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#rockbox log for 2004-01-05

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00:27:51midknight2k3diddy star
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00:30:43midknight2k3hi hadaka
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00:34:49midknight2k3hi as! welcome back!
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01:30:49atrackoh boy
01:30:52atrackhi mid
01:31:57midknight2k3oh boy what
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01:44:11atrackhi diddy
01:44:37diddystar5hi atrack
01:44:41diddystar5do i know you?
01:45:01atrackyes you do
01:45:18atrack "track" was beginning to sound pedestrian
01:45:20midknight2k3what about the cdrw snappie
01:45:21atrackhi mid
01:45:30midknight2k3are the batteries high
01:45:40midknight2k3i wnt to see it
01:45:44atrackoh shut up and behave
01:46:06atrackat least mikeholden has half a brain cell between his ears
01:46:37midknight2k3wtf is your problem
01:46:46atrackmy pc is fucked
01:47:32atrackso im not in the mood for any pisstaking
01:47:40midknight2k3you take piss?
01:47:42midknight2k3j/k :)
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02:03:57midknight2k3fine atrack
02:04:57atrackim fiddling wiv my digicam now
02:05:06midknight2k3you hate me
02:05:07atrackthe best results come on the "manual" settings
02:05:23midknight2k3yes. but do you know how to operate them?
02:05:36atrackthere you go again, more mick-taking
02:05:54midknight2k3mick taking?
02:06:10atrackim gonna go back to the archos firmware now
02:06:20midknight2k3stay there
02:06:22midknight2k3NON FLASHER
02:07:00midknight2k3your RED LED is on the WRONG SIDE
02:07:58midknight2k3and it's wrong
02:08:09atrackif u say so
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02:09:11midknight2k3we oughta delete jIRC
02:10:00atrackwe should delete you off the face of this earth
02:12:18midknight2k3don't get spoilt. you'll blow up.
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02:24:54arspy87*where* *is* *Bluechip* ???
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02:30:02arspy87hi atrack
02:30:39 Part mk2k3
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02:31:22arspy87yo :)
02:31:28midknight2k3UGLY TRILLSUCK
02:33:21midknight2k3brb once more
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02:33:42midknight2k3auto connect works
02:34:55midknight2k3track is mean
02:34:59midknight2k3therefor i hate him
02:38:03midknight2k3aS: any rockbox feature ideas
02:38:06midknight2k3i'm about out
02:38:17midknight2k3OH how about a rounded bar selector
02:38:20midknight2k3like on the karma
02:38:27midknight2k3not square
02:39:51arspy87nice idea
02:40:40arspy87and also
02:40:51arspy87grayscaled menus
02:40:57midknight2k3yea right
02:40:59midknight2k3no way
02:40:59arspy87and a profile indicator
02:41:06midknight2k3? as?
02:41:10midknight2k3profile indicator?
02:41:48arspy87id take a pic if my camera was installed
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02:42:23midknight2k3what are you talking about
02:43:13arspy87profile indicator on the progress indicator!
02:43:18arspy87its one of the karma vis's
02:43:36midknight2k3lot of work, that
02:43:39midknight2k3but hey
02:43:43midknight2k3wait a sec there
02:43:48midknight2k3it could work
02:44:11arspy87well you could have a certain height line be drawn for certain level of volume
02:44:27arspy87there are 3 or 4 levels on karma
02:44:52midknight2k3we could either do 2 or 3 levels per side or 6 levels combined
02:45:20arspy87and place it according to the percentage of elapsed tiem compared to total time of the track, and use that percentage to locate the bar on the progress indicator
02:46:01arspy87never mind
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02:47:35arspy87hi atrack
02:49:11midknight2k3he's a-track-ted to the iPod!
02:50:19arspy87iPod = bad, though
02:50:41midknight2k3he knows
02:51:02atracktheres nothing wrong with ipods
02:51:07atrackthey work and play mp3s
02:51:15midknight2k3track: dont get started
02:51:23midknight2k3ars: track hates the karma
02:51:31atrackthat is my personal opinion
02:53:10arspy87the karma is a nice device
02:53:18midknight2k3ok, inverted vid line with rounded edges it is
02:54:35atrackwell done mid
02:57:32midknight2k3dont be mean atrack
02:58:30midknight2k3AFAD YOU TRACK
02:58:52midknight2k3can i see a snappie of your mount ranier compliant bargain basement 52x cdrw drive?
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03:01:11midknight2k3OH I KNOW WHAT TO DO
03:01:16midknight2k3A NEW ID3 VIEWIER
03:01:27arspy87that would be cool
03:01:45arspy87i have an idea
03:01:54midknight2k3WTF IS IT THIS TIME
03:02:15midknight2k3"crossfader" right
03:02:16arspy87it was for the startup
03:02:19arspy87nope lol
03:02:21midknight2k3ooh what
03:02:52arspy87rockbox shoots in from 1 pixel, then use the grayscale to make a shimmer go across it - ill show you what i mean, i have a link
03:03:23midknight2k3ohh like
03:03:41midknight2k3zoom in, hit the screen, and sort of a grayscale ghost fly past the lcd?
03:04:03midknight2k3so it stops but sorta keeps going yeah
03:04:06midknight2k3its a good idea
03:04:08midknight2k3but hard
03:04:14arspy87and after that, up int he corner of the 'X' have a starbright flash
03:04:55arspy87heres the link to the effect
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03:17:23arspy87Hi Bluechip!!! :)
03:17:30Bluechipeeeeeeevnin :)
03:17:34midknight2k3hey bc
03:17:44Bluechiphey hey m k
03:17:51arspy87I g2g but I'll be back in 20-30 minutes dont go anywhere! :)
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03:20:56midknight2k3diddystar sent me your mas plugin thingy
03:21:01midknight2k3majig whatever it is
03:21:03Bluechipdid he indeed
03:21:05midknight2k3it's very nice
03:21:12Bluechipcool - thanx
03:21:12midknight2k3but the mdb doesnt work?
03:21:17midknight2k3it didn't work for me
03:21:18Bluechipno code!
03:21:23midknight2k3that's the only th... ok
03:21:25midknight2k3that's why
03:21:38Bluechipwhat I should have been doing for the last 6 hours,not chatting to friends on the phone!
03:21:38midknight2k3but otherwise very nice
03:21:47Bluechipchange one thing?
03:21:48midknight2k3i have a request
03:22:13Bluechipname one way i can improve the plugin (apart from "finish it")
03:22:41midknight2k3does "complete it" count?
03:22:47midknight2k3hrm hrm
03:22:50midknight2k3no no i can do this
03:23:01Bluechipyou mean it's 100% perfect?
03:23:03midknight2k3I CAN DO THIS
03:23:13midknight2k3DON'T GIVE ME ANY HINTS!
03:24:08midknight2k3add a cool animation on start of the plugin: make it say "MAS" or something and zoom in and hit the screen and... yeah
03:24:24midknight2k3but that ties into what my original request was: you should make a cool startup animation
03:24:29midknight2k3for rockbox itself
03:24:39midknight2k3but yes, a startup animation would be neat
03:24:42Bluechiprun a video?
03:24:57midknight2k3what about a growing revolving MAS logo
03:25:04Bluechipif every time you went the audio menu it did some damn logo - i would go mad!
03:25:09midknight2k3ok nm
03:25:13midknight2k3but what about rockbox startup
03:25:20DBUGEnqueued KICK Bluechip
03:25:20Bluechip[02:24] <Bluechip> run a video?
