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#rockbox log for 2004-01-06

00:01:33Zagor[IDC]Dragon: feel free to do it. i'd call it get_mp3_buffer() though :)
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00:02:11[IDC]DragonZagor: me too, that was in analogy to plugin_get_buffer()
00:02:56[IDC]Dragonelinenbe: it's possible to run the halftoning algorithm offline on the box, but not in real time like for games
00:03:41Zagor[IDC]Dragon: i suggest plugin_get_mp3_buffer()
00:04:01[IDC]Dragonvery well.
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00:04:41[IDC]Dragonbut what would be the plugin_ prefix be for?
00:05:03[IDC]Dragonthe other function returned the plugin buffer, hence the name
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00:05:36[IDC]Dragonof because it's implemented in the plugin module?
00:05:46Zagoryes. it's just for context.
00:05:59Zagoror skip plugin_ and just call it get_mp3_buffer
00:06:26[IDC]Dragonno, plugin_ is fine, since it has a body there
00:06:45[IDC]Dragonit's not just a pointer to an existing function
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00:08:22[IDC]Dragonany other missing functions, while I'm at it?
00:08:55Zagorprobably, but none that i can think of right now :)
00:10:03[IDC]Dragonoops, sim builds got worse :(
00:10:21[IDC]DragonFM+V2 is fixed
00:11:43[IDC]Dragonmy problem is that I can't test the sim build
00:11:44elinenbehmmm... this is interesting. seems that the Archos Gmini used to come with a plugin called "Mad Player" where you could create your own music on the device. Now it no longer comes with that.
00:14:35Zagor[IDC]Dragon: i'm having weird usb problems, so i can't test the player now.
00:14:56[IDC]DragonSorry, thanks for trying.
00:25:14Zagorbed time. see you.
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00:49:05Atracki love these new 2100maH batteries!!!
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01:59:15arspy87onClipEvent (enterFrame) { trace("Hey yo, Bluechip, yo"); }
01:59:27arspy87(Flash Actionscript)
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02:33:11Strathfudgers added 18 to the window offset
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03:03:48Strathcould someone do me a favor and telnet to my IP
03:08:48Stratham i still here?
03:12:18arspy87everyone must be afk
03:12:43Strathcould you try to telnet/ftp/ping my IP?
03:12:56arspy87how do i do that?
03:13:07Strathjust reexamining my firewall setup
03:13:09arspy87oh i can ftp through explorer can i?
03:13:17Strathwhat os?
03:13:21arspy87windows xp
03:13:32Strathcan you get a command prompt?
03:13:42arspy87dos prompt you mean?
03:13:52Strathok, do that..
03:14:01arspy87got one
03:14:34Strathtype in ping followed by my ip address/hostname
03:14:52arspy87ok whats your ip/host.?
03:15:18arspy87request times out
03:15:19mcsquaredtry it has great hacking tools online
03:15:34Strathok, thats good
03:15:34arspy87yep, times out 3 times then fails
03:15:40arspy87firewall working? :)
03:16:04Strathsaw a bunch of ya guys ftp'd to my firewall
03:16:31Strath(which btw, allowed root logins ;\ )
03:16:44arspy87hmm. i couldnt get to it, but i'm on a firewall too
03:17:21mcsquaredif u like u can tell me what ports u want scanned- np
03:17:21Strathso now default policy is to drop ALL incoming packets not belonging to an established connection
03:17:45Strathnope... EVERYTHING is droped now :)
03:18:09Strathshould be a little safer :)
03:18:11arspy87woo :)
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03:18:28arspy87once i had a bunch of people listed in my linksys connections window, but not connected
03:18:33arspy87whats up with that?
03:19:46Strathfor now i've only got a counter, but if i were to set up logging, someone could potentaly fill up the drive and (not sure) crash the machine
03:20:34Strathwell... you know about deep backstop timeouts?
03:20:41arspy87what firewall do you use?
03:20:47arspy87nah, dont knwo about em
03:21:06Straththough checking the addressed that *tried* would be interesting
03:21:28Strathsuch as when a connection goes into FINWAIT?
03:21:46arspy87i'm clueless already ;)
03:22:05arspy87strath what firewall do you use?
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03:22:23arspy87windows xp apparently comes with a firewall thing
03:22:34Strathold junk box loaded up and working flawless for 6 years
03:23:59arspy87hmm i may be moving on to some other os in the future, once the tcpa takes over the bioses....
03:24:23arspy87trusted computing platform alliance
03:24:32arspy87read about it at
03:25:32Strathso un-tcpa
03:25:39arspy87fritz and palladium chips :(
03:25:44arspy87yeah... pretty bad
03:25:56arspy87there are a bunch of sites
03:26:14Strathheh, thats why working of projects like this will become so important in the future
03:26:22arspy87they'll kill our mp3 players!
03:26:41arspy87and all companies have to purchase licences and so would we mp3 people
03:26:59arspy87"you cant have an mp3 on your computer even if the CD is sitting on your shelf"
03:27:21Strathno, they'l try to kill anying what doesn't mean a payment to them
03:27:41arspy87i have a feeling it won't come into effect though
03:27:47arspy87it'll be crushed
03:27:58Strathlicenced DRM'ed compilers.....
03:28:07arspy87drm drm... bah.
03:28:16arspy87well i actually dont really care about the DRM stuff
03:28:33arspy87im one of those crazy people who spends lots of money on CDs
03:28:40Strathbut just think what terrorists could do if they got thier hands on a *compiler*
03:28:41arspy87that are now more expensive than DVDs....
03:29:01Strathhorror of horrors!!
03:29:05arspy87that would be nasty...
03:31:00Straththat was meant to be sarcastic damnit!
03:31:59arspy87lol, i know.
03:32:07arspy87j/p with you
03:32:29Strathpbth :P
03:35:41arspy87where is mr. 'chip.
03:37:06arspy87he's the man
03:38:28Strathback to coding
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04:23:10Strathbounce bounce bounce
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04:44:29Strath_about friggen time :)
05:01:22arspy87yo Strath :)
05:22:55 Part arspy87
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07:32:10Strathi'm baaaaaack
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08:02:21Strathhello oxy
08:03:04Strathhows it goin?
08:03:28oxygen77fine and your decompression
08:03:50Strathi got it working,
08:04:12Strathstupid fudgers added 18 to the window offset
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08:04:47oxygen77maybe this was done on purpose
08:05:00Strathi know...
08:05:35Strathwell, i'm just learning the algorithms myself, so i don't know whats common practise
08:05:54oxygen77that was also true for me
08:07:27Strathain't it for all :) ( at some point )
08:10:46Bluechipwell found :)
08:11:05Strathwell met good sir
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09:40:47mcsquaredHey all... does anyone know if AV300 can one-day be made capable of managing a TCP/IP stack via its CF interface?
