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#rockbox log for 2003-12-11

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03:40:34diddystar5the top_bloke
03:40:41diddystar5i mean hey
03:40:48diddystar5but the top_bloke works
03:41:10top_blokethats right i'm THE top_bloke
03:41:18midknight2k3THE toppy.
03:41:21midknight2k3the TOOPY.
04:23:38diddystar5one sec
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05:06:13PokerJokerhey anyone home
05:07:25PokerJokerhows it going. man i am studying . sucks.
05:08:17PokerJokermidknight are you really 13
05:08:32midknight2k3uh yes
05:09:01midknight2k3still struggling with the concept? :)
05:09:08PokerJokerjust curious. 13 years. damn. ive lived about twice that time.
05:09:20PokerJokeryeah still struggling, with lots of things.
05:09:33midknight2k3such as your very cheap archos?
05:09:47diddystar5im 13 also
05:09:48PokerJokerits a labor of love
05:09:55PokerJokerbut everything else in life basically blows
05:11:04PokerJokerare most of you guys that young
05:11:16PokerJokeru live in the states or europe
05:12:01diddystar5i live in the states
05:12:08PokerJokerme too
05:12:09diddystar5i have to go
05:12:15PokerJokersee ya
05:12:23diddystar5see everyone later
05:12:35diddystar5bye midknight2k3
05:12:38diddystar5bye PokerJoker
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05:13:26midknight2k3what now
05:13:28midknight2k3whats going on
05:13:29midknight2k3who where what
05:14:36PokerJokercan you guys put artificial intelligence into an archos,
05:14:55PokerJokeryou know, have it speak to me and stuff, reason, feel emotions, etc.
05:15:07PokerJokerthats coming out in v2.5 right?
05:15:31midknight2k3try my new patch
05:15:34midknight2k3its a clock plugin
05:15:41PokerJokeris it good?
05:15:51PokerJokeris it up on the haxx site
05:15:55midknight2k3lots of options
05:16:02midknight2k3its at the patches place
05:16:07PokerJokeri cant install it today, but id like to see scr shots
05:16:18midknight2k3are none sorry
05:16:22midknight2k3just a patch
05:16:37midknight2k3dont got the power to merge what i feel like
05:18:18PokerJokeri will check it out sometime
05:18:28midknight2k3its precompiled
05:18:29midknight2k3just usb over
05:18:38PokerJokeri dont have my usb cable
05:19:03PokerJokerwhere you from?
05:19:16PokerJokeroh o
05:19:26PokerJokeri know a 27 year old fat girl from seatlle
05:19:37PokerJokershes probably semi-cute
05:19:46PokerJokermother of two
05:19:47midknight2k3nice and fat too
05:19:55midknight2k3thanks for informing me
05:20:07PokerJokeri wish i could hook you up with her
05:20:18PokerJokershe'd clean your pipes
05:20:30midknight2k3thanks for informing me. That is all.
05:20:55PokerJokersorry to bug you with it
05:21:01midknight2k3no really
05:21:07midknight2k3very interesting
05:21:08PokerJokerits best not to get involved wit girls
05:21:15midknight2k3i know this guy who like lives next door
05:21:21midknight2k3and.. yeah
05:21:27PokerJokerand yeah?
05:21:36midknight2k3you are so right
05:21:38PokerJokerexplain what you were going ot say
05:21:49midknight2k3interferation with my work
05:21:55PokerJokerdont tell me you fooled around with the guy next door
05:22:20scott666holy shit zakk, youre gay now??
