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#rockbox log for 2003-12-10

00:02:07top_blokewhat a scam
00:02:35PokerJokerhow could you change the LCD color?
00:02:47Zagor"I can provide details on how to get newer and better firmware loaded onto your Archos Jukebox."
00:02:49top_blokechange the LEDs
00:03:05top_blokeyeah "go get rockbox."
00:03:51top_blokethats the whole thing
00:07:35PokerJokerYep. What a fucknut.
00:07:59PokerJoker"I can provide information to upgrade your archos life by 100%"
00:08:08PokerJoker(buy new batteries)
00:08:14top_blokeit actually says that?
00:08:28PokerJokerNo, but it might as well. "go buy 2100 Mah batteries"
00:08:44PokerJokerIt doesnt say anything bout batteries. Im just knocking that guy.
00:08:48top_blokebut the part about the life 100%
00:08:58top_blokei get it
00:09:02top_blokei get jokes.
00:09:19PokerJokerI would like to have a red Led though. Thats cool. Orange.
00:09:44top_blokeyeah so do it
00:09:48PokerJokerI love this sentence he says. " How about livening it up a bit with different colour LEDs? You could try red, orange, blue or any other coloured LEDs you can find. Or be all funky and do a mixture of colours."
00:09:59top_blokeyeah go all out
00:10:12PokerJokerI mean, he isnt offering you LEDs. he isnt even telling you where to get them, or how to find them, or anything...
00:10:34PokerJoker"I have been at my wits end when the playlist takes ages to load and then only plays 999 songs. I can provide details on how to get newer and better firmware loaded onto your Archos Jukebox." now this guys a fucking asshole.
00:10:42top_blokeyeah its a scam
00:10:53top_blokebig time
00:11:40PokerJokerwe should all buy his "item" then leave Neg feedback.
00:12:01top_blokebut then he'd get $
00:12:39PokerJokernot if we didnt give him any. then i would get neg feedback too. but its worth it, to take one hit for the team
00:13:23[IDC]Dragonis there a doc of the gnu C asm() statement? I'm struggling with it.
00:14:07Zagori think i found something somewhere, but i don't remember where. i do remember searching quite a bit for it though :-(
00:14:35[IDC]Dragonencouraging :(
00:15:00[IDC]Dragonthe syntax is really crazy.
00:15:20[IDC]DragonIt's a lot easier to write a .s module for the code.
00:25:34 Quit trink ("Disconnecting")
00:25:36PokerJokeri better go. test. see you cats later.
00:26:16PokerJokeroh but furst. what is this guy saying about "get your archos sounding as it should." that crap?
00:26:26PokerJokerhe said the archos had inferior wiring or something
00:27:08Zagorthe 6000 model has a sort of weak headphone amplifier
00:27:46 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
00:27:55PokerJokerwhere could a person get an orange LED
00:28:28Zagorhi hardeep. how's your playlist viewer?
00:28:56top_blokesearch for LEDs
00:29:07top_blokeblue ones = pimp
00:29:42top_blokebut theyre more expensive
00:30:17PokerJokerblue is easier to read isnt it? where to get one?
00:30:36top_blokeradio shack?
00:30:44top_blokeor if u like online
00:32:24PokerJokeri didnt know they sold them like that.
00:32:48PokerJokeryou could easily mess up the LCD by putting in an LED behind it though, right? or am i stupid
00:32:59hardeepZagor: it works. =)
00:33:12top_blokenah i dont think
00:33:19top_blokeits just light
00:33:32top_blokeplaylist viewer = awesome
00:33:35Zagorhardeep: would you think it's fit for commit?
00:33:55top_blokeits a work of art
00:33:58hardeepZagor: yeah, I've only had one reported in the past few months
00:34:04hardeepZagor: er one bug
00:34:52top_blokei use it ALL the time and no bugs
00:34:53Zagorhow do you start it?
