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#rockbox log for 2003-11-25

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00:20:55tracktheripperHi LinusN
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00:47:42Kontakt501hey all
00:48:26Kontakt501any1 here
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01:01:03Kontakt501hey track
01:01:16Kontakt501damn i got a problem with my archos
01:01:36Kontakt501all of a sudden my display isnt working
01:01:40Kontakt501i cant see nothing
01:01:49Kontakt501but the green light
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01:05:14LinusNKontakt501: recorder?
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01:45:27Kontakt501yes linus
01:45:43Kontakt501damn hes gone
01:45:55Kontakt501[7:00pm] <Kontakt501> damn i got a problem with my archos
01:45:55Kontakt501[7:00pm] <Kontakt501> all of a sudden my display isnt working
01:45:55Kontakt501[7:00pm] <Kontakt501> i cant see nothing
01:45:55DBUGSent KICK Kontakt501 to server
01:45:55Kontakt501[7:00pm] <Kontakt501> but the green light
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03:20:40yeftoh bonjour!!!
03:22:55Arnaudoh bravo
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03:31:09midknight2k3yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sssssssshhhhhhhhuttttttttttttttttttuuppppp
03:31:30elinenbestop yelling. my ears hurt.
03:31:39midknight2k3hey elinenbe
03:31:52Arnaudleper messiah.
03:35:43yefthave you every heard of Rhapsody
03:36:26midknight2k3i think so
03:37:07Arnaudhope so.
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03:45:17yeftgot carried away in an IM
03:45:23yeftok so rhapsody
03:45:46yeftits the most amazing music service ever...if only you could keep the songs on your comp but thats ridiculous
03:45:58yefti got this 7day free trial w/ my cable modem
03:46:01yefti'm in love
03:46:10yeftany freaking song you want...instantly
03:46:16midknight2k3well yah but
03:46:20midknight2k3try emusic
03:46:23midknight2k3at least you can KEEP the music
03:46:27yeftyou like chicago? listen to a chicago radio station
03:46:29midknight2k3and pop it on your ajbrec
03:46:53yeftyeah but this is more like streaming...
03:46:54yeftno dling
03:47:03midknight2k3oh well
03:47:42yeftok at emusic my first 2 favorite bands shows...
03:48:00midknight2k3oh well
03:48:02yeftat rhapsody...theres 4 albums for each
03:48:08yeftthe thing is amazing
03:48:15yeftlike absolutely freakin amazing
03:50:24*midknight2k3 runs away to hide
03:50:31yefti leave with these wordss
03:50:31yeftYou need to watch what you choose, what you give is what you get
03:50:31midknight2k3and vows to never download it
03:50:31yeftSome are lacking intellect in their quest for a check
03:50:31DBUGSent KICK yeft to server
03:50:31yeftIs it love or respect, does the subject get you vexed?
03:50:31yeftOnly 4 bars to wreck, the situation is complex
03:50:32Kick(#rockbox yeft :No flooding!) by logbot!
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04:03:32midknight2k3what'd i miss
04:04:03zemy new background!
04:04:15*midknight2k3 raises one eybrow
04:08:23midknight2k3how you made it?
04:08:29midknight2k3looks cheap
04:09:19midknight2k3like Filter-Render-Difference Clouds in Photoshop
04:09:27midknight2k3then Save As and Upload
04:09:28zenot even
04:09:31midknight2k3ok tell me
04:09:46zelook at the page
04:09:58midknight2k3its already shut
04:09:59midknight2k3tell me
04:10:03midknight2k3what program
04:10:23zeif you don't look at it you can't appreciate it
04:10:35midknight2k3i looked
04:10:37midknight2k3and i closed
04:10:42zethe small view there sucks too
04:10:46zeyou gotta look at the detail
04:10:49midknight2k3small view?
04:10:58zeyes, the 1024x768 image is the "preview"
04:11:02zethe full-size is 1600x1200
04:12:02zeand no photoshop plugin can do something with that depth and rich detail
04:12:05midknight2k3what progrry
04:12:19zeit says!