03:25:26midknight2k3thats not possible
03:25:32midknight2k3unless we read from disk what the video is
03:25:40midknight2k3would be too complicated
03:25:48midknight2k3just a small enhancement over the rockbox logo
03:26:02Bluechipyeaj load_plugin(video, startup.rvf)
03:26:08Bluechip...not my idea of difficult
03:26:23midknight2k3can you code that
03:26:33midknight2k3if you could that'd be so cool
03:26:33Bluechipi just did!
03:26:36midknight2k3make your own startup thing
03:26:40midknight2k3well, make it work. :)
03:27:17Bluechipif you refuse to write ONE line of code ...I will add it to the bottom of my list labelled "stuff to do with the rest of my life"
03:27:37midknight2k3no thats not what i mean
03:27:43midknight2k3thats it
03:27:56midknight2k3just stick that in apps/playlist.c and it will work?
03:28:10midknight2k3i see NO WAY to make that work with just that one line of code
03:29:32Bluechipyou can't see it ....that sucks
03:29:50midknight2k3ok, any idea where to stick it?
03:30:22midknight2k3ok, can you tell me where you think it needs to be sticked?
03:30:38Bluechipwhere exactly would you like to see it played what precise point?
03:31:09midknight2k3right on boot.
03:31:38Bluechipimpossible need to spin up the HDD first
03:31:51midknight2k3ok, we can get technical
03:32:45BluechipASAP? ...yes, a technical term my boss used to use a lot too which case the 'technical' answer will be ...right at the start of the code
03:33:19midknight2k3OH FORGET IT
03:33:25Bluechipforget what?
03:33:25midknight2k3i bet that was your plan
03:33:42BluechipGod makes all the plans ....I just sign the cheques
03:33:42midknight2k3bother me about details until i give up and you don't have to demo the code
03:34:24Bluechipbut you prefer to give up rather than answer a straight and fair question ...why should I deprive you of the opportunity
03:35:04midknight2k3put it whereever you like
03:35:08midknight2k3i'd just like to see it work
03:35:09Bluechipbend over
03:35:29midknight2k3put it anywhere in the CODE you like
03:35:55Bluechipyou want it - you do it don't want it don't do it!
03:36:05Bluechipits a free choice
03:36:25Bluechipor maybe you could blame someone else ...that would be unusual
03:36:42midknight2k3never mind, bluechip
03:37:18Bluechipokay ...never it is :)'re welcome :)
03:37:37midknight2k3thank you
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03:42:08DBUGEnqueued KICK BC|code
03:42:27arspy87Coding, eh?
03:42:57arspy87what is it this time?
03:43:27arspy87no i mean what are you coding now ;)
03:43:31midknight2k3what are you CODING this tiem
03:43:56BC|codeyeah ...mind is elsewhere ...adding mdb & other new features
03:44:08arspy87:) cool
03:46:08BC|codestill not found anything to help me calculate an accurate response graph
03:46:37midknight2k3bluechip: are you planning to replace "sound settings menu" with your plugin?
03:46:48midknight2k3or have "sound settings" link to the plugin?
03:47:01BC|codeno, i'm just planning on writing it ...others can decide if they want it in RAM
03:47:24midknight2k3i mean having "Sound Settings" call your plugin
03:47:34BC|codeI will just get my jukebox to load_plugin(audio) when I select sound
03:47:57midknight2k3i want startup animations
03:47:59arspy87i got my new headphones today btw
03:48:02midknight2k3i may be able to do it
03:48:05BC|codewhat dyou get?
03:48:12arspy87sennheiser hd 212 pro
03:48:19BC|code(%*$*)* % 65 96 &^%^% *^%*^%*
03:48:25CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 16 minutes and 48 seconds at the last flood
03:48:25*BC|code is envious
03:48:29*BC|code VERY
03:48:38midknight2k3bc: ?
03:48:40arspy87:) they're nice
03:48:47BC|codeyes, they are :)
03:49:04arspy87the bass response is amazing, it feels like you're next to a subwoofer
03:49:22midknight2k3bc: get that mdb finished :) no rush
03:49:24midknight2k3but it sounds nice
03:49:26BC|codenow all you need is something to read when you listen :)
03:49:28midknight2k3i have the same ones
03:49:34midknight2k3but it sounds SUPER with mdb
03:49:43midknight2k3cutoff at 30 or 40hz
03:49:45BC|codehow would you know?????
03:49:46midknight2k3power 100%
03:49:51midknight2k3harmonics 0%
03:49:59midknight2k3there was an mdb patch earlier
03:50:07midknight2k3very VERY NICE
03:50:19arspy87BC, you can get these 'phones for 30 bucks on amazon i hear
03:50:21BC|codewhy is it not available any more
03:50:24midknight2k3it is
03:50:31midknight2k3it's just in an enhanced menu patch
03:50:32BC|codemaybe I am mistaking them for something else
03:50:37midknight2k3bc: ?
03:50:49arspy87they were 60 at circuit city where i got them
03:50:59BC|codethe one's I looked at were about $900
03:51:06midknight2k3900 bucks
03:51:07midknight2k3yeah right
03:51:09arspy87lmao, wrong ones BC :)
03:51:35arspy87how about teh senn premier series?
03:51:43arspy87those are what, in the thousands?
03:52:04BC|codeit was at an audio specialist up the road a year or so back, thought i recognised the number
03:52:23BC|codekinda hoping for a set of etymoic's now I know they make them
03:52:42arspy87ah yes, the Orpheus are 15k!!!
03:52:45BC|codeI use etymoic ear plugs on stage - nothing beats them
03:52:59midknight2k315,000 dollars?
03:53:24BC|codeyou're embarrasing yourself mk
03:53:26arspy87no, 15,000
03:53:30midknight2k3no way
03:53:32midknight2k3not possible
03:54:05arspy87click on Premier
03:54:44midknight2k3NOT POSSIBLE
03:55:18midknight2k3i bet they got about one customer for that one
03:55:27arspy87the hd 212 pro's are closed
03:56:16BC|codelol - "Single-sided, detachable, kevlar-reinforced OFC signal cable"
03:56:28BC|codekevlar cables!!!
03:57:17BC|codegeez, these things are CHEAP in the states!
03:57:39BC|codeUK sucks!
03:57:39arspy8715k is not small change!
03:58:05arspy87i heard somewhere that studio monitoring closed headphones are bad for your ears - true?
03:58:27BC|codeto a degree yes
03:58:40BC|codebut I prefer the sound
03:59:22arspy87bad idea to listen to them for extended periods i guess
03:59:50midknight2k3define extended periods
03:59:54midknight2k3does a few years count?
03:59:57BC|codebah - everything's bad for you
04:00:04BC|codedie happy :)
04:00:34BC|codeany fun at the book shop spy?
04:01:13arspy87oh, i didnt make it today :(
04:01:39BC|codethat's cool too ...did you try any of the trance phrases out on your folks?
04:02:09arspy87on my friend, and it worked
04:02:44BC|codeyou could have told him ANYTHING in that state :S
04:03:39arspy87probably lol
04:03:50BC|codereally! LMAO
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04:04:14BC|codethis is OT ....
04:09:38BC|codewhat's the cutoff freq on those headphones?
04:09:49midknight2k3who cares
04:09:56BC|codethe mdb protocol
04:10:06midknight2k3i like 30 or 40hz
04:10:17midknight2k3with 0 harmonics, full strength
04:10:22arspy87the 212 pros?
04:11:00arspy87freq response is 12 - 19000hz
04:11:49midknight2k319000 lol
04:12:37arspy87it seems low
04:12:41arspy87but sounds good anyway
04:12:45BC|codewonder if that's for real or under test conditions ...seems VERY low
04:14:02BC|codeis never forever?
