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#rockbox log for 2003-12-16

00:02:45 Join pokerjoker [0] (
00:02:54pokerjokerhey dudes
00:03:13pokerjokerwarez the party
00:05:41pokerjokerim downloading linux
00:07:46pokerjokeri love you guys.
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00:23:30zYgoati could get a used archos on ebay later
00:23:34zYgoatwithout fm
00:23:51zYgoatso i can play with rockbox :)
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00:48:52 Join baz_ [0] (
00:51:57zYgoatoops ignore the 2nd
00:52:15zYgoatthe arm720t is the heart of the philips saa7750
00:52:56zYgoatthe iriver ifp590t has 16mbit nor-flash and 64mbit sdram
00:53:18 Join diddystar5 [0] (
00:53:51zYgoati wonder if it can load code from the media flash?
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01:00:20zYgoati just read the arm7 is 'von neumann architecture, not harvard'
01:00:50zYgoatand since the 590t can read/write to flash, it should be possible to store/load programs
01:01:27zYgoatadd to this: there is a linux for the arm720T
01:02:02zYgoathi track
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01:02:06zYgoatand diddystar5
01:02:35zYgoatyou guys know anything about rockbox?
01:02:40diddystar5i do
01:02:43zYgoatlike how it was made?
01:02:46diddystar5i know alot infact
01:02:55diddystar5uhh in c
01:03:30zYgoathow did you learn to control the subsystems (dsp, memory etc)
01:04:15zYgoati'm curious if rockbox could be ported to other devices
01:04:18diddystar5i dont know that much, but since everything has been writen, you just use api stuff
01:04:27diddystar5it has, the neo 35
01:04:40diddystar5(or atleast it's in development)
01:05:45zYgoatwhat cpu?
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01:06:00 Join Guest42 [0] (
01:06:20diddystar5it has a sh1 running at 12mhz
01:06:42trackno its a pentium 4 running at 3.5 Ghz
01:10:22zYgoatthat's pretty cool
01:10:38zYgoati'm still agonizing over the iriver vs archos decision
01:10:50diddystar5archos (just for the 20 gi)
01:10:59zYgoatmaybe both
01:11:26zYgoatkeychain mp3 for to-go, and jukebox for car or special occasions
01:12:06zYgoati like that the rockbox site has pictures of dissassembly - looks like the QC problems are do-it-yourself fixes
01:12:13zYgoat(battery mount, cold solder points)
01:12:25diddystar5i havent had any problems with those
01:12:35zYgoatdo you have the fm model?
01:12:47diddystar5no, i have a recorder 20
01:13:24zYgoatwhat cpu is that?
01:13:35diddystar5the same sh1
01:15:24CtcpIgnored 3 channel CTCP requests in 55 minutes and 6 seconds at the last flood
01:15:24*zYgoat checks ebay
01:15:51diddystar5the recorder 20 iss probly the best unit
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01:17:54zYgoata recorder 6 has same hardware just different drive?
01:18:37diddystar5but you will most liely fill the 6 gigs very fast
01:19:20zYgoatwell it's just for the car - wouldn't hold much of my collection anyway :)
01:19:42zYgoatah 150 for a 20 GB
01:19:53zYgoatthe auction will probably push it up to 180
01:20:05zYgoatwhich is funny because amazon is blowing-out the 20 FM for 199 euro
01:20:37zYgoatwhich is a very good price for germany
01:21:01zYgoatmax mp3 encode on archos is 128kb/s cbr, yes?
01:21:12trackno its 160kbs vbr
01:22:08diddystar5(or close to that)
01:22:17zYgoati have only seen docs stating 128
01:22:29zYgoatthe nex ia can only do 64kb/s
01:22:31diddystar5thats the "recommended"
01:22:45diddystar5i encode all my stuff at 192 cbr
01:23:05diddystar5i think 192 is the best sounding, and the best size
01:23:12zYgoat160-224 vbr here
01:24:32zYgoatis it possible for the archos to load programs from the drive?
01:24:45zYgoator does all code need to be in the non-volatile ram?
