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#rockbox log for 2003-12-27

00:00:25 Join arspy87 [0] (
00:00:34arspy87hey guys
00:01:15Bluechiphi spy
00:01:22arspy87lol... hi spy
00:01:48Sebulba02lets see if i totally broke this yet
00:02:15arspy87Seb: what is it?
00:02:30Sebulba02I'm *attempting* to hack in timezone
00:02:49arspy87ooh, that would be cool, to have timezones
00:03:09Sebulba02yeah, but I totally don't get how this stuff is drawn
00:03:21diddystar5what stuff
00:03:36Sebulba02settings.c:1880 ish, yeah
00:04:19Sebulba02I understand the snprintf into the buffer, but how it keeps track of which option its on, I don't see.
00:04:22*arspy87 wishes he had an archos
00:04:53Bluechiphey, ars dude, I uploaded the new win32sim patch ;)
00:04:54diddystar5why are you here then? :)
00:05:01diddystar5cool Bluechip
00:05:05diddystar5what does it do?
00:05:13 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:05:17Bluechipgo read...
00:05:17arspy87diddy: i'm just midknight2k3's friend, lol
00:06:07diddystar5me to :)
00:06:08arspy87i'd get an ajbrec if i could find it at some retailer somewhere...
00:06:13diddystar5does he talk about me
00:06:30arspy87how much do they go for these days?
00:06:42Sebulba02$200ish, depending
00:06:48Bluechip6gb was 140 i think
00:06:50arspy87diddy: he hasn't mentioned you as far as i remember ;)
00:06:59arspy87ooh not bad
00:07:13Bluechipin six months they will not exist any more i reckon
00:07:42arspy87this topic has probably come up before, but will rockbox come on the new archoses?
00:08:00*Sebulba02 ponders breaking out the -CRAPd cvs flags.
00:08:04diddystar5not rockbox
00:08:21diddystar5but avos is being made for the av 300's
00:08:28Bluechipdepends on how things go with archos being funny about it
00:08:50arspy87is archos blocking the source on the new players or something?
00:09:16Bluechipyou should read the news group
00:09:28_Laurentwhat news group ?
00:09:31Bluechipyour last two q's have been the topic of in-depth conversations there
00:09:37Bluechiprockbox news group
00:09:44_Laurenthuh ?
00:09:51Sebulba02I've yet to get a message from them.
00:09:52arspy87cool, i'll go there
00:09:56Sebulba02The list, that is.
00:10:05_Laurentah, the list
00:10:36 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
00:10:46arspy87hey kurz
00:10:47_LaurentI was beginning to think that I was not only dumb but also blind ;)
00:10:55kurzhaarrockerI don't understand c
00:11:02arspy87kurz: me neither!
00:11:05Bluechipwhich reference book do you own?
00:11:22kurzhaarrockerNot any single one
00:11:32BluechipI *may* have spotted your problem
00:11:48kurzhaarrockerMy problem started when I wanted to include settings.h in plugin.h
00:12:14Bluechipdon't know that particular error message
00:12:15arspy87can you do that? include includes?
00:12:16Sebulba02why would that cause issues?
00:12:23kurzhaarrockerSome very clever man thought it was a good idea to make an enum
00:12:23kurzhaarrockerenum optiontype { OPT_INT, OPT_BOOL };
00:12:33arspy87include in includes*
00:12:37kurzhaarrockerNo, it was enum optiontype { INT, BOOL };
00:12:41Sebulba02yes, you can
00:13:07kurzhaarrockerBut as soon as you have windows.h, too you have BOOL INT and some other stuff redefined.
00:13:16arspy87hmm, too bad i can't get it to work in html haha
00:13:47kurzhaarrockerSo -> simulator didn't work. I thought the best idea was to rename these things to OPT_XXX
00:15:02kurzhaarrockerAnd what happened? id3.c doesn't compile because it claims undefined references to DEBUGF. How can that be? The file - as well as the includes are untouched!
00:15:05Bluechipwhat OS
00:15:15kurzhaarrockerxp with cygwin.
00:15:21Sebulba02ohh, its a news:// list , not a mailing list?
00:15:23kurzhaarrockerWhen I compile the clean cvs it works
00:15:30Bluechipdoes a tarball compile okay?
00:15:41Bluechipright, so it's your edit somehow
00:16:12Bluechipwhich files did you edit?
00:16:18_Laurentis anyone living in florida here ?
00:16:24Sebulba02I am.
00:16:34Bluechiplucky B*
00:16:36Sebulba02Right smack in the middle of it.
00:16:46Sebulba02Bluechip: I don't think so, *shrugs*
00:16:50arspy87how's the weather there Seb?
00:16:53_Laurenthow long is it since it's night where you are approximately ?
00:16:53Bluechiptrade you ANY day
00:17:01Sebulba02hot as f*ck, usually
00:17:13Sebulba02about an hour, maybe
00:17:16BluechipYou would LOVE UK
00:17:16arspy87it's freezing in the northeast
00:17:30 Quit top_bloke (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:17:30Sebulba02dude, i'd love anywhere but here
00:17:34_Laurentok, thanks
00:17:36Bluechipdark, miserable, cloudy, windy, cold :)
00:17:45Bluechipeverything is overpriced
00:17:57Bluechippetrol is about $10/Gallan
00:17:59arspy87 haha
00:18:10Bluechipshop-tax is 17.5%
00:18:14Sebulba02its different there, your govt pays for a lot of crap
00:18:19kurzhaarrockermodified files:
00:18:20kurzhaarrockerM apps/playlist_menu.c
00:18:20kurzhaarrockerM apps/plugin.c
00:18:20DBUGEnqueued KICK kurzhaarrocker
00:18:20kurzhaarrockerM apps/plugin.h
00:18:20kurzhaarrockerM apps/settings.c
00:18:20***Alert Mode level 1
00:18:20kurzhaarrockerM apps/settings.h
00:18:22arspy87i wish there was a Fry's in the northeast but there isnt
00:18:22kurzhaarrockerM apps/settings_menu.c
00:18:24kurzhaarrockerM apps/sound_menu.c
00:18:25Bluechipincome tax & NI is about 33%
00:18:26kurzhaarrockerM firmware/mpeg.c
00:18:28kurzhaarrockerM firmware/export/mpeg.h
00:18:49arspy87Blue: wow
00:20:08Bluechipciggies are about $9 for 20
00:20:24Sebulba02I don't smoke.
00:20:49Bluechipi would say "fags" but ....
00:20:55kurzhaarrockerI don't see a single file that is included by id3.c
00:21:17Bluechiplucky you dont drink either at about $10/pint
00:21:31arspy87slang is crazy between US/UK ;)
00:21:32Bluechipunless you are in london ...then it is expensive
00:25:22kurzhaarrockerI just don't why it can compile in the clean version and not in my modified. There are no differences as far as id3.c are concerned.
00:25:28kurzhaarrockerI don't see any
00:26:10Bluechipmake a patch and send it over :)
00:27:36arspy87kurz is it possible that whatever line you edited depended on something in the id3 file? or however nested it may be?>
00:28:04kurzhaarrockerI have searched and didn' t see anything
00:28:10Sebulba02god, htf did I subscribe to the wrong list?
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00:28:12*kurzhaarrocker patches
00:28:21***Alert Mode OFF
00:29:56diddystar5Bluechip: MAS-3587 specific features
00:29:56diddystar5, what are those?
00:30:22Bluechipdo you have the 3587 data sheet?
00:30:44BluechipIt's the dynamic Bass stuff
00:30:46diddystar5and also, the reason the .rvf and .ch8 files fail it because of the #ifndef SIMULATOR
00:31:20diddystar5i know the .ch8 files work if you just remove the #ifndef simulator and the #edif for it
00:31:25diddystar5i dunno about the rvf
00:31:38Bluechipcan you be more specific?
00:31:50Bluechippreferably in reference to the NEW code
00:32:03arspy87(off topic) speaking of rvf, how does the lcd handle the grayscale?
00:32:16arspy87(like good or bad)
00:32:18Bluechipflashing the elements I guess
00:32:34diddystar5clode to the start of chip8.c, remove the #ifndef SIMULATOR, and a the end of the file remove #endif // #ifndef SIMULATOR
00:32:46diddystar5arspy87, very well
00:32:48arspy87yeah, i meant does it run nicely and are there any adverse effects from the refreshing, etc?
00:33:09diddystar5its not the best looking but it is amasing
00:33:23kurzhaarrocker(the patch included)
00:34:22diddystar5Bluechip: i already have apatch out that enable the chip8 for the simulator, you can just see that
00:34:40diddystar5but just forget the part i cahnges in firmware/drivers/lcd-recorder.c
00:35:17*diddystar5 can;t type well today
00:35:37Bluechipi gotta eat now - will check that l8r :)
00:35:37Sebulba02that t1 getting to your head ;)
00:35:46 Nick Bluechip is now known as bc|bbl (
00:35:46DBUGEnqueued KICK bc|bbl
00:35:53kurzhaarrockereating *sigh*
00:36:15diddystar5bc|bbl: here is the link to that patch
00:36:17kurzhaarrockerme has the shit's since 3 days
00:36:26Sebulba02that sucks
00:36:26bc|bbloh :(
00:36:27kurzhaarrockerI don't want to eat
00:36:42arspy87kurz: :(
00:36:44diddystar5uhh k
00:36:51diddystar5well im gotta go
00:36:55diddystar5see you guys later
00:37:08arspy87cya diddy
00:37:20diddystar5bye arspy87 bc|bbl kurzhaarrocker
00:37:27 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
00:41:22kurzhaarrockermpeg.c uses lots of DEBUGF and doesn't complain.
