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#rockbox log for 2003-12-21

00:00:04LinusNmidknight2k3: show me the code :-)
00:00:15Philmidknight2k3: Sorry, if it soulds like that. Im just amused. I don't hate anybody.
00:01:12midknight2k3i dont have it
00:01:16midknight2k3i just think its a great idea
00:01:43midknight2k3a few other touches would be nice such as when inver is selected invert every OTHER pixel then all of them (checkerboard) like an animation
00:01:48midknight2k3or like a dissolve effect
00:02:51PhilYou mean as a transition from normal to invers?
00:03:57PhilThat would have to be coded manually. I believe that inverting the screen was done by hardware.
00:04:20LinusNyes it is
00:05:12PhilWell the software triggers the hardware function that inverts the screen.
00:05:34midknight2k3there is a hardware invert?
00:08:39PhilIf you put to much voltage to the lcd you might get a hardware inside-out effect...
00:09:52midknight2k3HA HA
00:10:41PhilSorry, I couldn't resist.
00:23:15Philwhat does sdd mean?
00:24:27Sebulba02i think its just random characters he spits out every now and then
00:25:30midknight2k3'm not some bot!
00:26:28Sebulba02prove it :)
00:26:40PhilI used to like that kind of soup with characters made from noodles. I don't believe anybody would spit out those delicious sdd characters.
00:26:43midknight2k3i can say this: e he he
00:27:12LinusNis it short for something?
00:27:42scott666theyre just easiest to reach
00:27:59PhilMaybe its Son of Daniel Düsentrieb
00:28:08LinusNPhil: that must be it
00:28:13scott666or david duchovny (sp)
00:28:29scott666the guy from the x-files
00:28:35midknight2k3its a reference to tracks request
00:28:39 Quit methangas (" Try HydraIRC -> <-")
00:28:45midknight2k3"sdd" and the body was "dff"
00:28:51midknight2k3and bagder replied: "thanks a lot"
00:29:06Sebulba02Err, I probably misspeeled that, *shrugs*
00:30:06scott666he didnt think rockbox needed more sdd??
00:30:39PhilI must admit, that I lost track of this conversion somehow.
00:31:26midknight2k3SDD = Stupid dumb dummy
00:32:30PhilOh! One of these inflatables?
00:35:45PhilUps. It's late, I need some sleep. See you!
00:36:31LinusNmidknight2k3: so sdd means "ok" or what?
00:36:53midknight2k3sdd is ok
00:36:57midknight2k3dfad is "no"
00:37:01midknight2k3and asdf is "yes"
00:37:13LinusNi must be getting old
00:37:34midknight2k3you are. :)
00:37:48LinusNi just can't see the point
00:37:53midknight2k3i like it
00:37:58midknight2k3try saying SDD
00:38:00midknight2k3its fun
00:38:03LinusNwhen nobody understands you?
00:38:43midknight2k3i must be getting odd
00:39:02midknight2k3well still
00:39:03LinusNis this common somewhere?
00:39:10midknight2k3just .. me
00:42:54earHertzan idiolect?
00:43:19Sebulba02I can't either, and I can't say I'm "old"
00:45:03 Quit Phil (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
01:20:15 Join diddystar5 [0] (
01:20:27*diddystar5 is here!
01:20:45diddystar5yea for diddystar5!
01:23:37midknight2k3oo wat?
01:23:38 Join top_bloke [0] (
01:23:43midknight2k3o hety
01:23:50midknight2k3firebird working ok?
01:23:56top_blokeits cool
01:24:00diddystar5i am here!
01:24:13*diddystar5 is invisible to everyone
01:24:18midknight2k3I SAID HI
01:24:19Sebulba02Oh no
01:24:22top_blokesomeone say something?
01:24:33top_blokecause i didnt hear nothing
01:25:30top_blokeexcept firebird take forever to load the 1st time
01:25:47diddystar5on linux?
01:25:57top_blokeno win98
01:26:25top_blokeit still hasnt loaded
01:26:28 Quit midknight2k3 ("sudden death")
01:26:45 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
01:26:46top_blokemaybe i gotta click it again
01:26:49midknight2k3stupid xchat
01:28:02diddystar5xcaht rocks
01:28:09midknight2k3SUCKS MINE
01:28:25top_blokeah there it goes
01:28:27diddystar5are you on linux?
01:28:34midknight2k3me? not right now
01:29:10 Quit top_bloke (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:29:14diddystar5xchat works alot better on linux
01:29:15 Join top_bloke [0] (
01:29:33diddystar5it dosent have the few bugs the win version has
01:29:44top_blokewhat what?
01:29:54midknight2k3IDONT ACARE ABOUT US
01:30:05midknight2k3don't* care** bugs***
01:30:55top_blokedo they make a Trans Am version?
01:31:05top_blokelol get it?
01:32:16top_blokethe stupid firebird icon is a windows icon
01:35:14midknight2k3uh oh
01:35:19midknight2k32.5 second ping
01:35:26Sebulba02To where?
01:35:35midknight2k3its what xchat says
01:35:52 Join Guest1 [0] (
01:35:55Sebulba02That sucks.
01:36:42diddystar5top_bloke's ping?
01:36:47midknight2k3its my longhorn download
01:36:49midknight2k3MY PING
01:36:54midknight2k3on the lower right diddy
01:36:56midknight2k3of xchat
01:37:01diddystar5i got 1 from you
01:37:02midknight2k3stip pinging me
01:37:06midknight2k3now its 1
01:37:11midknight2k3it was at 2.5
01:37:37Guest1Any plans of a Rockbox improvment for the Gmini 120?
01:37:42Sebulba022s here :)
01:37:45midknight2k3EXSUCE ME SEBULBA
01:37:45diddystar5lol is everyone pinging you?
01:38:21Sebulba02Actually I just wanted to see if it worked.
01:38:23midknight2k3 [Sebulba02] is away (Crawled into some hole somewhere and died.) LOL
01:38:42Sebulba02Is that still up? Oops
01:38:46earHertzguest: I sincerely doubt.
01:38:52midknight2k3Guest1: no
01:39:01midknight2k3earHertz: er
01:39:05midknight2k3O COOL
01:39:08midknight2k3diddystar5: why
01:39:12midknight2k3OH COOL
01:39:14midknight2k3i love xchat
01:39:25 Join BC [0] (
01:39:27Sebulba02you should really ping the server
01:39:28earHertzarchos's business model for the Gmini seems to include selling additional software, or selling keys to "unlock" existing software
01:39:41midknight2k32.2s now
01:39:51midknight2k3"gmini crack"
01:39:57Sebulba02You said you were downloading longhorn?
01:40:01earHertzI'm sure Archos would see free software as an imposition on that business plan.
01:40:01 Quit Guest1 (Client Quit)
01:40:02midknight2k3i am, yes
01:40:06midknight2k3i have 4015
01:40:29diddystar5my ping waws kinda fast ehh?
01:40:32Sebulba02Thats gotta be buggier than a release, if thats possible.
01:40:34midknight2k3hows that
01:40:36midknight2k3it goes up each time i ping you
01:40:40midknight2k31s to 7.5s
01:40:44midknight2k3Sebulba02: sure
01:40:46midknight2k3but its nice
01:41:00midknight2k311.51% into download
01:41:13Sebulba02*opinion* No, I'm sure it'll suck like everything else they've put out.
01:41:14midknight2k311.56% now
01:41:20midknight2k3shutup seb
01:41:25top_blokestop pinging me
01:41:30midknight2k3go crawl into your hole and die
01:41:32midknight2k3LOL TOP
01:41:33midknight2k3i didnt
01:41:37midknight2k3but i will now
01:41:44midknight2k3this is fun
01:41:46midknight2k31.5 seconds
01:41:49midknight2k31.5 seconds
01:41:49diddystar5−−- Received a CTCP PING 628194800 from midknight2k3
01:41:50DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
01:41:50midknight2k31.5 seconds
01:41:50midknight2k31.5 seconds
01:41:50***Alert Mode level 1
01:41:50***Alert Mode level 2
01:41:50midknight2k31.5 seconds
01:41:59diddystar5stop pinging me!!!!!!!!!!
01:42:03top_blokeits a ping war
01:42:04diddystar5i have had like 20 in the last minute
01:42:14top_blokePING WAR
01:42:17Sebulba02for i in `seq 1 10000000`; do /ping midknight2k3; done;
01:42:21diddystar5−−- Ping reply from top_bloke : 36.30 second(s)
01:42:25BCsub-7 anyone?
01:42:30top_blokei win
01:42:33midknight2k3PINGED TILL DEAD toppy
01:42:39midknight2k3they are all from me
01:42:56top_blokei'll show u
01:43:11midknight2k3PING SEBULBA
01:43:33Sebulba02Your not going to hurt me much
01:44:11Sebulba02Aww, still only 1s lag to the server.
