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#rockbox log for 2003-12-17

00:01:35[IDC]DragonHi Zagor!
00:02:06[IDC]DragonHow about some plugin API tweaks?
00:02:33Zagorany specific suggestions?
00:02:57zYgoatthat's a microphone brand
00:02:58[IDC]Dragon1) get mp3 buffer
00:03:35[IDC]Dragon2) play an mp3, of more specific, load it paused and bitswapped, then play
00:04:28[IDC]Dragonso much for now, later I could offer halftone functions
00:04:46[IDC]Dragon(to be used by image viewers)
00:05:09[IDC]Dragonactually, 2) would be most fun first
00:06:15Zagorhave you looked at what is necessary to fix this?
00:06:16zYgoatnice job with that doom hack btw
00:06:35[IDC]Dragonfix what?
00:06:43xamzYgoat: actually shure also makes in-ear buds ;)
00:07:03Zagorwhich functions we need to export to get mp3 capability in the plugin
00:07:04xamanyway, I'm tired ... off to bed now
00:07:40[IDC]DragonI was lazy in that respect.
00:08:07Zagornight xam
00:08:10 Quit xam ("ChatZilla 0.9.48 [Mozilla rv:1.5a/0]")
00:09:11[IDC]DragonMaybe a generic queue post function would be a cool hack
00:09:24[IDC]Dragonmessy, but powerful
00:09:56Zagorbut you need mpeg_next() to be able to go to it, and then mpeg_play/stop/pause etc.
00:10:54[IDC]Dragonyea, lots of private definitions
00:11:39 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
00:12:04midknight2k3hi all
00:12:15[IDC]Dragon(here we go)
00:12:26midknight2k3I won't start
00:13:30 Join DJBaz [0] (
00:13:34midknight2k3but VERY NICE
00:13:36midknight2k3that's all
00:13:47midknight2k3i have a sample video if youd like it
00:13:51midknight2k3it's a rockbox thing
00:14:15[IDC]Dragonwhere is it?
00:14:23elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: what exactly does a queue post function do.
00:14:43midknight2k3i can email it
00:14:46[IDC]Dragonelinenbe: it sends commands to threads
00:14:48midknight2k3gimme a min
00:15:00[IDC]Dragonmidknight2k3: probably too big
00:15:37midknight2k3not very
00:15:44zYgoatlol i can't believe it - i buy a mp3 FM recorder and they cancelled my favorite program 10 days ago
00:15:49midknight2k3ill reencode it and stuff
00:18:23 Quit track (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:18:27 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
00:20:08 Quit _aLF (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:20:56elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: wish I could help <grin>
00:26:17midknight2k3anyone ever heard of a Firewire to USB adapter?
00:28:14midknight2k3guess it doesnt exist
00:29:05 Quit DJBaz ("Leaving")
00:29:58Guest75620can someone help me ?
00:30:07Guest75620I have a recorder V2 software V1 hardware
00:30:22Guest75620the new ajz works perfectly but the ucl doesn't load "invalid version"
00:30:52midknight2k3why v2 software? what?
00:30:57[IDC]DragonI'll try: what is "recorder V2 software V1 hardware"?
00:31:03midknight2k3v1 rec? why try to flash v2 software?
00:31:04Guest75620It has a V2 bootrom
00:31:09Guest75620but the hardware is a V1
00:31:12midknight2k3thats something else
00:31:19midknight2k3jorg: change that its confusing
00:31:21[IDC]Dragonyou mean, no boot ROM
00:31:31midknight2k3"v2 recorder" on the page confuses peopel
00:31:40[IDC]Dragonmidknight2k3; I did
00:31:41Guest75620No I already solved the problem
00:31:42midknight2k3maybe a small explanation?
00:31:49Guest75620I must use recorder version (non v2)
00:31:50midknight2k3someone came in before asking the same thing
00:31:54Guest75620but now the ucl doesn't load
00:32:14Guest75620it says "invalid version"
00:32:24[IDC]DragonGuest75620: do you have the recorder withthe 4 AA cells?
00:32:25Guest75620"incompatible version" sorry
00:32:33Guest75620Yes I have
00:32:56Guest75620The ajz works (even the new movies) but ucl no
00:32:56[IDC]Dragonuse the recorder pack then
00:33:05Guest75620I used it
00:33:08Guest75620downloaded 2 times
00:33:13[IDC]Dragonhave you flashed before?
00:33:24Guest75620even with wrong versions :P
00:33:32Guest75620the recorder one was the correct one
00:33:35[IDC]Dragonwhat does your h/w info say?
00:33:41Guest75620one moment
00:34:05Guest75620boot rom = none
00:34:11Guest75620mask 0x032
00:34:33Guest75620flash m=BF D=D6
00:34:37Guest75620is it enough ?