00:43:13Sebulba02uh, yeah, theres a bug with the mailing list process
00:43:38kurzhaarrockerWhat does it do?
00:43:53Sebulba02more of what it doesn't do.
00:44:27Sebulba02" Here's the general information for the list you've subscribed to, in case you don't already have it:" and its blank afterwards.. i'm assuming that would contain the send list info and whatnot.
00:46:18Sebulba02weird, eh?
00:47:08kurzhaarrockerI already deleted the welcome mail. I have no idea what was in it.
00:47:38Sebulba02I always save it.
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00:50:51*kurzhaarrocker gives up for today
00:51:41kurzhaarrockerhow late is it in florida?
00:52:30Sebulba027 mins til
00:52:31arspy876:52 EST
00:52:44Sebulba02Okay, so my alarm clock is off.
00:53:31kurzhaarrockerwell, here it's 0:53. I think I'll have a nap now.
00:53:43_Laurentkurzhaarrocker: are you in germany ?
00:54:13Sebulba02good night (in german)
00:54:13_Laurentsame time than france that's how I guessed + "kurz" :)
00:54:23_Laurentgot to go to sleep too
00:54:32_Laurentgood bye everyone
00:54:52kurzhaarrockerGute Nacht! Bonne nuit! (?)
00:55:17_Laurentgute nach auch ! Bonne nuit ist perfekt ;)
00:55:20Sebulba02beats me
00:55:26_Laurentwhat ?
00:56:56 Quit _Laurent ("time to go, bye !")
01:08:40 Nick bc|bbl is now known as Bluechip (
01:08:40DBUGEnqueued KICK Bluechip
01:13:32 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:17:44 Part arspy87
01:22:20 Quit cjnr11 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
01:23:04 Join c0utta [0] (
01:29:05 Join trakkk [0] (
01:45:30 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- Chicks dig it")
01:50:59 Quit trakkk ("Leaving")
01:52:31 Join top_bloke [0] (
01:55:11 Join LinusN [200] (
01:55:27BluechipHey go Linus - have a good one?
01:56:06LinusNsure, how about you?
01:56:20Bluechipgreat thanks - remote control car :)
01:56:33Bluechipand new computer chair (to be selected by me)
01:57:11Bluechipand to be chuffed with myself - i got the rest of the win32sim stuff working :)
01:57:25Bluechipso YES, I had a very good one thanks :)
01:57:33LinusNwhy did you rmeove the "archos" dir?
01:57:41Bluechipthere seemed no use for it
01:57:46Bluechipit was used by nothing
01:58:04LinusNit is the root of the simulated HD
01:58:32Bluechipthe disk browser starts in the root of my hard drive
01:58:44Bluechip...always did
01:58:53LinusNthat's a bug
01:59:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:59:10Sebulba02fixed it the wrong way :P
01:59:59Bluechipi find it helpful - then I can just find my mp3 dir on my hdd D:\MUSIC\
02:00:17BluechipI can change it though, if it would be preferred
02:01:05LinusNi think it's better with a custom dir
02:01:06BluechipMy view is ...when you work in two or three source trees you will need multiple copies of the "disk image"
02:01:24LinusNmaybe some kind of setting, like a .INI file?
02:01:53Bluechipahaa ...
02:02:05Bluechipput back the archos folder and make .rockbox off of that automagically
02:02:32Bluechipthen, if you prefer, you can make the archos folder yourself as a symlink to whereever the heck you like?
02:02:36LinusNyeah, and make the plugins in archos/.rockbox/rocks
02:02:56LinusNmayhe %ARCHOS%/.rockbox
02:03:11LinusN$ARCHOS in linux
02:03:19Bluechipthat works
02:03:31LinusNor maybe $PLAYERDIR and $RECORDERDIR
02:04:06LinusNsometimes i need different trees for different models
02:04:23Sebulba02.oO( Good luck on that :) )
02:04:58Bluechipokay - i can understand that ...not long before the NEO becomes a relevant consideration too
02:05:18scott666and the fm/v2?
02:05:26Bluechipfm & v2 are recorders
02:05:56Bluechipgotta take a look at the Player screen IO sometime - I'm sure it's not right
02:06:27 Join matsl [0] (
02:06:30Bluechip...but not knowing what I am aiming for...
02:10:02Bluechipso would the user be required to know to SET PLAYER=C:\ SET RECORDER=D:\ during install ...or would we ask about this during 'configure'
02:11:02LinusNconfigure would be a great place, with ./archos as default
02:11:02Sebulba02export PLAYER=$variable :)
02:11:52Bluechipor maybe insist on /home/rockbox/player_hdd and /home/rockbox/recorder_hdd ???
02:11:59Bluechipjust bouncing all ideas
02:12:48LinusNnot sure
02:13:16Bluechipi suppose the essence here is ...should all source trees use the same hdd structure?
02:13:20LinusNi am kind of used to the current concept...
02:14:26Bluechipthat's fair
02:16:42BluechipI am doing some audio stuff atm, i will wait a day or two for other feedback and make changes then :)
02:18:26LinusNare you doing MDB fine tuning?
02:19:02Bluechipalso redoing the audio screen in general
02:19:38Bluechipalso user defined stereo seperation
02:19:51LinusNi have done mdb fine tuning, and we also have another patch for it, what's your approach?
02:20:13Bluechipoh! not seen it ....I was thinking of a dynamic graph
02:20:46LinusNi was thinking of only selecting the cutoff frequency and the strength
02:20:58LinusNas user options
02:21:04Bluechipi'm going for a full blown register level setup
02:21:26BluechipI imagine that only techie users will enjoy it
02:21:37LinusNmy thinking is this: the average user won't have a clue what do do
02:22:08LinusNbut setting the cutoff freq to match the earphones/speakers would suffice
02:22:51BluechipIf peple like the new interface in general, then perhaps a few defaults, as with stereo seperation
02:23:08Bluechipuser/techie mode
02:23:52LinusNmaybe, but what if you tweak it in expert mode and then switch to novice mode, what would the setting show?
02:24:14LinusN(custom) or something?
02:25:02Bluechipatm the advanced screens are under the PLAY button
02:26:18LinusNi'll await your patch and judge from that
02:26:43LinusNthe settings screen really needs a touchup
02:26:55 Join trakk [0] (
02:27:05Bluechipwell, if what have in my head looks as good on the screen, then it will be a pleasant surprise :)
02:30:34 Quit trakk (Client Quit)
02:45:54c0uttahey guys
02:46:14c0uttai haven't spoken to you in about 2 years linus
02:46:55c0uttai reckon i was one of the 1st to have a recorder 6gb working
02:47:22c0uttano sound at that stage, just the early WPS
02:48:07LinusNa true veteran :-)
02:48:11c0uttai've just started reviewing the code for rockbox and would like to contribute
02:48:16CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
02:48:16*Bluechip steps back in awe
02:48:42c0uttaBluechip: steeping back cos i'm a veteran ? or wanting to contribute ?
02:48:59Bluechipin respect for the veteran
02:49:28c0uttalinus was emailing be ajz files to check for ata problems
02:49:38c0uttabe=me dyslexic fingers...
02:50:12c0uttaanyway, i'd like to map Fn keys. does anyone here have an approach ?
02:50:37LinusNnot really, what are you trying to accomplish?
02:50:43c0uttai'm a novice c programmer - used to be intermediate but haven't done it for a few years
02:50:52Bluechipmy recent thoughts are f1 main menu, f2 cutom menu, f3 context menu
02:52:35c0uttai never use f2/f3 at all. hardeep's browse patch has changed my life, so i wanted to map some of the functions to those keys
02:52:57 Part LinusN
02:53:07c0uttahow do you guys feel about pointers to functions ?
02:53:27c0uttais this possible under our development environment ?
02:53:30Bluechipermmmm, without them the plugin systems would die
02:54:18c0uttawhat i considered was having a table of all the allowable mappable functions
02:54:30Bluechipyes, great idea :)
02:54:42c0uttaproblem is, it could be huge!
02:55:19Bluechiphmmmm, I don't think we have any memory problems since the plugins were all seperated from the main code
02:55:48Bluechipbut it would be an amazingly modular approach for the whole system
02:55:50 Join k4waii [0] (
02:56:05k4waiianyone here with an av300..? or only jbmm's...
02:56:23Bluechipnot me
02:56:28c0uttame neither
02:56:32Sebulba02Not I.
02:57:43c0uttaBluechip: for example, F3-Right could be mapped directly to delete from playlist (using hardeep's functions)
02:58:37c0uttait would bypass his playlist_viewer, but would use static functions. this means they can't be static anymore
02:58:45c0uttai don't know if this was his intention
02:58:49BluechipI thought of F3, menu pops up, key items have > >> >| etc icons next to them
02:59:06c0uttaexactly what i'd like to do.
02:59:23Bluechipthen if you know the shortcut you can do f3+right and never see the menu
02:59:34c0uttaadjusting the code is easy enough myself, but that's selfish
03:00:16c0uttaa lot of people make the request for remappable keys
03:00:18Sebulba02Glad I'm not the only one that didn't make sense to.
03:00:28c0uttaselfish to just do it for myself
03:00:32c0uttaeasier tho
03:00:52Bluechipah - no ...if you like the idea I proposed above then please Do The Work For Me :)))
03:01:35c0uttaBluechip: exactly what i wanted to do
03:01:57BluechipLOL - oh it IS a happy Christmas :)
03:02:27c0uttais there any reason why Up/Play/On aren't used on the F2/F3 menus ?
03:02:50Bluechipthe kbd is in two chunks
03:03:28c0uttachunks ??
