14 Part LinusN
13:16:31Doggerdwihno: they have passed it to their atourney
13:17:45 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")
13:17:59 Quit adiamas (Connection timed out)
13:41:09 Join Dogger [0] (
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14:16:21 Join dsg [0] (
14:17:05 Quit dsg (Client Quit)
14:19:11 Join dsg [0] (
14:24:22 Quit dsg (Success)
14:25:01 Join dsg [0] (
14:37:30dwihnoDogger: tell me all the dirty details! :)
14:45:48Doggerthats probably not a good idea
14:45:59DoggerI think when legal people contact you, you should prolly keep it to yourself
14:46:07Doggerjust to be safe
14:49:29dwihnoAre they being nasty?
14:49:49Doggeryeah pretty nasty
14:50:03Doggerthey will prolly go out of business if they carry on being so stupid
14:52:35dwihnoIs it really illegal to crack an encryption algorithm? Or providing tools to do it?
14:52:48dwihnoI mean, they haven't done anything nasty (as far as I know) to the RockBox project.
14:54:08webminddwihno, depends on the country ?
14:54:46Doggerits not illegal at all
14:54:51Doggerin this case
14:54:56 Join schuepf [0] (sockd@
14:55:10Doggerits publicly available algorithms, that anyone with half a brain would think of anyway
14:55:23Doggerreleasing KEYS etc however, may be illegal
14:55:34Doggerthink that comes under trade secrets
14:56:39dwihnoDogger: Well, if the keys are stored in the file, you just provide the offsets and descrambling routines :)
14:57:17Doggerwell the keys arent' stored in the file as it is! That would be even stupider than Archos are
14:59:07Doggerif you know about cryptography you dont need the keys though anyway
15:00:31dsgDogger: Actually in the US it might be illegal because of the stupid DMCa.
15:01:00dsgPretty much any attempt at circumventing "encryption" in products is illegal under that.
15:01:06DoggerREing for purposes of interoperbility, OR for purposes of porting an OS are explicitly allowed
15:01:19Doggerdepends on your definition of encryption then
15:01:31DoggerI would not class this as encryption
15:01:42Doggerjust as the courts as far as I know decided deCSS was so lame it wasnt encryption either
15:02:00dsgDogger: But I think a court would, because a court doesn't really know how encryption works.
15:02:12dsgDogger: Well, the guys that broke CSS were from Norway.
15:02:18dsgWell, at least the one that was being hassled.
15:02:40DoggerI'm from europe
15:02:45Doggeroh well doesnt matter anyway
15:02:48dsgAh. You should be safe then ;)
15:02:56DoggerI will continue to develop my own apps privately
15:03:22DoggerSO ironic americans think they are free
15:03:26dsgBut what, is Archos threatening something because of the AV firmware stuff?
15:03:34Doggerthey treasure their constitution
15:03:34Doggerfree speach etc
15:03:42Doggerthey are the most repressed nation I know!
15:03:44dsg"Land of the free and the proud" indeed ;)
15:04:05Doggeryou cant move in the US unless a corporation says its ok
15:04:42zeit's a big country, with a big mix of people with a big mix of lifestyle
15:04:57zethats only true for the cattle population
15:05:44dsgWell... I'm from Iceland, the law situation is in most ways decent.
15:05:55dsgActually in the Netherlands at the moment though.
15:06:18dsgI think in Iceland there's a law clause that specifically allows reverse-engineering.
15:06:21dsgWhich is nice.
15:08:04webminddsg, on concearning press your one of the most free countries
15:08:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:10:10Doggeras I say before though
15:10:10Doggerjust say I make tables for a living
15:10:17Doggera new table comes out which is brilliant
15:10:23DoggerI want to see how they built it
15:10:23Doggerso I take it to bits
15:10:34Doggeroh! they put on security screws, and I haven't got the right screwdriver,
15:10:41Doggerbut I make my own screwdriver to get round it
15:10:49DoggerI find out how they made the table
15:11:10Doggerare they gonna sue me for reverse engineering a table and circumventing security measures???