00:34:39Zagori'm off to bed. bye guys!
00:34:41 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
00:35:07Guest75620the 7 days ago ucl worked
00:35:13[IDC]Dragonwhich rockbox are you running?
00:35:22Guest75620the today's build
00:35:30Guest75620or better I flashed an old one
00:35:32[IDC]Dragonincluding .rocks?
00:35:46Guest75620i overwritten the folder
00:35:55[IDC]Dragonthen it should work, hmm
00:35:58Guest75620with the new pack
00:36:05Guest75620the ucl says "invalid versioN"
00:36:20Guest75620no sorry again "incompatible version"
00:36:35[IDC]Dragonhang on...
00:36:36midknight2k3thats the rocks problem
00:38:00Guest75620here I am
00:38:05[IDC]Dragonthere is no such message in "rockbox_flash.rock"
00:38:45[IDC]Dragonso your plugin is incompatible with the rockbox version you use
00:38:48Guest75620a moment I redownload and retry to install the ucl
00:39:02[IDC]Dragonthe ucl doesn't matter
00:39:11Guest75620so I will copy all the plugins
00:39:19[IDC]Dragonif the pluging doesn't get that far
00:39:43[IDC]Dragonget the whole thing, plugins and .ajz
00:40:00[IDC]Dragonthen rolo into the .ajz to be consistent
00:40:01midknight2k3idc: thats what i mean
00:40:13[IDC]Dragonthen play the ucl
00:40:16midknight2k3i had that problem once!
00:40:26midknight2k3replace all of .rockbox
00:40:30midknight2k3worked for me
00:40:57[IDC]Dragonyes, it's safer to rolo into the new version first, so the plugins match in case there was a change
00:41:36Guest75620rolo into the ajz works fine !
00:41:46 Join track [0] (
00:41:56[IDC]Dragonnow play your ucl
00:42:13Guest75620I updated only the rocks dir (overwriting all files)
00:42:43Guest75620"Incompatible version"
00:42:49Guest75620dunno why
00:43:59[IDC]Dragonthen there must be something wrong with the daily build
00:44:11midknight2k3delete the ROCKS dir and then replace it
00:44:53Guest75620I will try
00:45:04Guest75620I make a chkdsk and then try to replace the dir
00:45:22Guest75620another strange thing: i put the ajbrec.ajz in the root but it doesn't load automatically
00:45:45[IDC]Dragonyes, Rockbox doesn't do that
00:45:51Guest75620ah ok
00:45:59Guest75620I didn't know that
00:46:02[IDC]Dragonflash the version you'd like to have
00:46:07midknight2k3i thought it did
00:46:10[IDC]Dragonif you can ;)
00:46:28Guest75620often happens that files are not written in the archos HD and a chkdsk solve the file allocatione rror
00:46:34 Join top_bloke [0] (
00:47:28Guest75620There is some error in the file transfer process
00:47:42Guest75620files are written or deleted in windows but rocks still recognize them
00:47:49Guest75620only chkdsk solve
00:48:28Guest75620No HD problems found
00:48:34Guest75620I will try to delete the dir
00:49:28 Join DJBaz [0] (
00:50:04Guest75620"incompatible version"
00:50:05midknight2k3delete and re download
00:50:10Guest75620done just now
00:50:18Guest75620still "incompatible version"
00:50:26Guest75620the ajz works
00:50:27midknight2k3ok last attempt: get a FULL version
00:50:32midknight2k3and unzip that there
00:50:38Guest75620all files ?
00:50:38midknight2k3replacing .rockbox and the ajbrec and ucl
00:50:42midknight2k3all of it to root
00:50:51Guest75620I did it
00:50:58Guest75620those 3 things
00:51:07Guest75620ucl ajz-(works) and .rocks
00:51:35Guest75620dunno why
00:51:35midknight2k3just unzip the whole thing
00:51:37midknight2k3it worked for me
00:51:41midknight2k3it may work for you
00:51:48Guest75620but I deleted the .rockbox dir
00:51:51Guest75620and re-copied it
00:52:48Guest75620I try the yesterday build
00:53:02midknight2k3i know!
00:53:11midknight2k3get the rockbox_flash from jörg's pack
00:53:16midknight2k3THATS WHAT DID IT.
00:53:23midknight2k3his works for the first
00:53:24Guest75620where is the pack ?
00:54:23Guest75620that's the old flash plugin !
00:54:32midknight2k3thats the one that works@1
00:54:37midknight2k3try it
00:54:40midknight2k3youd be surprised
00:54:53midknight2k3it should
00:55:25Guest75620I used it to flash the updated-flash-rom version
00:55:35midknight2k3try it.
00:55:39midknight2k3or don't.
00:56:11Guest75620I will in a few momnts
00:56:26Guest75620firmware_flash or rock_flash ?