05:22:32midknight2k3did i say that
05:22:41PokerJokerdont jump to conclusions scott
05:22:42scott66610:23 PM> <midknight2k3> i know this guy who like lives next door
05:22:43scott66610:23 PM> <midknight2k3> and.. yeah
05:22:56midknight2k3i was relating what poker said about he knows someone who lives in seattle
05:22:56midknight2k3a joke
05:23:01PokerJokerhe was going to say the guy beatsup girls or something
05:23:07PokerJokerwell lets change the topic
05:23:11midknight2k3oh whatever
05:23:15PokerJokerever play texas hold em
05:23:26CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
05:23:26*midknight2k3 runs off to cry
05:23:32midknight2k3if you need me state my name
05:23:52PokerJokertexas hold em? zakk
05:24:05midknight2k3no you need to say "midknight2k3"
05:24:16PokerJokerhow about mk2k
05:25:51PokerJokerok im off to study. see ya falles
05:25:55midknight2k3mid, midk, midk2k3, midknight2k3
05:26:00midknight2k3you are a jerk
05:26:16PokerJokerjesus christ
05:27:01scott666someones getting a cleaveland steamer
05:27:20midknight2k3are you problem ridden?
05:27:30PokerJokeryeah. no shit.
05:27:45PokerJokergetting a hot carl
05:28:05midknight2k3if you need me you know what to do
05:28:05scott666my tv is transparent
05:28:07*midknight2k3 is off
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05:28:31scott666this window is just hovering over it
05:28:51midknight2k3is that a joke?
05:29:13scott666my video card has a tv tuner
05:29:40scott666so the daily show is see-through
05:29:59scott666well, tough crowd now, but thats not the point
05:31:32scott666its the height of multi-tasking
05:32:05scott666das fad
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05:42:05midknight2k320:41:15 | <Ctrl> apples are for pie
05:42:05midknight2k320:41:17 | <Ctrl> ..not computing
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05:52:59midknight2k3hi mecraw
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11:42:01uskiis there a C guru here ?
11:43:49webmindno idea.. but ask away
11:44:23uskii have a problem with arrays...
11:44:28uskii have defined a small array like that:
11:44:39uskiUINT8 moo[] = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8};
11:44:48uski1) is it correctly defined ?
11:45:13uski2) how to access it ? does moo[index] will work, if index is an unsigned char (= UINT8) ?
11:45:25webmindno idea :)
11:45:30uskik ;)
11:45:38uskiperhaps someone knows
11:59:39earHertzit's correctly defined if UINT8 is a typedef or macro for a primitive type
12:00:23earHertzmoo[ index ] will work. Your compiler will (usually silently) promote the index type to int
12:01:00earHertzusing an index < 0 or > 7 would be undefined
12:01:22uskialso i have a function like this:
12:01:27uskiSetValue(unsigned char value;);
12:01:31uskiI call it this way:
12:01:41earHertzwhat's your function's return type?
12:01:43uskiSetValue(moo[X]); where X is an unsigned char
12:01:54uskihmmm no return
12:02:20uski(i can't see the source code here, it's on another computer a floor away..)
12:02:28earHertzah, C passes arguments by value, which means what's passed is a copy of the value; so the value in the aray will not be chnaged by the function
12:02:37uskiok yes
12:02:48uskibut it looks like the function doesn't see the correct array value
12:03:03uskiSetValue simply copies the value it is given to an I/O port of a C
12:03:11earHertzYou can either pass by reference, using a pointer, or modify the functionto return the value, and explcitly set the target to the returned value
12:03:12uskibut i get weird results
12:03:31earHertzOh, setvalue is not menat to modify the array?
12:03:37uskii simply want to pass the number to the function; the function doesn't has to change the value in the array
12:03:39uskinope ;)
12:04:04earHertzSorry, I was making assumptions. My bad
12:04:17uskithe name isn't very self-explanatory, i must admit
12:04:33uskianyway, i don't understand; is i do SetValue(0x55), it works
12:04:39uskibut as soon as i use the array
12:04:44uskii get strange results
12:04:56uskiif i have something like this:
12:04:59earHertzdamned windows update has hosed my taskbar
12:05:15uski for (I=0; I<8; I++) { display(I) };
12:05:23uskiwhat will be displayed ? 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ?
12:05:29uskior sth else ?
12:05:43uski(if display is sth like printf("%d ",argument);)
12:06:10earHertzwhat you think will be displayed.
