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#rockbox log for 2004-01-07

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00:09:16 Join kurzhaarrocker [0] (
00:09:54kurzhaarrockerZagor: still wading through xmas mail?
00:10:03Zagorno, i'm finished now actually
00:11:23kurzhaarrockerThat's good: Now you may program a routine for me that truncates a file at the head. :)
00:11:43 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
00:14:20 Join Atrack [0] (
00:14:54Zagorkurzhaarrocker: uuuh, not quite finished actually ;-P
00:15:44kurzhaarrockerDragon: I haven't looked very deeply into that mp3_playback - Is there support for a sidechain already? I don't see anything like that at first glance. :)
00:15:45kurzhaarrockerZagor: seems I must dig into the filesystem somewhen. Maybe in the summer...
00:16:29Zagorkurzhaarrocker: actually, a quick workaround is to open a file for writing and then close it. that will truncate it.
00:16:58kurzhaarrockercompletely I guess?
00:16:58Zagorit's not hard to att a real api either
00:17:06Zagorat the point you are
00:18:10kurzhaarrockerMaybe I didn't express myself clearly: I crave for a functionality where I can truncate the head of the file, keep the tail and prepend one or a few clusters.
00:18:31Zagorohh... right.
00:18:38kurzhaarrockerIn the end I want to split an mp3 file, prepend a header and fill the odd space with garbage.
00:19:02Zagori don't know a single operating system where that is possible :)
00:19:33kurzhaarrockerBut it would suit the need of a portable mp3 player fine. So why not make an exception and extend it.
00:20:48Zagori guess you're not happy with having to split on even sector boundaries, right?
00:21:32kurzhaarrockerI guess compromisses must be made. And if even sectors make things much easier - why not.
00:22:11Zagorso you basically want two functions, am i right? splitfile and joinfile?
00:22:20kurzhaarrockerThat would be great.
00:22:33kurzhaarrockerJust because I tend to mix these things up: one cluster = many sectors?
00:22:34Zagorshouldn't be very difficult
00:22:59Zagoruh, right. i mean split on even clusters even...
00:23:18kurzhaarrockerHow much data does a cluster contain?
00:23:31Zagorfrom 1 to 128 sectors (of 512 bytes each)
00:23:39Zagorit is decided when formatting
00:25:03kurzhaarrockerhm. Is there a default value and all other values are considered exotic?
00:25:28 Join Strath [0] (
00:26:04Zagornot really. common values are 4-32
00:28:38kurzhaarrockerWhy are even cluster sizes less difficult? Is that due to FAT structure?
00:29:45Zagoryes. a file consist of a chain of clusters.
00:31:24[IDC]DragonI give up waiting for Linus, sent him a lengthy email instead.
00:31:43kurzhaarrockersleep tight!
00:31:46 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
00:32:09midknight2k3i have an idea
00:32:15midknight2k3what about a starfield demo?
00:32:24midknight2k3black lcd with pixels flying by
00:32:26Zagorgo ahead
00:32:28Zagorhave fun
00:32:43midknight2k3i could try
00:32:57midknight2k3that sounds pretty easy
00:33:44 Quit _aLF ("bye")
00:35:54Atrackhi mid
00:36:06midknight2k3hi track
00:36:09midknight2k3how about a starfield
00:36:13Atracksounds good
00:36:20Atrackwhat about a marquee demo?
00:36:30midknight2k3but what to marquee?
00:36:35midknight2k3i guess you coud input text
00:36:41midknight2k3via the on screen keyboard
00:36:42kurzhaarrockerI must get rid of the latency of the recording trigger. One thing I'll try is a callback when the trigger state changes. But there's another thing that I'm troubled with: When I call mpeg_record there just an event is put into the queue. Is it good style to call yield afterwards to give the mpeg queue an opportuinity to empty?
00:36:43midknight2k3that'd be cool
00:38:14*midknight2k3 breaks out the code machine
00:38:21Zagorkurzhaarrocker: as code police, i would not complain about that :) we actually do this in the pause-fade code.
00:39:10kurzhaarrockerIs it usually possible that serveral events are waiting in the queue?
00:39:40Zagorunlikely in the case of the mpeg thread
00:39:59kurzhaarrockerthat's what I thought. I'll try that way then.