04:12:24zeit even gives the source code
04:12:46midknight2k3 this is the same thing as scattered lightflow,
04:12:47midknight2k3but with a different turbulence setting and a closer camera
04:12:47midknight2k3i like this one better, it's much fuller
04:12:47DBUGSent KICK midknight2k3 to server
04:12:47midknight2k3download is 1600x1200 (and nicer detail than the 1024x768 view of course)
04:12:47midknight2k3rendering time: 15 hours 43 minutes 29 seconds
04:12:47Kick(#rockbox midknight2k3 :No flooding!) by logbot!
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04:12:58midknight2k3i see nothing about the program
04:13:03zekeep looking
04:13:28zewhat does?
04:13:29midknight2k3want to see my 3d torch
04:14:10midknight2k3its good
04:14:29zethats such crappy flame
04:14:32*midknight2k3 flips off ze
04:14:36zeand honestly
04:14:37midknight2k3oh let me take a look
04:14:40zeit's not only not casting light
04:14:43zebut it's casting a shadow?!
04:14:57midknight2k3let me look
04:15:00zedid you even look at that or just create it and start sending it
04:15:10midknight2k3let me look again
04:15:50midknight2k3ITS GOOD
04:16:05midknight2k3(did you forget the fact that im 13, or did it slip your mind lol)
04:16:13*midknight2k3 ahems
04:16:21zethe lighting/color and texture of the room's not bad
04:16:34midknight2k3uh oh
04:16:40midknight2k3theres a shadow of a ball on the wall
04:16:44midknight2k3a nonexistant ball
04:16:56midknight2k3its cause the fire was a ball
04:16:59midknight2k3and.. yeah
04:17:09zei've got an image with a reflection of a non-existant hand
04:17:13midknight2k3lets say its the "camera shadow"
04:17:16midknight2k3thats different
04:17:22midknight2k3this is error.. thats the point of the photo
04:18:38midknight2k3did you see the core
04:19:10zethats very very work-in-progress
04:19:44midknight2k3AKA if you dont like it its not done.. if you do like it consider it complete
04:20:03zeno, it's far from complete
04:20:11midknight2k3its neat
04:20:15midknight2k3but i like my torch
04:20:22zei'm gonna replace the hand with a more realistic one
04:20:31zefix it up for realism
04:20:38midknight2k3what hand
04:20:38zecomposite it with a photograph
04:20:40zeand stuff
04:20:43zethe hand that's in the reflection
04:20:47zebbl, dinner
04:20:50midknight2k3thats not a hand
04:20:55midknight2k3thats a few lines
04:21:10zeit is, it's sitting in the palm of a hand and the finger's are pointing toward the camera and that's the reflection of them
04:21:28midknight2k3you suck
04:21:30midknight2k3its not a hand
04:21:33zebut my dinner's getting cold, bbl
04:58:27 Quit midknight2k3 ()
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05:42:27diddystar5hi thu
05:42:52diddystar5the playlist viewer better get in 2.1
05:43:02diddystar5hey dogger
05:43:05diddystar5any news on avos?
05:43:12Doggeram working on it
05:43:18Doggeralmost have hello world prog
05:43:26Doggeram making private development site
05:43:32Doggerso we can all develop on it
05:43:46diddystar5when you get it, will you email it to me?
05:44:02diddystar5im not good at java, but i know some c
05:44:20Doggeravos - replacement O/S for jbmm, av1xx, av3xx
05:45:18thuare the archos guys insane?
05:45:34diddystar5they want to shut down avos
05:45:44thurockbox >> firmware for older jb => reason to buy an archos
05:45:45thufor free too
05:45:53thuwhy in the world would they do that?
05:46:01Doggerthey are french,
05:46:05Doggerthey are arogant
05:46:09Doggerthey are stupid
05:46:13diddystar5because there stuiped.....
05:46:19Doggerthey want to sell firmware for the gmini
05:46:30Dogger'plugins' pah
05:46:38Doggeryeah its their latest mp3 player
05:46:43Doggerthey sell you the hardware,
05:46:51Doggerthen CHARGE you for firmware addons
05:46:59Doggerthat make it so you can USE the hardware
05:47:03diddystar5reminds me of ti they want you to pay for all the apps you put on the calcs
05:47:10thuthought they were a hw manufacturer
05:47:13Doggerits a big con
05:47:19Doggeryeah they should be
05:47:28Doggerthe firmware they write is diabolical
05:47:29 Join diddystar5_ [0] (
05:47:34 Part diddystar5_
05:47:35Doggerit is written by 2 germans
05:47:36thuthe previous firmware kinda suxx0rs
05:47:40thunot sure about newer models
05:51:16*thu finished signing the petition
05:52:08DoggerI put my email on it wrong
05:52:13DoggerI put
05:52:20Doggerfor some reason only works
05:52:22Doggerdamn yahoo
05:52:26thuI'd expect them to give out the specs, at least under a NDA
05:52:36thua great firmware helps a lot
05:52:50Doggerthey wanted me to sign an nda,
05:53:00Doggerjust so they could explain why they dont want me to carry on
05:53:09thudid they offer anything in return?