12:06:25uskiok... (%$@#& code that doesn't work)
12:06:44earHertzUm, do you have the code in front of you?
12:06:54uskinoope :\
12:07:33earHertzWant to go get it?
12:07:37uskihmmm wait i copy it to my computer
12:07:42uskigive me 1minute
12:07:51earHertzOk, I need to log oout and back in. Back in 5
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12:34:08uskiearHertz: i have a hardware problem (floppy disk drive), i will fix it this evening (= in 5-6 hours)
12:34:16uskinow i must leave :\
12:34:21uskigood bye and thanks !!
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13:00:00earHertzhamsters of the storm! hamsters of the storm!
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14:10:09JusLooknHi all
14:10:33JusLooknI have a question regarding the config block, is there someone here who might be able to answer?
14:12:35 Join dsg [0] (
14:14:26JusLooknquiet in here
14:16:48 Quit JusLookn ()
14:25:08Exionanyone got any good places to learn about arm instruction set ?
14:26:54webmindthe internet!
14:35:14 Quit mecraw__ ("Trillian (")
14:48:23 Join JusLookn [0] (~mrconfuz@
14:48:39JusLooknHi again
14:52:35earHertzonfig block?
14:52:39earHertzwhat about it?
14:52:58earHertzMy knowledge is about 4 months out of date, but....
14:54:21JusLooknI was wondering why the config data in the block starts at A8
14:55:09earHertzI'm not sure all of it does, but the idea was to reserve space up front.
14:55:48earHertzIt really doesn't matter which bits are used.
14:56:13JusLooknI have added a feature to my code to allow the user to select a default playlist directory, but with only 60 bytes at the end of the config block, it limits the directory to only a couple levels down. This works for me since I keep it at the top, but didn't want to hamstring other users
14:56:40earHertzBad idea to include it in config block then
14:57:10earHertzfor Windows users, the max path is going to be around 512 bytes, including canonical dir name and file name and file extension
14:57:34earHertzWhat's the point f having a deault playlist dir?
14:57:35JusLooknYeah, I noticed that the Rockbox max_path is 260 ...
14:57:55earHertzAnd there's that too/ ;)
14:58:06JusLooknI keep all my playlists in the dir \Playlists to keep them out of the root and more organized
14:58:38JusLooknWhen I create new playlists I like them to be created there
14:59:05JusLooknFor me, the 20 char MAX_FILE wortks fine ... but again ... causes a hamstring to others
15:00:01earHertzI think a more useful hack might be to establish a menu or hotkey that displays all playlists. The user wouldn't care so much where they are, as how easily he can find them.
15:00:22earHertzThen yu could essentially hardcode the dire, just like .rickbox is a"magic" dir name
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17:04:29noalavidacan somebody tellme where can i get an ucl image from de daily builds?
17:05:04noalavidanow i only see ajz images, but in the past i downloaded ucl images as well
17:09:51noalavidathere isn't anybody here?
17:17:56earHertzUm, Try idc dragon's page
17:18:07earHertzOr build your own.
17:18:14noalavidacan you tel me yhe url?
17:18:48noalavidai've try build my own, but i am in linux and i can't find the uclpack program
17:19:07earHertzhold on
17:22:24earHertzkinda old, except for v2
17:22:34noalavidabut these images are some old
17:23:39earHertzI've sure uclpack compiles under linux
17:24:42noalavidaok i 'll try get uclpack
17:26:31noalavidabut you know why there's no more ucl imges on the rockbox page?
17:27:18dsgnoalavida: They are included in the downloads of the zip files.
17:27:26dsgUnder .rockbox/
17:28:37noalavidaoh, sorry
17:28:56noalavidait's true
17:29:31noalavidai feel stupid
17:31:17 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
17:32:11noalavidavery thanks to you
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17:48:05edxdooooooooooooohhhhhhh i fragged the archos i just got yesterday :$
17:49:18dsgedx: How did you manage that?
