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#rockbox log for 2003-11-19

00:01:14LinusN[IDC]Dragon: back to the disk poweroff on the fm
00:01:28LinusNi think there must be a way to control the power to the disk
00:05:53[IDC]Dragonhmm, my Ohmmeter hasn't found one.
00:07:13[IDC]Dragonsince that FM is a diskless wreck, I don't get it far enough to measure if Vcc of the disk goes away.
00:08:43LinusNmaybe i should take mine apart again
00:09:32[IDC]Dragonif you don't mind...
00:09:41LinusNbtw, how much have you found out about the power/charging part of the hardware (thinking about drawing schematics)
00:10:09[IDC]Dragonhmm, dunno if I kept it.
00:10:21[IDC]DragonI was only tracing what I needed.
00:10:29LinusNi have some very incomplete notes
00:10:43LinusNand that part is hard to measure
00:11:04[IDC]DragonI was looking at the DC converter that goes from battery to 3.3 volts, and the charger.
00:11:50[IDC]DragonIDE power is very easy to measure, at the connector.
00:12:00LinusNwe could of course disassemble the archos firmware
00:12:27[IDC]DragonI did, but not specifically for the FM.
00:14:01LinusNregarding the pb5
00:14:33 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
00:14:37LinusNyou had to set it, didn't you?
00:14:49[IDC]Dragonlemme check...
00:14:58 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
00:15:34LinusNbtw, in the FM radio screen, is it Ok to use the Play key to start recording?
00:15:45 Quit edx (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
00:15:51midknight2k3Linus: by the way
00:15:54midknight2k3you were wrong
00:16:02midknight2k3the UP key works fine in fx menus
00:16:21trackhi Mid
00:16:37midknight2k3hello track
00:16:42trackwots up?
00:16:48midknight2k3ot muhc
00:16:49trackwhats this about the Fx menus and the UP key?
00:16:50midknight2k3not much*
00:16:54[IDC]DragonLinus: OK, I recall PB5. I set it to hold the power.
00:16:58midknight2k3at the moment proving LinusN wrong
00:17:05trackmid I bought a wind-up radio
00:17:27midknight2k3for the powr outages that occur every once per year
00:17:55trackthe radio also has a torch built-in
00:17:58[IDC]Dragonif I don't, both IDE and main power disappear.
00:18:05midknight2k3you lie
00:18:16trackim not lying
00:18:39midknight2k3a torch and a radio, together at once?
00:18:45trackthey do exist
00:19:02LinusN[IDC]Dragon: ok, so you can't leave it... bad
00:19:28trackfor every minute of turning the cranking handle you get 30mins of radio playback
00:19:29midknight2k3LinusN: was that PLAY in radio screen question directed at me?
00:19:38midknight2k3track: i know, neat
00:20:01trackso are you going to fix the UP key in the FX menus?
00:20:13midknight2k3i actually did
00:20:16midknight2k3i have a new patch ready
00:20:22midknight2k3it combines f2 and f3 sort of
00:20:23trackgood good
00:20:29midknight2k3leaving f3 open for a new menu
00:20:31trackso what will UP and Fx do?
00:20:33midknight2k3perhaps the rockbox browser
00:20:43midknight2k3right now it does...
00:20:49*midknight2k3 loads patch
00:21:31trackwell what you can do with Fx and UP is backlight on/off
00:21:47midknight2k3<< shuffle - >> repeat - <down> show files - <play/pause> add to favorites - <up> scroll bar - <on> status bar
00:22:12midknight2k3- indicates new function
00:22:24trackso what does linusN have to say?
00:22:31midknight2k3not sure
00:22:35midknight2k3he doesnt seem to respond
00:22:44tracki know that he was adamant that UP and Fx does not work
00:23:10midknight2k3i assure you it does
00:23:13midknight2k3very well
00:23:29trackok mid
00:23:40midknight2k3want a prelease copy?
00:23:47midknight2k3you can be a tester
00:24:08trackhow about Fx and simultaneous up/left, up/right, down/left or down/right like on a game controller?
00:24:17trackextra 4 functions so you have 8 in the Fx menus
00:24:48midknight2k3no thanks
00:25:08trackand stop harassing linusn
00:25:20midknight2k3track makes me laugh
00:25:33midknight2k315:19:15 | <midknight2k3> LinusN: was that PLAY in radio screen question directed at me?
00:25:41midknight2k3if you could call that harassing, it was 7 minutes ago
00:25:50midknight2k3i wouldnt call it harassing though
00:26:32LinusNmidknight2k3: the Play question was for everybody
00:26:58*midknight2k3 thinks on it
00:27:07midknight2k3i guess all the others are occupied
00:27:37midknight2k3is retro-record coming out soon? i heard you were working on it
00:28:04*midknight2k3 thinks it sounds the same with screen frozen and not
00:28:30trackso LinusN according to midknight Fx and UP does work :-)
00:28:36midknight2k3it does
00:28:40midknight2k3you think i lie? :D
00:28:49trackno I never said that
00:29:00LinusNmidknight2k3: retro-record will come soon
00:29:11midknight2k3LinusN: did you just guess that it wouldnt work or did you test it?
00:29:20LinusNmidknight2k3: Fx and Up does not work if you press the keys simultaneously
00:29:42*midknight2k3 tests
00:29:51trackWill retrorecording be available for the normal Recorders?
00:29:57midknight2k3with a busted f2 key its hard
00:30:02midknight2k3track: huh
00:30:10midknight2k3you mean like normal recording retro recording?
00:30:21midknight2k3i never thought of that
00:30:38midknight2k3LinusN: i guess it doesnt
00:30:40midknight2k3it did before
00:30:53midknight2k3maybe i wasn't applying the adequate 20lbs worth of pressure
00:31:03midknight2k3these things get hard to press when they are broken
00:31:18midknight2k3make that 50lbs actually
00:32:02 Quit AciD ("")
00:35:04trackthe ipods are more popular than ever now
00:35:25midknight2k3actually the karma and ihp-120 are making their way up
00:35:31midknight2k3ipod's are becoming less popular
00:36:24trackyes but nothing has the tactile feeling of an iPod
00:36:28trackI held an iPod once
00:36:48midknight2k3rest your finger on a button and it goes crazy
00:37:17trackwell according to the Apple website its tactile
00:37:36midknight2k3they need help marketing
00:37:40midknight2k3did you see the commercial?
00:37:56midknight2k3some blackened out figure dances around with a little white box
00:38:02midknight2k3then it says ipod
00:38:03midknight2k3nothing more
00:38:20tracki still have a desire to kick mikeholden's arse
00:38:29*midknight2k3 sighs
00:39:20LinusNi never understood what you have against him
00:39:36midknight2k3he told him off for filing bogus requests
00:39:36trackyou say it mid
00:39:51midknight2k3"you didnt think this through did you"
00:39:52trackit was for "You really didn't think this through!!!"
