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#rockbox log for 2003-12-07

00:02:30tracktheripperjust buy a watch instead :-)
00:02:43tracktheripperand stick it on the underside of the archos :)
00:02:55midknight2k3te hee
00:04:00tracktheripperthats EXACTLY what mikeholden would say
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01:12:15trackhi mid
01:13:44trackhas zafor helped u out yet?
01:14:08midknight2k3think its fixed
01:14:17trackwhat does he think of the rap
01:14:26midknight2k3I ROCK
01:14:40trackmid it wasnt' you that wrote it
01:15:20midknight2k3not really
01:15:27midknight2k3but its about 3x as much code as the bounce one was
01:15:29scott666midknight2k3: why were you asking for a programmer the other day?
01:15:35midknight2k3id say its not really the same anymore
01:15:39midknight2k3for my clock
01:16:21scott666oh like a big round clock?
01:17:22trackmidknight reshuffle or id3 tag editor is prob more useful
01:17:30tracksince there is already a clock
01:18:05midknight2k3TRACK SHUT
01:18:20midknight2k3thats like saying why make games when we can use apps
01:18:26midknight2k3uhh... why do you think?
01:18:30trackThere is already a clock in the Bounce demo I think
01:19:20trackis c++ the same as BASIC?
01:20:50midknight2k3there is
01:21:11tracki thought wiv C++ you simply write what u want the archos to doo
01:21:15midknight2k3you do
01:21:18midknight2k3but not like basic
01:21:27tracklike "backlight_on" if u want backlight on
01:22:24midknight2k3and its C not C++
01:22:43dsgtrack: Uhm. Well, for one, that doesn't look like C++. And for another thing, Rockbox isn't written in C++.
01:23:10dsgWell, you could write C++ code into it, not a big deal. But learn C! :P
01:27:33Zagorbed time. bye guys.
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01:31:26midknight2k3sdd dfd "thanks a lot"
01:31:46trackon a British keyboard its QWERTY, on a French keyboard its AZERTY, on a German keyboard its QWERT, and on a mikeholden keyboard its ABCDEFG......
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01:38:40trackmid can you touchtype?
01:43:56trackim pretty good at it myself
01:44:53midknight2k3nice try
01:45:02trackwhat u mean nice try?
01:46:10midknight2k3nice try.
01:46:23trackwhat u mean nice try?
01:46:26trackyou can't see me typing
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01:52:55Seven2486where do you get roms for the chip8 emu
01:53:37midknight2k3there are some at the patch page
01:53:51midknight2k3at the patch that it started at
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01:58:00tracknone of them have sound though
01:58:11midknight2k3who wants soudn
01:58:13midknight2k3they suck anyways
02:06:17tracknever mind
02:11:43midknight2k31:11am tracky you up late
02:19:06trackactually its 1:20 here
02:19:39trackwhat is it with you and the pissypoxypissy sdf ddf?
02:21:14tracknever mind
02:25:38midknight2k3thats funny
02:26:05midknight2k317.31.32 # <track> yea a pissy poxy pissy crossfader ...
02:26:11midknight2k301.08.37 # <track> god its only a pissy poxy pissy iceberg ...
02:26:24midknight2k323.30.16 # <tracktheripper> well
02:26:24midknight2k3overclock the Archo's pissy poxy pissy 12Mhz processor!
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02:28:05midknight2k317.28.41 # <scott666> what about a rio karma?
02:28:05midknight2k317.29.03 # <track> i don;t like the look of it
02:28:05midknight2k317.30.41 # <track> it looks too old-fashioned for my liking
02:28:05DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
02:28:05midknight2k317.31.09 # <scott666> yeah but the features are nice
02:28:05midknight2k317.31.32 # <track> yea a pissy poxy pissy crossfader. big deal
02:28:06***Alert Mode level 1
02:28:06midknight2k317.32.50 # <track> theres more to life than a crossfader
02:28:29midknight2k317.31.32 # <track> yea a pissy poxy pissy crossfader ...
02:28:34midknight2k301.08.37 # <track> god its only a pissy poxy pissy iceberg ...
02:28:39midknight2k323.30.16 # <tracktheripper> well
02:28:44midknight2k3overclock the Archo's pissy poxy pissy 12Mhz processor!
02:28:49midknight2k3aa haha
02:29:17midknight2k3you say that too much
02:29:27trackwell you say sdd ddf too much
02:29:28midknight2k317.28.41 # <scott666> what about a rio karma?
02:29:29midknight2k317.29.03 # <track> i don;t like the look of it
02:29:29midknight2k317.30.41 # <track> it looks too old-fashioned for my liking
02:29:29***Alert Mode level 2
02:29:29midknight2k317.31.09 # <scott666> yeah but the features are nice
02:29:29***Alert Mode level 3
02:29:29midknight2k317.31.32 # <track> yea a pissy poxy pissy crossfader. big deal
02:29:29***Alert Mode level 4
02:29:29midknight2k317.32.50 # <track> theres more to life than a crossfader
02:29:46midknight2k3theres more to life than a crossfade
02:29:57midknight2k3jgfklfo jkgfgfjggjaiirjgsjoriy
02:31:33trackmidknight make urself useful and write the FM chip emulator program
02:31:47midknight2k3theres more to life than a crossfader
02:32:17trackbut at least i never said pissypoxypissy mikeholden
02:32:26midknight2k3you just did
02:32:43trackyea but not in any specific context
02:32:51midknight2k3yes youdid
02:33:18track]im still fuming over "you really didn't think this through did you!"
02:33:23trackthat was un-necessary
02:33:50midknight2k3STILL FUMING?
02:33:59trackand I have my reasons
02:33:59midknight2k3what a tard
02:34:12midknight2k3a hah ahaahahaa
02:34:56midknight2k3what is the dimensions of lcd
02:36:01midknight2k3youre so pissypoxypissypoxypissy sometimes
02:39:30***Alert Mode OFF
02:42:00midknight2k3bye all
02:42:01midknight2k3bye bod
02:42:02midknight2k3by track
02:42:04midknight2k3bye scott
02:42:08midknight2k3by logbot
02:42:11midknight2k3bye ze
02:42:18midknight2k3bye elinenbe
02:42:20midknight2k3bye webmind
02:42:25midknight2k3bye everyobne
02:42:57midknight2k3ook for my clock in the patch tracker later or in a few days :-D
02:42:57Nib|g0n3nn midknight2k3
02:43:07midknight2k3bye nibbler
02:43:10 Part Nib|g0n3
02:43:17midknight2k3wt was taht about
02:43:29midknight2k3ok bye kikik
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07:05:35yeftanyone here to talk to
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07:07:52yeftbonjour tlm
07:12:28yefti need help
07:12:34yeftand theres no one to talk to :(
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17:41:16mrsubwayI have a battery question.
