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#rockbox log for 2003-11-18

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00:41:43trackhiya boys
00:42:06Doggerhows it going?
00:42:52scott666i feel like shit
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00:43:03*scott666 is sick
00:44:35trackawwwwwww#me 2
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00:54:48Doggeroh dear,
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09:22:35klax0nthere is some error in a file recorded with rockbox
09:22:59klax0nwinamp stops playing it but rockbox plays thought
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10:15:55dwihno\o/ Linus \o/
10:16:12dwihnoLinus: Whaddyaknow! It actually works! :)
10:18:54LinusNwas it hard to compile the mp3data.c file?
10:26:23dwihnoI used some old test code :)
10:29:01dwihnoNow I need to clean the code :)
10:29:12dwihno(spaghetti carbonara)
10:29:43LinusNold test code? you didn't use mp3data.c?
10:29:47dwihnonay :)
10:29:56dwihnoJust some old mpeg test code in my bag o' tricks
10:30:06dwihno(hence the spaghetti)
10:38:55dwihnoas long as it works(tm) :)
10:44:35dwihnoI will save several hundred kbytes of precious disk space when all done!
10:44:38dwihnoMy preciousssss!
10:44:51LinusNwoooo! :-)
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13:20:29trackhi LInusN
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15:16:26dwihnoAnyone has a VBR file without a XING header? :)
15:18:02webmindvbr ?
15:20:04dwihnovariable bitrate
15:23:21webmindbtw if you have site of a unique hardware mod of an archos.. will it be linked ?
15:23:47dwihnoI'd guess.
15:23:53dwihnoHow come, have you done anything cool?
15:24:28webmindi've modded my adapter ?
15:28:32webmindlooks cool atleast :)
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18:07:18quelsaruki need some help.. hehe
18:07:41quelsarukcould anyone build me a bleeding edge .ucl file?
18:08:25quelsaruki made something terrible to my box, and hope that could fix my error
18:10:35quelsarukdwinho? hardeep? elinenbe? schnueff?? anyone alive?
18:11:38hardeepquelsaruk: one sec
18:12:12quelsarukok :)
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18:17:03quelsarukthank u very much!
18:18:33quelsarukwhen you update rockbox, you delete all settings, no?
18:23:57hardeepquelsaruk: no, only if the config block version changes
18:27:42quelsarukand how do i change that config block version??
18:28:27quelsaruki mean, my jukebox is set to resume always, but the file it's playing now is broken.. or something like that
18:28:44quelsarukso it boots, tries to load the file and powers off
18:29:04quelsarukso i wanted to install my old hd, update rockbox
18:29:23quelsarukand see if that changes the settings' configuration
18:29:53quelsaruknow... i'm thinking that i can boot in safe mode and rename that file so rockbox can't find it
18:30:02quelsarukhehe.. i'm a bit stupid
18:30:57hardeepquelsaruk: just delete the file /.rockbox/,playlist_control
18:31:02hardeepthat'll disable the resume
18:31:57quelsarukhehe... i'd like to
18:32:15quelsarukbut, that's only possible if you plug the box to the computer, and manually delete it
18:32:46quelsarukthe problem is that my hd is a bit broken and can't plug it to the pc
18:33:20quelsarukstrange, no?
18:33:58hardeepquelsaruk: how are you copying new versions of the firmware then?
18:34:36quelsarukinstalling the old HD
18:35:00quelsaruki'm going to buy a new 60GB hd, but still i'm running low of money
18:35:49hardeepquelsaruk: ah, okay. Well, you can always boot into the archos firmware and delete from there
18:36:40quelsarukarchos can't see hidden folders
18:36:58quelsaruki can change the name.. but i don't think i can access rockbox folder
18:37:09quelsaruki mean.. change the file name
18:37:46hardeepquelsaruk: yeah, that'll work too
18:38:12quelsarukhehe.. seems like i said something intelligent at last
18:40:08quelsarukok, i'm leaving.. let's see if this work
18:40:18quelsarukthank you very much for your help :)
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20:06:54methangasbtw is anyone else using the danish lng file?
20:10:46LinusNi don't
20:11:35LinusNwhat would you guys say if i remove the f2/f3 quickscreens from the recording screen?
