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#rockbox log for 2003-12-20

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00:12:19midknight2k3SDD YOU ASDF
00:14:51Sebulba02Um, whatever.
00:14:59midknight2k3wheres zagor!!
00:18:54*Sebulba02 shrugs
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00:21:48earHertzwho am here?
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00:22:10midknight2k3would it be worth it to code a new id3 viewer?
00:22:14earHertzZagor, you here?
00:22:17Sebulba02I'm never here.
00:22:19midknight2k3he should be
00:22:19ZagorearHertz: yes
00:22:27Zagormidknight2k3: it depends what you plan to do with it
00:22:29earHertzZagor, mind if I pm you?
00:22:41midknight2k3zagor: more info per page, a bit more user friendly?
00:22:44ZagorearHertz: ok
00:23:22midknight2k3zagor: sdd?
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00:25:37Zagormidknight2k3: only write code that you want to use yourself.
00:25:53*midknight2k3 's finger falls
00:29:21midknight2k3zagor, is there anything that needs to be done? on the wishlist perhaps?
00:29:23midknight2k3i want to code
00:29:50Zagorthe wishlist is very long. browse it and write whatever tickles your fancy
00:30:05midknight2k3feature requests? any particular ones?
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00:31:46Zagori don't have any personal favorites. as I said, you should write code that wou want to use yourself.
00:32:42midknight2k3as in, i thought somehwere you said that feel free to write patches from the list of requsts?
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00:33:50Zagoryes. but code generally get written better when there is an element of personal passion. "scratch your own itch" and all that.
00:34:46midknight2k3ok well i'll have a look
00:36:50midknight2k3btw there is a fatal error in the video plugin
00:37:07midknight2k3if you play it without selecting a file it says "play .rfv file" and not ".rvf"
00:37:14midknight2k3rvf, not rfv
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00:58:17midknight2k3ok well i think ill test my C skills at a new id3 viewer
01:01:22Zagorok. have fun!
01:01:34midknight2k3:) i hope to
01:04:23midknight2k3ill hafta try that one out
01:04:41midknight2k3its not ascii
01:05:40midknight2k3you liars :)
01:07:47Hadakahmmh, I wonder if I should implement a new playmode for rockbox
01:07:54midknight2k3ooh which
01:07:58midknight2k3i have a few ideas
01:08:13Zagormidknight2k3: it is ascii
01:08:24Hadakawell, in the end, I ended up going for 'almost random' play
01:08:43midknight2k3thats what we need
01:08:50midknight2k3"shuffle" in addition to "random"
01:08:55midknight2k3random is totally random
01:09:22midknight2k3(should be totally random)
01:09:33Hadakawell, totally random is bad - it should be hardcoded to something a bit less, or configurable
01:09:37Zagorwhy would anyone want random?
01:09:43midknight2k3random play
01:09:48midknight2k3reshuffle when playlist repeats
01:09:50midknight2k3AKA track
01:09:57Zagorthat's not random
01:09:57midknight2k3it would be a nice option
01:10:06midknight2k3well it'd be nice
01:10:08HadakaI wonder if midknight2k3 is talking about different options
01:10:11midknight2k3use the current_time for the seed
01:10:15midknight2k3thats what i mean
01:10:21Hadakaand yet another?
01:10:23midknight2k3a random mode and a shuffe mode
01:10:32midknight2k3shuffle as current pseudo random
01:10:38midknight2k3random as in real random
01:10:48Hadakabut what does random have to do with reshuffling?
01:10:49Zagormidknight2k3: are you talking about random, really, or just reshuffle at end of playlist?
01:11:09midknight2k3real random, and also wouldnt that work for reshuffle when playlist repeats?
01:11:20Hadakadifferent things
01:11:28Zagorthe only difference between random and shuffle is that shuffle makes sure you never hear the same track twice. i don't see why anyone would think that is bad.
01:11:40HadakaZagor: not true
01:11:44midknight2k3shuffle keeps it the same way
01:11:52midknight2k3say your have 1-5 in your playlist
01:11:54ZagorHadaka: explain
01:11:57HadakaZagor: with shuffle play, you hear every track once before hearing any track for the second time
01:12:04midknight2k3it could do 1, 4, 3, 5, 2
01:12:09midknight2k3then over and over again
01:12:11midknight2k3IN THAT ORDER
01:12:12HadakaZagor: with random, you might hear some track more often and some track less
01:12:21ZagorHadaka: that's what i was trying to say
01:12:27midknight2k3i'm talking about totally random, no way to tell whats nect
01:12:44midknight2k3it could do 1, 4, 3, 5, 2
01:12:46midknight2k3then 1, 4, 3, 5, 2
01:12:47Zagormidknight2k3: no, you're simply talking about reshuffle at end of list
01:12:48midknight2k3and over
01:12:53HadakaZagor: but being more random doesn't necessarily mean hearing the same track again
01:12:57midknight2k3doesnt it play in the same order?
01:13:04Hadakamidknight2k3: random would be for example:
01:13:04midknight2k3your current mode?
01:13:12midknight2k31, 4, 3, 5, 2, 1, 4, 3, 5, 2, 1, 4, 3, 5, 2... ?
01:13:15Hadaka1, 4, 4, 4, 3, 3, 1, 5, 1, 5, 1, 5
01:13:15ZagorHadaka: it means there's a chance it will happen
01:13:31Zagorwhich it won't with shuffle
01:13:34midknight2k3zagor: but with current options i think it'd just keep looping the playlist shuffled
01:13:41Zagorand that's the only difference
01:13:47midknight2k3it shuffles it into a fake playlist, then loops that one
01:13:47HadakaZagor: not if we make sure in the random that it won't pick the just played one - and possibly less chance to pick tracks more recently played
01:13:51midknight2k3am i correct?
01:13:58HadakaZagor: not the only difference!
01:14:05Zagormidknight2k3: yes. we know you want to reshuffle the list. just don't call it random!
01:14:13midknight2k3but why not?
01:14:15ZagorHadaka: then you need to explain it to me better :)
01:14:18Hadakamidknight2k3: because it's not
01:14:23midknight2k3random would be good
01:14:24HadakaI'll give an example
01:14:25Zagormidknight2k3: because it's just reshuffle. it's not random.
01:14:38midknight2k3i... uh....
01:14:50Hadakalet's see only four track playlist - with shuffle, it could be:
01:14:59midknight2k3wouldn't random ALSO reshuffle when playlist repeats? as in constantly shuffling
01:15:10midknight2k3fixes the request and keeps it totally unknown
01:15:12Hadakawell, example is silly
01:15:14Zagormidknight2k3: random has no shuffle
01:15:19Hadakabut let's assume the four track playlist still
01:15:24midknight2k3random has no shuffle?
01:15:32Hadakawith random that never plays two songs in a row, you could have:
01:15:32midknight2k3whats that supposed to mean?!? :-)
01:15:38Zagormidknight2k3: you *either* have random *or* shuffle. not both.
01:15:45midknight2k3so shuffle, or random
01:15:48Hadaka1 3 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 2 4 2 3 4
01:15:56Hadakawhere as not even reshuffling can make that happen
01:16:07Hadakasince with shuffling, you can't hear the same song more than once per size of playlist
01:16:09midknight2k3i'm not following you
01:16:15ZagorHadaka: right. and why does anyone want that?
01:16:23midknight2k3but with shuffling, it plays in the same order over and over
01:16:30midknight2k3sort of a, con
01:16:35Zagormidknight2k3: no. just if you don't reshuffle at the end of the list.
01:16:48midknight2k3i thought it picked a seed and kept it
01:16:59midknight2k3ok then, how about reshuffle at playlist end
01:17:10Zagormidknight2k3: yes, that's a feature request
01:17:13HadakaZagor: with a longer playlist that loops it's nicer if it's not fixed to the shuffle marks that keeps the songs that far away from each other
01:18:01ZagorHadaka: why do you want to hear the same song more than once in a playlist loop? isn't diversity the whole point of random play?
01:18:14midknight2k3its ok if you hear it more than once
01:18:15midknight2k3thats good
01:18:18midknight2k3but just not over and over
01:19:04Zagori disagree, but if anybody wants random it's very very simple to do.
01:19:06HadakaZagor: diversity is achieved also by playing the songs in order - with random, I want fuzziness into it so I at times I might hear some songs more than others
01:19:30Hadakawell, there's more than one problem with it, but it's rather trivial
01:19:49midknight2k3very very simple? why doesnt it exist then? :D
01:20:12Zagormidknight2k3: because this is the first time i hear anyone saying they want to hear the same song twice :)
01:20:18Hadakait will need a new random number generator, since this one stores more than 32 bits of state
01:20:24midknight2k3lol zagor
01:20:29Zagorwe usually get bug reports when people think that happens...
01:20:30HadakaZagor: I might mention that I never said I want to hear the same song twice :)
01:20:45midknight2k3with random, I want fuzziness into it so I at times I might hear some songs more than others
01:20:50midknight2k3^^ hadaka
01:21:13Hadakamidknight2k3: exactly - doesn't mean the same song twice in a row
01:21:15ZagorHadaka: let me rephrase: "twice during a single playlist"
01:21:20midknight2k3not in a row, no
01:21:22HadakaZagor: thanks :)
01:21:27midknight2k3hadaka, zagor, whoever
01:21:39midknight2k3just ensure that the same song isnt played twice in a row
01:21:44midknight2k3rather simple to do?
