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#rockbox log for 2003-11-26

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00:27:42[IDC]DragonHi! uski, are you there?
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01:00:01tracktheripperhello Dogger
01:00:16tracktheripperwhats up?
01:00:21Doggerwhats down?
01:00:30tracktheripperquite a lot of things
01:01:01DoggerI worked out how to send stuff out the serial port on my av300!
01:01:07Doggerhavent tried it yet,
01:01:10Doggerbut I know how
01:01:20tracktheripperyouve' worked out but haven't tried it yet?
01:01:35Doggerwill start writing a hardware manual soon
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01:20:40tracktheripperthe AOL Internet browser is useless
01:20:53tracktheripperso Im using the Microsoft Internet Explorer Instead
01:23:55Doggeruse mozilla!
01:24:02Doggermozilla-firebird rocks
01:24:04tracktheripperive used Mozilla once
01:24:05tracktheripperdidn't like it
01:24:08Doggerbest browser you can get
01:24:15tracktheripperWell I didn't like it
01:24:19Doggeraol is pure evil
01:24:37Doggeras is microsoft
01:25:31tracktheripperwell I have no qualms about AOL
01:25:35tracktheripperjust their browser
01:25:42tracktheripperAOL rocks when used with another browser
01:26:07tracktheripperi have 1Mb from AOL which has been almost perfect
01:26:12tracktheripperconnection and speedwise
01:46:37tracktheripperits quiet in here (again)
01:57:20zemozilla-firebird is really nice (and it's not the same as mozilla)
01:57:24zeopera's also pretty slick
01:59:21Doggeris the future
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01:59:46zei agree
02:04:34tracktheripperI have 1Mb ADSL
02:04:51tracktheripperso the Internet Explorer suits me fine
02:05:13zewhat does that have to do with anything?
02:05:27tracktheripperWhat does Mozilla have to do with Rockbox anyway?
02:05:35zeit's still a slow, outdated, buggy, non-standard-compliant piece of crap
02:05:46tracktheripperwell it works fine for me Ze
02:06:00zehow can you even use the web without tabbed browsing
02:06:03tracktheripperthere is a saying one mans' triumph is another mans' tragedy
02:08:55xamtracktheripper you must have a lot of tragedy then
02:09:37tracktherippershut up xam
02:09:39tracktheripperworks for me
02:09:42xamhehe ;_
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02:23:30*diddystar5 thinks track is getting mad :(
02:27:23diddystar5track: are you there?
02:30:54tracktheripperhello scott
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02:31:00diddystar5hey scott
02:31:18diddystar5i thought track was mad at me since i made a funny pic of him
02:42:50tracktheripperim getting really pissed off at you lot poking fun at me all the time
02:45:07diddystar5so you "poke fun" at mikeholden all the time
02:45:17diddystar5and make annoying feature requests
02:47:21tracktheripperlike what?
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02:47:45tracktheripperWell I sent some decent requests in the begining but they were rejected
02:48:03tracktheripperso I got so fed up i thought if they want to reject my requests ill give them something to reject
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02:49:08*thedude02 waits for someone to talk to mer
02:49:22*thedude02 corrects myself by saying me instead of mer
02:49:41*thedude02 corrects himself by saying himself instead of myself
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02:58:12thedude02????? ??? ??? ?? ??????.
02:58:30thedude02IRC can't handle unicode characters I see
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02:59:16diddystar5gotta go
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09:22:21dwihno\o/ mats \o/
09:22:24dwihno\o/ everyone \o/
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17:05:11bombadier337anyone here?
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21:02:13[IDC]DragonHi, uski listening?
21:02:21uskihi :)))
21:02:49[IDC]DragonI just started with your box.
21:03:02[IDC]DragonWhat a Frankenstein thing!
21:03:22uskihaha :))
21:03:39uskiis it working well ? my fear is that it might have been damaged during the transport
21:04:02[IDC]Dragonyou and your many fears...
21:04:14[IDC]DragonI got it blinking with UART boot.
21:04:25uskiok so it is ok :)
21:04:27[IDC]DragonWe're compatible with the plug!
21:04:35[IDC]Dragonplug and play
21:04:46uskigreat :]
21:04:53[IDC]Dragonhow do I turn off UART boot?
21:04:59uski"[IDC]Dragon and me are compatible."
21:05:05uskiyou remove the resistors loool
21:05:08uskii wanted to add a switch
21:05:14uskibut i hadn't the time to do it
21:05:32[IDC]Dragonwhich resistors is it?
