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#rockbox log for 2003-12-26

00:00:09Bluechipthere is no clear.exe in the kit - you are right
00:00:11Sebulba02Or maybe I only did clear, I forget. Either way, I've got my own linux environment back up :)
00:00:43Bluechipdoes "clear" just to "cls"?
00:01:36Sebulba02yeah, would be the same thing, I guess
00:01:44Sebulba02just "clear" is more l33t ;)
00:04:25Bluechipalias clear='echo <ascii_code>'
00:06:51kurzhaarrockerNo commits today
00:06:56*kurzhaarrocker is disappointed
00:07:10Bluechipohhh, this whiskey is doing it's job do i sorround a #define with quotes?
00:07:30Sebulba02surround a #define with quotes? wtf for?
00:09:08Sebulba02Wouldn't you do it that way? :)
00:09:20kurzhaarrockerBlue: Aha! You're using cygwin. But you don't use gdb?
00:10:07Bluechipthere are always a hundred solutions to the quotes dilemma- just after the (a) easiest and (b) the one that makes me learn something new :)
00:10:26Bluechipdon't use a debugger! - lol
00:11:02Sebulba02debuggers are for wimps, just stick printf's everywhere :)
00:11:22kurzhaarrockerthe DEBUGF doesn't work in plugins
00:11:31Bluechipor write good code in the first place :) LOL
00:11:38Bluechipahhaaa - fix it then!
00:12:15Bluechipkurz: you on linux?
00:12:15Sebulba02yeah, if we all wrote perfect code all the time, the world would be perfect, but were all only human.
00:12:30kurzhaarrockerblue: no, xp with cygwin
00:12:34Bluechipnanu nanu eathling
00:12:51Bluechiphow do you get plugins going - I'm just fixing that!?
00:13:06Bluechiphence my "thisdir" question
00:13:14kurzhaarrockerI can get plugins going in the simulator.
00:13:23Bluechipdont work for me
00:13:39kurzhaarrockerI just start the sim, browse with it to the *.rock and execute it. Voila
00:13:55Bluechipahh - but the "plugins" menu option doesn't work!
00:14:10scott666why not?
00:14:22Bluechipcos it doesn't point to "THISDIR"
00:14:26kurzhaarrockerI assume that is because it relies that the plugins are stored in .rockbox. I haven't tried to shove them there yet.
00:14:28Bluechipin quotes
00:14:44*kurzhaarrocker tries now
00:15:31 Part touf
00:19:17kurzhaarrockerIt works for me.
00:20:08kurzhaarrockerI made a directory c:\.rockbox\rocks , put something in and the plugin browser found it, executed it - fine.
00:20:36Bluechipright - you'vehacked it - it is SUPPOSED to work in situ -
00:21:00Bluechipcompile; run; plugins :)
00:21:13kurzhaarrockerMe not hacked nothing.
00:21:31Bluechipdid you create c:\.rockbox\rocks on your hdd?
00:21:42Bluechipthat's a hack
00:21:45Bluechipa bodge
00:21:47Bluechipor frig
00:21:52Bluechipas you prefer
00:21:53kurzhaarrockerCool I'm a hacker!
00:21:57Bluechipmaybe "work-around"
00:22:22Bluechipyou are indeed
00:22:27*kurzhaarrocker searches his links for the online dictionary
00:22:37Bluechipone who uses a computer with great skill
00:22:43Bluechipto paraphrase mine
00:23:06Bluechip"esp. an amateur"
00:24:00Bluechipstill buggered on how to put a #define value in a string
00:25:29kurzhaarrocker#ifdef MYDEFINE
00:25:29kurzhaarrockerchar mydefine[]= "MYDEFINE";
00:25:30DBUGEnqueued KICK kurzhaarrocker
00:25:56Bluechip#ifdef mydefine==c:\
00:25:56DBUGEnqueued KICK Bluechip
00:25:56Bluechipchar mydefine[]= "MYDEFINE";
00:26:16Bluechip#ifdef mydefine==c:\
00:26:16Bluechipchar mydefine[]= "c:\";
00:27:01 Join Laurent_ [0] (
00:27:43kurzhaarrocker#if mydefine==c:
00:27:43kurzhaarrockerchar mydefine[] = "c:\";
00:27:43kurzhaarrocker#endif //?
00:28:00Bluechipthe solution is
00:28:01kurzhaarrockerLaurent: Merry xMAS.
00:28:16Bluechip#define MyDirSTR # MyDir
00:28:19Laurent_yup, merry Xmas too :)
00:28:35kurzhaarrockernono, xMAS, the extendes MAS chip!
00:28:38Bluechipbut our pre-processor has no idea how to handle it!
00:29:01Laurent_does anyone have a copy of Bjorn's linenberg ?
00:29:12Laurent_kurzhaarrocker: nice one ;)
00:29:40kurzhaarrockerme hasn't
00:30:28Laurent_this archived mail ( says it's there ( but it's not anymore :(
00:31:42kurzhaarrockerWell, you might ask him via the mailing list.
00:32:19Laurent_either it's clever, either i'm dumb, so i'll say it's clever ;)
00:32:56kurzhaarrockerwell, it wasn't stupid to look in the chat. Last time he was here was 7 day, 3 hours ago
00:33:02scott666wtf? you cant uninstall wmp??
00:33:21CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 26 seconds at the last flood
00:33:21*scott666 googles
00:33:35Sebulba02its as much built into the os as ie is
00:33:38scott666its not in the remove programs list
00:33:50kurzhaarrockerwhat is wmp?
00:33:55Bluechipjust slap kazaa-lit codec pack over the top :)
00:33:56Sebulba02windows media player
00:34:52kurzhaarrockercan it play rockbox video files?
00:35:03Sebulba02heh, yeah right
00:37:06*scott666 considers just deleteing the folder
00:37:16Bluechipnot a smart move :(
00:37:17Sebulba02It won't let you
00:37:30kurzhaarrockerscott have you tried tweak ui?
00:37:48Sebulba02tweakui is the shiznitz
00:37:50kurzhaarrockerMaybe it's worth a try
00:38:09Bluechipreally,forget it, it's M$ BS ...just slap kazaa-lite codec pack on - you will not be sorry
00:38:29kurzhaarrockeris shiznitz a good or an evil word?
00:38:30Sebulba02Or use something better, like winamp5
00:38:41Sebulba02kurzhaarrocker: good
00:39:20scott666i _am_ using winamp 5
00:39:21 Join Guest [0] (
00:39:50Laurent_kurzhaarrocker: what's his nick here btw ? hum, wait, this is on the web site
00:39:53Sebulba02Then why are you worried a bout wmp?
00:40:40kurzhaarrockerLaurent_: elinenbe
00:40:41Guestok a newbie here..........need a bit of clarification please.........oh and a jolly happy christmas to one and all!
00:40:49Laurent_oops, made a mistake, it's eric linenberg, not bjorn. probably mixed with another one ;)
00:41:50*Sebulba02 whips out his claravoiance for Guest.
00:42:26*kurzhaarrocker 's dictionary doesn't know claravoiance
00:42:40Guestgood man sebulba.............just what i need a glass ball gazer
00:43:23Sebulba02we need a bot
00:43:26*kurzhaarrocker shakes the glass ball and all the snow in it spins arount
00:44:10kurzhaarrockerGuest: please ask your questions, I'm bursting out of sheer curiosity.
00:44:49Guesthang on its christmas day and i am full up to the top with food and drink...the old mind is a bit slow..bear with
00:45:17*kurzhaarrocker jumps up and down exitedly
00:46:43 Nick edx{tv} is now known as edx (
00:47:15Guesteasy question to be honest.........i have an archos 20gig mulimedia jukebox with card readers and camera attachment.......and i was wondering if rockbox is suitable.and if it is which one do i use???there you are easy peasy question.
00:47:20Bluechipguest: i'm not sure if I want to get bare with you ...i hardly know you!
00:47:42Sebulba02heh, err
00:47:48kurzhaarrockerguest: out of luck the multimedia devices are not supported by rockbox
00:47:49Bluechipno rockbox on the AV series I'm afraifd
00:48:23Guestnaughty word here.......oh shit....i was afraid of that..............and no chance of anything for it i bet
00:48:44Sebulba02you could try to port it..
00:48:46Bluechiparchos are slapped the hackers out of the scene on their first release
00:48:56Laurent_that might come though, a fork might be created as soon as enough people want to work on multimedia devices no ?
00:49:16*Sebulba02 takes his giant fork and sticks it into Laurent_.
00:49:50Guestcould you elaborate on that sebulba please..............i am not quite an idiot...but nor far from it....!
00:50:18Laurent_Guest: being ignorant is not being an idiot, this can be cured
00:50:38Sebulba02You could try to rewrite the portions of rockbox that need to be changed for the AV and release it, if you were to be so bold.
00:51:06kurzhaarrockerGuest: you'd make a lot of friends by doing so
00:51:07Laurent_I don't claim to be so bold but I wish I could be ;)
00:51:26kurzhaarrockerLaurent_: eat more
00:51:35scott666you could buy björn linus and daniel a MM each, that might help
00:51:38Laurent_more what ?
00:51:40Guestoh you are talking..............ltters i can write.........but programming.....hell no.
00:51:48scott666jörg too, just to be safe
00:52:24Laurent_kurzhaarrocker: oh, I get it, you think i'm 12 years old ;)
00:52:25Guestmaybe even safer just to go with out..........and anyway any mm i get i eat my
00:52:28scott666you know, one '.' would probably be fine
00:52:36scott666or else a ','
00:53:08Sebulba02or quite possibly ';' , but your probably better at grammar than I am ;)
00:53:16kurzhaarrockerLaurent_ no, my mistake bold is 'false friend' vocabulary for germans. I thought it meant fat, too.
00:53:45scott666brb, going to reboot to see if this ( worked
00:53:50Laurent_kurzhaarrocker: oh, I get it ;)
00:53:59Laurent_(right, this time)
00:54:00 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
00:54:28Sebulba02ohh, you can remove it
00:54:36Laurent_the fork ?