01:21:48midknight2k3then otherwise make it random
01:22:30Hadakawell, perhaps make it so that the last played song has 0% chance, and the few recently played songs have lesser chance than other songs
01:22:41midknight2k3thats good!
01:22:46Zagori still don't get the point of it. i hate devices that use that type of random.
01:22:57midknight2k3it will be an option
01:23:04midknight2k3COULD be*
01:23:08midknight2k3random or shuffle
01:23:35Zagorthe only time it'd be nice is if each and every single track has a probability rating, which is completely unworkable.
01:23:56Hadakawell, either that, or reshuffle at end of playlist is necessary in any case
01:24:05midknight2k3reshuffle at end at least
01:24:07Zagori agree reshuffle is needed
01:24:11midknight2k3thatd do it
01:24:42Hadakawell, reshuffle has it's problems as well
01:25:38Hadakaatleast the playing same song twice in a row problem
01:25:58Zagoryup. we either have to accept that, or never move the order of the first song.
01:26:20Hadakato which the dumb problem would be to just reshuffle again when that happens - but it's a bit bothersome to do that on a 3k song playlist
01:26:35HadakaZagor: but how do you resume a playlist that has been shuffled without changing the order of the first song
01:26:39earHertzNot if you reshuffle pointers.
01:26:56ZagorHadaka: good point
01:27:04Hadakabut there are alternatives to that
01:27:33midknight2k3build/ parse error
01:27:36midknight2k3is that my fault?
01:28:09Zagorprobably :)
01:28:23midknight2k3it doesnt appear to be
01:28:34earHertzIt's the Mormons' fault. (pun on LDS).
01:28:52midknight2k3"L" "O" "L"
01:29:59earHertzHere'a funny spam I got. I guess the spammers don't pay their programmers enough" To:
01:32:06midknight2k3its not building
01:32:10midknight2k3original error
01:32:20midknight2k3cpp0: warning: is shorter than expected
01:32:20midknight2k3<stdin>:190:2: #endif without #if
01:32:20midknight2k3make[1]: *** [/home/rockbox/newpatch/build/] Error 1
01:32:34earHertzmidknight2k3, go for brought force. Delete *.o and re-compile
01:32:48midknight2k3brute force, ya mean?
01:32:52midknight2k3O(H I KNOW WHAT I CAN DO
01:32:56midknight2k3ILL UPDATE MY CLOCK
01:33:00earHertzuh, teah. I'm a bad typist
01:33:02 Join diddystar5 [0] (
01:33:02midknight2k3uh huh, oh yeah, i got the best idea
01:35:13HadakaZagor: if you think about reshuffling - then the only thing shuffling has is that a song cannot be heard three times inside playlist size songs - but it can be heard two times - and that songs are _atmost_ apart the size of two playlists and _atleast_ only one song - which, if compared to a random that balances recently heard songs less - isn't any different except that the probabilities even out faster than in random
01:36:56 Join LinusN [200] (
01:37:52ZagorHadaka: it can't be heard two times
01:38:04Zagorah, you mean reshuffle. i get it.
01:38:08Zagorhi linus
01:38:10HadakaZagor: indeed, reshuffling
01:38:42diddystar5thats sounds neat and simple
01:38:42Zagori still don't get why you *want* random
01:40:33earHertzHey Linus, how much free time do you have these days?
01:40:46midknight2k3little, i'd guess
01:41:58earHertzHadaka wants playlist morphing, I think. random is a way to get halfway there. Yes? No?
01:42:13midknight2k3that was MY IDEA
01:42:14LinusNearHertz: practically none
01:42:36LinusNearHertz: anything special in mind?
01:43:12HadakaearHertz: playlist morphing is again one way to do it - but getting that so that the transformation is continuable - and storable in 32 bits - is a bit difficult
01:43:26Hadakathough probably not impossible
01:45:25earHertzHadaka, if you have the time and it doesn't bother you to do so, explain to me agina why the first song can't be moved? I'm afraid it's fallen out of my head.
01:46:13HadakaearHertz: erm... the problem was that we didn't want the same song playing twice - and making that happen so it's resumable is the thing to be solved
01:46:37diddystar5"Fallen out of my head"
01:49:50earHertzWhen you're my age..... ;)
01:50:04midknight2k3sdd you asdf
01:50:32diddystar5things just tend to "fall out your head"?
01:50:43earHertzand we use the first somg as the starting index, and the seed to get the list of random numbers specifying the further somgs, right?
01:51:08earHertzKid, I say, kid, I've forgotten more shit than you evah learnt! ;)
01:51:22earHertzwhat's "ssd" anyway?
01:51:27midknight2k3its SDD!
01:55:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:56:06LinusNearHertz: you wanted some help from me?
01:56:26earHertzUm, yeah.
01:56:38earHertzcan I pm you?
01:58:49midknight2k3LinusN: can we have a link at the top of the "new" patches page to load the old one?
01:59:35Zagormidknight2k3: why?
01:59:40midknight2k3dont like the new one
01:59:45midknight2k3not usually at least
01:59:49midknight2k3hard to see whats new and whats not
01:59:53Zagortoo organized? :)
01:59:56midknight2k3simple the old way
02:00:00midknight2k3RIGHT ON! :)
02:00:12Zagorthey are sorted in date order
02:00:15midknight2k3yeah, the old way it was just "patches" then "end"
02:00:22midknight2k3but then you go category to category
02:00:30midknight2k3hmm, whats the date again? did i see this yet?
02:00:41midknight2k3simple to hit END and see of theres anything new
02:04:47midknight2k3are you going to fix it?
02:10:43midknight2k3i cant wait to see clock make it in if it makes it in
02:11:24midknight2k3i have a great idea guys
02:11:26midknight2k3listen up
02:12:06midknight2k3how about a template for each model (in the checkout) like "buildrec" and "buildfm" and "buildplayer" with a makefile all set up and ready to build?
02:12:15midknight2k3checked out like other things
02:16:02midknight2k3i should add Zagor to my redlist
02:16:42midknight2k3now linus and zagor are on my redlist
02:17:45LinusNnow, what is a redlist?
02:20:53midknight2k3bluelist = friends
02:20:56midknight2k3redlist = devs
02:21:02midknight2k3sdd indeed
02:21:32LinusNso the devs are not your friends? :-)
02:21:52midknight2k3it cant be red and blue
02:21:57scott666wasn't that obvious?
02:22:04midknight2k3linus brought it up
02:22:05midknight2k3not i
02:22:39scott666i meant that the devs weren't your friends
02:22:55midknight2k3oh lol
02:25:27*scott666 notices that the mouse has been plugged in the whole time he was fiddeling with it
02:36:13earHertzYou keep fiddling with your "mouse" you'll go blind
02:37:05scott666quiet you
02:37:39scott666damn this infernal usb cable!
02:37:55midknight2k3just get a new one!
02:38:18scott6661. i dont have money
02:38:25scott6662. i dont have a car to get a new one
02:39:41LinusNi can't remember needing a car to buy a cable :-)
02:40:05LinusNoh, you live in us?
02:40:13scott6663. i dont have a credit card to buy one online
02:40:29scott666i suppose i COULD walk, but its cold out
02:41:37scott666Minneapolis, MN as of 12/19/2003 6:20 PM: 18º
02:44:13scott666there was a point where the end of this paper clip seemed small...
02:44:14 Join top_bloke [0] (
02:50:16earHertzhow many languages does the hd-500 support?
02:50:24scott666as many as you want it to?
02:51:17Zagori'm off to bed. bye all.
02:51:19 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
02:52:26diddystar5to late
02:54:37earHertzEnglish Korean Japanese Chinese
02:57:59diddystar5German, Chicken, Danish, Deutch, Swedish
02:58:07 Join arspy87 [0] (
02:58:09diddystar5n/m the chicken
02:58:18diddystar5it just rymed
02:58:34arspy87hey everyone
02:58:49diddystar5i gotta go
02:59:07diddystar5bye everyone
02:59:11 Quit diddystar5 ("Bye")
03:00:55 Quit adi|home (
03:01:20NJoinadi|home [0] (~adi|
03:05:39 Part arspy87
03:11:14midknight2k3i keep getting this error
03:11:16midknight2k3lock5/build/ parse error
03:11:16DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
03:11:16midknight2k3collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
03:11:16midknight2k3make[1]: *** [/home/rockbox/finalclock5/build/rockbox.elf] Error 1
03:11:16***Alert Mode level 1
03:11:16midknight2k3make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/rockbox/finalclock5/apps'
03:11:18midknight2k3make: *** [apps] Error 2
03:11:22LinusNmidknight2k3: what's up?
03:11:34midknight2k3linusN is so nice
03:11:58LinusNand what's on line 59 of
03:12:12LinusN69, sorry
03:13:08Sebulba02err, missing semicolon :) ?
