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#rockbox log for 2003-11-10

00:00:03Plughlet's say we get a binary value out of the volume register like 00000000110111010101
00:00:20Plughthe log(2) of that number is 110111010101
00:00:55Plugherr... wait
00:00:59Plughno it's not.
00:01:24PlughI have to look again
00:01:37diddystar5i wish i had my "powretoy calculator" right now
00:01:50Plughbut the idea is to shift that left until the first 1 shows up in the first position
00:01:56diddystar5the powetoy calc can do all that cool binary stuff
00:01:58Plughand count how many shifts it took
00:02:13diddystar5iahve to go
00:02:17diddystar5bye plugh
00:02:22diddystar5i have 15 secs left
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01:51:57d000deis this area for archos?
01:52:05d000decool i made it in
01:52:10midknight2k3hehe ye
01:52:20d000decan i ask about the av340
01:52:33d000dedo you know if archos sell this in hong hong?
01:52:33midknight2k3there is a replacement firmware being made
01:52:39midknight2k3not sure
01:52:43d000dewhats wrong with the orig firewire?
01:52:50midknight2k3this si rockbox, replacement firmware - not archos channel
01:53:03midknight2k3well when you compare rockbox to archos you get the idea
01:53:05d000dei am leaving fro uk to hong hong on friday and want to know if i might be able to pick up a av340 there
01:53:16midknight2k3it's possible
01:53:19midknight2k3go to
01:53:28midknight2k3then at upper right hand corner click location
01:53:34midknight2k3and select hong kong
01:53:45midknight2k3if the av340 appears there it is probably sold retail
01:53:51d000desorry got my wires croses. you said firmware not firwire...i wish..if rockbox made firmware for the av340 it would be soo cool
01:54:12midknight2k3well there will be a rockbox for the av340 bassically
01:54:15d000dethen we could add loads of new codec to play realplayer, quicktime and all the other compressed avi formats
01:54:25midknight2k3someone is working on it
01:54:34d000desomenoe at rockboxx?
01:54:37midknight2k3legal problems
01:54:43midknight2k3sometime soon there will be a new firmware
01:54:47d000decool..that make me want a av340 even more
01:55:19midknight2k3its cool
01:55:24midknight2k3i played with one in store the other day
01:55:33midknight2k3pretty nice.. smooth playback and stuff
01:55:46d000deany drawbacks?
01:56:02d000dedude...are you in the states?
01:56:22midknight2k3drawbacks: it's fairly large
01:56:29d000dedamn...shopharmony are selling it for 655 dollars
01:56:31midknight2k3about 6 inches across, 4 inches high?
01:56:34d000dethats with free shipping
01:56:47midknight2k3its small for such a player
01:56:52d000debastards wont sell it to me in the uk though
01:56:55midknight2k3but big.. but there is a huge screen
01:56:57d000debut big size = big screen
01:57:02midknight2k3NICE screen
01:57:10midknight2k3smooth playback of videos
01:57:14d000debetter than the 100 series thats for sure
01:57:16midknight2k3lots of neat features
01:57:21midknight2k3for positive
01:57:25d000debut it wont play every format under the sun will it
01:57:31midknight2k3when they get AVos done it will be awesome
01:57:38midknight2k3not every one.. but AVos will add more as far as i know
01:57:41d000dei modded my xbox and added the xbox media player software]
01:57:48d000denow we need something like that for archos
01:57:48midknight2k3i was gonna do that to mine
01:57:50midknight2k3how is it
01:57:57d000debest thing i ever did
01:58:03midknight2k3hhe maybe i will
01:58:08midknight2k3cant you copy games too an stuff
01:58:11d000deupgraded to a smasung drive it plays all cd-r and cd-rw and dvd-rw etc
01:58:14midknight2k3i'll look into that
01:58:21midknight2k3and you want a large hard drive
01:58:28d000deand its all ftp ed via a network to my pc
01:58:41d000deyeah just rdered a 140 Gb hard drive
01:58:52midknight2k3for your xbox?
01:58:58d000dejust a pc drive
01:59:09d000debut thats the same just snap it into your xbox
01:59:25*midknight2k3 considers it
01:59:32*midknight2k3 wants GTA3+Vice City for XBOX
01:59:39d000deyou know all th xbox help website?
