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#rockbox log for 2003-12-12

00:00:19[IDC]Dragonthey have a problem...
00:00:21Zagormaybe we can't solve it for players
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00:01:03LinusNhmmmm back
00:01:14LinusNfoxy-tyger: wb
00:01:36foxy-tygeru said somthin about takin it apart?
00:01:53LinusNfoxy-tyger: yeah, to resolder the ground connection to the chassis
00:02:18foxy-tygerwouldnt that void my wornty
00:02:30LinusNthe old-player won't work in car-adapter mode anyway, would it?
00:02:45LinusNfoxy-tyger: you have warranty? why don't you send it back then?
00:03:19foxy-tygeri dnt know if i do..i bought it from a friend
00:03:55foxy-tygeri dont think i do
00:04:04LinusNif you have a studio, i doubt that you have any warranty left
00:04:17ZagorLinusN: correct. it doesn't react to the charger. but they seem to be very rare nowadays, so not many people suffer from them :)
00:04:41LinusNi think you either have a grounding problem (fairly common) or your display is badly seated
00:05:49LinusNZagor: how about this: always try to skip the charging screen, and have a "force-charging" hot key, like the F1-key in the boot loader?
00:06:22LinusNmaybe even configurable
00:06:22foxy-tygernow i hear the HD clicking alot
00:06:35LinusNfoxy-tyger: grounding or battery problem
00:06:57Zagoryes, i think that's a good solution.
00:06:58foxy-tyger...i'll take it apart right now ^^
00:07:50pfavrfoxy_tiger: read the instructions on the website
00:08:13pfavrbe carefull not to bend the metal plates (it is quite delicate)
00:08:41LinusNZagor: it isn't too easy to have it configurable on the Player of course :-)
00:09:45Zagori don't think we need it configurable anyway. a special "charge only" powerup keycombo is good IMHO
00:10:13[IDC]DragonF1-ON ?
00:10:24LinusNi'm thinking of the average luser who doesn't read FAQ's/manuals
00:11:18LinusNon the other hand, that luser won't flash his jukebox either
00:11:49Zagorright :)
00:12:05LinusN[IDC]Dragon: F1-ON is handled in the boot loader, but we can use F3 or something
00:12:27[IDC]DragonF3 is now also taken by the bootloader
00:12:36[IDC]Dragonstarts minimon
00:12:45LinusNoh, f2 then
00:13:59[IDC]Dragonon a different subject: how about using DMA for memset/memcpy ?
00:14:37LinusN[IDC]Dragon: that won't buy us much
00:14:47Zagorwhere do we do enough to warrant it?
00:14:52LinusNwe don't do that many large memset's
00:15:03[IDC]Dragonmemcpy then
00:15:20LinusNno large memcpy's either
00:15:27[IDC]DragonFile I/O
00:15:43Zagorthey have to be swapped, so dma wont help there
00:16:04[IDC]Dragonand then it gets copied another time
00:16:16Zagorit does?
00:16:17[IDC]Dragonfor read()
00:16:31 Join Dogger [0] (
00:16:47[IDC]Dragonfrom the sector buffer to the application provided pointer
00:16:51Zagorno. only when you read less than a sector.
00:17:06Zagorotherwise the same pointer is passed all the way down to ata.c
00:17:43[IDC]DragonAnd the DMA won't swap, I'm afraid.
00:17:56LinusNusing dma would only be worth it if we move/copy lard blocks very often
00:18:15[IDC]Dragona fancy one could have provision for endian conversion
00:18:43LinusNand memcpy/memset are in IRAM already, which can be accessed concurrently with DRAM
00:19:09[IDC]Dragonwell, I recentla had the impression our file read isn't the fastest.
00:19:23[IDC]DragonSo I was thinking about this.
00:19:50LinusNwhat makes you think it's slow?
00:19:56Zagorit's pretty fast actually. well over 1.5 MB/s, which is not bad for such a slow cpu.
00:20:30[IDC]DragonMy recent experiments, maybe Zagor tells you ;)
00:20:44LinusNrecent experiments? zagor?
00:20:47[IDC]DragonBut I am reading many small chunks.