04:14:17BC|code<midknight2k3> nm
04:14:26arspy87oh lol
04:14:33 Part bobdbob
04:25:02 Join Strath [0] (
04:25:18Strathhello hello hello
04:25:24BC|codehi hi hi
04:25:35midknight2k3its strath :)
04:25:37Strathhows it going?
04:25:46Strathpbth :P
04:26:18arspy87mk tell 'em about my startup screen idea :)
04:26:39midknight2k3bc can do it with one line of code
04:26:47midknight2k3sort of
04:27:06Strathdefine "line" :)
04:27:38BC|codethen define mirror and razor blade
04:27:51BC|codesorry i mean...
04:28:01BC|codewithout using the words "mirror" or "razor blade"
04:28:11arspy87however much 1 point closely kerned fonts can fit across the horizontal diameter of a screen in 2048x1576 mode
04:28:19midknight2k3mirror: reflection
04:28:26midknight2k3razor blade: sharp object
04:28:58Strathyou must not be an example of one then..
04:29:00arspy87BC: ^^^
04:29:24BC|codeyou place the drugs on the reflaction and shuffle them about with a sharp object
04:30:19arspy87reflaction eh?
04:30:24arspy87reflection + refraction?
04:30:32BC|codeindeed :)
04:32:06Strathand might i ask what that has to do with a startup screen?
04:32:39BC|codeby all means ...take the mic :)
04:32:57arspy87midk can explain it better :)
04:33:22arspy87but my idea was to have the rockbox logo fly in from 1 pixel int he middle of the screen
04:33:33BC|codevideo can be initiated on startup with one "line" of code ..."line" can be used easily as a pun hook to obscure drugs reference
04:33:36arspy87and then have a grayscale "ghost" run masked across the type like a shimmer
04:34:18arspy87adn after that a starbright in the upper right corner of the x flash ina nd out
04:34:36BC|codecan it take about 15 seconds to run?
04:34:52BC|codethen we can get rockbox to boot as slow as old archos firmware
04:34:53midknight2k3the way i see it
04:35:00midknight2k3about 3 seconds
04:35:01Strathi'd say 5-7 secongs at most...
04:35:34midknight2k3zoom in in about 1, have a ghost go farther in about 0.5, then the glimmer about 2
04:36:18BC|codeyou impress me mk ...didn't realise your math was up to scale and zoom algorithms
04:36:20*BC|code bows
04:36:48midknight2k3tee hee
04:36:59BC|codeI am CRAP at math!
04:37:22arspy87^ ditto ^ i hate precalc.
04:38:43BC|codemk, do you use lookup tables or float for your stuff?
04:38:59BC|code...or a.n.other
04:39:06 Part midknight2k3
04:45:25 Quit hardeep ("9) nanoseconds")
04:46:49arspy87i g2g, nice talking
04:47:23arspy87nite everyone
04:47:25 Part arspy87
04:52:28 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
04:52:45midknight2k3demo boot video concept thing:
04:57:07BC|codenot bad - now to make it run at boot
04:57:19midknight2k3updated version in a sec
04:57:52BC|codetell me when you got it just right
05:06:59midknight2k3ok i think i got it
05:07:02midknight2k3let me upload it
05:07:34BC|codethis is ur best one yes?s
05:08:50midknight2k3if it is uploading
05:10:48midknight2k3here it is
05:12:46 Part BC|code
05:14:00 Join BC|code [0] (
05:14:26BC|codecool - i would start the sparkle when the zoom ends - but yes, very nice
05:14:42midknight2k3i'll fix it
05:16:10BC|code"listen very carefully , i shall say this only once" ...british comedy joke
05:17:40BC|codenick the load_plugin() example from tree.c in the run-video section, edit it so that instead of "filename" you actually put the right filename, put it just before broswe_root in main.c
05:18:24midknight2k3will try
05:18:59midknight2k3i'm assuming there is more work than this required?
05:22:30BC|codeyes, you will also need to convert your movie to rockbox format
05:22:39midknight2k3well yeah
05:22:52midknight2k3let me try this
05:24:08midknight2k3ok vid works
05:24:11midknight2k3now to code it
05:25:17midknight2k3ok nicked..
05:25:55midknight2k3like so?:
05:25:56midknight2k3static bool dirbrowse(char *root, int *dirfilter);
05:25:56DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
05:25:56midknight2k3void browse_root(void)
05:26:05midknight2k3or should it be /boot.rvf ?
05:27:03BC|codebefore browse is CALLED not defined!
05:27:18 Join wakejagr [0] (
05:27:41midknight2k3i was just about to pelt you with errors
05:28:02midknight2k3that's all there is in tree.c
05:28:05midknight2k3for browse_root
05:28:13BC|codeit might be courteous to dump code in a private window
05:28:24midknight2k3ok sir
05:30:24BC|codeand what file are you looking in?
05:31:28BC|codecan't repeat ...busy
05:39:31midknight2k3nite all
05:39:37 Quit midknight2k3 ()
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07:31:04 Part BC|code
07:36:06 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
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10:06:19 Join BC|code [0] (
10:06:45BC|codemornin all
10:07:28BC|codedoes anyone know why "creat" insists on putting a Read-Only flag on every file it creates?
10:11:11kurzhaarrockeryou mean cvs?
10:11:28BC|codeno the rockbox file.c function calls
10:12:03kurzhaarrockerProbably a bug.
10:12:25BC|codehmmm, not sure i wanna bugger around in that particular file - lol
10:12:41BC|codewondered if I had missed some weird POSIX option
10:13:02Strathsure it's not a feature?
10:13:38Strathwhat does "creat" do?
10:13:44BC|codeproblem is that I can only ever save my options ONCE ...then file exists and it's read only !!!
10:13:48BC|codecreates a file
10:14:07Strathmaybe it's a safty feature
10:14:20 Part kurzhaarrocker
10:14:34BC|codesafty ...that's a new one on me
10:14:37Strathjust call what you need to to remove the attribute when you need to make changes
10:14:46BC|codewhich is.....
10:15:13Strathi don't know rockbox specifics
10:15:37Strathone sec
10:16:03BC|codeclose, creat, filesize, flush_cache, fsync, ftruncate, lseek, open, read, readwrite, remove, rename, write
10:19:32BC|codei got a horrible feeling it might be an uninitialise variable :(
10:20:58Strathwhat do you know about compression algorithms?
10:21:23BC|codemodest amount - principles rather than mechanics
10:21:58 Join kurzhaarrocker [200] (
10:22:08BC|codelthough I did have to step a gunzip once so I know that inside out
10:22:15Strathok, probaly wont be able to help then, i'm having problems with my implementaion
10:22:30Straththat may help...
10:23:10Strathi set it up with a 4096 byte window (12 bit offset, 4 bit length, grouped 8 flags)
10:23:21Strathdoes that sound about right?
10:23:59BC|codemiseed the "flags" reference, but yes, that sounds fair for a typical huffman compressor
10:24:16Strathwhat is huffman?
10:24:27BC|codewell most of them really
10:24:42BC|codeeg bzip is bwt+gzip
10:25:20Strathso i'm missing something i guess
10:25:34Strathmay need to dive back into the documentaion
10:25:56BC|codebut there a dozens of compression algorithms depending on which you are coding ...those numbers could be wwwwwwaaaaaayyyyyy off ...but they sound cool for a basic huffman table
10:26:45Strathtrouble is, i'm not sure of the exact algorithm that was used
10:26:57kurzhaarrockerc0utta: are you still busy with that configurable F2 /F3?
