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#rockbox log for 2003-12-04

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00:49:36diddystar5hey zagor
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00:51:26midknight2k3hi zagor
00:51:28midknight2k3hi diddy
00:51:29midknight2k3hi toppy
00:56:25midknight2k3hey zagor!
00:56:47midknight2k3hows my new logo attempt
00:56:57Zagorlovely. please print a tshirt.
00:56:57midknight2k3i think it looks nice since its simplistic
00:57:05midknight2k3not cluttered with "
00:57:10midknight2k3"colors" and "lots of text"
00:57:21diddystar5Zagor: you have time to help make a logarithmic scalefor the vu meter?
00:57:40Zagorsorry, no
00:58:22midknight2k3you want a tshirt?
00:58:27midknight2k3i think i have the iron ons around
00:58:32midknight2k3whats your adress
00:58:37midknight2k3il ship one over :)
00:58:44Zagorthanks, i'll pass :)
00:59:03midknight2k3you don't like it?!! waa! that took over a minute to make!
00:59:13Zagoryou're slow :)
00:59:14midknight2k3a whole minute wasted
00:59:18midknight2k3and another 30 to post it
01:00:01midknight2k330 seconds that is
01:00:26midknight2k3i should make a more realistic attempt
01:00:33midknight2k3a 3d... palm tree
01:01:21midknight2k3"ROCKbox! It's your lifestyle
01:01:24CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
01:01:24*midknight2k3 nods
01:01:32midknight2k3i got some good ideas
01:01:41top_blokeyou could put it on your 3d iceberg
01:01:41top_blokealthough that wouldnt make much sense
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01:11:12midknight2k3hey hardeep
01:11:23Zagorhi hardeep
01:11:39midknight2k3zagor: how abouts a clock
01:11:44midknight2k3a full screen analog clock
01:11:53Zagorwe have one: the bounce demo
01:11:56midknight2k3i tried borrowing code from the old Tetris game but it didn't work
01:12:00midknight2k3bounce doesnt use clock
01:12:05midknight2k3cant RTC read from plugin
01:12:12midknight2k3it used to when it was merged with rockbox
01:12:31Zagorah, correct
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01:13:45midknight2k3can you at least get a clock.c started plspls?
01:13:53midknight2k3i cant get it to work minus error
01:13:57midknight2k3HEY dogger
01:14:02midknight2k3theres an av380 now
01:14:03Doggerhey midknight :)
01:14:13Doggerthere was a month or 2 ago!
01:14:13Zagorgrab the old bounce code from cvs then, and use that clock
01:14:18Dogger380 is old
01:14:23Doggerover priced as well
01:14:28midknight2k3there was
01:14:30Doggerget a 320, and an 80gig hdd
01:14:33Doggermuch cheaper
01:14:34midknight2k3zagor: it won't work
01:14:50midknight2k3i could delete bounce code one by one but i spent over an hour the first time to no luck
01:14:57midknight2k3plus the second and third times were... woo.
01:15:02midknight2k3can you just start it?
01:15:33midknight2k3did you change some RTC reads or something
01:16:37midknight2k3it . wont complie
01:17:09diddystar5i want to try making the clock again
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01:17:21diddystar5because the plugin api has get_time
01:17:41tracktheripperhi mid
01:17:43tracktheripperur mate is here
01:17:59diddystar5you read the logs ehh?
01:18:18midknight2k3since when was zagor my mate
01:18:20Zagordiddystar5: that should be simple. just restore the code from cvs. i stripped the clock when I first make it into a plugin
01:18:24tracktherippersince always
01:18:30midknight2k3that was me asking zagor
01:18:31 Quit AciD` ("Hiroshima 45, Tchernobyl 86, Windows 95")
01:19:18diddystar5Zagor: the code for the bool for the clock is still there, its just not ever used in it
01:19:34midknight2k3that was MY QUESTION! lol
01:19:56Zagordiddystar5: hey, look at that. you're right, so it's even simpler.
01:20:05midknight2k3zagor: it wont work!
01:20:07midknight2k3thats why i asked
01:20:10midknight2k3i tried it 3 times
01:20:28midknight2k3when i get it to compile, playing it will bring you back to dir browser
01:20:58diddystar5need to make it a loop
01:21:19midknight2k3didnt you try
01:21:43diddystar5well it didnt compile back then
01:21:53diddystar5if it compiled, that would have been simple
01:22:13midknight2k3it DID compile
01:22:45diddystar5Zagor: what does get_time do? the bouncer clock uses rtc_read()
01:23:00diddystar5or what does get_time return to be more exact
01:23:19Zagorsee plugin.h
01:24:11midknight2k3you can do get_time from a plugin?
01:24:15midknight2k3but not rtc_read?
01:24:19diddystar5struct tm* (*get_time)(void);
01:24:27diddystar5that tells me nothing
01:24:28midknight2k3perhaps that could do...
01:24:30midknight2k3probably not
01:26:15 Quit diddystar5 ("Bye")
01:26:54midknight2k3he'll be back
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01:27:44Zagordiddystar5: it means get_time() returns a pointer to a struct of type 'tm'. which is defined in firmware/include/time.h
01:28:04diddystar5ok thanks
01:28:05midknight2k3zagor: uh
01:28:09midknight2k3remember that key click patch
01:28:13midknight2k3turn on off DAC
01:28:30midknight2k3wouldnt that be bad for extended usage?
01:28:49midknight2k3i think after a few hundred button presses youd see smoke and it'dn't work anymore (the sound)
01:28:50Zagorhard to say. it wasn't good enough to include anyway.
01:28:57midknight2k3but if it was
01:28:59diddystar5ok i see what to do writing clock.c now :)
01:29:01midknight2k3that is bad for it isnt it
01:29:06midknight2k3yay diddy!
01:29:08Zagori pressed it far more than a few hundred times during my tests...
01:29:16midknight2k3that seems bad
01:29:28midknight2k3OFFON... OFFON... OFFON... OFFON...
01:29:44Zagorit doesn't have to be
01:30:23 Quit thedude02 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
01:30:33midknight2k3what doesn't?
01:30:35Zagoron the old C64, you used the same effect to play samples. and that never hurt them
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01:31:05midknight2k3so youre saying that pumping off and on multiple hundred times is perfectly fine?
01:31:24Zagorno. i'm saying we don't know either way.
01:31:25diddystar5everything but physicly
01:37:35tracktheripperwent to get some crisps
01:37:54midknight2k3i suppose that means potato chips?
01:37:59midknight2k3or pork rinds or something?
01:38:15tracktheripperready salted flavor
01:38:32diddystar5testing clock now...
01:38:34midknight2k3ready salted
01:39:08tracktheripperMidknight I wouldn't mind the : flashing in the clock like in the Archos firmware
01:39:26Zagori would
01:39:26midknight2k3this is different
01:39:37tracktheripperwhy is that zagor?#
01:40:01midknight2k3lol a whole option: general settings - display - clock colin - Flashing or On
01:40:10Zagorbecause blinking is for items that try to draw your attention to them. not the fricking clock.
01:40:21tracktheripperlol mid
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01:40:49midknight2k3you dont really notice
01:40:56midknight2k3the battery flashes when low
01:41:05tracktheripperor when the drain on the battery is high
01:41:14midknight2k3that what I MEAN!