09:41:16mcsquaredsorry to interject- but I can't get any response out of Archos
09:43:50mcsquaredthought you guys would know 'sall
09:44:38Bluechipshould be possible; that's bad; few of the real hard-core guys are in atm
09:45:21mcsquaredah- i imagine its also a matter of developing hardware support
09:45:49Bluechipwriting a tcpip stack is probably more about finding someone who understands them well enough
09:45:57mcsquaredbut I understand rockbox has something... am just reading up now to see if what parallels there are
09:46:12Bluechiprockbox has precisely three somethings
09:46:14mcsquaredtx... yea
09:47:34mcsquaredI've got a project I want to dev something for- at the moment I am thinking of using a PDA to do it
09:47:55mcsquaredbut I realised I could use the AV-300 series as it is a USB host
09:48:02Bluechipsounds like errr ...."a project" :)
09:48:09mcsquaredif the ground-work was there
09:48:25mcsquaredyea... sure is ;)
09:48:32Bluechiphas it gone now?
09:48:39Bluechipgiven that is WAS there?
09:48:49mcsquared:p but hey...
09:49:06mcsquared:) no I was just wondering how hard it'd be
09:49:21mcsquaredspose a few ppl might be wondering htis really
09:49:30mcsquaredoops- htis=this
09:49:45Bluechipeverything is easy when you know how to do it
09:49:57Bluechip(vaugue answers to vague questions)
09:50:27Bluechipi do accurate answers too, but I need more precise questions ;)
09:50:42mcsquaredsure- sorry
09:51:11BluechipI always find it amazing that people are so secretive about what they are planning to release as GPL - embaffles me
09:52:00mcsquaredwell I want an 802.11(x) adapter to work with one so I can transmit images the AV320 shoots, more or less in real-time
09:52:12mcsquaredto a network share
09:52:32Bluechipare hardware mods acceptable?
09:52:39mcsquaredor via ftp or http...
09:52:52mcsquaredof course :)
09:54:27Bluechipso you want a camera with an ethernet port?
09:54:39mcsquaredand I also want the AV300 to send the files from (ideally) a removable FAT16 drive on a USB-connected camera
09:54:52mcsquaredjust to make it interesting....
09:55:58mcsquaredI was hoping this would be the AV320, and the FAT16 drive would not be necessary cos the AV320 writes (I beleive) directly to the AV300s built in HDD
09:56:04Bluechipso you want to take data from a hdd (internal or external) and present it as web pages automatically?
09:56:22mcsquaredthat's one way to do it
09:56:36mcsquaredor as straight file transfers- I'm easy really
09:57:13Bluechipso the core probelm is to get files from the av whilst it is capturing images
09:57:59mcsquaredyes. I'm not sure if like the WindRiver stuff it requires switching the device out of shoot to file-transfer mode
09:58:25mcsquared(most of the WindRiver platform stuff that is- not all)
09:59:06mcsquaredwhich is why I am thinking.. heck just use a PDA.
09:59:26Bluechipas you say, squirting it out of the CF slot seems most likely CF is essentially an IDE slot can use an IDE->Ethernet adaptor
10:00:15Bluechipif PDA is an option, you may well find it easier to locate a PDA with a decent camera built in
10:00:28mcsquarednot sure about Rockbox for the adpater yet- I've got to read up on that
10:00:44Bluechiprockbox is NOTHING to do with the AV series
10:01:09Bluechipthe man you would need to speak to is "Dogger"
10:01:16mcsquaredmmm well I don't really want a built in cam see, ideally it'd be connected via usb
10:01:38mcsquaredyes u are right there- I can see now
10:02:08mcsquaredmmm was thinking it might be similar somehow
10:02:29mcsquaredahhh k.. thanks
10:02:42Bluechipsimilar in as much as it is made by the same company
10:03:12mcsquaredI'll try to come back later on- haven't eaten for a while (KWIM?)
10:03:31mcsquaredI'm in Australia- i think he's UK, so I'll pop back l8r
10:03:40Bluechipok m8 - l8rz :)
10:03:45mcsquaredmaybe... hey thanks for your help :)
10:03:54mcsquaredno worreeez
10:04:03mcsquared;) Ta mate
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10:48:48Doggerhey all
10:50:28 Join The_Bald [0] (
10:51:37The_Baldi need help, does jukebox work in linux?
10:52:06midhaarrockerThen I can't help
10:52:17CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
10:52:17*midhaarrocker is windows user
10:52:39The_Baldok, thanks midhaarrocker
10:52:40Doggerdefine 'work'
10:52:59Doggerwhat do you mean by jukebox?
10:53:49The_Baldi got jukebox archos recorder, i'm now in mandrake 9.2, can i use my archos in linux?
10:54:04Doggerof course
10:54:07webmindduh :)
10:54:08Doggeryou mean mount the drive
10:54:23webmindit'll apear as a scsi device
10:54:26Doggerits just a usb mass storage device
10:54:44Doggerjust like most digital cameras etc
10:54:47webmindif you use more usb mass storage devices, dont forget to unregister them before you take them out :)
10:55:35The_BaldDogger, it works my olympus camera in mandrake
10:55:37webmindafter unmounting it will stay registered as a scsi device...
10:55:37Doggerwhat does that mean
10:55:54Doggerthat doesnt matter
10:55:59Doggeras long as its unmounted
10:56:14webmindit does if you use more then 1 usb mass storage device
10:56:19webmindi've had some probs with it
10:56:21Doggerjust means when you connect it again it might get a different ID
10:56:28Doggereg sda2 instead of sda1
10:56:41webminder.. that would be sdb instead of sda
10:57:10webmindbut it can cause problems in some less common ocaisons
10:57:21webmindand curse my spelling
10:57:35The_Baldwebmind, /dev/sda
10:57:47DoggerI mount /dev/sda1
10:57:50webmindThe_Bald, what ?
10:58:08Doggercant get the jbmm firmware update to mount though
10:58:12Doggerit locks up the kernel
10:58:27The_Baldmandrake detect my archos like /dev/sda
10:58:52webmindThe_Bald, yes.. but you mount the first partition.. which is /dev/sda1
10:59:06Doggermandrake is french and thus should be avoided at all costs
10:59:46webmindfor similar reasons redhat should be avoided
10:59:54The_Baldi got /dev/hd, /dev/hdb, /dev/scd0 and /dev/scd1
11:00:56webmindThe_Bald, you have 2 scsi cdroms ?
11:01:33Doggerah but redhat is american
11:01:39Doggerso the question is.... which is more evil.... america, or france
11:01:54webmindamerica more evil
11:01:55DoggerI think france is edging ahead these days
11:02:14Doggerdefinately the 2 most hated nations in the world
11:02:17webmindDogger, but they have one hell of a load to catch up to
11:03:09webmindi think france these days if even maybe less nationalistic then the us
11:03:10The_Baldyes, webmind, dvd and cd-rom
11:04:00The_Baldi'm spanish
11:04:03The_Baldand you?