00:41:07 Quit schinder ("Disconnecting")
00:41:20hardeepmultiple events are possible in mpeg queue if data is being loaded from disk
00:41:30hardeepload and swap events might be waiting in queue
00:41:56Zagorright. this is noticeable when you press pause while the buffer is being filled.
00:42:10*kurzhaarrocker searches for functions to investigate the queue state.
00:42:34midknight2k3it restarts
00:42:41Zagorkurzhaarrocker: i don't think we have any
00:44:27kurzhaarrockerBefore I start adding that I should try wether this approach will work at all.
00:47:20kurzhaarrockerI'll be off for the night. See you
00:47:41kurzhaarrocker(and thanks for the help to all)
00:47:50 Quit kurzhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
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01:14:08 Nick BC|bbl is now known as Bluechip (
01:18:37midknight2k3yo bc
01:19:42 Join arspy87 [0] (
01:21:41arspy87Bluechip yo :)
01:21:51Bluechiphey ho
01:22:30Bluechipwill sourceforge EVER sort out their search engine?
01:28:34arspy87BC i drove over my flash mp3 player today
01:29:04Bluechipas an excuse to buy a archos?
01:29:18midknight2k3FLASH player
01:29:21midknight2k3not his karma
01:29:28midknight2k3bc: help
01:29:38arspy87lol it was an accident
01:29:45Strathnot his dogma eith then ;)
01:29:48Bluechipmk: swap you do i design a font?
01:29:49arspy87but i do have enough money to get an archos now
01:30:00midknight2k3bC: you asked before
01:30:05midknight2k3i memorized the link
01:30:17Bluechipmk: and you still didn't find one for me yet - lol
01:30:41Strathmidi: just curious, how old are you? :)
01:31:12midknight2k3strath: 13
01:31:35Bluechipi need a full cygwin install to use pfaedit
01:32:01midknight2k3then get it?
01:32:18midknight2k3ok fine
01:32:21midknight2k3i'll look
01:32:23Bluechipoh for the drive space
01:32:35midknight2k3how'd you do the font in Othelo
01:32:48Bluechiptake a butchers at the source
01:32:55midknight2k3was gonna
01:33:03Bluechipits pretty obvious :)
01:33:40midknight2k3oh lol
01:33:52midknight2k3how did..
01:34:08midknight2k3i didnt know you could do that
01:34:27Bluechipi learn a lot by reading other peoples code :D
01:34:47BluechipI have sprite rotation algorithms etc here
01:36:19midknight2k3how does that work?
01:36:30Bluechipi presume I just click on it?
01:36:38midknight2k3it's a link...
01:37:19midknight2k3it's also expensive
01:39:21Zagori'm off. bye.
01:39:23 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
01:40:46midknight2k3well wait bc
01:40:52midknight2k3why do you need a full cygwin
01:40:58midknight2k3to compile pfaedit?
01:41:08Bluechipdid you follow the links?
01:41:21midknight2k3what links
01:41:27 Quit Atrack ("Leaving")
01:42:13Bluechipfrom the bottom of the rockbox page
01:42:35midknight2k3You will need the base components and the X window system
01:43:23midknight2k3ok nm
01:43:32midknight2k3thats like the only one tht does it
01:43:56midknight2k3that's it
01:44:34 Part arspy87
01:46:08Bluechipfonmaker appears to have no editer in it!
01:46:24midknight2k3it also appears to be $100
01:48:23Bluechipbah - hang it, the irony is that afaik I am the oNLY person who does not want font support! LOL
01:51:38midknight2k3this isnt working
01:51:47midknight2k3why cant i just do a simple drawpixel
01:52:09 Join Jet8810 [0] (
01:52:17midknight2k3it gives an error on target
01:52:20midknight2k3plugin returned error
01:52:24midknight2k3hi jet
01:53:40midknight2k3god gr
01:59:53Bluechiphey mk, you've got a creative mind ...gimme some ideas for the advance MDB screen?
02:01:26midknight2k3i do indeed have a creative mind
02:01:35midknight2k3i thought up some neat ideas earlier
02:01:47Bluechipnow then you have a good memory?
02:02:13midknight2k3i think not
02:02:50Bluechiplol - you should learn how to apply a pencil to that problem
02:03:14midknight2k3i'll think abouts it bc
02:03:43midknight2k3ok hrm
02:04:32midknight2k3what'll the options be?
02:04:45Bluechipthe 4 usual ones
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02:05:09midknight2k3strength, harmonics, frequency, on/off?