03:13:16midknight2k3i didnt make it
03:13:22midknight2k3so chances are EVERYONE is gonna get this error
03:13:34midknight2k3this is freshly checked out
03:13:38top_blokeno its just YOU
03:13:39midknight2k3non modified
03:13:44top_blokenah j/k
03:13:49midknight2k3o right
03:13:53midknight2k3whats on line.. 69 hm
03:14:03top_blokelol he said 69
03:14:19top_blokethat was bad sorry
03:14:31midknight2k369: }
03:14:39midknight2k3i get it
03:14:41***Alert Mode level 2
03:14:41midknight2k3but no
03:14:59midknight2k3its just: }
03:15:26Sebulba02theres probably one missing then
03:15:36midknight2k3its not my fault
03:15:54 Quit cjnr11 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:16:25LinusNi see that you are building your firmware in a directory two levels down from the "rockbox" dir
03:16:31midknight2k3two levels?
03:16:36midknight2k3just one
03:16:50midknight2k3thats FINALCLOCK5 to you.
03:16:54midknight2k3rockbox IS the dir
03:17:06midknight2k3and it always builds in "build"
03:17:11LinusNoh, so finalclock5 is the rockbox dir
03:17:28midknight2k3"rockbox" is the rockbox dir
03:17:37midknight2k3finalclock5 contains apps, firmware, etc
03:17:38LinusNrockbox is your home dir, isn't it?
03:17:41midknight2k3build is the builddir
03:17:44midknight2k3yes to that
03:17:56LinusNand finalclock5 is the rockbox dir
03:18:05LinusNwith apps, firmware etc
03:18:09LinusNand build
03:18:44midknight2k3if ("rockbox" dir) { equal to dir with apps, firmware, etc, question=CORRECT }
03:18:50midknight2k3sorry couldnt resist C formatted reply
03:19:46midknight2k3i bet linus will hound me with insults on my crappy code :D
03:20:28scott666someones gotta
03:20:34midknight2k3fine let scott do it
03:20:41midknight2k3even though i didnt try to make it good
03:21:22midknight2k3if(rockbox_dir==dir_w_apps_firmware) {question==correct} else {question==incorrect}
03:21:24LinusNmidknight2k3: are you sure you didn't change anything except for your plugin?
03:21:25midknight2k3hows that
03:21:32midknight2k3i think.
03:21:55LinusNand you did a proper "configure"?
03:22:02scott666=, not ==
03:22:05midknight2k3did that dumb error last time
03:22:14midknight2k3i get = and == confused
03:22:17LinusNmidknight2k3: you forgot the semicolons as well
03:22:21midknight2k3== is to stick val in variable right
03:22:26midknight2k3which ones?
03:22:33midknight2k3what what
03:22:34Sebulba02== compares
03:22:41midknight2k3if is comparing
03:22:47midknight2k3== is like /= or *=
03:22:50LinusNif(rockbox_dir==dir_w_apps_firmware) {question=correct;} else {question=incorrect;}
03:22:51midknight2k3just with equals
03:22:57midknight2k3oh whatever
03:23:05Sebulba02what LinusN said
03:23:07midknight2k3lets stop fawning over quickly made fake code
03:23:19LinusNmidknight2k3: can you paste the file in a private channel?
03:24:36 Quit midknight2k3 (Excess Flood)
03:24:42***Alert Mode OFF
03:24:44 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
03:26:03midknight2k3its linus's fault
03:26:15Sebulba02always someone else
03:26:40midknight2k318:23:12 | <midknight2k3> 78 lines long
03:26:40midknight2k318:23:14 | <midknight2k3> ill be kicked
03:26:40midknight2k318:23:17 | <midknight2k3> so ill brb after
03:26:40DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
03:26:40midknight2k318:23:23 | <LinusN> nope not in a private channel
03:27:13LinusNsilly me
03:27:38midknight2k3sure it was
03:30:49scott666AHHHH! my screens in 3d!!
03:31:03midknight2k3OH NO
03:32:33Sebulba02you installed 3dwm?
03:33:26scott666AHHH!!! THE KEYBOARD TOO!!!
03:33:39CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 15 minutes and 24 seconds at the last flood
03:33:39*scott666 fears for his sanity
03:33:54Sebulba02oh, you mean life? scarey, eh?
03:34:57*scott666 takes a picture of his size efficient mouse
03:35:54Sebulba02whoa, winamp5
03:35:58midknight2k3i have it
03:35:59midknight2k3its nice
03:36:02midknight2k3i have Pro
03:36:15Sebulba02legal? :)
03:36:26midknight2k3say linus, hows your life going?
03:37:00LinusNbad as usual :-)
03:37:11midknight2k3that's great
03:38:35Sebulba02midknight2k3: is pro a different binary or just the full with features restricted?
03:38:42midknight2k3huh uh what now
03:38:44midknight2k3er uh
03:38:47midknight2k3hi [OFF]BtT
03:38:57midknight2k3i think its the same
03:39:02midknight2k3i have a key if you want to unlock it
03:39:33Sebulba02I found about 5 or so.
03:39:40midknight2k3thats GOOD you asdf
03:39:56Sebulba02I just wish I could download it faster than 2k/s
03:42:54scott666pro has a cd burner and ripper
03:43:00midknight2k3its nice yes
03:43:31Sebulba02Eh, the latest version of nero will suffice for me
03:43:59scott666i need that...
03:44:03scott666im still using 5.5
03:44:06scott666or so
03:44:22Sebulba026 looks pretty nice
03:44:30midknight2k36 is nice
03:44:33Sebulba02Though i don't know what they changed function wise
03:44:46scott666i think they added a bunch of dvdr stuff
03:45:01Sebulba02Kinda like Photoshop8, only noticable change is icons and minor additions.
03:45:08midknight2k3and a new StartSmart
03:45:27Sebulba02I haven't used it much
03:46:02 Join thedude02 [0] (
03:46:32 Part thedude02
03:49:20 Quit AciD ("q2 > *")
03:55:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:08:03Sebulba02whoa, this does look nice
04:08:12midknight2k3need key?
04:08:31Sebulba02lemme try these first
04:10:16Sebulba02nah, this one worked, thanks anyways
04:10:17 Quit midknight2k3 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:10:44 Join thedude02 [0] (
04:11:25 Quit thedude02 (Client Quit)
04:13:56 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
04:14:07midknight2k3computer crash
04:15:46Sebulba02damn, I like this.
04:15:49Sebulba02oh, that sucks
04:16:29 Join thedude02 [0] (
04:16:40thedude02midknight's computer crashed
04:16:41thedude02midknight's computer crashed
04:16:43 Part thedude02
04:17:27Sebulba02whats that about?
04:17:58 Join thedude02 [0] (
04:18:04 Part thedude02
04:21:10Sebulba02beats me
04:21:19midknight2k3anyone: ignore thedude02
04:21:24midknight2k3he is a stalker, a liar, and a pest
04:22:38midknight2k3he is
04:22:47midknight2k3i warn you, stay away
04:23:24Sebulba02I'm not hunting him down, if thats what your worried about.
04:23:46midknight2k3just don't pay attention
04:23:48midknight2k3do a quick /ignore
04:24:52top_blokeman i cant open ANY website in IE, i get The page cannot be displayed
04:25:08Sebulba02don't use IE then
04:25:08top_blokeand yet i'm on IRC
04:25:39top_blokeyeah but
04:26:37Sebulba02I can't get anywhere with IE on my win2k box either, because I have it password protected from everything and threw away the password :)
04:26:42midknight2k3ie sucks
04:27:12Sebulba02I prefer Opera over IE, but Mozilla is nice as well.
04:27:28midknight2k3opera is nice
04:28:13Sebulba02Its sweet that the win32 development is equal to the linux development, I like having = software on both platforms.
04:28:48Sebulba02God, I'm lazy
04:29:09midknight2k3that took more energy than just saying it in the first place
04:30:41Sebulba02dang, are there any plugins that didn't package with winamp5?
04:30:54midknight2k3are you kidding
04:30:58midknight2k3of course
04:31:31 Join Nibbler [0] (
04:31:46Sebulba02well, generally all the ones I gotta go hunt for, have been rolled for me
04:35:42Nibblerlo midknight2k3 :]
04:35:51midknight2k3hey nibbler
04:35:54midknight2k3you sound familiar
04:36:35Nibblerumm well
04:36:42Nibblerive been ideling here for some month b4
04:37:24midknight2k3i know
04:37:25midknight2k3but before that
04:37:56top_blokenibbler is from futurama
04:38:01top_blokethats how u know him
04:38:06midknight2k3i dont watch CRAP
04:38:14Nibbleroioioi, watch your words! :D
04:38:25top_blokeme neither
04:38:32top_blokefuturama, i DO watch
04:39:17Nibbler\o/ religion :]
04:39:43Sebulba02Nibbler, hmm. I forget what that was.
04:39:47*Nibbler is going totally mad with his new external hdd-case (usb2)
04:41:20Nibblerafter i killed my first one by using a "normal computer cable" instead of the one in the package, which looked like a normal one, but had contacts linked differnt the new one does not keep up the usb-connection it seems
04:46:12 Join Arnaud [0] (
04:46:23Sebulba02wow, some of these songs make a lot more sense after you read the lyrics..