00:35:08hardeepMain Menu->Playlist Options->View Current Playlist
00:35:08top_blokeplaylist options
00:37:00top_blokeis it getting added to CVS?
00:37:13PokerJokercan you edit the M3U?
00:37:30top_blokenot right now
00:37:39top_blokewell can add to it
00:37:43top_blokeactually yeah
00:37:48top_blokeu can
00:38:16top_blokeu can do anything to it really
00:38:27Zagorhardeep: it looks good to me. feel free to commit.
00:38:44hardeepZagor: cool, i'll commit soon
00:39:24top_blokei'm so checking out the source tomorrow
00:39:45PokerJokerc ya all later
00:39:51 Quit PokerJoker ()
00:40:18top_blokei'm running like a month old source because i'm too lazy to patch the playlist viewer to every build
00:42:34top_blokewith the latest shuffle change, if you change shuffle and hit next track, will it change shuffle mode?
00:44:19hardeeptop_bloke: yeah, shuffle works exactly the same as before (if it doesn't then there's a bug). Only change was to avoid the disk access when shuffling
00:44:40top_blokeok thanks
00:44:45top_blokenice idea
00:45:08hardeepwas a request from Zagor
01:02:29 Quit Arnaud (Remote closed the connection)
01:04:00 Join DarthWufei [0] (
01:04:14DarthWufeiHey, do you guys have a FAQ or something that tells you if you have V2?
01:04:36Zagoryes. or i could just tell you that we do :)
01:04:56DarthWufeiI thought so, where is it...?
01:05:15Zagoroh, now I understand what you wrote :-) you don't know if your recorder is a V2?
01:05:45Zagorwhat does it say above the screen?
01:06:10DarthWufeiArchos Jukebox Recorder 20
01:07:14Zagordoes it look like the left one in this picture?
01:08:09DarthWufeiIt's black
01:08:33Zagoryes, but the shape is the same?
01:08:52Zagorthen it's a regular recorder
01:08:59DarthWufeioh ok
01:09:05DarthWufeiI never knew the had released a second version
01:09:45Zagorit's quite new. it looks just like the fm recorder.
01:09:53DarthWufeioh I see
01:11:22DarthWufeiOkay hm
01:11:30DarthWufeiAre you familiar with CVS and the build program thing?
01:12:16DarthWufeiAlright well, how to I make sure that the build files are the same as those in the daily build?
01:12:30Zagorcvs update
01:13:06DarthWufeiI figured that much
01:13:15DarthWufeiI just got an error... let me try again
01:14:41DarthWufeiYeah, it says I need to specify the CVSRoot even after using the -dp option
01:15:04Zagorwhere are you running it? which dir?
01:15:55Zagorah, go back one dir. you want to run it in the dir where 'apps' and 'firmware' is
01:16:20DarthWufeiAh, I see
01:17:18DarthWufeiWeird, still get it there too
01:17:49hardeepDarthWufei: what's your command-line?
01:18:00DarthWufeicvs update -dp ?_?
01:18:05DarthWufeiignore the ?_?
01:18:37hardeepYou need to specify a CVS root, see the correct command line here:
01:19:07Zagoralso, you want to use the 'P' option, not 'p'. they are different :)
01:22:26DarthWufeiah there we go, thanks a lot
01:22:47 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
01:25:34Zagorbed time. bye!
01:25:37 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
01:29:46DarthWufeiI don't quite understand how just updating the ajbrec file updates the entire thing o_O
01:34:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:37:52DarthWufeiDo I not need to copy all the other files to it?
01:38:25top_blokeall the main code is in that file
01:38:50top_blokethe plugins and fonts and such are seperate
01:39:04DarthWufeiOh I see
01:39:51DarthWufeiIt's weird how that file didn't update though, yet I got other updates
01:40:41DarthWufeiWell Windows doesn't say it was updated today, but other files have been
01:43:47DarthWufeiI think i fixed it
01:43:51DarthWufeiDid a fresh update
01:44:42*DarthWufei doesn't get why the ajz file won't update
01:45:08top_blokedelete it
01:45:19top_blokeand it will make a new one
01:46:32top_blokei dont get it
01:52:09DarthWufeiThe hell
01:57:38hardeepDarthWufei: ?