21:05:51uskithey are on the CPU board
21:06:04uskiyou'll see, they are with two approx .28AWG light gray wire
21:06:12uskitwo 0402 2k2 and one 1206 4k7
21:06:26uskithe value doesn't matter a lot, simply use a "low value"
21:06:36[IDC]Dragonthat was enough to "overdrive" the 10k?
21:06:45uskisee by yourself : it works ;)
21:07:05uskii looked the datasheet if i remember, it wasn't out of spec
21:07:15[IDC]Dragonso I have to seperate the board, it's on the inside?
21:07:28 Join Zagor [0] (
21:07:34uskiyes but you'll see it is very easy to do it
21:07:42uskiwith a small screwdriver
21:07:52Zagoraaah, finally connected again
21:07:58uskii did it in 5secs, so you can do it too ;)
21:13:55[IDC]DragonI removed one, now it doesn't boot at all
21:14:39uskiduh ?
21:14:57uskitry removing the 1206 one, if i remember removing this one disable the UART boot
21:15:07uskiit should print something on the screen because there is no HDD
21:15:16uskialso be sure the LCD is correctly connected
21:15:25uskiwell, be sure it is correctly "pressed"
21:16:14[IDC]Dragonsoldered back to uart boot, ok now
21:16:28[IDC]Dragonso one resistor off is not enough
21:16:48[IDC]DragonI need to press the display?
21:16:51uskihmm, i suggest adding a small switch...
21:17:03uskinormally no, but i remember i had a problem with it
21:17:13uskiperhaps it moved during the transport, i don't know
21:17:58[IDC]DragonHi Zagor!
21:18:22uskii wish i could be next to you to test, i can't help a lot here :\
21:18:43Zagorhi dragon
21:18:53[IDC]Dragonuski: don't worry
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21:19:20[IDC]DragonZagor: I faile to create a directory in cvs, for my flash stuff
21:19:33uskialso im sorry it is not in a good wealth, but i got it like this, i only changed 2-3 things
21:20:21uskialso if i remember it does NOT have a flashable chip
21:20:27 Quit _aLF (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:20:59Zagordragon: what did it say?
21:21:06[IDC]Dragonuski: correct (didn't you make quite a fuzz about it?)
21:21:18uskia fuzz ?
21:21:28uskisome "noise" you mean ? :)
21:22:05[IDC]DragonZagor: cvs [add aborted]: cannot add to /cvsroot/rockbox/CVSROOT/Emptydir
21:22:33[IDC]DragonI am using tortoise cvs
21:26:08Zagoryou're not adding a dir in CVSROOT, are you?
21:26:34[IDC]DragonI'm not shure what it tries
21:27:16[IDC]DragonI want it next to apss, docs, firmware, gdb, etc.
21:27:20Zagorit looks like that is what it is trying to do. and that fails, because CVSROOT is a special directory where you can't (and shouldn't) create subdirectories
21:31:15[IDC]DragonZagor: can you create such a dir for me?
21:31:39 Join tracktheripper [0] (
21:31:44[IDC]Dragonmy command line cvs is messed up, too.
21:37:08Zagordragon: sure
21:37:34[IDC]Dragonplease call it "flash" :-)
21:38:32Zagori was planning on really_groovy_stuff ;)
21:39:43[IDC]DragonI'll do that later
21:40:19tracktheripperhi zagor
21:41:26 Join quelsaruk [0] (~r00t@
21:41:55tracktheripperhello quels
21:42:22tracktheripperglad someone is talking here
21:42:48tracktheripperquels we could have a snooker/pool game for the Recorder
21:43:35quelsarukusing the jukebox as white ball??
21:43:42quelsarukor as ball 8 :P
21:44:00tracktheripperno using the screen as a display for the game
21:44:43tracktheripperyou could have numbers in circles to represent the balls
21:44:54tracktheripperi,e 1 for red, 2 for yellow, 3 for green and so on
21:45:23tracktherippersince the screen can't show colours
21:46:01quelsaruki'd like some opinions.. if possible :)
21:46:09[IDC]Dragonuski: I'm not getting anything displayed.
21:46:41uskimay i query you ?
21:46:41[IDC]DragonWhen I turn it on, the backlight goes off after 2 sec, that's it.
21:46:45uskiprivate chat ;)
21:46:49quelsarukwhich paragraph is better?
21:46:52quelsaruk"By reprogramming the firmware we can boot much faster. Archos has a pathetic boot
21:46:52quelsarukloader, versus the boot time for Rockbox is much faster than the disk spinup, in fact it has to wait for the disk. Your boot time will be as quick as a disk spinup (e.g. 4
21:46:52quelsarukseconds from powerup until resuming playback)."