17:41:36uskiand what is this question ?
17:41:54mrsubwayIn version 2.1, I just get a question mark over my battery indicator.
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18:04:02diddystar5hey bluechip
18:04:11Bluechiphey ho diddy
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18:05:19Bluechipso any techies in here today or just users?
18:06:07diddystar5ohh ohh me i am!
18:06:15Bluechipfor real?
18:06:24Bluechipown a player?
18:06:24diddystar5my vu meter made it in :)
18:06:30Bluechipcool :)
18:06:40diddystar5no a (currently broken) recorder 20
18:06:50diddystar5and im in the credits:)
18:06:55Bluechipbugger damn shit and several other expletives :(
18:07:23Bluechipnice for some - you're not allowed in the credits if you write a game called "othelo" :(
18:07:42Bluechipwish I realised that BEFORE I wrote it - I would have given it a different name - lol
18:08:09Bluechipneed a techie with a player
18:08:21diddystar5i owned a player at one time
18:08:30diddystar5i remember some stuff about it
18:08:43diddystar5what do you need?
18:08:52Bluechipbut the WAV codec code I have is for the player only, and it seems sensible to get it working on a player before trying to port it
18:08:58BluechipI need a PLayer
18:09:04Bluechipbu no-one will believe me
18:09:13diddystar5try it on the sim
18:09:19Bluechipif I cannot get a player - I need someone who is techie WITH the player
18:09:36Bluechipyou think the SIM has got realtime DSP uCode emulation
18:09:49diddystar5umm no :)
18:10:18zeBluechip: wow!
18:10:23zeyou got a wav codec for the DSP?
18:10:32zehow'd you do that?
18:10:44BluechipI'm a god - did I forget to say - lol
18:10:57zewell yeah
18:11:03zewe all are, but that doesn't answer my question
18:11:13Bluechipsorry, never reveal my sources
18:11:29Bluechipespecially when they have said "say nothing"
18:11:42BluechipLinus has had this code for weeks/months now
18:11:51zewell that's enough of a vague general indicator i guess
18:11:59zeyou got it from somewhere/someone hehe
18:12:30BluechipYou can guess all you like - if you want to discuss what to do with it then good - but of course I got it off SOMEONE - lol
18:12:52zewell good job
18:13:02Bluechipnow all i need is someone who has a player
18:13:09Bluechipbut nobody will help
18:13:16zei don't have a player anymore
18:13:20zeor an archos at all :/
18:13:31zebestbuy replaced it with a zen
18:13:34Bluechipno, maybe I will take my work over to Neo
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18:15:11BluechipI can't believe that having spent three months tracking down the informatiuon that the Rockbox guys just keep finding more and more reasons not to use it
18:15:23zei can't believe that either
18:15:33BluechipLinus is now just plain ignoring me
18:16:01BluechipZagor was supposed to be helping, but as he is a personal friend of Linus, I suppose that explains his lack of interest
18:16:30zewell heh
18:16:37NJoinHadaka [0] (
18:16:39Bluechipthe english expression is "wankers"
18:16:54zei dunno what the deal could be with that, honestly
18:17:12BluechipI think it is too hard for him
18:17:16zei mean we've all be hoping to get code like that for as long as we've known it's existed
18:17:27Bluechiphe just keeps giving up at every hurdle
18:17:50BluechipI hassle the living crap out of him and he says "i can't do <X>"
18:18:06Bluechipso I workit out and weeks later I hassle the crap out of him and he says...
18:18:08zethey do have personal live though, you know, and a lot going on too
18:18:09Bluechipspot the patterm?
18:18:38Bluechiphe has plenty of time to write replies to the group - he just ignores emails from myself
18:19:03BluechipIf he is too busy, then perhaps he should stop making up crap reasons
18:19:13zewell i forget who's got what going on and i'm not sure who's got which skills
18:19:38zeit might be the one who knows what to do with it is the one that's too busy to do it, and you're dealing with the one who doesn't
18:19:55zei dunno
18:20:19Bluechipperhaps I should publish the private conversations between me & Linus, then people could make their own decisions
18:20:37zei dunno about that
18:21:00zereally whatever social things are going on are, imo, not that relevant
18:21:05zethe code is what's important, isn't it?
18:21:40Bluechipyou seem to have already decided what was in those emails - I am sure you are 100% correct
18:22:05 Join DJBaz [0] (
18:24:59zewell i dunno about that, but it's clear that you're getting impatient with the situation of the code not being taken with the level of interest that it should be
18:25:29BluechipI'm being treated like a f'king dolt
18:25:33zeand of course if it wasn't the fact that the code is what matters, you probably wouldn't feel that way
18:26:17BluechipIf I had a player, I might have been able to crack it myself without the interference of the Rockbox crew :(
18:26:29zeso i'm sorry if they're not apparently responding appropriately, but i hope you don't let it get in the way of whats important
18:26:41Bluechipappropriately - you mean AT ALL
18:26:53Bluechipwhat IS important?
18:27:18zemy suggestion is to get the code out there... there's others who can do things
18:27:33BluechipNOBODY is interested - prove me wrong
18:27:44zei'm interested
18:27:52zei'm sure others are too
18:27:54Bluechipwhat can you do to help?
18:28:00Bluechipwhat will others do to help?
18:28:03zeunfortunately, i don't think i can do much
18:28:06Bluechipwhich others?
18:28:07 Join freddi [0] (
18:28:15zewell just look at the list of credits
18:28:33Bluechipthen let me rephrase - nobody that can/will help is interested
18:28:45zeyou can't know that
18:29:18BluechipSo prove me wrong
18:29:19zethere's people who might be interested and capable who aren't even socially active around here
18:29:31zeand honestly, this is the first i've heard of it
18:29:50BluechipIt has been openly mentioned on the newsgroup
18:30:31zei haven't been keeping up on that, too high volume since i don't have an archos anymore :/
18:31:09BluechipJust a bit pissed off that months of effort has gone to waste
18:31:17zewhy don't you send me the code
18:31:20zei've got infinite patience
18:31:26zeone way or another i'd like to see it get into rockbox
18:31:29BluechipLinus is just making up one bullshit reason after another
18:31:44BluechipThen why not help to find a solution?