00:54:46 Quit methangas (" Try HydraIRC -> <-")
00:54:57Guestok people thabnk you....................shame you answer was the one i was expecting.
00:55:09Laurent_Guest: i'm no expert at all, but as I understand it, no one is working on the multimedia devices
00:55:11Bluechipwhile(1) fork(system("ping localhost"));
00:55:47Sebulba02why do you want to fork ping your own box?
00:55:49Laurent_and their support is not a priority at all (that's what I understand)
00:55:56Bluechipcos it's anooying me
00:56:18Bluechipno just my machine in general
00:56:28Laurent_suicide ping ?
00:56:30Bluechip2 mins to patch the code - three hours to patch the makefil
00:56:32Sebulba02theres faster ways to bring a box down ;)
00:56:41Bluechipi want it to suffer
00:56:43Guestwell i supose if i was a rich man i could go out and buy another archos..........just so i could use the rockbox software................but i aint sure what wifey would say about that???
00:56:53Sebulba02while(1) fork(malloc(1));
00:57:14 Join scott666 [0] (
00:57:17Sebulba02die... slowly
00:57:21kurzhaarrockerwhile (2) spoon (bend(totally));
00:57:22Laurent_Guest: wait, your device might be supported by rockbox but not the adapters you added, it depends no what model you have
00:57:35Laurent_"no what" = "on what"
00:57:45Laurent_what = which
00:57:55Bluechipdid no-one here follow the "avos" story and Dogger's efforts?
00:58:19Laurent_Bluechip: I did read about this in the archive, but I'm willing to face archos legal threat
00:58:28Guestmine is the one with the black moulded corners
00:58:31scott666anyone know what M$ journal viewer is?
00:58:47BluechipLaurent_: you should speak to dogger priavtely
00:58:49Laurent_(if I can unscramble the firmware of course...)
00:59:37Laurent_Bluechip: since there's no way I can prove him I'm not a disguised archos member I think he would'nt want to divulgate anything, that's too risky for him
00:59:49Sebulba02while(1) { i = random(2)%2; switch(i) { case 1 : fork(system("ping localhost")); break; case 0 : fork(malloc(1)); break; }} , or a combo of both (god I'm so bored..)
01:00:23Laurent_moreover, he could be afraid of me releasing the information publicly with his name since he doesn't know me. I would understand such fears.
01:00:36Laurent_but perhaps am I wrong there...
01:00:40Bluechipplenty of rockbox hacking to keep you amused if you want to do something fun?
01:00:55kurzhaarrockerSebulba: I've got a good job for you: rewrite mpeg.c so that it can play loops, please.
01:01:06BluechipLaurent_: only you can allay those fears
01:01:13Sebulba02no thanks, I've got enough to code
01:01:22Guestare you suggesting that the rockbox could work on the player with out the bits and bobs on it??
01:01:33Laurent_Bluechip: true
01:02:18scott666Guest: after we ported it to the MM processor and wrote drivers for all the bits that are different than the recorder/FM/
01:02:38Laurent_Guest: rockbox does not prevent standard archos firmware from running if you want, so you can switch between both easily, ie use rockbox for listening to music and managing your files on the hard disk and using archos software to use the camera and card adapters
01:02:53Laurent_Guest: if your archos model is supported by rockbox of course
01:03:14Guestso the rockbox would not cause any problems in the use of the mm?
01:03:31kurzhaarrockerUps. I'm out of date. I didn't know there was mm support.
01:04:08Laurent_Guest: if your model is not a new one and you're only using external adapters to a rockbox supported one, I think so
01:04:10scott666there isnt
01:04:18Guestwell it seems i am getting conflickting imfo says i cannt use it and one says i can use it.....................clarification please someone
01:04:36scott666rockbox does not (as of now) run on the MM
01:04:38Laurent_Guest: what model are you using ? all depends on it
01:04:45*Sebulba02 shatters his crystal ball. lots of good it did me.
01:04:45Guestjesus looks like the drink is getting to me as well.....the spelling is realy going down the tubes
01:04:47scott666or the gmini or the avxxx
01:05:08scott666Laurent_: hes using a multimedia
01:05:08Laurent_scott666: I think he doesn't have a MM but a recorder or player with MM extensions (but I might be wrong)
01:05:16BluechipWhat Tube??? WHERE????
01:05:21scott666i dont think they make those
01:05:33scott666[insert george calrin refrence]
01:05:38Laurent_scott666: ok, my fault then
01:05:48Bluechipdamn - caught me out
01:05:48*Sebulba02 needs a clue.
01:05:54Guestok thanks............i have a mm20gig.............with those addapters as previously mentioned.........the one with the black moulded corners,
01:06:00kurzhaarrocker, question 7
01:06:17Laurent_okey, sorry I misread
01:06:21scott666you can use #7
01:06:32kurzhaarrockeryes, stupid me
01:06:54Laurent_Guest: sorry if I gave you too much expectations :(
01:08:47Laurent_so, what's the exact reason for lack of support of the MM models ? not enough machines avalaible by the key players or too much work to implement ?
01:08:57Guestquestion 7 gives me the answer doesnt it........................that answer is NO....sod it..........many thanks for your time gentlemen.....and ladies if there are any.
01:09:31scott666The Archos Multimedia is a completely different beast. It is an entirely different architecture, differnt CPU and upgrading the software is done a completely different way. We do not venture into this.
01:09:49kurzhaarrockerLaurent: the core developers don't own any and the don't intend to buy any
01:09:55Sebulba02meaning, they don't want to
01:09:57Guestthank you for that scott!
01:10:05Laurent_scott666: I already read this ;) but this doesn't say why :)
01:10:25scott666i think the main reason is lack of time
01:10:51Laurent_good reason ;)
01:11:15scott666the developers usually dont have enough time to work on the non-MM models
01:11:23Guestthank you and good night gents.......have a happy christmas and a great new year
01:11:33Bluechipnite dude
01:11:38Laurent_Guest: same to you
01:11:41kurzhaarrockerGuest: same to you, and write some MM code, please!
01:11:41 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
01:12:00Bluechipkurz: it is already done!
01:12:11kurzhaarrockerreally? where?
01:12:21Bluechipread avos thread in news archive
01:12:53Laurent_stupid question : why not publish the MM models specs on the web site, just in case some new people would like to work on them ?
01:13:07scott666did he figure out MM, AVxxx AND gmini? do they all use the same?
01:13:10Bluechipno point
01:13:21Laurent_so they would not need to break their models as I did for my gmini ;)
01:13:40scott666Laurent_: new people were _trying_ to work on the MM/av and archos sent a cease&desist
01:13:54Laurent_shit I'm dumb
01:14:17Laurent_wait 'til I slap my head on the wall
01:14:33Sebulba02A concrete wall?
01:14:35Laurent_not slap
01:14:42Laurent_a virtual one
01:14:44scott666its funny, the only link on the archos site for archos based groups is a dead yahoo group
01:14:45Laurent_hurts less
01:14:59Sebulba02no pain, no gain.. *shrugs*
01:15:42Laurent_ok, so, my email to the list was completely dumb also, geez, I guess it's my day :)
01:15:55Sebulba02no one'll notice
01:16:15*Sebulba02 .oO( no one'll , wtf? )
01:16:20kurzhaarrockerWhy has the yahoo group died?
01:16:32scott666but its a dead link
01:17:00Sebulba02They need to fix their site to work in freaking mozilla
01:17:53scott666Where can I talk to other owners of the Jukebox FM Recorder?
01:18:01scott666The main user group for the Jukebox can be found here:
01:18:35kurzhaarrockerlol! "There is no group called archos_mp3"
01:20:50Bluechipisnt it somehting like funmp3players or similar?
01:21:15kurzhaarrockerYes, there's another mailing list. But there used to be one on yahoo, too
01:21:50Bluechipthis quotes around the #define is not actually possible, not matter what I do!!!
01:23:14Bluechipall I want is PWD (at time of running configure) to be passed to the gcc line IN QUOTES
01:23:16Sebulba02if you #define WHAT_EVER_THE_HECK_YOU_CALLED_IT 0 , then −−WHAT_EVER_THE_HECK_YOU_CALLED_IT=10, you should be able to printf("%d\n", WHAT_EVER_THE_HECK_YOU_CALLED_IT); and get 10, no?
01:23:40Bluechipwould you like to take up the challenge?
01:23:51Sebulba02Not really, no
01:24:03Sebulba02I just figure thats how it works.
01:24:05Bluechipdont blame you's a biatch
01:24:09Laurent_Sebulba02: you should
01:24:21Bluechipnice volunteered
01:24:28Sebulba02man, everyone wants me to code for them
01:25:11Bluechipbut you keep on and on telling me how easy it is
01:25:22Bluechipit's ONE line of code!
01:25:30Laurent_Bluechip: gcc "`pwd`" ?
01:25:54Laurent_I mean, with the correct option before of course
01:25:58Bluechipi wish
01:26:15Sebulba02heh, lemme look at something first
01:26:24kurzhaarrockerbluechip: don't you need a
01:26:24kurzhaarrocker#ifndef MYDEFINE
01:26:24kurzhaarrocker#define MYDEFINE 1
01:26:48Laurent_echo \"`pwd`\"
01:26:52Laurent_does it
01:26:54Bluechipi fear that the biggest problem is that everyone is guessing without actually knowing what the problem is
01:26:56kurzhaarrockerThen the preprocessor shouldn't override the define by the comandline
01:27:10kurzhaarrockerBlue: that's probably true
01:28:07Bluechipkurz: goto /apps/main_menu.c:255 and change PLUGIN_DIR for THISDIR ...and make it compile by typing nothing more than "make"
01:28:39Bluechipyou will NEED to update /tools/configure and maybe /uisimulator/win32/Makefile
01:29:46Bluechipand -> and/or
01:30:05kurzhaarrockerTHISDIR is new?