11:07:30The_Baldworks now
11:07:37The_Baldmount /dev/sda1 /mnt/pentax
11:07:49 Join matsl [0] (
11:08:28Doggerwonder when manufacturers will start *SAYING* that usb storage devices will work on linux
11:08:38*Strath a US citizen
11:08:38Dogger'designed for linux'
11:10:36Strath(not that i give a rats ass about the damnable state of things over here) ;)
11:11:04The_Balddo you use linux?
11:11:29Doggereveryone who matters uses linux
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12:28:29midhaarrockerThat was a short visit...
12:34:21c0uttaall of 20 seconds
12:34:44midhaarrockerc0utta: still busy with that f2 / f3 menus?
12:36:09c0uttamy c programming is very rusty
12:36:19midhaarrockerDo you have config files in which the user specifies which entries should appear?
12:37:00c0uttayes. it's only a test so far but it's working OK
12:37:44midhaarrockerHow do you identify the different commands? Do the have Strings as names and do you parse these names?
12:38:02c0uttai have #defined actions for every command
12:38:52midhaarrockerDoes that mean that the menues are defined at compile time?
12:39:20c0uttano, the menus are define on-the-fly
12:39:38c0uttathe config file is read when f2 is pressed
12:40:00c0uttathere is an action code that is linked to a language description and a function pointer
12:40:08midhaarrockerSo these #defined things are not to be mixed up with preprocessor instructions?
12:40:47c0uttai don't understand..
12:41:43c0uttaexample: #define ACTION_SHUFFLE 1
12:41:57midhaarrockerWhen you wrote you had #defined actions my first thought was something like this
12:41:57midhaarrocker#define ACTION_PLAY 1
12:42:19c0uttathe entry 1 appears in a file \.rockbox\
12:42:45midhaarrockerBut then you somehow have to map the string for ACTION_SHUFFLE in the config file to 1.
12:43:20c0uttai have the following:
12:43:22c0utta case ACTION_SHUFFLE:
12:43:23c0utta items[i].desc = str(LANG_SHUFFLE);
12:43:25c0utta items[i].function = shuffle;
12:43:41c0uttai am concentrating on menus at the moment
12:44:39midhaarrockerBut that means that for every menu item you carry around a (possibly large) string in ram.
12:45:32midhaarrockerWhen I had that problem I thought about compressing these names with some kind of huffman encoding which could reduce that ram usage.
12:45:43midhaarrockerBut I didn't implement it then.
12:46:13c0uttai'm reusing a lot of the code already present in settings_menu.c
12:46:31c0uttathe menu item already has the string in RAM
12:49:01 Part Strath
12:50:04c0uttado you think i'll blow the ram with my approach ?
12:50:40midhaarrockerThese item[] things only the items of the menues and not a table of all available commands?
12:51:06midhaarrockerAh, I had my mind twisted then.
12:51:16c0uttaphew, you had me worried
12:51:22midhaarrockerDo you keep a table of all available commands?
12:52:16c0uttaas the lines are read from, it goes through a switch to work out the language string and the function pointer
12:53:26c0uttathese are added to the existing menu.c, which uses the language string and the function pointer too
12:54:11midhaarrockerCould you give me a typical example line of that I might have another mind twist on that...
12:54:30c0uttaat the moment it's only:
12:54:54c0uttai haven't done fonts, rocks, etc yet
12:56:29*midhaarrocker must go eating
12:56:34midhaarrockerBut I'll be back
12:56:44 Quit midhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
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14:27:44Atrackhow does the greyscale work?
14:28:13 Join mcsquared [0] (
14:28:35midhaarrockeronly by pulswidth modultion of the on time of the pixel.
15:09:28 Quit matsl (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
15:13:28 Quit mcsquared (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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15:24:37*midhaarrocker wonders wether Zagors stays longer than 20 secs this time...
15:24:44Zagoryeah :)
15:25:33midhaarrockerHave you read the mail about
15:25:33midhaarrockerchar mystring[] = "mystring;
15:25:33midhaarrockerin plugins?
15:25:58Zagornot yet. still 185 unread on my rockbox folder. going through it all now.
15:26:50midhaarrockerthis kind of assignment inernally uses memcpy, which is not available in plugins without the api pointer.
15:27:06Zagorah, right. classic problem.
15:30:47midhaarrockerCan something like this be fixed with macros?
15:30:55*midhaarrocker knows little about c
15:31:43Zagorit can be fixed by not doing that ;)
15:33:27 Join matsl [0] (
15:33:49Zagorafair, char* mystring = "mystring"; does not have this problem
15:34:03midhaarrockerthat's right.
15:34:41Zagorso use that instead
15:38:13midhaarrockerJust because I'm curious: If I say char mystring[] = "mystring"; does that mean the string is in the code twice?
15:39:01Zagoryes. once in the code, and then once again copied into your array.
15:39:27midhaarrockerThus char* mystring = "mystring"; is preferable anyways.
15:44:04midhaarrockerAssume we'd like to burn the code into some ROM then char* mystring = "mystring"; would produce an unmodifiable string while char mystring[] = "mystring"; could be altered, right?
15:44:42Zagorbut it would only ever be as large as your hardcoded string, so longer strings couldn't fit. which is not very nice code.
15:45:15midhaarrockerCould that effect be used to store global_settings in the flash?
15:45:43Zagorno. only hardcoded data (from the .c file) goes into flash
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16:10:57NJoinmbr [0] (
16:15:00 Quit adi|home (
16:15:00 Quit edx (
16:15:00 Quit webmind (
16:15:24NJoinadi|home [0] (~adi|
16:15:24NJoinedx [0] (
16:15:24NJoinwebmind [0] (
16:22:00 Join quelsaruk [0] (jirc@
16:22:25quelsarukwhat happened to your long hair?
16:22:37quelsarukand what happened to you all these months?
16:23:23midhaarrockerIt's growing long again unless I meet someone with scissors
16:25:05midhaarrockerAnd I've been busy at work, than my old recorder broke but now I have a new one.
16:26:33quelsaruki also have a new recorder
16:26:39quelsarukbut my old one still works.
16:26:58quelsarukmany goats had to die.. but still runs
16:27:50midhaarrockerHm. When the goats run your jukebox doesn't :)
16:28:36quelsarukhow's your S55?
16:29:17midhaarrockerI made a little java program for it to calculate wind speeds
16:30:32midhaarrockerHelp! Zagor is flooding the list!
16:30:43quelsarukmy brother found a program to control the computer via bluethooth :)
16:31:08midhaarrockervnc via mobile phone? That's sick!