01:58:10hardeepDarthWufei: CVS doesn't include the compiled binary, only the required source
01:58:40hardeepDarthWufei: If you want an up to date binary, you can download it from the daily builds page
01:59:53top_blokeoh he didnt compile it?
02:03:30 Join diddystar5 [0] (
02:03:36 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
02:04:26diddystar5hardeep: are you busy?
02:12:47hardeepdiddystar5: somewhat. what's up?
02:14:22diddystar5hardeep: still want a logarithmic scale for the vu meter....
02:15:21hardeepdiddystar5: sorry, don't really have time to look at that right now.
02:17:06 Join Jet8810 [0] (
02:32:29diddystar5ill be back
02:32:31 Quit diddystar5 ("Bye")
02:38:45klaxoni'm having problems with a recorded file
02:39:49klaxonit plays fine on rockbox but not on windows (winamp, foobar2k)
02:40:56hardeepklaxon: It's probably a VBR header issue. See
02:41:28klaxoni did `update vbr file' on rockbox and now when fastforward, it skips far ahead
02:42:04DarthWufei[18:58:26] <hardeep> DarthWufei: If you want an up to date binary, you can download it from the daily builds page <- Oh alright, then.. hmm
02:42:20DarthWufeiHow I make the ajbrec file work with your playlist viewer?
02:42:23DarthWufeiHow do i*
02:42:45hardeepDarthWufei: I just committed the playlist viewer... grab a bleeding edge build and you'll have it
02:42:54DarthWufeiOh really?
02:42:57DarthWufeiThanks a lot
02:43:13klaxonbefore i did `update vbr header' on rockbox it seeked fine in rockbox
02:43:36hardeepDarthWufei: but, if you wanted to install a patch that isn't yet in the main source you would need to apply the patch to the source code and re-build it
02:44:04klaxonafter `update vbr header' , it plays further on windows, but not completely.
02:44:12hardeepklaxon: hmmm, that's bizarre... that normally fixes the ffw problem
02:44:36hardeepklaxon: try the windows vbrfix program mentioned in that mailing list link I sent you
02:44:39 Join scott666 [0] (
02:45:12hardeepklaxon: if that doesn't fix it then you should post a bug report and attach the mp3 file where the problem reproduces
02:46:16klaxonhardeep: it looks like vbrfix will take hours is that normal?
02:46:43hardeepklaxon: no, it should only take a few seconds, maybe a minute max for an extremely large file
02:47:25klaxonwell it logs _tons_ of errors about sample rate, channels, etc
02:47:45hardeepthat doesn't sound good... maybe the file is corrupt somehow
02:48:04klaxonyeah. recorded with new 2.1, plays fine on rockbox
02:48:50DarthWufeihardeep... so I should update via daily builds, then get the ajbrec and rocks that's in the bleeding edge?
02:50:26hardeepDarthWufei: you just need the bleeding edge binaries
02:50:31DarthWufeiOh ok
02:50:38 Join diddystar5 [0] (
02:56:46DarthWufeiI'm guessing it's all updated
02:56:59DarthWufeiCause it did that Battery graphics with a question mark, never seen that before
02:57:09DarthWufeiThanks a bunch Hadaka
03:01:49 Quit diddystar5 ("Bye")
03:08:26 Quit AciD ("Segmentation fault (core dumped)")
03:19:47klaxonso about this file recorded on rockbox.
03:19:54 Quit top_bloke ("Keep it away from the fire unless you want it to burn. Wasted 1 hour and 55 minutes online.")
03:19:56klaxonwhat can i do?