01:30:14Bluechipno - it already exists
01:30:29 Join Stevenm [0] (
01:30:44Laurent_oops, time to sleep there
01:30:50Sebulba02It should work that way [tm] ;)
01:31:06Laurent_good bye
01:31:09kurzhaarrockerBut that would mean a recursive preprocessor
01:31:41 Quit Laurent_ ("bed can't wait")
01:32:23StevenmHey guys
01:32:37StevenmWhen I try to build GCC for rockbox, I get error: ../../../gcc-3.0.4/gcc/config/sh/lib1funcs.asm:166: Error: no such instruction: `rts'
01:32:38Stevenmmake[2]: *** [libgcc/./_ashiftrt.o] Error 1
01:32:53StevenmAnyone know what the problem is / how to fix?
01:32:58Sebulba02okay, beats me ;)
01:33:23Sebulba02Is the binutils you built at the beginning of your path?
01:33:35StevenmI think so..
01:33:54Sebulba02make sure its /path/you/built/binutils/bin
01:34:19Sebulba02not /path/you/built/binutils
01:34:56StevenmWait a sec.. there IS no bin ere
01:35:14Sebulba02did you not make install binutils?
01:35:52StevenmI am pretty sure I did
01:36:07BluechipKurz: did you try my suggestion?
01:36:41Sebulba02Stevenm: err, do you still have the ./configure line you used?
01:36:51StevenmI do
01:36:57Sebulba02(I did all this yesterday, so you know)
01:37:04Sebulba02What is it?
01:37:16StevenmI do not know
01:37:21Stevenmhere how aobut I start over
01:37:46Sebulba02Sometimes the easiest, make sure to read through the howto with a fine tooth comb
01:37:58StevenmThis is like, the third time
01:38:55Stevenmok, untarred binutils, starting over
01:39:08Sebulba02step by step
01:40:12kurzhaarrockerHm. Blue: I just tried this:#ifndef hi
01:40:12kurzhaarrocker#define hi 0
01:40:12kurzhaarrocker#define lo hi
01:40:12kurzhaarrockervoid main(void)
01:40:13***Alert Mode level 1
01:40:14Bluechipsteve - if you need a working dev kti - let me know
01:40:14***Alert Mode level 2
01:40:14kurzhaarrocker int i = lo;
01:40:21StevenmOk thanks
01:40:37Sebulba02for windows*
01:41:08Bluechipkurz: yes, doesn't help :( might find it fun to look at the actual problem instead of apparently similar ons?
01:41:31Sebulba02theres no fun in that :)
01:41:56*kurzhaarrocker rereads to find the misunderstanding
01:42:26Bluechip[00:28] <Bluechip> kurz: goto /apps/main_menu.c:255 and change PLUGIN_DIR for THISDIR ...and make it compile by typing nothing more than "make"
01:42:26Bluechip[00:28] <Bluechip> you will NEED to update /tools/configure and maybe /uisimulator/win32/Makefile s
01:43:20Sebulba02(the configure script should generate the makefiles)
01:43:59***Alert Mode level 3
01:43:59Bluechipconfig does not create /uisimulator/win32/Makefile
01:43:59Stevenmbinutils sure likes taking its sweet time to build
01:44:10Sebulba02Bluechip: no?
01:44:19Sebulba02Stevenm: wait til you build gcc :)
01:44:34Stevenmyea hopefully I'll get to sit through ALL of it
01:44:36Bluechipseb: no!
01:44:51Sebulba02Stevenm: its quite boring, trust me.
01:44:56Sebulba02Bluechip: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
01:45:09Sebulba02the world can end now
01:46:34Bluechipconfig -> /build/makefile -> /sim/makefile -> main_menu.c
01:46:39Stevenmhey its done!
01:46:46Sebulba02no errors?
01:46:54Stevenmon binutuls, same as before
01:46:56Stevenmnow, GCC
01:47:38Sebulba02Don't forget to export your path first.
01:48:13StevenmI did.
01:48:18Stevenmconfiguring that sucker
01:49:06Stevenmmaking.. wish me luck
01:49:44Sebulba02glRotate(0, 0, 1);
01:49:53Sebulba02ahh, the days of opengl
01:50:39Bluechipkurz: any luck yet?
01:51:07*kurzhaarrocker is ashamed
01:51:10BluechipKurz: i have tried 50 ways from Sunday, each solution presented its own new problem until i completed the circle
01:51:34Sebulba02maybe read up on automake?
01:51:53Bluechipi think perhaps you do not realise the problem
01:52:17Sebulba02uh, I think I do.
01:52:34Bluechiphow can "automake" help?
01:52:56Sebulba02Unless I'm totally wacked in the head, isn't automake what actually generates those files?
01:53:11Bluechipwill it add the new environment vairable?
01:53:12 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
01:53:14Bluechipand, no
01:53:27Sebulba02So I am wacked in the head, go figure
01:53:41Bluechipyeah, cheer
01:53:53Sebulba02What does then?
01:54:00***Alert Mode OFF
01:54:10Bluechipwhat does <what>???
01:54:23Sebulba02Something generates that file
01:54:29Bluechipwhat file?
01:54:48Stevenm../../../gcc-3.0.4/gcc/config/sh/lib1funcs.asm:166: Error: no such instruction: `rts' make[2]: *** [libgcc/./_ashiftrt.o] Error 1
01:54:49Sebulba02The configure file.
01:55:08StevenmWhat's the big idea??
01:55:11Sebulba02Stevenm: what environment are you trying to compile in, linux or cygwin?
01:55:37Sebulba02I swear I did this yesterday and it worked.
01:56:02StevenmSebulba02: Feel like tarring it all up and sending it here some way?
01:56:20Sebulba02Lemme see how big first.
01:56:31StevenmSebulba02: You have it for Linux, right?
01:56:38BluechipKurz: has your shame left yet?
01:56:56Bluechipsurely this is simple to a good code?
01:57:16kurzhaarrockerno, my shame is rising. never had contact with sed
01:57:25Sebulba02a coder who understands wtf is going on, sure
01:57:31Bluechipwtf are you doing with sed?
01:57:46kurzhaarrockerThe thing that seems to write the makefile
01:57:49Bluechipyes, hence ths introduction of the word "good"
01:58:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:58:29Bluechipforget configure for the moment and just edit /uisim/win32/makefile
01:58:38Bluechipsee if you can solve it at that level first
01:59:17Sebulba02dum dee doo, gzipping stuff over wireless nfs is slow
01:59:39Sebulba02Stevenm: uhh, its 11M, to upload that on dialup would take a decade
01:59:48Bluechipthis is stupid - the bug fix is SEVEN CHARS ...just impossible to actually compile it - LMAO
02:00:47Bluechipfixed sim menus
02:00:50Sebulba02Stevenm: show me the exact commansd you typed
02:01:19Bluechipbut as I'm the only person who uses the sim - nobody wants to help me :(
02:01:32Sebulba02I used the sim yesterday
02:01:50Sebulba02Was easier to debug code in it then transferring it to my rec each time
02:01:54kurzhaarrockerI would use the simulator if gdb wouldn't bloat me with stdout windows
02:01:58Bluechipbut you dont mind that it is bug ridden - it annots me :(
02:02:14Bluechipyeah, well if I could get it to compile - I would fix the bugs - LMAO
02:02:30Bluechipthe time I've spent on this compile I could have rewritten most of ti
02:02:34Sebulba02what exactly is the issue with the sim menus?
02:02:50Bluechipyou can only understand by trying them really :(
02:02:53Bluechiphalf of them are missing
02:03:02Bluechiphalf of whats left fails
02:03:44Sebulba02uhh, mine works and looks complete
02:04:05Bluechipot a recorder?
02:04:06kurzhaarrockerSeb: the problem is that browsers like eg. the plugin browser only work on c:\.rockbox\rocks instead of c:\mypath\Archos\.rockbox\rocks
02:04:24Sebulba02kurzhaarrocker: not true
02:04:27Bluechipchange the record settings
02:04:36Bluechipchange the loudness
02:04:42Bluechipchange the dynamic bass
02:05:00Sebulba02or not
02:05:06Sebulba02I never look at those ;)
02:05:10Bluechipyep, now change the language
02:05:16Bluechipor the firmware
02:05:18Bluechipor use a plugin
02:05:22Bluechipor change the font
02:05:28Sebulba02Don't you have to configure it to a specific language?
02:05:43Sebulba02I didn't install the fonts, but i could..
02:05:43BluechipTRY IT DUDE
02:05:49Bluechipdon't trust me ...try it
02:07:01Sebulba02didn't realize it was *that* broken
02:07:20Bluechipi have a COMPLETE set of bug fixes for ALL archos unit for ALL win32sims
02:07:27BluechipBUT IT WONT COMPILE
02:07:38Bluechipbecause of a problem with the THISDIR directive
02:07:56BluechipIf you still dont trust me can choose not to look at the patches?
02:08:23Sebulba02no need to get offensive, I believe you. I doubt you'd be doing this for the hell of it.
02:08:54Bluechipno offense intended
02:09:38Sebulba02THISDIR=@PWD@ is the issue?
02:09:48Bluechip"sort of"
02:09:56Bluechip"yes, to a degree"
02:10:29BluechipI need /build/makefile to pass that to /sim/makefile who will pass it to /apps/main_menu
02:14:55Bluechipnasty innit?
02:15:55Sebulba02wtf is an .lds file?
02:15:57 Quit Stevenm ("Client exiting")
02:16:01Bluechipno idea
02:17:20Sebulba02I'm just trying to trace a variable already there, see if I can figure out wtf it goes and how its used.
02:18:07Bluechipthe result needs to be
02:18:07Bluechipto be passed to main_menu.c
02:19:02Bluechipor rather -DTHISDIR="/.../source/build"
02:19:44Bluechipthe value THISDIR is already placed in build/Makefile
02:19:58Bluechipbut it does not get passed to sim/makefile
02:20:26Sebulba02So your not worried about using it, just passing it to the makefile?
02:20:35Sebulba02heh, okay, wrong tangent
02:23:14 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
02:25:23Sebulba02Okay.. I could maybe get it to pass it there.