10:28:05Strathgoin back to the docs, pm me if ya think of somethin
10:32:40BC|codekurz ...i dont recall if i have shown you my audio stuff recently, or come to that, if it is something of interest to you?
10:33:19dwihnoAnother monday! \o/
10:33:45BC|codeits raining here
10:34:26BC|codeany further with you new gui?
10:34:58kurzhaarrockerBC|code I've tested your plugin. Works fine. Have you seen that icon surface by dwihno?
10:35:22BC|codeyes dwihno's gui is V cool
10:35:56dwihnoBC|code: I'll work on the clean patch today, making it up to date.
10:35:58BC|codeI have added basic MDB, decimal scales, and you can now re-org the menu items
10:35:59dwihnoTime to leave. bye.
10:36:11kurzhaarrockersee you
10:36:37BC|codeoh, and the font is bigger
10:37:01kurzhaarrockerBC|code You have an option, something about @ 1kHz, or so. Is that the loudness?
10:37:07BC|codewanna make it font-support ...but before I can do that, I need to find a way to convert my font over so that I can still use it!
10:37:31BC|codeahh yes ...have also written full docs as well :)
10:37:46BC|codeyes @?KHz is the centre frequency for the loudness control
10:38:48BC|codewish i could find more info on what mdb is
10:39:22BC|codethe response graph in the manual is somewhat lacking
10:55:19BC|codel8rz guys
10:55:22 Part BC|code
10:58:11 Join AciD [0] (
11:34:38 Quit adi|home (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:35:01 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
11:56:53 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
12:04:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:18:33Strathnight night time,
12:18:38 Quit Strath ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")
13:05:45 Join Dogger [0] (
13:35:46 Join edx [0] (
13:39:17 Nick kurzhaarrocker is now known as midhaarrocker (
14:04:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:08:00 Join Atrack [0] (
14:14:11 Join BC|code [0] (
14:15:10midhaarrockerBC|code I just critisized your red zone patch :)
14:15:21BC|coderead zone?
14:15:26midhaarrockerfor peak meter
14:15:48BC|codeno peak meter from me??
14:15:58 Nick BC|code is now known as Bluechip (
14:16:09*Bluechip confused
14:16:23midhaarrockerSorry, got mixed up!
14:16:27*midhaarrocker is ashamed
14:16:46midhaarrockerIt's a patch by midknight
14:16:53Bluechipmy audio patch is all settings
14:17:12Bluechipme and mk - not sure who should be more complimented/insulted
14:18:14midhaarrockerBoth complimented of course. You do things for rockbox.
14:18:59Bluechipplaying with the new customisable stereo seperation, I found a new handy combo :)
14:19:16Bluechipfor real quiet speech recordings
14:19:34midhaarrockerLet me guess: adds left + right?
14:30:14 Quit Atrack ("Leaving")
14:54:24 Join earHurts [0] (
15:35:13Doggerhey bluechip
15:35:57 Join khrocker [200] (
15:43:28 Quit midhaarrocker (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:45:25 Nick khrocker is now known as midhaarrocker (
16:04:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:07:13 Join Atrack [0] (
16:08:59Doggeranyone know any info on torisan display driver chips etc
16:09:04Doggertheir webpage sucks
16:09:16*midhaarrocker knows nothing
16:10:49Doggercheck this
16:10:57DoggerI think its the av300 touchscreen display
16:11:04Dogger(I think the av300 has a touchscreen)
16:15:10 Join bobdbob2 [0] (
16:15:25 Quit edx (
16:15:25 Quit c0utta (
16:15:25 Quit [OFF]BtT (
16:15:25 Quit webmind (
16:15:50NJoinwebmind [0] (
16:16:38NJoin[OFF]BtT [0] (~quasi@
16:17:54 Quit Atrack ("Leaving")
16:23:59 Quit midhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
16:35:18 Join baz [0] (
17:11:11 Quit baz ("Leaving")
17:19:06 Join diddystar5 [0] (
17:24:23 Join methangas [0] (
17:24:23 Quit earHurts (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:26:13 Join baz [0] (
17:37:58 Join DjCartOOn [0] (
17:38:04DjCartOOnhello =)
17:38:13DjCartOOnanybody here?
17:39:13DjCartOOnhi diddy =)
17:39:26DjCartOOnmay I ask you for a little help with rockbox?
17:39:26diddystar5hi DjCartOOn
17:40:18DBUGEnqueued KICK DjCartOOn
17:40:18DjCartOOnis desperate =(
17:40:40DjCartOOnmy archos fm recorder keeps doing funny things
17:42:10diddystar5whats your problem?
17:42:58diddystar5please dont use black fonts, i cant see them in xchat
17:43:09diddystar5what does your fm keep doing?
17:43:18***Alert Mode level 1
17:43:56***Alert Mode level 2
17:43:56DjCartOOnwell, first of all the usb keeps going funny
17:44:25***Alert Mode level 3
17:44:25DjCartOOnonly 1 time out of 6 it sees my recorder
17:44:29diddystar5likw what? you get 2 icons in the taskbar?
17:44:46***Alert Mode level 4
17:44:46DjCartOOnno none
17:44:56diddystar5does wiggleing help?
17:45:36***Alert Mode level 5
17:45:36DjCartOOnwhat's that?
17:45:55diddystar5err, moving the cable around
17:46:20***Alert Mode level 6
17:46:20DjCartOOnlet's see
17:46:30 Quit dsg (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:47:08***Alert Mode level 7
17:47:26diddystar5are you on windows xp?
17:48:56***Alert Mode level 8
17:48:56DjCartOOnno win 98 se
17:49:41diddystar5ok, i really have no idea
17:50:03diddystar5thatsnot firmware related, most likely
17:50:19***Alert Mode level 9
17:50:19DjCartOOnhe he he.... ok thanks anyway =) Do yhou have an idea who could help me?
17:50:20diddystar5do you get the USB icon on the screen when you hook up USB?
17:50:29DjCartOOnyes I do
17:50:32diddystar5(on the fm rec)
17:50:41***Alert Mode level 10
17:50:41DjCartOOnyes I do
17:51:13diddystar5ok, then the prblemis most likely on the computers side, because the icon comes up when the archos receives power from the usb
17:52:00***Alert Mode level 11
17:52:00DjCartOOnwhat could I do then?
17:52:48diddystar5i don't know
17:53:14***Alert Mode level 12
17:53:14DjCartOOndo you think i need to subscribe to the ML?
17:53:19diddystar5is you USB built in to your computer, or do you have a seberate card?
17:54:21***Alert Mode level 13
17:54:21DjCartOOnI am using one card I seldom used before.. do you think that may be the problem?
17:55:22diddystar5i would check, make sure its in good, and maybe try built in USB ports, or another computer
17:55:42***Alert Mode level 14
17:55:42DjCartOOnthanks a lot diddy
17:56:33diddystar5i wish i could tell you a solution :)
17:57:17***Alert Mode level 15
17:57:17DjCartOOnwell i formatted the Archos and reinstalled everything already, as another user here told me
17:57:26***Alert Mode level 16
17:57:26DjCartOOnbut it still does fun things
17:58:06diddystar5is USB the only problem?
17:59:27***Alert Mode level 17
17:59:27DjCartOOnwell i think all my problems are usb related
17:59:38***Alert Mode level 18
17:59:38DjCartOOni mean consequences of bad usb connection
18:00:30 Join earHurts [0] (
18:00:48diddystar5What are those consequences?