01:59:54d000deare they out yet?
01:59:58midknight2k3no idea
02:00:16d000dethat tutorial section tells you everything you want to knwo about moding the xbox
02:00:29d000deim off to hong kong on friday so will buy loads of cheap games
02:00:55d000decant see any sign of xbox being sold in hong kong
02:00:56midknight2k3get me some :)
02:01:02d000dei mean av340 not xbox
02:01:37d000dehey on broadband...i can ftp you the iso and you can burn them
02:01:49midknight2k3dont have a dvd rw
02:01:51d000deso long as you chip your machine
02:02:03d000deyou can ftp them direct to your hard drivw
02:02:11d000deon the xbox and play them off the hard disk
02:02:24midknight2k3wait wait
02:02:32d000dethats why i want a 140Gb hard drive
02:02:37midknight2k3so i can come into IRC from the xbox and get it onto the hard drive then play it?
02:02:51d000dewell..maybe that will take a bit of configuring
02:03:05d000debut you can defintiely get the game from my ftp onto your pc hard drive
02:03:08midknight2k3i know some people use the xbox as a server
02:03:28d000dethen hook up your xbox to your pc and ftp the game files to your xbox hard disk
02:04:01midknight2k3i will really look into that
02:04:01d000debut im pretty certain with the rightly configured software you can ftp direct from me or whoever on th net t your xbox hard drive
02:04:06midknight2k3yeah my good man
02:04:20midknight2k3some people come in irc on their xbox
02:04:27midknight2k3sounds pretty good to me
02:04:41d000deyeah im not that advanced yet
02:05:09d000deit wa
02:05:14midknight2k3XboxMediaPlayer and XboxMediaCenter?
02:05:15d000des just cool enough...
02:05:22midknight2k3it sounds AWESOME
02:05:26d000deseeing my xbox drive on my pc as the 'h' drive
02:05:38d000deand being able to copy from and to it
02:05:44midknight2k3sounds great
02:06:05d000deand i got a wireless network with my xbox in my tv room downstairs
02:06:24*midknight2k3 salivates
02:06:30midknight2k3i forgot all about xbox mods
02:06:39d000debut i just boot up the media player on my xbox and use the netwrok option to browse my pc hard drive upstairs (so long as my computer is switched on)
02:06:52midknight2k3that's ultra cool
02:06:55midknight2k3and xbox linux...
02:06:58midknight2k3so many options
02:07:11midknight2k3don't they have external modchips or something?
02:07:16d000deand then select and play any media clips off my hard drive..avi/mpeg/ divx/xvid/asf/dat/wav/mp3...they all work
02:07:18midknight2k3what kind did you ise
02:07:29midknight2k3does ti work with WMV too?
02:07:41d000denot sure about realplayer and quicktime though..but im sure ther is a newer version of the xbox media player which will play those two
02:07:55d000deyeah...wmv definitely works
02:07:58midknight2k3what kind of modchip did you get
02:08:07d000dei bought the xecuter 2.2 lite plus
02:08:27d000debut any version of the xecuter 2.2 comes highly recommended from me
02:09:06d000deim no slderer
02:09:10midknight2k3you just plug it in to some pins or something?
02:09:15d000depogo pins
02:09:16midknight2k3hows the installation
02:09:27d000desimple and easy....but it was a bit strange though
02:09:51d000deaccrding to the instructions a certain type of LED is supposed to come on if it works..and a different one if its not correctly aligned
02:10:18d000dei could never get the green LED to alight (indicating the chip was aligned)...but regardless..the chip always worked
02:10:30d000demaybe just a burned out LED
02:10:39midknight2k3if it works, dont try to fix it
02:10:50d000debut xecuter chips seem to have the most support and approval of all the others
02:10:54d000detru dat
02:11:29d000dethere is even this awesome tiny (500k) program
02:11:49d000dethat you can put on the xbox hard disk and run it from the xbox....
02:12:19d000debasically all it does is ask you to put the games disc in...and when you do and press 'a' it copies the entire disc to the hard drive
02:12:36d000de...there for you to burn a copy of in your own time
02:12:45midknight2k3so overall what did you do to get it all done?
02:12:50midknight2k31) install modchip
02:12:57midknight2k32) plug hard drive into pc?