00:40:04midknight2k3you didnt!
00:40:10trackwell I found it a personal insult
00:40:28midknight2k31) it was bogus (2) impossible (3) bogus (4) not a good idea (5) BOGUS
00:40:36trackit was NOT bogus
00:40:41trackit was perfectly feesible
00:40:48LinusNwhich one was it? the software tuner?
00:40:53midknight2k3the zip file reader
00:41:05trackill show you
00:41:11midknight2k3lets wait 20 seconds to decompress a mp3 for 44KB of space saved
00:41:16midknight2k3sounds very smart
00:41:26LinusNwell, it is technically possible, but not very smart
00:41:28midknight2k3compress a compressed file
00:41:43midknight2k3possible - perhaps if we toss out the MPEG code
00:42:22midknight2k3read it and think about it
00:42:44midknight2k3you can identify: (1) he knows his stuff (2) he is a rockbox developer (3) he is saying its not a good idea
00:42:49midknight2k3what is so terrible?
00:43:03midknight2k3and then you did it yourself!
00:43:04midknight2k3Date: 2003-05-10 15:08
00:43:04midknight2k3Sender: tracktheripper
00:43:04DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
00:43:04midknight2k3Logged In: YES
00:43:04***Alert Mode level 1
00:43:04midknight2k3This is not possible to implement, due to hardware limitations.
00:43:55midknight2k3you wrote it in yourself
00:44:59trackno i didn't
00:45:02trackgot hacked
00:45:36midknight2k3thats it
00:45:39midknight2k3"got hacked"
00:45:49trackand every little helps
00:45:51trackeven if its 44k
00:46:04LinusNdo you honestly believe that?
00:46:09midknight2k3if you need to zip your stuff i suggest you delete one 8mb mp3
00:46:19midknight2k3then you wont need to zip it
00:46:32trackyes but then im sacrificing a fave MP3....
00:46:36trackand i like all my MP3s
00:46:42midknight2k3you will gain about 2 128kbps mp3s worth of space
00:46:52midknight2k3you got a rec10?
00:46:59midknight2k3and 10gb isnt enough for everything?
00:47:09midknight2k3esp with your new 80gb upgrade?
00:47:21midknight2k3now i know what you use your ADSL line for
00:47:26trackok mid lets go the whole hog and use cabinet file LZW compression which is far more efficient than .zip compression
00:47:36midknight2k3track: there is no space
00:47:45midknight2k3LZW would probably take 100K more
00:48:10midknight2k3we could give it zip ability and delete the mpeg code rendering it impossible to play mp3s.. is that ok?
00:48:14midknight2k3or perhaps toss the lcd code
00:48:17midknight2k3that will make some space
00:48:24midknight2k3no screen but hey
00:48:34LinusNstill, it would add a lot of code space and complexity, shrinking the mp3 buffer, all because a handful of people have run out of disk space
00:48:36midknight2k3you can navigate about 5 extra mp3s minus screen right?
00:48:57LinusN"handful of people" == track
00:49:06midknight2k3he has lots of space
00:49:09midknight2k3he cannot fill it
00:49:11trackok ok calm down LinusN and Midknight
00:50:26trackbut at least ive had fixed requests
00:50:34midknight2k3one of them
00:50:46midknight2k3not that i care.. i can fix my own myself
00:50:53trackand make the ID3 scrolling linear as well as circular
00:50:57midknight2k3i wanted a batch of new icons so i made them
00:51:02trackand one click level adjust
00:51:05trackand invert
00:51:08midknight2k3i wanted a peak meter at radio screen so i made it
00:51:14midknight2k3one click level adjust?
00:51:22trackmidknight I have a good request for you
00:51:23midknight2k3that was never put in
00:51:36trackim off to file it right away
00:51:49CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
00:51:49*midknight2k3 will do it
00:51:53midknight2k3if its possible
00:52:06midknight2k3and it BETTER NOT BE reshuffle when playlist repeats
00:53:05***Alert Mode OFF
00:53:57midknight2k3you dont need to paste it twice
00:54:03midknight2k3so please don;t
00:54:51trackdid u get it?
00:55:00midknight2k3i get it the first time
00:55:03midknight2k3actually i tried it
00:55:07midknight2k3never worked right
00:55:12midknight2k3not that it affects you
00:55:39trackok what is the request?
00:55:51midknight2k3fm radio screen signal strength
00:55:59midknight2k3unlike you i actually VISIT links and stuff
00:56:03midknight2k3i dont just pretend to
00:56:24midknight2k3"see me iceberg?" "yes its nice" "then whats it like?" "i dunno! ill look at it later"
00:57:18trackif you put zip files inside zip files inside zip files inside zip files inside zip files inside zip files inside zip files inside you can get the files to only 1k :-)
00:57:42midknight2k3stays the same
00:57:47midknight2k3maybe DOWN 1k
00:57:50midknight2k3but not TO 1k
00:58:44midknight2k3matter of fact no
00:58:53midknight2k3you cant compress compressed files
00:59:30midknight2k3very sad huh
01:01:21trackmidknight you are turning into a right goodygoody
01:02:19tracknever mind
01:05:07midknight2k3"right goodygoody"
01:05:08midknight2k3i like that
01:07:44trackah well
01:07:52midknight2k3new request out!
01:07:58midknight2k3i think its a good one
01:08:02midknight2k3heres the link
01:08:06trackmidknight I saw your name in the credits page
01:08:10trackwell done
01:08:13midknight2k3did you?
01:08:28trackur welcome
01:09:43LinusN"Make the LCD on Players and (FM) Recorders a touch-screen."
01:10:02trackthat is your fault mid you begged one to send it
01:10:09track((runs away))
01:10:36midknight2k3how about a nice comment
01:10:47LinusNtrack: i have much better things to do with my limited time that to reject silly feature requests
01:10:48midknight2k3"get out of here before i must ban you"
01:10:59midknight2k3LinusN: i got the best idea
01:11:07midknight2k3let me do the rejecting of requests
01:11:31midknight2k3anything of track's = rejected
01:12:04midknight2k3LinusN: i also heard somet feature about someone wanted to have a list maintained of the latest features introduced
01:12:08midknight2k3i wouldnt mind doing so
01:12:32LinusNwould be great if we had someone who could keep the docs up-to-date
01:12:44tracki wouldn't mind keeping the manual up to date linusN
01:12:53trackmy dad just got Adobe Acrobat
01:13:04LinusNyou won't need it
01:13:11LinusNonly openoffice
01:13:16trackwell the manual is in PDF format
01:13:33LinusNthe source file is an openoffice writer document
01:13:40LinusNand we export it to pfd
01:13:45trackanyway mid you can talk
01:13:51midknight2k3sorry was replying to a post
01:14:00trackfiling "Make the Archos convert MP3s to polyphonic ringtones"
01:14:11midknight2k3it was feasible
01:14:14midknight2k3possible actually
01:14:25midknight2k3you came up with the idea
01:14:29midknight2k3dont make me list all yours
01:14:31trackno i didn't
01:14:33midknight2k3you WON'T win.