18:32:06zewell thats what i'm trying to do
18:32:54zeif nothing else i can help get the people with the necessary skills and hw to take a look at it
18:33:03Bluechipthat's great
18:33:03zehow along since it was first mentioned on the list?
18:33:09Bluechipabout 6 months
18:33:13zereally? damn
18:34:16zewell honestly, i wouldn't expect much for this period of time right now
18:34:25Bluechipwell, then I am not interested
18:34:28ze6 months, yes, somebody should've taken more of an interest
18:35:13zebut now it's the holidays at and all, probably nobody's likely to reasonably want to work on it till next month at least
18:35:20HesHm, interesting. Where did you get the code from, is it something you download on the MAS?
18:35:26Hesand only works on the player MAS?
18:35:32BluechipYeah, always room for one more excuse
18:35:55zepersonally, i'm willing to wait as long as it takes and keep pushing
18:36:08BluechipI've got better things to do with my life
18:36:43zewell thats why i say
18:36:51BluechipWell, Linus has all the information, if he ever stands up you can pull it out of his arse
18:37:14zecan you send it to me?
18:37:19 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
18:37:31 Join scott666 [0] (
18:37:45BluechipI feel the boat has been well and truly rocked here - so people know how to find me if they are interested...
18:37:50zei'd be more comfortable knowing we have another copy
18:38:06zeand maybe i can get it to somebody else who can help
18:38:29zei don't want to have to go through what you're going through with linus just to be able to do even that though
18:38:36zethat'd be pretty counter-productive
18:38:38BluechipTry your hand at taking shit from Linus for a while
18:39:09Bluechipyeah, well, then either take shit from him, or stop standing up for him - my enemies friends are my enemies
18:39:22zei'm not trying to stand up for him
18:39:37HesFunny attitude, there shouldn't be any enemies around here
18:39:40Bluechipyou were dude, I won't cut and paste your words as some find that offensive
18:39:55HesCould we talk about the technical stuff for a while now? 8-)
18:39:56zelook, like i said, to me the code is all that matters
18:40:22zei absolutely hate social bullshit getting in the way of progress
18:40:32Bluechiphear, like I showed, to me the implementation is all that matters
18:40:57Hesokay, can we talk about the implementation for a couple minutes, I'm interested...
18:41:18zeif he's an asshole, he's an asshole and i'm sorry, but it's only my concern in so far as trying to prevent that from having any furthur impact on implimentation
18:41:35HesHm, interesting. Where did you get the code from, is it something you download on the MAS?
18:41:37zesee like now the conversation of it is getting in the way of the technical stuff, hes is interested and so am i
18:41:50zeHes: he got it from "somebody" and thats all he can say
18:41:52BluechipI will not reveal my sources
18:42:05zewhich is understandable, thats how i expected it to be when it finally came out
18:42:30BluechipLook at the attitude I hade to take to get people to listen !!
18:42:46zei'd have listened a long time ago if i'd known
18:43:03zei know that probably doesn't count for much since i can't do the implimentation, but still
18:43:12BluechipI have stirred up so much shit about this it is unvbelievable
18:43:34BluechipI cannot understand how you have missed it all
18:43:45HesWe two are not on the mailing list.
18:43:52Hessimple as that
18:44:09BluechipWhat do you expect if you walk around with your eyes closed
18:44:16zeright, thats the reason i say you can't know nobody's interested
18:44:24zethere's people involved and interested who aren't socially active
18:44:26Bluechipwhat am I supposed to do - email everybody on the planet personally on the offchance that they might be able to help
18:44:43zeno, you've done more than you should've needed to already
18:44:53Heswhat do you have exactly, a piece of code? in what format, what does it do?
18:45:09zebut look we're here to help, you've gotten through to somebody at least, don't give up now
18:45:20Bluechipthen let me get a cup of tea....
18:45:29 Nick Bluechip is now known as BC|brb (
18:45:49zeHes: from what i gather it's code for a wave codec on the player DSP
18:47:08zeBC|brb: even if it is for the player, you say there's no point in porting it to the recorder untill getting it running on a player.. well i don't think thats necessarily true, if it's possible to port to the recorder, there's probably somebody willing to do it to start with
18:47:42zeimo the code needs dissemination
18:48:00HesOh well, if he's not going to talk about the code but keep on with the attitude stuff, i'm going to loose interest quickly...
18:48:52zegrr wtf's wrong with humans, all they wanna do is focus on the petty social and economic crap and let their capabilities and the posibilities they bring fall down the fucking drain
18:49:26 Join LinusN [200] (
18:49:36zesorry, it's just getting to me how much we hold ourselves back
18:50:19diddystar5hey linus
18:50:23zethings like this are just another example
18:50:25diddystar5are you busy?
18:50:38LinusNhi, i see someone is trying to bash me when i'm away :-)
18:50:45 Quit diddystar5 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:51:03Mode"#rockbox +o LinusN " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
18:51:37 Join diddystar5 [0] (
18:51:38zeHes: he's getting tea though, be patient
18:51:52zei think we're gonna get this worked out one way or another
18:52:01LinusNi don't think so
18:52:12HesWhat's up, technically speaking? 8-)
18:52:40LinusNwell, i'll continue working on the retro-recording
18:52:44LinusNand the wav-docec
18:53:00LinusNand some fm radio
18:53:07LinusNand lots of new menu code
18:53:24diddystar5LinusN: my vu meter needs a logarithmic scale, do you have time to look at it, i have no idea how to do it
18:53:45 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
18:53:50uski[IDC]Dragon: hiya
18:53:56[IDC]Dragonhi there
18:54:07[IDC]Dragon(that was quick)
18:54:19[IDC]Dragondo you have a trigger for me?
18:54:23uskiyea i was just clicking on the window when i say you
18:54:27uskinah it's a coincidence ;)
18:54:29 Quit diddystar5 (Client Quit)
18:54:40 Join diddystar5 [0] (
18:54:44[IDC]DragonLinusN, do you read?