21:47:15quelsarukor this one
21:47:18quelsaruk"By reprogramming the firmware your Jukebox will boot much faster. The Archos boot loader seems to take forever when compared to the Rockbox version. In fact, the Rockbox boot loader is so fast that it has to wait for the disk spin-up, resulting in a power-up time in the order of four seconds from pressing the ON button to resuming playback."
21:47:44scott666wasn't that on the mailing list?
21:48:21Zagorquelsaruk: "pathetic" is a bad choice of word in my opinion. no need to insult the archos developers. just tell people rockbox is faster.
21:48:45quelsaruki think those where [IDC]Dragon words, not mine ;)
21:49:01quelsarukmaybe better the second option??
21:49:05uskiit doesn't matter who wrote this, it is 100% right...
21:49:46quelsarukchanging it then :)
21:49:53[IDC]Dragonquelsaruk: I definitely agree to soften the words
21:50:42[IDC]Dragonthat's inherited from my readme, wasn't intended to go sooo public.
21:53:26quelsarukyou just say the truth
21:56:04quelsarukcan anyone explain me what is a root folder.. as if i where a newbie :)
21:56:18uskiroot folder of your hard drive = c:\
21:56:23uskifor example
21:56:34quelsarukarchos root folder
21:56:36uskiroot folder = the folder which does not have a parent folder
21:56:45uskithen it is the "main" folder of your archos
21:56:49uskithe root :)
21:57:06uskiwhere it stops when you click many times on "parent folder"
21:57:08 Quit tof77 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:57:13quelsarukit's really hard to explain eh?
21:57:20uskiit is what you get when you click on the icon of ur archos on your "my computer" icon
21:57:27uskiit is the folder that contains all the others
21:57:29quelsarukwhen you click on your archos hard disk in windows.. you're in your root folder
21:58:00*quelsaruk looks at zagor
21:59:12 Join tof77 [0] (
21:59:39quelsarukThe top-level folder of a disk.
21:59:44quelsaruki think this is really clear
21:59:49quelsarukisn't it?
22:00:08quelsarukyou always surprise me Zagor :D
22:00:12Zagori think it's about as clear as can be
22:00:52tracktheripperZagor whats happened to all the requests and bug reports on the site?
22:01:42Zagortracktheripper: looks like sourceforge was down when the script tried to fetch them last night
22:01:53tracktheripperoh ok
22:03:13tracktheripperthought they were all fixed :-)
22:03:27Zagorhehe, not quite :)
22:03:37tracktheripperoh ok
22:03:53tracktheripperI still think "Reshuffle" should be fixed
22:04:36tracktheripperwhere is mikeholden?
22:05:27uskiabout your post on the mailling list with the retro record
22:05:33uskii've read it is patented
22:05:38uskiso be carefull with it
22:05:58quelsarukzagor could you ask logbot for langhaarrocker ?? (i'm always changing my mask and he doesn't recognice me anymore)
22:06:01Zagorsoftware patents are illegal in europe. i will care if they sue me.
22:06:23Zagorlogbot seen langhaarrocker
22:06:33uskinot sure if it is a software patent, anyway hmm you're right, it might be an abusive patent..
22:06:51uskianyway.. you would have to make "non retro record" versions for US residents
22:06:58tracktheripper"change the HD for CF Cards"
22:07:18uskinot so funny
22:07:22tracktheripperlatest feature request
22:07:27tracktherippersent in by nofear2k
22:07:43uskiok then it is stupid&funny
22:07:48uskiyea :)
22:07:51tracktheripperif I sent that I would be banned!
22:07:54Zagoruski: as i said, i detest and refuse to care about software patents. I don't market nor sell any software in the US. their patent is not valid where I work.
22:08:31uskiwow, calm calm; i didn't want to aggress you ,)
22:08:37uskiit was just a simple remark
22:09:12tracktherippergod knows how you would fill the chassis of the Archos with CFcards
22:09:39uskiwith an adapter
22:09:42Zagoruski: don't worry. :) sw patents just really makes my fuse blow.
22:09:46tracktheripperActually use Smartmedia cards as they are a lot thinner
22:09:58uskicompactflash have a TruIDE mode that allow them to work like hard drives
22:10:25uskiZagor: i don't like these patents too
22:15:00 Join matsl [0] (
22:15:06Zagorhi matsl
22:15:14tracktheripperhi matsl
22:15:22quelsarukhi matsl
22:15:59quelsarukuski, there was some kind of intention to modd the jukebox to allow CF or something like that
22:16:18quelsarukbut just was a thought
22:16:19uskiit wasn't the same mod i think
22:16:30uskippl wanted to add a CF support PLUS the usual HD
22:16:38uskireplacing the HDD with a CF can be done in 10mins
22:16:47uskibut adding a CF can be done in 10days ;)
22:17:19quelsarukzagor, sending you the latest manual file, i hope you like it
22:17:31quelsarukand.. tell me if you see the snapshots in green or black/white
22:18:33 Join Cheek [0] (
22:31:09quelsarukZagor, had a look at it??
