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#rockbox log for 2003-11-20

00:00:17upiomSomeone said clasohlson had them, but I can't find anything on their website about it.
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00:05:04Zagorupiom: any well-stocked computer store should have it
00:06:50upiomZagor: and it's called 2.5" to 3.5" converter or something like that?
00:09:16upiomahh great. Otherwise anyone living in linköping and have one home that I could borrow?:)
00:09:33Zagori don't :)
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00:30:52Zagorhey linus
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01:13:16LinusNZagor: the startup_io test code has been helpful on many occasions
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01:15:04LinusNZagor: i think the io_restore stuff in rolo can be removed, but i don't want to remove the saving of the startup_io
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01:15:15LinusNZagor: the startup_io test code has been helpful on many occasions
01:15:15LinusNZagor: i think the io_restore stuff in rolo can be removed, but i don't want to remove the saving of the startup_io
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01:15:43ZagorLinusN: why not?
01:16:07LinusNit is very handy when debugging the flash boot loader
01:16:28LinusNhelped me find the RAM timing bug recently
01:16:35Zagorsure, but that's no reason to ship it to everybody else
01:16:52LinusNthen we can remove the entire debug menu
01:17:07Zagorgood idea :)
01:23:21Zagorhardeep: why is shuffle state stored in the playlist control file?
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01:24:23hardeepZagor: to handle changing shuffle mode after insertions
01:24:59Zagorhmm? when is that done?
01:26:30LinusNthe drawback is that the disk spins up every time you change the shuffle mode
01:26:30hardeepif a user decides to change shuffle mode
01:26:30hardeepLinusN: yeah, although there are chances it would spin up anyways to handle mpeg thread reloading
01:28:18hardeepZagor: it's also handy for debugging... to see exactly what order the playlist was in when an error occurred
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01:29:05Zagorhardeep: the spinup annoys me. couldn't we just aswell keep it in rtc as before?
01:30:37hardeepZagor: the problem is that if we don't save it to disk, how do we know where the insertions go for resume?
01:31:30Zagorah, right
01:32:33hardeepwhat we could do is not flush playlist control data to disk until a disk access or something
01:32:39hardeepright now I flush it immediately
01:34:07LinusNsounds nice
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01:44:21Kontakt501hey all
01:44:22trackhi kintakt
01:44:29Kontakt501hey there track
01:44:34Kontakt501any new rockbox features out?
01:44:39tracknot that i know off
01:44:48Kontakt501or tricks
01:44:53Kontakt501or something i might have missed lol
01:46:49Kontakt501why dont daily builds come with some kind of textpads that let u know what was fixed or what was added
01:46:57Kontakt501cause to me they all seem the same
01:47:40LinusNKontakt501: because we developers haven't got enough time to do that
01:47:56LinusNand they do come with a CVS log
01:48:18Kontakt501ahh ok
01:48:24Kontakt501ill check that file out
01:48:33Kontakt501and i appreciate any work u developers do :)
01:48:41LinusNKontakt501: look under "source tarballs", there is a "Changelog" link
01:48:53LinusNon the daily builds web page
01:49:19trackkontakt its only worth downloading a bleeding edge when the firmware has been radically enhanced
01:49:20LinusNthere is no log in the daily build archive
01:49:26Kontakt501ahh ok i see it thanks
01:49:38Kontakt501ya i figured that track
01:49:43Kontakt501i got an idea
01:49:49Kontakt501what about a password lock
01:49:57Kontakt501would that be hard to implement
01:50:13trackplugging in the USB will always override it kontakt
01:50:32Kontakt501ya but lets say it gets stolen or something
01:50:40Kontakt501that would atleast keep them busy for a few hours lol
01:50:53trackyea but once the USB is plugged in then its overrridden
01:51:26Kontakt501ya but they would have to know that lol
01:52:23trackwell anyone who is brave or stupid enough to steal an MP3 player will already know it needs a USB connection to transfer songs
01:52:56Kontakt501ya but if they see a password lock
01:53:10Kontakt501would they even go thru the trouble of getting a usb connect
01:53:34trackpretty sure they might
01:53:44Kontakt501u would cause u know
01:53:52Kontakt501the average thief wouldnt
01:54:44trackwell taking out the batteries and re-inserting them would erase the clock and password thinginy
01:56:01tracknot only that plugging in the charger switches on the Archos also
01:56:20LinusNKontakt501: suppose they didn't find out how to get past the lock, what good would it do you? They will toss the player out of the car window, or just throw it away.