01:25:09trackme 2 diddystar
01:25:12track192kbs CBR
01:25:14trackis very good
01:25:45diddystar5depends, if you flash, then it goes to a special flash mem, if not, it goes to the 2mb buffer
01:26:51zYgoatso it is possible to load and execute a program that is stored exclusively on the drive
01:27:29zYgoati need to get an archos just to see how this works :)
01:27:50baz_ <=- another joke?
01:27:59baz_it has to be heh
01:28:15 Quit track ("Leaving")
01:29:30zYgoat"Copy the contained.rock plugin to .rockbox/rocks "
01:29:49zYgoatthat sounds legit
01:30:07zYgoatvery cool, so there is hope the 590t could also do this
01:30:36zYgoathave you guys done coding for rockbox?
01:31:53diddystar5i have
01:32:32diddystar5i made the vu meter
01:32:57zYgoatcool :)
01:33:30zYgoatto draw you just write directly to a memory region?
01:33:40zYgoator is there some kind of drawing library?
01:33:59diddystar5do you mean draw something to the screen?
01:34:44diddystar5you use API funcs like lcd_draw_pixle, lcd_draw_line, etc...
01:35:00baz_has anyone got any screenshots of the 'rockbox video' thing ive heard... i left my usb cable at college and im curious to waht it may look like?
01:35:15diddystar5i have some from midkngiht2k3
01:35:21diddystar5want to see those?
01:35:43baz_on the archos?
01:35:47baz_if u want
01:36:25diddystar5sorry that it is slow...
01:36:31baz_this is an actual screenshot?
01:36:34baz_thats ok, im on dialup
01:37:15diddystar5there are 7 pics in that
01:39:12baz_i wish i had my usb cable if it isnt fake
01:39:42diddystar5its not fake
01:40:02baz_is it the same quality for jukebox recorder?
01:40:10baz_not the fm one
01:40:14diddystar5they have the same screen
01:40:22diddystar5i like pic #4
01:40:25baz_thats quite good
01:40:48baz_will there be videos that play the video and audio at the same time?
01:40:55baz_a post said about it
01:41:04baz_im all excited, i want my usb cable back :D
01:41:42diddystar5im not sure, that is possible though
01:41:50baz_how do ya make ur own 'videos'
01:42:31diddystar5there is a tool to do that
01:43:01baz_runs only in linux? :)
01:43:07diddystar5but first you need to have your video in gray scale, then i think you run the program, andit makes the file rockbox can run
01:43:28baz_ah coo
01:43:34diddystar5no, its for windows, but im sure wine for linux will be able to run it
01:43:48 Quit zYgoat (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
01:43:49baz_if not ill jst open up vmware
01:44:20baz_so whats 4.jpg of?
01:44:26baz_a porn vid? hehe
01:44:31diddystar5i need a pernament linux, knoppix just dosent "cut the cake" anymore for me
01:44:44diddystar5lol, its a part of the doom3 demo
01:44:56baz_use erm gentoo
01:45:17diddystar5i was thinking either debian, mandrake, or maybe redhat
01:45:21diddystar5just cant decide
01:45:29baz_i would recommend gentoo
01:45:31baz_nice n easy
01:45:35baz_but fast
01:45:46baz_i have all of em
01:46:02baz_i have created my own distro from scratch
01:46:06baz_but prefer gentoo
01:46:22diddystar5im looking at screenshots of gentoo now
01:46:37baz_all linux os's look the same
01:46:46baz_jst different themes heh
01:47:22diddystar5have you tried crossover office?
01:47:34baz_i either use kwrite or openoffice
01:47:52diddystar5it runs ms office on linux
01:47:55diddystar5wish wine cant do
01:48:31diddystar5i like the idea of openoffice, but it just dosent have all the stuff ms office has yet
01:48:39baz_so the videos, what sorta quality r they, do they blur alot every frame?
01:48:53diddystar5but it does have the pdf reader, i like that
01:50:14baz_i bet lots of kids will use this for porn
01:50:59diddystar5the rockbox video?
01:51:01baz_the 'video' feature
01:51:35diddystar5lol it would suck on greyscale
01:51:55baz_lol yeah
01:52:03baz_but kids would be like woah!
01:52:33baz_infact, whats the battery consumtion like with this?