03:03:45Bluechipone key can be read from each "chunk"
03:04:03Bluechipscan line?
03:04:10Bluechipgrid array?
03:04:57c0uttaare the limitations documented ?
03:05:16Bluechipi've read it somewhere, so it must be- but ermmmmmmmmmm
03:05:34*Sebulba02 turns on some insane wa5 visualization
03:06:12Bluechipcheck /firmware/drivers/button.c:180
03:07:49c0uttago it
03:07:52c0uttagot it
03:08:42Bluechipas you can tell, it's quite easy to find your way around the source, once you know it
03:09:30 Join LinusN [200] (
03:09:44LinusNoops, didn't see the modem connection drop :-)
03:10:09Bluechipmissed some fun chat on f1/2/3 functionality
03:10:18LinusNBluechip: have you read the NEWKEYS document from me and bagder?
03:10:36Bluechipwhere is it?
03:11:55 Quit edx ()
03:11:57Bluechiphey c0utta, think you better read that too
03:13:37Bluechipseems everybody had almost identical ideas - lol
03:15:21BluechipSo, Linus, is that coded or just specced?
03:15:30LinusNonly specced
03:16:26Bluechipc0utta suggested a big array of ptr-to-fn for all possible menu entries, but was concerned about memory use
03:17:21c0uttaand that some of the functions are statics..
03:17:32c0uttawell..the ones that i want to use
03:18:40LinusNthe big problem is how to handle the buttons (like the filtering of some release events etc) and avoiding stack overflows due to recursion
03:21:04Bluechipyou could call via a CALL_MENU function which would track recursion
03:22:12Bluechipif item_previously_displayed[OPTION]==true ...
03:22:18LinusNsort of
03:22:39LinusNbut what would it do if it was true?
03:22:57Bluechipdisable the item
03:23:02Bluechipnot display it
03:23:11LinusNnot very user friendly
03:23:26Bluechipyou could go to any option via your favourite route, but once it was displayed, any deeper and you've missed your chance
03:23:27LinusNthe user would be lost
03:23:44Bluechipor allow it to be displayed no more than 2 or three times
03:24:09LinusNor backtrack by returning a "go-here-instead" return code
03:24:46Bluechip...when the item returns, it returns to CALL_MENU which -=1 the counter on the way back out
03:25:18c0uttash*t, i'm lost
03:25:25Bluechipyou have four choices - remove, gray-out, donothing, display "no"
03:25:26c0uttahow would this recursion occur ?
03:25:49Bluechipyes, that's quite a good question
03:26:18Bluechipi can't actually think of an example
03:26:22Bluechip(kettle) brb
03:26:24LinusNthis is why i said that this was the biggest problem
03:26:47c0uttais it actually possible ?
03:27:03LinusNeverytime this issue (mappable keys) comes up, everyone starts talking about how the config files should look like, but that is the simples problem of them all
03:29:18Bluechipcan you identify an example where recursion could become a problem
03:29:44c0uttaLinusN: are you saying that recursion is possible in the keyboard code itself ?
03:30:08c0uttaor by a user selecting mutually exclusive key options ?
03:30:20LinusNlike if we allowed remapping of the Sound Settings, in which the User Menu has the Sound Settings in it (simplest case)
03:30:49Bluechipyou cannot go to the f2 menu while you are in the f1 menu
03:31:00Bluechipgood solution?
03:31:00LinusNwhy not?
03:31:05c0uttayes you can - i just did it
03:31:24Bluechipa proposed solution for avoiding recursion
03:31:43c0uttai agree with Bluechip - F1 is the "master"
03:32:17c0uttaf2/f3 should just be "shortcuts"
03:32:48LinusNso, let's say the user selects "Pitch Screen" from the F2 menu
03:33:01LinusNthe pitch screen has the same F1 and F2 menus
03:33:38LinusNhe then selects another screen, let's say "Recording"
03:33:41Bluechipyou cannot short-cut from a shortcut??
03:33:54LinusNthat may be confusing for the user
03:34:20Bluechipthe problem comes from using menu systems from within menu systems
03:34:55LinusNi'm only saying that we need to think it through
03:35:08Bluechipmaybe each situation can be tackled
03:35:15LinusNphil has walked this path once, and he had a hard time
03:35:38LinusNphil==kurzhaarrocker, formerly known as langhaarrocker
03:35:55LinusNhe tried to implement "soft" keys
03:35:59Bluechipeg - only reason to go to a menu from recording is to STOP or CHANGE settings I have always thought that record settings should be off the record screen
03:36:12LinusNrecording was a bad example, i know
03:36:35Bluechipbut it WAS a valid case
03:37:21Bluechip...and, I'd like to think, a valid solution
03:38:10Bluechipyou could put the RECORD options on F3 - context-menu
03:40:12c0uttaif we go back to basics tho...
03:40:24LinusNbut should we then make the record options non-mappable?
03:40:39c0uttaa user will most probably want to use F2/F3 from either WPS or directory browser
03:40:44Bluechipno - i do a lot of recording so I want record at the top of my user-menu (example)
03:41:02Bluechipc0utta, yes
03:41:24c0uttarecording is more like an "
03:41:32c0utta"application" to me.
03:42:10Bluechipi think all plugins should be user-menu-able too, and yes, I also consider "recording" to be a built-in plugin
03:42:40c0uttatypes of things i'm looking at are: delete file; delete from current playlist; add to current playlist; stuff like that. actions, if you like...
03:42:51LinusNBluechip: i was talking about the recording *options*
03:42:53c0uttai think settings are best left to F1
03:43:10Bluechipyour options there are context-options really
03:43:36Bluechipi hate digging through the menu system to change my backlight timing
03:43:48c0uttawhy do you change it so often ??
03:43:52BluechipI would love that on my user-favourites menu
03:44:10Bluechipvideo/games/etc need backlight always on
03:44:46Bluechip"look at my mp3 player"..."oh you'll need to keep pressing a key every 8 seconds or you wont be able to see it"
03:44:49Sebulba02It is a pain sometimes, esp in the dark.
03:45:19Bluechipyes, impossible to read the credits in the dark!!
03:45:44c0uttaok, you have F2-Right set to change backlight.
03:46:07c0uttaall other keys are blocked, except left/off/up/down
03:46:13c0uttano f1, f2, f3
03:47:21c0uttawhich it is now. backlight would be a good option
03:47:35Bluechipim lost
03:47:54Bluechipf2 brings up a menu like the main menu
03:48:38c0uttabrb - baby crying
03:49:30 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
03:50:46Sebulba02non-maskable interrupt?
03:51:06c0uttaNMI ?
03:51:06LinusNfyi, i am working on new menu code for this purpose
03:56:14 Quit top_bloke ("The mind is a terrible thing to taste. Wasted 0 seconds online.")
03:59:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:59:37 Join [GoE]BENtheTEN74 [0] (~quasi@
03:59:41 Nick [GoE]BENtheTEN74 is now known as [GoE]BENtheTEN (~quasi@
04:03:11c0uttai'm going to go, but i'll have a play over the next few weeks with keyboard mapping
04:03:23Bluechipcool - stay safe
04:03:36c0uttamy needs are obviously simpler than everyone else's tho....
04:03:55 Quit [OFF]BtT (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:04:01c0uttai just mapped F3-Right to "remove from playlist". works perfectly
04:04:05Bluechiphmm, I'm not sure I have grasped the source of the problem yet
04:04:25c0uttafor simple use (like mine) there isn't a problem.
04:04:54BluechipI think we need a base to work from,so go4it :)
04:04:58c0uttamore complicated use really highlights it tho...
04:05:25c0uttaby the way, my JBR has been hanging a fair bit lately
04:05:40c0uttaonly the last month - i wondered whether it was RLD
04:05:48c0uttabatteries are fine - 90%
04:06:06c0uttagets near the end of track and then hangs - i suspect it's loading the next track
04:06:22LinusNis the red led lit?
04:06:39c0uttayes - it's sort of flashing
04:06:55LinusNthen it isn't rld
04:07:18c0uttawhen i resume it does the same thing
04:07:26LinusNmaybe a problem with the track, like a bug in the id3 code?
04:07:49LinusNdo you shuffle?
04:08:35LinusNmaybe it is just a track that makes rockbox freak out
04:08:43LinusNtry to figure out which one
04:09:08c0uttasince i'm shuffling i can't see what the next track is.
04:09:37LinusNwith some effort, you can see it in the resume info
04:10:03c0uttausing the magic shuffling formula ?
04:10:31BluechipI like the shuffle algorithm
04:10:39c0uttai'll turn off shuffle and see what happens
04:10:52c0uttaFF/RW work, but it just returns to the same point in the track.
04:11:29LinusNlong track?
04:11:55 Quit Sebulba02 (Nick collision from services.)
04:12:41 Join Sebulba02 [0] (
04:12:52c0uttaeg. hangs at 2:53/3:00. RW to 0:00/3:00 and it instantly returns to 2:53
04:13:14c0uttaFF to 3:00/3:00 and it instantly returns to 2:53
04:13:31c0uttai can't skip track forward or backward tho..
04:13:49BluechipLinus, it is strict codeing standard to have ALL plugin code in a single.c, no .h's or anything?
04:13:53LinusNsure sounds like rld...
04:14:29LinusNBluechip: should be ok, any special thoughts?
04:14:41c0uttaJBR6 upgraded to Toshiba 60GB. worked fine up until a month ago. you may be onto something with ID3 tho.