01:57:04tracklinus is right kontakt
02:00:48Kontakt501id rather them throw it away then fucking play my songs lol
02:01:09trackyes but then its your £300 investment lost
02:01:18Kontakt501its lost either way
02:01:25Kontakt501atleast this way the thief loses to
02:01:44trackWhat do you think LinusN?
02:02:05MTthis was a feature request many times, there may even be smth on the patch tracker
02:04:14LinusNi think it's a waste of precious developer time
02:04:49Kontakt501ya maybe
02:05:39Zagori'm off for bed. bye guys.
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02:05:47tracknite nite Zaggor
02:05:56Kontakt501whats feature freeze?
02:07:12LinusNit means that we will soon release 2.1
02:08:53tracki liked the bug report someone filed about dropping an FM recorder in the bat
02:09:26LinusNi don't
02:09:41trackwhy not?
02:10:19trackI don't have an FM recorder so it wasnt' me that filed it LinusN
02:10:27LinusNbecause it is a waste of time for us developers to reject and delete that crap
02:10:42LinusNand the bug database grows
02:10:53trackwell can't you remove them off the server?
02:11:07LinusNdamn i wish people could just stop bugging us with bogus reports and requests
02:11:35tracknever mind
02:11:38trackat least you are healthy
02:11:49LinusNpardon me?
02:12:03tracknever mind
02:12:39trackif it wasnt' for our requests we would all be using the Archos firmware :D
02:13:26LinusNtrack: you know what i'm talking about
02:13:38tracknot really
02:13:49LinusNare you drunk?
02:14:01trackwell had 3 pints tonight
02:14:12Kontakt501are u on the right track
02:15:06trackits only humour
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02:15:44LinusNtrack: maybe it's fun for you, but you only create lots of work for us who actually work on the firmware
02:16:01trackexcuse me?
02:16:16trackits not just me its everyone
02:16:34LinusNnot everyone, but i agree that you are not the only one
02:17:36tracklike who was the idiot that filed "Convert MP3 to polyphonic tones for mobiles" or "Support Atrac3"?
02:18:19Kontakt501well im off
02:18:25Kontakt501good luck on the developing guys
02:18:31Kontakt501hope it comes out well
02:18:45 Quit Kontakt501 ("[I was using Polaris 2002] Version:[1.0] Webpage:[]")
02:21:57trackhes a nice person
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02:52:59thedude02I need someone to talk to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02:53:09thedude02so if you're there please talk to me.
02:53:11LinusNfeeling sad?
02:53:20thedude02well, more like bored
02:53:44thedude02no one to talk to, nothing much to do...
02:53:44LinusNand then you went to the rockbox channel, for some developer tech talk?
02:54:11thedude02I just come here
02:54:19LinusNjust being sarcastic :-)
02:56:06thedude02someone has a big nose!
02:56:49thedude02I'll be going I guesss.
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06:14:04midknight2k3 hey
06:15:16 Join elinenbe [0] (
06:21:57elinenbehi there.
06:22:06elinenbemidknight2k3: how is your patch going?
06:22:26midknight2k3it's released
06:22:36elinenbeI think the options under F3 should be configurable to any menu or setting or plugin!
06:22:37midknight2k3had to make the icons myself
06:22:46elinenbeoh −− I'm sorry.
06:22:53midknight2k3yes.. i believe Linus is working on context sensitive menus
06:22:58midknight2k3not your fault
06:23:05midknight2k3im making another patch
06:23:09midknight2k3"new icons"
06:23:32midknight2k3changes "repeat all / one" "shuffle" adds an icon for chip8 files
06:23:35midknight2k3new music icon
06:23:42midknight2k3new folder icon maybe
06:23:47midknight2k3also support for .c and .h files
06:24:00midknight2k3reading code on the go :)
06:25:11elinenbes cool...