18:00:51DjCartOOnhi Ear
18:01:15diddystar5yo earHertz
18:01:20***Alert Mode level 19
18:01:20DjCartOOnmp3's i put in appear as "root" files with no 1d3 tag and either don't play at all or play totally different music
18:02:15earHurtsmp3s you put where?
18:02:42diddystar5something is not right :(, but i doubt that is USB related
18:03:28earHurtswhat happens if you play them on your pc, from the archos drive, via usb?
18:03:30DjCartOOni thought so... but what could it be? a virus maybe?
18:04:01earHurtsmore likely a cross-linked disk
18:04:06earHurtsrun chkdsk
18:04:08***Alert Mode level 20
18:04:08DjCartOOnthey sound fine. Usually before they are completely copied I geta bluescreen message tellimg me the drive is not accessible
18:04:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:04:31earHurtsdefinitely run chkdsk
18:05:04earHurtswhy is your text red, DjCartoon?
18:05:56diddystar5he wants it to be
18:08:40 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
18:08:52***Alert Mode level 21
18:08:52DjCartOOnjust because if I write red diddy can't read it
18:09:35***Alert Mode level 22
18:09:35DjCartOOndiddy I'm off to chkdsk... be back later =)
18:09:57 Quit DjCartOOn ("Leaving")
18:11:14 Join edx [0] (
18:11:41diddystar5DjcartOOn: good
18:11:46diddystar5to late
18:19:36***Alert Mode OFF
18:21:25 Quit baz (No route to host)
18:31:39 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
18:32:37 Join Jet8810 [0] (
18:32:50Jet8810I got an Ipod yesterday...:-P
18:35:58 Join baz [0] (
18:36:24Doggeripods are cool
18:36:33Jet8810yeaa, its aweesomem
18:36:55Jet8810but all my id3 tags have issues so it is a liittle bit kludgy from that standpoint
18:37:03Doggerah yeah
18:37:11Jet8810and with 4000 songs, pain to ffix
18:37:12Doggerheard there were problems with tags and itunes
18:37:23Jet8810hmm, I havent found any
18:37:26Jet8810well see
18:37:42Jet8810but my tags arre already all "Scott" "Scot" "Sccot" type stuff
18:37:44Jet8810pretty annoying
18:37:53Doggerah lol
18:37:56Doggernot good
18:38:12 Nick baz is now known as Djbaz (
18:38:20Jet8810heeh nope
18:38:56Jet8810I guess ill just get an id3 tag editor...and as I find flaws in the pod, edit them on compo
18:39:30Jet8810i just need to ffind a program that lets me search for songs with name x in the actuala name, theen edit t he id3 tags
18:42:09 Join c0utta [0] (
18:43:25 Join _aLF [0] (
18:47:43 Join Guest [0] (
18:47:52Guesthi =)
18:48:11Guestwhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo's here?
18:48:16Doggernot me
18:48:44Guestlol =)
18:49:35 Quit Jet8810 ("Leaving")
18:49:59Guestanybody can answer a question?
18:52:00 Join diddystar5 [0] (
18:52:21Guesthi diddy!!!
18:52:37DBUGEnqueued KICK Guest
18:52:37Guestproblem solved diddy!!!!
18:53:00Guestyou gave a good idea =)
18:53:09 Quit Djbaz ("Leaving")
18:53:17diddystar5USB card was loose?
18:53:28***Alert Mode level 1
18:53:28Guest<−−- was Djcartoon who actually forgot to sign in witht he right name
18:53:49***Alert Mode level 2
18:53:49Guestusb port was defective.... changed it and works like a dream
18:54:16 Quit edx ()
18:56:11 Join baz [0] (
18:56:41Guestdiddy maybe you can help me with another thing.... do you have a recorder?
18:57:59Doggerhey diddystar5
18:59:15Guestho dogger
18:59:28diddystar5Dogger: any new stuff?
18:59:31 Join cjnr11 [0] (
18:59:33***Alert Mode level 3
18:59:33Guestcan you record without having all that hard disk background noise?
19:00:23diddystar5Guest: sorry, not with the internel mic, but you can get a externle mic and you want have those sounds.
19:01:00***Alert Mode level 4
19:01:00GuestI c... well thaks =)
19:02:44***Alert Mode level 5
19:02:44GuestDjcartoon... yikes... and awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy *gone*
19:04:27 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
19:04:30 Join Guest [0] (
19:04:38 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
19:04:52 Join edx [0] (
19:12:45***Alert Mode OFF
19:14:05 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
19:27:25 Nick edx is now known as edx{eats} (
19:29:01 Quit elinenbe (" HydraIRC -> <- s0 d4Mn l33t |t'z 5c4rY!")
19:30:24 Join dsg [0] (
19:31:55 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")
19:36:31 Quit baz ("Leaving")
20:04:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:16:14 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
20:16:21 Join Zagor [0] (
20:19:38 Join caeldmz [0] (
20:36:02 Join Guest1 [0] (~jirc@
20:36:40 Nick caeldmz is now known as wake (
20:36:49 Quit Guest1 (Client Quit)
20:40:02 Quit wake ("reboot")
20:43:35 Join Guest1 [0] (~jirc@
20:44:58 Join Strath [0] (
20:45:39 Quit Guest1 (Client Quit)
20:48:31 Nick edx{eats} is now known as edx{code} (
20:54:32 Join quelsaruk [0] (~cipselia@
20:54:59quelsarukarg!! zagor's here!
21:07:32 Join arspy87 [0] (
21:08:07 Join elinenbe [0] (
21:08:18elinenbeback from Holiday −− hello everyone!
21:11:23quelsarukhi elinenbe
21:12:29 Part arspy87
21:17:34 Join Dogger [0] (
21:17:38 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
21:19:08quelsarukhi [IDC]Dragon
21:19:20[IDC]Dragonhi quel!
21:20:17Doggerhi all
21:21:11uskihi [IDC]Dragon
21:21:15uskihi *
21:21:31[IDC]Dragonhey, almost everybody here
21:21:44uskiwe're a great family !
21:21:54Doggereveryone in the world is here right?
21:23:50[IDC]Dragonmissing Linus, Daniel
21:25:01Doggerhear that I got my code running on av300 now?
21:25:14Doggerand the emulator runs quite a lot of the firmware now :)
21:26:16quelsarukalso langhaarrocker... btw, has anyone an idea why he changed his nick to kudzhaarrocker or something like that?
21:27:03[IDC]Dragonto adjust for current hairstyle
21:41:48elinenbeDogger: what are you talking about?
21:42:25DoggerI made my first real program for my av300
21:42:41Doggerand can run it without altering the firmware now :)
21:42:55Doggerit reads status of the buttons, and sends it via serial to my laptop
21:42:56elinenbeDogger: are you the person who will not release any of the specs?
21:43:27Dogger*will* not?
21:43:35DoggerI am not releasing anything yet no
21:43:45elinenbeDogger: will you ever?
21:43:46Doggerbecause archos' lawyer is still threatening me
21:43:51Doggerof course I will
21:44:02elinenbeDogger: where are you located?
21:44:02Doggeronce I have coded a game, I will release the binary for a start
21:44:09Doggeruk at the moment
21:44:18elinenbeDogger: steal my sokoban code from rockbox.
21:44:23elinenbethat should be easy enough.
21:44:41Doggerah is that a game?