00:57:58[IDC]Dragonfurst rolo into that version, make shure you have those plugins, too
00:58:14midknight2k3i like the "shure" thing'
00:58:37Guest75620IT WORKS ! GREAT !!!
00:58:38midknight2k3keep it at shure :)
00:58:42midknight2k3the old one?
00:58:54Guest75620THANK YOU !!! I FLASHE DIT ! So the plugin in that daily build is wrong ?
00:58:54*midknight2k3 raises hands
00:58:59midknight2k3I AM THA FLASH MASTA!
00:59:08[IDC]Dragonseem so, yes.
00:59:13midknight2k3OH YEAH
00:59:15midknight2k3uh huh
00:59:16midknight2k3mm hmm
00:59:18midknight2k3oh yeah!
00:59:25[IDC]Dragondid you play the ucl from the daily build, then?
00:59:58Guest75620the ucl is from the daily build
01:00:05midknight2k3oh yeah
01:00:08midknight2k3i wil
01:00:09Guest75620the flash plugin from the one linked above
01:00:10midknight2k3ok thats it
01:00:15midknight2k3i am officially the best
01:00:24midknight2k3wheres my space at the top of the credits?
01:00:25[IDC]DragonThe one from the pack would have been 2.1 again
01:00:40[IDC]Dragonnot what you want
01:00:40Guest75620I don't undersdtand dragon...
01:00:55Guest75620what do u mean ?
01:01:14[IDC]Dragonyou don't, sorry, I misread.
01:01:57[IDC]DragonI mean, you can use .ajz and .rocks from my pack to have a "known good" platform
01:02:15[IDC]Dragonbut use that to flash the ucl from the daily build.
01:02:48[IDC]DragonThen you can exchange the .rocks for the daily build, too, to match that.
01:03:02 Join baz_ [0] (
01:03:54midknight2k3thats it
01:04:37Guest75620so I can leave the old plugin in my new rockbox daily build isn't it ?
01:05:46 Join diddystar5 [0] (
01:06:11[IDC]Dragonthey're probably both useless in your case
01:06:38[IDC]Dragonyou can try with the old one
01:07:57 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
01:08:05 Quit baz_ ("Leaving")
01:08:49Guest75620Thank u dragon
01:09:03Guest75620I would like to send u a pic taken with the new movie plugin in action
01:09:04 Quit diddystar5 (Client Quit)
01:09:06[IDC]Dragonyou're welcome
01:09:20[IDC]Dragonsend a movie ;)
01:09:26midknight2k3i GOT A NEW DVCAM!
01:09:32midknight2k3i can make a movie of it
01:09:32Guest75620no it's a pic taken with my digicam
01:09:40midknight2k3for those who cant use it for some reason
01:09:47midknight2k3.... if you want that it
01:11:03 Join diddystar5 [0] (
01:17:36 Join DarthWufei [0] (
01:17:46diddystar5yo DarthWufei
01:18:08trackhi didd
01:18:15Guest75620It will be grat to play a movie mp3 while watching it ;)
01:18:58[IDC]DragonGuest75620: you can do so, but there is no sync
01:19:06*midknight2k3 plugs in cam
01:19:48Guest75620Did u saw my pic '>
01:20:15[IDC]DragonGuest75620: Just did, came out well
01:21:10 Quit DJBaz (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:21:29Guest75620yes without flashes
01:21:52Guest75620I used my macro option but i am tired and "handshaking"... it could come out better !
01:21:57Guest75620in playn dark i suppose
01:22:37Guest75620it's 01:24 o'clock there
01:22:49[IDC]Dragonspeaking about tired
01:22:58[IDC]DragonI'd call it a day
01:23:02midknight2k31:22 says "timezone 3: &RB"
01:23:17Guest75620and thanks ;)
01:23:18 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
01:23:34midknight2k3lets see
01:23:37midknight2k3i have 3 timezones
01:23:40midknight2k31 is my time
01:23:43midknight2k32 is tracks time
01:23:52midknight2k33 is linus, zagor, bagder, jorgs time
01:23:56midknight2k3aka rockbox time
01:24:05midknight2k3you get the idea
01:24:35midknight2k3WE 12-17 1:24 AM TZ3 &RB
01:25:09trackwhat is mikeholden's time?