02:06:00midknight2k3i'll whip up an idea or 2
02:07:02 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Mr. Rogers uses BitchX. Won't you be my neighbor?")
02:10:38 Join arspy87 [0] (
02:10:47 Quit mecraw_ ("Trillian (")
02:10:54 Join Arathorn [0] (
02:10:56midknight2k3more trillcrap
02:11:26Bluechipoh yeah, I forgot about that being one of your buttons ...thanks for the reminder ;)
02:13:35arspy87that was fun
02:13:42arspy87i have to finish writing my speech
02:14:02Bluechipone of the most interesting things I read today was...
02:16:50arspy87no trance phrases. lol jk
02:17:03arspy87was that purposeful? haha
02:17:07Bluechiphow long did that take you?
02:17:20arspy87i thought you were typing whatever you read so i was waiting
02:17:25midknight2k3me too
02:17:55midknight2k3what options will there be fore the "shape"?
02:18:00*Bluechip apologises throught fits of giggles
02:18:06arspy87well I think the BIGGEST clue is.... lmao
02:19:44arspy87well, you know, there was an excellent article in the paper i read yesterday,
02:20:09Bluechipby jove i think he's got it
02:21:53arspy87the most interesting thing i read in the paper was...
02:22:27arspy87wow i actually had something to say before but now i forget
02:22:31arspy87i tranced myself.
02:22:50Bluechiplol - cool innit?
02:23:05arspy87what's an innit?
02:23:10Bluechipisn't it
02:23:21arspy87yeah :)
02:23:35arspy87you know what innit means, bluechip
02:23:58arspy87you also know how many seconds are in a year many inches you walked since you got in the door
02:24:39Bluechipnad how many beans make 5
02:25:04Bluechip(hehhe hehehhe hehehhh he said "nads" hehhee hehhhhee heeheh)
02:25:13arspy87and what colors you saw when you stared out the window this morning
02:25:17 Join Atrack [0] (
02:25:25Bluechipmk what unit you got again?
02:25:37arspy87you know what unit he has bluechip
02:25:47arspy87you know what it looks like
02:26:00arspy87you can see the green LEDs lighting up the screen so very unevenly
02:26:10midknight2k3oh fm
02:26:20midknight2k3but bc i almost finished the layout of the screen
02:26:30arspy87and midk, you know what color monitor BC has
02:26:33arspy87and likewise he knows yours
02:27:12arspy87you can see the monotone color, but look further than that
02:27:53arspy87you can see the tiny indistinguishable, except to YOUR eye, specks of different colors beneath the surface
02:28:31arspy87you can hear it, too, a quiet humming reverberating continuously
02:28:46arspy87feeling it vibrate on your hand as you lay it upon the rough surface
02:28:51arspy87ok what am i saying
02:28:53midknight2k3stfu as
02:29:32arspy87midk, look into those letters, see the negative space and what formulates from your mind
02:30:03midknight2k3as, look into my ignore button and see your name highlighted
02:31:29arspy87i'm looking at it now...
02:31:40arspy87i can see the exact position of it, i can pinpoint it with my finger.
02:31:56arspy87now you do the same, where does it appear in your mind
02:33:36 Nick arspy87 is now known as arspy87|in (
02:33:51 Nick arspy87|in is now known as arspy87|in-tranc (
02:34:22 Nick arspy87|in-tranc is now known as arspy|in-trance (
02:34:27arspy|in-trancethere we go.
02:34:45midknight2k3are you there
02:34:53Bluechipas e'er
02:35:12midknight2k3what'll beh the options for "shape"
02:35:40Bluechiperm 50-300Hz as I recall
02:35:49 Nick arspy|in-trance is now known as arspy87 ( steps of 10
02:41:55 Quit arspy87 (Remote closed the connection)
02:42:08midknight2k3can you tell me what you plan as ranges for all the settings?
02:42:17midknight2k3% for strength and harmonics right
02:42:30midknight2k30-100% strength, 0-100% harmonics?