04:51:15LinusNnite all!
04:51:19 Part LinusN
04:51:37Sebulba02dang, he waited a whole 5s before leaving..
04:52:46midknight2k3but why is that a "dang"?
04:52:46Sebulba025 here
04:52:57Nibbler5 here also
04:52:58midknight2k319:50:46 | <LinusN> nite all!
04:53:00midknight2k319:50:50 | * LinusN has left #rockbox
04:53:13*midknight2k3 sets mirc to also tag millisecomd\
04:53:48Sebulba02mirc, ick
04:53:58Sebulba02(22:51:11) LinusN: nite all!
04:53:59Sebulba02(22:51:16) LinusN left the room.
04:54:16midknight2k3what client is THAT?
04:54:25midknight2k3"left the room" LOL
04:54:31midknight2k3EVEN WORSE
04:54:34midknight2k3thats like TRILLSUCK
04:54:45Sebulba02Gaim is far better.
04:55:04midknight2k3it sucks mine
04:55:24Sebulba02thats your choice :)
04:55:45midknight2k3it stinks and it sucks and its bl.. STCUASDF SDD
05:04:04scott666both gaim and trillian are better than mirc, easily
05:04:15midknight2k3eat me
05:04:17midknight2k3i use xchat
05:04:28midknight2k3or client
05:04:38scott666trillian still wins
05:04:40midknight2k3klient recently went berserk
05:04:46midknight2k3so, i had to stop using it
05:05:41Sebulba02xchat2 was nice, when I used it, but I kinda like being able to alias people and IM them, on IRC.
05:06:19Sebulba02If xchat would do that, I'd probably start using it again.
05:06:55Sebulba02add buddy aliasing
05:07:25scott666hey mk, you still have that wa5 key?
05:07:43scott666send it?
05:07:45midknight2k3dcc ok? its a few kb
05:08:34midknight2k3be warned
05:08:37midknight2k3it has a butt icon
05:08:44midknight2k3sry top
05:09:09midknight2k3sending to "scott666"
05:09:13midknight2k3not "top_bloke"
05:09:20midknight2k3awaiting reply, scott
05:10:39Sebulba02does it play music also?
05:10:55midknight2k3winamp? lol
05:10:58midknight2k3i think so
05:11:01Sebulba02I had a key gen for something that played a reallly cool midi
05:11:11midknight2k3dont remember
05:11:16midknight2k3lots of them do
05:11:24midknight2k3some "Team RS" or something
05:11:30midknight2k3they are neat
05:11:32midknight2k3animated and stuff
05:11:45midknight2k3amazing, how much work they put into a software key generator
05:11:51midknight2k3you just click generate and copy
05:11:58midknight2k3they make it souped up for you
05:12:45scott666yeah, thats nice
05:13:16midknight2k3spend hours with animations and music, you just hit the button and close it
05:13:27scott666i like the new track popup at the corner
05:13:33scott666its likee using msn messenger again
05:14:02scott666i hate msn messenger
05:14:10scott666but the popup is lnice for song info
05:14:41scott666i dont have to click on winamp to figure out what the hell this weird song is
05:14:54Sebulba02I suppose.
05:17:21Sebulba02Its nice to see they added all the 2.x stuff back
05:17:36midknight2k3what was missing in 3?
05:17:58Sebulba02the ability to set your icons
05:18:05Sebulba02context menu
05:18:12Sebulba02small things
05:18:16midknight2k3OOH ICON SETTING?!
05:18:19midknight2k3IT WAS MISSING?
05:18:22midknight2k3CALL THE FBI!
05:18:45scott666were global keyboard shortcuts in 3?
05:19:27top_blokewinamp 2 owns
05:19:37midknight2k35 does
05:19:57midknight2k3its nice
05:20:05top_blokehow big is it?
05:20:12Sebulba02no, there weren't
05:20:18Sebulba023 was huge and slow
05:20:28scott666wait, download or install?
05:20:35Sebulba02but they seemed to fix that
05:20:37top_blokeso its 2+3?
05:20:43midknight2k3right on
05:20:44top_blokewheres 4?
05:20:54Sebulba02the bit bucket
05:20:55scott666fuck 4~
05:21:00top_blokei'm good
05:21:00midknight2k3winamp2 + winamp3 = winamp5
05:21:02midknight2k3get it?
05:21:10top_blokei'm good
05:21:14midknight2k3am not
05:21:31midknight2k3OK who can recommend a good CD ripper?
05:21:40scott666EAC or freerip
05:21:46midknight2k3what do you use
05:21:54midknight2k3i used to
05:21:59scott666depending on whether you want uber quality or easy
05:22:05Sebulba02EAC is pretty good
05:22:07scott666i use free rip
05:22:08top_blokeaudiograbber that is
05:22:36Sebulba02so is Grip :P
05:23:03top_blokedo they go straight to mp3 or make wav files?
05:23:30scott666freerip goes straight to mp3
05:23:31midknight2k3ill try freerip
05:23:31Sebulba02it has to be a wav before its made an mp3
05:23:51scott666*invisibly goes to mp3
05:23:56Sebulba02unless you cram the uncompressed data into ram and write it out as an mp3
05:24:14scott666thatd be fine
05:24:27scott666i have a gb of ram, might as well use it
05:25:21Sebulba02With 512, it wouldn't tax my machine.
05:26:10Sebulba02Only time I used all my RAM is when that Doom3 alpha leaked, then my machine was taxed royally
05:26:38Sebulba02Then again, a gig of ram would have made little difference there also
05:27:43midknight2k3what bitrates ya rip at all?
05:27:45Sebulba02hmm, need some good skins
05:27:56scott666192 CBR
05:27:58top_blokecan winamp5 use 2.x plugins?
05:28:13Sebulba02i can't remember the last time i ripped a CD
05:28:30Sebulba02I think its totally backwards compatable
05:28:31scott666i can]
05:28:37scott666it was 2 days ago
05:28:50top_blokei might need to get that now
05:29:03top_blokeand i never upgrade software
05:29:14top_blokei use like photoshop 5 and stuff
05:29:16Sebulba02gotta be bleeding edge :)
05:29:21top_blokeand iwndows 98
05:29:43top_blokeoffice 2000 though
05:29:47top_blokepretty new there
05:29:50top_blokefor me
05:29:54scott666im living in the past!
05:29:57Sebulba02Won't touch MS office anymore.
05:30:01scott666firebird .6.1
05:30:04top_bloke2000 IS bleeding edge for me
05:30:07midknight2k3i have photoshop 7, winxp, and office 2k3
05:30:07scott666theyre up to like .7.1
05:30:10midknight2k3a bit bleeding edge for i
05:30:44top_blokeso i doubt i'll get winamp5
05:30:49scott666i have corel draw 8, XP, and OO 1.1
05:30:49top_blokeeven though i should
05:31:33Sebulba02OO 1.1 is sweet
05:31:51scott666open office
05:31:55Sebulba02At that point I threw out any MS office cds I had
05:32:09scott666i never had any
05:32:23top_blokewhy u usin that bloated office mid
05:32:30midknight2k3its nice
05:32:31midknight2k3not bloated
05:32:33midknight2k3youre bloated
05:32:35top_blokeits like 5 cds
05:32:38midknight2k3(ooo diss)
05:32:39midknight2k3i know
05:32:48top_blokeyou insensitive clod
05:32:54scott666and OO is what? 100mb? 2?
05:32:59top_blokei weigh 500 pounds
05:33:09*top_bloke cries
05:33:09Sebulba02its pretty small
05:33:11midknight2k3thats sad
05:33:16midknight2k3no woder youre the TOP bloke
05:33:23midknight2k3top_heavy is more like it
05:33:36top_blokedamn thats good
05:33:47top_blokenice burn!
05:33:58midknight2k3you dont get it
05:34:02top_blokeit was a good burn
05:34:06scott666i do all my burning with nero
05:34:16midknight2k3nero 6 ultra
05:34:18midknight2k3for me
05:34:20top_blokei was just mashing the keyboard laughing
05:34:28Sebulba02If anyone doesn't, they should be shot.
05:34:30midknight2k3nice nice
05:34:31top_blokelets see what nero i have
05:34:33scott666 <Nero 6.0> i fucked your mom
05:34:40midknight2k3wht now
05:35:03midknight2k3 <me> shut up
05:35:09top_blokei'm on the cutting edge
05:35:16midknight2k3THATS OLD
05:35:31top_blokei'm the king of old software
05:35:48scott666but do you have commander keen?
05:35:51Sebulba02I've got here & its not even the latest
05:36:02midknight2k3talk about mIRC sucks - it insists on opening ANYTHING in wordpad
05:36:15midknight2k3JPG, BMP, ZIP, EXE...
05:36:19midknight2k3all in wordpad
05:36:21top_blokeit opens things FINE
05:36:40top_blokemirc 6.02 rules
05:36:47Sebulba02use a real client, xchat or gaim or maybe bitchx
05:36:48scott666 what would you open a jpg with other than wordpad? NOTEpad?!
