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#rockbox log for 2003-12-02

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01:27:33flickI have a question...I bought a Jukebox recorder V2 today...can I load rockbox on it?
01:27:51flickI could see support for recorder v1 in the FAQ and pictures
01:27:58flickwondering if v2 is very different
01:32:32hardeepflick: v2 support is available in the daily builds
01:35:02flickthanks hardeep
01:36:08flickthat's encouraging. One of the reasons I went for the Archos instead of an iPod was because of the open nature of things
01:36:27flickI didn't want to buy an iPod and get stuck with a closed DRM infested player
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01:59:29flickdoes rockbox allow OGG playback?
02:00:07flicknever mind
02:00:14flickthe FAQ has a response
02:00:25flickmy mistake, sorry
02:02:40hardeepthe only mp3 player I know of that supports OGG is the Rio Karma
02:07:53zethe neuros or somesuch does too i think
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02:35:08yeftyou guys ever heard of .shn?\
02:39:02yeftif i had to pick the worst thing about this mp3 would be that it can only play mp3s
02:54:20*yeft is away, auto-away after 15 minutes, (log\on pager\on)
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03:48:39morrisonpeterCan anyone hear me?
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04:59:08ILuvitHi guys wats up
04:59:08ILuvitI got a fm recorder
04:59:08ILuvitI found a bug in the 11/30 release when you go to the FM radio and select a station it says it's in stereo but the sound is mono
04:59:28ILuvitWhen I press the ON button it exits the FM screen and I start hearing the radio in stereo
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05:01:04earHertzAny major changes to rockbox since July?
05:01:54ILuviti dont know
05:02:23ILuvitI found a bug in the 11/30 release when you go to the FM radio and select a station it says it's in stereo but the sound is mono
05:02:23ILuvit<ILuvit> When I press the ON button it exits the FM screen and I start hearing the radio in stereo
05:04:15ILuvitthere isnt much chat in here?
05:05:01earHertznot tonight, anyway
05:06:08ILuvitwhich archos you own earHertz?
05:06:35earHertzfmr. It's a bit broken right now
05:06:54ILuviti got one too
05:07:34ILuviti just flash mine today
05:07:44earHertztoo much pressure on the top left bumper causes it to freeze. Tooo little causes it not to boot
05:09:39ILuvitwish i could help.... maybe you got a short
05:10:25earHertzProbbaly. I think it's on the back of the circuit board. But I'm not any good at soldering
05:12:18ILuvitdid you drop it?
05:13:33earHertzno. I bent the back plate changing the hdd. Then I had it in my front pocket, and compressed it.
05:16:36ILuvitooh... what size drive you got in it now?
05:18:18earHertzit worked severla months with teh new drive. Compressing it was the problem.
05:19:50ILuvitmaybe you should go back and check the Hdd connections
05:21:24earHertznot it.
05:21:37ILuviti had to return one... i pressred on it too hard and the LCD stoped working
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05:21:50earHertzI opened it up, and found precisly where pressure would screw it up
05:22:27ILuvitooh ok
05:23:20earHertzI stuck some wooden matches under the board, and that helps a little
05:23:33earHertzbut there must be a crack or break
05:23:38earHertzin a connection
05:23:40earHertza wire
05:24:52ILuvitthe guys in here dont say much
05:29:27earHertzBeen a while since I've been here.
05:29:39earHertzAs the box has been broken
05:30:32ILuviti come in once in a while but i never see anyone talking
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05:31:22earHertzWhat's new in rockbox, midk?
05:32:31midknight2k3i missed you
05:32:54midknight2k3i just thought about you... yeasterday
05:33:32earHertzMy box has been broken
05:33:55earHertzand the recorder battery savings test data were weird.
05:34:17midknight2k3poor you
05:35:31earHertzwhat's new with rockbox?
05:44:17midknight2k3lots of neat stuff
05:44:22midknight2k3wish your archos worked
05:44:34midknight2k3i remember when you hold it the "external" goes up like 6volts
05:44:41midknight2k3used to*
05:45:19scott666i can't use my FMR
05:45:23scott666school sucks with no music
05:46:20scott666damn you headphone jack...
05:46:31earHertzyeah, the stupid voltage via the backplate crap
05:46:45earHertzwhat's wrong with it scott?
05:46:54scott666its not soldered together anymore
05:47:29earHertzI'm sending mine to NewMP3Technology
05:47:31scott666so if a try to wiggle the jack around i can get _some_ sounnd, but it's become too much of a hassle to use
05:47:59earHertzthey charge $99
05:48:15scott666yeah, i'm not willing to pay that
05:48:46earHertzI tried using matchsticks to hold things in place. try that
05:50:23midknight2k3earHertz, getting it back soon?
