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#rockbox log for 2003-11-09

00:00:52trackKontakt what do you think of the WMA file system?
00:01:43Kontakt501havent tried it
00:02:09Kontakt501i see no use for it
00:02:12trackAAC sounds pretty decent
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01:05:15midknight2k3Plugh is back for good i guess
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01:14:06midknight2k3hi top
01:19:28*midknight2k3 is in the credits
01:19:29midknight2k3oh oh yeah
01:20:37top_blokei cant use rockbox anymore, cause u had something to do with it
01:21:04top_blokegonna break my archos
01:21:08 Quit hardeep ("BitchX-1.0c18 -- just do it.")
01:21:24top_blokenah j/k
01:37:32midknight2k3i've only modded the radio screen.. doesn't affect you
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03:36:15thedudeo2why isn't mid here?
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05:05:40NateZanyone live in here?
05:06:34NateZi use rockbox primarily, but was wondering if there were any more things like it....
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07:07:40scott666 v
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08:32:47midknight2k3go go sco-oh-t
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09:27:26midknight2k3good bye cco-oh-t
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17:00:40Kontakt501any1 here?
17:06:10Kontakt501maybe u can help me out
17:06:13Kontakt501lately when i record
17:06:18Kontakt501after a while i get this error
17:06:29Kontakt501rec fls -52315
17:06:37Kontakt501it happens at random times
17:06:40scott666what settings do you use?
17:06:46Kontakt501quality 7
17:07:01Kontakt501thats about it
17:07:16scott666what input? running from battery or plug?
17:07:33Kontakt501well it was running off of ac
17:08:25MTwhat vesion of rockbox
17:08:48Kontakt501newest daily build
17:08:58Kontakt501but i was getting the same with the last couple of builds
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17:23:36scott666havnt figured out how to set the default name yet?
17:23:46trackdoesn't matter to me
17:26:09tracku there?
17:26:28trackjIRC no longer works
17:26:33scott666you mentioned that
17:26:38tracki know
17:26:41trackim mentioning it again
17:26:49scott666i see that
17:26:55trackand im considering a Gmini to replace my ageing Recorder 10
17:27:38trackor a Nomad Zen Xtra
17:28:41scott666what about a rio karma?
17:29:03tracki don;t like the look of it
17:30:41trackit looks too old-fashioned for my liking
17:31:09scott666yeah but the features are nice
17:31:32trackyea a pissy poxy pissy crossfader. big deal
17:32:50tracktheres more to life than a crossfader
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17:46:39Kontakt501this is the error i got when recording track
17:46:39Kontakt501[11:04am] <Kontakt501> *PANIC*
17:46:40Kontakt501[11:04am] <Kontakt501> rec fls -52315
17:48:57track_well i don't know because thats on an FM device
17:49:44track_that has different architecture
17:50:29track_ive worked out how to set the default nickname on Icechat :-)
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19:20:43trackHi Plugh
19:23:57 Join thedude02 [0] (
19:24:49trackhi thedude
19:25:09 Nick thedude02 is now known as thedude02|busy (
19:25:19trackgot the IRC client fully operational now
19:25:22Bunglehi all i'm very new at this, I have just downloaded this irc client and hope that I am doing this properly
19:25:37 Nick thedude02|busy is now known as I (
19:25:41trackim on icechat bungle
19:26:04BungleIf so thnx to all who have created rockbox and have worked so hard to make the archos jukebox kick ipods arse
19:26:34 Nick I is now known as Imbusybutyoumayd (
19:26:44Imbusybutyoumaydthe heck with it
19:26:49 Nick Imbusybutyoumayd is now known as thedude02 (
19:27:36 Nick thedude02 is now known as thedude02|busy (
19:27:43thedude02|busythat should do the trick.
19:29:28thedude02|busyI'm busy but you can disturb me if you like
19:29:39trackthe dude u still talking to midknitght?
19:30:27thedude02|busyWe just talk to each other in a somewhat funny way
19:30:46thedude02|busyI haven't deleted him off my Conatcts on MSN or friends on Yahoo
19:31:13thedude02|busylike I did some other jerk who you'd rather not make contact with ever
19:33:40thedude02|busyoh yeah in case you wanted to know I'm busy doing some homework that requires formatting a Word document and copy-pasting definitions of words from into the Word document.
19:35:03Bungleany of u guys know what the largest size of hard drive i can put in my jb20?
19:35:25Bunglewas lookng at a travelstar the other day 80gb 7200rpm
19:35:25thedude02|busyphysical size or capacity?
19:35:52thedude02|busyuhm if it's the right size then probably any will do
19:36:05Bunglecool thnx
19:36:14thedude02|busyI dont know tho
19:36:22thedude02|busyI just hang around here to chat
19:36:33thedude02|busyI don't have an archos or anything
19:36:39Bunglei'll try it I need a new hard drive for my laptop anyway
19:36:50thedude02|busyI just have my trusty Axim X5
19:37:07Bunglewhats that?
19:37:07thedude02|busywhat does archos HD have to do with laptop HD?