06:25:18elinenbeI think maybe it should be an option...
06:25:30elinenbeconfigure files with text viewer
06:25:36elinenbeand you can type in whatever you want
06:25:55elinenbetxt nfo c h rtf html
06:29:54midknight2k3i just thought to use viewer.rock to view them
06:29:58midknight2k3play the files
06:30:02midknight2k3gotta go though
06:30:08 Quit midknight2k3 ("Time to go now...")
06:42:42elinenbewooop! 2.1 on it's way!
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11:14:20LinusNdwihno: you are so outspoken and verbally skilled :-)
11:15:04webmindlol :)
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11:26:39dwihnoThank you! :)
11:35:03dwihnoI'm rather articulate :)
11:35:25dwihnoBody language is the best way to express emotions.
11:35:34dwihnoAnd today; I'm happy \o/
11:36:53webmindgood :)
11:43:43dwihnoLinusN: btw... those 260 bytes, do they include the zero termination?
11:44:12LinusNi think that's part of the "fluff"
11:45:43LinusNif i remember correctly, the path can be 256 characters
11:46:03LinusNplus the device letter and a 0 termination
11:46:21LinusNc:\ plus the \0 is 4 bytes
11:46:48LinusNthis only applies to windoze of course
11:49:20dwihnoI already worked around it using dynamic memory allocation
11:49:31dwihnoWhee, did it get fast! :D
11:51:05dwihnoMunched 1464 KB (as opposed to 76464 KB). \o/
12:01:42 Join track [0] (
12:05:45webmindoi track
12:06:18webmindquestion: could the recorder do full duplex encoding and decoding ?
12:19:37trackhello even
12:20:37trackI think Archos programmers have drastically improved
12:20:43trackSeen the new Gmini devices?
12:21:15LinusNnot in real life
12:21:31trackThey have an option "Play Entire Hard Disk" so you don't need to make a huge playlist if you want to shuffle the entire HD
12:22:28trackLinus why oh why can't the Archos play the whole HD without a huge playlist?
12:24:43trackLinus at the risk of answering my own question, is it because to cache the entire directory tree requires a huge amount of RAM?
12:27:24dwihnoDepends on how they cache it :)
12:27:26dwihnoThey can keep a disk cache
12:27:58trackdwihno what I mean to buffer the entire directory tree does it need a very large amount of RAM?
12:29:10dwihnotrack: Depends on what you think a large amount is :)
12:29:41trackok just say you have 200 folders each containing 10 songs
12:31:21dwihnoHow much memory does the gmini have?
12:31:37dwihnoA couple of hundred K's should be enough
12:32:00trackI think the Gmini has a 16Mb RAM because it can play WAV files
12:32:59webmindiriver is nice with its ogg support though :)
12:33:18LinusNtrack: we can play the entire hard disk without a playlist, but not with a good random function
12:34:13trackbut the only thing Im not sure about is buying extra downloads such as the recording mode and the FM tuner
12:34:18LinusNour way is efficient, consumes little memory, is resumable, and has a decent randomize
12:34:29trackok linusn
12:34:45trackyes you have to download the FM tuner if you want FM on the Gmini
12:35:07trackso maybe there is such a thing as a "software tuner after all" :D
12:35:31dwihnoLinusN: Hooray for efficiency! :D
12:35:46trackso why don't we hack this gmini plugin to work on the normal Archos?
12:37:00trackok ok linusN ill shut up
12:51:56 Quit track ("Leaving")
12:54:28 Part LinusN
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17:52:25Plugh_wow. the bot got ops
17:52:37 Part Plugh_
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17:57:04 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
18:03:58 Part Plugh
18:22:47elinenbehardeep: do you have privledges to add/remove members from the sourcefroge project.
18:23:07elinenbehardeep: I have CVS access, but I can not remove a patch after I have committed it.
18:27:48hardeepelinenbe: no, i don't have priviledges for that
18:41:54 Join uski [0] (~moo@
18:45:18elinenbeI will have to ask one of the majors
19:05:30 Join _aLF [0] (
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19:42:18 Quit RedBreva (" Like's GUI? Then try HydraIRC -> <-")
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20:12:14 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
20:12:26 Join RedBreva [0] (
20:13:20RedBrevaHi, irc virgin alert, please be gentle... I am after some advice
20:13:51RedBrevaAnyone any suggestions for appling Patches under Windows?