01:44:21midknight2k3#@>* SECONDS
01:44:25midknight2k332.8 seconds
01:45:00diddystar5−−- Ping reply from Sebulba02 : 44.60 second(s)
01:45:04diddystar5−−- Ping reply from midknight2k3 : 118.70 second(s)
01:45:08diddystar5stop inging me now im slow
01:45:42Sebulba02All your pings backed up.
01:46:03midknight2k346s there
01:46:09midknight2k353 topp
01:46:13midknight2k3STOP DID
01:46:15diddystar5those pinges i sent backed up to you mid
01:46:26top_blokePING WAR
01:46:29diddystar5i clicked it like 50 times
01:46:35midknight2k3stop stop stop
01:46:39diddystar5i cant
01:47:00midknight2k3stop stop
01:47:00midknight2k3Ping reply from Sebulba02 : 100.80 second(s)
01:47:00***Alert Mode level 3
01:47:06Sebulba02Don't make me write a C plugin for gaim..
01:47:07midknight2k3me too
01:47:07midknight2k3i stopped
01:47:22midknight2k3STOP TOP
01:47:22midknight2k312.52% LH
01:47:22***Alert Mode level 4
01:47:22midknight2k3stop it
01:47:23***Alert Mode level 5
01:47:23midknight2k3STOP PINGS!
01:47:25midknight2k3OH IO GOTTA IDEA
01:47:35midknight2k3my ping bar is going down
01:47:37midknight2k3thk god
01:47:39Sebulba02Disconnect from the server.
01:47:39midknight2k3oh no its going back up
01:47:43midknight2k3down again
01:47:52top_blokeeveryone ping him
01:48:23midknight2k3lets ping sebulba
01:48:31top_blokeno i meant u
01:48:35top_blokebut fine whatever
01:49:03Sebulba02Don't push me, Ive got around 7 machines I can login to and ping from on a T1 connection.
01:49:07BCJust popped on to ask if there was anyone interested in helping me beta test the dev-kit I have sitting on my machine works well, although there is still one bodge that we have yet to solve more eloquently
01:49:26midknight2k3Sebulba02: do it to top
01:49:35top_blokehe will retaliate
01:49:36midknight2k3why not
01:49:38midknight2k3use your t1
01:49:40top_blokeand ping us all to hell
01:49:54midknight2k3i should ping sebulba
01:50:13Sebulba02Nice tab completion.
01:50:36midknight2k3i know
01:50:54diddystar5ok everyone ping ME!
01:51:38Sebulba02I haven't pinged anyone.
01:51:49diddystar5keep going!!!!!!!
01:52:38Sebulba02I think the ping war is dead.
01:52:53midknight2k3i just pinged diddy about 50 times
01:52:53diddystar5not its not
01:52:55midknight2k3i just pinged diddy about 50 times
01:52:57***Alert Mode level 6
01:52:57midknight2k3i just pinged diddy about 50 times
01:52:58***Alert Mode level 7
01:52:58midknight2k3i just pinged diddy about 50 times
01:53:38Sebulba02ping -c 1000000 -s 100000
01:54:25midknight2k340 s
01:54:33***Alert Mode level 8
01:54:43CtcpIgnored 1 CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
01:54:43CtcpPing from diddystar5!
01:54:48Sebulba02I'll laugh if you get kicked.
01:54:48CtcpPing from diddystar5!
01:54:48CtcpPing from diddystar5!
01:54:49CtcpPing from diddystar5!
01:54:51CtcpFlood: Ignoring PING flood by diddystar5!
01:55:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:56:23midknight2k3like total 150 times for diddy
01:56:33midknight2k3Ping reply from Sebulba02 : 100.80 second(s)
01:56:39CtcpIgnored 6 CTCP requests in 12 seconds at the last flood
01:56:39CtcpPing from midknight2k3!
01:56:42Sebulba02Uh, nope
01:56:45midknight2k3i wont
01:56:50BCAny1 wanna talk about techie Rockbox stuff, or shall I meander away? (oohh err)
01:56:51midknight2k3Flood: Ignoring PING flood by diddystar5!
01:56:53CtcpPing from midknight2k3!
01:56:54Sebulba02No, but diddystar5 is.
01:56:59CtcpPing from midknight2k3!
01:56:59CtcpPing from midknight2k3!
01:57:05midknight2k3Ping reply from diddystar5 : 198.10 second(s)
01:57:05diddystar5my pings to him are still jammed
01:57:15midknight2k3lets bog down logbot
01:57:16midknight2k3BC are you bluechip
01:57:29 Nick BC is now known as Bluechip (
01:57:33Bluechipuh huh
01:57:35midknight2k3ot os
01:57:40midknight2k3it is*
01:57:42 Quit Arnaud (Remote closed the connection)
01:58:36Bluechipdidn't notice the unusual nick
01:59:14 Join telliott [0] (
01:59:38BluechipDoes anybody here use the Win32 Simulator?
01:59:51midknight2k3once in a very small while
01:59:59midknight2k32.4s ping myself
02:00:12LinusNhi Bluechip
02:00:16Bluechiphey linus
02:00:25midknight2k3sdd linus
02:00:31Sebulba02Dude, how many fricking times did you ping me?
02:00:45 Part telliott
02:00:46BluechipFinally got a dev kit which works with BOTH NT & 98's still a bit of a bodge, but it _does_ work agaict
02:00:46midknight2k3only about.. hmm.. like 35
02:01:01Sebulba02no, diddystar5
02:01:06midknight2k3oo lol
02:01:13midknight2k3hes in trobule
02:01:33Sebulba02I need to block pings, somehow.
02:01:38midknight2k3gotta go all
02:01:46midknight2k3bye linus by bluechip bye diddy bye sebulba
02:01:50Bluechipnite dude
02:01:53midknight2k3bye toopy
02:01:58midknight2k3its 5:01pm
02:02:01Sebulba02heck, I could probably hop over to #freenode and get it fixed also
02:02:04midknight2k3but ok
02:02:09midknight2k3alright bye
02:02:11 Quit midknight2k3 ("sudden death")
02:02:38 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
02:02:50midknight2k3on second thought ill keep xchat going
02:02:53midknight2k3just afk
02:02:57 Nick midknight2k3 is now known as midk|away (
02:03:04diddystar5like 50
02:03:07Sebulba02that was fast
02:03:08diddystar5i stoppped
02:03:14diddystar5its been going for along time
02:03:16diddystar5but you said it wasnt going to hurt you :)
02:03:18diddystar5bye midknight2k3
02:03:20diddystar5Sebulba02: turn off the ping stuff in your network connection settings
02:03:37Sebulba02it didn't hurt me, just the constant IM.. ping request <time> from diddystar5
02:04:08midk|awaycya all
02:04:12diddystar5Sebulba02: go to settings, network and internaet connections, network connections, select your network, right click, properties, advanced, settings, ICMP, uncheck all the stuff
02:04:15Sebulba02Last I checked, gaim didn't let you disable that.
02:04:16midk|awayoficially afk
02:04:34***Alert Mode OFF
02:05:51diddystar5Sebulba02: thats the windows thing, it disables all pings to your computer
02:06:02Sebulba02oh, windows? :)
02:06:10diddystar5you do use windows right?
02:06:18Sebulba02Only to dial out
02:06:32Sebulba02I use ICS to connect with my real debian machines
02:06:55Sebulba02Though it might still work, or I could try to configure my firewall to filter it.
02:09:08Sebulba02Ah, there, disabled all incomming ICMP
02:09:18diddystar5gotts go
02:09:36 Quit diddystar5 ("Bye")
02:16:47 Quit _aLF ("bye")
02:27:07 Quit top_bloke ("MC2. «~(polaris v2.05c)~»")
02:27:14 Join BoD[] [0] (
02:27:31BoD[]Happy hanukkah
02:28:06LinusNoh, happy whatever to you too
02:29:37BoD[]also happy winter
02:29:45BoD[]since it's 21/12
02:34:36earHertzYo, LinusN, the flash rom chip, is it on the main pcb on the fm?
02:35:53LinusNthe fm has only one pcb
02:36:24earHertzSo is tat a "yes"?
02:37:18LinusNyes, it is located on the back side of the pcb
02:38:44LinusNright under the lcd
02:40:27earHertzatached like any othre chip (soldered into the board) or is it more loosly attched?
02:42:16LinusNsoldered to the board
02:42:40LinusNtakes some skill to remove
02:42:51LinusNand appropriate tools
02:43:19LinusNi wish you lived in Stockholm, then i could have helped you
02:43:59earHertzI wish I livved in Stockholm too.
02:44:18earHertzI could use the unversal health insurance.
02:44:27earHertzHere I'll have to get a new job.
02:45:57earHertzNo, he reason I asked is that if newmp3 replaced the whole board, they must also have flashed the chip with idc's flash rom, because it booted rockbox from flash when I got it back.