01:14:39midknight2k3anyways.. linus
01:14:42trackwell i only sent 1 or 2 requests
01:14:46trackyea Linusn
01:14:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:15:10midknight2k3and i think there was a request for a entire page devoted to recent updates
01:15:17midknight2k3between versions etc
01:16:26midknight2k3i wouldnt mind doing either
01:16:34midknight2k3manual or extra page
01:16:38midknight2k3the manual is out of date
01:17:02midknight2k3VERY out of date
01:17:43trackok mid
01:17:52tracki take it youve' throughly read it
01:18:04midknight2k3actually, sort of
01:18:14midknight2k3havent for a while
01:18:18midknight2k3its bee getting old
01:18:21tracklol at least "invert" was my most-loved request
01:18:34midknight2k3the only one worth something
01:18:53trackwell i only send 1 or 2 dum requsts
01:18:57midknight2k3dont mess with me
01:19:01midknight2k3im the radio master
01:19:04trackim not
01:19:06midknight2k3OR 20 or 30
01:19:07trackur the radio master
01:19:15midknight2k3yes i am
01:19:19tracki know u are
01:19:22midknight2k3address me when you wish to speak to me
01:19:26trackand I only sent 2 funny requests
01:19:43 Quit _aLF ("bye")
01:20:10tracki only filed touchscreen and auto voice transcriber
01:20:50midknight2k3And zip files and multifunction and tea maker and reshuffle when playlist repeats - AGAIN
01:20:54midknight2k3dont make me get started
01:20:54LinusNand software tuner
01:21:04midknight2k3theres another
01:21:07LinusNreshuffle isn't a bad idea
01:21:12midknight2k3software tuner, i ask you
01:21:15midknight2k3no its not
01:21:19midknight2k3but he sent it three times
01:21:24midknight2k3got zagor VERY angry
01:21:46midknight2k3im sure track needs reshuffle for his lady roomates :D
01:22:11trackand Im sure you need your polyphonic ringtones updated for your head midknight :D
01:22:23midknight2k3dont make me get started !!
01:22:33*midknight2k3 waves fist threateningly
01:22:50track"this is so incredibly far-fetched it would take a bookshelf to explain why its not possible"
01:22:55trackyour polyphonic request
01:25:30trackah well
01:28:16 Quit track ("Leaving")
01:28:21 Quit BoD[] ("dodo")
01:39:03 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
01:46:15 Quit Arnaud (Remote closed the connection)
01:50:40 Join Ltdphoenix [0] (
01:50:47DBUGEnqueued KICK Ltdphoenix
01:50:47Ltdphoenixhey guys
01:50:53Ltdphoenixis this in english?
01:51:03Ltdphoenixokay good :D
01:51:14midknight2k3its in blue though
01:51:18midknight2k3it hurts my eyes
01:51:30Ltdphoenixack how can i permanently set the colors?
01:51:43 Quit Ltdphoenix (Client Quit)
01:51:56 Join ltdphoenix [0] (
01:52:01ltdphoenixstupid thing kicked me
01:52:09ltdphoenixi need to ask....
01:52:37ltdphoenixdoes the rockbox change the sound quality of my PoS archos?
01:52:54midknight2k3define PoS lol
01:53:01LinusNis it a recorder?
01:53:06ltdphoenixnow i don't have to buy an iPod :D
01:53:12ltdphoenixPiece of Shit
01:53:23ltdphoenixit's a recorder, yes
01:53:32LinusNthen you won't be disappointed
01:53:41ltdphoenixbwa hahahaha
01:53:43midknight2k3wheres the mdb linus? lol
01:53:49ltdphoenixthis is absolutely awesome
01:53:55LinusNmidknight2k3: coming
01:53:57ltdphoenixi need to d/l it first
01:54:13midknight2k3i liked it in cent20's patch
01:54:17 Quit ltdphoenix (Client Quit)
01:54:18LinusNd/l the "full" archive from the Daily Builds section
01:54:20midknight2k3which by the way should be considered
01:54:25midknight2k3.5 seconds too late
01:55:04 Join ltdphoenix [0] (
01:55:08LinusNcents patch is not complete, but i will use it
01:55:16midknight2k3linus: what do you mean
01:55:24LinusNltdphoenix: d/l the "full" archive from the Daily Builds section
01:55:28midknight2k3you should use the menu patch that introduces silers
01:55:32ltdphoenixis there nothing better than 2.0?
01:55:37LinusNltdphoenix: d/l the "full" archive from the Daily Builds section
01:55:42ltdphoenixi got it thx
01:55:59ltdphoenixi dom
01:56:17ltdphoenixi don't have to d/l 2.0 first though, right?
01:56:36ltdphoenixokay i got it
01:57:10ltdphoenixwow, and only 178 kb
01:57:18ltdphoenixI LOVE SWEDEN
01:57:22midknight2k3reaching the limit
01:57:26midknight2k3max is 200k
01:57:55LinusNgotta sleep now
01:58:03ltdphoenixif this makes my archos' sound quality as CD
01:58:09ltdphoenixthen i don't need to buy anything else
01:58:11LinusNrecording in fm screen works btw, will commit tomorrow
01:58:20midknight2k3man i want to see this
01:58:21ltdphoenixthat's the only thing i hate about archos
01:58:25CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
01:58:25*midknight2k3 waits impatiently
01:58:30*ltdphoenix what?
01:58:36LinusNltdphoenix: what did you not like about the sound?
01:58:48ltdphoenixit's... not as deep as CD quality
01:58:51midknight2k3linus ill do the patch
01:58:55midknight2k3rockbox makes it deep yes
01:58:59midknight2k3ive done countless tests
01:59:05midknight2k3i love it a lot more
01:59:06LinusNltdphoenix: which mp3 player is better then?
01:59:13ltdphoenixi upload all of my songs on the jukebox @ 320kbps
01:59:19ltdphoenixiPod i think
01:59:26LinusNhave you compared them?
01:59:32ltdphoenixyeah i have
01:59:45LinusNwith the same 320kbit/s files?
01:59:52midknight2k3i compared archos fw with rockbox
01:59:57midknight2k3archos sucks
02:00:01midknight2k3its sort of muffled
02:00:12ltdphoenixhey whenever i talk it says "Unregistered copy, evaluation only./// Please ask webmaster to register it.
02:00:15ltdphoenixwhat is that?
02:00:25ltdphoenixyeah archos sound is muffled
02:00:26LinusNit's the java irc client
02:00:29ltdphoenixcompared to CD
02:00:36ltdphoenixi'm on AOL, does that make me worse?
02:00:39ltdphoenixrofl aol sucks
02:00:59midknight2k3its normal
02:01:07LinusNltdphoenix: did you compare ipod and archos using the same files?