01:53:01diddystar5i have no idea
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01:53:14diddystar5if you play video strait, im sure it would be high
01:56:06diddystar5 <- that is a sweet desktop!
01:56:12baz_i just wonder what rockbox will look like now
01:56:42diddystar5whats your current version?
01:57:23diddystar5mostly the same, except for the lpaylist viewer
01:57:37diddystar5gotta go
01:57:40 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")
01:57:40diddystar5see you
01:57:50 Join zYgoat [0] (
01:57:50baz_thx for the screenshots
01:58:08 Quit diddystar5 ("Bye")
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02:38:19[AFX]Masskillerwow @
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05:24:14pookyhead34hi... i'm using the v2.1 firmware (flashed) on my recorder 20... i use 2100mah NiMH batteries −− and i get a "?" on the battery meter. any ideas? (this didn't happen before v2.1)
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05:31:46Sebulba02maybe that should be in the FAQ?
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06:25:13uiibaahow disheartening
06:25:24uiibaaI just got an archos av120 for my bday
06:25:46Sebulba02which is that?
06:26:02uiibaarecords mp3's and divx video
06:26:08uiibaaand that means, no rockbox
06:26:21uiibaaand that means stupid crap I have to deal with
06:26:24uiibaalike not resuming
06:26:42uiibaawhy can't they just resume!?!
06:26:56uiibaaevery year I get some stupid player that doesn't resume
06:27:00Sebulba02you could always try to write your own firmware..
06:27:08uiibaaand every year I leave that piece of shit somewhere to rot
06:27:32uiibaaeven worse, the one I actually got for my bday was dead on arrival
06:27:42uiibaaso, when I get it, get an extended warranty
06:27:46uiibaaI find out there's no rockbox
06:27:55uiibaaand stupid features
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06:37:27 Join dsg [0] (
07:12:17uiibaaI can't find a resume function at all =(
07:12:24uiibaaany hacks for the firmware out there?
07:37:08 Join Arnaud [0] (
07:41:35uiibaaI can't keep this
07:41:44uiibaaI am returning it
07:44:05uiibaaI hope I get my extended warranty money back
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08:23:20zYgoatwow, an archos return
08:23:52zYgoati think the recorder fm 20 is discontinued
08:24:13zYgoatarchos' line seems to be "keep a moving target"
08:24:32zYgoat"keep releasing new stuff with features - that way we don't have the old headaches"
08:24:55zYgoatwhich is ok i guess - possibly only way for them to survive as a company
08:25:39zYgoatwhat surprises me, is after rockbox clearly blows their firmware out of the water -that they haven't just adopted rockbox
08:26:48zYgoatwell it's not too surprising, due to legal issues and "not invented here" syndrome
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11:44:17Guesta question about the archos studio player and a nforce 2 motherboard
11:45:17 Quit track ("Leaving")
11:46:19Guestwhen i installed the usb drivers from archos, i got an irql_.... mistake, does this rockboxx fix?
11:47:58Guesthow can i fix it??
11:49:58dwihnoIt's not a rockbox issue
11:50:27dwihnoUnless the irq thing happened on your archos while running rockbox ;)
11:51:04Guesti read that a new firmware could fix it
11:52:54dwihnodoes the irq thing occur on your archos or on the pc?
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11:53:32Guestit occurs on my pc
11:54:25Guesti installed the archos usb-drivers, connect my archos to my pc, turned it screen
11:55:54Guestit's called irql_less_or_equal...