01:41:15tracktheripperi.e when you have disk spinning all the time with the backlight on
01:42:39tracktherippermidknight how about an option to completely kill the LCD during playback to save battery power, and have the LCD come back on when a button is pressed?
01:43:32midknight2k3it goes off automatically but turns on when you press a button?
01:44:49top_blokehow about putting the date on the status bar?
01:44:53midknight2k3oh great
01:44:56midknight2k3OH THATS MY IDEA
01:44:57top_blokealthough there aint much room
01:45:00midknight2k3a double line status bar
01:45:07tracktheripperor show the date in the WPS
01:45:07top_blokeit is?
01:45:13midknight2k3it should be
01:45:17midknight2k3its my idea
01:45:22top_blokei NEVER know what date it is
01:45:28midknight2k3who cares
01:45:32diddystar5Zagor: how would i get the hour from get_time? i tried a few things, but they didnt work
01:45:37midknight2k3you pop out the archos in the middle of 5th period lol
01:45:37top_blokeok its (C) and (R) midknight2k3
01:45:56midknight2k3wait about 10 secs to bootup
01:45:57tracktheripperso mid any new pholyponic ringtones yet?
01:46:02diddystar5i eman what whou it look like (rb->get_time(blah);)
01:46:30tracktheripper"Thanks a a lot"
01:46:42midknight2k3"dont make me hit you"
01:46:49Zagordiddystar5: do like this:
01:47:07Zagorstruct tm* current_time = get_time();
01:47:20Zagorint hour = current_time->tm_hour;
01:47:28diddystar5ok thanks
01:47:40midknight2k3we can get hour, minute second etc?
01:47:46*midknight2k3 brews idea
01:47:58midknight2k3OH YES
01:48:01midknight2k3whats the options
01:48:06tracktheripperlol we are very excited about the clock
01:48:15midknight2k3this is actually a PLUGIN track
01:48:19midknight2k3itll be full featured
01:48:23tracktheripperdoes the Player have a clock?
01:48:32midknight2k3it has no RTC
01:48:37midknight2k3BOO HOO
01:48:42midknight2k3that really affects YOU
01:48:45tracktherippercouldn't there be a software RTC for it?
01:48:51midknight2k3oh my god.
01:48:56midknight2k3yes track
01:49:06midknight2k3would you love to set the clock each bootup?
01:49:13midknight2k3im sure you would
01:49:28tracktheripperwell u could have a "savetime.rtc" file on the HD which stores the time
01:49:59top_blokebut when its off it wouldnt know what time it is
01:50:07midknight2k3and the hard drive is constantly spinning to update it
01:50:09midknight2k3thats it
01:50:14midknight2k3might as well leave it on all day
01:50:23tracktheripperwell it could reside in the buffer
01:50:48midknight2k3keep the buffer powered up
01:50:57midknight2k3think about what you're saying
01:51:15midknight2k3ASIDE FROM THE FACT it'd take a whole line of charcells to show the time
01:51:31midknight2k3if it was possible dont you think it would be done already
01:51:53top_blokehow about putting the date on the f2/3 screens
01:51:57midknight2k3thats it
01:52:02top_blokethat would be sweet
01:52:11top_blokeat the top theres room
01:52:34 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
01:52:46midknight2k3tried my f2 patch anyone?
01:53:06 Join earHertz [0] (
01:53:07 Join diddystar5 [0] (
01:53:17top_blokemake it show date and i'll try it
01:53:32midknight2k3hey ear!
01:53:54 Quit diddystar5 (Client Quit)
01:54:12top_blokei'm gonna try do it
01:54:42midknight2k3lol... "clock.c may put a virus on your system! Are you sure you want to open?"
01:54:48midknight2k3nice one, windows.
01:55:18top_blokeu better watch out
01:55:29earHertzie considers source code dangerous?
01:55:32midknight2k3that C file will easily invade me with code
01:55:48midknight2k3ill be overrun with "static bool"'s!
01:56:15midknight2k3OH NO!
01:58:39midknight2k3zagor: how long will you be around
01:58:57Zagornot long. it's 2am here.
01:59:12midknight2k31:58 according to watch
01:59:24midknight2k3i thought you hated AM/PM
01:59:31earHertzzagor: how much has the code changed since early august?
01:59:41midknight2k3lol a lot maybe
02:00:14ZagorearHertz: not *that* much, actually. you can check it with cvs if you like.
02:00:37earHertzany major new features?
02:00:39midknight2k3early august?!
02:00:45midknight2k3are you kidding me
02:00:51midknight2k3my FM RADIO PATCH :D
02:01:03Zagormidknight2k3: we've been comparatively slow the last few months.
02:01:15tracktheripperwhat does the fm radio patch do?
02:01:22midknight2k3not really...
02:01:26midknight2k3it fixes it up
02:01:28earHertzmy fmr essentially broke down
02:01:34midknight2k3although my entire patch wasnt merged sadly
02:01:40ZagorearHertz: check out the release notes for the upcoming 2.1:
02:01:47earHertzthanks, zagor
02:02:05earHertzI seem to have a solder problem on the underside of the circuit board
02:02:22midknight2k3zagor: whadabout my chip8 icon or keyboard makeover!?!?!?!
02:02:25earHertzthe unit turns off or freezes depending on the pressure on the top bumpers
02:02:41earHertzSo I haven't been following rockbox lately.
02:02:56midknight2k3"- Automatically detects modified archos.mod/ajbrec.ajz after exiting USB
02:02:58midknight2k3 mode and asks if you want to run it
02:03:01midknight2k3not for me
02:03:06 Quit tracktheripper ("IceChat IRC client - Download it at")
02:03:10midknight2k3(ps: thanks for taking logbot off OP"
02:04:28earHertzinterestingly, sometimes the feeze is accompanied by an atempt to rolo
02:09:31midknight2k3dont go
02:09:50 Join tracktheripper [0] (
02:10:12tracktheripperhi Zagor
02:10:23midknight2k3dont go
02:13:11Zagorwhat is it?
02:14:04midknight2k3private chat?
02:19:07Zagorgotta go. g'night.
02:19:10 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
02:21:35top_blokeis there any menu where rockbox tells u the date?
02:21:57midknight2k3general settings - system - time / date
02:22:04midknight2k3set time/date maybe it is
02:22:20*midknight2k3 boots flashed archos quicker to beat toppy to the menu
02:22:37midknight2k3Set Time/Date
02:22:39midknight2k3thats it
02:22:57top_blokedamn your fast flashed box
02:23:02top_blokestatic bool timedate_set(void)
02:23:15midknight2k3you wnt to make a patch to show it?
02:23:27top_blokethis looks complicated
02:23:32top_blokeshow what
02:24:20top_blokeits more for setting date than showing it
02:24:32top_blokeof course it has to show it to set it
02:24:38midknight2k3you want to make patch to show date?
02:24:53top_blokein f2/3 menus
02:24:58top_blokeon top
02:25:17tracktheripper"FM radio chip emulator for the Recorder 10/20"
02:25:56tracktherippergone so quiet
02:26:28midknight2k3only when you talk
02:26:34midknight2k3im busy coding
02:26:38midknight2k3missing type.h
02:26:43tracktheripperok .h
02:26:44midknight2k3WHERE IS IT
02:26:49DBUGEnqueued KICK tracktheripper
02:26:58top_blokewheres what
02:26:58midknight2k3toppy: wana try?