02:25:57Bluechipgot the plugins working?
02:26:27Bluechipto test just change apps/main_menu.c:256 from PLUGIN_DIR to THISDIR
02:27:10Sebulba02plugins always worked for me
02:27:23Sebulba02well, at least one has
02:27:30Bluechipfrom the menu?
02:27:50Sebulba02just had to stick them in the archos/.rockbox/rocks folder
02:28:34Bluechipright - you found a work-around too
02:28:48Bluechipwould rather fix it to work properly
02:29:38 Join style42 [0] (
02:30:23style42My gmini won't boot.
02:31:32Sebulba02Bluechip: I think you took the long way for a solution
02:31:39Bluechipgo4it :)
02:31:50Sebulba02try this..
02:32:04Sebulba02go back to the main_menu.c and keep it as PLUGIN_DIR
02:32:42Sebulba02in the generated makefile after you configure, add.. THISDIR=${THISDIR} to the end of the sim: compile
02:33:55Sebulba02in the uisimulator/win32/Makefile
02:34:12Sebulba02add to the APPSCLFLAGS= -DPLUGIN_DIR=${THIS_DIR}
02:34:31Sebulba02err, without the _
02:34:40Sebulba02then compile
02:34:56Sebulba02it'll b*tch about redefining PLUGIN_DIR, but we can figure that one out later
02:35:48Sebulba02& let me know how it goes :)
02:36:57Bluechipnope ...I fear we may need to append the dos path of cygwin :( ho hummmm
02:37:18Bluechiphaaaaaaaaaaaaang on
02:37:26Bluechip"." better not work!!!
02:38:33BluechipKILL ME
02:39:39BluechipEver tried to drive to from US to Canada via Finland?
02:40:00Bluechipwhat a dumb ass!!
02:41:40Bluechipremind me never to program while drunk again!
02:42:53Bluechipanybody still there?
02:43:34Sebulba02that didn't work!?
02:43:34Bluechipthanks for helping dude :)
02:43:45Bluechipno, yours didn't ...but "." did!
02:44:47Sebulba02Leave it to the good 'ol "."
02:46:34BluechipI'm sick!
02:47:45Sebulba02Keep it off the floor :)
02:56:44*Sebulba02 is starting to dispise windows
02:56:53Sebulba02*more than normal
03:00:32Bluechipits an important job for the right person :)
03:03:08Bluechipanything in particular?
03:03:58Sebulba02just the total suckyness of it
03:04:07Sebulba02get this..
03:04:20Sebulba02my dad, has a USB tv tuner that he can record tv shows with
03:04:24Sebulba02into mpg2 format
03:04:28 Quit lini_ ("Trillian (")
03:04:30Sebulba02but he can't play them, like wtf?
03:05:07Bluechipare you running the kazaa-lite codec pack?
03:06:07Bluechipyou might find it an interesting solution to many video problems that come about by lacking drivers
03:06:52Bluechipwould installing linux not fix all the problems?
03:07:05Sebulba02for my dad, nah
03:07:15Sebulba02he seems to like winxp
03:07:23Bluechiphmm, yeah fair call, the UI is pretty sucky in linux :(
03:07:43Sebulba02lol, mplayer plays it!
03:07:45style42Anyone here have a gmini?
03:08:02Sebulba02UI owns
03:10:38 Quit style42 ()
03:18:02*Sebulba02 hugs his debian boxes.
03:21:30*Sebulba02 picks Bluechip up off the floor and leans him against a wall.
03:21:53*Bluechip slides slowly back to the floor
03:22:10Sebulba02that far gone, eh?
03:22:43Sebulba02I wish I was.
03:23:44*Bluechip spills some whiskey in a glass and passes it over
03:25:49Sebulba02a drop would be enough, I've never had a drink in my life
03:26:06Bluechipreligeous or political reasons?
03:26:20Bluechipthat's what i meant - lol
03:26:27Bluechipshould I ask?
03:26:45Sebulba02I just choose not too.
03:28:47Sebulba02I just do, why? *shrugs* Sometimes I wonder why myself.
03:29:11Sebulba02Esp on lousy years like this one has been
03:29:14Bluechipnothing wrong with avoiding drugs - they're not for everybody
03:29:31Bluechipno answers in the bottom of a bottle, just more questions
03:29:38Sebulba02I know
03:29:46Sebulba02I'm not looking for answers
03:30:02Bluechiplike ...."why did i forget all about "." "
03:30:05Sebulba02More a way to just not remember everything
03:30:22Bluechipamnesia is quite easy to create
03:31:24Sebulba02a nice blunt blow to the head
03:31:39Bluechipthink of something else - lol
03:32:04Sebulba02too painful?
03:32:17Bluechipnot necessary
03:32:28Bluechipi am a hypnotist
03:32:43Bluechipnot stage stuff before you ask
03:32:55Sebulba02the medical practice?
03:33:12Bluechipthat style of trance work yes, but not professionally
03:33:22BluechipI lecture in it
03:33:22Sebulba02sounds cool
03:33:41BluechipIt's fun
03:34:11Sebulba02just make me think im alive and bury me somewhere
03:34:25Bluechipwould you enjoy that?
03:35:18Sebulba02there are plenty of times I'd go for it
03:35:50Bluechipwhat do you think it would feel like?
03:36:17Sebulba02I hope it wouldn't feel like anything
03:36:44Bluechipa bit like standing in a long queue waiting for the guy in front to move?
03:36:57Sebulba02I suppose.
03:37:15Sebulba02I try to avoid long queues, so I can't be sure.
03:37:35Bluechipor maybe like the gap when you are driving and suddenly realise that you have forgotten the last 50 miles
03:38:17Sebulba02What little I drive, I generally remember.
03:39:01Sebulba02Though I have been known to phase out, but I still remember driving.
03:39:02Bluechipdo you enjoy remembering the gaps where you forget?
03:39:48Sebulba02The only gaps I have are the ones not induced by myself or ones I don't care enough to remember.
03:40:13Bluechiphow do you decide to forget these moments
03:40:57Sebulba02How do decide to?
03:41:22Sebulba02I just don't care to remember them.
03:41:25Bluechipyour unconcious has a strategy for deciding to forget things you no longer need
03:41:29Sebulba02Or they aren't significant
03:42:30Bluechipsignificance is a subjective state deduced by a set of rules your other mind uses
03:43:25Sebulba02makes sense
03:43:38Sebulba02don't ask me how I decide what is significant
03:44:19Bluechipno, you should remain quiet inside and pay attention to the answers that you can expereince inside
03:44:29Bluechipsome have a voice, others have pictures
03:45:51Bluechipyou understand these structures and you need to decide how best to communicate with your unconcious
03:46:30Bluechipthis is where the real power comes from
03:47:13Bluechiphypnosis is a set of structures that teach you how to do that effectively
03:47:33Bluechipyou learn nothing new, you just discover how to move unconcious process to concious control
03:58:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:07:05 Quit edx ()
04:14:41 Quit Sebulba02 ("Download Gaim:")
04:16:27 Join Sebulba02 [0] (
04:16:39Bluechipback so soon
04:17:05Sebulba02I just reconnected
04:17:31Sebulba02f'g POS win32 box randomly reset itself at 6something this morning, so my 24h lease would expire when I would be asleep
04:17:58Sebulba02first thing on my TODO is to reimage it
04:33:00 Quit AciD ("")
05:09:19 Join arspy87 [0] (
05:09:19 Quit arspy87 (Remote closed the connection)
05:36:25 Join arspy87 [0] (
05:36:36arspy87hey Seb i fixed the noise prob i was having earlier
05:37:01arspy87turned off smooth scrolling in ie6
05:37:14 Quit arspy87 ("Trillian (")
05:58:07 Join Stevenm [0] (
05:58:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:00:31StevenmYo Bluechip
06:00:44StevenmWhen do you think add/remove directory features wil be put into CVS ?
06:12:15 Quit Stevenm ("Client exiting")
06:40:09Bluechipnew patch submitted
07:11:19Bluechipgnite all
07:11:50 Quit Bluechip ("Trillian (")
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08:29:19 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
08:29:26midknight2k3hi all
08:29:31midknight2k3Sebulba02 you here
08:40:33midknight2k3must reboot. brb
08:40:41 Quit midknight2k3 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
08:45:10 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
08:45:19midknight2k3yo yo yo, Sebulba02 wake up! :D
09:32:45 Join methangas [0] (
09:58:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:18:03*midknight2k3 panicks
11:18:09midknight2k316KB free on drive D:\
11:18:12midknight2k3well wtf
11:23:22 Quit midknight2k3 ("sudden death")
11:27:26 Join track [0] (
11:53:48 Quit track ("Leaving")
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12:02:38 Join cjnr11 [0] (
12:06:04 Join edx [0] (
12:09:33 Nick edx is now known as e{ssen}dx (
12:38:10 Nick e{ssen}dx is now known as edx{code} (
12:46:31 Join _Laurent [0] (
12:46:42 Quit cjnr11 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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14:06:12Sebulba02sup _Laurent
14:08:03 Join EoS [0] (
14:09:07EoSok u prolly had this question before...but is the gmini compatible with rockbox, or are u planning to make a version for it, or are there any similar projects u know of?
14:09:35EoScause i dont really like the archos firmware...
14:10:02Sebulba02Not that I'm aware of, its not likely, and i have no clue
14:10:20EoShm, too bad, i really liked rockbox a lot
14:11:14EoSyeah, it made my old jukebox 20 so much better
14:16:30EoSok well, thx fir the info, have some nice holidays and a happy new year!
14:16:48 Quit EoS ("Peace & Protection 4.22")
14:19:52 Join cjnr11 [0] (
14:30:39 Nick edx{code} is now known as edx (
14:30:47 Nick edx is now known as edx{code} (
14:31:57Sebulba02That was a long break, heh
14:35:20 Join AciD [0] (
14:58:30_Laurentmissed EoS question stupid me
14:58:34_Laurentcome back !