00:20:58LinusNthat is probably it
00:21:15Zagorah right, we're not optimised for many small reads
00:21:48[IDC]DragonI can try to buffer a bit more, but then I'll have larger latency for the cases I do so.
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00:35:51LinusN[IDC]Dragon: zagor let me in on the secret, i'm speechless!
00:49:47Zagori'm off to bed. g'night guys!
00:49:51 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
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00:56:34diddystar5LinusN: busy?
00:57:11 Quit mecraw__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:57:59LinusNdiddystar5: define "busy" :-)
00:58:46diddystar5LinusN: working, or "can't help rightn ow"
00:59:01LinusNi can help you
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01:17:58earHertzHey Linus, did newmp3tech charge you for the lcd?
01:19:16earHertzHey Linus, do we have a way of reading rhe modification date of a file?
01:21:34diddystar5right click file, selcet pro-perties, and see the date modified
01:21:44diddystar5(atleast on windows thats works)
01:21:57earHertzI meant, via the rockbox file functions
01:22:22LinusNearHertz: the write date is not easily accessible with the current API
01:22:34earHertzer, the mod date?
01:22:42LinusNbut it's easily added
01:23:06earHertzso you're saying we'd have to modift some stat-like function?
01:23:26LinusNwe have to *implement* a stat-like function :-)
01:24:08earHertzwhich would have to know how a fat32 directory stores the date, right?
01:24:24LinusNthat part is implemented
01:24:45LinusNbtw, it is called "write date" in the fat spec, iirc
01:24:56earHertzhmm. How do we ask a dire for its list of files right now?
01:25:31earHertzwhat ms windows calls the modified date fat32 calls the write date?
01:26:07earHertzMS windows is so fun.
01:26:54earHertzlike the POSIX funcs of the same name?
01:27:37earHertzso we should probably stick to the POSIX interface
01:27:53LinusNa stat() variant would be good
01:28:00diddystar5what is POSIX?
01:28:12diddystar5position x?
01:28:28LinusNa standard api specification
01:28:39diddystar5i see
01:28:41LinusN Portable Operating System Interface
01:28:58diddystar5that makes sense
01:29:39earHertzAs in portable across OS, not just for portable like Pdas or ,p3 players
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01:40:26elinenbeLinusN: get to bed <grin>
01:40:54elinenbeLinusN: how many hours of daylight do you have there at this time of year?
01:41:51LinusNabout 8 i guess
01:42:17LinusNwhere i live
01:52:15foxy-tygerLinusN: i got the ground points resolderd, i think the batterys are bad now, the HD will spin up when its on the charger, but as soon as I unplug it, it dies
02:01:43LinusNyou should try to replace them, how about the lcd?
02:01:50foxy-tygerLinusN:but i'm still haveing trubble with random charitors apearing on the screen
02:02:11LinusNeven when you push the lcd gently?
02:02:46foxy-tygerya...could it be somthin with the firmware?
02:03:43earHertzthis an fm or a recorder?
02:04:04foxy-tygerwell..its got a line it
02:04:41LinusNthe studio has a (pretty useless) line in
02:04:54LinusNbut it can't record
02:05:01foxy-tygerwhat is it used for then?
02:05:13LinusNyou can mix it with the output
02:06:47LinusNwhen do the random chars appear?
02:09:27foxy-tygerdiffrent times..i was just charging it and the "BATTERY CHARGING....." had a sollid circle in the middle of battery, its not all the time, like its not doing it
02:10:47foxy-tygernow its doing it again >.<
02:10:50LinusNyou mean "BAOTERY CHARGING"
02:11:06foxy-tygerwell kinda
02:11:52LinusNit really looks like you have a loose connection somewhere between the CPU and the LCD
02:12:24foxy-tygerand theirs realy no way that i can fix that
02:14:32LinusNit should be fixable
02:15:53foxy-tygerwell...i cant solder small things..i actualy had my friends dad to solder the grounds
02:16:28foxy-tygerwere would the cpu be located on the board
02:18:56diddystar5i have no idea on a player
02:18:57LinusNit's under the top pcb
02:19:32diddystar5gotta go
02:19:37LinusNstill, i think the bad connection is on the lcd itself
02:19:44foxy-tygerewww....i just looked at "dissasembling the Archos" and thats a lot of desoldering
02:19:47diddystar5bye LinusN foxy-tyger and earHertz
02:19:55LinusNbye diddystar5
02:20:02 Quit diddystar5 ("Bye")
02:20:34LinusNfoxy-tyger: yes, attempting a repair like that without soldering skills is not recommended
02:21:06foxy-tygeri dont think i will try that
02:21:11LinusNi guess you're in the us?