04:14:57c0uttac-ya guys. going to watch the cricket
04:15:14BluechipLinus: I just want to put all my graphics definitions in a seperate file for tidy code
04:15:33 Nick c0utta is now known as c0utta|AFK (
04:15:52BluechipLinus: I did it with othelo, but they were all merged when it was plugin-ified
04:15:57LinusNthe Makefile expects all plugins to be one file, else it doesn't know which files to link
04:16:31LinusNso it's technical rather than political
04:16:36Bluechipis one .c and one .h okay?
04:16:50Bluechipwill updating the .h cause a recompile?
04:17:13LinusNnot sure, try it
04:17:21Bluechipwill do
05:00:47 Part Sebulba02
05:06:18Bluechipgnite m8
05:06:30 Part LinusN
05:59:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:13:39 Quit AciD ("Segmentation fault (core dumped)")
06:13:57 Part Bluechip
07:02:33 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
07:02:56midknight2k3hi a;;
07:59:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:02:50 Join MiChAeLoL [0] (
08:02:57MiChAeLoLlol whats with the bs on slashdot
08:03:09midknight2k3hey !
08:03:11midknight2k3i remember you
08:03:31MiChAeLoLi remember you too
08:03:45midknight2k3what about the slashdot "bs"?
08:03:59MiChAeLoLit playing video
08:04:05midknight2k3it does
08:04:07MiChAeLoLat 60fps
08:04:10midknight2k3whats your question?
08:04:13midknight2k370FPS actually
08:04:17MiChAeLoLhow so?
08:04:21midknight2k3how so what
08:04:26MiChAeLoLdoes it do it
08:04:36midknight2k3lcd blitting
08:04:39midknight2k3is your archos around
08:04:44MiChAeLoLright here
08:04:51midknight2k3get new rockbox
08:04:54midknight2k3unzip to your box
08:05:01MiChAeLoLwhat format does it play?
08:05:18*MiChAeLoL is very suprized
08:05:55midknight2k3rockbox video file
08:06:06midknight2k3get that
08:06:06MiChAeLoLare there tools to convert files to that?
08:06:21midknight2k3yes, but they need to be 112*64 avi files first
08:06:44MiChAeLoLso i would have to crop an avi then
08:06:56MiChAeLoLso its 112*64
08:07:01MiChAeLoLthen convert it to .rvf
08:07:06MiChAeLoLany demo movies?
08:07:20MiChAeLoLwhat i just downloaded?
08:07:24MiChAeLoLahhh on the rockbox
08:07:27*MiChAeLoL changes it
08:07:31midknight2k3changes what
08:07:36MiChAeLoLthe firmware
08:07:36midknight2k3you want new rockbox too
08:07:46midknight2k3and the file:
08:07:49MiChAeLoLever get a decent text editor in it?
08:07:51MiChAeLoLgot the file
08:07:57midknight2k3got the doom thign?
08:09:49MiChAeLoLgetting a newer rockbox
08:09:49midknight2k3put to your box
08:09:58midknight2k3daily build
08:10:32MiChAeLoLgetting it
08:10:49MiChAeLoLdid they get the mp3 chip details or somethign then
08:10:55MiChAeLoLlike how did they do this
08:11:01MiChAeLoLcause 70fps is pretty fast
08:11:01midknight2k3LCD blitting
08:11:09midknight2k3super fast flicking of the pixels
08:11:27MiChAeLoLyea but like what decodes it
08:11:33midknight2k3its uncompressed
08:14:20 Join MiChAeLo1 [0] (
08:14:21 Quit MiChAeLoL (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:14:29MiChAeLo1heh computer randomly restarts when i plug in the usb sometimes
08:14:33 Nick MiChAeLo1 is now known as MiChAeLoL (
08:14:53MiChAeLoLthink its cause of my shittie 7 dollar usb 2.0 card i got for the rockbox
08:15:16MiChAeLoLso about how big are .rvf files
08:15:29MiChAeLoLlike 1 hr of video = ?
08:15:38MiChAeLoLand is there sound
08:15:41midknight2k3i know about 1 min = 1.5MB
08:15:43midknight2k3no sound yet
08:15:50midknight2k3i think
08:15:53MiChAeLoLthere will be tho right?
08:16:04midknight2k3soon yes i believe
08:16:05MiChAeLoLdoes it use a lot of the ram?
08:16:11midknight2k3its a plugin
08:16:15MiChAeLoLor not cuase of the new plugin system...
08:16:19MiChAeLoLforgot about that
08:17:40MiChAeLoLahhh computer acting screwy again
08:28:32MiChAeLoLwow thats pretty sweet
08:29:27midknight2k3pput up contrast
08:29:30midknight2k3looks better
08:32:26MiChAeLoLwhat contrast setting you recomend?
08:32:40midknight2k3whats yours normally
08:32:44midknight2k3like 30-32?
08:33:03MiChAeLoLlike 50
08:33:07midknight2k3oh fmr
08:33:16midknight2k3put it to about 58
08:33:29MiChAeLoLput it to 60 and it looks pretty sweet
08:33:45MiChAeLoLso what programs you recomend to convert movies to .rvf format
08:33:52midknight2k3theres only one
08:33:56midknight2k3.rvf is rockbox video file
08:34:29midknight2k3jorgs tools
08:36:29MiChAeLoLdoes that do it right from avi to .rvf or do i have to convert it first
08:36:41midknight2k3avi to yuv, then yuv to rvf
08:36:48midknight2k3its at the mailing list
08:36:52midknight2k3you need to resize it tho
08:37:02MiChAeLoLso i resize the avi first
08:37:12midknight2k3then use jorgs tools from command prompt
08:37:20MiChAeLoLwhere do i download it
08:37:26midknight2k3its at the mailing list
08:37:43midknight2k3go to december 2003 its like "how to do your own .rvf file"
08:41:59MiChAeLoLgot it i think
08:42:33MiChAeLoLwhat do you use to make 1. make a .AVI file with 112*64 resolution
08:42:50midknight2k3i use Vegas 4
08:43:05MiChAeLoLhave that on here somewhere
08:43:12MiChAeLoLah yes here it is
08:43:17MiChAeLoLbuild 115 :D
08:43:48midknight2k3you rock
08:43:53midknight2k3just make a video
08:43:55midknight2k3render as
08:44:03midknight2k3get your video ready
08:44:10midknight2k3ill help after its ready to be rendered
08:44:33*MiChAeLoL renders a kitejumping video
08:44:41midknight2k3dont yet
08:44:46midknight2k3you need to set settings first
08:45:14MiChAeLoLdidnt yet
08:46:21MiChAeLoLwhat format should i make the audio?
08:46:43midknight2k3just uncheck "include audio" if youre at the render settings
08:47:53*MiChAeLoL renders it
08:48:11MiChAeLoLlol going slow as hell
08:48:21midknight2k3did you set the right size
08:48:38MiChAeLoLfrom 640x480 to 112x64
08:48:54MiChAeLoLlike .7 fps
08:49:05*MiChAeLoL doesnt feel like waiting a half an hour
08:49:08MiChAeLoLthere has to be a faster way
08:49:17MiChAeLoLwonder if virtual dub can do it
08:49:31midknight2k3there is faster way
08:49:34midknight2k3if you woulda listened
08:49:39midknight2k3go back to the render settings
08:49:55MiChAeLoLi did uncheck audio
08:50:08midknight2k3more ways
08:50:36midknight2k3change "video rendering quality" to "draft"
08:50:40MiChAeLoLahhh ok
08:50:44midknight2k3or preview
08:50:47midknight2k3draft id say
08:51:42MiChAeLoLnow thats fast
08:52:02MiChAeLoLwill it play a 30fps at 30 fps or at 70fps
08:52:13midknight2k3or so
08:58:38MiChAeLoLthere done
08:58:48MiChAeLoLnow to plug my mp3 player back in
08:58:53midknight2k3then use the tools as instructed
08:58:55MiChAeLoLwill probably crash my computer
08:59:05MiChAeLoLwant it lol?
08:59:12MiChAeLoLits a kitejumping movie
08:59:21midknight2k3why not lol
08:59:26midknight2k3ill check it out tomorrow
09:00:56MiChAeLoLwhile gunna plug in my mp3 player hopefully it wont crash the computer but odds are it will
09:03:48 Join MiChAeLo1 [0] (
09:03:49 Quit MiChAeLoL (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
09:03:52MiChAeLo1wow my computer sucks
09:03:57 Nick MiChAeLo1 is now known as MiChAeLoL (
09:04:04MiChAeLoLcrashes everytime i plug in a usb device
09:20:24MiChAeLoLwhile im amazed
09:21:11MiChAeLoLwith the movie playback
09:21:21MiChAeLoLwill be a lot cooler when it gets sound too
09:21:28MiChAeLoLcause the sound will be good quality
09:21:32MiChAeLoLmp3 :D
09:21:50MiChAeLoLthen someone will have to write a program or something to do it all at once
09:22:00MiChAeLoLwant a kitejumping video lol
09:22:24midknight2k3send it
09:22:40MiChAeLoLthats the best one out of the 3 movies i made
09:23:09MiChAeLoLcause ya can read the text at the end
09:23:29MiChAeLoLdcc ignore settings messed up?
09:24:27MiChAeLoLwhile im going to sleep
09:24:35MiChAeLoLbe back later sometime or somethin
09:24:41 Quit MiChAeLoL ()
09:59:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:59:19 Join methangas [0] (
10:41:36 Quit midknight2k3 ("sudden death")
11:06:34 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
11:06:40 Quit midknight2k3 (Client Quit)
11:59:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:03:30 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
12:56:13 Join Laurent_ [0] (
12:56:30kurzhaarrockerIs it raining in france, too?
12:56:49Laurent_no, but it could almost ;)
12:57:16Laurent_where do you live in germany ?
