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#rockbox log for 2003-11-08

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00:59:20Kontakt501hey all
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01:00:07Kontakt501hi darb
01:08:16scott666hey darb
01:08:28scott666read taht wrong
01:08:45scott666there goes that joke...
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02:12:36*thedude02 says please reply if you have read this message.
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03:02:00midknight2k3me too
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03:05:24WeeD0pEanybody stil alive ?
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06:51:22midknight2k3plugh is here?
06:51:25midknight2k3since when?!
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08:58:34midknight2k3good night
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13:20:13WeeD0pEho ho
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14:14:27Kontakt501ANY1 HERE?
14:14:33Kontakt501got a question
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15:35:48WeeD0pEhello ?
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16:30:22thedude02be back in a min
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17:17:33NelsonMmy recorder with rockbox won't boot or charge :-(
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17:30:08thedude02I got rid of myself
17:30:14NelsonMno route
17:30:39thedude02who was thedudeo2?
17:30:59NelsonM#rockbox thedudeo2 H (David Scott)
17:31:20thedude02it was me but it forgot to log me out when I quit IRC
17:31:45thedude02I dont know why though...
17:31:45NelsonMsince you're live, can you give me a hint? my rockbox won't boot or charge anymore, some sort of death. what do I do?
17:32:09thedude02sorry dont ask me
17:32:24thedude02probbaly get the latest version of it
17:32:26NelsonMyou're jus there for the nachos?
17:32:35NelsonMproblem is I can't charge the thing, so I don't even know how to remove / reinstall rockbox
17:32:46thedude02you can't charge it?
17:32:51thedude02you mean your archos?
17:33:02NelsonMyeah. the rockbox firmware comes up and crashes. very weird.
17:33:34NelsonMthat's what I thought
17:33:40thedude02what kind of batteries does it use?
17:33:55thedude02I presume a built-in one...
17:34:00NelsonMstandard Archos batteries.
17:34:05thedude02do you have a charger?
17:34:10thedude02just plug it in
17:34:12NelsonMyeah, just a pain in the ass :-)
17:34:18thedude02well do it
17:34:29thedude02definitely a good idea
17:34:42thedude02then go ask someone else for help
17:35:12thedude02like my freind midknight2k3
17:35:18thedude02who isn't online now
17:35:49thedude02but I don't blame him
17:35:58NelsonMI definitely blame him
17:36:08thedude02I dont
17:36:22thedude02well actually it's his fault that it doesnt work
17:36:48NelsonMI'm just kidding, I don't know who he is :-)
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17:37:17thedude02he's one of the programmers of rockbox
17:38:42thedude02and I dont blame him because his time is 8:38
17:38:47thedude02actually I do blame him
17:38:53thedude02I was here at 7:40
17:38:57thedude02when I got up
17:39:54 Quit NelsonM (Remote closed the connection)
17:39:55thedude02and he has 6 MP3 palyers
17:41:36thedude02but I have nine computers, including a CLIE PEG-SL10 and Axim X5
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18:31:21Cheekanybody seen dogger around?
18:32:12Cheek!seen dogger
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20:32:12diddystar5hey Plugh
20:41:27diddystar5are you there? or "working"
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22:35:22ariochdoes anyone know why on certain mp3s I keep getting input/output errors trying to copy them to an archos device?
22:35:33arioch(mine's a jukebox recorder 10)
22:36:32arioch$ cp 08\ -\ Preparing\ Camp\ Attack.mp3 ~/hoth/mp3s/films/predator/
22:36:32ariochcp: writing `/home/arioch/hoth/mp3s/films/predator/08 - Preparing Camp Attack.mp3': Input/output error
22:56:57ariochit just stops at the same point in the file
22:57:00ariochand refuses to copy any further
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23:11:08Kontakt501hi all
23:11:14trackhi kintakt
23:11:38Kontakt501hi track
23:11:51Kontakt501i seem to have a problem
23:12:03trackwots up?