02:01:19ltdphoenixnot really
02:01:21ltdphoenixhow come?
02:01:25LinusNmy point is:
02:01:38ltdphoenixjust one song, from a friend
02:01:49LinusNif you encode your mp3 files with a lousy encoder, you get crappy quality
02:01:54ltdphoenixnot very thorough, i know
02:01:55ltdphoenixah i see
02:02:00ltdphoenixi use musicmatch...
02:02:02LinusNlousy encoder == musicmatch
02:02:17ltdphoenixwhat should i use?
02:02:25midknight2k3did you see his message before you typed yours?
02:02:28ltdphoenixi've had crappy quality with every file
02:02:33LinusNmidknight2k3: no
02:02:40midknight2k3cvs update: No CVSROOT specified! Please use the `-d' option
02:02:41midknight2k3cvs [update aborted]: or set the CVSROOT environment variable.
02:02:46midknight2k317:01:46 | <ltdphoenix> i use musicmatch...
02:02:47midknight2k317:01:49 | <LinusN> lousy encoder == musicmatch
02:02:49midknight2k3thats priceless
02:03:02LinusNltdphoenix: musicmatch removes lots of high-frequency content
02:03:05midknight2k3i mean really
02:03:26ltdphoenixah okay
02:03:33ltdphoenixwhat's a better encoder?
02:03:36LinusNtry lame with VBR
02:03:37ltdphoenixer, what's the one u guys use?
02:03:42LinusNi use lame
02:03:51ltdphoenixdoes that stand for something?
02:04:00ltdphoenix:D yeah it does lol
02:04:19LinusNLame Ain't an MP3 Encoder
02:04:46LinusNsearch for "lame mp3" in google
02:05:15ltdphoenixi have 56k
02:05:18ltdphoenixis it a big file?
02:05:39midknight2k3it is very huge
02:05:43midknight2k3its about 600mb
02:05:46midknight2k3:) just kidding
02:05:51LinusNalso look up this:
02:06:13ltdphoenixooh german stuff
02:06:18ltdphoenixi'm german hahaha
02:06:31LinusNyou can set up EAC to directly compress using LAME
02:06:35midknight2k3ill put that patch up linus
02:06:42LinusNthat's what i do
02:06:45midknight2k3perhaps you can come up with a better idea than UP
02:06:48midknight2k3or something
02:06:52ltdphoenixi'm kind of lost
02:07:01LinusNltdphoenix: why?
02:07:12ltdphoenixall new stuff
02:07:20LinusNscary eh?
02:07:33ltdphoenixlol nah
02:08:09ltdphoenixokay, so
02:08:14LinusNanyway, good luck using rockbox, and good luck with EAC/LAME
02:08:18ltdphoenixi d/led the full thing of rockbox from daily builds
02:08:26ltdphoenixwhat then?
02:08:33LinusNplug in the jukebox
02:08:36ltdphoenixi'm so new *quivers*
02:08:38ltdphoenixlol yeah i got that
02:08:43LinusNlet's say it gets E:
02:08:44midknight2k3nite linus
02:08:54*midknight2k3 tries to get patch up for reworking
02:09:05LinusNrun winzip and extract it to E:
02:09:43LinusNbe sure you extract it to the root directory
02:10:22midknight2k3"use folder names" if you do Classic mode
02:10:35LinusNin winzip
02:10:55ltdphoenixwhat's classic, i mean
02:11:09LinusNwinzip can run in classic and wizard mode
02:11:11midknight2k3Classic mode.. do you use the wizard mode?
02:11:15ltdphoenixoh i see
02:11:26ltdphoenixi ahve no idea; i haven't used winzip in forever
02:11:29LinusNwizard mode == loser mode
02:11:29ltdphoenixclassic, okay
02:11:29midknight2k3i find classic mode much more versatile
02:11:33midknight2k3right lol
02:11:38ltdphoenix:D okay
02:11:59LinusNanyway, good night
02:12:03ltdphoenixack how do i get rid of the constant "evaluation only:" thing?!
02:12:03 Part LinusN
02:12:09midknight2k3it always does that
02:12:10ltdphoenixsee ya
02:12:15midknight2k3hes gone lol
02:12:22ltdphoenixis it b/c i need to d/l the real thing?
02:12:34ltdphoenixit said if ur lazy u don't have to dl anything hehe
02:12:36ltdphoenixit's annoying
02:12:39[IDC]Dragongoing to sleep. cu!
02:12:52 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("Leaving")
02:13:03ltdphoenixhow exactly is taht used?
02:13:25midknight2k3i dont deal with that stuff
02:13:28midknight2k3just rockbox :D
02:13:45ltdphoenixand r u required to register it?
02:13:46ltdphoenixhehe okay
02:13:51ltdphoenixif it makes quality better....
02:14:30ltdphoenixsound quality
02:14:35ltdphoenixthat's my main gripe
02:14:42midknight2k3register rockbox?
02:15:08midknight2k3the register thing is a part of winzip.. rockbox is free and full and not registerable
02:15:17ltdphoenixno register EAC
02:15:27*midknight2k3 shrugs again
02:15:31midknight2k317:13:10 | <midknight2k3> i dont deal with that stuff
02:15:34midknight2k317:13:14 | <midknight2k3> just rockbox :D
02:16:00midknight2k3is rockbox installed?
02:16:28ltdphoenixnope not yet
02:16:34ltdphoenixi need to find my USB cable
02:16:40ltdphoenixmy brother "misplaced" it :D
02:16:56ltdphoenix−−-younger bro, btw
02:17:57ltdphoenixu know what
02:18:04ltdphoenixfor my brothe's sake−−i hope i find it
02:19:28ltdphoenixlol i know
02:19:28ltdphoenixjust looks cool
02:24:26 Quit ltdphoenix ("Leaving")
02:25:23midknight2k3hello hardeep
02:42:26midknight2k3best movie ever
02:46:13midknight2k3funny huh
03:14:50 Quit midknight2k3 ()
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03:58:22 Join PokerJoker [0] (
03:59:18PokerJokerhey fellas. just checkin on ya.
04:08:29hardeepstill here
04:16:18 Quit devZer01 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:23:00 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Mr. T uses BitchX. Shouldn't you, SUCKAH?")
04:38:45PokerJokerdamn laptop harddrives are costly
04:38:45PokerJokerToshiba (Notebook Hard Drives) ONLINE ORDER ONLY - 12.0GB Toshiba/ IBM/Hitachi Notebook Hard Drive 9.5mm/2.5 UltraDMA ATA-4 (larger than 10.0GB, 6.0GB)
04:38:45DBUGEnqueued KICK PokerJoker
04:38:45PokerJokerMUST MENTION PRICE WATCH - 12GB Laptop Hdd 9.5 mm Height 2.5inch, UltraDMA ATA-4 4,200rpm 1,024KB Cache
04:38:45PokerJokerPart - 6000:6039 Price + Shipping $76.50
04:38:47PokerJokerPrice $ 67
04:38:49PokerJokerShipping: $9.50 Flate Fee Must mention Pricewatch Price
04:38:55PokerJoker209-825-6873 Manteca, CA
04:38:57PokerJokerinfo ...