01:26:49Guest75620good night evcerybody
01:26:52 Quit Guest75620 ()
01:27:34 Nick midknight2k3 is now known as meknight2k3 (
01:31:24 Quit diddystar5 ("Bye")
01:33:54 Quit track ("Leaving")
01:34:02zYgoatthx fore the knowledge\
01:34:21zYgoatgotta boot into winblows
01:34:32 Join diddystar5 [0] (
01:34:40 Quit zYgoat ("returns to RL")
01:34:42 Nick meknight2k3 is now known as midknight2k3 (
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01:57:35diddystar5bye everyone
01:57:42 Quit diddystar5 ("Bye")
02:00:06 Quit mecraw_ ("Trillian (")
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02:00:35DBUGEnqueued KICK top_bloke
02:00:35top_bloke(back) duration:[ hours 2 minutes and 6 seconds] reason:[TV] «~(polaris v2.05c)~»
02:01:32top_blokemy brain is rotted after that much tv
02:01:51trackhi topbloke
02:02:00top_blokebut no time for that i gotta go watch some tv
02:02:26trackmidknight gets upset if I mention ipod or gmini top_bloke
02:03:16trackbut then again i get upset if someone mentions mikeholden
02:03:59midknight2k3ill be back in a few to a few half hours
02:04:01 Quit midknight2k3 ()
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06:04:51 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
06:33:29 Join uiibaa [0] (
06:33:50uiibaaanyone else have probs with hispeed usb 2.0 and their archos?
06:34:41uiibaait worked once, I was able to copy a file to the desktop
06:36:58uiibaaand then whenever I wanna try and copy something to or from it, it just sits there
06:37:53uiibaasome reason, I can still play the files, but if I wanna copy, it freezes up... also, can't run scandisc on it
06:47:35 Quit uiibaa (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:57:18 Join uiibaa [0] (
06:57:40uiibaainstalled the latest drivers for the usb 2.0 card, and it still crapped out when I tried to copy a file over
06:57:47 Part Sebulba02
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08:19:53 Part BC
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08:41:59 Part pfavr
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14:05:46 Join Guest75620 [0] (
14:05:54Guest75620Hi guys
14:06:19Guest75620I made a VERY simple util to convert avi files to rvf in a one-click !
14:06:32Guest75620does anyone would like to try it ?
14:06:47Guest75620the only thing is that you have to name your file MOVIE.AVI
14:10:14Guest75620none ?
14:11:14 Quit strestout1 ("Leaving")
14:16:18 Quit Guest75620 ()
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15:37:02 Quit Exion (
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16:17:39 Join kurzhaarrocker [200] (
16:18:06Schnueffgot your hair cut?
16:18:16kurzhaarrockeryes, some time ago. :)
16:18:50kurzhaarrockerAnd today my new Jukebox arrived -> I'm going rockbox again.
16:19:37dwihnowhat happened to the daily ucl's? :/
16:30:08 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:33:23 Join uski [0] (
16:33:38uskihi all
16:33:40uskiwho was looking for a way to convert linear to logarithmic scale ?
16:33:43uskii have the formula
16:35:02 Quit Schnueff ("leaving")
16:36:08uskivalue in dB = 10log(I/I0)
16:36:14uskiwhere I is the current output
16:36:32uskiand I0 is the output power that corresponds to the lewest sound that can be heard by the hear
16:44:23 Join kurzhaarrocker [200] (
16:47:20 Join mecraw_ [0] (
17:07:45 Join cjnr11 [0] (
17:08:18kurzhaarrockerHas anonymous cvs access improved within the last ~6 month? I' m impressed its working right away!
17:21:42 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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18:02:39NJoin[OFF]BtT [0] (~quasi@
18:20:49 Join earHertz [0] (
18:23:45earHertzAnyone here know about plugins
18:29:07 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
19:13:56 Join DJBaz [0] (
19:14:16DJBazdoes anyone know how to creat rvf's from avi's successfully?
19:14:38earHertzno, but it's been mentioned on the mailing list; look there
19:25:16DJBazworks :)
19:47:47 Quit DJBaz ()
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19:59:44 Join AciD [0] (
20:09:31 Join lini [0] (
20:09:43linihi guys
20:11:10linijust a quick q. I posted on the newsgroup but got no reply :(... How can I modify a rockbox font?
20:15:56 Join edx [0] (
20:16:16 Nick edx is now known as edx{lecture} (
20:16:41 Join DJBaz [0] (
20:18:08 Join track [0] (
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21:05:50 Join Zagor [0] (
21:06:52 Quit uiibaa ("Those who are willing to trade civil liberties for temporary security, deserve neither - That guy on the bill")
21:07:34 Join Jet8810 [0] (
21:16:07 Join Guest75620 [0] (Mine78@
21:16:15Guest75620hi guys
21:16:34Guest75620I made an util that with a simple doubleclick convert avi files in the new avf
21:16:43Guest75620does anyone is interested in testing it ?
21:16:47Guest75620only 700Kb
21:17:37Guest75620it's a batch file that use virtualdub resizing capabilities
21:17:59Guest75620now I am converting an entiere movei
21:18:01Zagorok. i'd post a mail to the list. i don't run windows myself, so i can't test it.
21:18:14Guest75620have I to send u the file ?
21:18:30Zagorno, i can't test it
21:18:40Guest75620so what have I to do ?