02:13:04d000de2) change to samsung dvd rom drive
02:13:13midknight2k3you continue lol
02:13:14d000dei havent changed hard disk yet
02:13:25d000destill got the bog standard 10Gb one in there
02:13:37midknight2k3unless its an old revision?
02:13:48midknight2k3i remember some old ones have a copper fanless heatsink
02:14:09d000de3)burn cd-r with boot files and ftp program from my pc...insert it xbox
02:14:43midknight2k3then what
02:14:49midknight2k3the xbox accepts that disk?
02:14:53d000deand boot....then ftp into my xbox from my pc (now that the server is running)
02:15:08midknight2k3the xbox lets the disk run and do the ftp program?
02:15:26d000de...make a perfect copy of all the files currently on the xbox hard i can replace the original bootup system if anything goes wrong
02:15:47d000deyep the first time you do it you need to use a boot disc
02:16:09d000dethat loads up a new platform and starts the ftp server running
02:16:23d000deafter that you can change files on the xbox via ftp on the pc
02:16:45midknight2k3then when you boot the xbox it loads the hard disk file and runs the new dashboard
02:16:57d000deand the disc lets you flash the bios on the chip also and writes the platform to the hard drive on the xbox...
02:17:13midknight2k3you have to flash the bios too
02:17:24 Join thedude02 [0] (
02:17:25d000deso after that first time....the xbox always boots on to a nice little platform screen with options and ftp and other nifty little programs availabelt o you
02:17:45midknight2k3of course if you use the ftp i could copy the games right
02:17:55d000deyou dont have to..when you buy the alreadyhas a flashed bios
02:18:00midknight2k3what form are the games in? bin files?
02:18:02d000debut you tend to upgrade to the latest version
02:18:09d000dewhich games?
02:18:19midknight2k3xbox games
02:18:25midknight2k3i'd find that all out later
02:18:46d000denot sure...havent copied a xbox disc to hard drive
02:18:46thedude02they're on DVDs
02:19:01d000dei think they are a special type of iso file
02:19:30d000debut there are all sorts of little progs about to read the disc data and copy to hard disk in the correct format
02:19:46d000deor to create bins or iso files from the discs so you can burn them easier
02:20:03midknight2k3XBMP does it for you
02:20:06midknight2k3hit copy game
02:20:11midknight2k3and it copies to hard drive
02:20:16midknight2k3if i remember correctly
02:20:22d000dethe latest build does i think
02:20:27scott|war3xid love to buy an xbox just for that
02:20:30d000dexbmp is the coolest media player evr
02:20:40 Nick scott|war3x is now known as scott666 (
02:21:08scott666if they drop to $100 im buying one and modding the fuck out of it
02:21:10d000deanyways im outta here...good talking to ya...
02:21:28d000degotta try and find any site from hong kong that is selling the av340
02:22:10d000derumours of a realdecent playstation two emulator for the xbox as you will be able to run all your ps2 discs too
02:22:15d000desee ya
02:22:29scott666now THAT would be awesome
02:22:38scott666then all you need is a GC emulator
02:22:39d000deyeah...need to find out about this av340 and if i can pick one up in HK
02:22:44midknight2k3ok thx for info
02:22:59d000deno problemo
02:23:09 Part d000de
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03:31:46yeftanyone here
03:31:52midknight2k3hey yeft!
03:32:03yeftyou know anything about chemistry?
03:32:19midknight2k3why guys are the smartest people i when i have a problem i come here
03:32:27midknight2k3came in to ask about homework? lol
03:32:46midknight2k3"hey hey! yo wassup! oh by the way do my homework for me."
03:33:01yefti need the cp of this metal...and i don't know the differnce between J/kg.K and J/gC
03:33:13midknight2k3ough.. cant help there
03:33:34midknight2k3j over k .. point.. whatsits.. over g degrees under C?
03:35:56yeftlol i'm soo confused
03:40:23midknight2k3yeft logs! yay
03:40:48Plugh /flipoff midknight2k3
03:41:01midknight2k3mean plugh
03:41:07midknight2k3so i see you return to #rockbox
03:41:11midknight2k3got bored of being gone?
03:41:16Plugh16:56 <AIM-xmk2k3x> "did you just come to the forum to be a moronic dolt?"