17:50:27edxi dont know - i had a copy process running over night cuz i was copying the whole 20 gigs over USB 1.1 - and this morning the hard disk just made a screwed up sound (like a broken ide disk) - the archos boots till it tries to access the disk, then it makes the very same noise and does nothing except for a little background light flickering :<
17:53:37hardeepedx: was the charger plugged in?
17:54:00edxit was...
17:54:24hardeepand plugging it in now does nothing?
17:54:49edxplugging it in charges the batteries
17:54:55edxas usual - with the archos charger
17:55:12edxbut usb or anything hd related doesnt work
17:55:30dsgedx: And you've tried letting it charge for a while before accessing the disk?
17:56:29dsgIt's possible it's bad batteries... try a different set.
17:56:52edxbut that noise it does... can it be related to bad batteries?
17:59:58dsgIt can, yes.
18:00:15dsgIf the disk tries to spin up, but there's not enough power, and then it tries again, etc.
18:01:39dsgWell, gone.
18:02:03edxah ok
18:02:10edxi'll give it a shot :)
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21:48:49[IDC]DragonZagor, are you there?
21:50:16 Join Sebulba02 [0] (
22:02:31uskian [IDC]Dragon
22:02:35uskia RARE specimen
22:02:42*uski tries to capture it
22:03:00uskidon't move, [IDC]Dragon, don't move...
22:03:19[IDC]DragonI won't
22:12:30 Nick edx is now known as {edx} (
22:17:38 Join thedude02 [0] (
22:23:44 Quit thedude02 ()
22:30:03 Quit methangas (" I love my HydraIRC -> <-")
22:36:05Zagordoes anyone her get red led deads frequently?
22:36:23scott666i used to but at some point they stopped
22:36:48[IDC]DragonI never did
22:36:56scott666im not convinced theyre completely gone though
22:37:28Zagorthey're not. i get them sometimes with my new 80gig disk. i just don't get them frequently enough to practically debug them.
22:37:54Zagorbut i have some ideas i'd like to try on somebody who reasonably quickly can tell if they make a difference or not
22:48:26 Quit {edx} (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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22:56:56 Join pfavr [0] (
22:58:06 Quit cjnr11 ()
22:58:40pfavrjust flashed my recorder 20 using 2. - this is so great!
22:59:42pfavrthanks a lot to all the developers
23:00:34[IDC]Dragonyou're welcome!
23:02:09pfavrbtw: I changed batteries to 2100mAh and while at it soldered some of the soldering points again
23:02:37pfavrthis solved problems with flickering background light and instabillity to pressure
23:04:03pfavris there some place to "register" the rockbox sw? It could be fun to see how many users of rockbox there are...
23:04:27pfavrwhat models they have and what they think about it
23:05:01scott666joining the mailing list might be a good start
23:06:04Zagorpfavr: we don't keep a list of that sort, no. i don't expect it would be very accurate anyway :)
23:06:53pfavrok, just thought it would be cool. And a nice way to show my gratitude to this project
23:08:37pfavrbtw any of you live in Stockholm?
23:08:48Zagoryes, three of us
23:09:07pfavr(I'm moving there for 6months starting at february 04)
23:09:24pfavr(will be visiting next week)
23:09:29Zagorah, cool. we'll invite you to our hack sessions ;)
23:09:44pfavrI would love that!
23:09:54Zagorare you a programmer?
23:10:07pfavrSo you meet physically and sit together to hack on Rockbox?
23:10:12pfavrprogrammer: yes
23:10:56Zagorno, we've never actually done that. although the core triad (me, Daniel and Linus) are close friends since many years so we often meet and discuss stuff over a beer or twelve.
23:11:44pfavrOk, so if I bring some beer?