16:33:40quelsarukif you want to see a film on computer and afterwards want to do something else but are too lazy... that program is very interesting :)
16:37:11quelsaruki re-started my gfx-menus again...
16:37:32midhaarrockergfx menus?
16:37:33quelsarukmaybe i will finish them someday
16:37:49quelsarukdidn't i show them to you?
16:38:12midhaarrockerNo. I don't remember anything about gfx menus.
16:40:05 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
16:42:27 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
16:42:27 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:52:29quelsarukok, i have to go...
16:52:39midhaarrockersee you
16:52:39quelsarukcu another day
16:54:56 Quit quelsaruk (" Stay always metal my friends :)")
17:00:00 Quit mecraw_ (
17:00:00 Quit Dogger (
17:00:00 Quit bobdbob2 (
17:00:32NJoinmecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
17:00:32NJoinDogger [0] (
17:00:32NJoinbobdbob2 [0] (
17:00:50Doggerserver problems?
17:01:27Doggereveryone disapeared off the irc channel
17:01:36Doggerany developers about?
17:01:45Zagorah, yes it split. that happens sometimes.
17:01:52Zagori am
17:01:57Doggerthought so :)
17:02:41Doggercheck out my first program with LCD for av300:
17:02:42midhaarrockerI'm only a timesink for the real developers :=
17:02:53Doggerlemmie know if the video works ok
17:03:54midhaarrockermy ancient winamp doesn't show video, but seems to try to play audio (I have no speakers here)
17:04:32Zagorworks for me. it's an etch-a-sketch ;)
17:04:34Doggerfinal picture:
17:04:38Doggeryep :)
17:04:44DoggerI made an etch-a-sketch!
17:04:53Doggerwonder if archos consider it 'nonsense software'
17:05:02midhaarrocker:) Turtle graphics!
17:05:13Dogger(they told me they didnt want to open it up because people might run nonsense software on it'
17:05:21Doggersnake next?
17:05:28Zagorhaha. well ignore them...
17:05:31Doggeror perhaps some sprite drawing routines
17:05:50Doggerstill need to work out the rest of the hardware,
17:06:03Zagorwhat graphics controller is it?
17:06:07Doggerbut now I can get buttons, write to LCD, read/write from uart -> laptop
17:06:12Doggertorisan something
17:06:20Doggerlc272c1b I think
17:06:33Doggercouldnt find any info on it tho
17:06:55Zagorno chip markings?
17:07:26Doggerhas some other numbers on it yeah
17:07:32Doggercouldnt find any trace of them either
17:07:36Doggersanyo website is pretty bad
17:08:05Zagorhave you taken any pictures of the boards yet?
17:09:30Zagoractually putting them in a flat-bed scanner gives the best results
17:09:42Doggerreally? :) nice to know
17:09:52Doggeryeah we have various photos of the boards
17:09:59Doggerits pretty easy to take the av300 to bits
17:10:08Doggerwhats more useful is using the emulator tho
17:10:19Doggerthen you can see what the official firmware does with the hardware
17:10:51Zagoryeah, sounds good
17:12:09Doggeram going fast now :)
17:12:22Doggernot sure what to do re. archos' objections now though
17:12:46Doggersorry - bullying and threatening I mean :)
17:18:14Bluechipvideo works fine - well done mate :)
17:22:35Doggerkewl :)
17:22:48DoggerI have a $650 etch a sketch!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17:23:36BluechipAnd if it doesn't qualify as nonsense software, I'm sure we can dumb it down somehow ;)
17:23:41midhaarrockerIncluding etched pcbs
17:23:54 Join AciD [0] (
17:24:40DoggerI mean 'nonsense software'! who the hell do they think they are telling me what software I can and cant run!
17:24:45Bluechipwhilst I am online at a different time from normal ....does anyone here what I can use in windoze to create a new font for rockbox
17:24:53Doggerif I want to run an infinite loop, I damn well will
17:25:24Bluechipdogger: I think one it's all going we should have a competition of who can write the worst program
17:25:35Doggerlol good idea
17:25:57DoggerIMHO archos firmware is nonsense software
17:26:02Doggercos its rubbish
17:26:06ZagorDogger: i think they will make up any excuse not to open themselves up. they simply don't want to. and that's fine with me, we don't need their help.
17:26:08Bluechipgood call
17:26:23DoggerI dont mind them not opening up
17:26:29DoggerI worked everything put myself
17:26:40DoggerI DO mind them getting a lawyer to threaten me
17:26:52Doggerworking it out is satisfying anyway
17:26:56Doggerlike a giant crossword
17:27:05Doggeralthough a bit slower :)
17:29:58BluechipZagor ...what are the chances of the "win32sim build 8" patch being included in cvs?
17:30:37Zagori don't know. i haven't looked at it yet. but bagder seemed to like it, so i expect we'll add it.
17:31:25Bluechipit's nothing new really, just a bunch of maintenance work that was long overdue (that is NOT a criticism, just an observation)
17:31:26midhaarrockerBluechip: is that the patch where you ifdefed each single function?
17:31:45midhaarrocker(eg. in mpeg.c)
17:32:01BluechipYes, But I think I did it in a tidier way than the last person who did the same thing
17:33:07midhaarrockerIt looked very tidy, no doubt. But I was about to ask you wether you considered to have a replacement file for mpeg.c (and similar) to be included in sim builds only?
17:33:45BluechipI tried to adhere as closely as possible to the current coding style
17:34:00Bluechipdont really want the effort of a complete rewrite
17:34:12Bluechipdid you read my reply to Badgers post?
17:34:34*midhaarrocker tries to find it again
17:34:49midhaarrockerah, in the patch tracker?
17:35:02Bluechipsecond page
17:35:48BluechipLinus has also seen the patch and nodded except at my (now corrected) fix for browse_root
17:36:02 Join baz [0] (
17:38:28 Quit Schnueff ("leaving")
17:38:38 Join methangas [0] (
17:43:39midhaarrockerAs I see you have considered the option of substituting mpeg.c for simulators and decided against for some reasons. I just wanted to make sure you considered them.
17:44:38BluechipYes that's cool - I have not "ignored" any ideas or comments, and hopefully managed to give a comprehensive reason where I have not agreed
17:45:01 Join cjnr11 [0] (
17:49:25 Nick Bluechip is now known as bc|bbs (
17:50:49 Join diddystar5 [0] (
17:51:16diddystar5Zagor: have time to see the new vu meter?
17:51:52midhaarrockerdiddystar5: did you manage to use the peakmeter routines?
17:52:11diddystar5midhaarrocker: not yet, but i have added a few things
17:52:21diddystar5midhaarrocker: mostly made it much smoother
17:53:38*midhaarrocker is curious to see it.