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12:40:56 Part khrocker
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17:46:28zYgoatwell i am making my first report on the iriver ifp590t 256MB mp3-encoding FM tuner/mp3 player
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18:08:13zYgoatmicrophone/dictaphone functon very good. picked out my voice very well in a reverberant room
18:08:14 Join _aLF [0] (
18:08:21zYgoatmicrophone was better than expected
18:08:49zYgoatmenu layout is ok i guess - i'd prefer to create my own menus of course
18:09:15zYgoatfm reception was the most interesting to me
18:09:38zYgoatbecause of the difficulty of combining sensitive FM recievers with digital circuitry (a 70 mhz ARM7 CPU etc)
18:10:01zYgoati live in germany - many tightly packed stations - mostly fair signal strength
18:10:04zYgoatbut rejection is key
18:10:49zYgoatwell, in the first floor of my house - reception was good. picked up about 20 listenable stations and about 5 recordable ones
18:11:10zYgoatthen i changed headphones - uh oh - reception characteristics changed massively
18:11:16zYgoatplug into stereo - massive changes again
18:11:27zYgoatmove around - interference, splotching sounds
18:11:44zYgoatmove into car - plug into stereo, try reception
18:11:45 Quit DJBaz ("Leaving")
18:11:49zYgoatNO recordable stations
18:11:59zYgoat(car chassis blocks many signals)
18:52:49 Join DJBaz [0] (
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20:01:25tracki think goats bleat not moo
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21:06:53zYgoator baah
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21:11:51 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
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21:40:03 Join Guest75620 [0] (
21:40:13Guest75620GREAT MOVIES !!! INCREDIBLE !!!!
21:40:42Guest75620Only a problem: the UCL for recorder says "Incompatible version" on my recorder V2 software V1 hardware
21:40:47Guest75620can someone help ?
21:40:53Guest75620The .ajz works perfectly
21:49:14uiibaathere IS a resume function on the AV120
21:49:38uiibaawith the latest firmware, pause, then tap off, then it asks if you wanna bookmark it... when you turn it off, then turn back on, it asks if you wanna resume... yay
21:49:40 Quit track (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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21:53:09 Quit uiibaa ("Those who are willing to trade civil liberties for temporary security, deserve neither - That guy on the bill")
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22:06:35Zagornice, huh?
22:06:52zYgoatnice hack with the greyscales
22:07:31zYgoati just had an idea
22:07:41zYgoatyou could use that trick to do greyscale for static images too
22:07:56Jet8810anybody getone of those high tech, new archos multimedia big screen models?
22:07:57Zagorhe already does that
22:07:57zYgoata waste of cpu of course
22:08:00zYgoatbut that's what cycles are for
22:08:02zYgoatoh :/
22:08:14Zagortry the "lena" file. it looks great.
22:08:27zYgoati still need to pick-up an archos
22:08:35Zagorah :)
22:08:36zYgoati was hoping to get a used 6GB and drop in a bigger drive
22:09:08Zagorthose early units only have usb1.1 though
22:09:09zYgoator perhaps even a 'broken' one that just has a bent battery clip or a cold solder joint
22:09:28zYgoatwell usb 2.0 is in real life only a few times faster
22:09:39Jet8810well, it makes a HUGE difference zygoat
22:09:44Jet881013 hours vs. one hour
22:09:59Jet8810more or less is what ive got from it
22:10:05zYgoatwow that's more than i read
22:10:07zYgoatthx for the info
22:10:12Zagoryeah, it's clearly worth it i'd say.
22:10:21Jet8810np, of course YMMV
22:10:31Jet8810yea, I now have a Jukebox Zen though
22:10:31 Join beerli [0] (
22:10:36Jet8810andf its OK, but archos was better is blowing-out archos FM jukebox 20s for only 199 euro
22:10:46Zagori don't get 13x speedup, but 6-8x is still enough to make a big difference
22:11:01Jet8810well maybe it is becasue my copmuter is old...4 years
22:11:10Jet8810and the 4 year old usb 1.1 into mobo ports are just slow
22:11:13zYgoatthey're even charging more for the archos recorder
22:11:21beerlihello everyone. I'm intending to buy a v2 recorder. but I'm concerned about the battery
22:11:34beerliany experience?
22:11:36Zagorbeerli: then try to get a v1
22:12:18beerliv2 is built in and v1 battery is echangeable?
22:12:25*zYgoat is away: is grazing elsewhere
22:12:28beerliand: what's so funny:)
22:12:30Jet8810Zagor, out of curiosity, how often did you (do you?) use MP3 player?
22:12:44Jet8810nothing beerli :)
22:12:44Zagori use it for 4-8 hours every day
22:13:03Jet8810beerli, I say get the v2 anyway...its rechargable...and lasts awhile
22:13:09Zagorbeerli: yes, that's correct. v1 is NiMH AA and v2 is LiIon special
22:13:09 Join DJBaz [0] (
22:13:18Jet8810see, I have a Pocket PC also
22:13:21Jet8810and thats for daily listening
22:13:28beerlican I exchange the special built in thing qwhen it's fucked after a time?