03:20:56klaxoni guess i could play it on rockbox and record it on my computer. :-(
03:21:24klaxonor if i could emulate a rockbox on windows i could use that instead of winamp! :-p
03:25:12klaxoni'll try to define the bug tonite and post it
03:29:11klaxonthe file is about 160mb but the problems begin aroun 18 minutes, so i could truncate and supply the problem file.
03:29:24klaxonbut i don't have a place to host the file, any suggestions?
03:31:55klaxonsaw somone else rocking the archos on the bus today.
03:32:54klaxonfirst time. folks round here seem to love the ipod.
03:33:47klaxondidn't ask if she was running rockbox tho; shoulda. `hey baybee is that rockbox?'
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03:38:27 Part klaxon
05:12:53 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
05:13:03midknight2k3hi all
05:14:12midknight2k3new patch browser?
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05:35:58 Quit DarthWufei ("Through our bleeding, we are one.")
05:41:56hardeepa lot easier to read this way re: new patch browser
05:52:07elinenbehardeep: finally :D −− that patch is wonderful.
05:52:16elinenbehardeep: excellent work.
05:53:03elinenbehardeep: now all you need is multiple select (thus leading to multiple file move and multiple delete ;) )
05:58:26midknight2k3what's next up in line, hardeep? :d
05:58:52hardeepWarcraft 3 for Rockbox
05:59:55midknight2k3lI look forward to it :)
06:06:58 Quit scott666 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
06:09:53midknight2k3bye all
06:09:55 Quit midknight2k3 ("Time to go now...")
06:16:39 Quit hardeep ("[BX] If idiots could fly, IRC would be an airport")
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13:04:19 Part LinusN
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18:00:56 Join edx [0] (
18:03:02*edx 's new rockbox just arrived
18:04:53prellbockedx: which version?
18:05:04edxhm i meant archos
18:05:06edxrecorder 20
18:07:41edxis there a 2.1 flash version already?
18:13:39prellbockedx: recorder v1 or v2?
18:13:57edxwould v2 be better?
18:14:42earHertzv2 has the fmr form factor
18:14:47edxi saw that
18:14:52earHertzthis means small, but without replaceable abtteries
18:15:11*earHertz can't type
18:15:24edxwell i like the recorder, also had one before
18:15:40earHertzwhat happened to your old one?
18:15:52edxit was a victim of my own stupidity
18:16:01edxdidn't take it as hand baggage on the airport
18:16:21edxand the display was damaged during the flight
18:16:31edxi noticed too late and it wasn't insured :(
18:16:47earHertzhow'd you damage it in flight?
18:16:54edxit wasnt me
18:16:58edxit was in my rucksack
18:17:03edxand i gave it away
18:17:07earHertzYou still have it?
18:17:13edxsomething hard must have struck it or something
18:17:16edxit works
18:17:20edxexcept for the display
18:17:23prellbockv1 is better of course
18:17:24edxso it's an external hd right now
18:17:39earHertzLinus got a new display from newmp3rtechnology
18:18:15edxwell linus is a hardware freak
18:18:31earHertzand I think someone found out where archos-compatible displays are sold
18:18:52edxthe player was damaged somehow anyways.. it used to reboot if you didnt transport it carefully enough cuz i played too much with it
18:19:02earHertznew mp3 will repair for $99. Don't know if they charge extra for the display
18:20:03edxhmm sounds good but now its too late :p
18:20:22edxis it true that the recorder won't be sold for much longer time?
18:20:37earHertzDon't know. But I think it's likely
18:21:01earHertzArchos is selling a new version, with software upgrades for extra money
18:21:31edxthe current recorder flash image - what version of rockbox is it?
18:21:45earHertzDon't know.
18:22:05earHertzYou can read your own rom image if you want
18:22:16edxThe firmware in these files contain Rockbox v2.1
18:22:23edxok ;) that'll work
18:22:23earHertzI'm sure IDC dragon would tell you now to use that
18:22:52earHertzI'm not sure how you'd write your own version.