23:12:04Kontakt501when i leaqve my fmrecorder to record off the radio at night
23:12:14Kontakt501i sometimes get an error
23:12:22Kontakt501now i forgot the exact message
23:12:28Kontakt501but it saids error
23:12:32tracki dunno, i only have a normal recorder, not an fm device
23:12:38Kontakt501sometimes it stops only 40 minutes thru
23:12:43Kontakt501ahh ok
23:12:51Kontakt501i got the new daily build so maybe that wil fix irt
23:13:01trackArchos no longer make the FM recorder
23:13:09trackthe only FM device they make is the Ondio
23:13:16trackperhaps to sell more Ondios
23:13:56hardeepKontakt501: next time you see it, please write down the exact error message you see... it helps the developers to try and track down the problem
23:14:30Kontakt501thanks hard
23:14:33hardeepKontakt501: moving the latest daily build is also a good idea... there have been a number of fixes related to recording recently
23:14:39Kontakt501its like the 3rd time its happened already
23:14:53Kontakt501sometimes it stops like 4-5 hours into it
23:15:04Kontakt501but the last 2 times it stopped in the first 30 minutes
23:15:24Kontakt501can u recommend a good font
23:15:36trackKontakt the latest FM device is the Gmini not the ondio
23:15:43hardeepKontakt501: i personally prefer the standard built-in font
23:15:46trackthe Atadore font is pretty decent
23:15:49hardeepbut I know a lot of people like Atadore
23:15:57Kontakt501gonna try that 1
23:15:59trackyea I like Atadore hardeep
23:16:05Kontakt501u got any other good tweaks i should know about?
23:16:09trackHardeep I would love an italic version of Atadore
23:16:28Kontakt501oh btw how do i delete the files in the recycled folder
23:16:33hardeeptrack: i'm not sure how to do it myself but I believe it's pretty easy to create new fonts if you want
23:16:53trackI also have a Kenwood car MP3 playher
23:16:59hardeepKontakt501: have you tried customizing your WPS... that's something many people like
23:17:10Kontakt501ya midnight sent me a good 1 a while back
23:17:12Kontakt501ive been using it
23:17:23trackKontakt I also have a pretty decent WPS
23:17:23Kontakt501does a certain wps take more power then others though?
23:17:38tracknot necessarily Kontakt
23:17:43Kontakt501since it displays more stuff
23:17:58trackWPS files are merely special txt files with the extension renamed to .wps
23:18:03hardeepwps' that contain dynamic elements (peak meter, status bar, etc.) will use up a little more power then static ones
23:18:12Kontakt501figured that
23:18:20trackyou design the WPS in Notepad then when you save it you change the extension to .wps
23:18:45Kontakt501i forgot the combination of keys to delete a file
23:19:01trackSo what you saying Hardeep if I remove the peak meter from my WPS ill save a bit more battery power?
23:19:04hardeepfrom file browser
23:19:14hardeeptrack: yeah
23:19:59trackwell, if it saves a fraction amount of power im not going to bother as the peak meter makes the WPS more interesting
23:20:13trackI like the peakmeter as a sort of visualization
23:20:23hardeepi haven't tested it myself so I can't say how much you save
23:20:43Kontakt501ya but im sure u listen to the music more then u watch the peakmeter
23:20:43hardeepi remember earhurts was testing something like that... not sure how far he got
23:20:49trackwell if you have 1800-2000mah batteries I don't think the savings are that great
23:21:33trackI like the look of the Gmini, looks like a nifty device
23:21:46trackplays WMA, MP3 and WAV and has a built-in FM radio
23:21:58Kontakt501why would u want to play wav
23:22:11Kontakt501takes more space
23:22:31trackwell the Gmini has a 20gig HD with USB2.0
23:22:46trackWAV is useful if you need 100% quality for a special recording
23:22:51Kontakt501so does my archos lol
23:22:56Kontakt501ya true
23:23:05trackdoes the FM recorder play WAV?
23:23:13Kontakt501havent tried to
23:23:20Kontakt501but it records in mp3
23:23:27Kontakt501i cant seem to get a higher bitrate then 166
23:23:27trackwell I know the normal recorder doesn't play WAV
23:23:38trackyou can't go higher than 166
23:23:48Kontakt501what if i record at 48khz
23:23:55trackthe encoding chip only does VBR recording 32-166VBR
23:24:10Kontakt501is there any advantage to recording at 48
23:24:11trackregardless of the sampling rate
23:24:39trackwell I did a digital recording from the SPDIF on my Toshiba DVD player to the Archos's SPDIF and the quality is very good
23:24:47trackthat was using a music CD in the Toshiba
23:25:26Kontakt501i think i made the right decision
23:25:34Kontakt501so far it seems the archos pisses all over the ipod
23:25:51trackThe Archos has a much more rugged design that I like
23:26:02trackthe Ipod scratches far too easily, Ive held an ipod once
23:26:05Kontakt501ive been getting a good 12 hours out of it daily also
23:26:14trackwhat batteries do you use?