22:13:31Jet8810so mp3 is only for long trips, which is why I am not too picky as to which one I get
22:13:43ZagorJet8810: how much storage do you have on your pocket pc thingy?
22:13:46Jet8810beerli, it can be taken out rather easily, dont see why you couldnt get a battery off ebay or something
22:13:51Jet8810Zagor, 1gb CF card
22:13:54beerliyou know these things happen and I heared bad things (ipot issue)
22:14:10Jet8810that combined with WMA or OGG is enough to at least have a decent size batch on there
22:14:16ZagorJet8810: well, i can't live without my entire collection so I have a 80gig disk in my archos :)
22:14:24beerligreat! thank you guys for information.
22:14:37Jet8810haha Zagor
22:14:39beerliguess I'll be using rockbox shortly
22:14:45Zagorbeerli: welcome :)
22:14:47Jet8810my entire collection is 20gb, but there is maybe 1.5 gigs that I listen to regularly
22:16:00 Quit DJBaz (Client Quit)
22:16:02Zagori gave up batch listening when I got my first archos. no more choosing which music to bring!
22:16:32zYgoatZagor: can the 6 GB be upgraded that high?
22:16:50zYgoatit's a moral imperative now
22:16:56zYgoatthis is the total hacker jukebox
22:17:13zYgoatis a ram-increase doable? 2MB is really low
22:17:15Jet8810true Zagor
22:17:37 Join xam [0] (
22:17:41Jet8810but I will bring ONE device with me...not an mp3 and PDA...too much junk, and as fun as music is, PDA is productive :)
22:17:49zYgoati hope i didn't ask something
22:18:08 Join DJBaz [0] (
22:18:13 Quit DJBaz (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:18:14zYgoatnot you wrong jet
22:18:17zYgoatme wrong zygoat
22:18:25zYgoatagree on pda
22:18:32zYgoati almost bought a zaurus for an mp3 player
22:18:35zYgoatbut i want to record
22:18:43zYgoatrecording is way up there for me
22:18:48Jet8810if you need heavy duty MP3s, then MP3 player is very important
22:19:08Jet8810if you need organization, and a daily tools, PDA is important
22:19:20 Join Cheek [0] (
22:19:22zYgoatonly reason i'd buy a pda is for school and games
22:20:18zYgoati'd like to know how ppl got started developing rockbox
22:20:53 Quit beerli ("leaving")
22:20:56ZagorzYgoat: yes you can increase the ram. there's a documented 8MB mod on the rockbox site. but you don't gain as much as you'd think.
22:21:14Zagoralso it's a quite difficult mod
22:22:48ZagorzYgoat: how do you mean "how ppl got started"? we cracked the scrambling, then wrote our own firmware. what other ways are there? ;)
22:23:04*xam has the ram at home, but I'm too scared to do smd soldering ... I'm crap in 'normal' soldering, and I'd mess it up - guaranteed!
22:23:57Zagoryeah, if you're not showing off your soldering skills to your friends, you're probably not up for the ram mod.
22:24:04Zagori sure aint
22:25:08Jet8810i thought you did that mod!
22:25:22Jet8810ah ok
22:25:25Jet8810im the person who would try to do it
22:25:29Jet8810first time soldering
22:25:32Jet8810and mess it up, of course
22:26:35xammy friend messed up his ps2 while trying to install the mod chip ...
22:27:34zYgoatone should practice soldering on cheap materials
22:31:15xamthis is actually quite a funny story: he got a mod chip, and was frustrated that he had to solder 18 wires (directly on the chip/motherboard). So he got an 2nd mod (with an extra circuit board), because they advertized that you just have to solder 9 wires at easy spots ... they just forget to mention that you have to solder the mod chip onto this extra curcuit board that requires additional 26 soldering steps :-P
22:32:30xamat one stage his soldering iron 'slipped' and he burned some transistor on the motherboard ...