05:50:36earHertzhaven't sent it yet.
05:50:46scott666the last time i opened mine up i saw the headphone jack was on the inside
05:50:51earHertzI spent the weekend opening it up and inserting matchsticks
05:50:54scott666like between the two boards
05:51:00midknight2k3scott: fmr?
05:51:02midknight2k3rip it open
05:51:07earHertzbewteen the board and the battery
05:51:32scott666and i don't have a soldering iron
05:51:38earHertzI have an iron.
05:51:39scott666or else i'd've fixed it by now
05:51:49earHertzi don''t know how to use it
05:52:15earHertzradio shack will sell you a grounded iron for at $10
05:52:38midknight2k3earHertz, why not "earHurts"
05:52:53earHertzbecuse my ear stopped hurting long ago
05:53:10midknight2k3you mean your ear actually hurt?
05:53:16midknight2k3thats where the nick came from?
05:53:26earHertzyeah, i started cjhatting whenI had anear infection
05:53:49midknight2k3you are known as earHurts
05:53:52midknight2k3not Hertz
05:53:55midknight2k3so hmph
05:54:06earHertzpeople will recognoze erarHertz; you did
05:54:37scott666hell. i didn't even notice a difference until you pointed it out
05:54:56scott666puns are better anyways
05:55:34scott666or homophones at least
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05:55:57earHertzthose silly homos and their phones
05:58:38earHertzscott any new recent rockbox features?
05:59:09scott666i'm sure
05:59:23scott666ummm....the chip8 emulator
05:59:26earHertzlet's see $270 for thr FMR, $170 for the HDD, $99 for the repair: $439, I could have bought an ipod
05:59:37earHertzwazza that?
05:59:47scott666plays .ch8 games
05:59:53scott666they're all terrible though
06:00:04earHertzanything else?
06:00:11scott666but would it have been a 60GB ipod?
06:00:25earHertztrue, it wouldn't be 60
06:00:32scott666support for the V2 recorder
06:00:45scott666*thinks back*
06:00:48earHertzwhat's the v2 recorder?
06:00:54*scott666 thinks back
06:01:10scott666its teh FMR
06:01:28scott666but it's labeled "recorder v2"
06:01:39scott666and the radio may or may not work
06:02:02scott666the VU meter
06:02:20scott666the .rockboix browsing patch
06:02:46scott666the approaching release of 2.1
06:03:01earHertzwhat's in 2.1
06:03:14scott666the current daily build
06:03:50midknight2k3theres 2.1 now?
06:04:02scott666not yet
06:04:26scott666manual update in progress:
06:04:32midknight2k3I READ THAT SCOTT
06:04:41midknight2k3new AV380
06:04:47midknight2k3av3XX but with 80gb
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06:06:17scott666those are great
06:06:31DBUGEnqueued KICK scott666
06:06:31scott666,99,01my friend fats is a hell of a guy, and just as long as he's high, he has no anxieties, about his chemical dependancies,99
06:07:10midknight2k3OH THANK GOD
06:07:14midknight2k3logbot is not an op anymore
06:07:45midknight2k3you are such a joker
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06:07:52scott666hey? why is my font colorful, it's not supposed to be in IRC
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06:08:51midknight2k3ok cya
06:08:52midknight2k3gotta go
06:08:56midknight2k3good luck earhurts
06:09:00midknight2k3fix it scott
06:09:20midknight2k3oh well anyways
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11:38:35dwihnoanyone around?
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16:01:46PokerJokerhey is anyone here
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16:02:34PokerJokeryub yub ... anyone home
16:09:05quelsarukbut i'm leaving :(
16:09:12quelsarukcu l8r!
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18:02:43dhq1i have a question about a feature which isn't implemented, but I was just wondering about the feasability of implementing something like it
18:02:52dhq1(im a programmer, but have no embedded systems experience)
18:04:09dhq1anyways, what I was wondering is how possible it would be to connect a compact flash card reader to the archos(w/ a female-to-female USB adapter) and have it read files off of the flash reader and store them on the hard drive
18:04:13dhq1would this be possible?
18:12:57 Join cwa2 [0] (trilluser@
18:16:44cwa2I'm confused by the digital i/o faq. I have a Jukebox fm recorder (20gb), am I able to hook it up to my cd player's optical out w/ an optical cable, or do I need another type of cord? Also can I plug an fiber-optic cable into my mini-disc recorder from the jukebox's (supposed) digital out? I get the impression that the digital out isn't optical though.