19:37:16Bunglei have both
19:37:17thedude02|busyDEll axim X5...
19:37:23thedude02|busyone sec
19:37:33Bungleand if it doesnt work in the archos jb it can go in my laptop
19:38:01Bunglei've got the inspiron 2645
19:38:14thedude02|busyOLD crap I presume
19:38:29Bunglenope basic but newish
19:38:39thedude02|busyno older than my Tandy 1800HD I hope though
19:38:53thedude02|busyI sincerely HOPE it isn't older than my Tandy
19:39:00thedude02|busythat's 11 years old now
19:39:11Bungleand it still works
19:39:19thedude02|busyand it has 12Mhz 80286
19:39:23thedude02|busy1MB RAM
19:39:24Bunglemust take hours to wind up
19:39:31thedude02|busyruns 3.1
19:39:36thedude02|busy20MB HD
19:39:41Bunglegreat os
19:39:46Bunglei remember 3.1
19:39:56thedude02|busybetter than most modern ones for what it does...
19:40:05Bungleof course
19:40:14Bunglebetter go thanx for the advice
19:40:20thedude02|busyhey wait a sec
19:40:26Bunglewhats up/
19:40:42thedude02|busyclick that link and read my review and rate it
19:40:48Bunglecheers whats the link?
19:40:57thedude02|busythe one above
19:40:58Bunglewill do
19:41:02thedude02|busyjust clikc it
19:41:09thedude02|busyI need a higher rating for it
19:42:17thedude02|busyone of the head people there said that this was one of the best first reviews they had ever read
19:42:25thedude02|busyI'm so happy
19:42:44Bunglewelld one
19:42:52thedude02|busythank you
19:43:01thedude02|busyif you like it rate it Very Helpful
19:43:10 Quit Bungle ("IceChat IRC Client -")
19:43:19thedude02|busynice to have someone new to stop by for a change, isn't it?
19:46:49thedude02|busyanyone else actually HERE?
19:46:57CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
19:46:57*thedude02|busy f
19:47:37*thedude02|busy screws everyone who says they're here but actually isn't
19:47:43thedude02|busywill do
19:47:49 Quit track ("IceChat IRC client - Download it at")
19:50:41 Quit scott|war3x ("i'll be back...eventually...")
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23:04:25 Join diddystar5 [0] (
23:04:45diddystar5Plugh: are you there?
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23:22:39 Quit k3no (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:25:44 Part cjnr11
23:27:42Plughhi diddy
23:30:40diddystar5mid said you were working on a logarithmic scale for the vu meter
23:33:12 Join AciD` [0] (
23:33:26diddystar5hi acid
23:35:22diddystar5im in the credits!!!!!!!!!!
23:35:31diddystar5who hoo!!!!!!!!!!
23:36:30diddystar5plugh: working heh?
23:40:58 Join _aLF [0] (
23:45:27Plughnot on Sunday
23:45:57Plughdiddystar5: yeah, I'm working on it in my copious (yeah, right) spare time
23:47:19 Join thedude02 [0] (
23:47:46thedude02finally there's somebody actually here other than me!
23:48:05Plughactually it's starting to look like I'm going to have to write another program to output my log table
23:48:34diddystar5do have some code yet for it?
23:48:43Plughbecause I can't use floating point math, and all the integer log functions are over my head in complexity
23:49:05 Quit thedude02 (Client Quit)
23:49:09Plughfloat math is basically prohibited in rockbox
23:50:00Plughand log() is definately a floating point operation
23:50:03diddystar5have you looked at the peakmeter code, since it uses a logarithmic scale?
23:50:22Plughyeah. it even admits to being a messy kludge
23:50:33Plughwhich it is
23:50:36Plughit's terrible
23:50:56diddystar5wouldnt it work though? even if its not the most accurate
23:51:33*diddystar5 looks at the pm code
23:51:45Plughheh. it's really bad
23:51:53Plugha bunch of if/then/else
23:52:11Plughmy idea is to build a table of values into a function call
23:52:49Plughso you can just send the value to the function and return either a log value or an X offset for the meter position
23:53:09PlughI'd rather have it return the log value, since it will make the code reusable
23:53:45Plughand perhaps get my function moved up into the core code to return dB from a given volume value
23:54:36diddystar5is log() the same as the log button my calculator?
23:54:46diddystar5or do the same thing....
23:55:17Plughlog() and calculator log is log base 10
23:55:23PlughI need log base 2 for dB
23:55:58Plughbut since the scale is the same, it doesn't make a lot of difference
23:56:14diddystar5i bet you could find some c code on the internet somewhere that can calculator log without the standard log() function
23:56:26Plughsince this is basically for relative values, and not exact dB output
23:56:34diddystar5arggg calculate
23:57:19Plughthere is. I found one in assembly
23:57:39Plughmost people just say to use libmath though
23:57:44Plughwhich is not an option
23:58:03Plughthe assembly routine is translatable to C
23:58:14diddystar5can you do that :)?
23:58:32Plughyou shift the value left until there's a non-zero bit in the MSB then you count how many times you shifted
23:58:55*diddystar5 knows very little of assembly

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