20:21:16uskinothing ? :)
20:24:20LinusNgood :-)
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21:34:31trackhi Amoeba
21:34:53AmoebaHowdy! Absolutely AWESOME software you guys put together!
21:35:08trackwhat Archos do you have?
21:36:03AmoebaI've been dreaming about upgrading the HD (per the dox on the rockbox site) - have you had similar thoughts?
21:36:13trackwell for me 10gb is fine
21:37:23trackhope one of these days you can get an 80gb drive
21:37:48Amoeba<smile> Between my wife and me, we have around 40gb of junk - so that 80gb sounds perfect!
21:39:08AmoebaI was just coming over to voice my support for the terrific multi-resume feature by benjamintm - and vote for it's inclusing in the upcoming release...
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21:41:57AmoebaArchos should pay you guys... a bunch of my friends would have never purchased one without your code...
21:43:54AmoebaQuestion - is there a way to "enqueue" a second song while one is currently playing?
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21:59:45uski[IDC]Dragon: hi:)
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22:19:50BoD[]Hello ! ! ! !
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22:27:50[IDC]DragonI just got disconnected and coudn't reconnect to freenode fo a while
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22:36:58BoD[]hey linus :)
22:37:54LinusNadding recording to the radio screen
22:38:12BoD[]ah :)
22:38:35[IDC]DragonHi Linus!
22:38:41BoD[]and ... can you add radio to the recorder screen ? ;)
22:38:49[IDC]DragonNice to see you before midnight
22:39:01LinusNdoesn't happen often :-)
22:39:22[IDC]Dragonyou narcotized the kids?
22:40:33[IDC]DragonI wanted to ask you for the best way to spindown the disk (actually, not spin it up) for the FM bootloader.
22:41:19LinusNi'm not sure
22:41:23[IDC]DragonWithout power control, but hopefully not implementing a major ATA part.
22:41:50LinusNi don't think the original firmware does anything like that
22:41:50[IDC]DragonThere's master/slave and the port address
22:42:06LinusNwe must be missing something
22:42:25LinusNperhaps we need to disassemble the archos boot
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22:46:53LinusNwelcome back
22:47:15devZer01do you mean me?
22:47:18[IDC]DragonmIRC gives me a hard time today
22:47:20 Quit tof77 ("ChatZilla 0.8.31 [Mozilla rv:1.4/7]")
22:47:29devZer01hi! haven`t been here for very long :)
22:47:32LinusNdevZer01: you too :-)
22:47:41devZer01a - idc was off :D
22:48:06[IDC]DragonNow I use that Jave client
22:48:11devZer01hope you are fine, guys. i have been pretty inactive for some time - sorry
22:48:26devZer01ah - it still is useful :D funny
22:48:30devZer01hi idc
22:48:34LinusN[IDC]Dragon: i recommend xchat
22:48:48[IDC]DragonI'm on windoze
22:48:50BoD[]Java rulez;)
22:48:59LinusNxchat works on windows too
22:49:35BoD[]i use xircon
22:49:44LinusNwhen you install it, remember to uncheck the "language support"
22:49:57BoD[]copyright 1997 :)
22:51:58[IDC]Dragonit wants to install a lot of stuff I probably have: perl, tcl, ssl
22:53:19LinusNit doesn't imstall perl, only support for perl plugins
22:53:31[IDC]Dragonsee you in xchat, if it works.
22:53:33 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("Leaving")
22:53:53BoD[]was his last sentence :)
22:54:07LinusNfamous last words :_)
22:54:48BoD[]there's a "tears for fears" song called that
23:00:08 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (~[IDC]
23:00:27BoD[]wouhou :)
23:04:02 Quit cjnr11 ()
23:05:12[IDC]Dragonwell, xchat seems to work.
23:05:31 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")
23:05:52[IDC]Dragonwas fiddling with the colors, I didn't like white text on black.
23:06:39[IDC]DragonLinus, I'm facing a ton of design decisions with my car CD changer emu.
23:06:47[IDC]DragonIt works now!
23:06:53 Join _aLF [0] (
23:07:00[IDC]DragonBut in no way integrated to Rockbox.
23:07:08LinusNcool, i want one for my panasonic
23:07:19[IDC]DragonI made a plugin, as a proof of concept.
23:07:39[IDC]DragonThe nastiest ever, it has ISRs, etc.