18:55:50[IDC]Dragon(seems not)
18:55:58LinusNi do
18:56:10LinusN(children requestin attention)
18:56:31[IDC]Dragonsorry, not a good time then
18:57:07uski(looking at the power supply cord with a metal screwdriver that was lying around) "daaaad, what is it ?"
18:57:19[IDC]DragonI took the liberty for a little "architecture change" in tree.c
18:57:26LinusNsaw that
18:57:39[IDC]Dragonit now has a table for the file types, ahh, you did
18:57:51uski[IDC]Dragon: don't forget to read ur private messages window, when you have some time ;)
18:58:18[IDC]Dragoncould be extended one day, to be dynamic or such
18:58:29[IDC]Dragonuski: I do
19:01:38 Join edx [0] (
19:02:52BC|brbMaybe a straight-to-recorder port would be good - who is able to translate code for one unknown core to another unknown core?
19:02:52DBUGEnqueued KICK BC|brb
19:02:52BC|brbhes: lose interest whenever you are ready, you can join the rest ;)
19:02:52BC|brbLinus: Difficult to do otherwise with you as you ignore my emails! - see you're ready to give up again - you are becoming predictable
19:02:59 Nick BC|brb is now known as BC (
19:02:59DBUGEnqueued KICK BC
19:02:59***Alert Mode level 1
19:03:06 Nick BC is now known as Bluechip (
19:03:06DBUGEnqueued KICK Bluechip
19:03:06***Alert Mode level 2
19:03:59Bluechipweird errors from NickServ!?
19:04:32LinusNwhich email did i ignore?
19:04:55Bluechipwell, several, including my most recent
19:04:59LinusNand you have to understand my situation
19:05:21Bluechiptell us, tell us all, see if it is the same as you told me privately
19:05:32LinusNi don't want to release code based on documentation that i'm not supposed to have
19:05:54Bluechipthen please go away and leave us to it
19:06:02LinusNgo away?
19:06:06BluechipI have already shown you the email giving permission
19:06:15Bluechipyou choose to ignore it
19:06:22LinusNfrom a secret source?
19:06:36LinusNwhat good os a permission from an unknown person?
19:06:58Bluechipso why fuck me around for weeks
19:06:59[IDC]Dragonis this about MAS programming?
19:07:03LinusNi don't want to jeopardize the project by using "stolen" docs?
19:07:12Bluechipnothing is stolen
19:07:25Bluechipbut as you wont believe me - please let the interested parties do the work
19:07:28LinusNBluechip: i haven't been fucking you around
19:07:35Bluechipare hes and ze astill around
19:07:41LinusNBluechip: have i stopped anyone from doing it?
19:07:42BluechipLinusN: yes you have
19:08:06HesBluechip: Linus couldn't stop anyone from doing it even if he wanted
19:08:08Bluechipoh no you haven't
19:08:12Bluechipoh yes i have
19:08:28Hesanyone can do what he pleases, whenever he pleases 8-)
19:08:39Bluechipno, but he could make sure i helped him so that his machine worked and then refuse to release the code
19:08:54Bluechipthus wasting my time to help others
19:09:11Bluechipokay well we're back on political fucking bullshit again
19:09:17Hesyou started it 8-)
19:09:19LinusNi promised to help you, even if i am busy
19:09:29LinusNso what did i do wrong?
19:09:35Bluechipyou have done NOTHING dude!!!!!!
19:09:42LinusNyes, it has taken a truckl÷oad of time
19:10:05Bluechipname one thing you have done that was not just repeating my work?
19:10:35Bluechipin context of the current conversation
19:10:48LinusNi have done virtually nothing
19:11:17Bluechipdid you even speak to zagor?
19:11:59LinusNyes i did, and he didn't want to work on it until we get an official permission to use the docs
19:12:15Bluechipyou have permission, you just don't like it
19:12:55LinusNBluechip: no lawyer will ever call that an official permission
19:13:06Hespermission from an anonymous entity isn't worth anything, there must be a reason the source wants to stay anonymous
19:13:07***Alert Mode OFF
19:13:37BluechipThen it is time to give up
19:13:50BluechipYou are always right LinusN, I wish I was you
19:13:50LinusNBluechip: you don't get my point, do you?
19:14:07Bluechipnor you mine
19:14:29LinusNi understand your point, you are pissed off because i promised to help you and i haven't done it
19:15:02LinusNit has taken several months
19:15:08Bluechipthen start being a man of your word and then you might find that you will learn to trust others
19:15:39LinusNthen you don't get my point
19:15:51freddiso has anyone gotten the Chip8 emulator to work on FM recorder?
19:16:04HesIt's not whether Linus trusts you, it's whether we can prove the docs are not stolen and that we have a permission to use them
19:16:06LinusNfreddi: i have
19:16:08Bluechipyes, i do, You don't have what it takes to be a man of your word
19:16:21BluechipI would rather work with honourable people
19:16:49LinusNthen do so
19:17:04BluechipI am trying....
19:17:17 Join fredddi [0] (
19:17:17Bluechiphonour ... to be true to your promises
19:17:26LinusNyes, i am sorry i haven't kept my promise yet
19:17:52CtcpIgnored 4 channel CTCP requests in 16 hours and 35 minutes at the last flood
19:17:52*ze reads scrollback
19:17:54LinusNbut the issue still remains, if we publish the codec without permission, we will get sued by Micronas
19:19:01BluechipThe doc I sent you was to show that we had permission so we could start work
19:19:12HesWhat has Linus's trust have to do with this?
19:19:34HesWhy the source wants to stay anonymous?
19:19:47BluechipDo you remember the two (or was it three) emails where I said if we get even close I wll take care of all the crap
19:19:59*ze pounds his fist
19:19:59Bluechipthe source did NOT say that
19:20:00LinusNyes i remember
19:20:06ze*show* *me* *the* *code*!
19:20:18Bluechipbut he also did NOT say "i can shout his name out"
19:20:24HesIs there some other reason than that the source feels he's doing something wrong?
19:20:40Bluechipand until he says it's okay - i keep quiet on his name
19:20:57Hesis he from micronas?