02:42:32 Join arspy87 [0] (
02:42:51midknight2k3oh no lol
02:42:53midknight2k3tell me now
02:42:57midknight2k3i'll remake them parts
02:42:58midknight2k3its ok
02:43:03Bluechiptake a butchers at the datasheet :)
02:43:55midknight2k3well when i checked it was done in %
02:44:32Bluechipweird - can you send me a copy of that manual, it may have other info in that I need
02:45:19midknight2k3just the patch i tried
02:45:26midknight2k3he must have converted it to %
02:45:30midknight2k3which i think is a good idea
02:46:42Bluechipidiot mode is done in % already :)
02:46:47Bluechipsorry, user mode
02:47:13midknight2k3can you simply tell me the ranges
02:48:01Bluechipdid i not send you the patch?
02:48:48midknight2k3no code for the mdb
02:48:57Bluechipfull docs are in the source
02:51:05Bluechiplook right at the very top of the source code I sent you where there is two pages of documentation on the MAS registers
02:51:14Bluechipthe MDB stuff is last
02:51:22midknight2k3sent me?
02:51:32midknight2k3i see no source code
02:52:07Bluechipcut'n'paste time....
02:52:07DBUGEnqueued KICK Bluechip
02:52:07Bluechip[01:48] <Bluechip> did i not send you the patch?
02:52:07Bluechip[01:48] <midknight2k3> no code for the mdb
02:52:22Bluechip[01:48] <Bluechip> full docs are in the source
02:52:37midknight2k3i have the plugin. when i asked you just told me that there was no code yet.
02:52:52midknight2k3diddystar5 sent me the precompiled. that's all i have right now
02:52:55Bluechipahhhh, you do NOT have the patch - riiiiiiiiight
02:53:18Bluechipa straight "no" would have been a fair answer
02:53:33midknight2k3sorry SIR, i have the .rock!
02:53:50BluechipThat's Dr to you!
02:54:05BluechipI am NOT your dad!
02:54:14midknight2k3close enough
02:55:18Bluechiphave I found another one of your buttons?
02:55:30 Nick Bluechip is now known as bc|brb (
02:55:30DBUGEnqueued KICK bc|brb
02:55:30***Alert Mode level 1
02:57:01 Nick bc|brb is now known as bluechip (
02:57:01DBUGEnqueued KICK bluechip
02:57:01***Alert Mode level 2
02:58:50midknight2k3can you send me the source or tell me the info i need to draw you up a lcd screen?
02:59:32 Quit Atrack ("Leaving")
03:00:01midknight2k3is this the doc?
03:00:07midknight2k3i dont need this it's online
03:00:18midknight2k3if this is the doc that's online...
03:00:21bluechipit is far better than the docs in my source
03:00:31midknight2k3i don't need docs!
03:06:36bluechipno docs=no info :(
03:07:02***Alert Mode OFF
03:07:04midknight2k3ok wait.
03:07:16midknight2k3you know what the range will be for MDB strength right?
03:08:03bluechipdon't woory about it dude, I'll think of womthing eventually
03:08:31midknight2k3for the interface?
03:08:35midknight2k3i got something neat worked out
03:10:34midknight2k3bc i think youll like it
03:10:58bluechipfrankly, if I've gotta milk it out of you I dont care
03:11:12midknight2k3who said that
03:11:17midknight2k3i'm finishing it up
03:13:14bluechipthought you lacked the docs to do it
03:13:30midknight2k3just drawing it out
03:13:36midknight2k3i can't really
03:13:38midknight2k3"do" it
03:40:03 Join Guest [0] (
03:42:29 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
03:55:43midknight2k3bc i did a sketch
03:55:46midknight2k3if you're here
03:57:18 Quit klaxon (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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04:07:46 Part arspy87
04:07:57 Join SpaceGoblin|SWG [0] (
04:26:11midknight2k3be RIGHT back
04:26:21 Quit midknight2k3 ("YOYOYOYOYOYOYO")
04:27:38 Quit Jet8810 ("Leaving")
04:34:00 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
04:34:39midknight2k3ok who here codes.
04:34:43midknight2k3er wait
04:34:50midknight2k3I WILL DO THIS MYSELF!
04:36:18 Join Neuros [0] (jirc@
04:37:47Neurosjust have a question for ppl involved in Rockbox.
04:38:26Neurosis it possible to make a better , opensource, firmware for the Neuros player?
04:39:09midknight2k3but it's doubted
04:39:19midknight2k3there was a discussion on the mailinglist for this
04:42:53Neuroswhat would be the difficulties?
04:43:11midknight2k3hang on
04:43:21Neurosi'm new to this, sorry, haven't had time to look throught the archives..