02:21:59LinusNwell, you could send your player to mike at
02:22:50foxy-tygerdo you know off hand how much he charges
02:23:49LinusNnope, email him
02:25:30foxy-tygeroh..and one more question...or a few ^^...can i format the HD just like a regular HD in windoze XP?
02:28:48earHertzhe charges $100
02:29:28LinusNfoxy-tyger: yes, you can format it as a regular hd
02:29:56LinusNhowever, not if your hd is larger that 30gb
02:31:21foxy-tygerno its 20gb....and i have one more question, do i have to be in the root of the HD when i add and delete things off the HD
02:32:10LinusNyou can have directories and sundirectories
02:35:01foxy-tygerright...when i turn it off, i was in a subdirectry, and then i hooked it up to usb, and moved some stuff around, added more subdirecterys, i didnt see any changes to the folders on the player, but i do when i use it as a HD
02:35:57LinusNdid you safely remove the usb device (in the system tray)?
02:36:09foxy-tygeri dont see the new subdirecterys that i added, and yes i did
02:36:56LinusNno error messages?
02:37:03LinusNdo you use rockbox?
02:37:28foxy-tygerwhat is that ?
02:37:30Sebulba02Err, for custome .wps's, are the docs still correct, 10 lines for a recorder?
02:37:51LinusNfoxy-tyger: you joined the rockbox irc and you don't know what rockbox is?
02:38:08LinusNSebulba02: yes i think so
02:38:13foxy-tygerheh...i'm new to all of this ^^'
02:38:24Sebulba02odd, mines only showing 8
02:38:55LinusNSebulba02: it depends on which font you have, and if you have enabled the status line or not
02:39:11LinusNthe WPS *file* is max 10 lines
02:39:25LinusNwhat fits on the lcd is another thing
02:39:30Sebulba02I used the smallest 5x7 font
02:40:07Sebulba02Status line. its enabled.
02:40:16LinusNSebulba02: the lcd is 64 pixels high
02:40:41LinusNso with a 7 pixel font, you will be able to show 9 lines if you disable the status bar
02:40:57Sebulba02Ah, okay
02:41:32LinusNi have to go to sleep npw
02:41:50foxy-tygerthanks for the help
02:41:54LinusNcu around
02:41:59LinusNfoxy-tyger: yw
02:42:03 Part LinusN
02:42:07foxy-tygerill read up on rockbox
02:42:59Sebulba02cool, no more messy playing screen
02:44:04 Join [MolincH] [0] (~[MolincH]
02:45:12[MolincH]i read the faq and i know that the ogg vorbis decoder won't be used but will one day another codec, better than mp3 be available on the rockbox firmware ?
02:46:41Sebulba02What other codec is there?
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06:37:52Masskillerwhere can i get plugins :\
06:38:07Masskilleri need one that's a calculator so i can take it to school and not get it taken away :P
06:40:06Masskillerand the battery charging logo is boring :P
06:40:15Masskillereven though i doubt you can change it :\
06:40:18Masskillertime for sleep
06:40:26Masskiller$time(hh:nn:ss TT) = 12:40:28 AM
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10:09:48heiner-ichThis may be a faq, but how can I distinguish between recorder and recorderv2?
10:40:18 Join blaise [0] (~jirc@
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11:36:12earHertzv2s have the fmr form factor
11:36:25earHertzthe sides are not columns to hold the battery
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12:24:20trackhi webmind
12:24:48trackis it possible to get batteries higher than 2000mAh?
12:28:20 Quit Schnueff (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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12:51:23trackhi dog
12:51:42 Quit track ("Leaving")
13:07:53Doggerhows it going track?
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17:33:29elinenbehardeep: I just tried out the gameboy emulator, and I think some of the games run too fast... You may want to try and set it to 30 Hz or 60 Hz or fix the framerate.