22:33:21zYgoatbest soldering i've done was repairing a cracked single-layer circuit board - never touched a cpu
22:33:28 Quit oxygen77 ("ChatZilla 0.8.31 [Mozilla rv:1.4/7]")
22:33:44zYgoatxam: did he have a fine-tip soldering iron/gun?
22:33:52zYgoati like those quick-heating ones
22:33:59zYgoateasier to control the heat (for me)
22:34:31xamfor the first mod: no, for the 2nd mod: yes, but he 'slipped' while trying the 2nd mod
22:36:08xamzYgoat: I have to agree that it's easier with the fine-tip, but you should have a soldering iron where you can regulate the heat (at the transformer)
22:36:10zYgoatbummer for him
22:36:31xamzYgoat: it's lying around now for about a year
22:37:22xamthere is a shop in UK (I'm here in Ireland) where they'll fix it for about $85
22:37:23zYgoatnaive question:
22:37:26 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
22:37:47zYgoatwas rockbox first developed for an archos emulator?
22:38:35xamthe most interesting thing about rockbox is that they implemented an archos emulator in the first place ...
22:38:39Zagorno, straight on the hardware
22:38:58Zagorwe didn't...
22:39:22*zYgoat wants to get into embedded systems
22:39:23Zagorwe have UI simulators, but they only do the user interface not the whole archos
22:39:32xamahh, ic
22:39:50xammakes more sense to me now
22:40:12 Quit _aLF (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:40:14zYgoatdid anyone make an archos hardware 101 doc? or notes?
22:40:17Zagorone guy has written what amounts to almost an archos emulator, but that was more than a year after we started on Rockbox
22:40:26 Join track [0] (
22:40:34trackhi goat
22:40:37trackhi Zagor
22:40:37zYgoathi track
22:40:38 Join _aLF [0] (
22:40:43zYgoatit just seems impossible, Zagor
22:40:53zYgoatwithout a lot of inside contacts
22:40:54 Join scott666 [0] (
22:40:54ZagorzYgoat: nah, just hard work
22:41:04trackhi Zagor
22:41:07Zagorhi track
22:41:22Zagorit was quite useful when debugging the flash booter
22:41:23trackim impressed with the video playback on the archos wiv that plugin
22:41:34Zagoryeah, me too
22:41:47 Join DJBaz [0] (
22:41:48trackWould sound be possible with the playback?
22:41:52xamahh, that reminds me of the good old C64 days ... back then I was brave enough to do mods
22:41:56Zagortrack: yes
22:42:08trackIt would be great to watch DVD rips on it
22:42:26trackI didn't think the LCD could do greyscale
22:42:27xamtrack: DVD rips? you *ought* to be kidding
22:42:38xamtrack: it can't ;)
22:42:55trackwell convert them to 112x64 in virtualdub then use the files to convert to .rvf
22:43:15Zagortrack: you need to convert the movies to the special rockbox format first. there's no time to unpack or decode data while playing it.
22:43:24trackyea i know that
22:43:35trackbut i wondered if the special rockbox format could also include sound
22:44:01Zagorprobably rather a "link" to an mp3 file
22:44:08trackI wonder how the greyscale is achieved
22:44:11trackyea prob Zagor
22:44:12xamzagor it's enough CPU power for single *.jpgs, gifs and pngs
22:44:13zYgoatmaybe there's no time
22:44:17Zagorby flicking bits. read jörgs mail.
22:44:26zYgoatno cpu time
22:44:31Zagorxam: yes, if we convert first and then show it
22:44:36trackflicking bits to achieve the greyscale?
22:44:50trackmakes no sense to me :(
22:45:00trackreminds me of a rejected request show greyscale
22:45:02Zagorturn one pixel on and off while make it gray.
22:45:21xamtrack: try to open and close your eyes about 60 times a second ;)
22:45:24trackmust need a bit of CPU power to do that
22:45:36Zagoryeah, about all of it :)
22:45:45trackBut is sound still feasable
22:45:51zYgoatarchos cpu is 12 mhz 16 bit?
22:45:58xamtrack: it's done via dsp
22:46:06trackI held the Gmini today in John Lewis
22:46:07ZagorzYgoat: 32bit, actually
22:46:17trackZagor everybody is buying Ipods this christmas!!!