05:53:28Doggerthey have never offered anything
05:53:32thumaybe they intend to sell off / discontinue the line or something
05:53:41thuwhy not sign?
05:53:47DoggerI may do,
05:53:54Doggerbut I dont think it will lead anywhere
05:53:55thuit's not like you lose anything
05:54:12DoggerI have been speaking to the ceo, founder and owner for a month or 2
05:54:20Doggerhe really doesnt seem to see sense
05:54:31thuthey may intend to do a really good (better firmware, yeah right) or really bad (kill the line) thing
05:54:35Doggermight loose something...
05:55:04thubleh stupid frenchmen
05:55:10Doggerthey will probably improve the firmware on the next product, and the only way they can sell it, is if the firmware stays rubbish for the current products
05:55:27Doggeryeah... I really hope france starts nuclear testing again
05:55:30Doggeron itself
05:55:42Doggermost hated nations in the world:
05:55:46Dogger1. America - obviously
05:55:49Dogger2. France
05:55:49thuthey should really stick at improving the hardware
05:55:56thu(by america, obviously)
05:57:20thugood marketing scheme (imho) −− 1. make good and cheap hardware 2. release specs to open source comunity 3. support open source firmware 4. profit
05:58:08thuDogger: is releasing alternate firmware under the DMCA in any way?
05:58:17thuor any other circumvention-protection law?
05:58:50diddystar5i have to go
05:58:57diddystar5see you guys later
05:58:57thurephrase.. how much are you actually reverse engineering?
05:59:03thusee ya diddystar5
05:59:13 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
06:01:36DoggerI believe what I am doing is completely legal under the dmca,
06:01:42Doggerbut then I am from the UK,
06:01:48Doggerand Archos is french
06:09:05thuheh, no dmca then
06:09:16thudon't know that much about french or uk law
06:09:28Doggerits perfectly legal to write software for some hardware
06:09:33Doggerthey do not have any basis
06:09:50Doggerthey cant have a monopoly on writing software for their hardware
06:09:51thuI guess you can only get in trouble if you reverse engineer any 'protection' they may have
06:10:03Doggerthats interesting
06:10:10Doggerthey encrypt and compress their firmware
06:10:14DoggerI cracked it
06:10:31Doggerso releasing my packer/unpacker may be questionable under dmca
06:10:37*thu nods
06:10:53Doggerbut I have been advised that it would most likely be acceptable to
06:11:21Doggerdmca doesnt let you release tools to circumvent copy protection
06:11:28Doggerbut archos gives away its firmware
06:11:45Doggerthe only thing you could copy is their firmware
06:11:49Doggerwhich is free anyway
06:11:57Doggersure its protected by copyright,
06:12:01Doggerbut thats a different thing
06:12:25Doggerdmca is a completely stupid perverse law though
06:12:26*thu shrugs
06:12:51Doggera bunch of bribed lawyers, a bunch of greedy corporations got together,
06:13:02Doggerand made a scam to con the public out of their rights
06:13:10Doggerand to give corporations even more control
06:13:23Doggerthey called it the dmca
06:49:52 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")
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07:43:49gangaleewhat's the correct voltage? 5,6, or 9 for the Jukebox FM Recorder power adapter?
07:44:08dwihnogood question indeed
07:46:47thulemme look
07:47:18thu6V, + in the middle
07:47:27thu700 mA too
07:53:38gangaleethx, there was some confusion, I'd seen about 3 different recommendations on sites
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09:12:35webmindhas anyone tried this player?:
09:18:16***No seen item changed, no save performed.
09:25:40dwihnolooks nice
09:26:14webmindand dockingstation with ethernet and rca connectors
09:28:37 Quit thu ("brb")
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09:49:38dwihnoI don't like synch software
09:49:41dwihnoSo bad so bad!