04:39:01PokerJokerah shit sorry wrong paste. and i still here?
04:47:05PokerJokersorry about that. just trying to find a good HD
04:55:20 Quit PokerJoker ()
05:02:13 Join friday101 [0] (
05:02:52friday101anybody know why when I try to start my jukebox recorder with the ajbrec.ajz from the flash pak, it doesn't boot???
05:03:10friday101well, it boots into the original firmware...
05:14:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:33:49friday101I tried the faq and download Directory snoop, cleared remaining files, but no luck...
05:44:28friday101couldn't u guyz crossfade by loading the end of one song and the beginning of another and then splice the frames you send out to the mp3 decoder?
07:11:25 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
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07:37:53 Join dwihno [20] (
07:44:31 Join AciD [0] (
07:56:05 Join tof77 [0] (
08:14:05 Quit BoBB_ ("leaving")
08:18:27 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
08:32:37 Join BoBB [0] (
08:34:42 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Elvis has left the building")
08:35:16 Nick Schnueff_ is now known as Schnueff (
08:43:18 Quit BoBB ("leaving")
08:48:29 Join BoBB [0] (
08:56:20 Quit BoBB (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
08:57:19 Join BoBB [0] (
09:02:15 Quit BoBB (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
09:08:38 Quit friday101 ()
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09:19:26 Join BlueChip [0] (
09:30:17 Join matsl [0] (
09:47:05 Part BlueChip
10:17:48 Join LinusN [200] (
10:33:01 Join dwihno_ [20] (
10:33:02 Quit dwihno (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:38:00 Join dwihno [20] (
10:38:01 Quit dwihno_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
10:39:50dwihnoLinus: What is the max fully qualified filename length? :)
10:40:05dwihnoI mean, is 256 bytes enough?
11:02:51LinusNor MAX_PATH
11:06:42dwihnoWhat kind of magic limit is 260 bytes btw?
11:07:05dwihnoI'm doing some extensive testing on this network and the current roof is 254 :)
11:15:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:27:34LinusNask Microsoft about the limit
11:27:46LinusNit's 256 bytes plus some fluff
11:27:54 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|lunch (
11:35:44dwihnoFluff! :D
11:36:10dwihnoI bet you got the munchies for fluff :)
11:43:42 Join track [0] (
11:54:46trackhi webmind
11:58:33tracki said hi web mind
11:59:18webmindso did i ?
11:59:23webmindi said 'oi'
12:00:08webmindbut again: hi track
12:50:22 Quit track ("IceChat IRC client - Download it at")
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13:16:21 Part LinusN|lunch
14:22:23 Join siccodenotter [0] (
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15:47:42 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
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15:47:46 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
15:47:49 Quit track ("IceChat IRC client - Download it at")
15:49:04 Quit elinenbe (Client Quit)
16:10:05 Quit siccodenotter ()
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17:07:48 Quit Arnaud (Remote closed the connection)
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17:33:15 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
17:54:25 Join edx [0] (
18:06:01 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
18:29:37 Join quelsaruk [0] (jirc@
18:30:11quelsarukhardeep... i found out that the problem was not in the file...
18:30:37quelsarukis like red led death, but happens always i want to play a file, any file...
18:32:08 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
18:32:09hardeepquelsaruk: hmmm, that doesn't sound good
18:32:15quelsaruki know
18:32:28quelsarukalso.. it doesn't let me upgrade firmware on rom
18:32:47quelsarukwhich firmware did you compile? recorder's one?
18:32:55hardeepquelsaruk: yeah
18:34:38quelsarukthen.. i don't understand anything
18:34:54quelsaruki never had red led death bug...
18:35:17quelsarukok, i was using a firmware from july but...
18:35:25quelsarukthat bug is earlier...
18:36:42hardeepquelsaruk: grab the latest firmware from the rockbox page, just to verify that there aren't any problems with the one I gave you
18:39:15quelsaruki can't do that right now, but i'll try um.. let's see... will you be here tomorrow morning (Ingland hour)
18:41:55hardeepperhaps... but I don't need to be around for you to test it
18:44:32quelsarukhehe, i know...
18:44:51quelsarukit was just to ask some ideas in case that doesn't work
18:45:22quelsarukas seems that you are the only one around here now... Before, zagor was nearly always here... ;)
18:51:56quelsarukseems i "got alive" a bit late
18:52:18quelsaruk2.1 is going to be released...
18:56:59 Quit Hadaka (
18:59:00 Join Naked [0] (
18:59:11 Nick Naked is now known as Hadaka (
19:00:32 Quit edx ()
19:02:46 Join Zagor [0] (
19:03:23Zagorhi quelsaruk! long time no see.
19:03:52 Join edx [0] (
19:04:10Mode"#rockbox +o Zagor " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
19:04:22Mode"#rockbox +o logbot " by Zagor (
19:04:29Mode"#rockbox -o Zagor " by Zagor (
19:04:55Mode"#rockbox +o Zagor " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
19:04:57Topic"2.1 feature freeze" by Zagor (
19:09:30quelsarukhi zagor!!
19:09:32quelsaruki know
19:09:42quelsaruki've been without internet and computer
19:09:43Mode"#rockbox -o Zagor " by Zagor (
19:09:50quelsaruki've just sent a mait to the mail list
19:09:52Zagorsounds painful :)
19:09:55quelsaruki must go!
19:09:56Zagoryeah, i read it
19:10:09Zagorok, bye
19:10:11quelsarukwe'll talk another day, if you want
19:10:29quelsarukand answer my mail, pliz
19:10:36quelsarukalso i have some red led death bug
19:11:05 Quit quelsaruk (" always running low of time!!")
19:13:34 Join Dogger [0] (~jimmy@
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19:26:18 Quit edx (
19:26:18 Quit mecraw (
19:26:18 Quit methangas (
19:26:18 Quit BoBB (
19:26:18 Quit leapingfrog (
19:26:18 Quit Schnueff (
19:26:18 Quit uski (
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19:26:37NJoinMT [0] (
19:37:17trackhi dig
19:43:36Doggerhi all
19:43:44CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
19:43:44*Dogger has legal bills comming :(
19:43:48trackhi dog
19:57:32 Quit hardeep ("My damn controlling terminal disappeared!")
20:02:53ZagorDogger: seeking advice?
20:02:59 Quit track ("IceChat IRC client - Download it at")
20:07:10 Join friday101 [0] (
20:07:43friday101hello, I have a question and I have completely read the faq, I was hoping someone could help me?