21:44:52DoggerI'm coding everything in assembly at the moment tho
21:45:00CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 1 hour and 12 minutes at the last flood
21:45:00*Dogger hates c with a passion :)
21:46:49quelsaruk[IDC]Dragon what does kudz mean now? before it was long haired rocker (my german is impressive btw) ;)
21:47:03 Join scott666 [0] (
21:47:13[IDC]Dragonkurz = short
21:47:46[IDC]Dragonnow he changed again, to mid
21:49:02elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: I have a question about your latest commit... can you push a sound during playback?
21:49:15elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: like everytime I hit a button I hear a beep?
21:49:18[IDC]Dragonthat was quick!
21:49:36elinenbeI'm the quickest!
21:49:39[IDC]DragonCurrently, you can't "inject", no
21:49:52[IDC]Dragononly while not playing
21:50:06[IDC]Dragonbut this is on the list, too
21:50:25Doggerhow complex is the MAS?
21:50:41DoggerI need to emulate it at some point
21:50:48[IDC]DragonDunno, haven't programmed it ;)
21:50:59Doggerok :)
21:51:13[IDC]DragonTo use it is not too difficult
21:51:25[IDC]DragonI thought the AV has no MAS?
21:51:36Doggerit has a MAS
21:51:40Doggervia I2C bus
21:51:56[IDC]Dragonand the DSP/ARM chip?
21:52:13Doggerthat could prolly do the mp3 coding/decoding yeah
21:52:21Doggerbut they used a separate MAS chip
21:52:39[IDC]Dragonsounds like awkward system design
21:52:56Doggerperhaps dsp cant encode to mp3
21:53:06Doggeror maybe they just had code lying around for the mas
21:53:21[IDC]Dragonhmm, most mp3 players have an ARM7
21:55:13Doggerav300 is arm7 core
21:55:31[IDC]DragonI know, that's why I'm wondering
21:55:38Doggero ok :)
21:56:02[IDC]DragonWe found out together, remember?
21:56:24Doggerah yeah.... so long ago :)
21:56:33[IDC]DragonWhen you first took it apart and were researching about the chip
21:56:34DoggerI have been slow to get the av300 running code :(
21:56:50Doggercheck this:
21:57:58 Join diddystar5 [0] (
21:58:03[IDC]Dragonnice colourbars!
21:58:14Doggeryeah but you see when I press a button
21:58:18Doggerit sends it to the laptop
21:58:21Doggerand it prints it out
21:58:27DoggerI wrote that
21:58:48 Quit adi|home (Remote closed the connection)
21:58:49elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: I thought that inject sounds was impossible because fo the buffer and all, although I thought this was already attempted (see patch tracker) and no one was successful...
21:59:24[IDC]DragonI dunno about the patch tracker attempt
21:59:59[IDC]Dragonbut it shure is possible: stop the DMA on a frame boundary, set it to the new stuff, restore state
22:01:23uskiinject sound where ?
22:01:26uskifrom what ?
22:01:29uskiwhich format ?
22:01:39[IDC]Dragonwhile playing, from memory
22:01:52[IDC]Dragonmp3 format (bitswapped)
22:01:57uskithen it must be psosible
22:02:10uskithe main problem i see is that care must be taken to change the MAS registers
22:02:14uski(bitrate, ...)
22:02:34[IDC]Dragonno, you only need to manage the dataflow
22:02:49Zagorthe mas handles the bitrate by itself
22:02:50uskiyou mean the MAS doesn't know the bitrate ?
22:02:56[IDC]Dragonthe MAS does everthing else by itself automagically
22:02:56uskihmmmm ok
22:03:12elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: I think this should be the next effort. I would love to hear a click (aka ipod) during button presses and such. that would be AWESOME!
22:03:14Zagorotherwise vbr would be very painful :)
22:03:28uskiZagor: lolol right
22:03:36elinenbeDogger: nice video... that is the way rockbox started ;D
22:03:40[IDC]Dragoncan we play free format mp3?
22:03:53uski[IDC]Dragon: try :P ,)
22:04:10Doggerelinenbe: yep :) and now I can run code without touching the firmware, I should have a game done by next week ;)
22:04:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:04:14Zagor[IDC]Dragon: free format?
22:04:15uski(if the MAS is compliant with the MP3 specs then yes you can, up to 320kbps)
22:04:24uski(but im' not sure it is ;))
22:04:37[IDC]Dragonfree format has variable sized frames
22:05:09uski`man lame`:
22:05:11uski However, even if an mp3 decoder is required to support free
22:05:11uski bitrates at least up to 320 kbps, many players are unable to
22:05:11uski deal with it.
22:05:22uskihmmm if you want i can try tomorrow
22:05:27[IDC]Dragonvs. variable bitrate just switches rate on a frame by frame basis
22:05:28uskii can encode a small free format mp3
22:05:35uskithen i send it to my recorder
22:06:44Zagor[IDC]Dragon: i don't understand. vbr uses different frame lenghts.
22:07:13[IDC]DragonYes, but the bitrate defines the frame length
22:07:14elinenbeDogger: can you load your own custom firmware?
22:07:26Doggerelinenbe: when I've written it yes
22:07:30Zagor[IDC]Dragon: ah, yes.
22:07:54elinenbeZagor: is the bookmarking patch going in anytime soon? ;D
22:08:35diddystar5elinenbe: work needs to be done on it
22:08:41Zagor[IDC]Dragon: you mean use a varying number of samples per frame? why does one want to do that?
22:09:04quelsarukbtw, i got today my new recorder 20, now, my poor old recorder 6 can rest a bit... before i get bored and make some mods to it :D
22:09:15Zagorelinenbe: as soon as the stack issue is solved
22:09:39[IDC]Dragonmaybe because it's easier to encode?
22:10:59Zagorwell to me that doesn't sound like a good enough reason to break the data format :)
22:11:23[IDC]DragonI haven't invented it...
22:11:44[IDC]DragonOops, my commit broke quite some builds :(
22:11:46Zagorwhat programs use/produce it?
22:12:02Zagorhehe. fix fix ;)
22:12:02 Join Atrack [0] (
22:12:08elinenbeZagor: I thought the latest version of the patch corrected the stack behavior
22:12:19diddystar5OOOH NO ITS TRACK
22:12:26[IDC]DragonLooking into it...
22:12:30diddystar5Zagor: hack him!
22:12:35Zagorelinenbe: ok. i'm still lagging behind a bit.
22:12:49 Join Guest57 [0] (jirc@
22:12:58Guest57hi all
22:13:23Atrackhi Guest57
22:13:45Guest57is there some plan to support the link in our fat32 filesystem ? if it interrest some coder, I founded some code, and doc about the format of the lnk file format
22:14:07Guest57hi Atrack
22:14:50ZagorGuest57: you mean windows shortcuts?
22:15:12Guest57another question: why is there no more the firmware image available on the daily build download ?
22:15:25ZagorGuest57: they are inside the .zip files
22:18:12Atrackhi Zagor
22:19:00 Join wake [0] (
22:19:49ZagorGuest57: shortcuts are not part of the file system. they are a bizarre microsoft windows invention.
22:20:24Atrackbasically they are just icons that point to the location of a program etc.
22:22:08Atrackso whats in the pipeline for Rockbox in 2004 Zagor?
22:23:40Zagorhaving fun, writing code
22:24:02Doggereveryone migrates over to writing for avos! :)
22:24:06Zagorwe don't make detailed plans. it all depends on what code gets written.
22:24:10Doggerjust kidding
22:24:30ZagorDogger: you're not exactly encouraging it by writing everything in assembler... :)
22:24:44Doggerassembler takes skill
22:24:47Doggerso you get better coders
22:24:48quelsarukZagor, those t-shirts saw the light or are still "in pause"??