18:23:02earHertzThat's what ypou'll have to ask IDC Dragon. ;)
18:23:16edxit is documented
18:23:22edxbut im a lazy guy :>
18:23:25edx2.1 is perfect
18:24:19earHertzOh, I thought you meant the version of the ASrchos firmware stored as the first flash image
18:24:56edxhehe no
18:25:16edxah... one question - how can i activate the "hold" mode?
18:25:23edxit never worked for me before somehow
18:25:27earHertzI forget
18:25:48earHertzMy Archos is broken, has been for a while
18:27:00edxmy hardware is not flashable :<
18:27:22earHertzWrong chip?
18:27:44edx"Enter the debug menu and select the hardware info screen. Check you flash IDs (bottom line), and please make a note about your hardware mask value (second line). The latter is just for our curiosity, not needed for the flow. If the flash info shows question marks, you can stop here, sorry.
18:28:05earHertzIt's question marks?
18:28:30edx:( yah
18:29:21earHertzSux)rs. Siorry
18:30:59edxhm that's slow booting forever... a well :<
18:31:22 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
18:31:26earHertzUless you solder in another chip
18:31:29 Join Guest1 [0] (
18:31:47edxwell i have another chip - from the old model..
18:31:54edxbut thats too much risk for me ;)
18:32:07earHertzI think IDC Dragon has extra chips
18:33:17 Quit Guest1 (Client Quit)
18:36:03edxah key lock workds ;D :D
19:01:42 Join mecraw [0] (
19:02:28 Join epx [0] (
19:11:23 Join cjnr11 [0] (
19:12:52 Quit epx (Nick collision from services.)
19:13:51 Join edx` [0] (
19:16:16 Join DJBaz [0] (
19:16:53 Join baz_ [0] (
19:17:05 Quit baz_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:18:14 Quit DJBaz (Client Quit)
19:19:38 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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20:16:35 Join track [0] (
20:22:04trackthat new Playlist Viewer is EXCELLENT!
20:33:16 Nick edx` is now known as edx (
20:37:13*webmind found a bug
20:37:26 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
20:47:53trackhi Hairdeep
20:51:34trackthat new playlist viewer is excellent
20:51:39trackits just like Windows Media Playe
21:03:46webmindtrack, that's not a good thing
21:08:32trackI think its brilliant
21:08:39trackit shows the next song in the sequence
21:08:57trackand you can navigate up or down in the playlist and pick a song off it for playback like W.M.P.
21:09:58trackwhat is wrong with that?
21:12:42webmindmedia player sucks
21:12:47webmindhorrid interface
21:12:54edxyou are being religious
21:13:13edxand i am helping a flamewar
21:13:24*edx creeps back :)
21:17:23webmindedx, no.. i just really dislike media player :)
21:18:01edxwell, I do prefer WinAMP too for its media library, but i don't dislike WMP...
21:18:26edxit's just in a channel full of linux geeks, that some ppl might just read WINDOWS media player and call it a sin ;)
21:20:05webmindactually most of my audio i play with my archos or with mplayer
21:20:16webmindonly playlists on archos
21:20:27webmindbut i'd prefer playinglist on winamp/xmms
21:22:42 Quit track (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:27:19 Join BoBB_ [0] (
21:30:31 Quit AciD (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:30:33 Quit BoBB (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:30:39 Join Zagor [0] (
21:31:17 Join AciD [0] (
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21:45:27 Join scott666 [0] (
22:00:43 Join Dogger [0] (
22:08:38 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
22:13:36earHertzam I too late for the anti-MS flamewar?
22:13:57scott666whos on the M$ side?
22:15:09earHertzI am! If I had a wife, I'd want her to be Microsoft-made.
22:17:04earHertzI just spent another $110 bucks on my archos. So that's 270 + 170 + 110 = %550 I've spent on this sucker so far.
22:18:23earHertzI could have a 40GB iPod for that
22:18:39earHertzAnd have $60 left over
22:23:05Zagorwhat did you spend it on?