04:43:24 Join zorp [0] (
04:44:41 Part zorp
04:47:50midknight2k3well i don't know much about it
04:47:57midknight2k3as i understand it has some source released?
04:48:13Neurosthe NSM
04:48:38Neurosthe syncronisation manager(database tool) the PC software, not the firmware
04:53:08midknight2k3well i guess you'd have to come back, sorry
04:53:33midknight2k3i don't know much about porting it
05:06:16 Quit Neuros ("Leaving")
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05:59:17midknight2k3hi eh
06:00:18midknight2k3bye all
06:00:26 Quit midknight2k3 ()
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07:44:43 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
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08:52:44 Join Schnueff [0] (~mah@
08:53:56Schnueffgood morning
09:00:50 Quit matsl ("Leaving")
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09:52:35 Join Dogger [0] (
09:58:02 Join Timbels [0] (
09:58:26 Join Schnueff_ [0] (
09:58:38TimbelsSaw your internetpage
09:58:47Timbelsthis is all about archos players>?
10:01:21webmindand recorders
10:01:32webmindrockbox actually
10:01:32Doggerhi all
10:02:00Timbelswebmind: yes
10:02:08Timbelsabout your great software to tweak it
10:02:21Timbelscan i ask for a little advice?>
10:03:21Timbelsone of my friends has an archos jukebox recorder 20 who i can buy from him. My question is: is it a decent player to buy? Can not find tomuch about it on the net
10:04:05Doggerthink rockbox will run on it
10:05:01webmindTimbels, it is.. with rockbox atleast
10:05:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:05:48Timbelswhat should u gave for it at this time
10:05:51Timbelsi mean the price
10:06:00Timbelssecond hand
10:06:21webmindno idea
10:06:36Timbelsis 130 euro's to much?
10:06:49Doggerprolly a bit much imho
10:06:53Timbelsfor a 20 gig mp3 player
10:06:54Doggeralthough I'm no expert
10:07:03Timbelsbut you have it?
10:07:21CtcpIgnored 3 channel CTCP requests in 4 minutes and 54 seconds at the last flood
10:07:21*webmind got a player
10:07:50Timbelsu like it webmind?
10:08:14Timbelsplays all with good sound quality, quick forwarding, good id3 tag suport etc...?
10:08:43 Quit Schnueff (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:08:54webmindi like it
10:09:09webmindid3 tag.. i think that's ok
10:09:22Timbelsi mean i like to see good info on the file
10:09:26Timbelswhen i play it
10:09:32webmindquality is great.. atleast with new headphones
10:09:46Timbelsi will not use the ones included (its second hand) ;)
10:09:46webmindwell dont ask em bout id3 tag.. don't really use it
10:10:01webmindget some good sehnheisers then
10:10:08Timbelsthe only problem i noticed
10:10:18Timbelswel problem...not a problem but...
10:10:28Timbelsthe lcd display is a little dated right?
10:10:39Timbelsdoes the menu works easy?
10:10:57Timbelsand can you for example browse to your folders for a new song when u are playing another?
10:11:18Timbelsbtw: if you don't wanna answer all my questions just say ;)
10:11:23Timbelsi am just exited
10:11:33Timbelsand wanna know all about it
10:12:18DoggerI'd look on ebay,
10:12:24Doggermake sure ur getting a good price
10:12:30Doggeror see what other players there are
10:12:33Timbelsso 130 isn't a good price?
10:13:07Doggersounds high to me yes
10:20:09 Join earHurts [0] (
10:35:51 Join midhaarrocker [200] (
10:46:21 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
10:58:04 Join Schnueff [0] (~mah@
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12:06:43 Quit Timbels ()
12:08:41 Quit c0utta (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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12:58:18 Join Schnueff_ [0] (~mah@
13:06:51 Join bdeb50 [0] (
13:07:16bdeb50anyone here?
13:08:24bdeb50hi i got question about my atchos player
13:08:41bdeb50hope someone can help me
13:08:53bdeb50i got a archos jukebos stuido 20
13:09:01bdeb50but i wanna record with it
13:09:11bdeb50there is a line in on this one
13:09:15bdeb50is this possible?