05:36:53midknight2k3i have 6.03
05:37:06midknight2k3try Klient
05:37:23midknight2k3holy wtf scott
05:37:27top_blokemy motto: "if it aint broke, dont fix it"
05:37:52Sebulba02and what if its broken beyone fixing, what then?
05:38:02top_blokeu mean like IE?
05:38:09Sebulba02and many other win32 apps
05:38:18top_blokewhere i cant open any page to even DOWNLOAD a new browser
05:38:19scott666anyone else want to see a picture of my ultra space efficient mouse?
05:38:22Sebulba02firebird was okay, but I found it lacked a lot
05:38:36top_blokeoooh he burned ur firebird mid
05:38:43top_blokeu gonna take that?
05:38:44midknight2k3HEY WTF
05:38:47midknight2k3NO IM NOT
05:38:50Sebulba02That was 0.6 though
05:38:58*midknight2k3 gives Sebulba02 some of THIS an THAT
05:39:01Sebulba02I haven't tried it recently
05:39:03midknight2k30.7 is better
05:39:10midknight2k3THATS HILARIOUS
05:39:21top_blokethey still havent reached 1.0?
05:39:23scott666it took me like 2 hours to get that shit out
05:39:39scott666that wire was/is pissing me off
05:41:32Sebulba02your right, it is nicer
05:42:09midknight2k3its great
05:42:11midknight2k3wtf you speak of
05:42:59midknight2k3freerip can kiss mine
05:43:26top_blokeuse audigrabber
05:43:32midknight2k3i used to
05:43:34Sebulba02I dunno, i still like opera a lot
05:43:35midknight2k3im regetting it
05:43:41top_blokewhy cant i type the o
05:43:49midknight2k3Sebulba02: i think you should give mozilla a shot for a bit
05:43:54midknight2k3i used to too
05:43:56Sebulba02i do use mozilla
05:43:57top_blokelol audigrabber
05:44:00midknight2k3but now mozilla is all it
05:44:03midknight2k3STOP TOP
05:44:10top_blokeit grabs Audi...
05:44:24scott666audis suck
05:44:31top_blokelike the car?
05:44:44top_bloketheyre made by VW
05:45:18scott666yeah, really they dont, but it was fun to say
05:45:44top_bloketheyre quality automoblies.
05:47:45scott666im off to bed. l8er
05:47:52 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
05:47:58midknight2k3TOO LATE
05:48:19top_blokeword to that
05:50:00Sebulba02going crazy, eh?
05:50:17top_blokemore like IS
05:50:25top_blokeor gone
05:50:35top_blokedamn that is better
05:50:43midknight2k3it is
05:50:49midknight2k3going, gone. not going, is
05:50:59midknight2k3DONT SWEAR TOOPY
05:51:04top_blokecurse you!
05:51:24Sebulba02ncurses to you all
05:52:31midknight2k3smart != stupid
05:52:38midknight2k3toppy is !smart
05:52:53top_blokesuch great logic
05:53:17midknight2k3toppys iq is 12^2
05:53:29top_blokewow thats high
05:53:35top_blokei rule
05:53:38midknight2k3not quite
05:53:42midknight2k3maybe 11^2
05:54:01midknight2k3about right
05:54:14Sebulba02for i in top_bloke midknight2k3; do rm -f "$i"; done;
05:54:49top_blokei read that as -2 for some reason
05:55:01top_blokei'm the smart
05:55:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:55:42top_blokei guess i saw what i wanted to see
05:55:52midknight2k3for(iq-144;iq>139;iq−−) { printf("Toppy is a jerk.\n"); }
05:56:02midknight2k3for(iq=144;iq>139;iq−−) { printf("Toppy is a jerk.\n"); }
05:56:11midknight2k3thats good code
05:56:21midknight2k3that would work if you popped it into a compiler
05:56:34top_blokeprint that 5 times?
05:56:56midknight2k3are you a c master? lol
05:57:11top_blokeno, just Java
05:57:16Sebulba02do{ printf("Shhhhhhhhh!\n"); }while(midnight2k3)
05:57:22top_blokeI MADE PONG for java
05:57:28top_blokeit is so sweet
05:57:35Sebulba02I wrote tetris in java
05:57:38midknight2k3i want to see
05:57:40Sebulba02pacman in C++
05:58:13top_blokehow to see it
05:58:25Sebulba02all thats really left is ghost AI, so its not *done* yet.
05:58:33Sebulba02but its close
05:58:51top_blokeyeah my other paddle is computer controlled!
05:59:13top_blokeits X is the same X as the ball!
05:59:19top_blokenow THATS AI
05:59:24Sebulba02thats not hard, just follow the ball
05:59:31top_bloke(the paddles are on top and bottom)
05:59:38Sebulba02with increasing response time
05:59:44top_blokei know
05:59:48top_blokei tool the easy way out
06:00:00top_blokeand there was no way to win!
06:00:15Sebulba02AI in pacman is a bit more complex, finding shortest path and all that mess.. but not too fast or too slow
06:00:29top_blokecause the paddle was ALWAYS in the same spot as the ball
06:00:45top_blokearent the ghost just randomly wandering around?
06:00:55Sebulba02they have patterns
06:00:58top_blokei thought they were
06:01:20Sebulba02plus I believe they home in on pacman after a given amount of time
06:02:22Sebulba02of course, to the best of my knowledge, that info isn't published anywhere
06:03:01Sebulba02I also have this, , which I haven't touched since the summer.
06:03:50Sebulba02assming they didn't close my project
06:03:51top_blokemake pacman for rockbox
06:04:05Sebulba02I've thought about it
06:04:24Sebulba02I could potentially use a lot of my code, just rewriting the view handlers
06:04:38top_blokeyay so do it
06:04:50Sebulba02I have a lot of other stuff to write first
06:05:07Sebulba02minimally, a wireless simulator so I can graduate
06:05:26top_blokei see
06:05:41top_blokei wish i could make pong for rockbox
06:05:48top_blokenot like the crappy chip8 one
06:05:52midknight2k3make it
06:05:55top_blokea REAL pong
06:05:58midknight2k3thatd be cool
06:06:00midknight2k3i could help
06:06:12top_blokei dunno how to draw to the scree
06:06:22Sebulba02it can't be hard
06:07:09Sebulba02thats a lot more simple than a lot of things
06:07:16top_blokewell i guess
06:07:17midknight2k3such as?
06:07:48top_blokei'm used to gBuffer.fillRect and such
06:08:01top_blokefor a paddle
06:08:08top_blokei dont know how to in rb
06:08:13midknight2k3its similar
06:08:15Sebulba02What graphics lib?
06:08:33top_blokehow u mean?
06:08:44Sebulba02For your pong.
06:09:02top_blokemy teacher did all that graphic stuff
06:09:06top_blokei dunno how
06:09:11Sebulba02I was involved in a class pong project using allegro
06:09:11earHertzwhat's your question, midknight2k3 ?
06:09:24midknight2k3ear: what?
06:10:09earHertzwhat's your question about the lcd functions?
06:10:19midknight2k3had none
06:12:27top_blokei'm geting sleepy
06:12:44midknight2k3hang in there toopy
06:12:49top_blokenah i cant
06:12:49*midknight2k3 curls up in chair
06:12:55top_blokemy eyes hurt
06:13:00midknight2k3the download
06:13:38top_blokeonly 12 min
06:14:20midknight2k3oops wrong zip file!
06:14:41midknight2k3its the wrong... file...
06:14:55earHertzyou mooks answered my poll on the mailing list?
06:15:07midknight2k3not i
06:15:10Sebulba02what poll?
06:15:15midknight2k3im not a mook tho
06:15:15midknight2k3so,, yeah
06:15:34midknight2k3toppy: kidding
06:15:37top_blokebetter not be the worng file
06:15:46earHertzAbout hardware problems and your newxt mp3 plater
06:15:48midknight2k3its not
06:15:54top_blokehey i could be EyesHertz
06:15:56midknight2k3i busted your box with my ultrac ode
06:16:00top_blokecause my eyes hurt
06:16:09midknight2k3my new mp3 player will be an ajbrec20
06:16:23midknight2k3ear: make your nick "earHurts"
06:16:25earHertzYeah, yeah, I don't need no imitators. I'm the real Slim EarHertz
06:16:32top_blokeu got an FM
06:16:48midknight2k3fms suck
06:16:50earHertzI've got an FM THAT DOESN"T $%#^*$ WORK
06:16:51top_blokeall you other earHertz's r just immitating
06:17:02top_blokeso wont the real earHertz please stand up
06:17:49midknight2k3you've got an FM THAT DOESN"T (dollar percent pound tothe asterisk dollar) WORK?
06:17:54earHertzHow;d you guys learn about Rockbox?
06:18:09top_blokei didnt
06:18:15top_blokewhats rockbox?
06:18:19top_blokelol i kid
06:18:48midknight2k3i learnt from epinions
06:18:53midknight2k3i thank thy god
06:18:59midknight2k3if thy exist.