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17:35:39hardeepelinenbe: right, i'll get on it immediately. Which games in particular did you have problems with?
17:41:50elinenbehardeep: wario world was too fast, but tetris ran perfectly. Also, I love how you mananged grayscale without any flicker... nice work!
17:50:09 Quit uski ("Fermeture du client")
18:09:45hardeepthe grayscale withot flicker required countless hours of manipulating bits... it came out better then I was expecting. Have you had a chance to try out DDR - Groovin' to the Rockbox yet?
18:53:54elinenbehardeep: no, but I will be honest with you −− that would be an easy game to program and fun to play on the rockbox!
18:54:22elinenbehardeep: however, when songs load and bitswap there would be considerable slowdown −− thus leading to bad scores...
19:00:30hardeepelinenbe: People would just have to play better then! =)
19:00:34hardeepgotta go
19:00:35 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: now with flavor crystals!")
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22:01:20uskianybody very familiar with the LCD code, and particyularly the font handling ?
22:01:40uskii don't understand how it is encoded in the .c files
22:01:56[IDC]DragonLCD yes, font no
22:03:34uskiok, do you know how the lcd_bitmap function works ?
22:03:36uski(hi :))
22:03:55uskibecause it seems to be used by the code to draw chars to the screen
22:04:46[IDC]Dragonit shifts and masks into place, iirc.
22:05:07uskilet me see the source code
22:08:39uskiok so if i understand, a bitmap is stored like that:
22:08:58uski4 bytes = 4 rows, 8 columns
22:09:22uskii.e. each byte is for a row
22:09:26uskiand columns are the bytes
22:10:36uski(damn, this code is hard to understand)
22:11:41 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- Chicks dig it")
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22:11:58 Join methangas [0] (
22:13:47uskiwow ok i understood
22:13:49uski:] thx
22:14:53[IDC]DragonI didn't do anything to make you understand...
22:15:17uskiyou did
22:15:26uskiyou made me look at the code
22:15:45Masskillersomeone create a calculator for me :F
22:16:13[IDC]DragonHey, my display is upside down!
22:16:19uski? lool
22:16:26Masskillerwth :|
22:16:29uskithe display of your computer ?
22:16:37uskiif yes, it might be a trojan horse like subseven
22:16:38Masskillerwhere can i get roxbox games/plugins
22:16:39[IDC]DragonIt _can_ be configured
22:16:43uskilol ok
22:16:45[IDC]Dragonno the box
22:16:49uskiok ,)
22:17:53Masskillerwhere can i get games and/or plugins :)
22:20:11[IDC]DragonMasskiller: doy you mean chip8 games, or what?
22:20:19Masskilleri dont know
22:20:23Masskillerim new to this stuff
22:20:25Masskilleri just got it last night
22:20:37Masskillerbut my mp3 player owns all my friend's now ;D
22:56:38scott666download the 2.1 zip, it has all the plugins and games included
22:58:39Masskillerwhats all this F1 and F2 stuff
22:59:00Masskillerobviously, my mp3 player doesnt have a F1 key like my keyboard
23:00:40Sebulba02Sure it does
23:00:47Masskillerit does? :S
23:00:52Masskillerwhere is it :|
23:02:22Sebulba02you said player, oops.. my bad
23:02:22 Quit cjnr12 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:02:23Masskillerfound it :)
23:02:34Sebulba02err, okay
23:02:41Sebulba02I must be looking at the wrong one then.
23:16:11elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: what does the high performance blit do?
23:16:29[IDC]Dragonthat was quick...
23:16:45[IDC]Dragonwell, it is quick.
23:17:07elinenbewhat is the blit? what does it speed up?
23:17:28[IDC]Dragonlater, you'll see soon.
23:20:44earHertz"blit" sugests it has to do with the ld. a faster way to change the display, perhaps.
23:27:03 Quit Arnaud (Remote closed the connection)
23:32:03elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: hey man! what are you going to use it for?
23:32:24elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: I am salivating with anticipation.
23:32:47[IDC]Dragonkeep calm, it's not used yet, there's issues.
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23:42:57elinenbewhat? too much flicker?

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