10:00:35webmindbut that seems fixable.. since it uses java software
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15:56:03 Join quelsaruk [0] (~mustafadj@
15:56:27quelsarukhas anyone seen ozric01??
16:01:36 Join baz_ [0] (
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16:03:50 Join Nomad [0] (nomad@2001:730:11:17c:0:0:0:1)
16:04:19Nomadanyone have a drive from a jukebox they've upgraded? 10Gig or +?
16:04:54Nomadmine seems to have died and won't spin up
16:07:17Nomadanyone know the max capacity a jukebox will actively read? 60Gig safe?
16:08:20webmind60gb has been done
16:08:24webmindi have a 40gb in it
16:08:44NomadI'll likely end up with a 20-30 but if I get a good deal on bigger I don't wanna waste my money
16:08:46webmindthe 60gb takes more power though
16:09:02*webmind fills up his 40 easily
16:09:10webmindbut mainly no music
16:10:03quelsaruki have a 30GB
16:10:13Nomad10Gigs just barely holds my music but I've had to trim the music to fit
16:10:23Nomadsince mine seems to have died I might as well get a bigger drive
16:10:27quelsarukand... i need a 60GB at least
16:11:00quelsaruktoo many songs :)
16:11:16Nomadno, just a wide variety
16:11:25*webmind gonna buy a 300gb for data
16:11:51quelsarukhehe, webmind.. you have i-net connection... that's why you need a 300GB HD
16:12:28quelsaruki have enough right now with my 120GB HD, but in Spain i have 200 and run out of spafe easely :)
16:13:41Nomadbid on a 60, crossing finger
16:21:41quelsaruki hate hp drivers page
16:26:22 Quit DJBaz (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:26:44quelsarukLinusN, i invoke you! needing your help here on Earth :)
16:28:50quelsarukbtw, has anyone seen bagder??
16:29:00quelsaruklogbot seen bagder
16:52:08 Quit quelsaruk ()
17:02:51elinenbeNomad: there are a bunch of people with 80 giggers in their jukebox.
17:03:02elinenbeNomad: I personally have a 60gb and it is GREAT!
17:09:25 Join DJBaz [0] (
17:17:50 Join methangas [0] (
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18:27:55Nomadput an order on ebay for a 60Gig, should know in 12hrs
18:28:08Nomadhopefully it'll take vibrations better than the one I have
18:36:35 Join AciD` [0] (
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19:34:09uskii have a question
19:34:19uskii am making a small project which uses some graphic display
19:34:30uskiis it possible to use the rockbox 5*8 font for it ?
19:42:16 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
19:46:07 Quit AciD` (Operation timed out)
19:46:28 Join AciD` [0] (
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20:02:17tracktheripperhi arnaud
20:03:52 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- Chicks dig it")
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20:06:35 Quit methangas (Client Quit)
20:09:13 Join tof77 [0] (
20:12:20 Join methangas [0] (
20:13:36uskiwhere can i contact the author of rockbox's fonts ?
20:14:37 Quit tracktheripper ("Leaving")
20:31:33 Join Guest75620 [0] (
20:31:39Guest75620hi guys
20:31:47Guest75620I have a problem with the latest build of rocbox
20:32:04Guest75620When I start it (i flashed the latest UCL for the V2 recorder) the USB screen appera
20:32:05Guest75620why ?
20:32:23Guest75620Obviously the usb is not connected
20:32:25uskibecause rockbox for V2 is not read, yet
20:32:34Guest75620it is
20:32:37Guest75620I already flashed it
20:32:39uskino, it is not...
20:32:45Guest75620I used it with ucl
20:32:55uskiah yea hmmm
20:32:59Guest75620now in the download secrtion there is a specific download for v2
20:33:20uskiyes i remember
20:33:26Guest75620can anyone help me ?
20:33:40uskii think there is a problem with the init code that does not work with v2
20:33:47ozric01hi! read the latest thread in the mailinglist
20:34:01Guest75620I don't have mailing list, can you sum up for mr ?
20:34:04Guest75620for me ?
20:34:44ozric01something basic/init seems to be lacking or bugging for Rockbox to run
20:34:44ozric01fine on the v2. The amount of developers with a v2 and some clues to debug
20:34:44ozric01this is: 0 (zero), with only very slim chances to change... A
20:34:45uskithere is a mailling list archive on the website
20:35:03Guest75620so ?