21:18:52Guest75620can I put it on my website and give u the link ?
21:19:21Zagorpost a mail to the list, saying "hi, i've written this little tool <link>. have fun, comments appreciated."
21:19:57Guest75620can I send a mail to the list without beeing registered to the list ?
21:20:17Zagorno, you must subscribe to it. you need to anyway, to see the comments...
21:20:38Guest75620from that pc I cannot do anything
21:20:42Guest75620I send u the link
21:20:55Guest75620maybe if you want u can post it in the mailing list
21:20:57Guest75620 Converter
21:21:03Guest75620I am uploading it right now
21:22:22Guest75620if anyone (windows user) would try it I will be glad !
21:24:10Guest75620I made possible to choose between 3 kind of encoding
21:25:47 Quit cjnr112 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:29:29Guest75620the link works now
21:30:20Zagordoes the zip contain virtualdub?
21:30:43Guest75620it shouldn't ?
21:30:53Zagorthere's no problem with that
21:31:43Guest75620the used software are virtuadub, choice (a dos program) and the converter utils released from the rockbox site
21:32:51Guest75620all used in sequence with a batch script
21:34:33Guest75620the only mandatory thing is that the movie file must be named MOVIE.AVI and must be placed in the script dir
21:34:35Guest75620that's all
21:36:33 Quit adi|home (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:40:38earHertzZagor, is there a way to block waiting for a keypress, and read the key without xconsuming it (so that the next get_button_x call sees the key as if I'd not peeked at it)?
21:44:07 Join scott666 [0] (
21:45:45 Part Guest75620
21:51:11 Join Dogger [0] (
21:51:26 Quit track ("Leaving")
21:53:17Doggerhey any coders in?
21:54:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:54:47 Nick edx{lecture} is now known as edx (
21:54:51earHertzAsk, I'll see if I know
22:00:09Doggeram interested in serial update on archos mp3 players
22:00:16DoggerI'm lead developer on avos
22:00:22Doggerfor the video machines...
22:00:51Zagorserial update?
22:01:01Doggerfirmware update
22:01:12Zagorah. yeah, that'd work.
22:01:27Zagoroh, you mean the uart mod.
22:01:40Zagorfor reflashing boot rom?
22:02:08Doggerany idea of serial params etc?
22:02:24Doggeralso, is it just uploaded 'as is', or is it unpacked? any header?
22:02:30Zagori think jörg/dragon has documented that somewhere
22:03:10Doggerhmmm ok,
22:03:19DoggerI'm trying to work out the procedure on av300
22:03:24Doggeram getting somewhere :)
22:06:07Zagori can't find his docs now :(
22:06:29Doggerneed some help on this one
22:06:39Doggerat the moment, I try a serial update, and the unit powers down
22:06:46DoggerI guess I'm not doing it right
22:08:21 Join DJBaz [0] (
22:09:05Zagori would ask jörg. he has written pretty much the entire flash support, including the uart rescue stuff.
22:09:14Doggersure, ok,
22:11:08earHertzZagor, is there a way to block waiting for a keypress, and read the key without xconsuming it (so that the next get_button_x call sees the key as if I'd not peeked at it)?
22:11:53ZagorearHertz: no. reading a key means pulling it out of the queue. you can't just peek.
22:12:12earHertzah, ok. I wrote me one.
22:13:14earHertzwhat thread does peakmeter run in?
22:14:54Zagorin the ui thread
22:15:24earHertzsorry, got confused
22:15:53earHertzYou feel like adding the extended battery life by freezing the wps to the standard build?
22:16:22Zagori haven't look at it yet
22:17:25earHertzI haven't submitted it yet. ;) It's pretty simple: the wps times out for lack of keypresses, and blocks waiting for the next key press
22:17:43Zagoroh :)
22:18:27Zagori'd like some hard numbers on how much gain it gives before deciding about adding it
22:18:35earHertzit gives about 10-15% more battery life if you mostly don't touch the unit
22:19:02earHertzobviously, if you're pressing the keys alot, the savings is much less
22:19:36earHertzBut if it's in your pocket or neoprene case, who cares if the display updates.
22:19:58earHertzI've worked out the problem with resume data not being saved.
22:20:57Zagorwhat was it?
22:21:57earHertzThe wps thread saves resume data everytime it updates the display.
22:22:20earHertzIn my opinion, this is wasteful; even thought he writes are deferred, settings_save() does a alot of work
22:22:51Zagorsome settings you want saved often. such as resume position and volume.
22:23:03earHertzThe early complaint was, that when in my battery-save mode, the resume data wasn't being saved if the user left the wpd or shut down
22:23:58earHertzso, now, when the thread wakes because of the button press, the first thing we do is to save that data
22:24:32earHertzon an FMR, at least, this even works if the user goes for the hard-shutdown by holding sdown the off button; there's eniougjh time to save and write
22:25:13Zagoryeah, it's a good idea. we could do that in normal mode too.