22:46:24xamtrack: fools
22:46:38trackthey sold out in John Lewis where I live
22:46:42Zagortrack: so? everybody is buying windows too.
22:46:45trackeveryone was fighting to get one
22:46:58trackyea but windows is the de facto operating system
22:47:07Zagorand ipod is the market leading mp3 player
22:47:13xamtrack: not at my place
22:47:21tracki want to get a Gmini
22:47:43tracklots of reasons, CF slot, WMA, blue backlight, USB2, GUI
22:47:44xamtrack: well, you are right. it's "de facto", but it's not really an operating system ;)
22:48:26Zagortrack: you *want* wma? why would anyone want that?
22:48:41zYgoatsome people like it a 64kbps
22:48:42tracksave hd space?
22:49:07Zagorso you want to buy a new 20gig archos for $300 instead of a new 80gig disk for $100?
22:49:24tracki didn't know 80 gigger disks exist
22:49:37Zagoryou didn't really look, then :)
22:49:44 Join pfavr [0] (pfavr@
22:49:46xamtrack: the recorder 20 has USB2, GUI, green backlight AND rockbox ... and replaceable batteries
22:50:01trackxam i have a recorder 10
22:50:19trackand the UI on the Gmini uses icons not text
22:50:53Zagorfor $300 i'll draw you some icons too :)
22:51:02zYgoati was thinking a perfect game for rockbox would be slot-racers from the atari 2600... man i loved that game... 2k RAM
22:51:06Zagor(on paper ;)
22:51:08xamtrack: icons is for illiterates
22:51:10trackyea but the screen is smaller than the Gminis
22:51:33trackThere has to be a way to make the USB1 behave like USB2
22:51:36 Quit Jet8810 ("Leaving")
22:51:44trackmy usb2 ports are wasted as I have no usb2 devices :-(
22:51:55Zagortrack: no, there isn't
22:51:58tracki have 4 USB1.1s and 4 USB2.0s
22:52:05trackwhy not? the socket is physically there
22:52:07zYgoati think the usb is integrated into a chipset
22:52:14zYgoatnot a seperate chip - so you can't replace
22:52:17xamI've a usb2 card, but it doesn't work properly under linux :( just can use usb1
22:52:36Zagortrack: duh, the socket is not the issue
22:53:27trackis it easy to change the HD in the archos?
22:53:36xamyes, quite easy
22:53:52trackif i put an 80 gigger in it will it use more battery?
22:54:24trackim not sure if i could format an 80 gigger as FAT32 since I use XP
22:54:38Zagoruse a separate tool (or linux)
22:54:41xamtrack do you have linux?
22:54:42trackprob there would only be an NTFS option :-(
22:55:08Zagortrack: use this
22:55:09xamtrack: get knoppix, maybe it comes with dosfstools
22:55:31trackThe AV300 can record to WAV as well as MP3 Zagor
22:56:00Zagori'd expect that, yes
22:56:25trackI wonder what MAS the AV3xx uses
22:56:35zYgoatdosfstools is old!
22:56:39Zagornone. it uses a TI dsp.
22:56:41zYgoator is it?
22:56:59 Join pfavr2 [0] (pfavr@
22:57:00xamzYgoat: I don't know ... at least it works
22:57:00zYgoatoh mtools is old−−- sorry nevermind
22:57:10Zagormkfs.vfat 2.10 (22 Sep 2003)
22:57:40zYgoatzagor, have you been able to use the experience with rockbox for work?
22:57:51xamcould repair every vfat error so far
22:58:14ZagorzYgoat: a little. i'm programming a similar lcd controller at my current job, for instance.
22:58:39xamzYgoat: I'm always using the experience with rockbox at work ... music at work is relaxing ;)
22:59:23xamexperience with rockbox = experience of rockbox ;)
23:00:52 Join pfavr3 [0] (pfavr@
23:01:13trackZagor what do u think of the downloadable plugins for the Gmini?
23:02:48tracku buy the Gmini and pay to get the CF reader to work
23:02:50 Quit DJBaz (Remote closed the connection)
23:03:32Zagortrack: it's quite simple: don't buy it if you don't like the idea. i'd be upset if they tried to hide the fact, but being public about it I can't say much.