12:57:28kurzhaarrockerIl pleut, les rues sont gris et triste. Probably full of numerous mistakes, but that was one of the lessons in my french book.
12:57:34kurzhaarrockerI'm from Dortmund
13:04:45kurzhaarrockerWhere from france are you?
13:07:02Laurent_(sorry for the delay, I was reading my email)
13:07:20Laurent_I'm from Lyon, I went to Salzkotten once
13:07:46Laurent_hey, apart from "grises" and "tristes" your sentence is ok
13:08:27Laurent_Ich can ein bisschen deutsch, aber ich ""lack"" "vocabular" ;)
13:08:29kurzhaarrocker:) I've been in Lyon once. It was 1987, I think.
13:09:09kurzhaarrocker"Ich kann ein bi▀chen Deutsch, aber mir fehlt es an Vokabular."
13:09:40Laurent_I wonder if I went to Dortmund, if it's not very far from Salzkotten then I did but I have a very bad memory of such things ;)
13:10:29Laurent_no sz on my keyboard ;) and right I need to get german sentences articulations back in my mind ;)
13:12:24kurzhaarrockerI was shocked how miserable my french was, when I was on vacation last year. I tended to mix it up with dutch. I have no idea, why
13:12:36kurzhaarrocker(Salzkotten is ~100 km from here)
13:12:59Laurent_hehe, I can imagine the frenchs looking at you with huge eyes :)
13:13:34 Join Sebulba02 [0] (
13:13:40Laurent_ok, then I went to Dortmund, is the mayor building a baroc one ?
13:13:50Laurent_baroque ?
13:14:18kurzhaarrockerno, not really.
13:14:26*kurzhaarrocker tries to recall how it looks like
13:14:45Laurent_we went to other towns nearby too, so i might be mixing them
13:15:31kurzhaarrockerIn Dortmund there are hardly any really old buildings due to destruction in war.
13:15:32 Join quelsaruk [0] (
13:15:33Laurent_the only thing I'm sure of is that I usually love german towns and architecture (the ones with old buildings and houses, not modern ones)
13:15:36 Quit quelsaruk (Client Quit)
13:15:51 Join quelsaruk [0] (
13:15:56kurzhaarrockerquelsaruk! It's been a while!
13:16:00Laurent_ah, ok, so it's not Dortmund, probably another big town in the vicinity
13:16:12Laurent_hi Sebulba02
13:16:15kurzhaarrockerquel: how are your goat?
13:16:22quelsarukquite well
13:16:27quelsaruki went to see apocalytpica
13:16:32quelsarukthey are cool indeed!!
13:16:42quelsarukmerry christmas to all
13:17:00quelsaruki have to go
13:17:05quelsaruksee you another day!
13:17:29quelsarukkurzhaarrocker, it's good to see you alive again
13:17:31kurzhaarrockerLaurent: Maybe Parderborn.
13:17:35quelsarukwe'll talk another day
13:17:47 Quit quelsaruk (Client Quit)
13:19:39Laurent_paderborn that's it !
13:20:07Laurent_how could i forget this
13:20:33kurzhaarrockerIt's easy to forget things :(
13:23:01Sebulba02sup Laurent_?
13:23:07Laurent_sup ?
13:23:20Sebulba02Whats up? Hows it going?
13:23:50Laurent_i'm up, late and tired but not much more ;)
13:24:35Laurent_I was awaiting an answer from telechips but I remembered it's saturday :(
13:24:46Laurent_this is not my week :)
13:25:08Sebulba02They'll get back to you..
13:25:40Sebulba02Could be next year though, *shrugs*
13:25:56Laurent_could be :)
13:30:29*Sebulba02 .oO( what can I do today to be "productive".. )
13:30:50kurzhaarrockerimplement looping in mpeg.c
13:32:49Sebulba02Theres always the timezones, but that became a major pain in the @$$ last night.
13:33:10Laurent_I did not understand your problem with them ? could you explain it again ?
13:33:43Sebulba02I just don't get how to make them display and how it remembers which one is selected.
13:38:52kurzhaarrockerIs that something the rtc handles itself?
13:41:54Sebulba02The clock, as far as I know, only handles the actual time. Not the date or timezones I'm trying to implement.
13:45:01Sebulba02my bad, it does handle all that
13:45:19Sebulba02except the timezone
13:52:33Sebulba02I should just kill what little I've done now.
13:53:50kurzhaarrockerYeah! I've been a desillusioning smartass again! :-[
13:54:03Laurent_the way linux does it is set the hardware clock to GMT then use the timezone to convert to local time, thus you have two input variables to set -> GMT time, local timezone and have rockbox display local time from zone too
13:54:18Laurent_zone too = those too (remember, this is not my week)
13:54:50Laurent_i don't know if i'm helpful here
13:55:20Sebulba02Yeah, but I think the RTC is set to whatever time the user puts in, not offset each query of the chip.
13:55:52Sebulba02I'd have to literally rewrite the clock code, which I sure don't want to do.
13:56:52Laurent_i don't think you'd need to rewrite the clock code, just the part that sets it and reads it and take local zone into account for each
13:57:32Laurent_something like : read_clock() { read hardware clock, get local time zone offset, substract it, return new clock }
13:57:39kurzhaarrockerLaurent: Is the line in of the gmini wired manually, too?
13:57:40Sebulba02Which is just about all of it..
13:57:55Laurent_write_clock() { add local zone offset, store new clock }
13:58:06Laurent_the line ?
13:58:17kurzhaarrockerthe line input jack
13:58:23Laurent_let me check this
13:59:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:00:15*Laurent_ scratches his gmini back cover and goes seeking a new screwdriver
14:00:58kurzhaarrockerIf I ask a few more questions like that I'll distroy Laurents gmini...
14:04:36Laurent_hum, that's even more stupid of me because it can be answered by looking at one of the pictures I made :)
14:05:10kurzhaarrockerNah, that would be a second hand experience only
14:05:37Laurent_line in connector is the grey plastic one at the right top
14:06:55kurzhaarrockerI see. No flying wires any more.
14:08:39kurzhaarrockerIs that really the line in? To me it looks like a jack whith 1/4"" plug and 4 additional contacts. Something which often is used for headphone + remote.
14:08:58Laurent_there still are one or two of them -> yellow one and black one
14:10:01kurzhaarrockerYes, but it would be really stupid to wire the line in manually and _not_ doing it directly to the input jack.
14:10:12Laurent_it's a multipurpose jack, there are four contacts on it, plus there are side plugs to each side of it, it can do av out, spdif out, line in, line out, and so on
14:10:44Laurent_I think you can see it on archos website
14:10:55kurzhaarrockerNo need, I can imagine.
14:14:27*kurzhaarrocker needs food
14:16:07Laurent_gutten apetit ;)
14:31:30 Join AciD [0] (
14:38:47 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:56:35Sebulba02Anyone here who is on the mailing list?
14:57:11Laurent_i am
14:57:27Sebulba02Do you get it in bulk?
14:59:28Laurent_no, mail by mail
15:00:29Sebulba02I think I'm going to write the list admin.
15:03:45Sebulba02Or maybe I just can't read.
15:04:17Laurent_wait, do you mean that I subscribed to digest or that all mails arrive at the same moment ?
15:05:23Sebulba02Do all your mails arrive at the same time?
15:05:37Laurent_I was wondering about it this morning
15:05:56Laurent_morning being noon in fact
15:06:41Sebulba02Like I can look in the archive and see stuff I've not gotten, but will probably get at like 11p tonight.
15:07:11Sebulba02& I noticed in the headers it was set to Bulk.
15:07:20Sebulba02Instead of Digest, I think.
15:07:56Laurent_i'm checking
15:10:25Laurent_no, it seems I'm getting them when they arrive
15:11:10Sebulba02Hmm, don't suppose you know where the mailman is..
15:11:21Laurent_I'm having this header field : "precedence: bulk" but I don't think it's related
15:11:30Sebulba02I see.
15:11:44Laurent_I don't know but it can be found easily
15:12:15Sebulba02Search website for 'mailman'
15:12:53Sebulba02Or not.
15:13:31Laurent_ah, no idea, have you searched on the web site ?
15:14:05Sebulba02Thats what I'm doing.
15:20:07 Join pfavr [0] (
15:29:51Sebulba02hmm, theres always the news:// list.
15:30:55 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
15:31:20Laurent_I guess it's outdated
15:32:15Sebulba02No, its just the archive.
15:33:25Sebulba02Guess I could query the help.
15:49:09 Join edx [0] (
15:56:55 Join lilolim3234 [0] (
15:57:41lilolim3234(sorry for my bad english *g*) -> i'm having only a short question
15:58:17lilolim3234where can i find a precompiled rockbox-version compressed with UCL ?
15:59:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:00:40Sebulba02Beats me. I assume that has to do with flashing & I thought rockbox came with the tools to do that.
16:01:24lilolim3234in the past it was possible to download it on in the daily build-section
16:02:07lilolim3234but it disappeared commentless
16:03:18Sebulba02Laurent_ is probably better qualified to answer that than I am.
16:03:24Laurent_huh ?
16:03:37Laurent_i swear i'm not :)
16:03:59Sebulba02Well, dunno then.
16:04:10lilolim3234okay ... then i have to descrable the ajz-version and pack it ... "Oh weia"
16:04:18Laurent_i wish i could help but i'm not knowledeable enough yet as far as rockbox installation
16:04:22Laurent_is concerned
16:04:58lilolim3234okay ... no prob :) ...
16:05:02Sebulba02 , looks like you need to build it yourself.
16:06:06Sebulba02Never done it myself though, so I dunno.