15:06:00_Laurenthe was talking about gmini support, which I hope to work on soon
15:06:24_Laurentgot an answer from telechips makers of its CPU : they want information about me... :)
15:07:35_Laurentbut I wonder which kind of information they want. I hope they do not require a commercial product on their CPU to give information.
15:09:26Sebulba02Maybe they want info to keep tabs on you ;)
15:58:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:23:19 Nick edx{code} is now known as edx{shower} (
16:24:07Sebulba02ugh, thank god.. it was starting to smell in here :)
16:32:35 Nick edx{shower} is now known as edx{coffee} (
16:32:56edx{coffee}no problem ;)
16:38:00_Laurentah that was it ;) I was wondering if it was me ;)
16:39:44Sebulba02I could have been wrong, maybe it was a combined effort :)
16:45:57 Join citrix7 [0] (
16:46:18_Laurentthat's possible ;)
16:46:47Sebulba02I know its not me..
16:47:22 Nick edx{coffee} is now known as edx{code} (
16:50:56_Laurentit might be me, I'm waiting for my water heater to get fixed ;)
16:51:06_Laurent(joking of course)
16:52:02_LaurentI'm having cold showers... I usually like it but those days they are not cold, they're freezing
17:04:50 Join diddystar5 [0] (
17:06:50citrix7hello all. question for anyone who can help.
17:07:37citrix7i have a recorder 15 with rockbox daily (from Dec. 22) and sometimes, i get a lock up. like when music playing, and i access menu or change song.....
17:07:52citrix7the music stops, hdd light on solid. and i need to reboot
17:08:07citrix7happened 2 times today (although i did use it all day today)
17:08:44Sebulba02Try using the latest stable release?
17:08:58diddystar5Sebulba02: no changes that would effect that...
17:09:27citrix7oh, only started happening when batt under 35
17:09:41diddystar5citrix7: no idea reallly is it when the HD is spining that it hapens?
17:10:25citrix7when music playing, and then i change song.
17:10:32diddystar5citrix7: sometimes weird things happen when the battery gets around 10-20%
17:10:36citrix7most of the timne its fine. i changed song ALL DAY!
17:11:10citrix7maybe my batt meter is wrong then
17:11:13diddystar5have you charged your batteries during the time that has been happening?
17:11:23citrix7i will charge tonight and see tomorrow
17:11:29citrix7no, it just started tonight
17:11:31diddystar5thats a good ides
17:11:42diddystar5what capacity of batteries do you have?
17:11:46citrix7batts read about 25
17:12:13diddystar525, yeah that may be it, are those 1600's from archos?
17:12:51citrix7i killed my old batts buy only charging 2 hours first time before using
17:12:56citrix7these are new ones
17:13:05citrix7and i did 15 hours on them, and they are great.
17:13:08diddystar5how did you "kill" them?
17:13:17citrix7but now im afraid to charge them without doing full charge
17:13:45citrix7on first time charge with new batts, i only gave them 2 hours and then used the unit.
17:13:50Sebulba02diddystar5: the first charge of batteries sets their capacity, hense not charging them full "kills" them.
17:13:56citrix7then after that, they only lasted 1 hour about
17:14:20citrix7but now that i have charged them full first time, i can do some partial charges sometimes?
17:14:23Sebulba02hense the manual says let charge for ~12 hours until first use :)
17:14:32citrix7i dont have manual :)
17:14:36diddystar5heh i used all 3 of my units out of the box until the batts were dead, then i charged them, and they were fine
17:14:39citrix7i got refund though
17:14:52diddystar5but now i have new 1800 batteries
17:15:06citrix7the ones i killed were expensive 2000's
17:15:13citrix7but i got money back (whew!)
17:15:17diddystar5sometime ill get the new 2100's im seing around
17:15:46Sebulba02Someday I might get bigger batteries, not much point to it at the moment.
17:16:05citrix7i dont have to fully charge it everytime now right? now that i set them i can do 'some' partial charging?
17:16:40diddystar5i do partial carging all the time, and my batts are fine, ive have been using them for over 8 months now
17:16:41Sebulba02yeah, but doing it to offen can hurt them also
17:17:09diddystar5if your talking about the "memory effect", you can fix that
17:17:33citrix7deep discharge right?
17:17:43diddystar5just completely discharge your batteries, and totaly recharge
17:17:44Sebulba02I'd guess
17:18:39citrix7oh, another question. im using a wps that has battery indicator on it. is that thing just using the archos meter to read the batt life to me, or doing its own thing?
17:18:41diddystar5i have never had to do it
17:19:18diddystar5citrix7: its calculated by rockbox
17:21:05citrix7ok. thanks
17:21:44citrix7anyway, now im chargin from 25% back up. hopefully the locking up problems are because of low batt. i will know tomorrow.
17:21:49citrix7thanks for the help all
17:22:39diddystar5i heard you bought an archos becuase of midknight2k3
17:22:58citrix7well, i found a web log from this channel
17:23:05citrix7and he was talking about it with some guy
17:23:11citrix7and i was on the fence
17:23:15citrix7so i tried it. and i love it
17:23:32diddystar5heh what else were you concidering to get?
17:23:33citrix7i got it used. but i also had option to buy used iPod.
17:23:45citrix7but it was alot more money
17:23:50citrix72 times
17:24:31citrix7btw- here in israel, a NEW recorder 15 is $400!!!!!!!!
17:24:51citrix7and a iPod 20gb is over 600$ if you can find one
17:25:24diddystar5there like 200 or 300 i think
17:25:42citrix7i got my used Rcdr15 for 200. which is cheap here. but the guy wanted 450$ for the used ipod. and i didnt want to spend the extra
17:25:58citrix7israel has a HUGE tax on items like that
17:26:03diddystar5thats a rip off
17:26:07citrix7computer parts are crazy expensive too
17:26:09Sebulba02that sucks
17:26:21citrix7im american too, so im used to better prices
17:26:26diddystar5i bought my recorder 20 for 275$
17:26:54*Sebulba02 got his on sale for $220ish ;)
17:27:10citrix7if i want to i can put in a bigger hdd in my rcdr 15 right?
17:28:00citrix7only think i liked about the ipod was its a bit smaller and it has inline remote
17:28:19diddystar5it looks kinda hard, but its really easy when you do it
17:29:07diddystar5heh i have had to COMPLETELY take apart my archos a few weeks ago to fix it
17:29:21citrix7what was wrong?
17:29:33diddystar5the wire that powers the HD was broken
17:29:57citrix7im not good at that kind of thing. i would have been lost on what was wrong or how to fix it
17:31:23diddystar5its really easy to do that, just take the screws of the front plate thing, and pull it up, take the 4 screws holding the hd in, pull of the top 2 bumbers, pull the unit out of its shell, pull out the hd
17:31:44diddystar5and put it back
17:31:56citrix7the pics on that site make it look easy. but i would still not feel good about doing it
17:32:17diddystar5just have to be careful not to bend the shell up when you put the bumbers back in
17:33:09citrix7i have a 20gb hard drive at my house. if my current trouble continues, i might try to put it in
17:35:26diddystar5man those friggen flash drives are expensive the 1gb ones are like 280$
17:35:47citrix7yea. i got my archos for less then a new 128mb costs here
17:36:43citrix7btw - freenode kicks me alot. never pings me like it should. have no probs with undernet or quake net. any idea?
17:36:55citrix7no 'ping pong'
17:37:09diddystar5one sec
17:37:26diddystar5not sure
17:37:36diddystar5freenode pings you?
17:37:53citrix7irc servers in general should. to see if you active
17:37:59citrix7like undernet does
17:38:11diddystar5i never get pinged by freenode
17:38:15citrix7if i dont type for 10 min or so, i get dissconnected
17:38:35citrix7on undernet or quake, i can sit all day without typing
17:39:15citrix7i heard it was a problem using kaaza, but that didnt fix my problem
17:40:55diddystar5omg: a 1gb flash drive cost ~280$, and a iriver 1.5gb flashmp3 player costs 235$
17:42:22 Quit MT (Remote closed the connection)
17:42:55Sebulba02Thats not too bad.
17:43:14citrix7 IRiver IFP-595T 512MB Flash Mp3 Player/Recoder + FM
17:43:23citrix7cost 450$ here
17:43:34Sebulba02thats sick
17:43:36diddystar5ipod 40gb costs that
17:43:58_Laurentcitrix7: why don't you order it via amazon uk ?
17:44:05citrix7i dont have a credit card
17:44:11 Join MT [0] (
17:44:13_Laurentgood reason I guess
17:44:23citrix7and if i did. i have top pay shipping PLUS 18% local tax, PLUS customs charge
17:44:35diddystar5go on a trip to the uk and load on on stuff :)
17:45:06diddystar5hide the stuff in your pockets
17:45:06citrix7i went to china 2 months ago and got a gameboy SP and a PS2. that was cheap
17:45:30diddystar5i gotta go
17:45:42diddystar5bye citrix7 _Laurent Sebulba02
17:45:45citrix7bye dude
17:45:49citrix7im out too. bye all.
17:45:52 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
17:45:53citrix7thanks for the help
17:45:59_Laurentc u !
17:46:05 Quit citrix7 ()
17:53:30 Join DJBaz [0] (
17:57:26 Quit DJBaz (Client Quit)
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19:00:08 Quit edx ()
19:04:41 Join edx [0] (
19:19:32 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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20:38:52 Join diddystar5 [0] (
20:45:29 Join FrankIncensed [0] (
20:48:48FrankIncensedI have an archos recorder 20 with rockbox 2.0 Ive never had a problem unti today. Suddenly im getting the following msg. HD register error SC1 (65) 227 SN1 (170) 0 SC2 (170) 18
20:49:14diddystar5thats not rockbox
20:49:26diddystar5did you reformat your HD?
20:49:59diddystar5can you hook up usb?