02:47:15earHertzIt also suggests that the baord they replced my original with was faulty in the same way that my original board was, and that additional repair would only require replacing teh pcb with another hopefullt error free one
02:59:15LinusNhehe, so they claimed to have replaced the PCB, and the flash contents were the same?
02:59:29 Join top_bloke [0] (
03:00:57earHertzAs far as I can tell.
03:01:13earHertzAgain, when I got it back and booted it, it booted rockbox.
03:01:29LinusNfrom flash
03:01:30earHertzNot the incrredibly slow archos boot screen.
03:01:59earHertzYes, from flash. Otherwise I'd have seen the Archos progres bar boot screen, no?
03:04:35BluechipDoes anyone that is here now use the Win32Sim?
03:05:21earHertzi've used it
03:05:22 Quit midk|away (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
03:05:27 Join midk|away [0] (
03:06:29Bluechipok - cheers
03:06:47Bluechipyou know .. I read that as "I've never used it"
03:07:00Bluechipmy pesemistic side kicking in - lol
03:07:04Sebulba02"I've never used it"
03:07:50BluechipeH: have you noticed it GPF'ing over the last few builds?
03:08:15 Quit BoD[] ("TCL 4EVA")
03:10:09Bluechipis anybody that is here now interested in double checking my work on the new dev kit
03:11:39LinusNwhat is new?
03:11:57earHertzLinusN, I could really use a favor here.
03:12:22Bluechipone click install ...98 and NT support
03:12:31LinusNearHertz: what can i do for you?
03:12:50Bluechipfull AJZ & WinSim builds etc.
03:12:51earHertzYou could send me a photo of your fm's pcb.
03:22:48 Join Jet8810 [0] (
03:55:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:59:42 Join diddystar5 [0] (
04:07:26 Quit diddystar5 ("Bye")
04:13:52 Join diddystar5 [0] (
04:16:29 Quit top_bloke ("Keep it away from the fire unless you want it to burn. Wasted 1 hour 15 minutes and 30 seconds online.")
04:19:19 Quit diddystar5 ("Bye")
04:27:48 Join diddystar5 [0] (
04:29:15 Quit diddystar5 (Client Quit)
04:31:15 Join diddystar5 [0] (
04:31:27diddystar5there finaly got xchat working right
04:32:11Bluechipsourceorge is slow 2nite
04:34:10Bluechipwell, one bug down four to go
04:34:11diddystar5its busy alot
04:34:20Bluechipthey need better servers me thinks
04:34:21diddystar5what bug?
04:34:35Bluechiptrying to get the win32sim running again
04:35:25diddystar5didnt it work fine before?
04:35:40Bluechipweeks getting the dev kit going ...only to find out that the sim is broke after all - LOL
04:35:57Bluechipnah, loads of problems - you should try it and tell me if Im going mad
04:36:02diddystar5what i would really like out of the simualtor is the ability to emualtoe the MAS, so i could test code that works with the sound
04:36:14diddystar5i know the win sim well sucks
04:36:27Bluechipexample reason for mas sim
04:36:46diddystar5my VU meter...
04:37:03Bluechipthat YOUR VU meter in the code now?
04:37:10diddystar5i want to do work on it, but my unit is dead right now
04:37:19Bluechipbummer :(
04:37:35diddystar5my vu meter has been in for a lng time, and its in the 2.1 realease
04:37:51Bluechipi found it the other night - and though it was way cool
04:37:59Bluechipneeds some numbers :)
04:38:07diddystar5you should play with it and make a logarithmic scale for it!
04:38:32diddystar5yeah, if i can i will try to get both of then number scales for it
04:39:27Bluechipi found a bunch of dac registers to tweak the sound, so once i get the sim going again it'll be new sound menu and hopefully my new maze game - given up on the 3d maths so it's just a 2d game
04:40:40Bluechiphad a games programmer explain it all to me and when we finished my brain had stopped working properly
04:40:59Bluechipcuppa T - brb
04:41:14*diddystar5 loves winamp 5.01 pro
04:41:32LinusNtime to get a few hours sleep
04:41:36LinusNnite all
04:42:10 Part LinusN
04:43:41diddystar5to bad there is not a linux version of winamp 5
04:43:56Bluechipstill got 2.81
04:44:14diddystar5you should get 5 it is so nice
04:44:25Bluechipwhat's'it do?
04:45:15diddystar5it has cooler skins, bug fixes and its just better
04:45:34diddystar5you should try it
04:45:36Bluechipsounds like it's worth a try
04:46:17Sebulba02They were working on a linux version for a while, but they dropped it.
04:46:36diddystar5i wonder if it works with wine
04:46:40diddystar5havent tried it
04:46:44Bluechipshame - why did they do that???
04:46:44Sebulba02At the same time 3 was in the works
04:47:11Sebulba02They probably saw no point, xmms is as equal to winamp for the most part, at least winamp2
04:48:54BluechipI'd like to see more apps on linux - get me away from the M$ grasp
04:49:02Sebulba02The app db says winamp3 works, so its quite possible 5 does
04:50:08Sebulba02I just use all all my linux apps on windows when i need to, only thing M$ is the OS.
04:50:19BluechipHey sebby, are you a programmer?
04:50:36Sebulba02I could be called that, I suppose.
04:50:47Bluechipdo you have a working devkit atm?
04:51:14BluechipWould you like to beta the latest?
04:51:32Bluechipprobably not the final release, but all testing appreciated
04:52:12Sebulba02What exactly would I be testing?
04:52:32Bluechipthe rockbox windows dev kit
04:53:02Bluechipi've tested it to buggery here - but I wrote it, so I *may* have missed something
04:53:20Sebulba02Thats always the case.
04:53:40Sebulba02Guess I can give it a shot, as long as its not huge.
04:53:44midk|awayhere but afk
04:53:48midk|awaystill here??!
04:53:52Sebulba02& can run on a VNC connection.
04:54:01diddystar5i have to go
04:54:05midk|awaylol cya
04:54:07diddystar5see you guys later
04:54:08Bluechiphmm -7MB
04:54:16Bluechipl8rrz diddy
04:54:22midk|away38m left for lh
04:54:27diddystar5have fun with winamp5
04:54:35midk|awayback in a bit yall
04:54:36BluechipI'll check it out
04:54:43Sebulba02Guess I can try, URL?
04:54:44 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
04:54:56Bluechipstill on my machine I'm afraid
04:55:04BluechipI suppose I should drop it in my site
05:36:06Sebulba02This looks nice.
05:38:52Sebulba02Bluechip: err, it seems unable to find /tmp, yet it exists..
05:45:29Bluechipsorry, was busy
05:45:47Bluechipdammit - i presume you ran setup okay?
05:47:22Sebulba02I've done what I can think of to get /tmp created
05:47:22Bluechipwhat OS?
05:47:46Bluechipdoes it detect an NT or non-NT OS?
05:48:27Sebulba02NT based
05:49:22Sebulba02I also get 'EHC' is not an internal or external command.
05:49:29Bluechipwhere/when does it complain?
05:49:32Sebulba02something from your scripts
05:49:46Bluechipouch - that last one's a type
05:50:02Bluechipsorry i meant complain about /tmp
05:50:03Sebulba02As soon as I start the environment, it says /tmp does not exist & that I need to create it.
05:50:29Bluechipjust checking...
05:50:54Bluechipdid you move it AFTER running SETUP
05:51:15Sebulba02Whats odd is `mkdir /tmp` says no such file or directory.
05:51:37Sebulba02I didn't touch any files before or after running setup
05:52:04Bluechipok, just guessing
05:53:53Bluechipi just grepped the lot and cannot find ANY occurence of EHC - could you be more specific about where you see it please?
05:54:43Sebulba02Its just the first thing printed out.
05:55:06Bluechipimmediately after running "rockbox.pif"
05:55:13Sebulba02I see a whole slew of EHC's in the .bat file in /
05:55:26Bluechipthis is very bad
05:55:34Sebulba02If thats what the shortcut points to, yeah
05:55:51Bluechipnot ECH???
05:55:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:56:09Sebulba02bah, sorry
05:56:27Sebulba02either way, it still gripes about ECH
05:56:30Bluechipthat's okay
05:56:35Bluechipnow I can see the problem
05:57:01Sebulba02man, when was the last time I had to think this late?
05:57:17 Join merlin__ [0] (
05:58:08merlin__greetings. Ever heard of a jukebox player that skips like a CD would?
05:58:19merlin__I was off snowboarding today, it was working fine...
05:58:20Bluechipcan you add
05:58:20BluechipSET PATH=bin\
05:58:20Bluechipimmediately after the
05:58:20DBUGEnqueued KICK Bluechip
05:58:20Bluechip@ECHO OFF
05:58:20Bluechipin Rockbox.bat
05:58:20***Alert Mode level 1
05:58:20Bluechipand try again please?