20:13:52[IDC]Dragonnewbee, you mean? What's up?
20:14:11[IDC]Dragonuse cygwin
20:16:01RedBrevaif I type "patch < Patchname" I get no such file or directory...
20:16:26[IDC]Dragondo you use cygwin?
20:16:47RedBrevaWhere should the diff file be in the dir structure?
20:17:42[IDC]Dragonabove error suggests you haven't typed this into a cygwin bash console
20:18:18RedBrevaI Have honest...
20:18:39RedBrevabash: f2screen.dif: No such filre or directory
20:18:40[IDC]Dragonit should respond "bash: patch: command not found"
20:19:12[IDC]Dragonif it does not find the patch command
20:19:31RedBrevaI think its the diff it can't find
20:19:47RedBrevaIt is in ~
20:20:07[IDC]Dragonplace it where you currently are, or name the path
20:20:34RedBrevait is, dir lists it
20:21:08RedBrevaI've not had a good PC day today, and this is doing my head in....Grrrrrrrrrr
20:21:40[IDC]Dragontry "cat f2screen.dif"
20:22:18RedBrevaagain, file not found.... !! :-(
20:22:34[IDC]Dragonthen it's not in your current directory.
20:22:40RedBrevaWhoops wrong window...!
20:23:19RedBrevabut if I type dir, it is listed along with apps, gdb etc
20:23:46groovingandiHi, are you sure you don't have a typo?
20:24:19 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Reserve your copy of BitchX-1.0c19 for the Atari 2600 today!")
20:24:25groovingandiTry "cat f2" and press [TAB] to autocomplete the filename
20:24:56RedBrevaBugger.... there is a space at the end of the extension!!!!
20:26:18RedBrevaThanks guys, [TAB} is one to remember.... :-)
20:27:46RedBrevaSecond question now I can actually run it.... What is the correct location in the Cygwin directory tree to place the .dif file to enable it to patch correctly?
20:28:18[IDC]Dragonlook into the patch file, to see the relative paths in there.
20:31:11RedBrevaI have it in cygwin\home\rockbox, it is after file icons.c (no path) but there are more than one of those in different dirs...
20:31:55RedBrevaI am sure it will seem obvious once I have it working, but it is very confusing at present.
20:31:58 Quit Guest (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:38:01 Join cjnr11 [0] (
20:40:02uski[IDC]Dragon: hi :)
20:40:27uskithe "alpine-enabled" player is an interesting thing :)
20:40:33[IDC]Dragonhi uski!
20:40:33uskitoo bad i don't have an alpine in my car
20:40:43[IDC]Dragonget one!
20:40:46uskidon't forget to send me a mail when you'll receive the player ;)
20:40:54[IDC]DragonI won't
20:40:55 Join leapingfrog [0] (
20:41:01uskiyea but new ones don't have the mbus
20:41:22[IDC]Dragonold oned are less expensive, I guess
20:41:32uskihmm :)
20:41:44uskii have to find a place where to buy one
20:41:55uskithe only thing you need is the serial mod ?
20:41:56[IDC]Dragonmine is ~13 years old
20:42:03uskioh ok
20:42:11[IDC]Dragonno, you don't need any mod.
20:42:39uskiyou mean that the changer does not have to send data back to the radio ?
20:42:48uskimore and more interesting :)
20:42:54[IDC]Dragonit does.
20:43:12[IDC]Dragonthe remote pin can be used bidirectional.
20:43:19uskihow ?
20:43:34uskii thought it was connected to the RX pin
20:43:46[IDC]Dragonby programming the direction register
20:43:46uskiyou set the pin as an output and you use a software UART to transmit
20:43:50uskithen you put it back to RX ?