03:41:22midknight2k3wrong window
03:41:28Plughit's the weekend
03:41:31midknight2k3i meant to say that to someone ELSE
03:41:34PlughI'm not at work
03:42:04midknight2k3xmk2k3x: its like
03:42:04midknight2k3xmk2k3x: "did you just come to the forum to be a moronic dolt?"
03:42:04midknight2k3as87digit: lol
03:42:08midknight2k3explain a few things?
03:42:21midknight2k3or must i draw it for you?
03:42:29*midknight2k3 just cracked a joke
03:43:56midknight2k3OK NEVER Moops
03:43:59midknight2k3ok never mind
03:55:16*yeft is away, auto-away after 15 minutes, (log\on pager\on)
03:56:54yeftany of you guys work with hardware stuff
03:56:58midknight2k3i do!
03:57:00yeftlike murray gold seals
03:57:00midknight2k3or do i?
03:57:05midknight2k3ha ha ha
03:57:09yeftlol not like computer hardware
03:57:15yeftlike original hardware
03:57:27*midknight2k3 mutters under breath; something about how dumb Yeft is
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04:14:34CharlieBI love my Archos because of Rockbox (there, I've said it)
04:14:58midknight2k3which model is it?
04:15:23CharlieBThe 15GB recorder, I won it from Circuit City
04:16:18CharlieBReally, I won the money for it. I stood in a glass booth and grabbed blowing slips of paper.
04:17:36midknight2k3do you have a daily build?
04:18:27CharlieBI've tried 'em - mostly I use the stable builds
04:18:45midknight2k3they are more stable than normal builds
04:18:49midknight2k3if you can believe it
04:18:59midknight2k3I swear, they need to put up a notice.
04:19:10midknight2k3anyways.. there's plugins! and a load of new options
04:19:20midknight2k3so grab a full daily build and have fun]
04:19:28CharlieBI believe it. I am not sure what version I am using at the moment (its in my car just now).
04:19:41midknight2k3plugins are fun
04:19:58midknight2k3thers 7 or 8 games, sone neat screensaver things and a text viewer and chip8 emulator
04:20:57CharlieBHonestly, for me I like the better fonts and customizable displays.
04:21:15midknight2k3completely customizable
04:21:25midknight2k3with a daily build you can have an inverted line selectore (veyr nice)
04:21:56CharlieBVery cool. Anyways, I saw the rockbox channel and thought I'd pop in. Thanks for the chat.
04:22:06midknight2k3glad you like it
04:22:18 Part CharlieB ("Leaving")
04:22:19midknight2k3im an official rockbox engineer now
04:22:26midknight2k319:21:47 | * CharlieB has left #rockbox ("Leaving")
04:22:27midknight2k319:21:48 | <midknight2k3> im an official rockbox engineer now
04:22:32midknight2k3that goes down in the books
04:22:42midknight2k3oh well
04:22:45midknight2k3at least i can tell Yeft
04:22:52midknight2k3hey yeft i am a rockbox engineer
04:44:27midknight2k3PLUGH IS AROUND
04:44:33midknight2k3i just got a mail from him
04:47:57Plughwhat do you want?
04:48:13 Quit yeft ("|| n e m e s i s || v2.0 - by d0n - ||")
04:48:37midknight2k3did you try Snake2?
04:48:39midknight2k3its so much better
05:00:13 Quit midknight2k3 ()
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06:04:33 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
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07:03:09 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
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13:18:02 Join fishbowle [0] (~a_girl@
13:18:38fishbowlehey, could anybody help me?
13:19:07fishbowlei have a studio 10 with archos firmware
13:20:20fishbowlewhen i want to eject it, about 1 in 3 times, it says "cannot remove generic volume" so i just turn it off without ejecting.
13:22:06 Quit fishbowle (Client Quit)
13:56:45webmind_eject it ?
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17:20:45Hadakahey guys, is the Gmini(tm)120 player again with a totally different architecture and cpu and all?