02:27:02 Quit tracktheripper ("IceChat IRC client - Download it at")
02:27:47top_bloketrying to find the right code to steal
02:28:34top_blokesetting code looks too hard
02:28:53midknight2k3i know what to do
02:28:57midknight2k3lets do it
02:28:59midknight2k3your first patch
02:29:04midknight2k3lets hold hands now
02:29:23top_blokecalendar shows date
02:29:32top_blokebut its a plugin so
02:29:46midknight2k3itll work
02:29:51midknight2k3does it show current date?
02:29:53top_blokethis is too hard
02:30:02top_blokei give up
02:30:13top_blokenah j/k
02:30:14midknight2k3flick you off too
02:30:19midknight2k3mr. i give up
02:30:24top_blokeu know what to do?
02:30:31midknight2k3i think so
02:30:31top_blokeno i'm back
02:30:50top_blokeso which code to steal?
02:31:40top_blokeso much waiting
02:31:48midknight2k3JUST SHUT UP!
02:32:01top_blokeok sir.
02:33:38CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
02:33:38*top_bloke cant stand the wait
02:33:54 Quit Jet8810 ("Leaving")
02:33:56midknight2k3then get out o here
02:34:28top_blokewell i wanna do this
02:35:14midknight2k3well i wanna do this right
02:36:20midknight2k3i bet its stored in RTC
02:36:33top_blokewhat is
02:36:47midknight2k3it is
02:36:56top_blokeno doubt
02:37:13midknight2k3 inttm_mday;
02:37:13midknight2k3 inttm_mon;
02:37:13DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
02:37:13midknight2k3 inttm_year;
02:37:13midknight2k3 inttm_wday;
02:37:13***Alert Mode level 1
02:37:13midknight2k3 inttm_yday;
02:37:15midknight2k3 inttm_isdst;
02:37:34top_blokelogbot has no ops?
02:37:51top_blokewhere u at?
02:37:54top_blokewhich file
02:38:01midknight2k317:02:47 | <midknight2k3> (ps: thanks for taking logbot off OP"
02:38:09midknight2k3this is time.h in firmware/include
02:38:22top_blokeoh wtf
02:38:32top_blokei'm way off
02:38:54midknight2k3l o l
02:38:55top_blokesee i'm thinking to do it like the statusbar clock
02:39:00midknight2k3clock fine
02:39:03midknight2k3but thats clock
02:39:04midknight2k3not date
02:39:10top_blokei know
02:40:16top_blokei'm talking about doing it the way void statusbar_time(int hour, int minute) does
02:43:34midknight2k3yay it bilt
02:44:03top_blokewont work
02:44:40midknight2k3clock.rock stays at a blank screen
02:44:54midknight2k3i gotta idea
02:47:14***Alert Mode OFF
02:55:48top_blokeu doing clock.rock?
02:57:38top_blokewhat aboot the date
02:58:56midknight2k3doing clock.rock
02:59:03top_blokehar har har
02:59:17top_blokeDATE, man
02:59:38midknight2k3leme loook at the cod
03:00:07top_blokecode it up
03:00:53top_blokei think status.c has to tell it the date
03:00:59midknight2k3static bool leap_year;
03:01:18midknight2k3struct today {
03:01:18midknight2k3 int mday; /* day of the month */
03:01:18midknight2k3 int mon; /* month */
03:01:18midknight2k3 int year; /* year since 1900 */
03:01:18midknight2k3 int wday; /* day of the week */
03:01:20midknight2k3i got this
03:01:22midknight2k3thats in time.h
03:01:25midknight2k3which is included
03:01:31midknight2k3gimme a min
03:01:40midknight2k3ok got status.c open?
03:02:28midknight2k3go to the very top
03:02:55midknight2k3and at the end of the include list add: #include "timefuncs.h"
03:02:58midknight2k3if its not there already
03:03:49top_blokewell icons.c doesnt have it
03:03:53top_blokeand it shows the time
03:05:04midknight2k3ARE YOU LIAR?
03:05:30top_blokebut thats beside the point
03:05:31earHertzicons.c may include afile that includes it
03:06:18midknight2k3thats different
03:06:46midknight2k3will you listen or go off telling me that im wrong?
03:07:02zeyou're wrong!!1
03:07:12midknight2k3that does it.
03:07:14zedon't even try!! cause we already know before you speak!!
03:07:14midknight2k3im not helping
03:07:20top_blokehey i didnt say it
03:07:31zeok, my damage is done *goes away now*
03:07:33top_blokefine i'll do it myself
03:07:43top_blokei'll show all of u
03:07:51midknight2k3lets see this
03:07:57top_blokeso uh
03:08:00CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
03:08:00*midknight2k3 goes back to work on clock
03:08:06top_blokeyeah u do that
03:08:23midknight2k3lol "hmm ill do static_bool(put_time_on_lcd_where_it_belongs_please_!_!)
03:08:35top_blokecan u include too mcuh stuff?
03:08:47top_blokesay you include every file in every file
03:09:19midknight2k3just do it
03:09:20midknight2k3lets see
03:09:22midknight2k3i want to see
03:09:29top_blokei dont wanna over do i
03:09:29midknight2k3given up?
03:09:42midknight2k3oh what a fruit
03:09:43top_blokeno i aint licked yet
03:09:54top_blokeyoure a fruit
03:10:19midknight2k3MY CLOCK WORKS!
03:10:29midknight2k3its got a COOL animation too
03:10:36midknight2k3it draws the circle animatedly
03:10:52midknight2k3give it to me
03:11:39midknight2k3you are politically incorrect
03:11:41midknight2k3my clock works
03:11:44midknight2k3and its anunated
03:12:28midknight2k3oh wait
03:12:30midknight2k3its off time
03:12:34midknight2k3its not even right
03:12:47midknight2k3it says its like 1:12
03:13:43top_blokeway off
03:14:00top_blokecall it crazyclock.rock and ur done
03:14:38midknight2k3this ll be the ultra clock
03:16:11top_blokei have no idea what i'm doing
03:16:42midknight2k3you werent even trying remember
03:16:48top_blokei am
03:18:17top_blokeyou are
03:19:32top_blokescrew status.c
03:20:09midknight2k3what are you doing in status.c?
03:20:14midknight2k3it should be screens.c
03:20:17top_blokegood question
03:20:20top_blokei know
03:20:35top_blokebut status.c told the statusbar clock the time
03:21:44midknight2k3you dont need the time!