19:21:48diddystar5lol this is the funniest compile error i have ever seen vu_meter.c:197: confused by earlier errors, bailing out
19:22:08Bluechipwell, Linus, I sifted out ALL the important stuff for you, ut foolishly I did not do the same sort on my hard drive - ould you zip and send to me the stuff I thought was relevant - so I dont have to read all that crap again
19:22:44Bluechipdiddy: try "parse error before __builtin_isgreater"
19:22:49LinusNthe stuff you emailed me?
19:22:53 Quit freddi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:23:16Bluechipyes, just before the email that said you should have looked at the stuff I sent last time before asking your D0 D1 question
19:23:34Bluechipnot to worry
19:23:46Bluechipif anyone else seems up to the job, maybe they will inspire me again [to sift it all] again
19:24:19*Bluechip kicking himself for not sorting it on his own drive first
19:25:03*ze sees positive activity
19:25:08Bluechipwell, it should be a lot quicker this time ....Hes, ze, still there?
19:25:15Bluechipahh, as i type
19:26:56LinusNBluechip: i want to add you to the credits but i still don't know your name
19:27:24zei'm here i'm just going sorta back and forth between things, my breakfast is getting made
19:27:41BluechipIt would be great if you could just put my handle there
19:27:52BluechipEven my personal friends call me "chip"
19:28:44diddystar5what is your name?
19:28:45LinusNBluechip: can i upload to your ftp?
19:30:14Bluechiptry now
19:30:25Bluechipmay need to log off and on again
19:32:09Bluechipthe answer WAS no, is NOW yes
19:32:36LinusN(trying to locate it on my hd) :-)
19:32:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:33:39LinusNdammit, it seems to be on my pc at work :-(
19:33:59Bluechipnext 48hrs would be great if that is okay by you
19:34:30Bluechip:) cheers
19:34:56LinusNwill you be around or do you want me to email it to you?
19:35:13diddystar5im tired
19:35:15Bluechipohh, good point, email is probably better
19:35:26 Quit diddystar5 ("Bye")
19:35:53 Quit DJBaz ("Leaving")
19:36:44LinusNfound it
19:37:23 Quit fredddi (" =]")
19:37:32 Join freddi [0] (
19:40:28LinusNBluechip: uploaded
19:40:36Bluechipnice one thanks
19:41:01BluechipZe, Hes ???
19:41:18Bluechiplet us perpetuate this positive move
19:43:10zefor what?
19:43:22zehow big is it?
19:43:22Bluechipthe wav "codec"
19:43:36Bluechipwhere do we find someone with a player?
19:44:07zethere's some people with players still i think
19:44:21Bluechipi thnk too, but where are they?
19:44:28zethey'll come around
19:44:54Bluechipthen we shall sit and wait - good idea :)
19:45:05LinusNze: the thing is that few of the player owners have deep tech knowledge about the low-level stuff
19:45:35BluechipLinusN speaks depressing although great truth
19:46:01BluechipThis is why I had my hopes up for Linus heling us :(
19:46:01zeLinusN: don't any of you guys still have any players?
19:46:19LinusNze: why do you think i promised to help? :-)
19:46:36*ze still wants a copy of this code
19:46:53BluechipOnce I get a working dev kit - I will try to write a codec uploader .rcok
19:47:18LinusNBluechip: speaking of dev kit, i saw that __builtin error too, on my win98 box
19:47:31Bluechipany idea what it is - it's a 98 only error
19:47:39LinusNi'll see what i can do to work it out
19:47:53LinusNi want it to work
19:47:59Bluechipit is the only thing between roland and his new all-singing all-dancing windows dev kit
19:48:10LinusNdid you build the compiler on the win98 box as well?
19:48:24Bluechipgood idea
19:48:37LinusNi'll try that and see it there's any difference
19:49:06Bluechipsorry, "i'll" can imply you or me to try it?
19:49:43LinusNdownloading the gcc source...
19:50:14Bluechipdo we already have low level i2c routines - i presume we do - but wihtout looking....
19:50:49LinusNyes we do
19:51:05Bluechipshould be nice and easy then :)
19:52:13LinusNyes, i wrote a quick downloading routine, but never got as far as trying it
19:52:34ze can someone upload? hehe
19:52:35Bluechipany chance of a copy? :D
19:52:43 Join DJBaz [0] (
19:53:14Bluechiphang tight ze, let this ball roll it's distance first :)
19:53:21zei just wanna see what the code is like if nothing else
19:53:51zelet the ball roll as it will, i just wanna see what the ball looks like
19:53:54Bluechipwritten by someone who wanted to cross assembler with basic - lol
19:54:11Bluechip"the ball" the current positive interaction between Lius & myself
19:54:25zewell thats good
19:54:51zebut i'm still harrassing you for a copy of the code :p
19:55:07Bluechipi stick my heels in when pushed
19:55:19zeoh pretty please?
19:55:45Bluechipyou would do well to heed my advice ;)
19:59:17freddihate to go off topic.. but has anyone gotten the Chip8 emulator to work on FM recorder?
19:59:36 Join magikiller [0] (
19:59:48Bluechipwould have thought it would be fine ...i dod SOME work on it (I am NOT BlueLoop) ...what is the problem
20:00:23BluechipI did a rewrite to speed it up, but lost the damned code!!!!
20:01:05freddiwell.. when executing it from the plugins dir it says "plugin returned error"
20:01:36Bluechipdo you have a working dev kit?
20:01:56magikillerhi everybody i've some problem to read playlist (it read 2secondes and go to next track)
20:02:01Bluechiphmmm, wondered if the same problem was in the emulator so I could see it
20:02:23magikillerand i have to reboot because it bug
20:02:55freddilike it says "play .ch8 file!" at the top then that error message comes up
20:03:00BluechipMK: play 1 song == okay; play playlist==intro scan 2 seconds??
20:03:17Bluechipdoes the text reader work?
20:03:58*Bluechip thinks: so it is a problem with chip8 and NOT the parser
20:04:20*Bluechip thinks: maybe the chip8 parser?
20:04:34*Bluechip thinks: but SHOULD be the same...
20:04:45Bluechiplet me check my recorder....
20:05:21LinusNfreddi: you are supposed to press Play on a .ch8 file, not the plugin file
20:05:45Bluechipthe filename parser should send that info to the plugin
20:06:13LinusNBluechip: i am building the binutils right now, but i have to go, and won't be back until midnight
20:06:19freddii tried that, nothing happened tho
20:06:25LinusNwill you be around?