22:32:43 Join pokerjoker [0] (
22:32:46pokerjokerhey anyone here
22:33:03Zagorquelsaruk: yes, looks good
22:33:08Zagorpokerjoker: sure
22:33:27pokerjokerman i got a problem with my mp3 player
22:34:37pokerjokercan you advise me?
22:34:38quelsarukmust go!
22:34:45uskipokerjoker: what's the problem ?
22:35:14quelsarukZagor, could you send those snapshots to my mail?
22:35:28pokerjokeri had my computer connected to the ARchos, then i restarted my computer.
22:35:42pokerjokernow, when i try to power up the archos, it wont do it
22:35:55Zagorquelsaruk: i can't promise i have time to fix them
22:36:00pokerjokerHD register error
22:36:14Zagorpokerjoker: hardware error
22:37:03quelsarukroger captain Zagor!
22:37:06quelsaruktime to go!
22:37:17quelsarukgood night to all
22:37:20 Quit tof77 ("ChatZilla 0.8.31 [Mozilla rv:1.4/7]")
22:38:00 Quit quelsaruk ()
22:38:16pokerjokergoddamn it
22:38:26 Join oxygen77 [0] (
22:38:32pokerjokerwhat do i do now
22:38:44Zagorpokerjoker: is it a new unit?
22:38:56pokerjokerover a year old
22:39:10pokerjokeri cant believe that just by restarting the computer it could fry the HD
22:39:23pokerjokeri mean, it shuts down and all when you restart a computer
22:39:39Zagorpokerjoker: i recommend searching the yahoo forum to see if anyone ever found a way out of that problem.
22:40:06pokerjokeri have a 2.5-3.5 adapter kit
22:40:13pokerjokeri think i will just try to reformat the HD
22:40:21Zagorgood idea
22:40:34pokerjokeri only had 4 gigs on it
22:42:49 Join cjnr112 [0] (
22:43:05pokerjokerbut theres not extra advice? i sure wish that Windows wouldve told me i had a connected HD
22:44:46Zagorit's hard to say what could be wrong. attaching it directly to your pc with the 2.5/3.5 adapter is a good way to find out.
22:45:28matslhi Zagor
22:46:44 Quit cjnr11 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:46:59 Nick cjnr112 is now known as cjnr11 (
22:49:12 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:51:03 Quit cjnr11 ()
22:57:27 Quit tracktheripper ("IceChat IRC client - Download it at")
22:57:45Cheekdoes anybody resize avi's with virtualdub in here?
22:58:42Zagoreh, i don't :)
22:59:12 Quit methangas (" Try HydraIRC -> <-")
23:00:50hardeepZagor: should I make the changes to avoid disk access when shuffling before or after the 2.1 release?
23:01:00Zagorhardeep: after
23:01:16Zagori'm mostly just waiting for the manual now
23:01:29hardeepcool. :)
23:05:34oxygen77hey everybody
23:05:59oxygen77i have a probably off topic question
23:06:03Zagorhardeep: how are you planning to do that, by the way?
23:06:41oxygen77anybody heard of a free arm disassembler working under linux
23:07:18hardeepZagor: keep the shuffle seed in global settings and only write to disk if the playlist is modified
23:08:17hardeepthere's a disk access when inserting/deleting a track anyways so this will just piggyback on it
23:08:28Zagoroxygen77: it looks to me like gnu objdump can disassemble arm code
23:08:46Zagorhardeep: ok. sounds good
23:09:12oxygen77ok i'll have to figure out the doc, i can't manage to make it work
23:09:47Zagoroxygen77: are you running the arm version of objdump?
23:10:29oxygen77yes but i'm not shure the file header is good
23:10:50Zagorhave you descrambled the file properly?
23:11:24oxygen77it's not finished yet, just have the beginning of the file
23:12:12 Quit Cheek ()
23:12:13Zagorwhat file is it?
23:12:44oxygen77the av firmware
23:13:13Zagorit has to be descrambled (decrypted and uncompressed) before you can disassemble it
23:14:02oxygen77yes I know I've almost finished the decompressing
23:14:17Zagorreally? cool!
23:15:15oxygen77be you know have dangerous it could be to talk about this
23:17:45 Quit matsl (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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