16:06:08lilolim3234i read this page ... and my problem is i have a windows-system and my c++ compiler is a little bit dummy
16:06:57Sebulba02heh, hmm. Well.
16:07:12lilolim3234it took up to 1 hour til' i could compile the UCL-compressor
16:08:05Sebulba02There is the alpha or beta win32 build environmenet.
16:08:19lilolim3234okay ... then i'll try to compile rockbox
16:10:07lilolim3234this is a patch for the simulator ... i only need [or i hope so] descramble.exe :)
16:10:30*Sebulba02 shrugs
16:10:38 Join diddystar5 [0] (
16:11:05Sebulba02I don't use win32 to write code, so I dunno.
16:11:33*lilolim3234 is searching the word "shrugs" in the dictonary :)
16:12:00diddystar5i do
16:12:14lilolim3234okay ... then i'm going to do some try and error :) ...
16:12:23lilolim3234oh ... maybe you can help me ...
16:12:55lilolim3234i'm searching a precompiled Version from rockbox compressed in UCL or a way to do this package
16:12:59lilolim3234without compiling
16:13:39diddystar5all you want is a version of rockbox UCL compressed?
16:14:00lilolim3234yes ... in the past you could download it from
16:14:11diddystar5one sec
16:14:13diddystar5let me look
16:14:50diddystar5heh that is weord
16:14:52 Quit lilolim3234 ("Leaving")
16:15:14diddystar5bye lilolim3234!
16:15:20 Join lil_again [0] (
16:15:27lil_againre ... :)
16:15:39lil_againi hate Alt+F4 :)
16:15:47lil_againi've found it
16:16:08diddystar5found what?
16:16:12lil_againthey should say that it is in the ZIP-Package from the daily build :)
16:16:45lil_againoh my god ... i'm dumb like a brick :)
16:16:49diddystar5i should compile a new build, havent done it in awhile
16:17:09Sebulba02Nothing has changed in the past few days.
16:17:26diddystar5i know, but my build is a few weeks old
16:17:54lil_againmine is from october
16:18:36lil_againis the reason for "red led death"-bug found ?
16:18:42diddystar5i still need to work on my really good version of rockbox, i told a few people it would be done a few days ago, but ive been lazy
16:19:16lil_againwhat did you changed ?
16:19:35diddystar5lil_again: lots of things
16:20:27diddystar5its just not near about done
16:21:08diddystar5it will be a long list of changes
16:22:38lil_againa releasedate like 1.1.2004 would be nice ;)
16:23:00diddystar5i dont really know much about the led death, but there have been some changes that could help it get fixed
16:23:16diddystar5heh i should try for that :)
16:23:41lil_againi hope so ... i have 7 crashes per day (everytime i walk)
16:23:59Sebulba02That sucks.
16:24:21diddystar5i have never had it happen to me
16:25:04lil_againmy pocket is filled with polystyrol ... this made it better
16:27:48lil_againokay i have to go now ... thanks for all your help
16:28:02lil_againhappy new year / einen guten Rutsch
16:28:18 Quit lil_again ("Leaving")
16:58:22diddystar5pfavr: awake?
17:03:02 Join AciD [0] (
17:11:33 Join cjnr11 [0] (
17:14:27Laurent_ : this guy has developped gcc support for the gmini's CPU
17:15:18Sebulba02Thats a good start.
17:15:49Laurent_yup, I just hope Samsung allows it to be made public, this does not seem to be the case
17:15:54diddystar5what cpu is in it?
17:16:40Laurent_a TCC370 (, it seems to be a derivate of the Samsung CalmRisc 16 series
17:18:31Laurent_not easy to find to say the least
17:33:59 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
17:42:44 Part pfavr
17:43:50 Join pfavr [0] (
17:44:43 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
17:45:24pfavrdiddystar5: hi
17:48:29diddystar5pfavr: i got that book you were talking aobut, and i have read some of it
17:48:41diddystar5its quite good
17:49:04pfavrdiddystar5: I'm happy to hear that:-)
17:49:51pfavrdiddystar5: how about the VU-meter? Did you finish the dB scale?
17:50:21diddystar5pfavr: umm no
17:50:34diddystar5pfavr: couldnt really figure it out
17:50:46pfavrdiddystar5: the log function?
17:51:15pfavrdiddystar5: just wondering: maybe there is a log function already somewhere in rockbox source
17:51:19diddystar5pfavr: well yeah
17:52:11diddystar5pfavr: even if i get code for log, i dunno what to log
17:53:44pfavrdiddystar5: I think you're almost there. The only thing missing is converting to dB using the log function
17:54:25pfavrdiddystar5: so you take the log() of the amplitude you're using already for drawing
17:55:00diddystar5you mean (left/right)_needle_top_x?
17:55:17pfavryes, I think so
17:55:36pfavrI'll be back later.
17:56:04diddystar5ook see you later
17:59:15*diddystar5 is porting goldmember to rockbox video
17:59:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:07:06Laurent_academic work for sure ;)
18:08:06 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:16:43 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
18:25:59kurzhaarrockerc0utta: are you here?
18:26:38diddystar5its c0utta|AFK
18:26:57kurzhaarrockerc0utta|AFK: are you here?
18:27:40diddystar5dont you know how to use tab completetion?
18:28:01diddystar5try it type c0 then <tab>
18:28:10*kurzhaarrocker jumps up in astonishment!
18:28:22kurzhaarrockerNever thought that trillian might have that.
18:28:28Laurent_gaim has it too
18:28:48diddystar5lots of things have it
18:29:02kurzhaarrockerI just read he's about to do customizable config menus / keys
18:29:10Laurent_shameless ad : gaim is open source, multiprotocol, works on win32 and linux
18:29:37Laurent_(and free as in beer and as in liberty)
18:29:59kurzhaarrockerI'm not sure wether trillian is open source, but the rest applies to trillian, too.
18:31:11kurzhaarrockerI have LOADS of code that I once wrote for user assignable key schemes
18:31:30kurzhaarrockerI just never completed the task.
18:32:32Laurent_trillian is not open source, there's a free version but it's not updated anymore
18:33:37Laurent_god, I feel dumb when reading such resume :
18:34:33pfavrhappens to me all the time
18:34:58kurzhaarrockerI feel dumb when I see someone reading
18:35:34kurzhaarrockerespecially when he doesn't even move his lips while doing so!
18:36:24Laurent_yup, there's always someone more skillfull than we are
18:38:19pfavr(maybe it is just that each of us have different skillsets)
18:39:13kurzhaarrockerwhat do you do with a set of lousy skills?
18:39:48Sebulba02Apply them to open source and improve upon them? :)
18:41:51kurzhaarrockerSounds like a hard way.
18:42:10pfavrdoesn't matter if it is fun also?-)
18:43:00kurzhaarrockerI think I'll take the easy way right now and enter a nice hot bath tub.
18:43:26kurzhaarrockerDoes anybody know a supplier of waterproof notebooks?
18:43:43pfavrsaw one once... could stand the dishwasher
18:44:02kurzhaarrockerI prefer the bath tub. See you
18:45:41pfavrdiddystar5: still here?
18:46:14Laurent_Sebulba02: good suggestion
18:46:26diddystar5pfavr: yep
18:47:22pfavrdiddystar5: porting goldmember? what is that?
18:47:36diddystar5pfavr: a movie
18:48:11Sebulba02Laurent_: I thought so.
18:48:12pfavrdiddystar5: ok, I haven't yet tried playing video
18:48:55diddystar5pfavr: you should, its really cool, or atleast for a monochrome screen
18:49:11diddystar5it really looks greyscale
18:49:29diddystar5i get around 70.12 fps
18:49:32pfavrok, but only have 700mb left on my drive
18:50:01pfavrany of you have a recorder 20?
18:50:02diddystar5pfavr: the doom video is only 7mb
18:50:06*Laurent_ is freezing
18:50:10diddystar5i do
18:50:16diddystar5what do you have pfavr?
18:50:23pfavrrecorder 20 also
18:50:49pfavrhave you tried copying from it using usb for a longer period of time?
18:51:07pfavr(mine runs empty on the batteries even though I leave the charger connected)
18:51:39diddystar5for about 4-5 hours, but it was on charger
18:51:54pfavrI only have usb1.1
18:52:11diddystar5so do i
18:52:16Laurent_I think it's going to be very hard to get CPU specs for the gmini
18:52:34Laurent_it seems to be completely locked by samsung
18:52:48pfavrso it takes some time to copy everything... the last two times I tried the battery ran out before completion
18:53:21diddystar5pfavr: do it in chunks, copy a few folders at a time
18:53:56pfavryes, I could do that
18:54:14 Quit kurzhaarrocker (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:54:42*Laurent_ realizes that he hasn't eaten for 6 hours
18:54:46pfavrBut I think the problem has to do with the charging not starting under certain circumstances while in the USB mode
18:55:04 Nick Laurent_ is now known as LEating (
18:55:06diddystar5pfavr: maybe so
18:55:21pfavrI think it starts the first time... then stops when it is full... then never starts again
18:55:21diddystar5pfavr: just let it sit a few minutes before starting usb
18:57:12pfavrdiddystar5: have you lost interest in the VU-meter?
18:57:50 Join AciD [0] (
18:58:18diddystar5pfavr: no, just cant figure it out
18:58:48Sebulba02well crap, power went out
19:02:09 Quit Sebulba02 ("stupid power outage")
19:04:09 Join edx{chocolat} [0] (
19:04:55 Nick edx{chocolat} is now known as edx{code} (
19:07:41diddystar5pfavr: if im to log (left/right)_needle_top_x, then log needd to be base 10
19:10:48pfavrdiddystar5: I dont think so
19:11:13pfavrdiddystar5: it will just be a scale factor
19:12:51diddystar5uhh ok
19:14:31pfavrdiddystar5: I'm trying to find the source code for the "normal" vu-meter (the bargraph on the play screen)...