17:54:19diddystar5sure thing
17:54:20diddystar5one sec
17:54:37midhaarrockerno haste, I'm at work and have no recorder here.
17:54:38elinenbe|outmidhaarrocker: hello again... I like that you are back around here, although what is the deal with your hair!
17:55:15diddystar5i still need to simlify the code
17:55:21diddystar5its quite a mess rightn ow
17:55:30diddystar5im using more ints than i need
17:56:01elinenbe|outmidhaarrocker: I think that your patch is very confusing for a "normal" user
17:56:05diddystar5and i think im going to simlify my if's with use_log_scale ? blah : blah;
17:56:18elinenbe|outmidhaarrocker: I don't really understand all the settings at all.
17:56:33midhaarrockerelinenbe|out: Somehow I decided against my hair all of a sudden without any serious reason.
17:57:01midhaarrockerelinenbe|out: are you talking about the trigger?
17:57:58 Nick elinenbe|out is now known as elinenbe (
17:58:00elinenbemidhaarrocker: yeah
17:58:22midhaarrockerBut you know what the volume triggered recording is about?
17:58:59midhaarrocker(concluding from the message in the patch tracker you do)
17:59:28elinenbemidhaarrocker: yeah, it is to automatically create breaks when recording from something like a CD. Each track becomes a track.
18:00:49midhaarrockerWell you need a threshold to decide what is signal and what is the noise floor. That is what the "start above" / "stop below" is about.
18:04:15midhaarrockerAnd then there are the times that specify for how long the threshold must be exceeded to start or stop the recording.
18:04:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:04:47elinenbeI am not sure, but It would be better if the names were more decriptive.
18:04:55elinenbemabe make it like a menu system...
18:05:12elinenbewere each line scrolls and you "go in" to an item to change the settings.
18:06:17diddystar5i just had a cool idea1
18:06:34diddystar5im going to make a etch a scetch for rockbox!
18:06:44midhaarrockerelinenbe: I thought that that approach makes the thing even more difficult to control as you don't see all the parameters on one screen that relate to each other.
18:07:29midhaarrockerdiddystar5: you should call it av300 emulator though...
18:08:32diddystar5it should be hours of fun drawing on your archos
18:09:32Doggeryou had a cool idea???
18:09:41Doggerdamn u!!!!! j/king
18:19:37 Quit matsl (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
18:21:40 Quit edx ()
18:21:48elinenbemidhaarrocker: I guess, I just think that the names should be more descriptive and scroll on each one.
18:22:19elinenbeDogger: why don't you release the source for you "etch-a-sketch"?
18:22:42midhaarrockerelinenbe Do you have proposals how I might name them?
18:22:42diddystar5elinenbe: thats very easy to make :)
18:23:06diddystar5im actually making it now
18:23:22elinenbemidhaarrocker: no, I am not even sure what they all do! :D
18:24:11 Quit baz ("Leaving")
18:24:37midhaarrocker"Start above" = trigger threshold, "for at least" = the duration the threshold must be exceeded to trigger off.
18:24:41Doggerelinenbe: cos no one else can run it
18:24:54Doggeri will soon
18:25:16elinenbemidhaarrocker: maybe that is what they should be named then :D
18:28:59midhaarrockerThat doesn't fit onto the screen. I could call them "threshold" and "duration", but then I thought that is to hight tech and even less descriptive than "Start above[-30]db for at least [2]s".
18:44:24elinenbeI will look at it again right now, and tell you what I think.
18:44:32elinenbetry my F3 patch on the patch tracker :)
18:44:35elinenbeI like that one!
18:44:47elinenbeit is very simple, but I like it...
18:44:51diddystar5what f3 patch?
18:45:05elinenbemakes F3 the playlist viewer
18:45:21bc|bbshave people here seen the incredible menu patch from dwhino?
18:45:34 Nick bc|bbs is now known as Bluechip (
18:45:35diddystar5did you knwo that f1+on goes to the song info?
18:45:54diddystar5and there was another odd one...
18:47:20diddystar5oh f1+play mutes
18:48:00diddystar5i never knew that until i started playing with key combinations last night
18:48:30diddystar5im going to make apatch to move the pitch setting out of the on menu
18:48:43diddystar5it belongs in sound settings
18:48:49Bluechiphey! ...I user that!
18:48:57Bluechipand it is NOT a sound option!?
18:49:12Bluechipit's "playback control"
18:49:36diddystar5not imo
18:49:52diddystar5it shouldnt be in the on menu imo
18:50:18diddystar5i htink the on menu should be made a "quick" menu for stuff like song info, playlist viewer etc
18:50:23midhaarrockerdiddystar5: it's a special feature for djs to adjust the speed of playback in order to match it to other songs. It _must_ remain in the on menu or somwhere accessible without menues.
18:50:53diddystar5well the pitch setting soundsl like crap when changing it, and its slow
18:51:08diddystar5and it crashes you unit when you go above 175
18:51:29midhaarrockerNo dj will change more than a few %
18:51:42diddystar5i was just playing with it then
18:51:48diddystar5but its still a bug :)
18:51:53Bluechipthen why not write a patch that (a) fixes on+left and on+right and (b) limits the ceiling to 175 ?? :) ...that would be much appreciated :)
18:52:18diddystar5but i have more ideas for better quick menus
18:52:23diddystar5and better....
18:52:38Bluechipdid you see dwhino's work
18:52:42midhaarrockerFor a dj the on menu is very ergonomical.
18:53:43diddystar5i had a patch up for a while that had a cool quick menu, but i want to make it better so its down atm
18:54:37 Join matsl [0] (
18:55:20midhaarrockerdiddystar5: have you ever tried to match the speed / beat phase of a song to another one that is playing from some other device?
18:55:59diddystar5have had no reason to
18:56:11midhaarrockerYou should try. Unless you find something that works better than the quick keys as they do no I vote against changing them.
19:01:04 Join cjnr112 [0] (
19:02:37 Join wake [0] (
19:06:47*midhaarrocker must go now
19:07:05 Quit midhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
19:08:23 Nick wake is now known as wake|afk (
19:09:36 Quit cjnr11 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:09:57 Nick cjnr112 is now known as cjnr11 (
19:11:43diddystar5i think maybe customised menus would be good
19:11:56diddystar5so people can make there menus quick for waht they do
19:12:13diddystar5i think there was a disscusion a long time ago on that....