20:07:58Zagorfriday101: shoot
20:08:06 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")
20:10:26friday101I try running the newer ajbrec.ajz, such as the daily build or the one in the flash pak for the recorder FM, and it just boots to the archos firmware, I completely repartitioned and formatted the drive, tried to put the flash pak's ajbrec.ajz and it still doesn't boot, whereas it does boot the v. 2 release (the newer ones as around 155kb whereas the older ones are ~195kb???)
20:10:50Zagorfriday101: do you run windows xp?
20:10:52friday101any ideas?
20:12:29friday101(just a suggestion...couldn't you guyz implement crossfading by loading the end of one track to memory along with the beginning of another and then splicing the frames that are outputed to the mp3decoder gradually from one file to another?)
20:12:33friday101yes I run winxp
20:12:58Zagorfriday101: we've tried splicing. it sounds horrible, unfortunately
20:14:17friday101so whats wrong with windowsxp, other than it being a microsoft product?
20:14:59Zagorit has a nasty habit of not flushing files to the disk, so they are not written completely. thus while it looks in windows like the files are there, the archos can't see them.
20:15:51friday101I have an idea...maybe servant salamander (a norton commander windows clone with it's own file kernel) would do the trick...any other suggestions?
20:16:51Zagorthat sounds like it's worth a shot. otherwise search the mail archive, there's been discussions about xp before. i don't run it myself so I don't have concrete suggestions.
20:18:22friday101has anyone been successful with any methods that you know of? by the way, why are the newer releases ~40kb shorter than the older ones, and any idea why some files are copied correctly and others aren't?
20:19:04Zagorfriday101: we've moved a lot of stuff out of the core and into loadable plugins, thus the core size decreased.
20:19:50 Join cjnr11 [0] (
20:20:24Zagorfriday101: did you see faq entry 66?
20:21:22friday101yeah, last night I asked the same question and completely went over luck...well we'll see in a minute if this method works
20:22:58friday101this is luck...hmmm, are you sure that the newer core can run on all of the jukebox recorder FM's?
20:23:21Zagorfriday101: yes
20:24:57 Join RedBreva [0] (
20:25:05friday101any specific string you'd suggest to search for under your site? btw, I am really impressed by the job you guyz (rockbox crew) did. If you had a paypal donation button I would have donated a long time ago...
20:25:19Zagorwe do :)
20:26:00friday101well, you do don't guyz need to put it further up so people can see it!
20:26:26 Join _aLF [0] (
20:27:55friday101do you have an idea of which string to search 4, for help with windows xp?
20:28:12 Join track [0] (
20:29:12Zagorfriday101: i'm not sure. i was mostly thinking about the faq #66 answers.
20:31:13trackWhat do you lot think of the ipod?
20:31:38Zagorsmall size, lousy firmware
20:32:00trackwell the ipod is officialy the most desirable and stylish MP3 device around that plays AAC and WAV as well as MP3
20:32:23trackwhy do u think the f/ware is lousy?
20:32:28Zagorright. all the monkeys want one.
20:32:33friday101any other ideas why if I copy the older 2.0 version ajz it loads, but if I delete it and copy the newer one it doesn't, even when I copy the old one back it loads again!
20:32:49trackare u calling me a monkey now?!
20:33:16Zagorfriday101: sounds very suspicious. have you tried grabbing a fresh copy from the site?
20:33:32Zagortrack: have you tried playing long files on your ipod? like audiobooks or >1hour mixes?
20:34:31trackI do not have an ipod Zagor
20:34:38trackim considering buying one
20:34:49Zagorhave fun
20:35:18trackok what happpens if you play long files on it?
20:35:24friday101I swear, I repartitioned, formatted, and straight away copied the ajbrec.ajz from the flash pak...weird...
20:35:48Zagornobody will tell you, because 90% of ipod owners appear to be apple groupies.
20:36:14tracki may get a Nomad instead
20:36:19Zagori've heard two versions. 1: it never spins down the disk. 2: it will pause the music when the buffer is empty, spin up the disk, fill up the buffer and then resume playback
20:36:33Zagorboth versions are really bad
20:36:34trackoh ok
20:36:50trackbut the buffer can hold up to 25 minutes
20:36:53 Quit uski ("Fermeture du client")
20:37:07Zagorso? i've got 4-hour mixes I want to play
20:37:19friday101does anyone know of a car mounting kit for the archos jukebox? I'm dying to set it up in my car but all there are out there are ipod kits!
20:37:33trackso doesn't the disk spin down once the buffer is replenished?
20:37:52Zagorfriday101: haven't seen one, i'm afraid. most people simply use standard cables
20:38:09Zagortrack: apparently it does, if you use short tracks.
20:38:41Zagorhowever this is not something ipod owners like to talk about, so it's not really documented anywhere
20:39:00trackI just want a device with a larger HD and the ability to play other codecs
20:39:19 Quit RedBreva ("Leaving")
20:39:26Zagortrack: larger hd? the ipod has a *smaller* hd than the archos.
20:39:37trackno it doesn't they make a 40 gigger
20:39:51Zagorright, and i have 80 gig. try fitting that in an ipod.
20:40:09tracki didn't think laptop drives were that large
20:40:14Zagorthey are
20:40:32trackoh ok
20:40:51trackand can the Archos/rockbox software take that gargantuan capacity?
20:41:08Zagorof course
20:42:19friday101does anyone know of a good generic car mounting kit that I can buy online and suits the archos well?
20:42:53trackwelli m worried about MP3 eventually being superceded by AAC, WMA or the like
20:43:12Zagorfriday101: do you want like a stand to put the archos in or just cables to connect it to the stereo?
20:43:19Zagortrack: not likely
20:43:23friday101a stand
20:43:39friday101does the ajbrec.ajz have to be all lower case or upper case or something for it to boot correctly?
20:43:43Zagorfriday101: ok. well i don't have a car myself so i haven't looked into that much, i'm afraid.
20:43:57Zagorfriday101: it shouldn't matter
20:44:03 Join RedBreva [0] (
20:45:57 Part RedBreva
20:46:28 Quit friday101 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:46:32 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
20:46:41 Join friday101 [0] (
20:47:00friday101damn electrical storm... shut down my comp :-(
20:49:53 Join RedBreva [0] (
20:51:16 Join RedBreva1 [0] (
20:51:40trackZagor a) where did you source your 80gig drive from and B) is it easy to change the HD in the archos?
20:51:54 Quit RedBreva1 (Client Quit)
20:52:30friday101zogor: is there a way completely flush any memory cache the archos might have in it that is stopping the newer mods from loading?
20:52:31Zagortrack: a) a local dealer b) yes
20:52:44trackoh ok
20:53:00trackbut how do you format it as FAT32 since XP only does NTFS for large HDs?
20:53:12Zagorfriday101: hmm, does your unit say "FM Recorder"?
20:53:26Zagortrack: i don't use xp. i use linux.