15:11:54dwihnoOf course! :)
15:12:14Doggerthat would be a cool court case :)
15:12:21Doggerwould love to see them argue that
15:12:36Doggerok, so I bought this table, but I'm not allowed to do what I want with it?
15:12:40DoggerI can blow it up and you dont mind,
15:12:46Doggerbut if I take it to bits you do?
15:12:55Doggerabsolute stupidity
15:48:27MTi cant even see them having a case under DMCA tbh
15:48:56MTthe encryption of the firmware in no way relates to a copy protection mechanism
15:49:26MThowever, breaking the ecryption is required to have 'fair use' of the device
15:49:45MThave you contacted EFF?
15:53:41Doggermaybe meeting them sometime
16:19:22 Quit dsg (
16:19:22 Quit elinenbe (
16:19:22 Quit Hes (
16:19:22 Quit Hadaka (
16:19:22 Quit BoBB (
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16:19:22 Quit webmind (
16:19:22 Quit schuepf (
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16:19:22 Quit Dogger (
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16:24:26 Join dwihno_ [0] (dwihno@
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18:12:37 Join hardeep [0] (
18:14:25 Quit AciD (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:17:31 Join Ratamahatta [0] (
18:18:17RatamahattaI have got the 6000 and want to install the rockbox 2.0 firmware
18:18:45hardeepRatamahatta: excellent choice. :) although i'd recommend installing one of the daily builds instead
18:19:39Ratamahattabut there is no archos.mod fil
18:19:46Ratamahattais it in the ROM ?
18:20:01hardeepRatamahatta: ah, on your jukebox?
18:21:05hardeepRatamahatta: if so, yes, the archos.mod file is in rom
18:21:17RatamahattaIf i install the Firmware, how can i delete it?
18:21:17hardeepRatamahatta: you can download the file from their website if you want
18:21:23hardeepRatamahatta: just delete the file
18:21:33RatamahattaThank you
18:21:44 Join AciD [0] (
18:25:53Ratamahattahow long do you use the rockbox firmware?
18:27:47RatamahattaAre the daily builds better?
18:27:50hardeeprockbox v1.0 was released about a year and a half ago
18:27:57RatamahattaAre the daily builds better?
18:28:11hardeepRatamahatta: yes, there have been many new features/changes/bug fixes since the 2.0 release
18:28:36Ratamahattathen i take 2.0 release
18:28:40Ratamahattagood bye
18:49:36 Join _aLF [0] (
18:59:38 Join Cheek [0] (
19:00:57 Quit edx ()
19:01:22 Quit Cheek ()
19:04:32Ratamahattahere i am
19:07:10 Join Cheek [0] (
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19:12:57 Join edx [0] (
19:14:11RatamahattaThere comes a message diretory buffer is full help
19:14:23Ratamahattaplease help me
19:17:05 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
19:18:10[IDC]DragonRatamahatta: you must have a large dir. There's an option to increase the buffer, then you need to restart for this to have an effect.
19:19:31[IDC]Dragongeneral settings -> system -> max files in dir browser
19:20:07 Join rockboxer [0] (
19:20:29rockboxercan anyone help me with the directory buffer
19:20:50[IDC]Dragon<[IDC]Dragon> Ratamahatta: you must have a large dir. There's an option to increase the buffer, then you need to restart for this to have an effect.
19:20:50[IDC]Dragon<[IDC]Dragon> general settings -> system -> max files in dir browser
19:22:02rockboxermax files in dir browser?
19:22:06rockboxeri got 2.0
19:22:22[IDC]Dragonget the latest
19:24:19 Quit [OFF]BtT (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:36:12 Quit Ratamahatta (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:41:54 Quit hardeep ("BitchX WWW Site --")
19:45:56rockboxerthere are so much
19:46:22rockboxerwich of the 72?
19:47:23rockboxermods rock full ?
19:52:51 Quit rockboxer ()
20:00:37 Join cjnr11 [0] (
20:33:36 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")
20:38:07 Join klaxon [0] (~klaxon@
20:38:49klaxonhey something really wierd happened. does the jbr have an internal speaker/buzzer?