19:13:55 Quit BoBB ("Lost terminal")
19:14:15 Join BoBB [0] (
19:14:24 Quit BoBB (Client Quit)
19:16:46 Join BoBB [0] (
19:19:50 Join _aLF [0] (
19:28:23 Quit cjnr11 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:31:09 Join cjnr11 [0] (
19:42:24 Nick Bluechip is now known as BC|bbl (
19:51:03 Quit elinenbe (" HydraIRC -> <- Chicks dig it")
20:04:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:12:35 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
20:15:58 Join Atrack [0] (
20:18:44Atrackhi did
20:21:53 Quit mbr (Remote closed the connection)
20:23:51Atrackthat check in/check out on those Sony devices is bad
20:24:17 Part BC|bbl
20:28:57 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
20:29:20 Quit Atrack ("Leaving")
20:31:19 Join elinenbe [0] (
20:31:25elinenbenew ipod out
20:33:33Zagor4 gigs for $249! they sure know how to charge for their stuff :-)
20:35:57 Join Norrin [0] (
20:36:14NorrinWow, build 040106 doesn't like my FM recorder.
20:37:36ZagorNorrin: what happens?
20:38:16NorrinI've tried two different things. First I downloaded the new firmware. Rebooted and flashed it.
20:39:07NorrinOnce I reboot again, I get strange numbers then it tries to ROLO which also doesn't work. Standby, I'll put 040106 back in and tell you exactly what it does.
20:40:12 Join quelsaruk [0] (~cipselia@
20:40:16quelsarukit's me again
20:41:23NorrinIt says something about CPUadr and Illadr I believe prior to it shutting down.
20:42:13NorrinIllinstr and CPUadrer are the errors
20:42:20quelsarukZagor, i have a weird experience to comment
20:43:05quelsarukis it normal that when charging the batts... you see a 64%, half an hour later.. 47%, 5 minutes later 45%, 1 hour later 85%
20:43:22Zagoryou shouldn't see a number at all when charging batteries
20:43:42quelsarukzagor... i'm using a pre-2.1 flashed version
20:43:56quelsarukmaybe that's why...
20:44:21Zagorvoltage level is incorrect during charging, so we show an animation instead
20:44:39quelsarukyes.. i like that animation :)
20:47:10NorrinZagor: I put 040105 back in and it works as advertised.
20:47:39ZagorNorrin: ok, thanks. we'll look into it.
20:51:28Zagorno extra credit for guessing it was jörgs change that broke it ;)
20:52:11 Join Callan [0] (
20:53:12CallanI have two questions about rockbox and archos... anyone here? ::)
20:54:56Callanokay. first is about a feature: bookmarks in songs
20:55:06Callanas far as I see, there is none as that
20:55:34Callanbut how can rockbox remember the position in a mp3 when I power my archos down and restart it later?
20:56:01quelsarukrockbox is very intelligent ;)
20:57:11quelsarukok, rockbox writes that so when you power it on again, just reading that info can resume the song
20:57:25_aLFCallan> it saves the position very often
20:58:28Callancouldn't this function be used to emulate bookmarks? just go to the position within the song and then do a button combination?
20:58:37Callan+to save the position
20:59:05quelsarukthere's a bookmark patch already
20:59:46hardeepCallan: see for a build that includes the bookmarking feature
20:59:48quelsarukZagor, the bookmark patch is already a plugin or still a non-merged feature?
21:00:02Zagorstill non-merged. but the latest version looks promising.
21:00:13Callanuh? nice!
21:00:15 Join Plugh [0] (
21:00:18quelsarukhardeep was faster than you :)
21:00:44Callanwell, I have only one song where I need it but there I need it!
21:01:24Plughhi guys. I haven't flashed a new version in a while and figured it was time to do so. Unfortunately I can't play a ucl anymore. It says incompatible version
21:01:44Callanokay. second question about using the archos as an image tank
21:01:58Callanas far as I know there is a solution for the multimedia versions...
21:02:15quelsarukPlugh, you have to download a new rockbox version and the rocks too
21:02:31Callanany chance I could connect a CF-card somehow to a recorder and transfer the content?
21:03:27Plughquelsaruk: thanks. That was enough of a hint
21:03:43quelsarukPlugh, i had that problem too :)
21:03:44PlughI'd done that, but didn't think to rolo new code before playing the ucl ;)
21:03:55elinenbethere is one feature that the original Archos Firmware had that Rockbox still lacks: sound during FF and RW
21:04:20ZagorCallan: not without hardware modifications
21:04:34quelsarukCallan, there was a hardware mod in thoughts... but never done
21:04:54Callanhmmmz. I just thought about some sort of cardreader using the upcoming USB-on-the-go
21:04:58Doggerhey do any old devices have pallettes?
21:05:02Doggeror all black/white?
21:05:04Plughelinenbe: a lot of changes just happened to mp3 playback code
21:05:20ZagorDogger: only black/white
21:05:31Plughit might be technically possible now to do playback with ff/rw
21:05:38Doggeram trying to work out pallette on av300.... guess work really
21:05:51ZagorCallan: usb on-the-go requires hardware support. the recorder doesn't have it
21:06:02Plughgood to seeya still working on stuff Dogger :)
21:06:04ZagorPlugh: it is possible. but is it worth it?
21:06:12DoggerPlugh: thanks :)
21:06:15PlughZagor: imo, yes
21:06:23Zagorthen do it ;)
21:06:32Doggermy pallette display prog:
21:06:37PlughI play 70-90 min DJ sets
21:06:49CallanZagor: as far as I read about the standard when preparing for my diploma thesis, you only need one device with UotG support
21:06:50Plughand there's times I want to seek a certain track
21:06:56quelsarukZagor, are you sure you don't have spanish blood??
21:07:38ZagorCallan: oh, ok. well then it could work with an otg card reader i suppose.
21:08:02Zagorquelsaruk: maybe a few drops somewhere :)
21:08:18CallanI suppose it would be to complicated to design some sort of hardware on my own to do that ^^;
21:08:18PlughSit archive contains plug-in for OS 9.x and OS X and images to show where to put the plug-in. To create Playlists from Apple's i-Tunes program for all Archos MP3 players.
21:08:32ZagorCallan: i would think so, yes :)
21:09:08Callanother solution: inversion of the device I use to backup my PS2 savegames on PC
21:09:25 Part Plugh
21:09:38Callanboth PS2 and PC have an USB host, this thingie is used as a bridge between both and makes it possible to transfer data from one to another
21:10:26ZagorCallan: yeah. the problem is we have the opposite situation: two clients. and as you know, clients don't poll
21:10:54Callanyep. they are not allowed to send data without question from above
21:11:03 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
21:11:47Callanhmmmz. all what is needed is some sort of host supporting two USB mass-storage-devices and have a button to copy everything from A to a directory in B
21:12:14Callanokay, who will take care of the "all" at the beginning of my sentence? ^_-
21:13:39Callanokay, so much about my idea. I've just ordered a new digi-cam, my idea derives from not-buying-to-much-cf-cards
21:13:41quelsarukisn't it easier to plug the cf to the computer??
21:14:00Callanquelsaruk: I seldom carry my computer around the landscape
21:16:32Callanat least, not when it is not saturday or sylvester
21:16:38Callantzaziki! *brb*
21:17:44Callanyou don't know tzaziki?