03:21:50midknight2k3i was helping till you butted in
03:21:52top_blokei know but its similar
03:22:02top_bloketo time
03:22:04midknight2k3ear: i refuse to speak to you until you name "earHurts"
03:24:01top_blokemhm i guess status does #include "timefuncs.h"
03:25:15top_blokemaybe u were right
03:25:21midknight2k3i was
03:25:24midknight2k3you were too dumb to listen
03:25:29 Join scott666 [0] (
03:25:46top_blokei was too into status.c and icons.c
03:26:02midknight2k3you were too into anti-midk
03:26:21top_blokeindeed i was
03:26:26midknight2k3so, heres to toppy
03:26:29*midknight2k3 flicks off
03:26:43top_blokehow do u put a number to the screen
03:26:54midknight2k3id tell you
03:26:56midknight2k3but you are mean
03:27:03top_blokeok i wont be mean
03:27:06top_blokeyoure right
03:27:08top_blokei'm wrong
03:27:35midknight2k3you are very wrong
03:27:41midknight2k3although that doesnt make me feel like helping
03:28:24top_blokewhy not
03:29:22midknight2k3its that you didnt believe me
03:29:34top_blokei see
03:29:48midknight2k3and you put me on flood protection
03:30:08top_blokecause u flooded me
03:30:12top_blokeand that was a while ago
03:30:19midknight2k3it was
03:30:21midknight2k3a long time ago
03:30:52top_blokelcd_putsxy(0, 0, mday);
03:31:03top_blokethat cant possible work right
03:31:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:31:07midknight2k3thats awful
03:31:14midknight2k3but it might work
03:31:22midknight2k3youll prolly need to use a variable
03:31:33top_blokemday is a variable
03:31:39top_blokeaint it?
03:31:45midknight2k3lcd_putsxy(0, 0, "%d", mday);
03:31:49midknight2k3or similar
03:32:03top_blokewhys that?
03:32:24midknight2k3try it and find out
03:32:32midknight2k3itll just put "mday" on the screen
03:32:38midknight2k3but you forgot the quotation marks
03:32:48top_blokeit'd be so much easier if i could make a sim
03:33:06midknight2k3no it wouldnt
03:33:35top_blokecause i could test it out right now
03:33:41midknight2k3you cant?
03:33:43midknight2k3why not
03:34:26top_bloketakes too long
03:34:30top_blokeand its a pain
03:34:44top_blokewhat packages from cygwin do u need
03:34:50top_blokei could dl it at school
03:35:06top_blokebut the whole entire thing is like 800 mb
03:35:40midknight2k3all of them
03:35:47midknight2k3theres just some
03:35:49midknight2k3but i dont know what
03:46:52 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")
03:58:56top_blokeok i got a ton of errors
03:59:05midknight2k3im sure you did
03:59:40top_blokei did
04:00:35midknight2k3lets cry
04:01:08top_blokeactually most are warnings!
04:01:29midknight2k3its moot
04:01:31top_blokenot real errors
04:01:37top_blokescrew warnings
04:02:12top_blokelike screens.c:449: warning: passing arg 3 of `lcd_putsxy' makes pointer from integer
04:02:15top_bloke without a cast
04:02:27top_blokescrew that i'll do what i want
04:02:43top_blokenah j/k i gotta fix this
04:03:01midknight2k3i can help in a bit
04:03:05midknight2k3i have trubble with clock for a sec
04:04:12top_blokei need to do a buffer
04:04:35top_blokebut south parks on and that has priority
04:04:36midknight2k3why would you
04:04:41top_blokeyeah i do
04:04:53midknight2k3what for
04:05:24top_bloke lcd_puts(0, 0, buffer);
04:05:48top_blokeand the buffer will have ALL the date stuff
04:05:54top_blokeday, month, year
04:06:07midknight2k3you do that,
04:06:14top_blokei will
04:06:19top_blokei have to it appears
04:06:36top_blokebut now south park
04:06:45top_blokelol theyre smoking
04:27:46midknight2k3be right back\
04:36:28top_blokeyay no errors
04:37:11top_blokea few warnings here or there...
04:43:02top_blokegot to roll
04:43:05 Quit top_bloke ("Keep it away from the fire unless you want it to burn. Wasted 16 minutes and 26 seconds online.")
04:43:52midknight2k3I WAS A FEW SECONDS LATE
05:07:22 Join ILuvit [0] (
05:07:51ILuvithi guys
05:09:10 Quit NibbIer (
05:09:18NJoinNibbIer [0] (
05:09:19ILuviti see there is a fix for the disk spining while charging how do i apply it
05:09:33midknight2k3flashed fmr?
05:09:44 Quit NibbIer (
05:09:44 Quit ILuvit (
05:09:44 Quit scott666 (
05:09:44 Quit dwihno (
05:09:44 Quit Hes (
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05:10:32midknight2k3you need to rerun firmware_flash.rock with a new firmware_fm.bin in the root
05:10:33midknight2k3do the dreaded dangerous terrifying "big flash" once more
05:10:33midknight2k3i was the first to test it
05:10:37midknight2k3now you need to hold on for boot again
05:10:45midknight2k3since i reflashed a diff ucl
05:10:48midknight2k3not sure what happened
05:10:55midknight2k3oh wait
05:10:59midknight2k3now it boots with one press
05:11:10midknight2k3ok good
05:11:12midknight2k31 press on
05:11:14midknight2k3i like it
05:12:19midknight2k3no problemo
05:12:22midknight2k3plug in charger
05:14:25ILuvitcan you point me to the latest Fm.bin ?
05:14:44midknight2k3does dcc send work for you?
05:14:50midknight2k3i have the copy he gave me
05:15:32ILuviti think so
05:16:14midknight2k3Sending request
05:16:14midknight2k3Awaiting reply
05:16:27midknight2k3guess not
05:17:44midknight2k3just a sec
05:19:06midknight2k3it's all in there
05:19:13midknight2k3i believe...
05:19:18midknight2k3should be.
05:20:09midknight2k3let me know if it isn't
05:23:42ILuvitdoes this one have the splash to indicate battery charging if user tries to shut off while plugged in.?
05:23:59midknight2k3it should...
05:24:03midknight2k3just a second
05:24:24ILuvitits from 12/03
05:24:39midknight2k3ah, no it doesn't
05:24:45midknight2k3you can reflash a ucl of it tomorrow
05:26:40ILuvitim going to give it a try
05:26:55midknight2k3good luck
05:27:03midknight2k3make sure batteries are good and charger is in
05:31:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:46:20 Quit ILuvit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:46:20 Quit NibbIer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:19:51 Join Geshka [0] (~g@
06:46:27 Quit midknight2k3 ()
06:50:00 Join matsl [0] (
06:55:04 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
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08:50:20 Join Arnaud [0] (
09:30:48 Join LinusN [200] (
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09:33:07dwihno\o/ Linus \o/
09:36:03dwihnoAnother day, full of surprises and happyness :)
09:36:24earHertzhappiness is for the weak
09:36:44earHertzLinus, youve unsoldered the FM circuit board, haven't you?
09:36:52zewhat if strength makes you happy
09:37:25dwihnoSorry you've already out of serotonin ;)
09:37:37earHertzIs that the converse of "Strength Through Joy"?
09:37:53ze"strength through joy?"
09:37:54dwihnoTHE BASICS!
09:37:59zenever heard of it
09:38:14webmindjoy makes you strong
09:38:16earHertz"Strength Through Joy" was a slogan of the NSDAP
09:38:23webmindbut it's an unsolid basis
09:38:29zewhats the NSDAP
09:38:35earHertzNazi party
09:38:38webmindwhat's nsdap ?
09:38:51earHertzNational Socialist German Worker's party
09:39:03earHertzer Workers' ?