23:08:04[IDC]DragonBut no playback control :-(
23:08:26 Quit dwihno (Remote closed the connection)
23:08:49BoD[]what is ISR ?
23:08:59[IDC]DragonA plugin is not the way to go, 'cause it is always in the foreground.
23:09:09[IDC]DragonInterrupt Service Routine
23:09:26[IDC]DragonI use timer and UART interrupts
23:09:37elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: that sounds awesome...
23:09:42LinusN[IDC]Dragon: i agree, we need a better way than a plugin
23:09:54elinenbewasn't there someone who was doing this at VW?
23:09:55[IDC]Dragona TSR, speking like DOS
23:10:02 Join test [0] (
23:10:06elinenbeI don't know what happened tot that project...
23:10:10[IDC]Dragonfriend of mine do it for VW
23:10:24 Part test
23:10:47[IDC]DragonThey need an external mickrcontroller
23:11:03elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: aahh crap −− why?
23:11:21[IDC]Dragonbecause the remote pin is only one line
23:11:40[IDC]Dragonwe can use it half duplex bidirectional
23:11:41elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: were you the one who wrote to the list who made a program that couls send songs from one jukebox to the next over the audio port?
23:11:52elinenbeI think that should be released.
23:12:19[IDC]DragonUsing a rempte pin protocol?
23:12:26elinenbeI thought it was the same person who did the VW audio port also made the communications software...
23:12:27[IDC]Dragonremote pin
23:12:39elinenbehold on...
23:12:57[IDC]Dragonwe have a biderectional RS232 driver, if you mean that.
23:13:06[IDC]Dragondamn typos!
23:13:16elinenbecan you send songs from one player to the other without any extra hardware?
23:13:27[IDC]Dragontheoretically yes.
23:13:30elinenbeother then an audio-cord...
23:13:34elinenbewhy is that not released?
23:13:35[IDC]Dragonbut it would be slow
23:13:39elinenbethat would be awesome.
23:13:43elinenbewho cares about speed.
23:14:02elinenbethe latest firewire creative Zen has this.
23:14:11elinenbeand 2 of my friends have those, and it is great.
23:14:14[IDC]DragonI was jokinly suggesting that, and multiplayer games.
23:14:24elinenbewell, I am serious.
23:14:29elinenbehow slow is the interface?
23:14:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:15:06[IDC]Dragonhmm, the BRR value for 115200 baud is 2
23:15:10elinenbesee this (about nomad zen):
23:15:13elinenbethat is not that bad.
23:15:30elinenbeI think that should be released as a plugin −− it would be a killer plugin to have.
23:15:39[IDC]Dragonso if we can program 0, this would be triple.
23:15:45 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
23:16:10elinenbehardeep: hello
23:16:14[IDC]DragonDo you mind if I continue seriously :)
23:16:54[IDC]DragonAlpine M-Bus is only one pin, also half duplex.
23:17:24[IDC]DragonYou can connect the Archos to the radio using just a wire for that and audio.
23:17:35[IDC]DragonNo extra hardware!
23:17:59elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: an great (way better then mIRC) IRC client is hydrairc ( and it is open source and free!
23:18:24[IDC]Dragoncurrently xchat works.
23:19:24devZer01hey, looks good! thanks - looked for a good free irc client for long - will give it a try
23:19:24[IDC]DragonLinus, we remote port abusers would need a way to hijack the UART and control the playback.
23:20:04LinusN[IDC]Dragon: do you really need an ISR?
23:20:17[IDC]DragonBesides Alpine and VW car stereo there is also the infrared receiver application.
23:20:45[IDC]DragonLinusN, yes, need ISR for a timer.
23:20:56LinusNbut not for the uart i hope
23:21:08[IDC]DragonHmm, negotiable.
23:21:26[IDC]DragonAt least, I need to set it to a wild baudrate.
23:21:32LinusNi say this because the uart is not very stable
23:21:42LinusNwe have to poll it
23:22:01[IDC]DragonDiava changed that to ISR, seemed OK.
23:22:23LinusNyes it works until you start plugging and unplugging the phones
23:22:41LinusNlots of errors, trigging other interrupts
23:22:56LinusNthere is a risk for a deadlock
23:22:57[IDC]DragonYou need to take the error interrupt into account as well.