21:18:42Callanyou're not from europe, are you?
21:18:58quelsarukof course
21:19:09 Part Norrin
21:19:16quelsarukZagor, ask logbot to explain me, pliz
21:19:29Zagorlogbot explain quelsaruk
21:19:38Callaneh? are you or are you not? ^^;
21:19:43Zagorseems he doesn't know you :)
21:19:51quelsarukhe knew me
21:19:55quelsarukCallan, i'm Spanish
21:20:23Callanhmmmz. weeeeeell
21:20:35Callantzaziki derives from greek, as far as I know
21:20:53quelsaruklogbot, how could you forget me!!
21:20:59quelsarukand what does that mean?
21:21:17quelsaruki know just some few greek words,
21:21:26quelsarukspanish comes from latin :P
21:21:33Callansome sort of dip or dressing, cold temperature
21:22:04Callanmostly made of curd, often contains cucumber and spices
21:22:21 Join leapingfrog [0] (
21:22:43Callanand, citation free from matrix: "garlic! lots of garlic!"
21:23:05quelsarukspanish translation
21:23:24Callanyeah. half a pound for me alone!
21:24:31Callanthere's not much better for gyrus or doener
21:24:53Callanwell, regarding gyrus, there is the one salsa
21:27:26Callanokay, good night!
21:27:50 Quit Callan ()
21:34:20elinenbelogbot seen elinenbe
21:34:51quelsaruki think logbot is away today
21:35:39Zagorhe's simply not talking in the channel. he will respond privately.
21:36:34 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- *I* use it, so it must be good!")
21:36:58 Nick c0utta{zZZ} is now known as c0utta{afk} (
21:38:13 Join Guest [0] (
21:39:26 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
21:47:42 Join scott666 [0] (
21:48:13quelsarukhi [IDC]Dragon
21:51:55quelsaruk[IDC]Dragon, i was wondering... do you have a program to create those "videos"??
21:52:25scott666quelsaruk: yes, he does, and its available
21:52:43scott666look in the mail archives
21:52:54quelsarukmissa stupid
21:59:40elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: here is a challenge for ya! FF/RW with sound ala original firmware... now that you just redid much of the mpeg code.
22:03:45 Join SilSha [0] (
22:04:21SilShaone moment
22:04:23SilShai must read the faq :)
22:04:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:04:57quelsarukZagor, that notice works :)
22:05:11SilShai have a question to the hardware mods
22:05:24SilShais it possible to use an 80gig hd in the jukebox
22:05:25quelsarukwhich mod?
22:05:32quelsarukAFAIK yes
22:05:40SilShaare there limits?
22:05:50Zagori have an 80 gig disk
22:06:00quelsaruki don't know...
22:06:03SilShauh very nice Zagor :)
22:06:08Zagorno limit afaik
22:06:17quelsarukZagor, how much was that?
22:06:29quelsaruka 60GB is nearly 180 Euros
22:06:34quelsarukat least here
22:06:39 Join Bagder [0] (
22:06:50SilShawhen a 2,5'' hd with 120gig come out tomorrow (just an example *g*) can i use ist in the jukebox?
22:06:57ZagorSilSha: yes
22:07:01SilShayes 180euros i must pay for 60gig
22:07:08Zagorquelsaruk: i don't remember how much it cost
22:07:11Zagorhi bagder
22:07:18quelsarukhi Bagder :)
22:07:28SilSha80gig is to expensive here
22:07:33SilShaat the moment
22:08:48quelsarukthe same :)
22:11:21Guesthi bagder
22:11:35Bagderhi track
22:11:37 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
22:12:47SilShahm at the moment i hove no more questions *g*
22:13:21SilShabut i think this is good because my english is not the best and i don't want torment you with my english :)
22:13:29quelsarukBagder, how's that new UI development? (nearly 6 months ago...)
22:13:41Bagderdon't look at me ;-)
22:14:05ZagorSilSha: hehe, don't worry. most of us are not native english speakers.
22:14:14quelsarukSilSha, AFAIK, "guest" is the only native english here :P
22:14:17SilShaok Zagor
22:15:04SilShahe can be our teacher if we say something wrong *g*
22:15:09Guestim sure there is another english person her
22:15:32SilShaoh no he is not a good teacher he has made a mistake :)
22:16:52Guestwell look at bagder, badger mis-spelt
22:17:14Bagderthat only proves the point of us being non-native english guys
22:17:27BagderI'm dyslexic
22:17:32Bagderor perhaps not
22:17:47quelsaruklogbot explain Bagder
22:18:52 Join schinder [0] (
22:19:57 Join Guest1 [0] (~jirc@
22:23:16 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")
22:25:01SilShai will go now and watch a movie
22:25:12SilShaand the next days i will buy me a bigger hd
22:25:19SilShaperhaps we will see us again
22:25:24SilShawhen i have problems *g*
22:25:28quelsaruksince splash functions saw the light... are there imprevements??
22:25:52SilShabut i hope we will not see again *g*
22:26:07SilShaso have a nice rest of the day
22:26:15quelsarukSilSha, cu!
22:26:16SilShagood bye
22:26:23SilShaoh no not cu :)
22:26:52 Quit SilSha ("Ladys and Gentlemen - Elvis hat das Gebäude verlassen")
22:29:18[IDC]Dragonhi again, sorry I was AFK
22:29:34 Quit oxygen77 ("ChatZilla 0.8.31 [Mozilla rv:1.4/7]")
22:29:47[IDC]Dragonquelsaruk: you found the tool?
22:29:52quelsaruknot really
22:30:03quelsaruktoo many things to find in the net
22:30:28[IDC]Dragonnot in the wide open net, only in my webspace
22:31:39[IDC]Dragonelinenbe: FF/FR with sound is definitely on my whish list, I'll do it one day
22:31:43quelsaruk[IDC]Dragon, sorry, i wanted to say that i have to find *too* many things in the net (apart from that tool), and i had no time to search your site :(
22:32:33[IDC]Dragonit was just because you asked for my video converter tool
22:34:32quelsaruki can't explain myself
22:44:08Guestmy wishlist is sound for the rvf files
22:44:56[IDC]Dragonmine too
22:45:19[IDC]Dragonwaiting for Linus to clarify something...
22:45:26Guestor some way to connect the archos to an external monitor to watch the rvf file on a larger screen
22:46:42 Nick Guest is now known as atrack (
22:46:52quelsarukthat is what i first thought :)
22:47:14[IDC]Dragonand we should make it multi-colored by switching the backlight very fast, too
22:47:16quelsarukwasn't there an idea of making a mod to use a external "display"??