06:19:05top_blokeme too i think
06:19:06midknight2k3(or i just DFAD)
06:19:12midknight2k3 ;pj
06:19:12DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
06:19:12***Alert Mode level 1
06:19:15top_blokei was looking up info on the archos
06:19:16Sebulba02I stumbled across it somehow before I got mine.
06:19:24midknight2k3(i can get reckless at night)
06:19:28top_blokeand every post was like get rockbox
06:19:29earHertzSebulba02, yeah, me too.
06:19:35midknight2k3cmon KMD
06:19:45earHertzmidknight2k3, STFU
06:19:46midknight2k3ear: you stink
06:19:47Sebulba02 /permiggyuntiltheendoftime midknight2k3
06:19:54midknight2k3superbulba: asdf
06:20:00midknight2k3toopy: sdd1
06:20:18midknight2k3sry ears
06:20:21midknight2k3im a bit tired
06:20:30midknight2k3that was directed at [OFF]BtT
06:20:48top_blokei gotta hit they hay
06:20:50top_blokeindeed u r
06:20:50top_blokeas am i
06:20:59midknight2k3NO YOU DONT
06:21:06midknight2k36M 30S left
06:21:23midknight2k3ears: why not earHurts
06:21:24top_blokei'll just leave this POS pc on then
06:21:30midknight2k3yawnnn indeed
06:21:31top_blokewith its loud ass fans
06:21:49top_blokewhy not
06:21:56midknight2k3im lmao
06:22:03midknight2k3i must be exhausted if im laughing at your stupid joke
06:22:11midknight2k3a haha
06:22:14top_blokemy jokes rule
06:22:23midknight2k3they suck
06:22:34midknight2k3why arent your nicks earhurts
06:22:42top_blokewell i gotta sleep anyway
06:23:37top_blokei cant wait 8 minutes
06:23:41midknight2k3just.. YAWN... wait
06:23:47midknight2k3yrs you can and you will
06:23:57top_blokei'll leave the pc on
06:24:01top_blokeits fine
06:24:03midknight2k31 4m 1377
06:24:08midknight2k3er 12444447
06:24:25midknight2k3iotysw nmop6ty
06:24:29midknight2k3its not*
06:24:41top_blokegod why not
06:24:51midknight2k3just weawit
06:25:05midknight2k317 more ins
06:25:14top_bloke17 min?
06:25:24midknight2k35 min
06:25:32top_blokei'll be dead by then
06:26:15midknight2k3fluctiaodsfjkzgfgdhgsbdjflasfalhkasghgjfalsfdlgahlsardisfadb; gad;yngdui;sg;ilgdsnuidts;pisdgisp;iusgpi;usgyoi;sgoy;gsoygyirpiyspyiriogp wiotyoaieytiausydfuiasydfoiaysdifuyasoidyfoiausydfouiaysdoiufyaoisuyfoiuasydfoiuaydoixsfyasioufyaoiusyfiuasydoifuyasiofduyaiosufdiaousyfiouasdyfaiuosdyfiuoasydfoiuasydfoiu asdfyoasdfyasiyodfoiyfisyadyiafsdyifsyfosuyofudyusfdyufdyufdyufduyfoaiusdyfoiausydfoiuaysouifyaiosuydioaysdfiuoyaiosuydfioasydfiuasodfuiayoisud
06:26:22midknight2k3^^ thats good code
06:26:39midknight2k3good ,.,. coode
06:26:46midknight2k3it sure is
06:26:50top_blokei'm gonna go sleep for 5 min
06:26:53top_blokeand come back
06:27:01midknight2k3NO NO
06:27:06top_blokejust 5 min
06:29:13***Alert Mode OFF
06:31:20midknight2k33 mins
06:31:28midknight2k3you TOUPPEr
06:32:14midknight2k31 min!
06:32:16midknight2k3about 600KB to go!
06:32:24midknight2k3er make that 300
06:33:23top_blokeit aint even done yet
06:33:30midknight2k330 secs
06:33:32midknight2k3did you sleep
06:33:48top_blokeyeah i got some real good shut eye
06:34:55top_blokesend some rvfs
06:34:57top_blokewhile i unzip
06:36:44top_blokeits tring to go somewhere
06:37:15top_blokeoh hell yeah it works
06:37:44top_blokeseems faster somehow
06:37:50midknight2k3does it browsE?
06:37:58midknight2k3it is
06:37:58midknight2k3its FIREbird
06:38:57top_blokethe icon is stupid
06:39:06top_blokein the taskbar
06:39:50top_blokebut the interface is sweet otherwise
06:39:54midknight2k3the flames?
06:48:32 Quit earHertz ("ChatZilla 0.9.46 [Mozilla rv:1.5/0]")
07:04:33midknight2k3Erik Is sleeping at Home
07:04:33midknight2k3While Saddam is Sleepin' in an Drity Iraqi Jail...Justice Works!!
07:05:02 Quit top_bloke (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:19:15midknight2k3whos around
07:19:19midknight2k3and wants to see my eigen pic
07:20:49 Join earHertz [0] (
07:21:07midknight2k3wanna show you my pic i made
07:39:50 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:55:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:57:30 Quit adi|home (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:19:14midknight2k3i'm so tired
09:19:50midknight2k3night all
09:20:32 Quit midknight2k3 ()
09:21:10 Join Nibbler [0] (
09:45:23 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
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10:01:06 Join edx [0] (
10:03:23 Join _aLF [0] (
10:04:31 Nick edx is now known as edx{off} (
10:09:46 Join methangas [0] (
10:46:57 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:14:01 Quit adi|home (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
11:15:11 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
11:16:23kurzhaarrockerDo I see that right? There are hardly any functions for controlling the mas in the plugin api?
11:18:32kurzhaarrocker#seen zagor
11:23:50 Join pokerjoker [0] (
11:24:04pokerjokerhows it goin
11:24:43kurzhaarrocker#me wonders if anybody has used any playback / recording control functions in plugins
11:25:39pokerjokeri dont know
11:26:02pokerjokeri have a wierd problem, if i plug in a microphone and record mono
11:26:23kurzhaarrockerdescribe it
11:26:47pokerjokerwhen i listen to it thru the phones, i hear my voice thru the microphone amplified
11:27:06pokerjokerbut when its played back, there is no sound recorded
11:27:23pokerjokerif i change the channels to Stereo, then the sound IS recorded, thru one speaker
11:27:53kurzhaarrockerThe microphone is mono?
11:28:51pokerjokermono plug in, Thru LINE IN
11:29:50kurzhaarrockerTry to plug it in only half the way. To me that seems to be a channel problem. A mono plug feeds the left channel only. If the mono recording is programmed to record the right channel only you record silence only.
11:30:21pokerjokerhmm. it will take me an hour to understand what you hav said! lol
11:30:56kurzhaarrockerI think that it's a bug in rockbox.
11:31:12pokerjokerin rockbox or in archos hardware
11:32:03CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
11:32:03*kurzhaarrocker tries to reproduce the behaviour
11:32:46pokerjokeri think i undersand
11:32:55 Join cjnr11 [0] (
11:33:24kurzhaarrockerIt's like this: a mono plug shortens the right channel of the line in.
11:33:42kurzhaarrockerThus for mono recording the left channel must be used only.
11:35:39pokerjokeroh k. i see
11:38:18pokerjokerthanks man, i think im off to bed. see ya
11:38:39kurzhaarrockerhope the bugs dont bite... :)
11:39:07kurzhaarrockerI verified it: its true the when the right channel is shortened silence is recorded only
11:39:10pokerjokerhey man how old are you
11:39:24kurzhaarrocker33. Why?
11:39:52pokerjokermost people here are young
11:40:12kurzhaarrockerIs 33 young or old?
11:40:21pokerjokeraverage. im 26
11:41:29pokerjokeryou design rockbox warez
11:42:41kurzhaarrockerIf rockbox is warez or not - thats a hot topic.
11:42:48kurzhaarrockerBtw: You should enter this bug in the bug tracker or at least mention it on the mailing list :)
11:43:07pokerjokerwhy hot?
11:43:45kurzhaarrockerI don't see it as warez since the rockboxers don't really break anything or do damage to anybody.
11:45:08pokerjokeri see
11:45:33pokerjokeri mean wares
11:48:25pokerjokeri would like to post it, but i dont have enuff time or knowhow. maybe in a few weeks
11:48:30pokerjokeri have to sleep now. thanks for talking !
11:48:51kurzhaarrockerdream pleasently
11:48:56 Quit pokerjoker ()
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12:05:17 Join cjnr112 [0] (
12:13:37 Nick [OFF]BtT is now known as [GoE]BENtheTEN (~quasi@
12:13:43 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:13:49 Quit cjnr11 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
12:24:38 Quit MT ("changing servers")
12:24:58 Join MT [0] (
12:31:07 Quit Sebulba02 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
12:33:11 Quit cjnr112 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
12:34:31 Nick [GoE]BENtheTEN is now known as [OFF]BtT (~quasi@
13:48:17 Join Sebulba02 [0] (
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14:07:44 Quit Sebulba02 ("Download Gaim:")
14:08:36 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
14:09:49 Join Sebulba02 [0] (
14:10:03*kurzhaarrocker needs help
14:10:05kurzhaarrockerWhat about malloc in plugins? I've read in docs/API that there is malloc, but didn't find any code that uses it. Does malloc exist?