17:26:47 Join edx [0] (
17:44:51 Join track [0] (
17:46:32 Quit DJBaz ("Client exiting")
17:50:18MTHadaka: yes
17:50:57Hadakaokay, thanks
17:54:15 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
18:29:18 Nick [OFF]BtT is now known as [GoE]BENtheTEN (~quasi@
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19:08:22 Part Plugh
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20:25:04 Join LinusN [200] (
20:42:59 Join Empeethree [0] (
20:45:46Empeethreehello LinusN
20:46:45EmpeethreeLinusN you should reinstate the facility to submit feature requests as anonymous as not everyone wants to register to file a request
20:47:32LinusNwe introduced that limitation because we were getting too many bogus/silly requests
20:47:50Empeethreeoh ok, but some decent requests have been submitted as anon, lol
20:48:14Empeethreelike what? (out of interest)
20:49:15Empeethree"make the archos clean up after my cat?"
20:51:10LinusN"please play WMA", "connect to PS2 via USB", "make RB work on Multimedia", "software FM tuner"
20:51:20Empeethreei get ya
20:51:53LinusNtoo many people file requests without reading the FAQ first
20:51:56LinusNor the NODO
20:52:04LinusNor the other feature requests
20:52:41Empeethreethe polyphonic ringtone request is hilariouis
20:55:26EmpeethreeSeen the Gmini?
20:55:58Empeethreethat plays WMA MP3 and WAV
20:56:11Empeethreethe new device from Archos with downloadable plugins
20:56:18LinusNyes, with a silly little flash card
20:56:32Empeethreeno you download plugins from their website
20:56:51LinusNthe gmini has a silly little flash card, and no HD
20:56:58Empeethreeand you plug in the USB and send the plugins to the Arcgos
21:00:31EmpeethreeLinus the Gmini has a 20gb HD
21:00:35Empeethreethe Ondio uses flash memory
21:01:15LinusNah, my bad
21:02:20EmpeethreeThe Ondio has had lots of bad reviews
21:02:42EmpeethreeIts biggest drawback is that the memory expansion slot only takes MMC cards, not SD
21:02:58Empeethreeand you can't use the expansion slot and the built-in memory at the same time
21:03:04LinusNi want CF, nothing else
21:04:56EmpeethreeLinus will you be able to create/delete folders and store recordings in the directory of your choise one day please?
21:05:11LinusNof course
21:05:40LinusNhow would you like the UI for the recording directory?
21:05:49Empeethreeor if you have multiple partitions, could you make the Archos utilize all of them?
21:05:55EmpeethreeSounds decent
21:05:57LinusNa "recording directory" setting?
21:06:05Empeethreesounds cool
21:06:13Empeethreeotherwise the root will get cluttered
21:06:17LinusNi agree
21:06:30Empeethreeand Linus an option to change the default recording filenames will be really handy indeed
21:07:14LinusNhow would you like it then?
21:07:38Empeethreeso you could key in a filename such as "concertrec" and have the Archos name subsequent filenames like "concertrec001.mp3, concertrec002.mp3" and so on
21:07:42Empeethreeyea thats what I mean LinusN
21:07:51EmpeethreeSome digital cameras use that system
21:09:19LinusNi'd have to find a smart way of keeping track of the last sequence number
21:09:48Empeethreewell it could be xxxx001.mp3, xxxx002.mp3, xxxx003.mp3 and so on
21:10:27LinusNyes, but the next time, it must find out which was the last number, and continue from there
21:10:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:10:42LinusNif the user hasn't changed the base name
21:10:52Empeethreeoh right
21:11:51LinusNone approach is to try to open the file, and increase the sequence number until the FAt driver doesn't return "file exists"
21:12:24Empeethreeoh right cool
21:12:36EmpeethreeLinusN im not bossing you around im just suggesting
21:13:11LinusNi know, i'm just brain storming
21:13:36LinusNthe "open-until-it-doesn't-fail" approach will take too much time if there are many files
21:14:00LinusNso, keeping track of the last generated filename might be a good idea
21:15:35LinusNidea: keep a file called .last_filename.txt in the directory
21:15:43LinusNand update it when a noew file is opened
21:15:44Empeethreemy brain hurts Linusn!
21:16:51 Quit MT (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:18:48 Join MT [0] (
21:28:50 Join thedude02 [0] (
21:33:14 Quit Empeethree ("IceChat IRC client - Download it at")
21:40:59 Quit thedude02 ()
21:48:06 Join scott666 [0] (
22:00:55 Quit Cheek ()
22:11:03 Join k3no [0] (
22:16:37 Quit MT (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:18:54 Join MT [0] (
22:28:41 Join diddystar5 [0] (
22:28:52 Join diddystar50 [0] (
22:29:15diddystar50hi linus
22:29:24diddystar50could you do me a favor?