22:47:49[IDC]Dragonnot for video, for remote control
22:48:20atrackwe have bagder, zagor, adi but sadly no linus :-(
22:49:07[IDC]Dragondoes anybody else know about the interrupts in mp3 playback?
22:49:34[IDC]Dragonthe existing code is strange
22:49:37quelsaruk[IDC]Dragon, but i know you will find the way to do that :P
22:50:02 Quit cjnr11 ()
22:50:05Bagderthe mp3 playback is Linus' territory ;-)
22:50:13[IDC]DragonI know
22:50:27atrackso whats ur terrotory bag?
22:50:47[IDC]Dragonscript wizardcraft?
22:50:52Bagderbeing rude, sleeping a lot, and similar things ;-)
22:51:13atrackim still sorry about the mikeholden joke
22:51:38BagderI've written loads of scripts, much of the simulator stuff and other
22:52:04atrackyea sorry about the mikeholden joke
22:52:14[IDC]Dragonthe simulator alway bites my builds in the bak ;)
22:52:42Zagor[IDC]Dragon: do you have an fm? (i never remember who has what...)
22:52:51BagderI'm not too happy with all the quirks of the sim build, but I like the general concepts of the sim
22:53:02[IDC]Dragonprimarily a Rec
22:53:14atrackthere are some requests in the feature request page that are fixed but are still showing "none"
22:53:16[IDC]DragonI have an FM wreck
22:54:11[IDC]DragonBagder: I don't like all those too many #ifndef SIMULATOR in the code
22:54:27BagderI agree
22:54:39[IDC]Dragonif the APIs are clean and implemented, we shouldn't need such
22:55:18atrackarchos dont' make the FM recorder anymore
22:55:25Zagorwe can never get away from them. it's not just a question of clean apis. different models have different functions, so need different code.
22:55:51atrackthey are too busy correcting bugs in the new machines like the gmini or av3xx series
22:56:33[IDC]Dragonyou can make empty inline functions for nonexisting stuff
22:56:38atrackthey now do on the fly video editing for the AV3XX series
22:57:26Zagor[IDC]Dragon: that does not make the code much prettier...
22:57:30[IDC]Dragonshure you can't completely avoid it.
22:58:18[IDC]Dragonthis was no criticism, don't get me wrong
22:58:58Zagori don't :)
22:59:21[IDC]Dragonand the difference between player and the others is quite big
23:02:28atrackidcdragon its spelt "sure" not "shure"
23:02:46[IDC]Dragonis it?
23:03:26[IDC]Dragonall the time?
23:03:27atrackand badger is not spelt as bagder
23:03:34quelsarukall the time
23:03:35Zagorthat's on purpose
23:03:35*Bagder giggles
23:03:46Bagder*I* spell bagder
23:03:53Bagderthe animal doesn't
23:03:53[IDC]Dragonit's always been?
23:04:02*quelsaruk lends Bagder his ritual knife
23:04:08atrackwell badgers can't play with rockbox
23:04:17quelsaruki know he's not a goat.. but...
23:04:21[IDC]DragonI must have misspelled that thousands of times
23:04:29*Bagder puts on his "make track look like a goat" goggles and tells q to go sacrifice
23:04:40atracklol bag
23:04:56 Quit Guest1 ("Leaving")
23:05:24atrackmy archos has the 8mb buffer
23:05:53quelsarukmb or MB?
23:06:03atrack8 megabyte buffer
23:06:19atrackfollowed the mod on here
23:06:25quelsarukmade yourself??
23:06:42[IDC]Dragonvery useful for video an JPEG viewer, you'll like it
23:06:48atracki know
23:07:21[IDC]Dragonbut I buried the JPEG for a little while, the decoder is buggy
23:07:28quelsaruki'll try with my old box
23:07:35[IDC]Dragonand those bugs are very hard to find
23:13:53quelsaruki'm leaving...
23:13:57quelsarukcu another day
23:14:32quelsarukha det sa bra!
23:14:35Bagdernight quelsaruk
23:15:23 Part quelsaruk
23:20:09 Nick wake|afk is now known as wake (
23:22:32 Join citrix7 [0] (
23:23:58 Join O_Govinda [0] (
23:28:59 Quit citrix7 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:29:53O_GovindaI'd like to report a problem similar to that of Norrin−−error messages with today's build.
23:30:06O_GovindaBut with the recorder, not FM.
23:30:24[IDC]Dragontoday's build is broken, use the bleeding edge, please.
23:30:39O_GovindaI04: IllInstru at (such and such numbers). or I09 CPUAdrEr at (such and such).
23:30:52[IDC]DragonI know, kick me
23:31:20O_GovindaOk. But I have another problem. I have the same build as my AJZ file. So if I boot using FI, I boot into the broken build. So what should I do?
23:31:41[IDC]Dragonplug USB and exchang it
23:32:02O_GovindaWhen I try that, I boot into the error messages.
23:32:19[IDC]Dragonno, USB should go first
23:32:32[IDC]Dragonplug in, the boot
23:32:38[IDC]Dragonthen boot
23:33:14O_GovindaI09:CPUAdrEr etc.
23:33:25O_GovindaIs what I get when I follow that sequence.
23:33:35[IDC]Dragonwith F1-boot and plugged?
23:33:50O_GovindaPlug it first, then F1-boot?
23:34:00O_GovindaWill try. . .
23:34:08 Quit atrack ("Leaving")
23:34:48[IDC]Dragonif this would not work, we'd never have a chance to recover from a bad .ajz
23:34:48 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
23:35:00O_GovindaAh, works! Will put in yesterday's build.
23:35:07midknight2k3hi bagder
23:35:10midknight2k3hi zagor
23:35:11[IDC]Dragonor bleeding edge
23:35:12midknight2k3hi idc
23:35:19[IDC]Dragonhi midknight2k3
23:35:25[IDC]Dragonhi Zagor
23:35:29[IDC]Dragonhi Bagder
23:35:31O_GovindaOk, bleeding edge−−better.
23:35:34[IDC]Dragonhi, hi hi
23:35:41elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: sorry, I was away, but I like what you like! :D
23:36:19[IDC]DragonI like what? Sleeping and being rude?
23:36:29[IDC]DragonOr am I confusing things?
23:37:28[IDC]DragonO_Govinda: useful rule: try a build first, then flash it
23:37:43elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: ff/rw with sound
23:37:44[IDC]Dragontry with rolo, I mean
23:38:04[IDC]Dragonyes, so much on my plate
23:40:14O_GovindaAll's well now, Dragon. Thank you very uch. And thank you for that useful rule. Will heed it.
23:40:22O_Govindavery much.
23:40:34midknight2k3must go for a few
23:40:36midknight2k3back in a bit all
23:40:38 Quit midknight2k3 ()
23:40:47 Part O_Govinda
23:40:53 Quit Bagder ("")
23:53:40 Join AciD [0] (

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