05:58:37merlin__turned it off, then on later and everything I played started skipping
05:58:37Bluechipmerlin: no, sorry
05:59:02Bluechipcan you read the disk via USB?
05:59:06merlin__I upgraded to rockbox 2.1 (from an older CVS), but no cigar
05:59:17merlin__Bluechip: mmmh, then I may have damaged my hardware somehow. Weird...
05:59:42Bluechipbashing a pinning drive about on a snowboard is pushing it a bit
06:00:01Sebulba02now it complains that MODE isn't a command..
06:00:27Sebulba02I imagine theres something else needed in my path?
06:00:34Bluechipbugger - LOL
06:00:46Bluechipset path=bin\;%windir%
06:00:46merlin__Bluechip: the drive is fine :) If/When I kill it, I'll just buy a bigger one :)
06:01:12Bluechipm: right, though maybe the drive was reading random sectors
06:01:19Sebulba02Didn't change.
06:01:41Bluechiphmm, where is the MODE command under win2k?
06:01:59merlin__Bluechip: nope, it misplays all my songs. I was able to upload new firmware too. Mmmh, I could try to read an mp3 off it and make sure it plays on my laptop
06:02:25Bluechipm: that might be a good test before looking at deep stuff
06:03:07Sebulba02I'll search for it.
06:03:22Bluechipmaybe in %windir%\command ??
06:04:51Sebulba02the C:\WINNT\system32\
06:05:09Bluechiphmmm, that'll explain that then :) THANK YOU
06:05:42Sebulba02Adding that to my path fixed all those warnings.
06:05:48Sebulba02Let see if I can make tmp :)
06:05:53merlin__Bluechip: no dice, the mp3 plays fine on my laptop, but skips on the jukebox
06:05:57Bluechipso: PATH =bin\;%windir%\command;%windir%\system32
06:06:33Sebulba02And, err, somehow pushing "C" has become a perminant "ctrl-c", it seems.
06:06:57Sebulba02kinda hard to cd without being able to use the C
06:07:11Bluechip!!?? you cannot type C at the bash prompt?
06:07:37Sebulba02try the whole system
06:07:42Sebulba02lemme login locally
06:07:58Bluechipahhh, windows has ctrl locked your keyboard!
06:08:14Sebulba02it would seem that way
06:08:21***Alert Mode OFF
06:08:21Bluechippress and hold all three shifts on the left of your kbd with your left hand and then...
06:08:43Bluechipwith your right hand, tap all three of the RIGHT shift keys TWICE
06:08:57Bluechipthen release all - that should release all kdb locks
06:09:23Sebulba02yikes, okay
06:09:44merlin__Can you suggest which list I should ask my question on?
06:10:19BluechipM: you could sure try our list
06:10:43merlin__There are several rockbox lists, aren't there? Which one are you refering to?
06:10:57Bluechiponly one official one...
06:11:09 Quit AciD ("q2 > *")
06:11:13Bluechipone mo, nenver type it in...
06:11:28Sebulba02still can't create tmp :)
06:11:38BluechipM; oh! of course...
06:11:45merlin__AH, ok. Thanks
06:11:47BluechipI SHOULD have known that
06:12:12Bluechips: we've cleaned up the shitty bugs though?
06:12:25Sebulba02Yeah, the path issues
06:12:32merlin__good night
06:12:41BluechipM; night
06:12:46 Quit merlin__ ("Leaving")
06:13:05Bluechipcan't find tmp feels like a registry problem
06:13:29Sebulba02$TMP points to my users temp dir
06:13:30Bluechipcan you check HKLM/software/cygnus solutions and see what mount points are defined please?
06:14:54Sebulba02 /, /usr/bin, /usr/lib
06:15:08Bluechipdo they seem to be correct
06:15:55Bluechipcan you change the flags to 0x22 == 34d
06:17:16Sebulba028 decimal or 8 hex?
06:17:29Sebulba02hey, it asks
06:17:42Bluechipwell done M$ !!!
06:17:50Bluechip1 files copied 'r' us
06:18:38Bluechip"%d file%s copied", x, (x==1)?"":"s"
06:19:47Bluechipignore last msg
06:20:37Sebulba02okay, well, cygdrive flags is now 8 (hex)
06:20:56Bluechipthe sub-mounts or the /cygdrive point
06:21:13Sebulba02mounts v2
06:21:32Bluechipahh, not to change that one, sorry
06:21:46Sebulba02the rest of them have flags of 'a'
06:22:05BluechipI didn't explain properly, sorry
06:22:39Bluechipmounts v2 cygdrive flags 0x22 cydrive prefix "/cygdrive"
06:23:02BluechipThay *MAY* need to be flag=0x20
06:23:15Bluechipbut would NOT affect /tmp (I don't think)
06:23:25Bluechipthere are three sub-mount points
06:24:00Bluechipthese three are CURENTLY 0xA ...but might need to be 0x8
06:24:14 Quit Jet8810 ("Leaving")
06:24:33Bluechipi have a snapshot from a working NT mchine here ...I think these may be FAT32/NTFS flags
06:25:05Sebulba02didn't make any changes when I reran it with the new flags.
06:25:22Bluechipwhich flags did you change? big1 or small3
06:25:26Bluechipor both?
06:26:18Sebulba02I'm just changing values with regedit..
06:26:38BluechipBC=0x22,0xA,0xA,0xA && BC=Win98
06:26:42Sebulba02So I dunno which of thosse its changing.
06:27:19Sebulba02I tried it as 20, didn't change anything
06:27:28Bluechiptry the 8's as well
06:27:34Sebulba02I did
06:27:40Sebulba02I did that exact setup
06:28:25Bluechipand the long path seems okay like: "E:\test\rockbox/bin"
06:28:41Bluechip" \ \ / "
06:29:05Sebulba02long path under what?
06:29:30Bluechipexample: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cygnus Solutions\Cygwin\mounts v2\/usr/bin]
06:29:48Bluechipmight be "E:\test\rockbox/bin"
06:29:59Bluechipwith flags 0x8
06:30:15Sebulba02with that flag, yeah
06:30:48Bluechipyou have rockbox.bat living in E:\ROCKBO~1" ?
06:31:09BluechipI WONDER if this is a long filename problem?
06:31:09Sebulba02I just ran the .exe and let it uncompress to E:\
06:31:20Bluechipthat would be okay then :)
06:31:25Sebulba02Could be.
06:31:45Bluechipat the bash prompt can you type
06:31:45Bluechipls /cygdrive/c
06:32:30Bluechipyou should get a dir list of C:\
06:33:16Sebulba02& I do
06:33:29Sebulba02I changed the dir to E:\Rock\ and reran the setup, no change.
06:33:51Bluechipif you change the pathname you must REMOVE and SETUP again
06:34:01Sebulba02I did :)
06:34:12Bluechipwell done ole bean :)
06:34:14Sebulba02Don't much like stray registry items.
06:34:46Bluechipnothing random about them
06:34:56Sebulba02anyways, yeah, I know, at least you clean up with the remove
06:35:09Bluechipand put back anything I might have removed
06:35:19Bluechipand it will work if you rename the dir
06:35:56BluechipI am concerned about these "random" entries you seem to be having?
06:35:58Sebulba02I removed it, renamed the dir, reran setup, rehacked the keys, then reran the bash prompt and got the same thing
06:36:14Bluechipyou must REMOVE>BAT
06:36:22Sebulba02Thats just a gripe about windows in general, you didn't put any random registry items
06:36:25Sebulba02I did
06:36:34Sebulba02I didn't delete the dir
06:36:44Bluechipsorry dude, it's late - i misread you
06:36:49Bluechipmy error
06:37:01Sebulba02I know man, are you EST also or earlier?
06:37:46Bluechipi hate leaving bugs unresolved
06:37:53Sebulba02Only 12:37 here
06:37:58Bluechiplucky bugger
06:38:12Bluechipthat's another four hours of coding :)
06:38:49Bluechipcan you type "set" at the bash please
06:39:23Sebulba02what am I looking for?
06:39:52Sebulba02ohhh, '.' in the path!
06:39:55Bluechipalso may be worth checking TEMP and TMP
06:40:04Bluechipdo I get slapped for that?
06:40:21Sebulba02nah, just shouldn't do it.
06:40:36BluechipI didn't put it there - but in fairness I specifically didn't take it out
06:41:15Sebulba02Lemme signon on that machine so I can copy and paste, I seem unable to now.
06:42:18 Join Sebulba03 [0] (
06:42:31BluechipRB_CYG=E:\ROCK RB_DLL=bin\win32sim RB_NT=1 ???
06:42:34Sebulba03ahh, new skin
06:43:18Sebulba03and TEMP points to my users Temp dir
06:43:25Sebulba03TMP does also, on the C:\
06:43:58Bluechipsory, dan you repeat that PATH please?
06:44:50Sebulba02Hey, thats where myself ran off to.
06:45:24Sebulba02Whats weird about it?