20:43:52uskiok ;)
20:44:32 Quit RedBreva ("Leaving")
20:44:37[IDC]Dragonadmit, in addition to the direction you have to reprogram the usage
20:44:45[IDC]DragonGPIO ur RX
20:45:18[IDC]Dragonread the source if you like
20:46:05 Nick [IDC]Dragon is now known as [IDC]Dragon|food (
20:47:30 Part upiom ("Client exiting")
20:48:26 Quit leapingfrog ()
20:48:48cjnr11what "elf" is in sh-elf?
20:50:56Arnaudit's a binary format
20:51:20ArnaudExecutable and Linking Format
20:57:10 Join cipselia [0] (~Slammer@
20:57:17 Nick cipselia is now known as quelsaruk (~Slammer@
21:05:24 Nick [IDC]Dragon|food is now known as [IDC]Dragon (
21:05:52[IDC]Dragonquelsaruk, what's that story about goats?
21:08:40quelsarukit's a long story... maybe logbot could help us (if i can make him speak)
21:08:44quelsaruklogbot explain quelsaruk
21:09:17[IDC]Dragonlooks more like a very short story from logbot...
21:09:21quelsarukbtw, thanks for that mail, was a good job! and i've seen that someone was working on that unilink protocol :)
21:09:40quelsaruki always get some weird bugs with my jukebox
21:09:53groovingandiunilink - that's me
21:10:08quelsarukgroovingandi, really? Great!
21:10:24groovingandiit will take some time
21:10:27quelsaruki wanted to buy a new radio for the car, and thought of a sony one :)
21:10:42quelsarukdon't worry... i have to wait at least some months
21:10:46groovingandiI can't promise you anything
21:11:14groovingandiI'm happy that at least ICQ is working now, so perhaps this speeds up everything a little bit
21:11:20quelsaruk[IDC]Dragon, let's say i always get things working using my techno-priest skills... sacrificing goats to the debuggers' gods.
21:11:29quelsarukor using a hammert
21:11:29groovingandinot ICQ, IRC
21:12:21[IDC]DragonI would quickly run out of goats...
21:13:12quelsarukhehe.. i had a farm :)
21:14:28 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
21:14:31quelsarukgroovingandi, could i help in something? i don't think i'm a good help, but i'll try everything in my hand.. even lending you goats :)
21:14:59groovingandihehe, i'm not sure...
21:15:03quelsarukhardeep, your .ucl file worked finally, it was a bug in the daily build version.. or maybe one of my strange bugs :)
21:15:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:15:51groovingandiwe need a mikrocontroller which does the interface to unilink, but i've already found something working:
21:17:10groovingandihe has a ready working unilink - rs232 interface based on an atmel controller
21:17:41groovingandii'm testing the circuit at the moment, but no luck so far
21:19:03groovingandiit shouldn't be a big problem to connect it to the jukebox remote pin once it is working
21:20:49quelsaruki think i can ask to some people here, let's see if i have some luck :)
21:22:51quelsaruki have to go
21:22:52quelsarukcu later!!
21:23:09quelsarukif i find out, i'll tell you (not probable)
21:23:39 Quit quelsaruk ("Odin! I pledge you my jukebox, keep it away from archos hands!!")
21:23:57groovingandiidc-dragon: do you already have plans for a user interface for your "big" cd changer
21:24:53[IDC]DragonI gave up the idea of making the whole disk available.
21:25:08[IDC]Dragontoo difficult to operate
21:25:15groovingandido you plan to have virtual cds?
21:25:29[IDC]Dragoninstead, the current focus is to have 6 playlists
21:26:10groovingandiis it possible to display text on the alpine radios?
21:26:12[IDC]Dragonyou'd need to assemble them offline, with some plugin or so
21:26:18Hadakawhat's the recorder v2 build?
21:26:34[IDC]Dragongroovingandi: not with mine.
21:27:06[IDC]DragonI systematically went through all reasonable opcodes
21:27:45[IDC]DragonHadaka: read the mailing list, there is a thread
21:28:20groovingandiidc-dragon: i can display 10 chars on my sony
21:28:51[IDC]DragonI'd like to have that, too.
21:29:00groovingandiI was thinking about a up/down - enter directory/leave directory navigation like on the recorder models
21:29:12groovingandibut it's not practical i think
21:29:31[IDC]Dragonwith a display, it becomes more reasonable.