20:06:31Bluechipme, yes
20:06:47Bluechipthinks it's time to upgrade my player 25/July
20:07:23Bluechipfreddi: 2.1 release code yes?
20:09:59 Quit DJBaz ("Leaving")
20:10:30 Join DJBaz [0] (
20:11:14Bluechipoohhh, question mark batteryu
20:11:57 Join AciD [0] (
20:12:23LinusNgotta go, cu later
20:12:26 Part LinusN
20:12:43Bluechipdid you clikc on the chip8 player or a chip8 file?
20:12:49Bluechipeg 15puzzle.ch8
20:13:57 Quit magikiller ()
20:14:24Bluechipl8rz linus
20:14:40freddiall the other plugins seem to work fine
20:14:59Bluechipdid you get an answer to my question?
20:15:24 Join fredddi [0] (
20:16:51fredddisorry.. I dunno if you've said anthing in past 10 minutes
20:17:06Bluechip[19:12] <Bluechip> did you clikc on the chip8 player or a chip8 file?
20:17:06Bluechip[19:12] <Bluechip> eg 15puzzle.ch8
20:17:33Bluechipweird you logged back on and never logged off!!??
20:17:34fredddii tried blinky2
20:17:58Bluechiplol - dont have blinky2 - but it works just fine here
20:18:13fredddiis there supposed to be an icon?
20:18:21Bluechipapparently not
20:18:33Bluechipi can only get your error if I run the plugin directly from the plugin menu
20:18:48Bluechipwe need a little "8" icon :)
20:18:59fredddidoes the game file have to be in the same dir as the plugin?
20:19:13Bluechipmine are in /_firmware/chip8
20:19:35fredddihmmm.. it just does nothing when you click play
20:20:27Bluechippoint to blinky.ch8 and press play
20:21:09Bluechip*** anyone else confirm this please??
20:22:15Bluechipfredi, post this to the newsgroup and ask for some confirmation :)
20:22:25Bluechipsee if it's just your machine
20:22:31Bluechipjust grepping the code now
20:22:53fredddiwhat is the group name?
20:24:18fredddijust email to that?
20:24:38Bluechiplook here:
20:25:31fredddiah ok thanks
20:26:06 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- Nine out of ten l33t h4x0rz prefer it")
20:28:17 Quit freddi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:29:32fredddiwell that's odd
20:30:09Bluechipno, that's even!s
20:30:33Bluechip(sorry, little pointless humour)
20:30:40fredddii just timed out.. while still connected..
20:30:53fredddiunless there's a huge lag
20:31:09Bluechippick a different server?
20:35:04fredddiok.. I am just stupid.. I just realized that the files I put on didn't have the .ch8 extension
20:35:11fredddithanks a lot for the help tho
20:35:53Bluechipanother problem solved :)
20:56:14 Quit DJBaz ("Leaving")
20:58:26 Join joni- [0] (
20:58:32 Quit joni- (Client Quit)
21:01:00 Quit fredddi (" =]")
21:03:34 Join DJBaz [0] (
21:23:49 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
21:24:01midknight2k3hello bluechip hi idc
21:30:45 Join midk2k3 [0] (
21:30:45 Quit midknight2k3 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:31:02 Nick midk2k3 is now known as midknight2k3 (
21:31:47 Join track [0] (
21:31:58 Quit track (Client Quit)
21:33:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:35:10 Join yeft [0] (
21:35:22yeft2.1 is da shizzzzzit
21:35:27midknight2k3is it?
21:35:28midknight2k3didnt try it
21:35:33yefthahah i dunno
21:35:36midknight2k3its a daily build with a different version
21:35:48yeft...well anyways
21:35:57yefti hate how the mp3 play er only does mp3
21:36:01yeftits ridiculous
21:36:05yefti want SHN or FLAC!
21:36:24yeftits lossless but like 1/3 of a wav
21:36:28Bluechipyou might like to read the earlier debate on this subject and start making a lot of noise about it
21:36:44Bluechipno such thing as lossless audio compression - LMAO
21:36:56midknight2k3compressed but lossless?
21:37:03midknight2k3uncompressed is the way to go
21:37:14midknight2k3yea FLAC
21:37:38yeftwell this junker can't play flac
21:37:54yeftlol my FMR
21:38:09yefti refer to him as my "junker"
21:38:09midknight2k3whyd you get it ? :D
21:38:13Bluechipwell fmob
21:38:29midknight2k3junker? you loved it a few months ago
21:38:31Bluechipfuck my old boots
21:38:36yefti still love it
21:38:49yeftits beautiful
21:38:56yefti wish reception was better :(
21:39:01yeftbut its lovvvvellllly
21:39:08yeftand chip8 is in 2.1 standard!
21:39:16Bluechipoh dear this pages is full of sh1
21:39:26Bluechipan mp3 will lose quality when you download it????
21:40:28midknight2k3sheez this is running slow today
21:40:51yeftlol i almost lost my fmr
21:40:56yefti left it on the bus.......
21:41:09midknight2k3tell me
21:41:17Bluechipn osuggestion about compression level
21:41:46Bluechipa concert will be > 1GB
21:42:10Bluechiphow long was the concert and in what quality
21:42:11yeftit is when with wav it is > 3 GB
21:42:33yeft...i just started downloading concerts ... thats why i want shn/flac support
21:42:41yeftdoes the mp3 player even play wav?
21:42:43Bluechipwell, codec support is a being a problem at the moment, as ytou will know by now
21:43:10yeftyes i do know
21:44:10yeftcan someone pm me on how to get chip8 games :x
21:44:27midknight2k3at the old patches page
21:45:12 Quit _aLF ("bye")
21:45:52yefti did google
21:45:57yefti have found none
21:46:01 Quit rob-- ("Zap! Another victim of idled!")
21:46:02midknight2k3L O L
21:46:20Bluechipone mo
21:47:27Bluechiphmm they have hidden themselves since i got mine
21:48:54yeftyah i have none
21:48:57 Join _aLF [0] (
21:49:03midknight2k3i have some
21:49:25yeftmmm google hacking skills come in handy
21:51:11yeft.ch8 right?
21:51:57Bluechipsomething wrong with the url i suuplied?
21:52:24midknight2k312:48:58 | <Bluechip>
21:52:26midknight2k3looks godo to me
21:53:14 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
21:53:24 Join scott666 [0] (
21:53:47yeftsweeeeeeeeeet pong
21:53:56midknight2k3yeft is busted
21:53:56yeftthat doesnt have games on it though does it?