20:39:12klaxonit was in my back pocket and when i sat down it made a noise like a car alarm
20:39:30klaxonmy headphones weren't even plugged in.
20:39:33klaxonam i crazy?
20:39:57cjnr11it's probably the HD
20:40:25cjnr11the HD can make noise
20:40:48klaxonnoise, lik besides click click head seeks and spinups
20:41:06klaxonthis was like an alarm wha-wha-wha
20:41:49cjnr11sometimes my JBMM makes a noise like that
20:42:19klaxonreally?? what is it!
20:42:35cjnr11I don't know
20:43:23klaxon``so don't do that'' is the obvious solution
20:43:32cjnr11but it's the HD when I move the jb too fast
20:43:50cjnr11when it's on of course
20:45:26klaxonokay so perhaps its some sort of physical distress alarm from the disk mechanism.
20:45:49klaxoni was really startled. my headphones were not plugged in, and my house was quiet.
20:50:57 Join [OFF]BtT [0] (~quasi@
20:52:18 Quit [IDC]Dragon (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:53:27 Quit Cheek ()
21:00:01 Join Zagor [242] (
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21:09:38 Join thedude02 [0] (
21:18:47 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
21:18:48thedude02PEOPLES! say "something"!
21:20:21thedude02TYHANK YOU!
21:20:28elinenbehello Zagor
21:20:33thedude02finally someone said something!
21:20:33elinenbehow are you doing?
21:20:51elinenbeI like the recent activity with rockbox. rockbox GETS BETTER!
21:21:22Zagoryeah, linus has gone nuts and commits like crazy :)
21:21:36thedude02true, very true
21:21:50thedude02I read midknight and his conversation yesterday
21:23:33thedude02or part of it
21:24:02 Join top_bloke [0] (
21:24:48*thedude02 says what's up?
21:24:55thedude02what's up?
21:25:33thedude02bedanger it
21:25:45thedude02I was hoping that something would be up
21:25:55top_blokewell its not
21:26:02thedude02oh well
21:26:07thedude02anyone else?
21:26:54thedude02mind if I spam?
21:27:03thedude02come to #fld
21:27:19thedude02thnk you
21:39:55 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
21:40:47 Quit thedude02 ()
22:07:47 Join Cheek [0] (
22:29:15 Quit top_bloke (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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22:40:40 Join Dogger [0] (
22:48:17 Quit AciD (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:57:56 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
22:57:57 Quit top_bloke (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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23:08:25 Join Kamayaka [0] (
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23:33:50 Quit cjnr11 ()
23:39:47 Join miner_69er [0] (
23:40:17miner_69erhi there guys! I'm only on for a minute or so - does anyone want a copy of my new Rock - Snake2?
23:40:31scott666what is it?
23:41:04miner_69eran updated version of the snake game!'sa only a bit of fun
23:41:16scott666whatd you change?
23:41:48miner_69erwell, i'ver made the snake look snakier, added a wall or loop around options and speeded it up
23:41:59miner_69erit's nicer
23:44:45miner_69erok, in that case, if noones interested can i ask a question on code formatting conventions?
23:45:25scott666you saw the faq, right?
23:45:37miner_69eryeah, buit i'
23:46:23miner_69eroops, sorry. i'm still a tad confused about 'tabs' what's the difference between Unix and non-unix tabs?
23:46:53scott666no idea
23:47:11miner_69erhang on, i'll just check the faq again...
23:47:14scott666find a text editor that does unix formatting and check it
23:48:06miner_69erright, tgh
23:48:17miner_69erthats what i need...
23:48:53miner_69eri'm just using notepad (in XP!!)
23:49:28miner_69eri just don't want to enter a patch and have it ripped apart by not looking correct in linux
23:50:27Doggerbest solution?
23:50:28 Quit miner_69er (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:50:29Doggerinstall linux
23:51:06scott666second best solution?
23:51:16scott666get a notepad replacement off
23:58:16 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")
23:58:17 Quit Cheek (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))

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