20:53:36trackoh ok
20:54:17tracki know you don't like me much, but i thought i ask u anyway :)
20:54:25friday101zagor: yes
20:55:01Zagortrack: my opinion is only formed by your actions. as long as you insist of acting like an asshole you will be one in my eyes.
20:55:22trackill behave myself from now on
20:55:59Zagorfriday101: you can reset the 44-byte RTC ram by disconnecting the battery but I really can't see how that would change anything.
20:56:25Zagortrack: you've said that many times now. but you've never kept your word.
20:56:37trackwell this time i mean it i promise
20:56:52trackand i never ever break promises
20:56:59Zagori hope so. because i'll ban you then next time you waste our time.
20:57:34friday101zagor: ok, now this is weird, I noted how archos can only read 10 letter of the filename, so I rename the newer ajbrec.ajz to ajbrec.ajz.old and inserted the older ajbrec.ajz that works, it still didn't load rockbox, but when I deleted the ajbrec.ajz.old (which is infact the newer rockbox compilation) then the ajbrec.ajz did load, any idea what this might be saying?
20:58:23Zagoryes, the archos firmware doesn't compare the entire filename. it will read the first file that starts with "ajbrec.ajz"...
20:58:39Zagori didn't think of that...
20:58:46Zagorit's quite annoying
20:58:54Zagorso now it works?
21:00:52friday101no, it doesn't, it still only works with a ~200kb april rockbox release, as if it literally has a problem loading the newer ajbrec.ajz
21:01:23Zagordid you try the norton tool?
21:02:57friday101yep, same thing...I'm trying a newer build right now... (which build is the one in the flash pak?)
21:03:53hardeepone other thing that might be worth trying is to startup the older rockbox that works and then trying to ROLO into the newer version, just to see if the firmware file itself is corrupt
21:04:11friday101maybe it is the extraction tool I'm using...I don't know, I'm gonna try a bunch of stuff, and when I find out (hopefully) ...GREAT IDEA hardeep!
21:04:19friday101great great idea
21:07:04friday101"ROLO error: Error reading fil"
21:07:24friday101could someone send me an updated ajbrec.ajz???
21:07:59friday101it might be that the zip extraction kernel is messed up...? maybe I'll try winrar...
21:09:42hardeepare you sure you're downloading the right version?
21:10:17friday101nope, when extracting the ajz with winrar and trying to load it with rockbox rolo it gives the same error...
21:10:28friday101I pretty darn sure I downloaded the right one...
21:10:53Zagorfriday101: are you grabbing this:
21:14:13friday101OK...I think I got it...give me a couple seconds...
21:14:41trackZagor ive noticed that very low VBR files doesn't always work with ID3 tags
21:15:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:15:21Zagorif you have an example file, file a bug report
21:15:35trackCBR files have no probs
21:21:10friday101OK EVERYBODY! problem iexplorer is messed up and it repositions the actual links for the files one link to the right if the window isn't maximized! But hey! I learned alot of new stuff about the archos :-) Hint, do not install all those toolbar helpers and stuff
21:22:06friday101not good...not good, after I saw the file name had FM in it I realized that I had the wrong zip download! HA!
21:24:06friday101Zagor: add to the faq if you can to double triple check that you have the right version of ajbrec.ajz downloaded...because that matches exactly what is described under #66
21:26:56friday101thanks alot for your help everyone
21:27:31Zagoryou're welcome. good you got it sorted out.
21:32:43trackZagor when you change the HD in the Archos, does it use the same IDE connector as a PC?
21:33:18Zagorno, it uses a 2.5" connector versus the standard pc 3.5". you can buy a converter cable for $5 or so.
21:33:32trackoh right
21:33:48trackIm amazed at how trouble-free my Archos has been
21:33:54trackeven when using the Archos firmware
21:39:50trackif only the device could play AAC then i would be as happy as hell :-)
21:41:02trackis that on a flashed device?
21:43:16 Join scott666 [0] (
21:43:41Zagorfriday101: hehe, nice isn't it?
21:44:16trackZagor I see no real benefit apart from faster boot up time
21:44:26Zagorthat's a benefit
21:44:40trackyea but only if you are really impatient
21:44:55Zagorwell, aren't we all? :)
21:45:00trackwell im not
21:45:07scott666i am
21:45:13trackand if I want to use the Archos firmware I can always rolo to Archos
21:45:49friday101I am not patient at all, and yes zagor, it is amazing...I can't believe archos has such crappy programmers!
21:46:09friday101what should I do with the backed up rom dump bins?
21:46:11trackFriday there are some good aspects about the archos firmware
21:46:21tracklike recording and playback
21:47:43friday101who thought of the idea to reflash the archos?
21:47:51trackprobably bjorn and co
21:48:08 Join quelsaruk [0] (~bibcentr1@
21:48:11quelsarukhi to all
21:48:24trackhello quels
21:48:35quelsarukhi ripper ;)
21:50:16friday101where are most of the programmers from? france?
21:51:26quelsaruksweden.. germany
21:52:53trackim from lonodn uk
21:55:24quelsarukas i was saying... i'm back, more or less
21:55:26friday101is there a difference in performance between the original archos usb interface and the rockbox interface (i assume not)?
21:55:36quelsarukso i could continue with the manual, if needed
21:56:08Zagorthat would be good
21:56:10quelsarukan now.. the bug
21:56:14Zagorfriday101: no, it's all in hardware
21:56:22quelsaruki had a really old rockbox version, from july
21:56:55quelsarukso i re-flashed my box (i had a beta version with rockbox in both safe and normal mode)
21:58:03quelsaruki used [IDC]-dragon new flash package, and afterwards i used 11-17 daily build .ucl to update the box
21:58:25quelsaruknow, when i try to play a file, it hangs
21:58:57quelsarukred led is on, no key works and after some few seconds... it reboots
21:59:16quelsaruki can play using archos 1.28 (using F1 boot mode)
21:59:27quelsarukso i know the problem is not on the files
21:59:44quelsaruki have to check still one thing
21:59:52quelsarukas you may remember my hd is broken...
22:00:22quelsarukbut archos firmware and rockbox can still run, if you try to play a file not in the broken zone.
22:01:50quelsaruki have to check if i could play a file in another hd
22:02:25quelsarukanyway... i tried to update the firmware again.. with a file sent by hardeep, and it says something like "not compatible model"
22:03:02quelsaruki suppose it's one of my beloved goats
22:03:02Zagoryou need to update the .rocks
22:03:11quelsarukthat could be
22:03:19Zagoroooh, i'd almost forgotten about the goats!
22:03:20quelsarukstupid of me
22:03:33quelsarukmy goats can't be forgotten
22:03:43quelsarukhere in Vila Real we have a lot of goats
22:07:39quelsarukZagor, any idea?