20:50:03FrankIncensedrockbox loads over the archos os
20:50:27FrankIncensedit wont go past that error msg
20:50:52FrankIncensedi did drop it the other day, but only a short distance, could it be a hard drive is shot
20:52:12diddystar5thats most likly
20:52:31FrankIncensedany suggestions for a good hd replacement
20:52:33diddystar5some people have had luck by shaking their unit up a bit
20:52:43FrankIncensedi tried that too
20:52:44diddystar5i know it sounds weird
20:53:11diddystar5what capcity of a hard drive have are you wanting?
20:53:26FrankIncensedi will try anything at this point, as i cant get past that msg error or use usb
20:53:30FrankIncensed20 g is fine
20:55:08FrankIncensedit will show battery charging, but when i hit on it shows that error msg
20:55:43diddystar5i dont know all that much on the 20 gig drives
20:56:09FrankIncensedwell anything that has worked well for you is cool too
20:56:13diddystar5any 20gig 2.5 ide drive will work
20:57:00FrankIncenseddo you just reinstall the rockbox os on the new drive or do you have to have the archos os first
20:57:17diddystar5yes, you reinstall rockbox onthe hard rive
20:57:56diddystar5if you want archos firmware, dont put any firmware on the hard rive, it will just boot up with the original version
20:58:21FrankIncensedreally, even though the old hd is gone
20:58:39_Laurentyou might want to try to use the HD on a laptop if you are willing to disassemble your unit
20:59:00_Laurentin order to check that the HD is really over and try to reformat it
20:59:12_Laurent(my 2 cents)
20:59:25FrankIncensedyea thats a good idea too thaks
20:59:47Sebulba02They just take straight laptop harddrives?
21:00:27FrankIncensedany brand name hds that have worked well
21:01:55 Nick diddystar5 is now known as dstar5 (
21:02:06 Nick dstar5 is now known as diddystar5 (
21:02:22diddystar5ibm, hitachi...
21:02:41FrankIncensedbut it should be a laptop hd?
21:03:19_LaurentFrankIncensed: you will be able to connect it only to a laptop, 2"5 inches HD have special connectors that only laptops have
21:03:40diddystar5brb in a min
21:03:42 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
21:04:03_LaurentSebulba02: my gmini's hd is an Hitachi travelstar, typical laptop HD
21:05:18 Join diddystar5 [0] (
21:06:28FrankIncensedbut the replacement hd for the archos should be a laptop hd...sorry im not much of a techie
21:07:06_LaurentFrankIncensed: when you extract the HD from your archos, youwill be able to read its name and model, you might buy the same if you want to be sure it works
21:07:47dsgFrankIncensed: Just make sure the new HD doesn't drain too much power.
21:08:10dsgPower consumption is also on the label. I've seen laptop HDs that drain 2A. That's ridiculous.
21:08:11FrankIncensedhow do you know if it is to much power
21:08:17dsgWill kill your battery very fast.
21:08:35dsgIt's on the label on the front of your disk.
21:08:41dsgTry to get one that doesn't use much more.
21:08:45_Laurentwait, I have a photograph, consumption is probably on it
21:08:51_Laurentlet me find it
21:09:05FrankIncenseduse guys are great, thanks for all the help
21:09:14 Join Bluechip [0] (
21:09:40diddystar5hey Bluechip
21:09:44Bluechiphey diddy
21:09:50diddystar5hows wianmp5 pro? :)
21:10:07Bluechipim gonna try it NOW ...LOL
21:10:47_Laurent on the HD, you can see under "MODEL : ", voltage and amperage are indicated
21:11:37FrankIncensedyes i see it thanks alot
21:11:39BluechipWhat happened with the online gmini photos?
21:11:55_LaurentBluechip: huh ? they're still online, why ?
21:12:05Bluechipthought they had gone!!
21:12:10Bluechipust have misread the newsgroup
21:12:30_Laurentthose from Eric Linenberg are gone
21:13:01_Laurentbut I left mine, Archos is french firm, I'm french, and french law does not allow them to attack me so I'm safe ;)
21:13:16_Laurents/is french/is a french/g
21:13:36_Laurentis it so strange that I'm french ? ;)
21:13:53Bluechipit is strange that you cannot be sued by a french company
21:14:43_Laurentthere's no law on circumvention techniques, and even then, reverse engineering is allowed for interoperability purposes and has strong support in Europe so there's not much risk
21:14:50Bluechipdiddy: do all my winamp 2 plugins work with winamp 5?
21:15:06diddystar5Bluechip: like what?
21:15:19Bluechipgotcher - more that eric is US, not so much you are FR
21:15:29BluechipMOD, CDG
21:15:38_LaurentI mean circumvention of privacy prevention techniques, not circumvention techniques
21:15:57Bluechipi feel a jewish joke brewing up - lol
21:16:01diddystar5Bluechip: should, but there are alot of new plugins for winamp5
21:16:14_Laurentwoody allenish one ?
21:16:21diddystar5you can just back up your winamp2 just incase
21:16:25Bluechiplol - that'll do :)
21:17:24Sebulba02heh, you won't need to.. wa5 rocks
21:17:35_Laurentxmms rocks ;)
21:17:47diddystar5even better when you have the pro version for free :)
21:18:12BluechipNullSoft Video format - THAT is needless!
21:18:35diddystar5heh havent even looked at that
21:19:17Bluechipas for ripping & burning, I am EAC+LAME (have been for a l-o-n-g time) and NERO v5
21:19:27diddystar5the one thing that annoys me is there wanting money for the pro verison, and thaqt they put a option to put an aol icon on desktop
21:19:54diddystar5Bluechip: i use eac and lame to
21:20:02BluechipAOL purchased winamp just before it went to v3
21:20:06_Laurentsure, i'd pay billions of an aol icon on my desktop
21:20:08diddystar5i havent even really tried winamps encoder
21:20:12_Laurentof = for
21:20:32Bluechipwhat EAC+LAME options do you favour?
21:20:35_Laurent*that* is a feature ;)
21:21:03BluechipDid you hear that AOL files the worst loss of any company ever last year?
21:21:08diddystar5Bluechip: you mean verison?
21:21:20diddystar5oh n/m
21:21:37diddystar5i like 192kps cbr
21:21:37Sebulba02not suprising
21:21:52diddystar5and using cddb
21:22:03diddystar5and er well lots of options
21:22:20BluechipI went for 160 cbr q0 joint stereo
21:22:59Bluechip160 seemed a fair compromise between quality and size
21:23:13_Laurenti don't know how those capitalists champions manage to lose so much money while being so sure of how the economical system should work
21:23:13diddystar5192 is better for me
21:23:14Sebulba02only thing I rip audio off of is DVDs..
21:23:46Bluechipso where do you get your mp3's from?
21:24:05diddystar5i wonder is andrea (the guy making EAC) has been workin on it
21:24:14diddystar5there hasnt been any updates in forever
21:24:49diddystar5me? i go to my libary, and get cds to rip my libary has a huge collection
21:25:50diddystar5i used napster/aimster/morpheus/kazza and some otherones for a while, but i havent downloaded anyhting in over a year
21:26:07*Sebulba02 rips webstreams also
21:26:18Bluechipi reported a whole stream of bugs to him ...clearly outlined with "howto reproduce" and got an email back saying (in essence) "not interested" ...expcept one bug, which he said he could not fix although he had tried (dos window stealing focus)
21:26:42Bluechiphey seb, any idea how to streambox stuff from BBC.CO.UK
21:26:45diddystar5heh plugh did the same, and he became a admin
21:27:16_LaurentBluechip: who are you talking of ?
21:27:26_Laurentof = about
21:27:41*_Laurent makes mistakes after mistakes as far as english is concerned
21:27:54Bluechipl: sorry, there are two chats here ...bug reports to EAC bloke
21:28:19_Laurentis it open source ?
21:28:23Bluechipno :(
21:28:24Sebulba02heh, try being in 4 different conversations in two channels
21:28:28Bluechipbut it IS free
21:29:53diddystar5Bluechip: got winamp 5 up yet?
21:30:36Sebulba02what did you mean streambox Bluechip?
21:30:47BluechipStreambox is used to rip Real Media
21:31:08_Laurentbluchip : url for eac ?
21:31:18Sebulba02err, nope. Stuff I have only does icecast/shoutcast streams
21:31:27_Laurentit could be non free but open source ;)
21:32:45_Laurentah I see, it's the windows equivalent of cdparanoia on linux
21:33:31Bluechipcool - a decent ripper for Linux - one less reason to run Windows ...tick, tick, tick
21:33:44FrankIncensedanyone have an archos 20 gig recorder special edition v2
21:34:34_LaurentFrankIncensed: no
21:34:53*_Laurent thinks iTunes on linux would be nice
21:34:55FrankIncensedwas looking on ebay and they had one on sale, just wondered what it was, hadnt heard of it
21:35:13_Laurent(though being closed source)
21:35:22_Laurentthough = despite
21:35:38Bluechipnot sure about the "sepcial ed" probably just advertising hype
21:35:53Bluechipclosed source is okay is of the essence
21:36:44_Laurentreminds me of an enigma in dungeon master, "speed is of the essence" or something like it
21:37:06_Laurentman, that was a great game
21:37:09Bluechiplol - wow heritage TV
21:37:10Sebulba02free? everything is free if you know where to look.. ;)
21:37:12_Laurentbut i'm off topic there ;)
21:37:45diddystar5Sebulba02: correct
21:37:45_LaurentSebulba02: even a private cell with a sodomite companion might be given to you free if you want ;)
21:38:18_Laurentbut you might not be free to get out of the cell so often I guess ;)
21:38:27_Laurentso = very
21:38:39Sebulba02how true indeed
21:39:49*Sebulba02 encrypts his fileserver
21:40:03_Laurent"not all that is free is to be desired" says the wise
21:40:22Sebulba02"not all that is desired is free"
21:40:30BluechipRules are for FOOLS to follow ...and for Wise Men to be GUIDED by
21:41:11_Laurentlets change this place into a philosophical channel ;)
21:41:21Sebulba02darn straight
21:41:36_Laurentso about Plato and the cavern myth, I'd said...