23:12:00Zagorhehe. i'm sure we can work something out :)
23:12:02pfavr(Erdinger Dunkel is my favorite)
23:12:12Zagori'm more of an ale person
23:12:36pfavrok, we have a local brewery here on Funen / Denmark which makes a really nice ale
23:13:09Zagornice. bring some! ;)
23:13:36pfavrI'll stuff some in my hand luggage
23:14:24pfavrMy wife and I will come to Stockholm monday 15 to wednesday 17
23:15:21pfavrWe are looking for an apartment to stay for six months starting february... If you have any tips, I'll appreciate it very much
23:16:26pfavrbtw: is it really ok to use the rockbox channel for chat like this or should I shut up?
23:16:33 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
23:17:05Zagorsome limited chat is ok, as long as it doesn't get into a bad habit :)
23:17:43[IDC]DragonTell that to midnight, etc.
23:19:48 Join LinusN [200] (
23:19:59Zagor[IDC]Dragon: i've tried...
23:20:25[IDC]DragonHi Linus!
23:20:30Zagorhowdy linus. pfavr has promised to bring us beer in february! ;)
23:21:11Zagorhehe, yeah he's moving to stockholm
23:23:41LinusNfrom denmark to stockholm, why?
23:25:40 Join foxy-tyger [0] (
23:26:07ZagorLinusN: to meet us, of course :) (nah, work)
23:26:27LinusNfoxy-tyger: hi
23:27:07foxy-tygerwhats this channel used it like tech support ^_^'
23:27:26LinusNfoxy-tyger: sometimes, yes
23:29:27elinenbeZagor: good luck with the Red LED stuff :D
23:29:43foxy-tygercan u try to help me with some tech problems
23:29:50Zagorthanks :)
23:30:56LinusNfoxy-tyger: shoot
23:32:40foxy-tygerthanks ;) mp3 player just today, my screen started to display random charitors and when i turn it on...the screen sumetimes works and then sometimes doent
23:33:01LinusNfoxy-tyger: first of all, which model is it?
23:33:13foxy-tygerstudio 20
23:33:31LinusNdid you have it in a damp anvironment, or drop it?
23:33:44foxy-tygerno..not that i can recall
23:34:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:34:55LinusNis it any different if you push the display slightly?
23:35:36LinusNtry this:
23:35:53LinusNpush the screen while turning it on
23:43:55 Join foxy_tyger [0] (
23:43:55 Quit foxy-tyger (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:44:34foxy_tygersorry about that...damn computer
23:44:36LinusNZagor: what is your RLD theory?
23:44:42LinusNfoxy_tyger: welcome back
23:44:49foxy_tygerty ^_^'
23:44:50LinusNdid you see my last tip?
23:44:53LinusNpush the screen while turning it on
23:45:20foxy_tygernow i dont hear the HD spin up
23:45:28ZagorLinusN: well i added some traces and history logging and what i found is the same as someone (who was it again?) found a while ago: it's soft_reset that fails.
23:47:01Zagorand the reason we come back alive at all is that we do another soft reset when the first one fails. so obviously, some disks are more sensitive to how we do this reset. so i've tried relaxing the timing a bit.
23:47:38LinusNfoxy_tyger: no hd spinup? check your batteries
23:47:56pfavrfoxy_tyger: I had great success with dissassembling and resoldering all the larger soldering points inside. Especially I think some of the metal plates should be soldered together to make a good ground connection.
23:48:20LinusNZagor: ok
23:48:43LinusNand we don't do soft reset when poweroff=true?
23:49:03Zagorno, we do a hard reset then
23:49:17Zagorbut that could have the same problem
23:50:04LinusNpeople have reported recording problems when poweroff=false, but it works perfectly when poweroff=true
23:51:06 Quit foxy_tyger (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:52:32[IDC]DragonZagor: new file uploaded
23:54:47LinusNso, how should we get rid of the charging screen?
23:55:05LinusNin car adapter mode, for example
23:56:21Zagori think dragons idea sounded like a good start
23:56:43LinusNwhich is?
23:57:30Zagorhang on
23:58:50[IDC]Dragonto mark in the RTC that we're about to start the disk, then try it, later reset that flag. If you start withthe flag set, you know you've crashed befor because of the power surge.

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