09:39:31webmindwork = arbeit in german
09:39:54earHertzYes, just wondering about the apostrophe in English
09:40:11webmindno apostrophe in english
09:41:07earHertz"STJ" was a slogan of the Reich Labor Front
09:41:35earHertz"Strength Through Joy"
09:42:17zebut where's the joy?
09:42:59earHertzThe joy comes, presumably, from following the gloruious leader
09:43:13webmindwel not bad slogan.. although the people suck
09:43:20earHertzBut enough about the nazis
09:43:24webmindwhy is this channel 90% of the time offtopic ?
09:43:41earHertzBecause the hardest working of the coders don't waste time here? ;)
09:44:02earHertzYou ever read comp.lang.c++?
09:44:14dwihnoAnyone here done Win32 API coding?
09:44:23earHertzdwihno: not really.
09:44:30earHertzbut I've done a little bit
09:45:00earHertzAnd I've got a copy of the SDK, if you need something looked up.
09:45:25earHertzBut, does anyone have a photo of the back side of the FMR circuit board?
09:45:35dwihnoI've created a control (runtime) and need to know why it won't report any drag'n'drops (even if I've told the control to do so via DragAccept())
09:45:44webmindanyone here know japanese or has a .jp dictionairy ?
09:46:07LinusNearHertz: yes, i have unsildered it
09:46:39earHertzdwihno: Not sure. Have you used winspy or whatever to observe the messages being sent?
09:46:50earHertzLinusN: Have you a photo of the back of the board?
09:46:57LinusNat home :-(
09:47:38earHertzIf someone has never soldered, would you recommend his trying to unsolder the board?
09:47:43dwihnoearHertz: winspy? what's that? :)
09:48:04earHertzIt's an app that hooks the windows messages and reports them to a window
09:48:10LinusNearHertz: generally, no, but just removing the board is pretty trivial
09:48:41earHertzWould you need to use heat resistant clamps?
09:49:03LinusNwhat is that? :-)
09:49:29earHertzI'll take that as a no. do you use a suction device to remove the solder?
09:49:50LinusNi use braids
09:49:57dwihnoearHertz: hmm, mingw comes without such a thingy :)
09:51:00earHertzdwihno: download the Microsoft SDK. It contains a rudimentry program called "Spy" that does this.
09:51:28earHertzdwihno: I beleive Borland has a similar program, but probbaly not for free (?) may have a freeware app that does similar
09:52:04earHertzLinusN: Are you familiar with teh compression problem?
09:52:15dwihnoearHertz: ah, ok.
09:54:34earHertzdwihno: WM_DROPFILES
09:55:09earHertzLinusN: Would you be good enough to post your photo of the back of the board, or email it
09:58:22dwihnoearHertz: I'm listening for that already. I got it working with the HWND of the main window, but not my custom control. I presume I have to use an additional callback for my custom control. I'll test that as soon as I'm done with my current work stuff.
09:59:05earHertzYes, probably.
09:59:06LinusNearHertz: the compression problem?
09:59:26LinusNyou mean freezing when pushing the bumpers?
09:59:27 Join NibbIer [0] (
09:59:51LinusN(i read your earlier IRC discussion)
10:00:17earHertzI made the mistake of carrying my FMR in my front pants pocket. Sitting would compress it, resulting in power off. after a while, I could not (easily) get it to boot. Most times, the green led would come on, but no booting would occur.
10:00:46LinusNhave you opened it at all?
10:01:19earHertzinserting wooden matches (sandpapered down) between circuit board and battry makes it a bit weasier to boot; failures to boot now show the splash screen.
10:01:47earHertzYes, I first opened it to swap the HDD; this probbaly exacerbated the compression problem.
10:02:10earHertzAs I bent the back plate rather than unsolder the board
10:02:23LinusNhave you had a look at the battery?
10:02:38earHertzYes; at first I thought it was a battery problem.
10:03:14earHertzbut it seems that pressing the bumper (or the board under the bumper) causes the problem, regardless of battery connection
10:04:40LinusNand this started happening after replacing the hd?
10:05:27earHertznot really.
10:05:35earHertzThis happened in august.
10:05:47earHertzI replaced the hdd in April (?)
10:05:56LinusNi wish i could have a look at it myself...
10:06:03earHertzYou can.
10:06:10earHertzThat is, I have a webcam.
10:06:47earHertzI strongly suspect there's a small solder crack/break on the underside of the board.
10:07:19earHertzNewmp3technology is certain they can fix it. But I'd prefer to save the $99, and have the pleasure of doing it myself.
10:07:19LinusNi don't think so
10:07:33earHertzWhat's your gues?
10:07:34LinusNi don't think there is a crack
10:07:42LinusNi think you have a shortcut
10:07:49earHertzin a wire, I mean. Not in the board itself.
10:08:04LinusN(my english is rusty)
10:08:07earHertzor short, for, uh, short.
10:08:21earHertzyes, short-circuit, or short is teh correct English.
10:08:43earHertzNp. Thanks for not making me learn Swedish
10:09:04LinusNwere there a rubber/plastic mat to protect the hd?
10:09:21earHertzA sticky plastic lining, yes.
10:09:29earHertzThis lining was transfered to the new hdd
10:09:48earHertzand addditional sticky plastic insulation was added at the edges.
10:09:59LinusNin which end of the device is it sensitive?
10:10:43earHertzThe sticky plastic WAS somewhat frayed where the battery cap hits it, and where the right bumper joins the "foot"
10:10:54earHertzbut the sensitivity id on the LEFT
10:11:09earHertzthe frayed sticky plastic was reinforced with cellophane tape
10:11:58LinusNleft top or left bottom?
10:11:59earHertzindeed, pressing on the top-mopst, left-most ic will provoke the problem
10:12:06earHertzleft top
10:12:39earHertzleft as you look at the lcd, of course
10:13:12LinusNat the battery panel?
10:13:14earHertzadditionally, insufficient pressure will make the unit freeze,.
10:13:34earHertzpressure at the top-most, left most ic, right under the bumper
10:13:43earHertzwill cuase it to not boot
10:13:56earHertzlack of pressure on the backplate will cause it to freeze
10:15:00LinusNcan you see if the chassis tab is correctly soldered at that point?
10:15:50earHertzThe solder between the board and back plate? yes.
10:16:30earHertzThe bottommost right side solder point is broken. The one nearest the charger plug
10:16:46 Join Schnueff [0] (
10:17:20earHertzironically, it works fine if the top left bumper is not on
10:17:30earHertzwell, almost fine, anyway
10:18:11LinusNmaybe there is a crack after all...?
10:18:42LinusNor the solder pad has been separated from the PCB
10:19:03earHertzI am willing, of course, to do any tests you'd care to prescribe.
10:19:33LinusNhave you tried to resolder that particular pad?
10:19:38earHertzinterestingly, compression wihoile running often invokes the rolo code.
10:19:48earHertzthe bottom right? no
10:19:53LinusNthe top left
10:20:04earHertzthe top left isn't broken
10:20:26LinusNreally really sure?
10:20:37earHertzLewt me double-check. brb
10:20:44LinusNmaybe the traces from the pad are broken?
10:21:40earHertzthere are two solder points on the top left under the bumper. Both are intact.