21:29:36groovingandiif you can see only one line, it's too distracting from driving
21:29:54groovingandibut it's great for displaying the song title and artist name
21:30:22[IDC]Dragondo you have 6 CD buttons, or just prev/next?
21:31:14groovingandii have 10 direct CD buttons and a prev/next on the unit and a next cd/prev cd and next/prev on the remote stick
21:31:34[IDC]Dragonwhoa, lots of buttons
21:31:47[IDC]Dragonthat's what I call distracting
21:32:11groovingandinot at all
21:32:57[IDC]DragonI've 6 buttons, was thinking about using them in up/down pairs for letter, artist, album
21:33:14[IDC]Dragonor whatever the directory structure is
21:33:17groovingandithe remote stick is next to the steering wheel and the next/prev function is done be rotating a small wheel in one or the other direction, if you press it at the same time, you'll get next cd/prev cd
21:33:25Hadakaah okay, found the thread
21:34:02groovingandibut it's difficult to navigate if you don't see where you are
21:34:08groovingandioh, i forgot talkbox
21:35:03[IDC]Dragonyes, that would be nice
21:35:21[IDC]Dragonbut who's gonna do all that talking? ;-)
21:36:53groovingandisince I still want to use my jukebox outside, it'll stay somewhere in the front, so I can still use the jukebox itself for navigation
21:37:57[IDC]Dragonthe you only need line-in
21:39:14groovingandithat's what I use at the moment (perhaps that's why the development is so slow)
21:39:39groovingandiI'm missing some basic functions like prev/next from the remote or to have the title in the display
21:40:01groovingandiand at the moment, I need a running cd changer to be able to use the line-in
21:40:35[IDC]Dragonthere is no PIC line-in emulator or such?
21:41:33groovingandiyes there is, for PIC and Atmel
21:41:54groovingandithat's why I thought it would not be a big problem to combine it with the jukebox
21:43:04[IDC]Dragonsource code avail?
21:43:26[IDC]Dragonhave you seen my Atmel talking RS232 and M-Bus?
21:43:46groovingandion your page, yes
21:44:09groovingandi has more or less the same for unilink
21:44:17[IDC]Dragonmaybe you can join my RS232 part with their unilink
21:44:31[IDC]DragonAh, good.
21:45:04groovingandiit already does rs232 (at least should do), but not for me yet
21:45:14[IDC]Dragondo you have the serial mod?
21:45:34groovingandino, I was thinking about it, but I need every connector of my jukebox
21:45:52[IDC]DragonI see.
21:46:21[IDC]DragonFriends of mine are working on VW changer emulation,
21:46:42[IDC]Dragonthey want to use the remote pin as half-duplex RS232.
21:46:47groovingandiI hope to get it working with the remote pin once, because I think more people will like to have a jukebox-unilink interface without harware od
21:46:51groovingandihardware mod
21:47:03[IDC]DragonWe already have a driver for that.
21:47:12groovingandireally, cool!
21:47:21[IDC]Dragonwhich does RS232 sending in software.
21:47:39 Join track [0] (
21:47:53[IDC]Dragonbut I needed M-Bus
21:48:03[IDC]Dragonand can go without controller
21:48:23 Quit track (Client Quit)
21:48:42[IDC]DragonI think we will check in that driver after 2.1 release
21:48:43groovingandiI hate it when every company wants to make its own stuff
21:49:10[IDC]Dragonthe newer Ai-Net is based on RS232, I heard.
21:49:33groovingandithere was a discussion about the bidirectional use of the remote pin in the mailing lists a few months ago
21:49:41 Join Elektrosound [0] (
21:50:06groovingandiI remember someone posted, that it's not the same on every jukebox model...
21:50:25groovingandisome different resistors or something like that
21:50:33[IDC]DragonFMs don't have it
21:50:55[IDC]Dragonwas that my post?
21:51:12groovingandiidc-dragon: no, I'll search...
21:51:20ElektrosoundHi grooving
21:52:35ElektrosoundDoes anyone here have a device with a Hitachi drive?
21:53:05groovingandiI had one, but have a fujitsu now
21:53:30ElektrosoundDid the Hitachi make clicking noises when spinning up/down?