23:04:16trackI mean what do u think of the concept?
23:04:41trackjust say u make a Player that can play MP3 or WAV and you sell a plugin to enable WAV playback
23:04:57trackwhat do u think of the concept?
23:05:02xamwhat was the best 'deal' you ever made? I mean what kind of electric/electronic device did you buy in the past that exceeded what it promised?
23:05:05Zagorso you sell software. what's new about that?
23:05:19zYgoatxam, the fostex ps3 mini monitors
23:05:29zYgoatxam, the event 20/20 monitors
23:05:46zYgoattwo good budget speaker buys - newer ones are better deals tho
23:06:00xametymotic er-4
23:06:06trackI mean, do u think its fair you buy a player with a CF reader and forced to pay extra if u want the CF reader to work?
23:06:10zYgoatwhat is etymotic?
23:06:23xamarchos recorder 20 (at least so far, and with help of the rockbox team)
23:06:40zYgoattrack - it's fair if the product description mentions that
23:06:43xametymotic one of the best (in-ear) monitors
23:06:52ZagorzYgoat: an ear plug manufacturer that also sells some headphones. celebrated by many, junked by me
23:07:16zYgoathmm i will look at them
23:07:31zYgoatanyone hear recordings made by "core" binaural mikes?
23:07:35Zagordon't look - listen! they cost $300 and sound (IMHO) lousy
23:07:37xamzagor some don't like sticking things in their ears ... it's uncomfortable for some
23:08:04Zagorxam: i love in-ear phones. i just don't like the etys. i use sony ex70 instead.
23:08:09zYgoatthat website has the most effulgent purchaser reccomendations - the core sound mikes are perfect for loud concerts
23:08:26 Quit pfavr2 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:08:32 Join DJBaz [0] (
23:10:09xamzagor at least for me the sound is comparable to my sennheise HD580's
23:10:49 Quit track ("Leaving")
23:11:26xamzagor I have to agree $330 is quite a lot of money, but I got mine from ebay at $180
23:11:42Zagorxam: yeah, some people love them. i can't say you or they are wrong, just that they were a big dissapointment for me.
23:12:27xamzagor I don't try to convince you ;) I just wanted to also tell my experience ...
23:12:29*zYgoat checks out sony ex70
23:13:36xamzYgoat: btw, yes, I heard binaural recordings ...
23:15:15 Quit pfavr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:16:16zYgoati notice a lot of his letters are from people without much experience with mics - but he has some from engineers
23:17:04zYgoati've just got these 40 dollar sony earbuds - my 1979 sennheisers died around 1990
23:17:29xamzYgoat: the unfortunate thing about binaural recordings is that it isn't perfect 3d sound. you can't produce it that way for 100% of the people, since the inner ear canals differ from person to person. for me the binaural recording sounded good, but they couldn't represent objects in the front or the back properly
23:18:04 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
23:18:50zYgoatby that standard, you can't record perfect 3d sound - you need to generate it for each listener
23:19:30xamzYgoat: I also bought some sony earbuds md-something for about $35 a couple of years ago. They are crap in comparison to *any* in-ear bud
23:19:50Zagoryeah. in-ear is the way to go.
23:19:52xamzYgoat: nope, you have to use boxes
23:20:06Zagorexcept stay far away for KOSS "the plug"...
23:20:54xamZagor: I've also hear not-so-good reviews about the bang&olufsen in-ear
23:21:03Zagorok. i haven't tried thos.
23:21:04 Join Sebulba02 [0] (
23:21:19 Quit DJBaz ("Leaving")
23:21:23zYgoati guess i never expected good sound from in-ear
23:22:09xamzYgoat: the first in-ears I used was a mono-in-ear from about 20 years ago. it was utter crap ;)
23:22:56zYgoathah i still have one - with the 'flesh' colored backing and the clear or white ear-stopper
23:23:07zYgoatcame with my radio shack electronics kit
23:24:23xammine was all-white ... well it used to be
23:27:17 Quit pfavr3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:30:22 Join track [0] (
23:40:46 Quit Cheek (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:53:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:56:39 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")
23:57:54 Quit edx ()

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