06:46:42Sebulba02Lets see if I can't add that to my path.
06:46:42Bluechipobviously yours would be /cygdrive/e/ROCK but I'm sure you didn't need me to tell you that
06:46:55Sebulba02heh, yeah, I coulda figured it out
06:47:15Bluechipfear of mix-ups makes up me paranoid
06:48:25Sebulba03either way, its in my path now
06:48:44CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
06:48:44*Bluechip takes deep breath
06:50:04*Bluechip starts debating the value of the word blu and how it might relate to his lips
06:50:21Sebulba03thats my path, still nothing changed as far as making tmp goes
06:50:49Bluechipdammit - I have seen this problem before and fixed it
06:51:19BluechipI'm concerned I may have missed a shambolic link
06:51:25Bluechiperm, symbolic
06:52:06Bluechipbut it works fine for me!! - not helpful
06:52:15BluechipI think i missed you reply to this one:
06:52:16BluechipRB_CYG=E:\ROCK RB_DLL=bin\win32sim RB_NT=1 ???
06:52:49Bluechipsingle quotes around paths
06:52:49Sebulba03all true
06:53:00Bluechipor damn maybe
06:53:30Bluechipthat's the chaps
06:53:50Bluechipi'm almost at "stumped" :(
06:54:22Sebulba02Dunno what to say, I'm not a win32/cygwin person.
06:54:36Bluechipbut you are incredibly helpful :)
06:54:45Sebulba02Of course.
06:55:55*Bluechip is trying to think ....and not doing too well
06:56:22Sebulba02sleep maybe?
06:57:57Bluechipfear it may be so :(
06:58:43Bluechipi think i need to work out why the older devkit fails if you do not use bzip/tar
06:59:21Sebulba02something about how its uncompressed
06:59:55Bluechipi was said to be symbolic links windows decompressor can handle them ...but I could not find any when I looked
07:00:14Sebulba02You would no doubt have to create them
07:00:21midk|awayhey bc
07:00:21 Nick midk|away is now known as midknight2k3 (
07:00:28Sebulba02uncompress, than link
07:00:35Bluechiphey - mk
07:00:49Bluechipyes, I already make some symlinks, i thought I had got them all
07:00:58midknight2k3my lh 4051 dl is done
07:01:26Sebulba02damn, only took a day
07:01:58midknight2k3just like 6 hours
07:02:34Sebulba02err, okay
07:02:49Sebulba03Okay, say goodbye to myself.
07:02:54 Part Sebulba03
07:27:52Bluechipi just woke up at the kbd - time to go to bed methinks
07:27:54midknight2k3great. just great
07:28:00midknight2k3ok night
07:28:05 Part Bluechip
07:32:24midknight2k3back in abit
07:32:25 Quit midknight2k3 ("sudden death")
07:38:30 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
07:38:38midknight2k3back for a bit
07:55:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:01:32midknight2k3back in a bit ok
08:01:33 Quit midknight2k3 ("sudden death")
09:26:53 Quit earHertz ("ChatZilla 0.9.54b [Mozilla rv:1.5/20031007]")
09:28:03 Quit uski ("Fermeture du client")
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09:56:12 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
10:03:02 Join c0utta [0] (
10:25:46 Join [1]grumpy [0] (
10:26:51 Nick [1]grumpy is now known as MethanGas (
10:27:07midknight2k3methane gas?
10:27:20MethanGasthe typo is intentional
10:34:57midknight2k3bye all
10:35:18 Quit midknight2k3 ("sudden death")
10:41:08 Join _aLF [0] (
11:03:25 Join ^^neo^^ [0] (
11:03:35 Quit c0utta (" We ARE the pride of South Australia We are the MIGHTY AD")
11:44:58^^neo^^is it possible to show animated .gif's on rockbox?
11:48:01^^neo^^huhu somone here ?
11:56:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:07:13 Join Phil [0] (
12:07:36 Nick Phil is now known as kurzhaarrocker (
12:17:30 Join cjnr11 [0] (
12:18:25 Quit cjnr11 (Client Quit)
12:18:26 Join cjnr11 [0] (
12:18:47kurzhaarrockercjnr11: you're blinking :)
12:23:59^^neo^^hey rocker
12:24:09kurzhaarrockerHey neo!
12:24:24^^neo^^kann man bewegte gif's aufem player anschaun?
12:32:26 Join c0utta [0] (
12:49:46 Join spg [0] (
12:50:50spgwhat's the neo35 ?
12:51:35kurzhaarrockerafaik another mp3 porti, not by Archos. But thats all I can tell.
12:52:05DBUGEnqueued KICK spg
12:52:05spgok thanks
12:56:24spgI have found the website, it's a car mp3 jukebox
12:56:47kurzhaarrockerWhat a pity I don't have a car :)
12:57:52 Quit spg ("Leaving")
13:37:47^^neo^^wie wärs mit einem Taschenrechner ?
13:38:06 Join AciD [0] (
13:40:03kurzhaarrockerWith a pocket calculator there are two problems: We have only a few keys and we don't have floating point arithmetic. Especially the latter would enlarge the rockbox code with a task that can be done better by other devices.
13:40:04kurzhaarrockerWell as a plugin a pocket calculator would be ok.
13:44:50 Quit ^^neo^^ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:45:01 Join ^^neo^^ [0] (
13:56:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:26:15kurzhaarrockerI sent a mail to half an hour ago. Is it normal that it hasn't appeared yet?
14:43:59 Quit Sebulba02 (Nick collision from services.)
14:44:32 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:45:02 Join Sebulba02 [0] (
14:48:12 Quit ^^neo^^ ("get satisfied! • :: ««« (Gamers.IRC) »»» ::")
14:54:48 Quit Sebulba02 ("Download Gaim:")
14:55:50 Join Sebulba02 [0] (
15:02:16 Quit AciD (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:45:54 Join kuni [0] (
15:46:53kuniHi everybody
15:47:49kuniI have a question in updating my Studio Jukebox 20GB with a 40GB HD. Is there somebody knowing more about that ?
15:48:14 Quit kuni (Client Quit)
15:48:30 Join kuni [0] (
15:52:07 Quit kuni (Client Quit)
15:53:32 Join Guest [0] (
15:56:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:01:26Guestcan anyone tell me what it means when it says my buffer
16:01:37Guestis full
16:04:15Sebulba02Err, that what ever buffer thats is being used is full..
16:05:00GuestHow does it become unfull
16:05:37Sebulba02When it gets used.
16:05:53Guesteverytime I use a plug in it gives me an error message and it says the buffer is full when i go from menu to menu
16:06:20Sebulba02Wow, what version are you using?
16:06:35GuestI just downloaded it.
16:06:35Sebulba02on a what?
16:07:09Sebulba02What plugin?
16:07:39Guestviewer and a couple of others. the only one that worked was worm.
16:08:19Guestit says my dir buffer is full.
16:08:39Sebulba02you reached your max dir buffer size
16:09:06Guestwhat does that mean?
16:09:18GuestI cannot use plugins then?
16:09:21Sebulba02there is a configurable limit to how many files you can have in a single dir
16:09:39GuestI see.
16:09:57Guestthen I have to move them and then I can use the plugins?
16:10:01Sebulba02goto general settings -> system -> max files in dir browser and jack that number up until it goes away
16:10:35Guestthank you.
16:10:42Sebulba02or you can move them into smaller dirs
16:11:12Guestit still says my plugin returned an error though..
16:11:20Sebulba02yeah, some of them do
16:11:39Sebulba02Thats just the way it is.
16:11:46Guestis there any version I can read text on? that is all I really want to do.
16:11:59Sebulba02sure, just play a text file
16:12:22Guestthank you very much, I appreciate your help
16:12:53Guesthave a good morning... or evening.....
16:12:59Sebulba02you too
16:13:09 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
16:16:25 Join asher [0] (
16:18:05asherHello, I'm considering buying a archos, but couldn't see whether your software supported the av120/av140? is the stock firmware decent enough or would you guys recommend buying a different model? not particularly interested in the movie clip features
16:19:18 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
16:23:15Sebulba02asher: " Rockbox is an Open Source replacement firmware for the Archos Jukebox 5000, 6000, Studio, Recorder, FM Recorder and Recorder V2 MP3 players."
16:24:03kurzhaarrockerIs there anybody around who could help me with looping an mp3 snippet in rockbox?
16:24:18Sebulba02Not I.
16:30:06kurzhaarrockerI don't understand it. Why don't my mails appear on the mailing list? I am a subscriber.
16:30:48 Join track [0] (
16:30:56Sebulba02Beats me.
16:31:35kurzhaarrockertrack: can you help me with looping an mp3 snippet in rockbox?
16:31:59tracki dunno how its done
16:32:24kurzhaarrockerpity. never mind.
16:33:08kurzhaarrockerI can make the thing loop unless it has to reload data within the loop.