19:15:12diddystar5the peakmeter?
19:15:21diddystar5its in apps/recorder/peakmeter.c
19:15:53diddystar5that would be a form of a digital vu meter
19:17:48diddystar5i have been looking at that code myself
19:18:07diddystar5but i dont know how to make it work on my code
19:18:57diddystar5ohh boy! i just had an idea
19:20:19diddystar5if i just set up a tabel of values, static unsigned char table[]={ }, and have them called by left-right_needle-top_x, i want need a log!
19:20:33diddystar5just have the table
19:20:43diddystar5that might even work faster than log
19:20:57diddystar5i can do that
19:21:05diddystar5ill work on it in a bit
19:21:09diddystar5thats so easy :)
19:22:13diddystar5ohh, and i could use the same kinda thing to make the v value change
19:22:18pfavrIf you want you can take a look at the calc_db() function
19:22:21diddystar5*y value
19:22:41diddystar5i dod look at calc_dB()
19:23:44pfavrI think you could use this function directly
19:24:03 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:25:36diddystar5i think the tables of values would be simpler, and faster
19:26:38diddystar5i also wonder if my vu meter can use the new lcd_blit function to improve performance
19:26:44 Quit BoBB ("Lost terminal")
19:27:18pfavrdiddystar5: yes, you could even use grayscale to make a smooth antialised needle!
19:27:33 Join BoBB [0] (
19:28:15diddystar5i dont know how i would do it, but i want to make a sort of delay, like in the "homeboy software analouge vu meters" plugin for winamp
19:28:15pfavrdiddystar5: I believe the calc_db function is probably quite optimal
19:29:00pfavrdiddystar5: delay? you mean so the needle only slowly moves backwards?
19:29:43diddystar5pfavr: cant describe it well, but it adds sort of as delay that makes the needle move much smoother
19:31:06pfavrdiddystar5: you could try with a simple filter: just make the current position equal to the last position plus the new value divided by two
19:31:24diddystar5pfavr: are you on windows?
19:31:32diddystar5pfavr: good idea!
19:31:54pfavrdiddystar5: e.g.: y=(lasty + newy)/2; lasty=y;
19:32:13pfavrdiddystar5: no(!) what makes you think that?
19:32:22diddystar5:) neat wording
19:32:55pfavrdiddystar5: if you need a slower decay, just do: y=(7*lasty + newy)/8
19:34:00pfavrdiddystar5: but I really think you should stick with the calc_db function
19:35:04pfavrdiddystar5: then concentrate on making nice graphics. If it later shows that the calc_db function can be further optimized, that could be used for the peakmeter as well.
19:48:20diddystar5humm i found a few display mis-positions to correct
19:55:05 Join Sebulba02 [0] (
19:59:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:02:06 Nick LEating is now known as Laurent_ (
20:02:26diddystar5humm i didnt have code for USB connection either
20:03:00Laurent_what search engines do you use apart from google ?
20:03:30diddystar5me? uhh nothing but google
20:04:52 Join Guest [0] (
20:05:26diddystar5hello Guest
20:05:37Sebulba02g00g1E 0wNz
20:05:48Guesthi diddy
20:10:01Laurent_ok thanks
20:15:48diddystar5pfavr: how would i figure out using math, what position (left-right)_needle_top_x would be on a log scale, if the position (without log) of (left_right)_needle_top_x was 4 (or if you can give my a formula, make that x)?
20:21:40diddystar5if i just do log(4) on my calc i get a long decimal number
20:30:08pfavrcalc_db returns a value between 0 and 8961
20:30:13Laurent_= log 4 + log 56
20:30:48pfavryou just need to adjust this range to fit the lcd
20:31:00diddystar5i cant figure out how to do so
20:31:51diddystar5divide what?
20:32:11 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
20:33:23 Join diddystar5 [0] (
20:33:29Sebulba02You need to scale this by the width:height of the screen, so you divide by some equal factor of w:h in order to make it fit and not distort it.
20:35:28 Quit diddystar5 (Client Quit)
20:35:55 Join diddystar5 [0] (
20:39:00diddystar5so whats the formula to calculate thel og, and have it sclaed for the screen?
20:39:34pfavrlets say you use the calc_db (which contains the log already)
20:39:51pfavrit returns a value between 0 and 8961
20:39:59pfavrwhat is the width of the lcd?
20:40:13diddystar5112, or 56 is half (for each needle)
20:40:52pfavrok, you then divide by 8961/56 = 160
20:41:26pfavrbtw just found cos() and sin() in cube.c
20:41:50pfavr(so you could do the needle wo stretching)
20:41:55diddystar5are those float?
20:42:10pfavrno, also fixed point
20:43:41Laurent_isn't there a define or variable for the lcd_width ?
20:45:09diddystar5i dont know much about sin/cos what would be the best formula for that?yes
20:45:41diddystar5yes there is a defined varible for lcd_width
20:45:55diddystar5i beleive it is LCD_WIDTH
20:49:39 Quit cjnr11 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:54:50Laurent_I think i saw something along those lines
20:55:30Laurent_wait, is this sentence correct ? I'm wondering ?
20:59:03diddystar5no period
21:00:16Laurent_I have an english question
21:00:33Laurent_could you please tell me if the following sentence is ok or awkward ?
21:01:12Laurent_"However, my research about the CalmRisc 16 did not bring much results"
21:01:38Laurent_I wonder if "about" is ok, or something else should be used, and if it shouldn't be "researches"
21:01:42diddystar5looks good to me
21:02:14diddystar5"research on"
21:02:27Laurent_on ! right
21:02:37Laurent_looks much better indedd
21:05:44 Join Bluechip [0] (
21:05:49diddystar5hey Bluechip
21:05:56Bluechiphey diddy
21:09:15diddystar5ohh, i still havent tried your new patch, im going to try it now
21:10:07Bluechipgreat - any feedback is cool ...Linus wants a couple of bits changed, so I am maintaining a list
21:14:49Laurent_thanks !
21:14:54Laurent_(yes i'm slow)
21:15:40Laurent_but it's hard to be fast when a cat lies on your desk, on your mouse and forearms
21:23:40diddystar5Bluechip: the .rockbox directory never shows up on the browser in the simulatore
21:24:48Bluechipthere are old bugs here that I fixed by doing the wrong thing ...this is on the list
21:25:04Bluechipyou can browse to your build dir and all will make sense
21:25:36diddystar5ohh and the cube plugin if you press play, it spins super fast
21:26:06Bluechipis that bad?
21:26:30diddystar5well its weird
21:26:36Bluechipthere are long standing timing issues with the sim
21:26:45diddystar5ohh and the lcd inverse dosent work!
21:27:21Bluechipomg. well, can't say you're not a good beta tester - lol
21:29:09diddystar5i dont think it would be all that hard to get the sim to play sound
21:29:31diddystar5just the mas reads are the hard part if that were to be done
21:29:57Bluechipi thought to link the volume controls to windows direct-x
21:30:05Bluechipor add winamp plugin support
21:30:23Bluechip...a great job for someone who cares - lol
21:30:29diddystar5i do!
21:30:42Bluechipwell, if you get stuck feel free to ask
21:30:48Bluechip..for help
21:31:22Laurent_good, another mail sent, this time to the designer of the gmini cpu core
21:31:56BluechipLOL - we did that with the DVD hacking the original NSA manual - LOL
21:32:36Laurent_I think I can't get any closer from the important people
21:32:43Laurent_Bluechip: nice one ;)
21:33:01Bluechipthe original MIPS core had an instruction HSC
21:33:12BluechipHalt and Spontaneously Combust
21:33:17BluechipNO, I am NOT joking
21:35:19Laurent_can't find any trace of it on google
21:36:38Bluechipof what?
21:36:49Laurent_of hsc
21:37:59Laurent_need to register
21:38:09Bluechipyou got a yahoo account?
21:38:49diddystar5i havent used yahoo in a long time
21:40:08Bluechipyahoo groups are great
21:40:22Bluechiplimited - but so quick and easy to do all the stuff you need
21:40:46Laurent_nope no account
21:40:52diddystar5my yahoo acount is still alive wow
21:40:58diddystar5humm old mail...
21:41:12Bluechip20 seconds to join ....DO NOT tell it that you are in U.S.
21:41:22Bluechipor they will not let you collect your email
21:41:33diddystar5You are using 125% of your 4.0 MB limit.
21:42:00diddystar5holy crap 830 mails
21:42:22Bluechipif you get a non-US address you can use POP
21:44:16 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
21:44:27midknight2k3full in here
21:44:27diddystar5almost all them apear to be archos multimedia mail
21:44:33Bluechipalirite midnite :)
21:50:16Bluechipso, mk, hows about testin' mi new win32sim patch and telling about all the stuff I missed?
21:50:50Laurent_diddystar5: what kind of mail ? ads ?
21:51:08Laurent_midknight2k3: could you see the images of the UI ?
21:51:36midknight2k3i did yeah thankls
21:51:36Laurent_shit, yahoo is not sending me the confirmation code
21:51:41diddystar5Laurent_: mostly the archos multi forum mails, not many ads at all
21:51:44midknight2k3Bluechip: in a few hours?
21:51:49Laurent_they are crappy but better than nothing
21:54:12CtcpVersion from pfavr!