22:27:08earHertzI sent it to NewMP3tech for repair
22:27:37earHertzI'd compressed it (had it in my jeans pocket for a while) and it got to the point where I can't easily get it to power-up.,
22:27:54earHertzBut could easily get it to "freeze".
22:28:10earHertzThe $170 ewas for a 60GB drive
22:28:30earHertzTrue, i have a spare 20GB laptop p hard drive from the deal.
22:31:43Zagorbtw, do we have any of the Ample code left in id3.c or mp3data.c?
22:33:24earHertzWhat's the ample code?
22:33:51earHertzAnd why is it an issue?
22:36:04ZagorIn our id3.c and mp3data.c, we have a comment: "Parts of this code has been stolen from the Ample project and was written by David Härdeman." i look at the ample code and couldn't recognize anything from our code.
22:36:54earHertzI restructed the way the id3.c code grabbed the individual tags, by making it data-driven.
22:37:12earHertzI never touched mp3data.c
22:38:25Zagorah, right. i mistakenly got the idea that the comments were connected.
22:39:46earHertzZagor, btw, I'm not seeing my posts showing up on the mailing list
22:40:09Zagorno? i got your last cost of ownership post
22:40:29earHertzDid you?
22:40:41earHertzThen why didn't I?
22:40:51earHertzOh, just got it.
22:41:11earHertzI may have posted the one I'm missing from last night using the wrong account.
22:41:28Zagoryeah, that's possible
22:42:13earHertzIs this related to the Open Neo business?
22:42:51 Join uski [0] (~moo@
22:43:28Zagoryeah, sort of. not in a serious way, i just noticed this comment
22:43:54 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC rocks! -> <-")
22:44:20earHertzYeah, It turnsd out that my copyright notice in id3.c IS in the Open Neo source. Otherwuse, I's have sent them a C&D.
22:45:13Zagorthat business is being solved now, though. they are restoring all our headers.
22:45:52earHertzGood enough.
22:46:16earHertzI suppose it's a back-handed compliment. ;)
22:46:33Zagoryeah, sort of.
22:47:21earHertzHow's your Archos holding up?
22:47:42Zagorvery well. i haven't had any problems at all with it.
22:48:20earHertzToo bad. ;)
22:48:37_aLFI have a sugestion about place of "create playlist" menu entry
22:48:43_aLFwhy not put it in on+play menu, because it depends of the current directory
22:48:57earHertzI was hoping for a misfourtune that would drive you to start reverse engineering another MP3 player. ;)
22:48:59_aLF(more intuitive for me)
22:49:02Zagoralf: yeah, but on+play depends on the file/dir you currently have selected
22:49:13ZagorearHertz: such as the neo? ;)
22:49:26earHertzWell, perhaps the Karma
22:49:51Zagorhave you tried it?
22:49:54_aLFZagor> but create playlist doesn't depends of currenlty select dir ?
22:49:58 Quit cjnr11 ()
22:50:00earHertzAlthough I understand that the newer rio models are not as easy to reverse engineer as the earlier ones.
22:50:06earHertzI have not tried it.
22:50:08Zagor_aLF: no, it uses your current dir
22:50:29Zagor_aLF: otherwise you couldn't make a whole-disk playlist
22:50:34earHertzThe HP product also looks good.
22:50:57Zagorwhich is that?
22:51:21earHertzUm. hanng on a bit
22:51:38_aLFZagor> ok
22:52:14Zagorbut we could still use a talented interface designer :-)
22:53:08earHertzBasically, records and plays WAVs too, and plays Vorbis
22:53:20 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")
22:53:57earHertzIf it plays WAVS, I assume that FLACs and Monkeys would be trivial.