16:33:28 Quit track (Client Quit)
16:36:17kurzhaarrockerhas anybody of you recieved a mail from the mailing list with "Peak meter stuff in plugin API" in the header? It's now ~ 2 1/2 hours late.
16:37:15Sebulba02I'm not on the -devel mailing list, so nope :)
16:38:00CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
16:38:00*kurzhaarrocker weeps desperately
16:51:09 Part asher
16:51:10 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:52:49 Join AciD [0] (
16:53:34 Quit AciD (Nick collision from services.)
16:54:55 Join AciD [0] (
17:19:15 Join ^^neo^^ [0] (
17:19:29 Quit ^^neo^^ (Client Quit)
17:21:58Sebulba02That was weird.
17:30:31 Join diddystar5 [0] (
17:30:52Sebulba02uh oh
17:30:59 Join Dogger [0] (
17:31:31Sebulba02you came in
17:32:27diddystar5hey Dogger
17:32:31Doggeranyone know where I can get docs on ATA as in drivers/ata.c? I need to write an emulator for it
17:32:48diddystar5err one sec
17:33:04diddystar5 ?
17:34:06Sebulba02the undocumented API..
17:34:28diddystar5but it describes a bit of the api for ata stuff
17:35:10Doggerbut I mean I need to emulate the hardware
17:35:28diddystar5lets see...
17:35:31diddystar5maybe i know
17:36:30diddystar5im dont know.
17:36:35diddystar5*i dont know
17:37:02diddystar5but the simulator for rockbox is in
17:37:13diddystar5you may find some stuff on how its done there
17:37:52Sebulba02Does it really emulate the hardware?
17:38:32diddystar5not really
17:38:49diddystar5ok it dosent
17:40:41DoggerI need to write low level emulator
17:40:48Doggermy jbmm/av300 emulator works,
17:40:55Doggerbut now its tryoing to read a sector
17:44:19Doggeranyone think archos meant they'd releae new firmware for the av300 *THIS* year?
17:44:29Doggeror did they mean holiday season 2007?
17:46:03diddystar5its like microsoft not putting out patches for december
17:46:23 Join earHertz [0] (
17:46:37diddystar5yeah its earHertz
17:47:33diddystar5i want the simulator to emulate the MAS
17:47:45earHertzthen you need an emulator
17:48:01earHertzand I don't think we know the MASD internals
17:49:04diddystar5i think bluechip has some stuff about it
17:49:19diddystar5he wrote a wave codec for it
17:49:21Doggerdont use microsoft
17:49:26Doggerthey only write crap software
17:49:46DoggerI have never seen any piece of microsoft software not crash
17:50:09diddystar5Dogger: i love linux, only if i had my own computer, and it could play all of my faveorite games, and if winamp was for linux (or if i could run it with wine)
17:50:29Doggerwinamp? why would you want that???
17:50:31Sebulba02dude, winamp3 runs in WINE, so I imagine 5 does also
17:50:37Doggeruse xine or xmms or mplayer
17:50:37 Join ^^neo^^ [0] (
17:50:47Sebulba02or all 3
17:50:47Doggerwhy would you want to run winamp?
17:50:51 Quit ^^neo^^ (Client Quit)
17:50:59Doggermplayer plays anything
17:51:01diddystar5i tired running winamp3 using wine on knoppix, but it didnt work
17:51:05Doggerxmms is basically winamp as well
17:51:18Sebulba02compared to winamp2, yeah
17:51:32diddystar5winamp5 is totaly differnt
17:52:14Doggercan it rip dvds like mplayer?
17:52:20 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
17:52:22Doggercan it play any file format audio or video?
17:52:27Doggercan it re-encode anything?
17:52:42Sebulba02rip dvds with mplayer?
17:52:57diddystar5totaly new skin, a new pro veriosn that can rip cds, a new err
17:53:03diddystar5sattings thingy
17:53:08Doggermplayer does everything
17:53:15 Join Arnaud [0] (
17:53:24Sebulba02that I wasn't aware of
17:53:25diddystar5i havent used mplayer but once
17:53:28DoggerI use it to encode dvds to divx's, play dvds, play videos, play audio, etc
17:53:38Doggermplayer is the best multimedia program in existence
17:54:03diddystar5winamp plays divx's, im not sure aobut encoding
17:54:04Sebulba02I agree with that.
17:54:21diddystar5ok i beleive you
17:54:51Doggerwith mplayer you can do anything you want... add video effects, audio effects, re encode at different bitrates, rescale, etc etc etc
17:54:55Doggertry it :)
17:55:08Sebulba02heck, you can view stuff in colour ascii now
17:55:08diddystar5ill try it later when i run knoppix
17:55:18 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")
17:55:41Sebulba02with a patch though, but I imagine it'll be integrated once the lib is improved
17:56:07diddystar5all i did was play a mp3, and all i saw of it was what looked like the main thingy of winamp 2
17:56:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:56:38diddystar5does it have a cool visulizer?
17:56:58Sebulba02that, to the best of my knowledge, it doesn't have
17:57:32Sebulba02then again, neither does xmms
17:57:36diddystar5i cant go without my winamp visulizer
17:57:47diddystar5although it makes my 1ghz puter very slow...
17:59:30Sebulba02wow, one command to rip and encode a dvd
18:00:41diddystar5is there mplayer for win?
18:00:46Sebulba02with cygwin
18:01:18Sebulba02its in the docs, somewhere
18:01:20 Join spg [0] (
18:01:36spghi !
18:02:26spgI have seen a video player feature, is it a person who know how to use it ?
18:04:49diddystar5i dont know much about it
18:06:20spgok it's a plugin wich can play special *.afv grayscale files but I don't know more about it
18:07:01Sebulba02Thats about all I know.
18:07:14diddystar5ok one sec i found it
18:07:22diddystar5what unit do you have?
18:07:40spgrecorder 6gb
18:08:04diddystar5ohh here you go:
18:08:13diddystar5read that and you will be on your way
18:08:27spgthanks !!!!
18:09:08spgI have to go bye !!
18:10:56 Quit spg ("Leaving")
18:13:31diddystar5Yes, MPlayer runs on Windows under Cygwin and MinGW. It does not have a GUI yet, but the command line version is almost completely functional.
18:13:35diddystar5that sucks
18:41:19 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
18:44:18 Join crispydaman [0] (
18:45:19 Quit crispydaman (Client Quit)
18:52:08 Join ^^neo^^ [0] (
18:53:21 Join pokerjoker [0] (
18:53:25pokerjokerhey folks
18:56:02 Quit pokerjoker (Client Quit)
18:57:33^^neo^^where is [IDC]Dragon ?
19:02:17 Quit ^^neo^^ ("get satisfied! • :: ««« (Gamers.IRC) »»» ::")
19:32:13 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
19:34:31 Join AciD [0] (
19:56:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:00:41 Join ^^neo^^ [0] (
20:07:19 Quit ^^neo^^ ("get satisfied! • :: ««« (Gamers.IRC) »»» ::")
20:07:35 Quit AciD (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:27:51 Join anzx [0] (jirc@
20:28:37anzxI'm a french developper and I would like to know it would be possible to write a MPC Player for Jukebox ?
20:40:43_aLFwhat is mpc ? a codec as mp3 ?
20:48:00 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
20:48:26 Join scott666 [0] (
20:58:58 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
20:59:17midknight2k3hi all
21:05:23earHertzhi midk
21:05:31earHertzknow any Koreans?
21:07:37earHertzHappty Hanukah
21:07:59midknight2k3isnt it spelled that way
21:18:59 Quit anzx ("Leaving")
21:21:43 Join Gon165 [0] (
21:22:25Gon165somebody can help me?
21:22:30earHertzBoth are accepted transliteratioons from the Hebrw
21:22:38Gon165i hope
21:22:40midknight2k3ear: what
21:23:04earHertzanyway, jave a good one, however you spelll it
21:23:07Gon165each time i try to put a rockboxx firmaware it doesn't work anymore
21:23:14midknight2k3what model?
21:23:21Gon165recorder 6go
21:23:35midknight2k3and you got the recorder ajz?
21:24:03Gon165yes i'm not a fool
21:24:16earHertzeasy, he's just covering the bases, gon
21:24:23midknight2k3sorry sir lol
21:24:41midknight2k3youd be surprised how many get the v2 ajz because they have v2 boot rom
21:24:48earHertzOk, what happens when you play the .ajz, gon?
21:24:49Gon165the most frequently message id"Save Failed no partition?"
21:24:49midknight2k3no idea.
21:25:19earHertzyour recorder is formatted to FAT32, right?
21:26:12earHertzand you get this message when?
21:26:36Gon165the first time no message was get
21:26:57Gon165and when i try to read a mp3 it take me "Save Failed no partition?"
21:27:20earHertzrun chkdsk on your drive
21:28:41earHertzand then download a new copy of the .ajz and put it on your disk
21:28:45earHertzthen try
21:30:03Gon165i reboot it or Not
21:34:50 Join woddsch [0] (
21:35:00earHertzYou reboot it.