21:53:58midknight2k3it doesnt work
21:54:08Bluechipch8 doesnt really work well on our little screens :(
21:59:12yeftwats my bat cappacity? 2200?
21:59:12scott666and our only 8 buttons
21:59:21scott666if its an FMR/V2
22:00:25 Join Zagor [0] (
22:01:04 Quit DJBaz ("Leaving")
22:02:05 Part Bluechip
22:02:26midknight2k3ohw.. kay...
22:02:48scott666does the archos boot screen loading bar actually measure anything?
22:02:58midknight2k3the progress maybe?
22:03:04scott666or is it just there for looks?
22:03:10midknight2k3loading progress
22:03:17midknight2k3oh wait
22:03:20midknight2k3maybe looks
22:03:21Zagorscott666: well i would guess it shows how far in the boot process it has come
22:03:27midknight2k3BUT ZAGOR what if it doesnt
22:03:37midknight2k3what if they just make it look like it
22:03:59Zagorso what?
22:04:05midknight2k3i dunno
22:04:08midknight2k3ask scott.
22:04:24scott666and, why dont _we_ have one?
22:04:32midknight2k3WE WANT ONE
22:04:34midknight2k3WHERE IS IT
22:04:39scott666i didnt say i wanted one
22:04:44scott666just wondering why we dont
22:04:46midknight2k3is there an ifdef such as "HAVE_FLASHED" or so?
22:08:52midknight2k3#ifdef HAVE_FLASHED, #ifdef HAVE_NOT_FLASHED, etc? idc?
22:10:18yeftlol my battery is at -1%
22:10:26midknight2k3it does that
22:10:30midknight2k3till it reads the right level
22:10:56 Join track [0] (
22:11:15yeftpretty weak ch8 games... :(
22:11:19midknight2k3tracky woo
22:12:08trackhi Zagor
22:13:28midknight2k3he's afk iikc
22:13:52trackhes ur best mate
22:13:56midknight2k3yes he is
22:14:01*midknight2k3 pats zagor on back
22:14:11 Join DJBaz [0] (
22:14:18*midknight2k3 nods in an unconvincingly reassuringly way
22:14:18 Quit _aLF (Connection reset by peer)
22:14:48trackno more sdds or polyphonic ringtones
22:15:04 Join _aLF [0] (
22:15:31midknight2k3and for you, no more tea maker or sdd or multi function or zip opener or mikeholden hater or fm tuner software thign
22:16:15trackyea multifunction as in playlists, recording, games etc...
22:16:30midknight2k3no multifunction as in ending iraq war.
22:17:31midknight2k3and besides
22:17:45midknight2k3if you did mean multifunction as in playlists, recording, games etc they are already there
22:18:08midknight2k3SDD I SAY!
22:18:20trackor no more make the usb a digital in/out mid
22:19:37tracksilly mikeholden
22:19:38midknight2k3that was your idea!
22:19:43 Join top_bloke [0] (
22:20:19tracki was so proud of that request until mikeholden spoilt it
22:20:32midknight2k3you daaaadadf
22:20:44DBUGEnqueued KICK yeft
22:21:09trackyea i was proud of it. I was so pleased filing it, thinking "this is one hell of a superb request"
22:21:14midknight2k3ASS = SDD
22:21:21midknight2k3fingers offset :(
22:21:33top_blokethats what they all say
22:21:42Zagorguys, please don't use this channel for random nonsense chat. it's supposed to be about rockbox.
22:21:57yeftthats funny
22:21:58midknight2k3i'm sorry
22:21:59top_blokefor real
22:21:59Zagorthe logs are painful to parse if there is loads of crap in here
22:22:07trackim sorry also
22:22:13yeftit had to be a lie
22:22:21yeftbecause if your fingers were off set
22:22:22midknight2k3zagor: i feel worried that logbot logs me
22:22:31midknight2k3if i say something private its out for the world
22:22:44top_blokethen dont say it
22:22:49Zagordon't say private things. this is a rockbox channel.
22:22:50yeftyou would have had to mean to type sdd with your pinky
22:22:52midknight2k3I WANT TO MAYBE
22:22:54yeftand who does that
22:23:03midknight2k3i dunno
22:23:05tracklets talk rockboxy things now mid, tooppy and zeft
22:23:13yeftim hurt
22:23:14tracksorry yeft
22:23:14midknight2k3i did it with ring and middle
22:23:19yeftthank you
22:23:38midknight2k3 and fingers were in wrong place
22:23:38yeftso why wouldn't rockbox beable to decode FLAC on the fly
22:23:46top_blokeno doubt
22:23:47midknight2k3archos to slow processor
22:23:49trackbecause the decoding is done in hardware
22:23:59tracknot powerful enough for software decoding
22:24:04midknight2k3it couldnt do it at all let alone on the fly
22:24:09trackto software decode u need at least 300Mhz
22:24:16trackthe archos only has a SH1 12Mhz processor
22:24:31scott666so why don't we just upgrade the processor?
22:24:33yeftthats sad to hear
22:24:39yeft...lets kill the MAS people
22:24:43trackbecause the battery drain would be too great
22:25:00trackand you would need a cooling system as well
22:25:08scott666so we upgrade the batteries too
22:25:13scott666and add water cooling
22:25:27yeftand then..its called a computer
22:25:28trackas Zagor said, drop the nonsencical nonsence please
22:25:30yeftnot an mp3 player
22:25:33midknight2k3a small archos with a few sq feet box with water cooling junk
22:25:44midknight2k3nice and portabele
22:26:10yeftso... if i wanted to learn C programming where would i start
22:26:19midknight2k3"c for dummies" vol 1
22:26:20tracku can buy a book or take up C lessons
22:26:28Zagoryeah. there's plenty of C tutorials on the net.
22:26:31track"c for mikeholdens" vol 1
22:27:06midknight2k3shush lol
22:32:22 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
22:33:37midknight2k3hardeep yay
22:33:56trackhi harddeep
22:34:43[IDC]Dragonhi again, I was away
22:35:00[IDC]Dragonand will be again, soon.
22:35:08trackwill the ipod ever be supported?
22:35:15Zagorprobably not
22:35:38midknight2k3is there a ifdef HAVE_FLASHED?