20:35:20uskiso you have to wait & hope
20:35:30Guest75620but now how can I resolve the problem ?
20:35:36uskiyou cannot
20:35:52ozric01daniel asked archos for support :)
20:35:53uskiyou might also write a letter to archos
20:35:58uskiasking them to help rockbox
20:36:08uskiyea, good initiative
20:36:17Guest75620no now I cannot start rockbox
20:36:27Guest75620how can I use the old bios ? I don't remeber
20:36:42uskipress F1 while booting
20:38:03Guest75620yes ok but how can I use rockbox on it now ?
20:38:21uskitry putting a .ajz file but im not sure it will work
20:38:24 Join cjnr112 [0] (
20:38:36uskifirst, flash your archos back to the original firmware
20:38:37Guest75620holding F1 doesn't start rockbox
20:38:46uskiput a .ajz file on the root for this.
20:39:10Guest75620I will try to use a working ajz
20:41:23Guest75620from which version it had problems with v2 ?
20:42:46Guest75620it doesn't work !!!
20:43:14ozric01older versions don't work at all
20:44:21ozric01quote: We've only made daily-builds for the v2 for a week or so, during which time
20:44:21ozric01we've not experienced much with anything. Thus, I don't think you'll be able
20:44:21ozric01to find a build that works 100% on your v2! :-O
20:45:13Guest75620yes but now I cannot access to rockbox , only the usb works
20:47:34ozric01check the mailing list at maybe tomorrow there'ssome news
20:49:09Guest75620now I had it working with an alder (2.0) version
20:49:38Guest75620I will try with the 20/11 daily release
20:49:48Guest75620It's a damned BAD thing rhis one !
20:50:46uskii think we should tell [IDC]Dragon to add something that prevent users from flashing a V2 recorder..
20:51:07 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
20:51:19ozric01you're right!
20:51:26Guest75620i agree
20:51:38uskilemme drop him a mail
20:52:14ozric01but it doesn't work with rolo as well!?
20:53:04hardeepflashing rockbox on v2 is disabled... at least in latest code
20:53:55Guest75620is there anyone who have an old ucl for v2 ?
20:56:47 Quit cjnr11 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:57:52uskiadvice: flash back your archos to the original firmware image.
20:58:17Guest75620Now I have 2.0 onboard
20:58:20Guest75620it works
20:58:48uskiyou shouldn't flash rockbox on a v2 recorder. it is not mature i think
20:59:00 Nick cjnr112 is now known as cjnr11 (
21:02:14 Join edx [0] (
21:07:25 Join fidor [0] (
21:07:41fidorhello to everyone
21:09:25fidorI'm looking for someone that has A. FM recorder
21:10:14Guest75620Ok I put on the FlashRock edition
21:10:15Guest75620It works fine
21:10:23Guest75620now I will try with some ajz
21:11:12Guest75620which one have precedence: the flashed one or the ajz file ?
21:11:16Guest75620i mean on startup
21:12:45Guest75620can anyone answer ?
21:13:02ozric01the flashed one
21:13:38Guest75620ok thanx
21:15:07Guest75620It says File size mismatch using the 11/25 build...
21:16:02Guest75620I tryed to play the 11/25/2003 ajz
21:16:28ozric01be patient, till a new version is out...
21:18:24Guest75620A question: can I use simple rockbox ajz (non-V2) builds with my V2 ?
21:18:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:19:57Guest75620so the only thing is waiting for a new V2 Version ?
21:20:04uskiand emailling archos
21:20:07uskiphoning them
21:20:13fidorwhy archos no longer sells RM recorders anyone knows ?
21:20:24uskiRM ?
21:20:38Guest75620why mailing to archos ?
21:21:59fidorthose with FM tuner
21:22:54Guest75620Archos sued the ROCAVOS project, do you know that ? I suppose no one will answer you at Archos !
21:22:57uskiGuest75620: to make them helping rockbox
21:23:05uskiyea, we know
21:23:11uskibut i think i know why
21:23:20Guest75620they probably not sue rockbox because it's "old"
21:23:22uskithey planned to... SELL addons for their AV thingies
21:23:23Guest75620i suppose
21:23:28Guest75620I mean recorders are old
21:23:33uskiad this free firmware was very annoying for their plan
21:23:38Guest75620Sell software ?