22:25:40CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
22:25:40*Zagor wonders why the heck we are putting memset in iram. it makes no sense...
22:25:48earHertzunfortunaely, theh button reading code is rather, uh, lengthy
22:26:22earHertzIt's agreat big switch that goes on forever
22:27:14earHertzbut basically, key actions that wouldk have us leave the wps (or shutdown) should do the save for resume; key actions for volume should do that save
22:27:55Zagorall button presses can do it. they are rare enough to not warrant separating some out.
22:28:07earHertzYeah, ok.
22:28:22earHertzBut fast forward and rewind I'd leave out.
22:28:33earHertzOtherwise we save what we'll immediately change
22:28:41Zagoryeah, only down-press. not repeats.
22:29:18earHertzHow do we distinguis those?
22:29:27earHertzwithout looking for key-up?
22:29:33Zagorrepeat events have the BUTTON_REPEAT bit set
22:31:23earHertzthe problem is this: some of the cases will take us out of the function with returns.
22:31:45earHertzBut we don't want to save settings immediately on button recipt, as we want up and down to chnage volume, etc.
22:32:55earHertzbut idf after we get the button, we save for anything yhat leaves wps, we're good
22:33:09Zagoractually, it's only BUTTON_ON that does it. and that can be fixed by using a flag instead.
22:33:21earHertzUNLESS we get a power failure/auto-off
22:33:41Zagorah, that's true. idle off is a tricky case...
22:33:46earHertzWell, button_off leaves wpd (of shutsdown).
22:34:13earHertzWell, no: idle off can do a save_settings before it goes off. I was talking about hardware failures
22:34:25Zagoryeah but the sleep timer just powers off without warning.
22:35:09Zagoralso, idle off is in the firmware layer while settings is in the apps layer
22:35:35earHertzso we et no warning from idle off?
22:36:09earHertzin that case, have mpeg thread save settings on each track change. It's more granular, but it's not terrible in the case of idle off.
22:37:00Zagoridle is not really a problem, since nothing will change while you are idle (so the state for the last keypress is still valid). sleep is worse, since playback is going on right up until will power off.
22:37:20Zagormpeg is also in firmware. firmware can't call apps code.
22:37:34earHertzit can't???
22:37:51Zagorno. firmware is the lower layer. calls can only go down.
22:38:07earHertzbut app code can call firmware? So make settings_save a part of firmware
22:38:26Zagorwe don't want settings as part of the firmware. it's application code...
22:39:03Zagorthere are more elegant solutions. we could, for instance, send a poweroff event to the button queue 5sec before it powers off or something
22:39:27earHertzSounds good
22:40:24earHertzthen we need save settings only on buuton_on, button_off and button_poweroff
22:41:20earHertzI've more the saving stuff out of display update to its own function.
22:43:15Zagorthere's another problem: players want to flush settings to disk whenever they spin the disk. if we have not called save_settings(), that will not happen.
22:44:11earHertzWhy's it matter? as long as we save the real data on leaving wps or power off, the result's the same except in cases of hardware power failure
22:44:41Zagorwell we don't have time to save the real data on players. they shut off before the disk has a chance to spin up.
22:46:09earHertzand it's a hrdware-off button?
22:47:52Zagorwhy are you chasing this code so hard, by the way?
22:48:12earHertzI'm not, I don't think.
22:48:34earHertzIn fact, since my Archos wasn't working, I let it sit.
22:49:04earHertzBut rtecently I've been getting email or seeing posts on the list, asking why no one's seen it 4 three months after I started testin git
22:49:24Zagorno i mean the settings code
22:49:30earHertzOh, that.
22:49:49earHertzI don't like calculating all the settings for save a few.
22:49:57earHertzIt just seems wasteful.
22:50:58earHertzTHe battery-saving bit is useful, as it seems to add a hour or more to battery life.
22:52:31 Quit DJBaz ("Leaving")
22:54:14Zagoryeah. i'm not sure i agree with you about the settings though. it's just 40 byte writes and three string copys. very little calculation.
22:55:15earHertzUm, it does a lot of bit masking and shifting too, last I looked. Has it chnaged recently?
22:55:17Zagorsure, all code ran without needed is wasteful. but i don't see this being a particulary bad piece.
22:55:54Zagoryes for some settings but that's light stuff too
22:56:22earHertzwell, sure.
22:56:34Zagorbut if you find an elegant solution, i will not refuse it :)
22:57:19earHertzI tried a version of power save that froze the display but keep saving the resume data
22:57:47earHertzit gave me only and 5% additional battery life. Doing both freeze and no saving gives over 10%
22:59:24Zagorthe settings code is probably less than 500 cycles. doing that ever 2 seconds or whatever shouldn't make such a difference.