21:41:42_Laurentsaid = say
21:42:00BluechipIf an Archos unit crashes and you have already fallen asleep, does it display a Panic error before the batteries fail?
21:42:27_LaurentI can't see how the fact that you are asleep affects the archos ;)
21:42:45Bluechipif a tree falls in a forest and no-one is around does it make a sound?
21:42:53Sebulba02of course
21:43:00_Laurentoh, I thought it was a real question ;)
21:43:13Bluechipno, it was my philosphical humour
21:43:17*_Laurent slaps himself
21:43:53_Laurenta question that puzzled me while a child : do other people think ? how can we have a proof of it ?
21:44:20Sebulba02My answer would be no, people don't think.
21:44:37Sebulba02Personal experience has proven that to me.
21:44:38_Laurentthat closes the debate pretty efficientely indeed ;)
21:44:59Sebulba02Some do, but not the majority.
21:45:29BluechipIt depends on how you define thought... Some suggest that thought is conceptual, others suggest that thought is just electrical motion, I favour that thought is defined by action ....there may be other options
21:45:34_Laurenthum, I'd say, all people think, but some people mindframe is twisted
21:45:52_Laurentor closed enough that they act without thinking out of the box
21:46:15_Laurent(it you can understand what I mean, which is not obvious I wouldn't myself) ;)
21:46:30Sebulba02Or 'flock', following the crowd instead of coming to their own conclusions.
21:46:44Bluechipthinking "out of the box" is only really "thinking within a larger box" are still limited to experience and diversion
21:47:01_Laurentyou can think without action though, that would invalidate the action/thought relation
21:47:12_LaurentBluechip: true !!
21:47:35_Laurentno one ever gets to understand everything, only what he had access to
21:47:57_Laurentthough buddhist say you can acheive a complete understanding of reality
21:48:10_Laurentcall me mistake man
21:48:20Sebulba02I'm sure they would think so.
21:48:22FrankIncensedlaurent you mentioned having a Gmini how does it compare to the older models
21:48:43Sebulba02aww, put us back on topic..
21:48:54BluechipI think the most important part is trust often have you had someone askfor you advice and then do something else ...surely if you were their choice of help, why ignore you?
21:49:11FrankIncensedand speaking of buddhists, i practice that
21:49:19Sebulba02Bluechip: indeed
21:49:20Bluechiponce you trust first and doubt later you can learn at double/trebble the speed
21:49:28_LaurentFrankIncensed : nice retro lit lcd, recorder, mp3/wma/wav player, C/F card reader
21:49:46FrankIncensedand as you can see I dont understand much of this techie stuff
21:50:01BluechipFrank. May I ask what is your view on what occurs just before/during/after death?
21:50:22_LaurentFrankIncensed: more and more people adhere to the buddhist philosophy
21:51:01FrankIncensedif any of you dl music files, i have a bunch of zen talks posted by my teacher,t ehy are very good
21:51:27_Laurentthat would be interesting for sure
21:51:35FrankIncensedwhat happens depends on what you think is going to happen i guess,, i personally belive in reincarnation
21:51:36Sebulba02Indeed, you have to dl the program
21:52:04FrankIncensedlook in my world-buddhist-zen talk folder
21:52:08Bluechipso buddhism would allow me to believe that death is the end, if I so wished?
21:52:11*_Laurent is not a big fan of downloading programs ;)
21:52:19*Bluechip is the same
21:53:03diddystar5goota go everyone
21:53:06diddystar5time to eat
21:53:11Bluechipl8rz dude
21:53:20 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
21:53:21 Join top_bloke [0] (
21:53:29FrankIncensedthere are many different types of buddhist philosophy one size does not fit all
21:53:45FrankIncensednot much dogma in zen especially,
21:53:48_Laurentthere are four main streams if I recall well
21:53:58FrankIncensedyou are encouraged to test the waters
21:54:09Bluechipsuspension of disbelief
21:54:18Bluechiptrust first - doubt later
21:54:41FrankIncensedno doubt first
21:54:45_Laurenti'm not so sure about this trust first doubt later
21:54:57FrankIncensedyea doubt first always
21:55:04Bluechipno, it takes a strong mind to achieve that level of learning
21:55:20FrankIncensedno it takes a beggingers mind
21:55:26_LaurentI think it's more like the scientific method : read the theory, get the facts, apply the theory, see if it fits and reject/accept according to the result
21:55:32FrankIncensedan unfrettered mind
21:55:58FrankIncensedbuddhist theroy is very in tune with scientific theroy
21:56:05Bluechip<what> is more like the scientific method?
21:56:18Bluechipoh buddhism, right
21:56:23_Laurentthe buddhist credo
21:56:47Bluechipbut to analyse the problem, you must first trust that the problem exists
21:57:07Bluechipif you doubt the claim, then you will not analyse the situation
21:58:12FrankIncensedzen is more like just be and things tend to work out for themselves, we tend to overcomplicate everything, at least i do
21:58:18_Laurentthat's why scientists are much interested by buddhists methods such as meditation especially in neuroscience
21:58:43Bluechipmeditation is a VERY powerful tool
21:58:45FrankIncensedtheyve done lots of experiments on meditating monks
21:58:48BluechipVERY VERY VERY
21:58:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:58:55FrankIncensedvery very very every
21:59:08_LaurentBluechip: I think "doubt" mean "test before accepting"
21:59:10BluechipHypnotism is my take on meditation
21:59:48FrankIncensedyes exactly laurent
22:00:07_Laurentwhat fascinates me is the possibility to enter a thoughtless state when meditating, I'd like to feel how it is, cause it's really hard to stop thinking ;)
22:00:25FrankIncensedcan you use rockbox on the gemini laurent
22:00:56BluechipMy ideal is to take on board everything you have to tell me, trust you during that time, then try to think like you by using your information as a basis of process, then, when I have used that process, ONLY then will I put back *my* restricted view of the world and analyse your results for conformance
22:01:03FrankIncensedits even harder to stop thinking when you try to meditate, its called monkey mind because the thoughts bounce around in your head like chips doing tricks for bannanas
22:01:11_LaurentFrankIncensed: not yet, but I am working on it, I did not do much yet apart from disassembling my gmini to know its components, but I have contacted the CPU makers to get more information about it
22:01:32FrankIncensedso you think its a worth product
22:01:36_LaurentI like this image ;)
22:02:12BluechipFrank. If you want to silence your mind, you would do well to read up on the section of hypnosis (same thing different name) about "utilisation"
22:02:45FrankIncensedmeditation is working for me, it just takes a lot of practice
22:02:56_LaurentFrankIncensed: with rockbox on it I think it's a great product. I think its main interest lies in association with a digital camera, you can store pictures and record sounds. I hope to have it do more complex things with rockbox on it but it might reveal impossible.
22:02:59Bluechipor a good teacher
22:03:41FrankIncensedyea check out thoes zen talk files thoes that are interested, a very good teacher
22:04:03Bluechipit insists on installing some random exe on my hdd - i will track some down on p2p
22:04:21_LaurentBluechip: your method might work too, though you need to have a good confidence on people you listen to first
22:04:31Bluechipyes yes yes
22:04:38Bluechipthat is it
22:04:47Bluechiptrust FIRST
22:04:53Bluechipdoubt LATER
22:05:09Bluechipif you believe someone to be a liar - trust them to lie
22:05:27_Laurentthis raises a paradox : to have a good confidence in those people you need to have tested them before, so you doubted first ;)
22:05:30Sebulba02Good philosophy
22:06:12Bluechipyes, which is why it takes a strong person
22:06:55Bluechipyou have to realise that this system is made up of "rules" and as we all know EVERY rule will fail at SOME point
22:07:22FrankIncensedsuggestions more than rules actually
22:07:39FrankIncensedmore like for ever action there is a reaction
22:07:41Bluechipi say "rules" rather than "facts" ...but yes
22:07:58_LaurentI don't see buddhism as a set of rules more as logical deductions from basic simple precepts
22:08:00FrankIncensedthats what karma is all about
22:08:23BluechipI think we're down to semantics now :)
22:08:34Bluechip(this is a GOOD point during a conversation)
22:08:57FrankIncenseda set of choices and consequences for the choices
22:09:25Bluechipyes, you should feel free to make any choice I offer you
22:09:43Bluechip<Milton Erickson>
22:10:20 Quit top_bloke ("The mind is a terrible thing to taste. Wasted 30 seconds online.")
22:10:22_Laurentif it's about feeling, that's not a problem as long as you're free not to make them ;)
22:10:34Bluechipsoooooo ,....what kindly person might lke to consider the choice of testing my win32sim patch?
22:10:46_Laurentno windows on my machine sorry ;)
22:11:05Bluechiphee hee
22:12:56Sebulba02uhh, none here either :)
22:13:22Bluechipis the x11 sim just as broken?
22:13:35_Laurentno idea
22:13:48_Laurentwhat was broken in the win version ?
22:13:55Sebulba02thats what I was using yesterday
22:13:56Bluechipall dir based menu options
22:14:05Bluechipplugins, firmware etc etc
22:14:12Sebulba02plugins worked
22:14:26Bluechipvia the menu?
22:14:53BluechipwithOUT making loads of extra dirs on your machine by hand?
22:15:09Sebulba02uh, no.. i had to create .rockbox/rocks/
22:15:17Sebulba02but you would on a recorder anyways :)
22:15:30Bluechipnot in a sim
22:15:32_Laurentaugh, I thought you were talking about "the sims" and was wondering "why is there a firmware/plugin menu in this game ?"
22:15:52Sebulba02ugh, that game blows dogs
22:16:14FrankIncensedthanks for all the help
22:16:20Bluechipok mate
22:16:23FrankIncensedsee yas
22:16:23Bluechipur welcome
22:16:26_Laurentyou are welcome
22:16:35 Quit FrankIncensed ("Leaving")
22:16:36_Laurentbye !
22:17:18Sebulba02god, I gotta start being more productive
22:17:28_LaurentI was thinking the same
22:17:32_Laurentabout me ;)
22:17:45Sebulba02thats reassuring
22:17:52Bluechipsome guy wants "mkdir" in the menu
22:17:59Bluechipthat's gotta be a two min job
22:18:05Sebulba02doesn't the function already exist?