22:55:13Zagoroh, the iRiver. yeah, nice hardware. lousy interface though :(
22:55:42Zagori played with it the other day and that navigation knob made me want to throw the thing at the wall
22:55:44earHertzWell, precisely why you're needed
22:56:11earHertzThe archos is nice hardware and poor software (and incoinsistant quality control)
22:56:25Zagoryeah, but the physical interface is horrible too. buttons on three sides and that horrible knob to boot.
22:57:36earHertzHmm. I wouldn't mind side buttons at all. I can't distinguish the Archos buttons by touch alone. Side buttons I could.
22:58:01Zagorit could have been a great little machine. i think it uses a nicely documented motorola chip and a gorgeous hires display on the remote
22:58:48earHertzGiven that the chip is documented, how much work would it take for you to get to the ppint of poroof-of-concept code?
22:59:26Zagorhard to tell. it depends a lot on the other hardware too, and if they're playing silly scrambling tricks like archos do.
23:00:44earHertzArchos's stupidity never fails to amaze me. Even if they wouldn't give you any clues, they should at least just USE rockbox
23:02:27Zagori've stopped caring :)
23:06:42earHertzI haven't. It's why I won't buy any more archos products. Making shoddy software and not supporting voluneteers who make a replacement orders of magnitude better is an isult to their customers. So I will no longer be insulted, or a customer.
23:09:34earHertzAgain, if nothing else, they should put Rockbox on their products. Instead, they are moving to a business plan of intentionally crippling their software, in order to extort further payments from users for unlock codes.
23:14:17Zagoryeah, i'd like to move away from archos too. i want new toys! :)
23:18:26 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
23:18:54[IDC]DragonHi guys!
23:24:36webmindi've found a bug btw
23:24:42earHertzKeep us up-to-date on what MP3 toys you're looking at; if I think you'll reverse engineer it, I'll be more inclined to buy it.
23:24:43webmindshuffle doesnt always work
23:25:12hardeepwebmind: more info please
23:26:03webmindhardeep, when i after a starting up my archos want to play my playlist
23:26:22webmindit seems to not shuffle it first
23:28:24hardeepwebmind: so, you have shuffle mode enabled and you play a playlist
23:28:24hardeepand the playlist isn't shuffled?
23:28:25hardeepwas that a yes or no?
23:28:37hardeepwhat version are you using?
23:28:56webminda daily build of a few weeks ago
23:29:40hardeephmmmm, i don't recall any shuffle bug being fixed recently and it works fine for me
23:30:37Zagorit shuffles for me too
23:30:38webmindit usually works
23:30:38webmindjust wen strat my playlist right after boot
23:31:07webmindi also have it sometimes that it doesnt ask for resume
23:31:50Zagoryou should update your version. that was fixed weeks ago.
23:32:45webmindah ok
23:32:45webmindwhat was it ?
23:32:45Zagorthe resume thing was that your ON press sometimes aborted the resume question
23:32:45webmindbtw i'm still no fan of this absolute agressive resume
23:32:45DBUGEnqueued KICK webmind
23:32:45Zagor? put it on ask
23:33:03Zagoroh, you mean resuming after you press STOP
23:33:47webminddon't like that
23:34:21Zagori love it, so it's not going away ;)
23:34:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:34:42webmindZagor, more people love it.. but it doenst make sense
23:34:50hardeepthat feature is super useful when you're ROLO'ing between different versions to track a resume issue
23:34:53webmindi'd just vote for an enable/disable option
23:35:11webmindhardeep, you dont need resume for that
23:35:16Zagoryeah, i guess i could live with that
23:36:10hardeepwebmind: when you're debugging a resume issue you do
23:36:14webmindanyway. going to bed... gnite
23:36:24webmindhardeep, hm
23:48:33earHertzWhat's the approx. current size of the the .ajz?
23:49:18Zagor160 KB i think
23:49:35earHertzWow. Not bad.
23:49:57earHertzI never did submit a cleanup for the settings code
23:51:20 Join AciD [0] (
23:56:00 Quit edx ()
23:56:54Zagorbye guys
23:56:57 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")

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