21:54:51groovingandino, as far as I remember not, just the awkward sound when you remove the power while the drive is spinning
21:55:07Elektrosoundwell I think the Hitachi uses a very frail read/write head
21:55:36 Quit AciD ("")
21:56:30Elektrosoundhi AciD
21:57:22groovingandiidc-dragon: I didn't find it in the mail archives, but on the irc archive:
21:58:10groovingandicalpefrosch has a 1kOhm pullup on his remote pin, Andreas Zwirtes has not (both normal recorders)
21:58:27[IDC]DragonI have 1K
21:58:40groovingandiNow I remember: they tried to get power for a remote control out of the remote pin
21:59:17[IDC]DragonI use that for the IR receiver circuit as well.
21:59:33[IDC]Dragonbarely enough
21:59:50groovingandibut it's always shorted to ground when you use normal headphones?
22:00:01[IDC]Dragonyes, 3mA wasted.
22:00:56[IDC]DragonThe cable remote from Archos still has a battery.
22:01:16groovingandiok, but it doesn't affect bidirectional communication
22:05:07Elektrosoundis the remote worth getting?
22:06:33groovingandii don't have one, but I think you won't be able to buy it seperately
22:06:54Elektrosoundi think its available from the website
22:07:08[IDC]Dragonit comes with a "car kit"
22:07:32[IDC]Dragon12V charger and cassette adapter
22:08:25groovingandifor 50EUR !
22:09:23groovingandino, I just looked at the homepage; it's available
22:09:34groovingandistill 20 EUR
22:18:21ElektrosoundIf the iPods are overpriced and overhyped, why does everyone buy them?
22:23:52groovingandithey are small and the user interface is said to be great. I've never seen one myself...
22:25:26Elektrosoundwell I held one
22:25:31Elektrosoundthey feel nice in the hand
22:28:34groovingandiI like their design, but I think they won't survive one drop on the floor
22:28:50groovingandimy archos does!
22:29:03Elektrosoundwell only the Archos has rubbery bits
22:29:26groovingandiyes, ugly but useful
22:29:53Elektrosoundnot really
22:29:58Elektrosoundthey suit the Archos
22:30:10[IDC]DragonAnybody using today's build? The battery and plug icon are gone on mine!
22:31:44 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- Chicks dig it")
22:31:52groovingandiwait a minute, they'll appear soon
22:32:17[IDC]Dragonyes, after a while, but only if plugged.
22:32:26[IDC]Dragonis that intentional?
22:33:06groovingandithe battery icon is not there if unplugged?
22:33:55[IDC]Dragonno, it disappears.
22:34:35groovingandiperhaps that's the announced fix for the wrong battery indicator :-)
22:36:37[IDC]Dragonhmm, not quite
22:38:00[IDC]Dragonwhen charging, the battery symbol is still animated instead of showing charge level, and the plug icon is steady instead of flashing to indicate charging.
22:38:37Elektrosoundi havent updated my firmware for some time
22:39:10[IDC]DragonI wanted to put a new flash release together, but not with this
22:44:22groovingandicvs changes from today: don't show battery meter until a proper power reading has been done (zagor)
22:48:08[IDC]DragonOn batteries, it looks like I never get there.
22:50:41[IDC]Dragonwhoa, long change log for today. I'd better wait for this to settle ;-)
22:53:00[IDC]DragonNow my battery symbol came, that took long!
22:53:35uskiwhy is it impossible to read the battery level at powerup ?
22:53:48uskihow do you measure the battery level ?
22:54:14uskiyou calculate the time it will probably take to go to 1V/cell ?
22:55:22groovingandithe harddisk draws much power and the batteries need some time to recover
22:56:25groovingandiIn normal use, the voltage goes down during harddisk access, but it is filtered out, but after startup, we only have the wrong values
22:56:54uskiyea i understand
22:57:05uskibut i never thought the batteries would be that affected
23:09:19 Join leapingfrog [0] (
23:09:33 Part leapingfrog
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23:31:41 Quit friday101 (Client Quit)
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23:41:54 Join AciD [0] (
23:48:13 Quit tof77 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:52:46 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()

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