21:23:41uskiand they cannot sell addons
21:23:43uskiyes, exactly
21:23:45uskigo to their site
21:23:48uskiyou can buy plugins :)
21:23:53Guest75620Really ?
21:23:56uskiyea lol
21:23:57fidorwhat is rocavos project ?
21:24:08uskifidor: same as rockbox but for AV recorders
21:24:20fidorany link - google finds nothing
21:24:21Guest75620It's a project to make software fo the new AV models
21:24:31fidormaybe gmini 120 too ?
21:24:38Guest75620and sign !
21:24:56Guest75620where can I find plugins for archis ?
21:25:01Guest75620AV ?
21:25:09Guest75620Oh I found them !
21:25:27Guest75620But thei are only for Gmini
21:25:48uskiyea but they might also start making plugins for the AV models..;
21:25:53uskiwho knows their diabolic plans ;)
21:27:24Guest75620I am reading the mailing list now
21:27:51uskiheh i spent hours reading the archives
21:27:56uskiit is extremely interesting
21:28:16uskii love the first mails "ooo fantastic we can display something on the LCD"
21:28:49Guest75620I can be a tester with the v2
21:29:01uskido not hesitate
21:29:07uskisubscribe to the mailling list
21:29:12uskiand let everyone know this
21:29:19Guest75620I had to make some hardware mods
21:29:20fidorit's a pity that rockbox wont support gmini 120 :(
21:29:24Guest75620I suppose
21:29:32uskifidor it is not the same thing at all
21:29:41uskiit is like you are asking windows for macintosh
21:29:57uski(i do not compare rockbox to windows ;))
21:30:08uski(don't start a huge toll lolà)
21:30:14fidorits onother chip non backward compatible ?
21:30:18Guest75620where can I find the plans to flash the chip onboard ?
21:30:20fidorits another chip non backward compatible ?
21:30:34uskiGuest75620: you must make the UART boot mod
21:31:01Guest75620where can I find plans ?
21:31:01Guest75620to build uart ?
21:31:03uskitake photos of the internals of uour V2 recorder
21:31:16uskiheh i am not sure at all anyone knows for v2 recs how to make it
21:31:20Guest75620I can do it, tell me the page with the modifications
21:31:27uskithe mods are for V1
21:31:31uskinot sure if it is the same for V2
21:31:39Guest75620show me the page
21:31:40uskifirst: open ur V2 and take pictures of it
21:31:41fidoruski: I wanted to buy FM record - it has everything that I want: 20GB HD , FM tuner but reviews about it were critical to say at least
21:31:42uskiok wait
21:32:03Guest75620thank you
21:32:52uskithis is the general page
21:32:56uskiwait for the uart boot
21:33:11Guest75620I cannot find it
21:34:17uskiit's on [IDC]Dragon's website
21:35:05uskigot it ! :)
21:35:25Guest75620I will look, unmount my archos v2, take pictures for now
21:35:26uskii can confirm the mod works for a jukebox 6000 but i don't know for a V2 rec.
21:35:59Guest75620I am really busy those days. I will put them on my website and then tell to rockbox crew
21:36:08uskisend a mail to the mailling list
21:36:27uskiwhen you'll have the pics
21:36:28Guest75620I will after I took pics
21:36:32Guest75620Yeah !
21:37:14Guest75620thank u and bye for now !
21:37:38 Quit Guest75620 ()
21:38:40fidoruski: one more guestion is there any other project similar to rockbox that you are aware of ? (bot not for archos products)
21:39:25uskinot any is as good as rockbox as far as i know ;)
21:39:46uskii know there is a webpage somewhere saying "if you want to make a firmware for apple ipod drop me a mail"
21:39:49uskibut there is no info at all
21:40:02uskithere was avos but you know what is happening...
21:40:10uskiand it's all i know
21:40:18uskiyou can also look for yamp
21:40:26uskiit's a mp3 player you can make
21:41:01 Join quelsaruk [0] (~asdfsa@
21:41:15fidorhmm I;m fan of OS but I'm no good at soldering :)
21:41:38quelsarukfidor, why would you need soldering?
21:41:52fidoruski told me about yamp :)
21:42:15fidorquelsaruk: maybe you can help me - do you have FM recoder ?
21:42:31quelsaruknops. recorder
21:42:37fidordrat ...