14:13:02Sebulba02the C function, sure
14:13:18Sebulba02man malloc , if you happen to be a linux user.
14:14:41kurzhaarrockerThe problem is that rockbox generally doesn't support dynamical memory usage. There have been lots of discussions about that. One thought was that there - maybe - should be limited dynamic memory for plugins only. But I don't know what the state of this idea is right now.
14:14:48 Quit edx{off} ()
14:32:48kurzhaarrocker:( No Zagor, Linus or Badger around when needed
14:32:48 Join AciD [0] (
14:39:49 Join blastman [0] (
14:40:00 Nick blastman is now known as ^^neo^^ (
14:40:16^^neo^^is it possbile to view pictures on rockbox ?
14:40:39^^neo^^movies works then pictures must work too
14:41:08kurzhaarrockerBut for grayscale they must be encoded as video first.
14:41:47kurzhaarrockerI doubt that there are any viewers for standard image formats yet.
14:44:41 Join thedude02 [0] (
14:45:01 Quit thedude02 (Client Quit)
14:45:11^^neo^^du bist doch deutsch oder ?
14:45:22^^neo^^erklärs mir liever so
14:46:17kurzhaarrockerIch habe noch keinen Bildbetrachter für Standardbildformate auf rockbox gesehen. Um Graustufenbilder darstellen zu können müßte man ein Bild erst mal in ein Video konvertieren.
14:46:43^^neo^^und wie will man aus einem einzigen bild ein video machen ?
14:47:23^^neo^^oder meinst du das bild einfach als viedo machen und es dann als viedeo anzusehn?
14:47:30kurzhaarrockerEs geht darum die grauen Pixel "flackern" zu lassen, damit sie nicht ganz schwarz oder ganz weiß (grün) wirken.
14:47:47^^neo^^hmm aso
14:47:56^^neo^^das man es besser erkennt ?
14:48:11^^neo^^so wie im viedo mit 70fps
14:48:17kurzhaarrockerSonst hat man halt keine Grautöne. Nur Schwarzweiß, ist doch doof.
14:48:46^^neo^^also das mit dem viedo is schon geil geht zwar net mit allen so gut aber respekt
14:49:24^^neo^^aber wieso ruckelt des net ? des lauft voll flüssig und sogar noch mit musik
14:49:40^^neo^^manchmal laufts sogar bissle zu schnell (
14:50:47kurzhaarrockerDen wesenlichen Teil des Musikabspielens erledigt ja ein separater DSP. Das bißchen Datenfüttern kostet die Haupt CPU nicht so viel Brot. Und die Videos sind ja nun wirklich sehr klein mit 112*64 Pixeln.
14:53:12^^neo^^ja aber trotzdem also... ich finds einfach geil
14:53:40kurzhaarrockerMal sehen wie lange es dauert, bis "Kann man den Empfäger des FM Recorders auch zum Fernsehempfang umprogrammieren?" in die NODOs aufgenommen wird. :)
14:53:43^^neo^^was kann man eigentlich noch aus der kiste raushohlen ??? viedeo is ja wohl der höhepunkt oder?
14:57:22kurzhaarrockerAch, es gibt da noch sooo viel, was man tun kann. Denk mal an eine Verbindung mit einem GPS Empfänger mit riesiger Landkartendatenbank, oder Massendatenspeicher für alte DigiCams mit serieller Schnittstelle.
14:57:51 Quit markw (Remote closed the connection)
14:58:53Sebulba02um, yeah
14:59:32kurzhaarrockeroh, there's someone who doesn't speak german? :)
14:59:48^^neo^^kann ich eigentlich zb ein usb stick an den player schliesen und vond da sachen kopieren,geht net oder ?=
15:01:05kurzhaarrockerneo: Nein, das geht nicht, weil der ISD200 Chip, der für die USB Kommunikation im Archos steckt ausschließlich für die Kommunikation als Festplatte benutzt werden kann.
15:01:53^^neo^^und kann man vieleicht auch sound ins video packen?
15:03:05^^neo^^und wann kann man counter strike aufem player zoggn :)) nee joke
15:03:25kurzhaarrockerSound mit Video ist mit geschickten Multiplexen wahrscheinlich möglich.
15:05:05^^neo^^aber jetzt wo man videos schaun kann is es doch auch möglich so ne art visualisierung zu machen im wps oder ? zb wie der oscillograph
15:07:45kurzhaarrockerJa, bedingt. Man könnte den oscillograph auch ins wps verlagern. Das hatte ich damals jedoch verworfen, da man da normalerweise nur 8 Pixel (Zeilenhöhe Standardfont) zur Verfügung hätte.
15:08:44kurzhaarrockerUnd im wps wäre er lange nicht so schnell, da der oscillograph eine spezielles hardwareunterstütztes Scrollen ausnutzt.
15:08:59^^neo^^hey kewl hab mir grad das heutige update gezogen und bemerkt das man im video jetzt pause machen kann und irgendwie mit den pfeiltasten kann man das bild schärfen stellen
15:11:49^^neo^^geht video eigentlich auch beim playerß
15:12:08kurzhaarrockerNein, der hat kein graphisches Display.
15:12:42^^neo^^naja ^^
15:13:11^^neo^^udn wieso is tetris von rechts nach links ? also das würd doch vom dislplay locker reinpassen
15:13:50kurzhaarrockerDie erste Variante war auch so, aber in größer läßt sich's wirklich besser spielen.
15:14:55^^neo^^aber das display wird doch gar nicht ganz ausgenutzt
15:15:16kurzhaarrockerAber in dieser Größe paßt's nicht mehr hochkant rein.
15:15:43^^neo^^mom muss nochmna gucken
15:16:31^^neo^^also nur das feld wo man reinsetz das würde passen und das andre das die teile anzeigt muss dann nach rechts so wies es standard is
15:18:19 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
15:18:43kurzhaarrockerHi Dragon! You surely can answer my question:
15:18:52kurzhaarrockerWhat about malloc in plugins? I've read in docs/API that there is malloc, but didn't find any code that uses it. Does malloc exist?
15:20:00[IDC]Dragonreturns the rest of the 32KB not used by the plugin itself.
15:20:34[IDC]Dragonbesides that, a plugin can't get memory.
15:21:00[IDC]DragonIt is planned that it can claim the mp3 buffer, thus interrupting playback.
15:21:05kurzhaarrockerbut that doesn't include any memory management with malloc / free / realloc on those 32 kb?
15:21:23[IDC]Dragonno, you have to do all by yourself.
15:22:22[IDC]Dragonor define static arrays of the size you need.
15:22:44kurzhaarrocker.. which in turn consume my precious 32 kb I assume?
15:22:58[IDC]Dragonyes, same memory.
15:23:23[IDC]Dragonif you need larger static data, you can load it from disk.
15:24:00Sebulba02thats gotta be slow
15:24:19[IDC]Dragondepends on what you do.
15:24:54[IDC]DragonI think disk throughput is 1.5 MB/sec, not bad for the little CPU.
15:25:18kurzhaarrockerYes, but the latency..
15:25:20Sebulba02not bad at all
15:26:33kurzhaarrockerImagine buffering some of the peak values captuered by the MAS and storing them as a volume outline in an external file to be visualized synchonously while playing back...
15:26:49kurzhaarrockerWell, a solvalble problem, but not mine - for now.
15:29:23[IDC]Dragonthis doesn't sound like you need a lot of memory
15:30:18kurzhaarrockernot really. And especially not much memory simultaniously.
15:32:00kurzhaarrockerI only asked for dynamic memory because of another topic: collecting some data about the files within a directory. Memorizing info about each file is a problem you usually solve with dynamic memory, if available.
15:37:29kurzhaarrockerAh, I see: the buffer_size in plugin_get_buffer(int* buffer_size) returns the size of the buffer?
15:41:14 Join Guest1 [0] (
15:42:52 Quit Guest1 (Client Quit)
15:43:14kurzhaarrockersomeone of us seems to be smelly.
15:43:36*kurzhaarrocker sniffs his armpits
15:44:00Sebulba02ewww, I can smell you all the way from here..
15:44:54*kurzhaarrocker looks guiltily at the rest of the garlic pizza
15:51:25 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
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16:00:51 Join BoBB_ [0] (
16:00:59BoBB_okay i put rockbox on my archos yesterday, it worked for a little while, but now everytime i turn it on, it turns off before even loading the firmware
16:01:14 Quit BoBB (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
16:01:19 Nick BoBB_ is now known as BoBB (
16:01:59BoBBanyone have any problems like that before?
16:05:25BoBBthats wierd, its working now
16:06:40 Part Sebulba02
16:10:35 Quit ^^neo^^ ("get satisfied! • :: ««« (Gamers.IRC) »»» ::")
16:12:14 Join track [0] (
16:12:27BoBBanyone else having problems with thier archos freezing and needing to be restarted to recover sound?