23:26:19Kontakt501how can i tell
23:26:23Kontakt501its the ones that came with it
23:26:27Kontakt501just 1
23:26:33trackyea they are 1500mah batteries
23:26:38trackI use 1800mah batteries
23:26:46Kontakt501how many hours do u get
23:27:09trackabout 14-15 hours on a full charge
23:27:36Kontakt501u bought it seperately?
23:27:42trackif you have 2000mah batteries the battery life can go to a whopping 18 hours
23:28:18trackKontakt I used to have a Creative Labs Nomad before getting the Archos
23:28:30Kontakt501how was it
23:29:15trackwell it had DSP modes, timestretching and plays WMA/WAV/MP3 but you can't drag and drop in Windows Explorer and the battery life was only 4 hours on 1800Mah batteries
23:29:38tracknot only that the unit was too big and too ugly to carry around
23:31:32Kontakt501that sucks
23:32:12trackThe timestretcher was useful, the DSP modes were not, and the Playcenter software was so crap I took it back and got a refund
23:32:57trackKontakt when I used Playcenter to make MP3s, I got a lot of .MET files and when i emailed Creative Labs, they simply told me to delete them manually!
23:37:53Kontakt501fm reception sucks on the archos though
23:38:10trackwell i know it has a very cheap FM circuit
23:38:24Kontakt501what should disk spindown be set to
23:38:52trackwell I just set it to 3 seconds spindown
23:39:18trackReducing spindown time enables faster menu and file browsing as you don't have to wait for the disk to spin up
23:39:40trackbut increasing spindown saves battery life
23:40:00trackdepends if you want faster browsing or longer battery life
23:40:16Kontakt501ill leave it at 5s
23:40:21trackyea that should be fine
23:40:25trackmine is on 3s
23:40:36Kontakt501leave battery capacity at 1500mah?
23:40:54tracksince the FM recorder has a Li-Ion battery
23:41:17Kontakt501whats the caption backlight
23:41:46trackit switches the backlight on just before the current song ends and goes out after the next song has started playing
23:41:56Kontakt501ah thats dumb
23:42:08trackits a sort-of MTV effect if you see what I mean
23:42:25Kontakt501ya lol
23:42:35trackI never use it, I think its a waste of battery life
23:42:54trackI rarely use the backlight on my Archos, its always off
23:43:38Kontakt501whats firmware?
23:44:12trackFirmware is the code in the Archos that powers the functions like MP3 decoding, menu systems, volume, file browsing etc
23:44:37Kontakt501k thanks for answering my noob questions lol
23:44:39Kontakt501u rock track
23:44:48trackits alrigt :)
23:44:52Kontakt501sound settings
23:45:03trackyea and sound settings as well
23:45:03Kontakt501stereo wide stereo narrow or stereo
23:45:11trackNever use myself
23:45:20Kontakt501ill leave it at stereo i guess
23:45:58trackBasically without firmware the Archos wouldn't work.
23:46:49Kontakt501u got any tweak tips?
23:46:54tracknot really
23:50:15 Join scott666 [0] (
23:53:28trackkontakt u stil there?
23:53:49Kontakt501just messing with the archos
23:54:04trackMy Archos has a 2Gig NTFS partition on it for data
23:54:06Kontakt501what kind of music do u listen to
23:54:17trackall kinds
23:54:21Kontakt501i copy paste data to the drive also
23:54:30Kontakt501but i move it to another comp
23:55:15trackyea. The 2gig NTFS partition is where I keep all my datafiles backed up. I used NTFS as it can be compressed
23:55:48Kontakt501and the other 18 gigz is fat32?
23:56:00track8gb as the drive is 10gb
23:56:03trackyes fat32
23:56:24Kontakt501all kinds?
23:56:32trackthe Archos can only understand FAT32
23:58:00trackI tried to use NTFS in the main partition but I got a message "No FAT32 file system found. Please format drive"

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