22:30:02diddystar50im my vu meter, at the end of the button switch, could you add rb->sleep(HZ / 15);
22:30:12diddystar50it fixes the buffer reload bug
22:30:23LinusNbuffer reload bug?
22:30:48diddystar50yes, when the vu meter was running, sometimes the buffer wouldnt refill until you pressed off
22:31:12LinusNah, wow
22:31:22LinusNyou never yield the cpu :-)
22:31:53diddystar50im not sure if HZ / 15 is the best time
22:31:59diddystar50maybe HZ / 20
22:32:16diddystar50i havent been able to test to find the best time, but i know it works
22:32:25LinusNyou could use button_get_w_tmo(HZ/HZ)
22:33:25LinusNthat will yield with the smallest possible timeout
22:33:40LinusNtry it
22:34:03diddystar50also, in my button switch, could you make it return PLUGIN_OK instead of false
22:34:24LinusNi'll wait for your OK on the _tmo() trick
22:34:44diddystar50well, i have no archos to test right now
22:34:56LinusNah ok, give me a few seconds then
22:35:14 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
22:35:37elinenbeLinusN: the gmini 120 with the downlodable plugins has a 20 gb hard drive and a CF slot
22:35:46diddystar50ill be right back, my java irc client is acting up
22:35:49 Quit diddystar50 ("Leaving")
22:36:35 Join diddystar50 [0] (
22:41:05 Join hardeep [0] (
22:41:29diddystar50hi hardeep
22:42:20diddystar50i noticed you used freeshell alot, and i looked at the site...
22:42:24diddystar50it looks very cool
22:42:37diddystar50it would be something i would use
22:42:58diddystar50is it worth the 1 $ the register and get it?
22:43:12hardeepdiddystar50: yeah, it's definitely worth the $1 heh
22:43:25diddystar50can i use cvs and etc?
22:43:26hardeepdiddystar50: i got the ARPA membership, like $30 lifetime...
22:43:52hardeepdiddystar50: yep, cvs works, i haven't bothered but you can probably setup a rockbox build environment on it too
22:44:22diddystar50that would be usefull when im away from home like i am right now
22:44:38hardeepyeah, that's why I got it
22:45:45diddystar50what more would i get if i got a ARPA?
22:48:27diddystar50and do you always use telnet, becuase i hate telnet
22:51:33 Join _aLF [0] (
23:00:16LinusNdiddystar50: done
23:00:51LinusNi also fixed a bug, MAX_PEAK was too high
23:01:05diddystar50ok thanks
23:01:24LinusNyou should think about optimizing it a bit
23:02:04diddystar50i tried, but i have just started programming this year lol im not sure what can be optimized
23:02:26LinusNwhen i think about it, there isn't that much you can do...
23:03:00LinusNthe lcd_update() call is what takes the most time
23:03:51LinusNyou may gain a few fps by using lcd_update_rect on the area that changes
23:04:00LinusNinstead of the whole screen
23:04:28diddystar50i will do that when i can use my home computer
23:05:39LinusNno rush, it's your code
23:06:28 Join thedude02 [0] (
23:06:42diddystar50do you think i could get ssh access? i promise i wouldnt make any changes to the source (or atleast without permission) mostly so i can get souce without all the cvs errors
23:08:17LinusNis it still a pain using anon cvs?
23:08:42diddystar50the last time i used it (about 3 weeks ago) it was
23:10:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:19:58hardeepanon cvs is a lot better now, i haven't seen an error the past week or so and the files appear to be up to date
23:22:25diddystar50i have to go
23:22:42 Quit diddystar50 ("Leaving")
23:22:45 Quit diddystar5 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:24:11elinenbehardeep: anything new? :D
23:28:38hardeepelinenbe: not really. i was thinking of expanding the playlist code along with the playlist viewer to support viewing/editing all playlist files but haven't had the time to work on it
23:32:23elinenbehardeep: sounds good.
23:32:36elinenbehardeep: anything you add is great!
23:40:02 Quit edx ()
23:51:21 Quit thedude02 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:55:14 Quit adi|home (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))

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