22:25:02Doggeranyway I will prolly use c later when I get further
22:25:06diddystar5i want a rockbox shirt!
22:25:06Atrackthank god for seperate memory card readers,,,,,,,
22:25:32Zagorwe never got the image from adiamas... dunno if anyone is actually still interested.
22:25:50quelsarukZagor, at least me :P
22:26:26 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
22:26:30DoggerZagor: anyway my emulators written in java :)
22:26:39AtrackHappy New Year to you Zagor
22:27:18quelsarukhere have to go
22:27:23quelsarukcu another day
22:27:23 Join Bagder [0] (
22:27:34diddystar5hey Bagder
22:27:45[IDC]DragonHere he is
22:27:51quelsarukhi Bagder :P
22:27:59quelsaruki hope
22:28:09Bagderhi goatmaster!
22:28:12Atrackhi Bagder
22:28:19AtrackHappy New Year to you Bagder
22:28:36 Quit quelsaruk ("i have new box! now, i don't need goats (yet)")
22:30:53elinenbeZagor: I do have a question. Why is it that when I build my rockbox, I get a rockbo.ucl file with the word " fake" in it?
22:31:09elinenbesorry rockbo.ucl = rockbox.ucl
22:31:22elinenbeI would love to have it automatically build the rockbox.ucl file for real.
22:31:32Bagderelinenbe: you lack the uclpack command
22:33:36elinenbeBagder: where do I instert that... into the make file?
22:33:44 Quit cjnr11 ()
22:33:53Bagderno, just make sure it exists in your path
22:34:00elinenbeshouldn't that be automatic because when I run configure I tell it what type of jukebox I am using.
22:34:35Bagderwhen you run make it checks for the command
22:35:04Bagderif it isn't found, it makes that 'fake' thing
22:35:18elinenbewhat is the uclpack command?
22:35:37elinenbedo I do that like "export UCLPACK=blah blah"
22:36:01Bagderno, just make sure the command is in your path
22:36:06Zagorit's a tool, like gcc
22:37:49Atrackis sound for the vid files possible?
22:38:27elinenbeBagder: thanks.
22:38:31[IDC]Dragonworking on it...
22:39:12[IDC]Dragonhave I ever lied her?
22:39:28Atrackjust didnt' think it was posisble
22:39:36uskican someone remember me how to set the hold mode (keylock) ? with the lastest just loaded bleeding edge (yea i like to be a beta tester ;))
22:40:03Atrackuski i think lock is ON and down
22:40:27 Quit Guest57 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:40:32elinenbecan I take the uclpack from the flash archive on [IDC]Dragon's page?
22:40:57[IDC]Dragonfor Win32 or Cygwin, yes.
22:41:17elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: what is your page again? <grin>
22:41:30uskiAtrack: nah, it changes the pitch
22:41:42Atracksorry uski
22:41:45AtrackI think its F1 and down
22:41:45[IDC]Dragonsee the rockbox flash page
22:41:58uskiok it is F1 down :)
22:42:03uskity ;)
22:42:08uskigtg (sleeep)
22:42:11uskisee you
22:42:18uski[IDC]Dragon: want me to test a free format mp3 ?
22:42:22uskii can do it now
22:42:34uskiwith a weird bitrate, say 173kbps
22:42:39Zagoruski: i'm pretty sure it doesn't work. "free format" is not mp3.
22:42:42Atrackyour welcome uski
22:42:54 Quit oxygen77 ("ChatZilla 0.8.31 [Mozilla rv:1.4/7]")
22:42:55AtrackZagor there is a freeware MP3 ripper
22:43:10uskiZagor: hmm, i want to try, just to "hear it"
22:43:10[IDC]Dragonfree format doesn't mean a wild bitrate
22:43:35ZagorAtrack: we're not talking about that "free". we mean mp3 data with the wrong number of samples per frame.
22:43:45Atrackoh right
22:43:45Zagoruski: feel free to try
22:43:52Atrackperhaps 173kbs is a vbr file
22:44:05Atracksome of my vbr files show around that bitrate
22:44:17Zagoruski: which program makes "free format" mp3 data?
22:44:19[IDC]Dragonnot wrong # of samples, just a free number of bits
22:44:32uskiEncoding as 44.1 kHz 173 kbps j-stereo MPEG-1 Layer III (8.2x) qval=2
22:44:40uskimoohaha, in some secs i will upload it to my archos
22:44:49Zagoruski: that's not free format. it's just vbr.
22:45:00uskilame −−freeformat -b 173 ED.mp3
22:45:00uskiLAME version 3.93 (
22:45:00uskiUsing polyphase lowpass filter, transition band: 18671 Hz - 19205 Hz
22:45:00DBUGEnqueued KICK uski
22:45:00uskiWarning: many decoders cannot handle free format bitstreams
22:45:00uskiEncoding ED.mp3 to ED.mp3.mp3
22:45:01***Alert Mode level 1
22:45:01uskiEncoding as 44.1 kHz 173 kbps j-stereo MPEG-1 Layer III (8.2x) qval=2
22:45:19uskiAtrack: freeformat is a special mp3 format.
22:45:25uski(short explanation)
22:45:27Zagor[IDC]Dragon: ok, then i still don't understand. you mean a number of bits that doesn't match the frame header? that would be garbage!?
22:45:46Zagori'll man lame then
22:46:05[IDC]Dragonfrom what I learned, the size of the frame is "free"
22:46:17uskiit works
22:46:22uskiBUT rockbox displays a wrong bitrate
22:46:24uskibugfix alert ;)
22:46:34uskirockbox says "24kbps"
22:46:41[IDC]Dragonit still results to a certain # of samples
22:46:47uskimy hear says that the quality is better ;)
22:47:35uskihmm i found another bug: my screen is hung displaying "mute is off" and the keys doesn't work anymore
22:47:41Atrackeven 5% on vbr sounds pretty good
22:47:47Atrackdone on musicmatch
22:48:02uskialso i think that the buffer isn't handled correctly, probably because of the wrong bitrate calculation, wait some minutes for confirmation
22:48:02diddystar5who knows what 5% menas
22:48:31Zagorah, ok "free format" is actually defined in our mpeg header docs:
22:48:38Atrack5% is very low quality
22:48:48Atrackfile sizes around 2-3mb
22:48:51uskiAtrack: 5% doesn't mean anything :\
22:48:54Zagor""free" means free format. If the correct fixed bitrate (such files cannot use variable bitrate) is different than those presented in upper table it must be determined by the application. This may be implemented only for internal purposes since third party applications have no means to find out correct bitrate. Howewer, this is not impossible to do but demands lot's of efforts. "bad" means that this is not an allowed value"
22:49:07uskihmmm ok, there is also a bug with the buffer. (buffer underrun)
22:49:24Bagderuski: that's due to the missed bitrate
22:49:27Zagoruski: not a bug. see above: "no means to find out correct bitrate"
22:49:41Zagorwell, ok it's a bug but it's very hard to "fix"
22:49:50uskiright; but a good thing would be to show "??" as the bitrate and also fix this buffer underrun
22:50:02Zagorsince you've explicitly chosen to leave out that information...
22:50:05uskii don't think it is hard to fix the buffer underrun
22:50:13uskiyea i understood
22:50:13Bagderthe only sensible thing, you be to add a vbr header on such an mp3
22:50:20Bagderwould be
22:50:22uskigrrr my screen and my keys are locked
22:50:32Atrackhow can a bitrate be missed?