16:14:17 Quit track (Client Quit)
16:18:49 Join Sebulba02 [0] (
16:18:59 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:21:15 Join Dogger [0] (
16:22:10 Join lini [0] (
16:23:58 Quit Dogger (Client Quit)
17:00:07 Quit Sebulba02 ("Download Gaim:")
17:03:23 Join Sebulba02 [0] (
17:41:56 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
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17:59:37 Join scott666 [0] (
19:17:44 Join cjnr11 [0] (
19:18:06 Quit cjnr11 (Client Quit)
19:22:34 Join AciD [0] (
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20:19:35 Join leapingfrog [0] (
20:25:32 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
20:37:59 Quit leapingfrog ()
21:03:38 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
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22:26:40 Join pfavr [0] (
22:29:54 Part pfavr
22:37:49 Join LinusN [200] (
22:39:18 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
22:40:39kurzhaarrockerI assume it would be a break of design if I wanted to include apps/recorder/peakmeter.h in plugins.h ?
22:41:35LinusNyo! finally cut your hair? :-)
22:41:59kurzhaarrockerYes. And it should be done again :)
22:42:00 Join scott666 [0] (
22:43:00kurzhaarrockerLinusN: How's your family?
22:43:16LinusNyou want the peakmeter api available for plugins?
22:43:25LinusNkids are ok, wife is still bad
22:43:55kurzhaarrockerat least the db conversion. Could be useful in serveral plugins, the vu meter, the split editer (*cough*)
22:44:23LinusNmaybe the mas polling as well?
22:44:24kurzhaarrockerSend her some cheer -up greetings from a rockboxer, please.
22:44:31LinusNi'll do that
22:45:51 Join AciD [0] (
22:46:01kurzhaarrockerI'm not so sure about the mas polling. As long as there aren't concurrent peak readers it's fine as it is.
22:46:31LinusNthe vu meters could use it instead of reading the mas itself
22:46:46LinusNhang on, i'll be back in a sec
22:46:48 Part LinusN
22:47:27 Join linus_ [200] (
22:47:51kurzhaarrockerOh! LinusN shrank to linus_ :)
22:48:25 Quit linus_ (Client Quit)
22:49:29 Join LinusN [200] (
22:49:52kurzhaarrockergrown up again.
22:50:00LinusNkurzhaarrocker: can you try to dcc a small file to me?
22:50:21kurzhaarrockerWhat file do you mean?
22:50:28LinusNany file, as a test
22:51:15kurzhaarrockershould be on the way
22:52:41LinusNno luck....
22:52:49kurzhaarrocker:( Firewalled?
22:53:00LinusNyeah, any clues?
22:53:19*kurzhaarrocker blushes and investigates his own personal firewall
22:54:20kurzhaarrockerI'll be back soon without walls - for a while...
22:54:33LinusNnot sure it's your end
22:56:10 Join Phil [0] (
22:57:04PhilHi kurzhaarrocker! Do you know that you are me?
22:57:54PhilWhich port does dcc use normally?
22:58:12LinusNmy client has it configurable
22:58:21LinusNbut i don't know the default
22:59:28PhilHm. There's a setting for IDENT server. Never heared about that.
22:59:42LinusNhang on, i'll make another test
22:59:46 Quit LinusN ("Client Exiting")
23:01:14 Join LinusN [200] (
23:01:23LinusNnow dcc me again
23:02:31PhilWhich problem have you solved?
23:03:01LinusNpeople haven't been able to dcc me
23:03:19LinusNbut now it looks like the problem is in their firewall
23:03:27LinusNi haven't changed a single setting
23:03:41Philqed :)
23:04:35LinusNnice plugins btw :-)
23:04:59Phildon't work yet :(
23:05:33Philbtw: I chatted with someone who found a problem: the line inputs seem to be flipped. If you plug in a mono rca plug nothing gets recorded because the right channel is the mono source and is shortened.
23:06:12LinusNsaw that in the logs
23:06:26LinusNso you mean that the left MAs channel is connected to the right pin?
23:06:28PhilGosh! Some people really read logs!
23:07:07LinusNhave you noticed the channel swap earlier?
23:07:35PhilIt seems to be flipped back again. What get's in left, gets out left again.
23:07:53LinusNyou're kidding me
23:08:33PhilNot intentionally
23:09:11LinusNso, when you insert a "normal" RCA->3.5" cord, the mono channel is the red one?
23:10:00PhilAh, I think Archos is famous for flipping those colours! At least the one I originally got with the jukebox _was_ flipped.
23:11:00PhilI just attached a signal to the tip of the line in and it apperaed on the left earphone. That's what I expected.
23:12:55LinusNbut shorting the right pin disables the left as well?
23:13:24 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:13:26PhilThe signal is piped through, but not recorded
23:16:04PhilIn mpeg.c #3101: shouldn't the channel copying happen whenever something is recorded in mono?
23:18:45LinusNbut it is a different thing
23:19:03LinusNit is still only the left channel that is encoded, afaik
23:19:39*Phil knows to little about the MAS without querying the data sheets
23:20:02*LinusN is browsing the data sheets
23:21:45LinusNbut if you connect only the right channel, does it get recorded?
23:24:16LinusNi remember hearing a report about this a long time ago
23:24:51PhilI wouldn't be surprised if there were units out there where the line in is the other way, too. At least in both my units they bypassed the etched wires with real wires. That's can be misconnected easily without notice.
23:25:03LinusNsame here
23:28:36PhilThe API docs really are outdated. I had tears of joy in my eyes when I read about malloc, realloc and free in them. Imagine my disappointment when that soap bubble of a dream deflated.
23:34:25earHertzI am pissed off.
23:34:35LinusNearHertz: ?
23:34:46*Phil done nothin
23:35:09earHertznewmp3tech wants another $69 to repair my unit, even though it started malfunctioning 7 hours after I got it back from them.
23:35:28LinusNthat's not nice
23:35:50earHertzadmittedly, the flash rom is hosed too, but they're asserting that the problem was caused by "experimental" patches.
23:36:03LinusNsoftware patches?
23:36:12 Join cjnr11 [0] (
23:36:23 Quit cjnr11 (Client Quit)
23:36:37earHertzI mentioned in my email that I had been using it heavily in those seven hours, to test my extended battery life patch.
23:37:01earHertzBut that patch does nothing to cause shorts on a circuit board.
23:38:17PhilDid they tell you, what was/is broken?
23:38:19Sebulba02Any excuse they can get..
23:40:09earHertzThe say they replaceed the the circuit board.
23:42:06PhilProbably they argue that you can't smell the burnt electronic because your experimental patches burnt it virtually.
23:42:25 Join cjnr11 [0] (
23:42:29 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
23:42:33 Quit cjnr11 (Client Quit)
23:42:44midknight2k3that new upside down thing is neat!
23:43:35midknight2k3it is
23:44:05Sebulba02I'm not disagreeing with you.
23:45:17PhilDidn't the lcd thingie have an option to mirror the output, too? Might be useful, when you want to read the display in the reflections of the windscrenn of your car...
23:45:48midknight2k3sure yeah
23:48:03PhilLinusN: About including peakmeter.h in plugin.h - Is that ok? Somehow it feels dirty to put something from the apps dir into the plugin api.
23:50:15Sebulba02That can't be much harder than doing flipping it.
23:51:19PhilYou mean mirroring the lcd? I'm pretty sure that I read that in the data sheets.
23:52:53LinusNPhil: i'm not sure i like including peakmeter.h as-is
23:53:54LinusNbut still, we include a lot of other stuff...
23:53:55midknight2k3I HAVE AN IDEA
23:53:58PhilWhat about transferring the db scaling into the mas code?
23:54:05midknight2k3how about an animated flip screen?
23:54:12midknight2k3when you pick "yes" it rotates around
23:54:24midknight2k3not just flashes straight upside down
23:54:24Philmidknight2k3: AAARGH!
23:54:53midknight2k3its a good iddea....?
23:55:48LinusNPhil: not mas.h, that's too low-level imho, but mpeg.h may be better
23:55:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:56:08midknight2k3like my idea?
23:56:12earHertzthe flip screen must do it in code written to take advantage of flip's layout
23:56:17PhilI have that other idea: link two recorders with a serial cable for synchronization and let them play the same movie from a different angle. With polarized glazes you can watch the movies in 3d
23:56:25earHertzit's not a general-purpose solution in all likely-hhod
23:56:30LinusNit's cool of course, but i don't see the real benefit
23:56:36midknight2k3like my idea?linus: my idea?
23:56:37Sebulba02midknight2k3: how about having it somemway figure out how your viewing it and have it automatically flip the screen..
23:57:00midknight2k3its not that crazy! just a nice touch
23:57:02midknight2k3cant be that hard
23:57:43LinusNnot hard, just unnecessary :-)
23:58:03midknight2k3but its nice
23:58:09midknight2k3itd takke just like one line of code
23:58:09PhilLinusN: I think I'll move the code to mpeg.h then.
23:58:13midknight2k3maybe 10
23:58:15midknight2k3but still
23:58:58Philmidknight2k3: do you have to flip the code then, too?

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