22:07:58quelsarukah!! and another thing
22:08:56quelsaruki updated my box because i've changed my batts, 2100 mAh, and now the batts are charged in 2.5 hours... of course, they last too few time
22:09:27Zagoryes, there seems to be an issue with the charger stopping too soon
22:11:14quelsarukthat's why i updated, to see if you have repaired that.. and also... because, even i i don't want to say this... archos firmware can charge them perfectly :/
22:11:55friday101where can you set the discharge battery feature?
22:12:13quelsarukin general settings, system
22:12:18quelsarukif i remember correctly
22:12:39quelsarukbtw Zagor, we have new sub-menus, no?
22:12:45quelsarukfor the manual
22:12:57 Quit track ("IceChat IRC client - Download it at")
22:13:05quelsarukand... are there some kind of text file for each plugin?
22:13:15Zagorno :)
22:13:33quelsarukpeople should learn to add a txt file when uploading a new feature patch
22:13:44quelsarukis it feasible to send a mail to the list requesting that??
22:14:00quelsarukto make easier the heavy duty of updating the manual
22:14:37Zagorwell the patch submission generally contains a description
22:15:15friday101when is the next complete version planned on being released?
22:15:47Zagorfriday101: next week
22:15:56quelsarukzagor, but let us suppose a game, i'd love a description like wormlet one...
22:16:10quelsaruklanghaarrocker made a great work with that :)
22:16:30Zagori know. feel free to send a mail requesting descriptions for each plugin.
22:16:33quelsarukor the peakometer... that is really explained :)
22:17:11quelsarukouch... i thought a Big Boss mail could make a better work, anyway.. i'll send then :)
22:19:17friday101are you guyz gonna fix the hebrew language problem before the next release? one day a long time ago suddenly it didn't display correctly's been under the bug list for a while
22:19:51Zagorfriday101: we haven't planned it, but i'll take a look
22:20:05quelsarukwhat happens with hebrew lang??
22:20:08 Join adi|ems [0] (
22:20:13quelsarukstrings in a wrong place?
22:20:35friday101the font loads but when you load the language file it displays characters which are not hebrew
22:24:15quelsarukzagor, message sent
22:24:58 Quit adi|ems (Client Quit)
22:25:11quelsarukah! i'd appretiate the last manual source :) I know Linus made a good job fixing some bugs in the format
22:25:17quelsarukif possible
22:25:38friday101ok, guyz, I have been looking for the battery discharge and trickle options for a long time and never have found them, could someone please direct me to them?
22:26:13Zagorfriday101: oh, sorry. they are not available on the fm, since the fm handles the charging completely in hardware.
22:26:47friday101please please put that in your battery faq, I have spent months looking for that! ha...
22:26:56Zagoroops... :-)
22:27:09friday101this sucks batteries are just about not charging anymore...
22:27:23friday101I guess I'll replace em :-)
22:29:27friday101once I've flashed my rockbox, I guess there is no reason to leave the flash edition as the second image right? there is nothing special about it right? I can just replace it with a newer build right?
22:29:58Zagorflash edition?
22:32:04friday101thats what it's called right? the version of rockbox that is flashed into memory when you first completely reflash the archos...
22:33:23Zagorwell, we just call it rockbox :)
22:35:17quelsaruktime to go
22:35:24quelsarukcu in another moment!
22:35:39quelsaruki'll try to repair my bug, praying the debugger gods!!
22:36:18 Join mct [0] (
22:38:17 Quit quelsaruk ("Odin, i pledge you my jukebox... save it from archos demonic hands...")
22:40:41friday101My jukebox is peeling it's color...anybody succeed in making it pretty again some how? any suggestions?
22:45:39Zagori've heard some people use clear nail polish to stop the peeling. i haven't had the problem though, so i haven't tried it.
22:51:57 Join PhantomDJP [0] (
22:52:32PhantomDJPI need help (and the best : in french if possible)
22:52:41friday101can the battery in the jukebox FM be replaced?
22:52:44PhantomDJPabout v2 recorders
22:53:24ZagorPhantomDJP: i don't speak french, but i know a bit about v2 recorders
22:54:31PhantomDJPfirst : how can I be sure if my Recorder is a v2
22:54:43PhantomDJP(the original firmware is a 1.28)
22:54:59Zagorif it looks like an fm recorder but doesn't actually have the words "FM" on the cover
22:55:12hardeepif original firmware is 1.28 then it's not a v2
22:55:33hardeepi think v2 comes with 1.40 or something like that
22:56:37PhantomDJPwhat are the two different boot flash on recorder ?
22:57:25 Quit friday101 ()
22:57:54Zagorthere are two different boot roms. the flasher needs to adapt to them.
22:59:05 Quit scott666 (
22:59:05 Quit hardeep (
22:59:05 Quit Hadaka (
22:59:05 Quit dwihno (
22:59:05 Quit dsg (
22:59:05 Quit ze (
22:59:09NJoinscott666 [0] (
22:59:25NJoinhardeep [0] (1098@
22:59:25NJoinHadaka [0] (
22:59:25NJoindwihno [20] (
22:59:25NJoinze [20] (
22:59:25NJoindsg [0] (
22:59:45PhantomDJPit is automatic now ?
23:00:33hardeepwhat is automatic now?
23:00:41PhantomDJPcoz I ve a M=BF D=D6
23:01:06PhantomDJPand I dont find how too flash it with rockbox
23:01:39hardeepflash documentation here:
23:01:39 Join track [0] (
23:02:01trackhey Hardeep how are you dude?
23:02:13PhantomDJPk I will try again
23:04:30hardeeptrack: good
23:04:58trackim seriously tempted to get an iPod
23:05:03PhantomDJPwhich .ucl will I use ?
23:05:43hardeepPhantomDJP: use the one provided in the flash zip file in that documentation... once you've complete the flashing, then you can use whatever version you want
23:06:07PhantomDJPevenwith my 1.28 recorder ?
23:06:30 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- The dawn of a new age")
23:08:28hardeepPhantomDJP: yes
23:08:40 Quit tof77 ("ChatZilla 0.8.31 [Mozilla rv:1.4/7]")
23:10:03PhantomDJPwhat is the difference betwen firmware_rec_norom.bin and firmware_rec.bin
23:10:08 Quit cjnr11 ()
23:11:41 Quit leapingfrog ()
23:12:23hardeepPhantomDJP: this is all explained in the documentation, please read it fully before you begin flashing
23:12:32PhantomDJPk ;)
23:15:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:15:57 Quit RedBreva (" Like's GUI? Then try HydraIRC -> <-")
23:21:35PhantomDJPflash and update OK :P
23:23:04PhantomDJPIn fact I was a bit scary since I'm the first who talk a probleme with 1.28, and few weeks ago Jörg tell me that a Working version was ready
23:23:21PhantomDJPbut I really don't want to destroy my recorder :D
23:23:35 Part PhantomDJP
23:43:43 Quit track ("IceChat IRC client - Download it at")
23:55:37 Join upiom [0] (

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