22:35:53[IDC]Dragonno, how should the compiler know?
22:36:03midknight2k3ah rats
22:36:12trackbut i know linux is being altered to run on ipod
22:36:13yeftdoes anyone else have mad problem with Geocities?
22:36:33midknight2k3i need
22:36:35yefti cannot open a single website off their site
22:36:49yefti get weird html....that opens up as text
22:47:54 Quit cjnr11 ()
22:56:00 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
22:56:13 Quit uski ("Fermeture du client")
22:58:59top_blokeok i b back
22:59:05top_blokenice work on the clock mid
23:00:24top_blokei'm makin an fm build of the date thing
23:00:48top_blokehow did u do the circle around it?
23:00:48midknight2k3i can still steal your code
23:00:54midknight2k3by descrambling it
23:00:58midknight2k3its part of the bouncer code
23:01:00top_blokeu can?
23:01:02midknight2k3thats like all thats the same
23:01:04midknight2k3yes i can
23:01:13midknight2k3descramble and decrypt m'boy
23:01:16top_blokeyou'll end up with a rockbox.bin
23:01:20top_blokewont u?
23:01:27midknight2k3even if i could id not get far
23:01:29top_blokejust a binary
23:01:30midknight2k3itd be hard
23:01:44midknight2k3you can descramble it further
23:01:56midknight2k3and also the binary is relatively easy to read. open it one time
23:02:02midknight2k3its like all the code in one piece
23:02:04top_blokeu'd have to decompile i guess
23:02:04midknight2k3not that hard
23:02:09midknight2k3i wont
23:02:12top_blokeit is?
23:02:25top_blokejeez i dont care if u steal it
23:03:11midknight2k3i dont watn to
23:03:17midknight2k3its prolly junk anyways
23:03:31top_blokeit is
23:03:44midknight2k3ill see
23:03:46top_blokei'm trying to send
23:04:03top_blokeAwaiting reply
23:04:25yefthow accurate is my charger when it says 100% charges
23:04:37top_blokei think it lies sometimes
23:04:52yefti think it lies too
23:04:53top_blokelike it will say 100 when in trickle
23:05:18midknight2k3try again top
23:05:19Zagorwell, it's only trickle when full...
23:05:27top_blokei think thats intenetional
23:05:28yeftand why is there a question mark over my bat power
23:05:36top_blokeman i cant send boo
23:05:58top_blokewhen it dont know the power accurately
23:06:01Zagoryeft: it goes away after about a minute, when we have read the power level accurately
23:06:06top_blokei dont like that feature really
23:06:13Zagortop_bloke: which one?
23:06:19yeftoh ok thanks
23:06:24top_blokethe ?
23:06:34yefthmmm now the most important question
23:06:34top_blokehow about if it showed ~80 etc
23:06:40yeftLCD...inverse or normal
23:06:49Zagortop_bloke: how should that look in graphic mode?
23:06:51yeftmines a bar though
23:07:04midknight2k3make it an option
23:07:09top_blokealternate a ~ and the battery
23:07:16top_blokei guess i dont know
23:07:26midknight2k3forget it
23:07:37Zagorwe will improve this, so it doesn't show the ? for so long. 10 seconds or so should be enough.
23:07:50midknight2k3send email?
23:08:04top_blokei dont really have an email
23:08:34top_blokethat i acutally use
23:09:56 Quit track ("Leaving")
23:10:44midknight2k3its not working
23:10:59top_blokedo u get anything?
23:11:10midknight2k3but it doesnt connect
23:16:41 Quit DJBaz ("Leaving")
23:18:12 Join arspy87 [0] (
23:18:20midknight2k3he made it
23:18:30 Quit top_bloke ("Keep it away from the fire unless you want it to burn. Wasted 0 seconds online.")
23:18:34arspy87looking for midk2k3?
23:18:39midknight2k3i'm here
23:18:52 Join top_bloke [0] (
23:18:55yefthi arspy
23:19:13top_blokeima try this 1 more time
23:19:33midknight2k3its... uh..
23:20:20arspy87hello Zagor
23:21:02arspy87i'm midknight's friend
23:21:20 Quit top_bloke (Client Quit)
23:21:24yeftdont lie to yourself
23:21:30yeftmk doesnt have friends
23:22:25yefthow did i live before broadband
23:22:31midknight2k3you didnt
23:23:28yeftdown the road
23:23:35yeftwe will all have fiber optic
23:23:37yeftand be like
23:23:41yefthow did we live with cable
23:27:47arspy87zagor i'm learning c++, can you tell me how similar it is to c?
23:28:06 Join top_bloke [0] (
23:28:17 Join DJBaz [0] (
23:28:30Zagorarspy87: c++ is a superset of c. it means it contains the whole language of C, and a bunch of extensions.
23:28:37 Quit DJBaz (Client Quit)
23:29:34arspy87okay, so c stuff can be added to c++ code, but not vice versa as c would not understand the new extensions
23:30:10arspy87ok, thanks
23:30:24yeftgotta run
23:30:31 Part yeft ("Leaving")
23:30:38arspy87trying to help midknight out with his clock code but not doing very well at it
23:32:03 Quit arspy87 (Remote closed the connection)
23:33:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:33:28 Join arspy87 [0] (
23:34:03arspy87sorry, crashed
23:34:09 Join track [0] (
23:35:59midknight2k3no idea
23:36:14arspy87why do i not get this
23:36:28arspy87c++ stuff
23:36:34arspy87this book isnt very helpful
23:36:39midknight2k3cause you dont have c++ for dummies
23:36:47 Join LinusN [200] (
23:36:47arspy87got it now
23:37:08arspy87didnt read the paragraph that explains why void comes before a function name
23:37:16arspy87or int for that matter
23:37:53trackhi LinusN!
23:39:03midknight2k3since whendid you get here
23:39:19tracki new i should have came in as mikeholden
23:39:27 Quit _aLF ("bye")
23:40:10midknight2k3i woulda got suspicious
23:40:32tracki could do it right now
23:41:07trackwe have zagor, linus but no bagder
23:41:37 Part arspy87
23:49:37trackmidknight why do u keet typing 4 random letters for?
23:51:07midknight2k3theres three
23:53:00trackand midknight2k3, theres 11, plus 2 numbers
23:55:02 Quit edx ()

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