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#rockbox log for 2003-11-12

00:29:21MThey Dogger
00:29:40MTany news from the evil lawyers?
00:31:41Doggerhave contacted our own lawyer from EFF
00:31:59Doggerwill send them info soon, but they do not think Archos have any case
00:32:10Doggershould be able to proceed soon
00:32:41 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
00:34:29Doggeryeah :)
00:34:34Doggerand I made my packer better last night
00:34:41Doggerit now actually does compression
00:34:49Doggerwhich you need to fit stuff in the flash
00:34:51 Quit AciD ("")
00:34:56Dogger(It's stored in the flash compressed)
00:42:04MTso are you in the "hello world" phase yet?
00:42:12MTor is that still a long way off
00:42:46Doggerit is 'a' way off yes
00:43:00DoggerI'm making good progress when I get the time though
00:43:13DoggerI haven't read up enough of ARM coding etc yet though
00:43:19DoggerI need to buy a good book or 2 on it
00:43:25Doggerso I have a clue what I'm doing :)
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01:25:20 Join Empeethree [0] (
01:27:14Doggerhi Empeethree
01:27:19 Join scott666 [0] (
01:27:27Doggerhey scott
01:27:59Empeethreehi dogger and scottt
01:30:20EmpeethreeAre the FM models worth it?
01:30:37scott666compared to what?
01:30:56Empeethreethe normal Recorder
01:31:09EmpeethreeUSB2.0 and 20gb notwithstanding
01:31:49scott666depends on if you prefer a battery you cant change, but shouldnt have to, or batteries taht you will need to change, but can upgrade
01:32:01scott666and if you want digital i/o
01:32:21scott666and a headphone jack on the side or on the top
01:32:52EmpeethreeI like the Gmini but im sceptical about paying to have a Record mode or FM tuner
01:33:02Empeethreethe download plugins
01:33:24scott666that means that the hardware is there, but you have to pay extra to use it?
01:33:28scott666*no ?
01:33:39Empeethreeyea thats right scott
01:33:48Empeethreeyou pay to unlock these modes
01:33:54Empeethreeeven though the h/w is present
01:35:13Empeethreethats like you buying a video recorder and paying to use the record mode in it
01:37:53scott666would you pay $10 to download high quality mp3s of a concert you went to?
01:38:08scott6662.5+ hours of music
01:38:28scott666im considering it
01:39:14 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
01:39:18EmpeethreeI wonder if someone will file a request "Make the Gmini plugins work on the normal Archos"
01:40:18Doggerplugins suck
01:40:22Doggeras if anyone will buy them
01:40:32DoggerBUY firmware?
01:40:32Empeethreedownload them of Kazaa
01:40:37Doggerthats called a CON
01:41:03scott666what do you think'd happen if it somehow became rockbox-able?
01:41:15scott666we'd be stealing their plugin sales
01:41:17EmpeethreeArchos will sue
02:14:13Doggerbut its perverse!
02:14:13 Quit Empeethree (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:14:19DoggerThey sell you hardware,
02:14:29Doggerthen they try and sell you drivers to use the hardware???
02:14:39Doggerimagine that in PCs
02:14:45Doggeryou buy a new harddrive
02:14:58Doggerbut you cant use it until you pay them extra for the firmware for it
02:15:05Doggerthats a massive CON
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03:11:50*thedude02 ?
03:12:07thedude02ha! fianlly someone...actually here other than me!'
03:12:32thedude02anybody...else here?
03:12:40thedude02guess not.
03:13:03scott666some people hide until theres something interesting going on
03:13:13thedude02HEY PEOPLE
03:13:19thedude02ARE YOU HOME?
03:13:28*thedude02 says ANYBODY HOME?
03:13:40thedude02TALK if you're here...
03:13:43thedude02or there...
03:13:46thedude02or anywhere...
03:14:00thedude02where you CAN talk
03:19:38scott666just give up
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04:21:42 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
04:26:08midknight2k3anyone around?
04:26:40midknight2k3what's going on
04:26:44scott666not much
04:27:01*midknight2k3 glares
04:27:13scott666considering buying mp3s of a concert i went to
04:27:24scott666$10 for 2.5+ hours of high quality mp3
04:27:43midknight2k3not bad
04:29:15midknight2k3no thx
04:29:19*midknight2k3 wants to program
04:29:24midknight2k3any ideas for patches?
04:29:32scott666a calculator
04:29:46scott666a fairly basic one would be fine
04:29:55midknight2k3scott: you got fooled
04:29:58midknight2k3by Empeethree
04:30:14 Quit Exion (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
04:30:30midknight2k3who's the only one you know that goes around boasting about using IceChat?
04:31:02scott666ahhh, he was already on when i joined
04:31:12midknight2k3he's up to no good
04:31:17midknight2k3he did that to me once
04:31:26midknight2k3"so what do u think of Track and his funny requests?"
04:31:35midknight2k3right when he says 'u' you know it's him
04:31:46midknight2k3and then he goes and babbles about this supposed 'stranger'
04:31:58midknight2k3he'd be good at it if he could stop talking about himself :)
04:32:08scott666he didnt say anything particularly interesting to me though
04:32:20scott666it didnt matter if it was him or not
04:32:23midknight2k3does he ever? lol
04:32:36scott666shut up
04:33:29midknight2k3three things that give track away: (1) Talking about himself - (2) Talking about filing feature requests - (3) Boasting about Icechat
04:34:09scott666yeah i thought the feauture request thing was a little fishy
04:34:09midknight2k3Tried Snake2 yet?
04:34:20midknight2k3yeah he always talks about requests
04:34:31midknight2k3"i wonder if anyone will file "blabla""
04:34:46midknight2k3snake2 rocks
04:34:52midknight2k3cept it loads levels from a TXT file
04:35:07midknight2k3i say, we have the space (it's 6.5KB) so we should inser levels into plugin
04:42:22 Quit k3no (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:07:33midknight2k3ncies for /home/ro
05:07:33midknight2k345:18: lang.h: No
05:07:33midknight2k3ncies for /home/ro
05:09:30 Quit midknight2k3 ()
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05:12:31 Nick DW-Aleep is now known as DarthWufei (
05:12:35DarthWufeiHey is anyone up to help?
05:13:28DarthWufeiI'm just curious as to how I can tell if I have the latest version of Rockbox. Since, I just used a ajbrec file from the compiler after installing today's daily build..
05:13:40DarthWufeiI just wanna make sure it's utilizing the new build. o_O
05:13:47DarthWufeiI guess it's obviously is though
05:24:19DarthWufeiOh hah, nevermind. I guess I can just check the modified file times
05:24:20DarthWufeiStupid me.
05:24:25DarthWufeiThanks anyway!
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18:30:16DarkTechii got a problem with my archos player, can any one help
18:31:51DarkTechiguess not
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22:19:44uskimoo :]
22:24:47uskisgniht esrever ot ekil i
22:25:46scott666?lla ew tnod
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22:55:51uski.od ew
22:56:03uskipeels ot emit
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