18:26:07oxygen77dhq1: I'm not sure but I think that
18:26:18oxygen77this is impossible since USB is just
18:26:27oxygen77a bridge with the HD
18:31:43 Quit cjnr11 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:34:04cwa2not USB
18:34:20cwa2thin fiber-optic cables I'm trying to use
18:34:36oxygen77I was responding to dhq1
18:35:57cwa2oh, sorry
18:44:14 Quit oxygen77 ("ChatZilla 0.8.31 [Mozilla rv:1.4/7]")
18:50:51cwa2recording thru line-in automatically picks up the radio? how can I turn that off? it's bleeding into my line-in
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20:06:13dhq1oh −− the USB port is directly bridged to the hard drive? Like, it doesn't pass through the processor at all first
20:06:33oxygen77no I don't think so
20:06:46dhq1so the processor on the jukebox wouldnt be able to send/recieve commands thru the USB port from the card reader?
20:07:00dhq1darn...that rains on my parade a little bit
20:07:36dhq1oxygen77: do you know anything about the archos gmini device?
20:07:46oxygen77sorry, this was already discussed some times ago
20:07:55dhq1oh ok, my bad
20:08:11 Quit oxygen77 ()
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20:47:29 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
20:47:48[IDC]Dragongood evening!
20:49:33 Quit edx (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:49:47[IDC]Dragonnobody listening?
20:52:59[IDC]DragonI need somebody with a flashed or flashable FM
20:55:45 Join edx [0] (
20:57:49 Quit MT (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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20:59:01uski[IDC]Dragon: i am listening, but i can't help you ;(
20:59:24[IDC]Dragonyou don't even have a flashed recorder :(
21:00:48uskitrue ;)
21:00:57uskibtw, no news from Kamayaka (or sth like that) ?
21:01:02uskithe one who found 3 flash chips
21:01:36[IDC]Dragonfound 3?
21:03:18[IDC]Dragonyou're probably talking about the guy who couldn't find enough contributors for his mass order
21:14:20uskidamn, im ready to buy 10 if it helps :)
21:14:37uskii'll find some use for the spare chips
21:14:37dhq1how much do you get off if you have a mass order?
21:15:51[IDC]Dragondhq1: you do get them at all, that's thepoint.
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21:30:41dhq1the gmini 120 cant run the rockboxx OS right?
21:31:32 Quit _aLF ("bye")
21:32:47dhq1is there another free alternative to the one given to you?
21:33:17 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- s0 d4Mn l33t |t'z 5c4rY!")
21:35:50 Join methangas [0] (
21:46:05[IDC]Dragonnext try: anybody here meanwhile with a flashed FM or at least recorder?
21:52:15[IDC]Dragonuski: I've emailed Jan that you take 10 ;)
21:56:03uskiBUT i want SST39VF040
21:56:32[IDC]Dragonwhat for?
21:56:57[IDC]DragonI have such, but it's useless
21:58:02uskiif i take 10, i will have a lot of speare chips
21:58:06uskiso i will use them in other applicationbs
21:58:11uski...where i might need more space
21:58:25uskiso, i am okay to take 10, but i want the biggest chips as possible
21:58:37uskii want to use them as memories for dataloggers
21:59:17dhq1what are these chips used for in relation to the jukebox?
21:59:23[IDC]Dragonlog to your harddisk, that's bigger
21:59:30uskiheh ;)
22:00:03uskidhq1: they are used as the flash memory; to compare to the PC, it is like a BIOS
22:00:05[IDC]Dragondhq1: it's the flash memory, where the software is stored.
22:00:35uski([IDC]Dragon: yea, i know the BIOS is rather the ROM, but sshhhh ;))
22:00:37 Join _aLF [0] (
22:00:58[IDC]Dragonno, a bios is flash
22:01:18[IDC]Dragon_aLF: do you have a flashed FM?
22:02:00uskiyea, but for the recorders, what get executed first is the ROM code
22:02:11uskialso, on old PCs, the BIOs is located in a ROM
22:02:41[IDC]Dragonexcept for ROMless recorders ;)
22:03:35uskiright ;)
22:03:40dhq1oh ok
22:03:44dhq1why would you need 10 of them?
22:03:46dhq1wouldnt 1 suffice?
22:03:53uskibut i cannot get only one
22:04:00uskiso, let's take more and find a use for them
22:05:39_aLF[IDC]Dragon> yes
22:05:50uski[IDC]Dragon: you found ur flashed fm ! ;)
22:06:00_aLF(sorry for delay)
22:06:14uskiwhat do you want to do [IDC]Dragon ? you want to test a self-destruct feature ?