22:59:47earHertzit's MUCH more often than every two seconds.
22:59:57earHertzunless you're talking about teh deferred disk write
22:59:58Zagorhow often?
23:00:12earHertzeverytime the screen is updated
23:00:39Zagor!? ok *that* sucks, i agree completely
23:00:47earHertzhz/5, which is 5 times a second, yes?
23:01:13earHertzsee, those bit twiddles add up
23:03:24 Join _alex [0] (
23:03:26earHertzhere's some comparisons:
23:04:19 Quit _aLF (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:05:01Zagori don't see how it's saving for every wps_refresh(). where is that code?
23:06:52earHertzstatic bool update at wps.c:427
23:07:22earHertzlines 460 or 466
23:07:50earHertzbasically, it's tied to the id3->offset value
23:08:28Zagorah, right. that is only updated ever dma tick, which is <2 Hz
23:09:18Zagormaybe we should add another check, to not save more than every 4 seconds or something
23:09:39earHertzwell, to be honest, when I first started coding I didn't understand why my settings were;nt being saved.
23:10:01earHertzSo I added a splash to settings save, and was shocked to see it going off continuously
23:10:30earHertzDid you look at that second graph?
23:11:50earHertzTest A is freexing the wpd and not ssaving settings
23:12:49earHertzTest B is freezing display but allowing the thread to keep looping and saving settings. B also supresses update of the powermeter, in case you wonder if that explains the difference
23:13:00Zagoryeah, i guessed
23:13:38earHertzNow, if you're correct about the offset, B is "only" saving every 2 seconds.
23:13:51Zagorno, 2 Hz
23:14:01Zagorroughly. it depends on the bitrate.
23:14:10earHertzBut that still reduces the benefit of disoplay frezzing from 13% to 5%
23:14:22earHertzum, the chart you're looking at is 192 CBR
23:14:42Zagoryes. but i don't remember the exact dma tick rate for each bitrate
23:15:55Zagorare those graphs from one or from repeated tests? the low voltage of test A from 60-240 minutes looks strange.
23:16:26earHertzIt's from single tests
23:18:18earHertzBut the data points are the average of the middle four of six readings (we throw out the highest and lowest) taken 10 seconds apart every, with a new smaple set taken every five minutes
23:19:54Zagorhave you tried measuring the current draw with the different tests?
23:20:30Zagora 10% gain ought to be be quite clearly visible there
23:21:08earHertzWhat do you mean by current draw?
23:21:37Zagorhow many milliamperes are drawn from the batteries
23:22:08earHertzI don't know how to do that
23:22:23Zagordo you have a multimeter?
23:22:45earHertzUh, yeah, but it's the wrong sort for teh Archos, or so somebody on the list said.
23:22:52earHertzAnd uh, I've never uswed one.
23:23:54earHertzOf coure, if /you/ have a multimeter, you're swelcome to download the .ajzs used for these tests.
23:24:01Zagorok, no worries. the idea is that you put the multimeter in the circuit, so all electricity passes through it. then you can measure how much is used.
23:24:13Zagoryeah, it would be interesting.
23:25:29Zagorwhere can i find them?
23:26:19 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC has never been so cool")
23:26:49earHertzsorry, took me a second to look that up
23:27:49earHertzOh, I forgot, we did do five runs to get the three sets of test data
23:28:18earHertzDo note that running these builds will change your settings; that so everybody was testing on the same settings
23:28:19Zagorok. then the low voltage is even more strange.
23:28:53Zagoractually, i'll try first just measuring the difference when entering a quicksreen compared to a busy wps
23:29:46earHertzactually, that's how I first tumbled to this
23:31:14earHertzOh, I just looked at the raw data.
23:31:28earHertzThis was why I didn't tell anyone about the results
23:31:59earHertzThe reason test a starts lower is that he wasn't charged up as much for Test as as ofr the otehr two.
23:33:18earHertzThe data on the chart is massaged: I found the first place that all three had similar volatages, and used that as the "real" starting point.
23:33:32 Join Guest75620 [0] (
23:34:06Guest75620I just encoded 61 minutes of a movie (2nd half time of "Willow")
23:34:25Guest75620It took 30mins to complete the entiere process with a P4 2500
23:34:30Guest75620The quality is EXCELLENT !
23:35:01earHertzwhere's idc's original movie?
23:35:05Zagorhow big is the file?
23:35:52Guest75620650Mb of DivX files -> 2Gb of non-compressed AVI -> 900Mb of resized (112x64) avi -> 192Mb of FINAL .rvf !!!
23:36:11Guest75620The movie looks GREAT !
23:36:32ZagorGuest75620: can you cut out a minute or two and upload somewhere for us to see?
23:36:40earHertzDo you want the raw data for the battery tests?