10:21:54earHertzI don't understand "traces" or "pad"
10:23:02LinusNi suspect that you either have a short-circuit somewhere, or the connection to the chassis is damaged
10:23:21LinusNthe chassis is the ground
10:23:48earHertzThe ground. I know the battery connects through the chassis.
10:24:15earHertzI don't understand electronics, but I never liked that.
10:24:17LinusNi had a similar problem with my fm, where the chassis solder pad broke off the pcb
10:24:25webmindthe battery should only connect at 1 point to the chassis
10:24:58earHertzwhich is the battery cap, right?
10:25:10LinusNi don't follow you
10:25:29earHertzthe top thing on the FMR
10:25:44webmindfm has a different battery right ?
10:25:48LinusNyes, thats where the battery ground is connected
10:25:56earHertztit has two "legs" that connetact the batteries, and three
10:26:06earHertz"tails" that contact the backplate
10:26:15LinusNi'm still talking about the top left tab that connects the ground to the pcb
10:26:20earHertzfmr has TWO batteries connected in parallel
10:26:44earHertzby tab you mean the solder point?
10:29:29LinusNi mean the bent tab on the chassis
10:29:41LinusNthat connects to the solder point
10:29:56LinusNthat in turn connects to the ground on the pcb
10:30:38earHertzAh, I didn't realize the tab connects to the pcb ground
10:32:03earHertzStupid question: the loss of the paint on the back-plate would have any effect, would it?
10:32:42LinusNit may have exaggerated the problem
10:35:27earHertzAmazing. That paint is BOUND to come off eventually. What was Archos thinking??
10:36:06LinusNwhen i think of it, i doubt that the paint matters
10:37:33earHertzIs there a good reason to use the chassis as ground?
10:39:42LinusNyes, for shielding from electrical interference
10:42:43earHertzSo all power to the board flows though that topmost leftmost tab?
10:44:26LinusNit is one of six ground connections
10:45:03LinusNbut it may be that you have broken the connection to the rest of the ground plane on the pcb, so that it depends on thet tab being correctly sonnected
10:45:28earHertzOkk, if the chassis is the ground, why does the battery connect one of its terminals to the chassis and nothing else?
10:47:19earHertzOh, one other question. There's a little tiny screw that goes through the board and into the plastic front plate. What does it do?
10:48:08LinusNit holds the plate in place
10:48:39earHertzI removed it long ago. That can't possibly contribute to my problem, can it?
10:48:40LinusNthe other end of the battery connects inside
10:49:04LinusNi don't think the screw matters that much
10:49:37earHertzYes, I know the other terminal connects inside. I just don't understand how the chassi both is the ground and the "wire" for one battery terminal.
10:50:00LinusNthat end of the battery terminal is the ground end
10:50:14LinusNit is supposed to connect to the ground
10:50:49earHertzI though there were just positive and negative terminals.
10:51:12earHertzAs you can tell, my electronics knowledge is lrudmentry
10:55:04earHertzSo, if I saw the back of the board, would the problem be obvious do you think?
10:56:27LinusNnot sure
10:56:52LinusNi think you problem may be on the top of it
10:58:07earHertzon top?
10:58:46LinusNsorry, front, as opposed to back
10:58:57earHertzyes, I undeerstood.
10:59:03earHertzI was just surprised
10:59:22earHertzhmm. Nothing /looks/ funny in font/on top
10:59:42LinusNa crack in the pcb may be hard to spot with the naked eye
11:00:14earHertzpcb is the plastic part of the board
11:00:19LinusNtry to resolder the chassis solder point
11:00:40LinusNpcb *is* the board
11:00:50LinusN4-6 layers
11:00:56earHertzthe green stuff
11:01:59LinusNthe pcb (Printed Circuit Board) is the board
11:02:24LinusNwith 4 or 6 layers of copper traces on it
11:17:13 Quit earHertz (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:22:07 Join Guest1 [0] (
11:23:25Guest1hello. i have a question about my archos fm recorder. when i try to power the thing off, it ends up turning the thing back on. does anyone have any idea what might cause this?
11:24:49LinusNthere are several ways to fix that, the simplest way will be to remove the battery
11:25:36Guest1okay. thanks.
11:26:01LinusNtry it and tellme if it worked
11:26:40Guest1and another quick question. before using rockbox, my player would randomly quit playing music. it wouldn't lock up or anything the sounds levels would simply fall out and i would have to reboot it. is that just a flaw in the archos firmware or is it in my player?
11:27:18LinusNhmm, haven't heard of any problems like that before
11:27:36LinusNbut if rockbox fixes it, it may very well be a bug in the original firmware
11:28:07LinusNdo you have any warranty left?
11:30:11Guest1i'm pretty sure i do.
11:30:41LinusNyou could try to return it for replacement
11:30:45LinusNjust in case
11:31:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:31:29Guest1i'm on my third replacement already. i'm starting to think maybe they're pieces of crap, but obviously you guys are having luck with them, right?
11:31:51LinusNi have only one FMR, and it works for me
11:32:17LinusNi also have a rec20, and two Player6k, also ok
11:33:05Guest1see. and a friend of mine has a rec20 and it's fine. i guess i just have terrible luck.
11:33:14LinusNwhat was wrong with the first two?
11:34:37Guest1same problem. the top cover thing. i'm not too good with technical terms, would come up and result in the battery dying. but this newest version has screws in the top to keep that from happening.
11:38:44LinusNto be honest, i haven't used my fmr that much in daily life, i mostly use it for development
11:48:56LinusNdid the battery removal do the trick?
11:49:01Guest1i'm not finding on the archos site how to take out the batteries, do you know where it is, off hand.
11:50:32LinusNare you able to install a new firmware where you are now?
11:50:44LinusNhang on
11:56:22LinusNinstall it and i'll guide you through the procedure
11:56:35Guest1okay. cool.
11:57:52LinusN(it may actually be a tiny flaw in rockbox that causes this)
11:57:53*dwihno just realizes Smilla already turned 1!
11:58:00LinusNdwihno: indeed!
11:58:06dwihnoTime flies indeed.
11:59:36dwihnoHas she begun crawling?
12:00:13*dwihno knows nothing about kids (except they have this tendency to make loud noises and destroy stuff) :)
12:00:33LinusNshe can stand, but she doesn't yet walk
12:01:05dwihnoAwww :)
12:01:31Guest1okay firmware is installed.
12:02:29LinusNfirst of all, is the problem still there?
12:03:12Guest1actually no.
12:03:39Guest1thank you so much.
12:03:46LinusNlet's try a thing anyway
12:04:23LinusNgo to menu->debug->view/clr rtc ram
12:07:32LinusNtell me the first number on the 0x08 row
12:08:01LinusNgood, now exit and go to "View i/o ports"
12:08:28LinusNpress F1 once and exit with OFF
12:08:46LinusNgo back to "view rtc ram"
12:09:18LinusNwhat does it say now?
12:09:31LinusNnow try to shut off
12:09:59Guest1now it's back to not shutting down right.
12:10:25LinusNgo to "view i/o ports" and press f1 again
12:10:56LinusNthen it will be back to normal again
12:11:21Guest1haha. wow.
12:11:39Guest1so what exactly did all of that just do? or is it really hard to explain.