23:23:03LinusNthat is the problem
23:23:36LinusNthe error interrupt is separate from the rx/tx interrupt
23:23:36[IDC]Dragonif you get continuous framing errors, you should disable it for a while.
23:23:54LinusNso you can get both virtually at the same time
23:25:07LinusNmy memory doesn't serve me well, but i remember having problems when clearing the error bits in the error handler
23:25:37LinusNsuddenly all interrupts stopped
23:25:55[IDC]DragonI have to get back to Diava with this, he heavily tested the plugging with his driver.
23:26:13[IDC]DragonAre the interrups nested?
23:27:59LinusNyes, if you want
23:28:13LinusNthe thing is that the receiver stops if the error bits aren't cleared
23:29:19[IDC]Dragonso the error should have higher prio?
23:30:47[IDC]Dragonhow do I select nesting vs. non-nesting? By assigning different or the same prio to all interrupt sources?
23:31:14[IDC]Dragonso we have nesting, I think.
23:31:54LinusNlike i said, it may work very well for you in your car application
23:32:15LinusNbut we had serious problems when plugging and unplugging the phones
23:32:31 Join Guest [0] (
23:32:31[IDC]Dragonmaybe the interrupt bits have not been cleared with an atomic instruction ;)
23:32:45LinusNcould be :-)
23:33:18 Join track [0] (
23:34:06[IDC]Dragonwell, can't resolve this now, will ask my friend and test later.
23:34:18trackhi IDC
23:34:21trackhi LinusN
23:34:33[IDC]DragonBut I'd like to pave a path for "remote plugins".
23:35:00LinusNof course
23:35:14LinusNpower to the rocks!
23:35:15[IDC]DragonIf I maintain an exotic private branch of Rockbox, I'm off from the development.
23:36:06trackhi LinusN
23:36:17[IDC]Dragon(nobody jumped on that infrared receiver so far)
23:36:26trackwhat infared receiver?
23:36:52[IDC]Dragoncontrol Rockbox with a remote control.
23:37:04trackwhere would u plug in it?
23:37:09[IDC]DragonNot my credits, Diava made it.
23:37:14trackoh ok
23:37:23[IDC]DragonMy credits are the circuit.
23:37:24trackI bought one of those wind-up radios
23:37:45[IDC]DragonConnects to the remote pin, again :)
23:38:09trackcranking the handle for 5 minutes gives you 2.5 playback time
23:39:35[IDC]DragonThe cool trick is that it is powered from the pullup.
23:39:46[IDC]DragonSo you don't need a battery.
23:40:16elinenbehow do you control it −− with a normal TV/stereo remote controller?
23:40:40elinenbeI think that is a nice project, except it would be nice to have more than the standard buttons....
23:40:41[IDC]DragonRC5 code preferred.
23:41:32[IDC]Dragonyea, carry an infrared keyboard...
23:42:17elinenbewell, I mean more buttons then the Archos remote.
23:43:15[IDC]DragonLinus, to come back on the remote plugin, such would need to have an auto-load capability at startup.
23:43:59[IDC]DragonDunno if we should load it to the same space, and kick it out if a "regular" plugin gets started.
23:44:27LinusNsomething to think about
23:44:53[IDC]DragonThe UI may get messy if another end is changing things, too.
23:45:11[IDC]DragonFor the moment, I was thinking about a build option.
23:45:51[IDC]DragonSo you can build Rockbox "normal", or with Alpine/VW/Infrared.
23:46:07LinusNi was thinking about that
23:46:21LinusNthat's an option
23:46:38[IDC]DragonI definitely need a thread
23:47:16[IDC]Dragonand some message mechanism to control playback (play, pause, stop, FF,FR)
23:47:36LinusNwhy message?
23:47:45[IDC]Dragonplus a way to query position, tracks, playtime, etc.
23:47:55LinusNjust like the wps has today
23:48:10[IDC]Dragonmessage because it goes out to other threads, I think.
23:48:41LinusNthe communication between the gui thread and the mpeg thread uses messages today
23:48:56LinusNmpeg_play() send a message to the mpeg thread
23:48:57[IDC]Dragonthat's what I was talking about.
23:51:49[IDC]DragonOK, then for the time being I use a compile switch like REMOTE
23:52:35[IDC]Dragon=ARCHOS | MBUS | VW | IR

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