23:36:42linisorry to interrupt but how about sound?
23:36:49Zagorlini: not yet
23:36:56Guest75620if u want I can take some pics of it running ! The only "bad" thing (if u can call it bad) it's the missing of a fast forward option ;)
23:37:06ZagorearHertz: no thanks. i'll start with the mA test.
23:37:26linii mean can i strip the audio from the avi and try to sync with the movie
23:37:27Guest75620zagor how can I cut 1 or 2 mins ?
23:37:27ZagorGuest75620: just the first 2MB of raw data would be great, if you can do it
23:37:40Guest75620u mean from the original avi or directly cut the rvf ?
23:37:48Zagorwell in linux you'd just use the 'dd' command. in windows, i don't know...
23:37:48earHertzThat will be interesting
23:37:54ZagorGuest75620: cut the rvf
23:39:16Guest75620zagor I will reencode the first 2min of the movie
23:39:29Guest75620I deleted the rvf to ulpoad it to my unit
23:39:36Guest75620hold on for a while
23:39:45Guest75620(I am the same who made the conversion script)
23:39:49Guest75620remeber ?
23:42:01earHertzthe resolution's great, but it's blurry
23:42:20ZagorGuest75620: yes, i remember
23:42:44earHertzhe's faking the resolution, right?
23:43:36earHertzIs the resolutiion of the lcd as high as it looks on the movie?
23:43:52Guest75620the movie looks INCREDIBLE great !
23:44:01Guest75620Obviously consider the limitation of the hardware
23:44:33ZagorearHertz: well moving images always create the impression of high resolution.
23:44:51Zagorafter all, ordinary tv is just 320x511 or something like that
23:44:57earHertzso it's fake?
23:45:03Zagordefine fake
23:45:27Zagorthe image isn't really moving either. it's just many images displaed consecutively. is that fake too? :)
23:46:13earHertzwel, yes.
23:46:21Zagor(correction, PAL is apparently 720x576. but my point still stands)
23:47:00ZagorearHertz: then it's fake :)
23:47:38earHertzwhat's the lcd resolution?
23:48:17Guest756202mins = 65Mb of non compressed .avi file -> 31Mb .yuv file -> 6Mb .rvf
23:48:32Guest75620can i send it to you zagor ?
23:48:53earHertzand he's essentially flickering the pixels to simulate grayscale?
23:49:04Guest75620yes it is i suppose
23:49:16ZagorearHertz: yes
23:49:30earHertzThat IDC dragon is very very clever
23:49:35ZagorGuest75620: umm, try. i think I need to open up dcc through my firewall.
23:50:18earHertzOh, Zagor, thee's a 32KB area reserved for plugins, right?
23:50:35Guest75620Got it
23:50:41ZagorearHertz: yes
23:50:48ZagorGuest75620: umm, are you on modem?
23:51:00earHertzDoes the plugin buffer come out of that same 32KB space?
23:51:02Guest75620no, I am on adsl but it's in HEAVY download state
23:51:09ZagorearHertz: yes
23:51:10Guest7562020mins of transfer time
23:51:18ZagorGuest75620: ok
23:51:40earHertzSo a plugin gets 32KB total, of code, globals, and buffere?
23:51:45Guest75620Anyway I got a problem with a specific kind of AVI files, the ones produced with my digicam
23:52:03Guest75620The resize operation give error on frame 16
23:52:20Guest75620And if you start form frame 17 it gives error on frame 33
23:52:34Guest75620I know it's not a rockbox problem but i cannot figure out why
23:52:59Guest75620Another thing: the .ucl player in the yesterday build of rockbox was broken in some way
23:53:14Zagorucl player?
23:53:40Guest75620The plugin which makes the .ucl flashing
23:53:51earHertzthe ucl player in today's daily works. I just used it.
23:53:53Zagorwhat was the problem? what model do you have?
23:54:10Guest75620I explained all the problem yesterday here in that channel
23:54:17Guest75620anyway "incompatible version" show up
23:54:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:54:39Guest75620using an old plugin (the update to the Flash-edition release) wworks ok
23:54:41Zagorok. well if it works today i won't bother searching for it :)
23:54:51Guest75620dunno if it works
23:54:53Guest75620i haven't try it
23:55:09Guest75620spent half of this morning coding the script to convert to rvf
23:55:26Guest75620the sedcond half + all evening to recovr my died car
23:56:12Guest75620I have a V2 software (no boot) and V1 hardware version
23:57:24Guest75620Zagor is there a way to play an mp3 while watching a rvf ?
23:57:36Guest75620will be synchronizing problems ?
23:57:44Zagoryes, you can start the mp3 first and then play the rvf. but you can't sync it.
23:57:55Guest75620why can't sync ?
23:58:05Guest75620the speed of the movie SEEMs similar to real
23:58:40 Join track [0] (

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