21:55:23Laurent_well back to firmware analysis
21:55:50Bluechipcheck the address and data lines for mis-wiring
21:57:14diddystar5still have 509 mails in yahoo :)
21:57:41Laurent_did find it
21:57:54Laurent_(hsc), probably used by the army :)
21:58:19midknight2k3HOLY WTF
21:58:58Bluechip"only available on -NSA versions of the device"
21:59:16BluechipI think there is little doubt as to why it was there
21:59:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:00:41midknight2k3bye al
22:00:56Bluechipgnite albert
22:00:58 Quit midknight2k3 ("sudden death")
22:03:24BluechipLaurent_, nice going, but perhaps the images are a little on the large size for screen shots
22:03:37Bluechipthe circuit shots will benefit from big images
22:03:59diddystar5got my yahoo mail cleaned out finaly
22:05:01Bluechipwhere can i find the AVI->RVF converter?
22:06:03diddystar5its in that zip
22:06:09Bluechipthanks dude
22:06:51diddystar5Bluechip: do you know of any programs to convert dvd vob files to avi?
22:07:02webminddiddystar5, mplayer
22:07:22Sebulba02In need of a dvd ripper are we?
22:07:39diddystar5webmind: not for windows (except fot cygwin), and knoppix dosent have it
22:07:43Bluechipto avi, no sorry, I go to mpeg
22:07:54diddystar5webmind: i could download for linux, how big is it?
22:07:59webmindmplayer is not windows
22:08:19webmindor just google for mplaye
22:08:20Sebulba02no -
22:08:25Laurent_Bluechip: you mean, images are *much* too large ;) I do agree !
22:09:42diddystar5webmind: you think the redhat rpm will work on knoppix?
22:09:58webminddiddystar5, rpm ?
22:10:02webmindno.. compile
22:10:12webmindif you compile it'll work on knoppix
22:10:40diddystar5will i need to download the codec also?
22:11:47diddystar5thanks webmind
22:19:41dsgI thought knoppix had mplayer?
22:20:03dsgWell, that's something they should fix.
22:20:10webmindaltough for some reason mplayer has probs here
22:20:21diddystar5it has xmms (or whatever it is!)
22:20:23webmindcan't play some codec
22:21:10dsgwebmind: Should be fixable by compile-time options.
22:21:12dsgWhich codec?
22:21:21webminddon't know
22:21:27webmindis just some video clip
22:22:20dsgmplayer is the only player that doesn't give me probs :)
22:22:22dsgOn anything.
22:22:35webmindit gives me other probs aswell
22:22:38webmindwith playback
22:22:48webmindsome movies don't work with sdl or xv
22:23:13dsgNo probs here.
22:24:05webmindbattle_royale is an example
22:24:44pfavrdiddystar5: I use dvdrip
22:25:43diddystar5pfavr: it rips to avi?
22:26:07pfavrdiddystar5: yes. It is a perltk frontend to transcode
22:26:33diddystar5cool is it free?
22:26:44diddystar5(if not, im sure i can find it for)
22:26:47pfavrdiddystar5: it rips, encodes, produces subtitles, and even burns to cd. It also has a cluster option. Yes it is free
22:27:11pfavrI run it on debian unstable
22:28:07pfavrjust add the deb unstable main to /etc/apt/sources.list and use apt-get
22:28:12diddystar5i have 2 downloads going, i dont think ill get a website open for awhile
22:29:37webmindxine works
22:31:45diddystar582% of mplayer, and 56% of codecs
22:32:21webmindgoodluck :)
22:32:22*webmind gone
22:35:26diddystar5ohh boy, ripping a dvd in knoppix is gonna be tricky
22:35:41webmindman mencoder
22:35:45webmindafter install
22:35:58diddystar5my drive cant be written to because its ntfs
22:36:20diddystar5and i have two cd drives (dvd, cd rw)
22:36:43diddystar5i guess ill have to use my archos to hold the video
22:38:03diddystar5done with mplayer, and 76% of codecs
22:41:33Laurent_does anyone know how to save a file under hexl-mode within emacs in hexadecimal form instead of pure binary ?
22:42:34diddystar5donw with dl's
22:42:38Laurent_silence says it all ;)
22:42:44diddystar5i cant be online in linux
22:42:54 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
22:49:41Bluechipright - programming time ....
22:49:58 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
22:51:45 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
22:54:12 Join scott666 [0] (
22:59:08 Join EoS [0] (
22:59:54EoSi got a question about my bios/mainboard, i know this is no help channel but i guess id find some smart ppl here
23:00:47EoSwell its actually related to mp3 players also..
23:01:30EoScan i use my HD mp3 player as a boot up drive?
23:02:02EoScause i was told a normal usb HD would work if the bios supports it
23:02:19midknight2k3if it does
23:02:37midknight2k3i don't know much about it, but new revisions support booting from USB flashdrives and such
23:03:37EoSyeah...well my mainboard is about 1.5 years old or so or maybe 2
23:04:59midknight2k3you can get a BIOS update online
23:05:19EoSyup im looking for one right now
23:08:18EoSok thx
23:08:30midknight2k3good luck
23:09:04*Laurent_ is diffing firmware files, sure to get no useful result
23:09:58 Quit EoS ("Peace & Protection 4.22")
23:13:45Laurent_hey, very useful on the contrary
23:14:30Laurent_convert binary files into their text hexadecimal equivalent, 2 bytes per line
23:14:38Laurent_and diff between those files
23:14:47Laurent_rjoazrh ?
23:14:56*Laurent_ speaks borg
23:15:05midknight2k3BORK BORG BORD
23:15:57Laurent_can you translate rasd ?
23:16:16midknight2k3means "SDD"
23:19:27 Join diddystar5 [0] (
23:19:46diddystar5webmind: mplayer compiled, but it wouldnt install
23:22:50diddystar5im going to try dvdrip to do it
23:23:52scott666does anyone have suggestions for ripping the audio of a dvd to mp3?
23:24:01midknight2k3no ideas.
23:27:00pfavrscott666: I think dvdrip can rip the audio to a wav
23:28:04scott666 pfavr: does it run on XP?
23:28:08 Quit c0utta|AFK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:28:25diddystar5bye im going back to linux to try dvdrip
23:28:26midknight2k3bye diddy
23:28:36 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
23:29:31pfavrscott666: don't know
23:29:43pfavrscott666: I use it on debian unstable
23:30:25 Nick edx{code} is now known as edx{tv} (
23:30:35*scott666 slaps midknight2k3 with a large salmon
23:30:42*midknight2k3 slaps scott666 around a bit with a large trout
23:30:49midknight2k3hi edx
23:34:25 Join track [0] (
23:37:58trackThe most annoying people have their names starting with the letters: mi
23:38:19midknight2k3wheres ignore.
23:38:25scott666right click
23:38:38midknight2k3but ignore by ip is different
23:38:46midknight2k3i think its /ignore <hostname>
23:38:52tracklol thats your answer to everything midknight, ignore
23:39:05midknight2k3* Added *! to ignore list
23:39:06midknight2k3IT WORKS
23:39:30 Join arspy87 [0] (
23:39:43trackyay mid has ignored me!
23:39:44trackabout time too
23:39:49midknight2k3ill unignore
23:39:52midknight2k3if i can figure it out
23:40:01trackhi arspy
23:40:06midknight2k3there ya go track
23:40:14trackit was a joke mid
23:40:17midknight2k3i know
23:40:18midknight2k3me too
23:40:24midknight2k3i have a present for you.
23:40:25arspy87hello midk
23:40:31midknight2k3hi as
23:40:31trackas in midknight and mikeholden
23:40:33trackboth begin with mi
23:40:39midknight2k3ohhh lol
23:40:43arspy87midk i'm
23:40:46midknight2k3why didnt you say "mik"
23:40:47arspy87"spy" here
23:40:53midknight2k3ok, spy
23:40:59midknight2k3i like as better
23:41:03midknight2k3as is casual
23:41:06midknight2k3hey "as"
23:41:22arspy87ok sure :)
23:41:41trackHow old is mikeholden?
23:41:48midknight2k3older than you
23:41:51midknight2k3hed beat you up
23:42:13trackhow old?
23:42:19track30, 40, 50, 60?
23:42:58arspy87gotta go be back later
23:42:59 Part arspy87
23:43:21 Join diddystar5 [0] (
23:47:10*Laurent_ bows before diff
23:48:38 Join arspy87 [0] (
23:52:10arspy87we meet again, mk
23:55:00arspy87midk how's your analog clock coming along?
23:55:01 Quit track ("Leaving")
23:55:34diddystar5it cool
23:55:44Bluechipyeah, looked at that the other night - coming along real nice :)
23:55:55midknight2k3its gotten way farter
23:56:00midknight2k3farther* :D
23:56:11midknight2k3i like farther
23:56:18midknight2k3this isnt riovolution
23:56:26midknight2k3dont be RRS
23:56:30midknight2k3you either Bluechip
23:56:34arspy87farther is relative to physical posiiton, further is like progress (i think)
23:57:04arspy87Og, right, I slipped. Sorry about that. I fixed it. -Spy
23:57:08arspy87jk , jk
23:57:08midknight2k3fine well physically
23:57:18midknight2k3its physically farther
23:57:26midknight2k3like if it were at 5 on the good scale now its at 8
23:57:34arspy87"physically" in terms of code, eh? hmm.
23:57:40arspy87ah, that makes sense
23:57:47arspy87but it's a digital scale, no?
23:57:55arspy87sorry midk im just giving you a hard time
23:58:13scott666so its more lines now?
23:58:35scott666or did you move your computer to the second floor?
23:58:48midknight2k3scott: it's more lines, but more features too

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