21:35:28woddschHallo.. can somebody in here help me with a misflashed jukebox?
21:35:46Gon165i made a scandisk and a little thing was missin
21:35:55midknight2k3a ha
21:35:59earHertzah, that's progress, gon
21:36:02midknight2k3woddsch: perhaps
21:36:22earHertzwoddsch, probbaly not, but if you care t o evplain the problem anyway, go ahead.
21:36:38Gon165same prob
21:36:52woddschmidknight2k3: I've flashed the recorder bootloader on an fm recoder... :-(
21:37:13midknight2k3with firmware_flash?
21:37:18earHertzwoddsch, you need to mail to the mailing list
21:37:21woddschThe box starts normally but none of the buttons works... USB either
21:37:31midknight2k3try F1+on
21:37:43woddschI've just written an eMail to Jörg [IDC] dragon..
21:37:47earHertzGon165, you probably need to mail to the mailing list too.
21:37:49midknight2k3i've heard similar stories
21:38:01midknight2k3some buttons work, but are mixed up?
21:38:04woddschF1+on starts the original Archos Firmware..
21:38:07midknight2k3like UP is F1 or something
21:38:16midknight2k3woddsch: does the original firmware work?
21:38:19midknight2k3works ok?
21:38:42midknight2k3or is it broken too?
21:39:16woddschNot really.. none of the buttons works... i disassembled the device and copied the right firmware to the root folder... I hoped to get I running when starting the original firmware.. but this hangs after 2 or 3 seconds..
21:39:37midknight2k3does USB work in archos mode?
21:40:13woddschNo USB does not work either.. it starts for a short moment and than disconnects again..
21:40:39midknight2k3hold f1 and plug in usb
21:41:28woddschThis starts the box and hangs after 3 seconds.. just like starting without USB not plugged in..
21:41:50midknight2k3i guess you're with earHertz on the UART boot mod...
21:42:10woddschWhere can I find information about this mod?
21:42:11midknight2k3anyone else have compiling errors in windows with new cvs?
21:42:17earHertzyes, my flash is hosed too
21:42:17midknight2k3mailinglist maybe
21:42:33midknight2k3cpp0: warning: is shorter than expected
21:42:33midknight2k3<stdin>:190:2: #endif without #if
21:42:33DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
21:42:33midknight2k3make[1]: *** [/home/rockbox/finalclock6/build/] Error 1
21:42:33midknight2k3make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/rockbox/finalclock6/apps'
21:42:33***Alert Mode level 1
21:42:33midknight2k3make: *** [apps] Error 2
21:42:45midknight2k3oh wait
21:42:54midknight2k3stdin is the error?
21:43:37midknight2k3stdio, i see
21:43:39midknight2k3but no stdin
21:43:46midknight2k3any ideas on location
21:44:16woddschOk.. I just rewrite my mail on the mailinglist...
21:45:53earHertzyou're missing an #endif in your code somewhere
21:46:04midknight2k3i know
21:46:08midknight2k3wheres STDIN is the Q
21:46:15midknight2k3(not MY code)
21:46:20midknight2k3it compiled like that
21:46:32earHertzthe linker is reading from its stdin
21:47:01midknight2k3can i JUST build the plugins
21:47:06midknight2k3its worked before.
21:47:44earHertzsure, but the problem is probably in the plugin
21:48:05midknight2k3its not building the plugin.
21:48:28midknight2k3sh-elf-gcc -DMEMORYSIZE=2 -I../firmware/include -I../firmware/export -I. -I/hom
21:48:28midknight2k3e/rockbox/finalclock6/build -DARCHOS_FMRECORDER -E -P - < ../firmware/ >
21:48:51midknight2k3then the error
21:48:55midknight2k3not my code!!!!
21:49:03midknight2k3oh sorry
21:49:07midknight2k3scrolled up accidentally
21:49:16midknight2k3and thought you accused my of it my code again
21:49:38 Join AciD [0] (
21:52:34***Alert Mode OFF
21:53:23midknight2k3ok everyone ill be back soon
21:53:29AciDhi all
21:53:54midknight2k3hey acid
21:53:55midknight2k3bye acid
21:53:57 Quit midknight2k3 ()
21:54:34 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
21:54:53 Join Gon [0] (
21:55:55GonSo nobody already have my prob
21:56:03CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
21:56:03*Gon slaps Gon165 around a bit with a large trout
21:56:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:56:50kurzhaarrockersomethings fishy here
21:58:52kurzhaarrockerplease don't slap others with foul fishes.
21:59:09kurzhaarrockeruse fresh ones that don't smell
22:02:41Gonoh sorry
22:02:49Gonit's a problem
22:02:57Goni'm gon165
22:03:35 Quit Gon165 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:03:47kurzhaarrockerOh, I see. You're gon and gon165, but now you're gone?
22:07:51 Nick Gon is now known as gon165 (
22:08:32kurzhaarrockerStrange I always thought the other part of 'Gon' was 'zo' :)
22:09:49kurzhaarrockerWas it the Muppetshow that had that saxophone player named Gonzo?
22:15:18kurzhaarrockerIs there anybody around who could help me with playing mp3 data in a loop?
22:16:20Sebulba02as long as you don't want to use your archos to do it :)
22:17:15 Part gon165
22:17:16kurzhaarrocker:( That's what I indeed planned to do. With the help of mpeg_ff_rewind in firmware/mpeg.c
22:18:43 Join ^^neo^^ [0] (
22:18:51 Quit ^^neo^^ (Client Quit)
22:19:03Sebulba02Have you not tried that yet?
22:20:02kurzhaarrockerYes but I get interesting behaviour if the loop is tightly around a spot where the mpeg thread has to reload data.
22:20:30Sebulba02"interesting" ?
22:22:15kurzhaarrockerWhen I set the current position just before the 'reload-spot' I get silence. That's explainable. Loading hasn't finished yet and hell knows how much data has been bitswapped. But sometimes some completely invalid parts of the buffer seem to be played.
22:23:09kurzhaarrockerI think what I need - at least it would be sufficiant to solve my problems - is to tell the mpeg engine "drop anything you have and reload from here".
22:23:26Sebulba02refill the buffer
22:23:59Sebulba02that would make sense
22:24:48kurzhaarrockerThere's this nice function mpeg_flush_and_reload_tracks but that doesn't solve anything. If it reload at all it has the same 'reload-spot' in the middle of the loop.
22:25:35Sebulba02because its reloading all the data, not just what you want?
22:26:25kurzhaarrockerProbably it doesn't know what I want and I don't know how to explain it to the mpeg engine.
22:27:15Sebulba02possible it wasn't designed to do that
22:27:42hardeepkurzhaarrocker: problem with your code is that the current ff_rewind implementation reqires a pause first
22:27:58hardeepadd an mpeg_pause() before your call to ff_rewind and a call to mpeg_resume() after
22:28:03Sebulba02ah, theres someone who knows what hes talking about :)
22:28:34kurzhaarrockerI gave it a yield for the mpeg_queue to empty. But pausing is worth a try.
22:28:37*kurzhaarrocker tries
22:30:36 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:34:39woddschI am the guy who has just misflashed his jukebox... could you tell me how to UART mod the FM Recorder?
22:35:58woddschSoldering ought to be no problem... Do you have at least a little documentation from your development box?
22:36:03[IDC]Dragonplease hang on for a few...
22:36:21 Join schuepf [0] (
22:38:07[IDC]DragonI've answered you in the list, see there meanwhile
22:39:11woddschOK.. thank you..
22:40:22kurzhaarrockerhardeep: Thanks. Pausing seems to have solved the problem.
22:40:33 Quit schuepf (Client Quit)
22:41:07woddsch[IDC]Dragon.. to your first Question... I've a FM Recorder..
22:41:20[IDC]Dragonyes, seen that.
22:41:36[IDC]DragonHave you got my second email, with the pictures?
22:42:24woddschYepp... I disassembled the device, built the Hard Disc into my PC and copied the files on it..
22:44:39[IDC]Dragonand, is it starting any .ajz you bring in?
22:45:03woddschIt hangs after about 4 seconds since I brought the .ajz in...
22:45:13[IDC]Dragonwhich .ajz ?
22:45:17woddschIt was the 2.1 version for the FM recorder I braught in by the way..
22:46:09kurzhaarrockerbtw: Does anybody know a way to stop XP scanning the Jukebox when inserted?
22:46:17woddschThe box I have ought to have Boot ROM since flashing worked this you've made the first release..
22:46:19[IDC]Dragonas I wrote, try an Archos .ajz which is extracter from the original firmware
22:46:22Sebulba02Don't use XP? :)
22:46:55woddschThis then will start the original firmware won't it?
22:47:02[IDC]Dragonkurzhaarrocker; what do you mean by "scanning"? Auto-Play?