22:50:41ZagorBagder: or we could treat free format data as 320kbps and buffer accordingly
22:50:48BagderZagor: true
22:50:55Bagderit would prevent the underrun
22:50:56uskiFreeformat can be up to 640kbps
22:50:56 Join diddystar5_ [0] (
22:51:04Atrackhi diddy
22:51:08 Quit diddystar5 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:51:09uski(ok, it would be stupid to encode at a that high bitrate)
22:51:20Atrackyea uski
22:51:24Atrackvery big file sizes
22:51:26uskiooo i found a bug and a way to reproduce it
22:51:43uskiit would be better to use a lossless compression
22:51:59uskimy bug, press F1/Play, and then relax the buttons, then press again immediatly F1/Play
22:52:07Atrackyea but the archos cant' read lossless compression
22:52:10uski=> impossible to control the archos anymore, you have to shut it down and start it again
22:52:32uskiAtrack: right but... i don't think you can hear the difference between a 320kbps and a 640kbps file
22:52:38uskieven a 192kbps perhaps..
22:53:00Atrackwho said mp3 can do 640kbs?
22:53:08Atrackit can only go up to 320kbs
22:53:19uskiZagor, Badger: can't you see how much bytes there are in the buffer, and calculate the number of chunks that goes to the decoder each second ?
22:53:31uskithis way you could calculate when to buffer some data from the hard drive, no ?
22:53:43Zagoruski: it's not safe, since the speed can be variable
22:53:59uskiyesd but the MAS will ask data faster then
22:54:11uskiso simply recalculate on the fly, it is not a cpu consuming operation
22:54:31Zagorexactly. and that faster request happens at the end of the buffer, it will run out before we have a chance to refill it
22:54:57uski...i suppose you have some reserve in the buffer
22:55:02***Alert Mode OFF
22:55:33Zagorfree format is a silly thing anyway. 320kbit is the best way to handle it.
22:55:40uskii think you're right
22:55:47uskialso, nobody will use freeformat mp3
22:55:54[IDC]DragonSorry to have raised this
22:56:00uski[IDC]Dragon: ? ;)
22:56:03uskiyou were right
22:56:04 Nick diddystar5_ is now known as diddystar5 (
22:56:05uskiwe found a bug
22:56:08AtrackZagor, Bagder since when mp3 could do 640kbs?
22:56:08uskiand it will be fixed
22:56:17Zagor[IDC]Dragon: no worries. i think we should handle it, just not add a lot of extra code to do it.
22:56:20BagderAtrack: read the specs
22:56:53uskialso, look at "my" "mute screen" bug, when you have some time ;)
22:56:56uskisee you all !
22:57:02[IDC]DragonI was thinking about a way to model data consumption of an mp3 stream
22:57:04Bagderuski: file it in the bug tracker
22:57:06diddystar5bye uski
22:57:11uski(i can't say "good evening" because we are all in different timezones)
22:57:13[IDC]Dragonfixed and vbr are no problem,
22:57:21[IDC]Dragonbut this free format is.
22:57:31Atrackseriously bagder, i thought mp3 only goes up to 320kbs. not 640kbs
22:57:42[IDC]DragonI need to know for my A/V multiplex format
22:58:04ZagorAtrack: the spec only goes up to 320, but you can squeeze more in using free format
22:58:05[IDC]Dragonto tell when the audio data is necessary
22:58:17Zagor[IDC]Dragon: ah, right
22:58:39diddystar5i was thinking about noise reduction
22:58:41Atrackdoubt if the 2mb buffer can handle the stream
22:58:51diddystar5and archos
22:58:56Atrackthe HD would spin up every 20 seconds
22:59:03Atrackhuge battery drain
22:59:10Zagor[IDC]Dragon: i don't think you should support free format. it's not worth it for the 5 people in the world who have ever tried it, and then just for fun ;)
22:59:24diddystar5can we pick up what current frequencies are currently heard using the mic?
22:59:28[IDC]DragonNo, I can't and won't
22:59:49AtrackZagor it says in the specs it plays back 32-320kbs
22:59:50Atracknot higher
23:00:05Zagoras i said
23:00:31Atrackthe manual is well out of date
23:02:39Atrackperhaps I should update it now I have Adobe Acrobat
23:04:03 Join baz_ [0] (
23:04:32Atrackone way of contributing
23:04:44Zagorthe manual was rewritten about a month ago. i suggest you submit suggestions and corrections to those who wrote it.
23:04:53Atrackoh ok
23:05:06Atrackits just that wiv the bleeding edges new features keep coming in
23:08:50Atrackupside mode is pretty cool
23:08:52Atrackupside down mode
23:10:00Atrackwas that your patch dragon?
23:10:21[IDC]Dragoncommit, not patch ;)
23:10:59AtrackNot sure what you would use it for though
23:11:07Atrackas the headphone socket would be on the wrong end
23:11:30[IDC]Dragondepend which way you hold it
23:11:56[IDC]Dragonit it's in a pocket, you reach in from the top
23:11:57Atrackseems like the Player never gets a look-in anymore
23:12:31Atracki mean, no-one mentions the Player anymore
23:12:51[IDC]DragonI will get one in a few weeks
23:12:58Atrackdoes anyone here have a Player?
23:13:00[IDC]Dragonto try flashing it
23:13:08Atrackbagder, zagor, anyone?
23:13:21BagderI never had one
23:13:33Bagderand my recorder is broken atm :-/
23:13:44Atrackhow did u break your recorder?
23:13:48[IDC]Dragonoh, why?
23:13:56Zagori have a player
23:13:57Bagderthat fun "hd reg error" thing
23:14:06Atrackoh ok
23:14:13Bagderthe disk just don't spin up
23:14:26AtrackMy archos is showing its age now
23:14:29Atrackthough it still works
23:14:30BagderI'll have zagor help me diagnose it
23:15:04AtrackIve only had that red led problem occur to me once or twice
23:17:48elinenbedoes Rockbox work on the Neo in it's current state, and what is up with the Neo developers with the GPL stuff?
23:18:19Bagderelinenbe: it does not yet work on the Neo
23:18:30elinenbeBagder: what else needs to be done?
23:18:33Bagder... and the Open Neo sources now have our headers/copyright texts back
23:18:54Bagderelinenbe: we need some Neo-specific startup code to start with
23:19:01AtrackHas Archos ever thought about contacting you lot for the firmware?
23:19:24Bagderor rather, we need to merge it, since the code is there to read
23:20:29BagderAtrack: you want us to answer what Archos ever thought?
23:20:35 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- *I* use it, so it must be good!")
23:20:53AtrackSeriously what did archos think?
23:21:06BagderThey once thought "I should eat more bagettes for lunch" ;-)
23:21:27AtrackI held the Gmini once
23:24:26Atracktalk about razorblade marketing
23:24:39Atrackwith the downloadable plugins you need to access recording and the like
23:29:20 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
23:35:10[IDC]DragonZagor: you that you have a player, can you try if the bleeding edge build still plays music on it, please?
23:36:07Zagorin a minute
23:36:19[IDC]Dragonshure, take your time
23:48:45[IDC]DragonZagor: do you mind if I implement the plugin function mp3_get_buffer()?
23:50:54elinenbehow do I create a patch from the current CVS? I think I forgot :D
23:51:26Bagderedit the file, 'cvs diff -u file > file.patch'
23:52:18elinenbeBagder: thanks so much.
23:52:29elinenbeI've been away too long.
23:53:16 Quit earHertz ("ChatZilla 0.9.54b [Mozilla rv:1.5/20031007]")
23:56:12elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: I was wondering if you could create grayscale functions that could be used in plugins, or would that be impossible with the methods use are using? It would be great to make a game grayscale

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