21:43:57fidori'll keep asking in next few days on that channel
21:44:12uskibetter send a mail to the mailling list
21:44:20uskiit is annoying to see the same person asking the same thing all the time ;)
21:44:36fidoruski: good point
21:44:55quelsarukbut.. what happens
21:45:02quelsarukmaybe i can help
21:45:06quelsarukor maybe not :)
21:45:30fidorquelsaruk: I'm considering buing that thing but there is lot of negative opinions
21:45:46fidorand archos no longers seels that product on their webpage
21:45:54uskii don't like the FM rec
21:45:59uskii find it too big for what it is
21:46:07quelsaruki don't need a fm radio
21:46:16uskialso, people say that the fm reception is bad, but i don't know myself
21:46:25uskitoo big in size
21:46:46quelsarukfidor, positive side: less weight than recorder, Li-ion batts, Radio.
21:47:01uskiliion bat is not as much positive...
21:47:06quelsaruknegative: Can't change/upgrade batts, radio, for what?
21:47:18quelsaruki don't know
21:47:25uskiliion never lasts forever
21:47:28fidorquelsaruk: almost half of the archos is shipment was damaged
21:47:29uskithey ALWAYS fail one day
21:47:34uskitheir life is limited in time
21:47:40uskiand if you can't change them
21:47:49uskiyou wikll have 0 autonomy one day
21:47:53uskithey byebye fm rec
21:48:04uskibecause you won't be able to find a battery that fit in place of the old one
21:48:25uskiquelsaruk: hmmmmmmmmm i got an idea !!!!
21:48:45uskion the next holidays i could make a fm remote
21:48:50uskilike the one of the creative zen
21:48:59uskia remote that adds a fm receiver
21:49:12uskiok, you won't be able to record, but is that a problem ?
21:49:17uskito record the radio i mean
21:49:39quelsaruki don't think so
21:49:51quelsarukand you can always add a mini-radio to the line in :)
21:50:04uskiyea but it is less interesting
21:50:16uskialso, i don't see any interest in recording the radio...
21:50:39uskiit's like recording 96kbps mp3s
21:50:53quelsaruki haven't said it's interesting
21:51:01uskiright ;)
21:51:02quelsaruksincerely, i don't listen to the radio
21:51:11uskii only listen to mp3 radio
21:51:13quelsarukjust all my music :)
21:51:15uskidigitally imported
21:51:35uskii mean, mp3 radio is the only radio i listen to
21:51:46uskiit is interesting
21:51:53uskiyou can discover things you did not know before
21:56:53 Join ze__ [20] (
21:58:51fidoruski i keep finding yamp - yet another music player (the old player , the first one with skins ) :) any more info about it ??
21:59:56uskican't remember the exact name
21:59:57uskilike yammp
22:00:00uskiok yampp
22:01:38 Quit ze (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:02:49quelsaruki remember that
22:03:23fidorwow polish :)
22:15:28 Join DJBaz [0] (
22:18:18quelsarukhardeep, alive?
22:19:03 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- *I* use it, so it must be good!")
22:19:34 Join tracktheripper [0] (
22:20:30quelsarukhi tracktheripper
22:20:51tracktheripperhello quels
22:23:34 Quit DJBaz ("Leaving")
22:24:00 Quit edx (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:25:57tracktheripperanyone alive (or dead) in here?
22:26:34uskiim dead
22:26:44tracktheripperok thats something anyway
22:28:56quelsarukback to life
22:31:07fidori see dead people :)
22:39:34 Quit cjnr11 ()
22:39:34 Quit tracktheripper (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:39:50quelsarukanyone who can *talk* with logbot?
22:42:56uskiwhat do u mean ?
22:43:40quelsaruktalking to him
22:43:46quelsaruki was able.. before ;)
22:44:05quelsaruktime to go
22:44:18quelsarukuski, another day i'll explain
22:44:24uskiok ;)
22:44:29fidorok time to sleep cu
22:44:32 Quit fidor ("Client Exiting")
22:45:06 Quit quelsaruk ("Killed (ChanServ (You've been online too long))")
22:45:59 Quit ozric01 ("goodnight")
22:48:40 Quit tof77 ("ChatZilla 0.8.31 [Mozilla rv:1.4/7]")
22:53:51 Join leapingfrog [0] (
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