22:18:09Bluechipgosub getname, gosub mkdir
22:18:10_Laurentthere's one on archos gmini firmware
22:18:26Bluechipeven better still, just port that one over
22:18:41_Laurentthere's a special menu button on the gmini
22:18:51Bluechipwe call it "ON"
22:18:53_Laurentit serves as a context menu
22:19:23Sebulba02I would think moving/renaming/deleting files would also be good
22:19:39_Laurentlet me see
22:19:39Bluechipthere we go, you're being more productive already :)
22:19:56_Laurentplease stop breathing while I check
22:19:56Bluechip"annnddd ahead of the starters gun HE IS OFF :)"
22:20:33_Laurentif you're on a folder menu says "record, create folder, delete folder, rename folder"
22:20:34*Bluechip starts to appreciate the value of his first half of his nickname
22:20:37Sebulba02I'm just thinking, I don't want to implement it :)
22:20:59Bluechipnah, leave it to someone else :)
22:21:10Sebulba02Its the American way
22:21:13Bluechipwho likes peer approval anyway?
22:21:58Sebulba02If I understood the code, I would.
22:22:05Bluechipdo you code in C?
22:22:05_Laurentif you're on a file it says "record, file info, rename file, delete file, delete all files (in current folder), create folder"
22:22:18Sebulba02To some extent, not very strong with it.
22:22:21*_Laurent doesn't get the "blue" thing
22:22:36Bluechip_Laurent: hold breath, turn blue
22:23:01BluechipSeb, would you LIKE to have this skill?
22:23:23Sebulba02I'm already working on that skill. I have to write a wireless simulator in C++ :)
22:23:24_Laurentto turn blue ?
22:23:35_Laurentis turning blue a desirable skill ? I wonder ;)
22:23:43Bluechipliterally - lack of oxygen from not breathing
22:23:54Sebulba02Don't hold your breath.
22:23:57DBUGEnqueued KICK Bluechip
22:23:57Bluechip[21:19] <_Laurent> please stop breathing while I check
22:24:17Sebulba02ahh, totally missed that
22:24:28_Laurentyup, I got it :)
22:24:47Bluechip_Laurent: yeah, kinda glad YOU got it, being the one that said it an' all - LOL
22:25:50 Quit c0utta (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:25:57Bluechipso, seb, what feature would you like to add to rockbox to help you learn?
22:26:00_Laurentyou might not know,but there's a paypal link on the website, who does it benefit when someone contributes ?
22:26:16Bluechipnot me
22:26:30Bluechip(that's as helpful as I get here)
22:26:49Sebulba02I was thinking of making it so you could have the time in Internet heartbeats, but my head started hurting when I started looking for the code.
22:27:10Bluechipokay, let me start you in the right place....
22:29:41Sebulba02code documentation would be a nice thing
22:29:52Bluechipyou can sure do that if you like
22:30:05Bluechipadd preocdeure headers to eveything
22:30:13Sebulba02That would require understanding it first.
22:30:31Bluechipi would disagree - I would suggest that it would be a great focus to aid you learning
22:31:45BluechipSeb, check out /apps/recorder/icons.c:306
22:31:57CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
22:31:57*_Laurent has installed a new toy for his cat and it's probably going to incite the neighbours to kill him quickly
22:32:15_Laurentbluechip : ok, I was just curious ;)
22:32:18Bluechipyes, maybe "statusbar.c" would have been nicer, but hey
22:32:54Sebulba02looks simple enough
22:33:17Bluechipi found "status_draw" in "status.c" and that led me (via grep) to "icons.c"
22:33:36Sebulba02of course the offset from the dateline is also required, but I don't think thats stored anywhere.
22:33:51Bluechip"offset from the date line?"
22:34:05Bluechipmidknights clock.c displays the date
22:34:05Sebulba02yeah, beat dates are printed in GMT
22:34:18Sebulba02I know, I helped him hack some stuff into it
22:34:40Bluechipyou would need to add a new input for TIME-ZONE
22:35:09Bluechipthat's nice and easy
22:35:54Bluechipcls, print "time zone", if UP tzone++, if DOWN tzone−−, print tzone, loop
22:36:55Bluechipstore the value wherever the volume is stored :)
22:37:22Sebulba02I would think it should be an option to where you set the time.
22:37:44Bluechipyes, that would be a good place to put it - copy the 12/24hr code as your start point :)
22:38:48Bluechipi'm a real cut'n'paste programmer ;)
22:39:09Sebulba02I try not to be
22:39:16_Laurentdo you think xmas is a day off in south korea ?
22:41:02_Laurenti'm trying to estimate when I'll get a reply from telechips, either one day or two depending on wether it's an off day or not
22:42:08_Laurentno pb, not a big deal anyway, i'm sorry to have interrupted you, please continue ;)
22:42:44Bluechipstarting my new sound config routine
22:43:03_LaurentI have to get back to the firmware analysis too ;)
22:44:58*Sebulba02 is, err.. um, eating.
22:47:34Sebulba02duh, global_settings is in settings.h
22:51:14Sebulba02Bluechip: if your working on the sim, think you can make it where the keys are configurable also? :)
23:01:25Sebulba02gah, okay.. wtf did I do that f'd this so hard?
23:05:27 Join top_bloke [0] (
23:07:06 Join scott666 [0] (
23:22:09 Join diddystar5 [0] (
23:29:53Sebulba02ugh, bit shifting
23:30:05diddystar5i cant believe what im doing :)
23:30:14Sebulba02Do I want to know?
23:30:57diddystar5i went to my libary, i made the bios on the puter im using to bott from cd, and now im on knoppix, and i have time limits are anything, and i have a T1 connection!
23:31:33diddystar5this is fun!
23:31:44Sebulba02too bad you can't really download anything..
23:31:44 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
23:31:58diddystar5and i can see the traffic going through the network, if i installed a packet sniffer now
23:32:06diddystar5i can to the hd
23:32:22Sebulba02dump it to your archos :)
23:32:55diddystar5yeah! i can use usb now with knoppix on these computers
23:33:01diddystar5thats gonna be fun!
23:33:11diddystar5to bad i dont have my archos with me right now
23:33:13Sebulba02until it dies from so much writing ;)
23:33:41_Laurenthum, interesting, I found that one guy from is a member of the opendivx forum, might be another way to get in touch with them
23:34:04kurzhaarrockerNow we'd need something to boot knoppix via usb from rockbox...
23:34:21Sebulba02you should be able to boot off a usb disc
23:34:34Sebulba02just install something on it
23:34:40diddystar5humm yeah
23:34:46kurzhaarrockerI'll try that later
23:35:12Sebulba02only issue is, it'd be slow as dirt. Unless you mod'd a fast hd into it
23:35:26Sebulba02& large batteries
23:35:43_Laurentdiddystar5: excellent !
23:36:12Sebulba02anyone know if timezones are translated in different languages?
23:36:19diddystar5omg this T1 is fast!
23:36:25Sebulba02of course
23:36:48*diddystar5 is having lots of fun
23:38:37diddystar5knoppix is a bit slow these puters are only 128 mb ram
23:38:50Bluechipoops - my window stopped doing the new-msg-flash ...did i miss anything?
23:39:10Sebulba02of course
23:39:27Bluechippedant ;)
23:40:08Sebulba02ugh, I bet rockbox doesn't handle daylight savings time either, does it?
23:40:18diddystar5i dunno
23:40:39Bluechipwould need the time-zone info to do it - so no
23:41:29Sebulba02Just typing in all these timezones would take me an hour.. god help anyone who would translate them.
23:41:50Bluechipjust do GMT+-X
23:42:09Sebulba02Then all I need is GMT
23:42:18Bluechipas a fixed string
23:42:28Sebulba02its not translated?
23:42:49BluechipWith the 6x10 Rockbox font WIDE is it?
23:43:07BluechipGMT is an international standard
23:43:08Sebulba02hmm, maybe I should just do +=#
23:43:17_Laurentoops, had forgotten to reply to the tech guy had telechips, corrected
23:43:24_Laurenthad = at
23:43:34_Laurentthis is definitely not my day
23:43:51Sebulba02I'm sure he doesn't hate you.. too much.
23:44:23_LaurentSebulba02: what do you mean by translated in different languages ?
23:45:17Sebulba02since rockbox supports like 20 languages
23:46:21_Laurentthe point is that since they are engineers and some seem to be interested in open source development and some even seem to be teachers they might help us to convince their management to support the rockbox project on their CPU
23:47:10Sebulba02so your worried you gave them a bad impression?
23:49:31Bluechipanyone know what the default font it caleed?
23:49:48Sebulba02or something
23:49:52 Join cael [0] (
23:50:02Bluechipta :)
23:50:41 Nick diddystar5 is now known as dstar5 (
23:50:44_Laurentno, but I want to make sure to reach all important people
23:50:54 Quit cael (Client Quit)
23:51:27_Laurentso they can convince other key people that might be undecided or opposed to giving specs for open source developers
23:51:47 Join wakejagr [0] (
23:52:32 Nick dstar5 is now known as diddystar5 (
23:53:30_Laurentshit i'm dumb
23:53:42_LaurentI should have used my ieee account
23:54:01Sebulba02its nice having one of those
23:54:08_Laurentthis is definitely *not* my day
23:54:23Sebulba02why? the specs are published there?
23:54:57_LaurentSebulba02: it's not hard, you just need to graduate in college
23:55:08Sebulba02One more semester
23:55:31Sebulba02Though i do have access to both the ACM & IEEE lib while I am in school.
23:55:33_Laurentno, but their engineers probably are IEEE members too, so that might help getting in touch
23:56:02Bluechipcould also make them wary of you
23:56:09_Laurentwhy ?
23:56:34Bluechipa presumption made upon the morals of the BCS
23:56:48_LaurentI don't think so, IEEE philosophy is to share ideas as much as possible
23:58:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"

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