22:47:24Sebulba02You can probably tell it not to.
22:47:33[IDC]Dragonyou can use the PowerToys to configure that per drive
22:47:59kurzhaarrockerok. Must find powertoys. thx
22:48:26[IDC]Dragonwoddsch: it is the original firmware. You're right, not shure how to proceed from there.
22:49:36[IDC]Dragonkurzhaarrocker; you know that? It's from Microsoft.
22:49:37woddsch[IDC]Dragon: The only chance I see would be to get a running Rockbox Firmware and the to start over flashing..
22:50:18[IDC]Dragoncan you try if Archos software starts?
22:50:45[IDC]DragonIf it does, we could patch it to load another filename, to prevent it from loading itself
22:51:39woddschIt started before copied the ajbrec.ajz to the Hard Drive..
22:51:52 Quit Sebulba02 ("Download Gaim:")
22:52:28woddschSince I copied ajbrec.ajz to the Hard Drive it hangs when I start via ON+F1
22:52:44woddschThe startup screen appears than the hard disk stops and the device hangs..
22:52:45 Join Sebulba02 [0] (
22:53:21[IDC]DragonLet's talk german in pm
23:11:47 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
23:12:01midknight2k3hi all
23:14:03kurzhaarrockerlol! Have you read blastmans Entschuldigung in the list? :)
23:15:31midknight2k3i dont get it
23:16:16kurzhaarrockerHe apologized for trying to sell rockbox via ebay
23:19:09 Join thedude02 [0] (
23:19:39kurzhaarrockerHe doesn't know how to compensate and thinks money wouldn't help and that he's out of money anyways
23:20:44 Quit thedude02 (Client Quit)
23:23:03midknight2k3trying to make some money off rockbox
23:23:30kurzhaarrocker[IDC]Dragon: Did you mean tweak ui from the power toys?
23:23:41[IDC]Dragonkurzhaarrocker: yes
23:23:53[IDC]Dragonmake shure you get the current version
23:23:54*kurzhaarrocker is downloading
23:24:02[IDC]Dragonthe older ones can't do it
23:28:45kurzhaarrocker[IDC]Dragon: Works. Thanx.
23:30:41 Part woddsch ("N8")
23:33:19 Quit cjnr11 ()
23:36:52[IDC]DragonI spent half of the morning on blastman007
23:37:17kurzhaarrockerugh. Did he annoy you that much?
23:37:32[IDC]Dragonthe issue pissed me off, so I went on "investingating"
23:37:57kurzhaarrockerseems you folded him quite small
23:38:00midknight2k3what now
23:38:16[IDC]DragonI tried to go the friendly way
23:39:00kurzhaarrockerdon't tell me you got a rant on that!
23:39:06[IDC]Dragonnow we have one more subscriber (him) and one more user (his bidder)
23:41:16midknight2k3anyone know how to get around copy protection
23:41:31midknight2k3i want to copy a movie to rvf but my camcorder says "copy protected recording disabled"
23:41:37midknight2k3and it stops recording
23:41:40midknight2k3(from dvd)
23:41:42kurzhaarrocker:) Copy protection for an open source project!
23:41:49midknight2k3YEAH WOO
23:42:16[IDC]Dragoncan't you grab it fron the DVD?
23:42:20midknight2k3i could
23:42:23[IDC]Dragonwhy the recorder?
23:42:25midknight2k3that'd be long and harder
23:42:28 Join arspy87 [0] (
23:42:33midknight2k3its simpler
23:42:34midknight2k3and quicker
23:42:47arspy87hello midk
23:42:55[IDC]Dragongrabbing is way faster than realtime, normally
23:42:55midknight2k3any ideas
23:43:02midknight2k3using what
23:43:07kurzhaarrockerseach for smartripper
23:43:28kurzhaarrockershould be somewhere on
23:44:22 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
23:44:28midknight2k3any other options
23:44:34midknight2k3i dont have dvd drive in this comp
23:44:34arspy87i wanted to say hi to dragon
23:44:37midknight2k3but in other
23:44:40midknight2k3as: why
23:44:50arspy87hes mr famous grayscale person, no?
23:45:06midknight2k3but he doesnt like knowing that he's "spoiled the kids"
23:45:16arspy87midk: ah, i see
23:45:24midknight2k3you do?
23:45:36midknight2k3i need around macrovision
23:45:46midknight2k3ok dvd player to tape, then tape to cam
23:45:53arspy87did you try an lcd screen capture?
23:45:59midknight2k3then cam to pc then pc to avi then avi to yuv then yuv to rvf.
23:46:04midknight2k3sounds simple
23:46:14arspy87dvd -> tape is probably subject to the copy protect
23:46:30midknight2k3tape might have a bit of brighter and darker
23:46:33midknight2k3but im used to it
23:46:42 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
23:46:55arspy87anyone know if lcd screens behave teh same as crt's when captured by a camcorder because of refresh rates etc?
23:47:01arspy87wb idc dragon
23:47:03kurzhaarrocker[IDC]Dragon: slept well?
23:47:12[IDC]Dragonvery short
23:47:25[IDC]DragonI'll be gone soon, don't worry.
23:47:38arspy87idc: i hear you're the guy who "invented" grayscale
23:47:49kurzhaarrocker[IDC]Dragon: just for my curiosity - where in germany are you from?
23:47:55 Join Bluechip [0] (
23:48:10[IDC]DragonGray these days, yes
23:48:19arspy87i'm quite impressed
23:48:32arspy87although i do not have an archos
23:48:44[IDC]Dragonhow can you, then?
23:48:51arspy87midknight sent me a movie of it
23:49:01kurzhaarrockerNow the next mod is to swap the green leds to rgb ...
23:49:09[IDC]Dragona movie, haha
23:49:10midknight2k3i think thill work
23:49:17kurzhaarrocker(btw) I'm from dortmund
23:49:46arspy87kurzhaarrocker: they really need downloadable hardware, don't they?
23:49:49[IDC]Dragonah, where the people stick all kinds of LEDs to their cars
23:50:50arspy87idc: peopel actually do that?
23:50:54kurzhaarrockerarspy87: don't tell blastman007 or he'll sell that idea via ebay
23:51:02midknight2k3these ppl are TRICKY
23:51:22[IDC]Dragonwhite LEDs would be good
23:51:30midknight2k3i seen pics of white leds
23:51:31midknight2k3they are NICE
23:51:45[IDC]Dragonbut you can't do a 1:1 replacement since they need higher voltage
23:51:59[IDC]Dragonand draw more power
23:52:00kurzhaarrockerI know there are people who replaced the green leds with blue leds.
23:52:03arspy87can you change the color of EL displays via software? stupid question probably
23:52:30arspy87el = nicer than led
23:52:56*kurzhaarrocker knows no EL
23:53:03[IDC]DragonI was waiting for peple asking for video on their player/studio
23:53:13kurzhaarrockerIt will happen.
23:53:37[IDC]Dragonor color with 3 LEDs
23:53:44arspy87kurzhaarrocker: EL backlights, you know those strips of phosphorescent stuff
23:53:59kurzhaarrockerAnd I'm convinced some people post a feature request to mod the FM units for receiving tv
23:54:11arspy87that would be cool, to tune tv stations
23:54:27midknight2k3its not working
23:54:44arspy87cpoy protect error midk?
23:54:46midknight2k3dvd->tape, no go. dvd->cam, no go. dvd->rf->vcr->cam, no go.
23:54:53midknight2k3ive tried it all
23:54:57arspy87lcd -> cam, no go?
23:55:05midknight2k3ok and where do i get an LCD huh
23:55:15midknight2k3a tv lcd
23:55:25arspy87i meant do lcd screens on comps
23:55:40arspy87do they suffer from the same refresh rate when recorded like cathodes
23:55:45midknight2k3thats a wonderful ide
23:56:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:56:18[IDC]Dragonnow I'm really off for bed, if nobody objects.
23:56:24kurzhaarrockerI do
23:56:26arspy87godnight idc
23:56:43[IDC]Dragonkurzhaarrocker: why?
23:56:51midknight2k3night idc
23:57:05kurzhaarrockerDo you know internals of the api design?
23:57:13[IDC]Dragontoo late
23:57:20 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
23:57:35midknight2k3kurzhaarrocker: you can compensate by helping ME
23:57:53Bluechipkurz: what are you after?
23:57:53arspy87midk midk midk.... lol
23:58:04midknight2k3i want core on ajbrec
23:58:21kurzhaarrockermidk: I don't know how.
23:58:32midknight2k3well someone must
23:58:39Sebulba02Hey Bluechip.
23:58:46Bluechiphey ho sebby
23:58:47midknight2k3hi blue
23:58:50 Quit MethanGas (" HydraIRC -> <- :P")
23:58:50Bluechiphey mk
23:58:54arspy87midk: do you have an lcd on your camcorder?

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