12:13:27LinusNit is related to the wake up alarm feature
12:13:47Guest1i see.
12:13:55LinusNthe real time clock has an output that can be triggered by the alarm clock
12:14:12LinusNthis output is connected to the power circuits
12:14:39LinusNwhen the alarm clock is off, the output can be controlled by the MSB of register 8 in the RTC
12:14:55LinusNi added some code that could toggle that bit
12:15:08LinusNwith F1 in "view i/o ports"
12:15:19Guest1so now the problem should never happen again?
12:15:24LinusNi'll add it permanently in the boot sequence in rockbox
12:16:10LinusNi'll try to make it to the next daily build
12:16:36Guest1okay. so if, by chance, the problem happens again, just go through the same steps?
12:18:30LinusNyes, but it will only work with the firmware version i gave you
12:19:05Guest1okay, cool.
12:19:28Guest1thanx again. i really appreciate it.
12:19:55LinusNyou're welcome
12:20:08 Quit Guest1 ("Leaving")
12:28:38 Join Jet8810 [0] (
12:28:45 Quit Jet8810 (Client Quit)
13:01:33 Part LinusN
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17:35:22 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
17:44:47 Join edx [0] (
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21:50:16 Join Zagor [0] (
21:50:36Mode"#rockbox +o Zagor " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
21:50:43Topic"2.1 released" by Zagor (
21:51:11Mode"#rockbox -o Zagor " by Zagor (
21:51:15Zagorhi dragon
21:52:27[IDC]DragonHi Zagor!
21:52:39[IDC]DragonTopic changed, good.
21:52:56[IDC]Dragonset it to "celebrate 2.1!"
21:53:06Mode"#rockbox +o Zagor " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
21:53:17Topic"Celebrate the 2.1 release!" by Zagor (
21:53:20Mode"#rockbox -o Zagor " by Zagor (
21:53:22Zagorok :)
21:53:52[IDC]Dragonare those last minute changes all in?
21:54:06[IDC]Dragon(haven't tried it yet)
21:54:36Zagoryes they are
21:54:58Zagorthe ? battery indicator was a good idea
21:55:21[IDC]Dragonwas that mine?
21:58:56[IDC]DragonZagor, I have a request for the plugin API
21:59:26[IDC]Dragondirect frame buffer access
22:02:28Zagoryes, i have planned that
22:03:04[IDC]Dragonno big deal, just exporting that pointer would do it
22:03:33Zagorwe also need to stop mp3 playback if that is ongoing
22:04:18Zagorso the buffer isn't used by both the plugin and the mp3 thread
22:04:37[IDC]Dragonnot mp3 buffer, I was talking about the LCD backbuffer
22:05:28 Quit Cheek ()
22:05:41Zagorright, that would suffice with just exporting the pointer. what were you thinking of doing?
22:06:30[IDC]Dragonfaster display manipulation
22:06:56[IDC]Dragonout "blit" function won't be necessary then
22:07:32Zagorthere are disadvantages, though. it won't work in the simulator, for intance.
22:08:20[IDC]DragonThe simulator has no such buffer?
22:08:32Zagorit doesn't work the same way
22:09:09[IDC]DragonI would have needed the access when I ported the chip8 emulator.
22:09:37[IDC]DragonNow I had to introduce an extra buffer, copy it one more time.
22:10:16[IDC]Dragonlcd_bitmap() seems to be "broken", can only do 1 stripe at a time
22:10:33Zagor16 pixels max
22:10:38[IDC]Dragonalthough the code looks like it could work on any boundary
22:10:44Zagorif i recall correctly
22:13:26[IDC]Dragonanyway, it does lot of unnecessary bit manipulations if you just want to copy the buffer, and _not_ copying it would be even better
22:13:56[IDC]DragonI's april soon, we have to prepare for the Doom implementation
22:14:27puffii wonder if it would be possible to implement a software crossfeed to improve headphone listening... i understand not much dsp is possible, but only very little would be needed for this...
22:14:49Zagorpuffi: not so little. you need dual decoders, which is not available.
22:15:26[IDC]DragonZagor: Seriously, I want to try halftoning the LCD by "temporal dithering".
22:16:09Zagordragon: it's worth a try. the serial line is the bottleneck though.
22:16:40puffizagor: dual decoders? i don't think so... just buffer the decoded output and add it to the other channel after a delay and attenuation.
22:16:56[IDC]DragonI know, but recall that we can do quite a good fps, still.
22:17:01Zagorpuffi: we can't get to the decoded output. it goes straight into the DAC.
22:17:25puffioh, i see... that would be a problem ;(
22:17:26Zagoralso we can't add PCM data to the audio stream, it must be mp3
22:18:02Zagorwe'd have to decode both mp3s, crossmix them, then recode into mp3 again. all in realtime, or at least during a single track.
22:18:44 Join leapingfrog [0] (
22:18:48Zagorit might actually be possible, for a second or so of crossfeed...
22:18:54 Join elinenbe [0] (
22:19:05[IDC]Dragonand a ton of code...
22:19:14elinenbe2.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22:19:51elinenbewhat patches are going to make it into the new dailys? the bookmarking patch? hardeep's dynamic playlist viewer? talkbox???
22:20:35Zagorthere's nothing decided yet. but naturally all good code is considered.
22:20:38[IDC]DragonYes, what have we held back during the feature freeze? Cards on the table, please.
22:21:03Zagorthe bookmark patch, naturally, although it still needs much work
22:21:18Zagorhardeeps playlist code too
22:21:26[IDC]DragonI think talkbox should be nice and easy
22:21:27Zagorand we need to take a good look at the button layout
22:21:45Zagoryeah, it sounds like a simple fix. I haven't looked at the code yet though.
22:22:36[IDC]DragonMaybe I'd work it in
22:22:50elinenbeZagor, instead of button layout fixes...
22:23:10elinenbewhat about customizable quickscreens
22:23:17elinenbeor no quickscreens at all;
22:23:28[IDC]DragonI think that's the same category
22:23:33elinenbeso I could make f2 increase the volume or I could make f2 a quickscreen
22:23:57elinenbeor I could make f2 point to a rock?
22:24:00Zagorwe're discussing replacing the quickscreens with "quickmenus" or something, that works better in other languages and allows for much more varied functions
22:24:24elinenbewhat about the quickscreen menu patch
22:24:40Zagorconfigurable buttons is Rockbox' Holy Grail. we'd all love it, but it's a lot of work to make.
22:24:41elinenbewhere it put 5 items into the quickscreen −− right aligned?
22:24:55 Quit cjnr11 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:25:06elinenbewho was working on this back in the day? we need him back here? the German...
22:25:21elinenbewho did nibbler and the peak-meter...
22:26:25Zagorwas it uwe?
22:34:17 Quit MT (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:34:33 Join MT [0] (
22:39:15 Quit leapingfrog ()
22:47:19[IDC]DragonZagor: exporting lcd_framebuffer would be OK withthe simulator, I think.
22:47:45[IDC]DragonIt has a back buffer with the same layout
22:48:30[IDC]DragonThat's why lcd_bitmap() has no simulator implementation
22:48:35Zagoryou're right. hmm, why was i thinking differently?