22:06:35[IDC]Dragonexactly! ;)
22:06:39[IDC]Dragonwould you mind testing something for me? (not dangerous)
22:06:52uskilike: overcharging batteries, clear the flash memory, set all pins as output andmake short circuits, and soon ? :)
22:07:07[IDC]DragonI'm fighting the spinning while charging problem
22:07:37[IDC]DragonWhich is also dangerous if the batteries are flat
22:08:00_aLFyou have a patch ?
22:08:09[IDC]DragonSo, you'd be the first in less danger, actually.
22:08:20[IDC]DragonDo you DCC?
22:08:37uski<b00m> "Ben Laden used a fm rec with flat batteries to kill a CIA agent". As our expert [IDC]Dragon said, it is "dangerous if the batteries are flat"
22:09:14_aLF(xchat normally it's work)
22:09:24[IDC]DragonOK. I'll send you a .ajz first,
22:09:38_aLF(hope my usb connection will work)
22:09:43[IDC]Dragonif that works, an ucl to flash,
22:10:07[IDC]Dragonand if it still works, a full firmware with a fixed bootloader.
22:10:25[IDC]DragonI've tested it on my FM wreck already.
22:10:44[IDC]DragonThe bootloader works, but it has no disk.
22:10:59[IDC]DragonDual boot of cause also works.
22:11:37_aLFno disk ? rockbox doesn't "see" the disk ?
22:12:25[IDC]Dragonbecause there is no disk.
22:12:38[IDC]DragonI'd be surprised if it finds one.
22:12:54[IDC]DragonDCC is not working?
22:13:05_aLF5 sec
22:13:52[IDC]Dragonhow about email?
22:14:12[IDC]DragonAh, I see.
22:17:19 Join rob-- [0] (
22:38:52 Join Zagor [0] (
22:39:28[IDC]DragonHi there!
22:40:25[IDC]DragonMy FM victim just ran away...
22:41:12[IDC]DragonZagor: the disk powerdown in the bootloader (for FM and V2) works.
22:41:21[IDC]DragonThis far I can test it.
22:41:46[IDC]DragonRockbox gets a bit quirky:
22:42:28[IDC]DragonWe have to power up the disk again, but decided via HAVE_ATA_POWER_OFF not defined that we don't do so.
22:42:48[IDC]DragonSo I have to code an exception.
22:43:32Zagoryes, make a new HAVE_XXX (or similar) variable
22:44:31[IDC]Dragonthere's not really a HAVE for this part any more
22:45:36[IDC]DragonI changed it so that HAVE_ATA_POWER_OFF not defined only prevents powering the disk off, but allows powering on
22:46:11Zagordoesn't HAVE_ATA_POWER_OFF mean that the unit can power off ata? which v2/fm can't?
22:47:14[IDC]DragonMike said they all can, but the feature was removed for FMs because it had side effects.
22:47:31Zagoryes, rather severe such
22:47:39Zagorthat's why this variable exists
22:47:47Zagorplayers can't btw
22:47:56[IDC]DragonMaybe the code was too impatient after powerup?
22:48:10[IDC]Dragonyes, you're right about players
22:48:30[IDC]DragonSo I have to protect that code
22:48:50Zagorit wasn't impatient. it's rather that the same pin controlled other things too, such as backlight and battery reading
22:49:57[IDC]Dragonprobably the backlight is wired to 5V
22:50:42[IDC]Dragonbecause 3.3 is not enough for 2 LEDs in series
22:52:07Zagorit's probably better to add a new config variable than to change the meaning of HAVE_ATA_POWER_OFF, I think
22:52:37[IDC]Dragonlike HAVE_ATA_POWER_ON ?
22:53:41Zagori don't know the exact details. a NEEDS_ATA_POWER_ON is perhaps a more accurate name?
22:54:14Zagorthe main point is just to use config defines rather than model ones
22:56:18 Quit _aLF (
22:56:18 Quit [IDC]Dragon (
22:58:38NJoin_aLF [0] (
22:58:38NJoin[IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:59:19 Quit cjnr11 ()
23:02:34[IDC]DragonZagor: sorry, I was disconnected, but read your answer in the log
23:02:57[IDC]DragonI'm calling it NEEDS_ATA_POWER_ON
23:03:07[IDC]Dragonlike you said
23:12:36 Join thedude02 [0] (
23:13:07 Join cwa2 [0] (trilluser@
23:29:59 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- The dawn of a new age")
23:30:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:37:11thedude02indeed I see
23:37:17thedude02#fld is cool
23:45:55_aLF[IDC]Dragon> I'm back
23:46:20[IDC]DragonI'll send you something in a minute
23:48:29 Quit thedude02 ()

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