22:48:45[IDC]Dragonthe regular code works for it
22:48:46Zagorthen I see no problem at all with it
22:48:58[IDC]Dragonneithe do I ;)
22:51:27[IDC]Dragonanother nice thing for games would be the ability to queue something inthe mp3 playback buffer, but that's harder.
22:52:25 Join leapingfrog [0] (
22:54:32edxZagor: haven't seen you quite a while... you're never around when i'm lookin ;)
22:54:48 Join matsl [0] (
22:54:57edxim a stupid newbie... damn i screwed my archos :<
22:55:27edxduring a flight i forgot to take it out the luggage.. now the display's damaged
22:56:23edxreally... plus i fragged my 3rd pair of sony EPs
22:56:31edx(for the very same reason)
22:56:50Zagori just got a new pair today myself
22:56:59edxwell... if i decide to get a new device.. which one should i choose?
22:57:07[IDC]DragonLinus was asking about LCD sources recently
22:57:14edxa what was the mess with yours? like one ear very silent?
22:57:43[IDC]DragonI recommend Koss PortaPro
22:57:47Zagorboth were rather silent, actually. although the right was worse. i think i killed them with water or something.
22:58:04Zagorportapro is not the same category
22:58:10[IDC]Dragonor Ethymotic, if money is no issue
22:58:19edxhm i guess i killed mine (three times) by not being careful enough and they got hit somehow...
22:58:25Zagoractually, the etymotics are lousy
22:58:31Zagori've had them, and returned them
22:58:32edxsony rocks ;D
22:58:45[IDC]Dragonwhich did you have?
22:58:50edxhm but what archos should i get... recorder again? or is there something better?
22:59:08[IDC]DragonRecorder while you still can
22:59:17[IDC]Dragonif you can...
22:59:25Zagori agree
22:59:29*edx sony mdr ex71sl
22:59:30[IDC]DragonI have ER4-S
22:59:50edxyou still can? they're gonna stop production? *shocked!*
23:00:12[IDC]DragonIn terms of purity, they're the best I have (and I have other good phones)
23:00:36Zagoronly in mid and high end. they kill the bass completely. at least the ones I had.
23:00:59[IDC]DragonBut the Archos is by for not a suitable driver
23:01:03edxhmm mine have really great bass.. like down to 6Hz
23:01:07[IDC]Dragonby far
23:01:12Zagorthe archos was not the issue. i tried them in many different amps
23:01:33[IDC]Dragon6 Hz: I don't think so
23:01:37edxso what about the recorder?
23:02:04edxwell i dont either.. that's what sony says - but from my feeling... very low.. ike at least 15Hz or something.. best phones I ever used
23:02:14[IDC]DragonThe bass heavily depends on the fit, but I admit it's weak
23:02:36[IDC]Dragonedx: 35 Hz is low-bass
23:02:50edxi know :p
23:02:50[IDC]Dragonat about 20 Hz, audibility stops
23:02:59edxi dont know :p
23:03:09edxwell they had really great bass
23:03:23[IDC]Dragonvery likely, you heared harmonics
23:03:51edxnow whats that?
23:04:22[IDC]Dragonnot the base frequency, but upper replications of it
23:04:43edxhm... ok
23:04:56edxwhatever, i'll buy them again ;)
23:05:27[IDC]Dragonhow much are those?
23:05:34edx50 Euros
23:05:58[IDC]Dragoncoming close to the Koss
23:06:40edxnever used those...
23:07:08[IDC]Dragonyou could try Koss SportaPro. They're said to have the same drivers as the PortaPro, but are cheaper.
23:07:42edxyou consider them better than the sony phones?
23:07:55[IDC]DragonThe think I didn't like about those Koss is the exaggerated bass.
23:08:06[IDC]DragonI don't know the sonys.
23:08:09edxah ok
23:08:29edxCompared to other phones they sony's bass is exaggerated, too.
23:08:31[IDC]Dragontry headdwize if you want all the opinions
23:10:07[IDC]Dragonand search headphone reviews
23:11:05puffigrado sr60
23:11:34[IDC]Dragonthey're a bit big for portable
23:13:26puffithe archos jukebox itself is also a bit big for a portable ... ;)
23:14:53puffinevertheless i just ordered one of the last v1 recorders before they get impossible to find anymore... :)
23:18:45[IDC]DragonI am also thinking about a second, backup one
23:19:04[IDC]DragonI invested so much time in that box
23:20:51 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
23:26:29 Join Jet8810 [0] (
23:31:26 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
23:31:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:41:34edxZagor: is 280 Euro ok for an Archos Recorder at the moment?
23:43:35uskiedx: whoooo it is cheap
23:43:38uskiwhere is it ?
23:43:45edxamazon ;)
23:43:48uski(it is cheap for a new one)
23:43:52 Join earHertz [0] (
23:43:53edxincluding car charger and stuff
23:43:53uskiok !
23:44:07edxyou want the exact link? maybe its available in your country, too?
23:44:34edx ... try replacing the .de by something else
23:45:54 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
23:46:10adi|homezagor.. you around?
23:47:33 Join qwer [0] (
23:47:43adi|homeokay.. updating the FAQ
23:47:49adi|homerecording.. where is that located?
23:47:51adi|homei never use it
23:47:55Zagorin the menu
23:48:03 Join quelsaruk [0] (~WzY@
23:49:04adi|homescrew it.. im just going to point them to the manual :)
23:49:06earHertzanybody ever make a patch to make it impossible to record?
23:49:37quelsarukhi Zagor :)
23:49:48ZagorearHertz: just remove the option from apps/main_menu.c
23:49:52Zagorquelsaruk: hi
23:50:01earHertzas long as it records, it can't be taken into a Federal courthouse, or other gov'mint buildings
23:50:12earHertzyou'd have to disable rolo too.
23:50:43earHertzand for flash recorders, ON+F1 boot
23:50:46Zagorlol. just leave it outside... :-)
23:50:56earHertzthat's what I did last time.\
23:50:59Zagoraren't laptops allowed in courts either?
23:51:20earHertzI don't know.
23:51:34quelsarukwhat happens??
23:51:37earHertzI assume my Zaurus would be not allowed given that it records too.
23:51:45earHertzBut what about cell phones?
23:52:46 Quit qwer ("Leaving")
23:52:57hardeephow about just scraching off the "Recorder" string from the front of the device
23:53:05hardeepThey won't know it records then!
23:53:39adi|homezagor is id3v2 support still limited to the first 300 bytes?
23:53:40elinenbehardeep: would you commit your dynamic playlist viewer patch? I am sick of patching my stuff :D
23:53:43earHertzYes, well, there's always the possibility of having to testify under penalty of perjury.
23:53:53Zagoradi|home: no
23:53:59earHertzand only Presidents can lie under oath
23:54:30earHertzZagor: the buffer in mp3entry is now > 300 bytes?
23:56:34quelsarukelinenbe, does that exist?
23:57:32ZagorearHertz: no the buffer is still 300 bytes but we search for it in more than the first 300 bytes
23:58:22earHertzwell, we always searched as far as the id3 header told us was id3 tag sapce
23:58:36hardeepelinenbe: now that 2.1 is release it should hopefully be in soon
23:58:43earHertzat least, we did when I added my patch to it

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