13:14:03 Quit Schnueff (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:15:10 Quit bdeb50 ()
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16:21:54 Quit Schnueff ("leaving")
16:28:05 Join methangas [0] (
16:32:28 Join Atrack [0] (
16:39:52 Quit Atrack ("Leaving")
16:47:16 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
17:25:03 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
17:26:14 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")
17:28:44 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
17:51:13midhaarrockerSomeone should close feature request 749157. It's in the cvs already.
17:56:31 Quit midhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
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19:48:49 Join cjnr11 [0] (
19:49:37 Join _aLF [0] (
19:50:47 Join midhaarrocker [0] (
19:51:42midhaarrockerAnd I thought it was me! But with the current cvs the recorder freezes after recording with prerecording.
19:55:53 Join Zagor [0] (
19:56:50midhaarrockerZagor: You are code police, does rockbox have a code detective, too?
19:57:33Zagori rely heavily on snitches :)
19:58:19midhaarrockerSomeone (probably [IDC]Dragon) broke recording. Not completely but when you stop recording with prerecording enabled and try to quit the recording screen rockbox freezes.
20:00:23midhaarrockerIt seems that the freezing happens on mpeg_init_playback
20:00:48Zagori must admit to not policing the mpeg code much. i leave that for linus.
20:01:23midhaarrockerI'll post to the list.
20:02:01Zagordo so
20:05:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:17:11midhaarrockerIs there another way to have read only access to cvs without going anonymous (due to the 24h delay)?
20:25:09 Join Guest [0] (~jirc@
20:29:13midhaarrocker?!? What do queues use interrupts for?
20:29:23 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
20:30:42 Join asdfoinawesf [0] (
20:32:30asdfoinawesfhi, i just got my archos jukebox recorder V2. i was just reading through the FAQ, so does it mean that it cant play mpeg 4?
20:33:48midhaarrockerAs far as I know the recorder V2 is merly a fm recorder without fm. -> No video.
20:34:50 Join cjnr112 [0] (
20:34:53 Part cjnr112
20:35:20 Quit cjnr11 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:35:25 Join cjnr11 [0] (
20:37:24asdfoinawesfi mean mpeg4 audio
20:37:33asdfoinawesfi dont think its come out yet
20:37:34asdfoinawesfhas it?
20:37:51asdfoinawesfits supposed to be a lot better than mp3
20:37:59asdfoinawesfa lot smaller too
20:38:11Zagormaybe you're thinking about mp3pro
20:38:31asdfoinawesfi dont know
20:38:37asdfoinawesfi heard it called as mpeg4
20:38:49Zagormpeg4 is a video codec
20:38:57asdfoinawesfi know
20:39:02asdfoinawesfthats what i was confused about
20:39:06asdfoinawesfoh well
20:39:39asdfoinawesfwhat are some good but cheap headphones?
20:39:50midhaarrockerNevertheless the jukebox recorders only support mpeg 1 and mpeg 2 audio.
20:40:03Zagorasdfoinawesf: depends on your preferences
20:40:06asdfoinawesfi bought a sennheiser hd212pro
20:40:20asdfoinawesffo $25-30
20:40:58asdfoinawesfits a closedear headphones, but for some reason ive noticed that my right ear tingles when i use closed ear headphones
20:41:17asdfoinawesfi hope thats not a bad sign for my right ear
20:41:34Zagori prefer earplugs myself, so don't have a recommendation for that type
20:41:53 Part cjnr11
20:42:05asdfoinawesfdo open-ear headphones feel different?
20:42:46midhaarrockerThey do. Generally I prefer open headphones besides I want to mute the environment sound.
20:43:12asdfoinawesfbut i thought open headphones let in environmental sounds?
20:44:00midhaarrockerThus I use closed headphones when I _do_ want to mute the environment sound. If there's no need for that I use open headphones.
20:44:30asdfoinawesfi was trying to decide between the seenheiser hd 212pro and the hd 597. hd 597 is open ear and supposed to reproduce high and mid tones better, but it's $50-60
20:44:50asdfoinawesfso i went for 212pro since its half the price
20:44:54asdfoinawesfi dont have money
20:45:44midhaarrockerWhen buying headphones there's nothing but try them. The listening preferences are to personal.
20:45:45asdfoinawesfi dont have any experience with buying headphones so i dont know whether or not what i bought is good
20:46:03midhaarrockerIf you like them they're good.
20:46:08asdfoinawesfi ordered them from because the reviews were good
20:46:22asdfoinawesfi usually use the headphones that comes with the portable audio device
20:46:39asdfoinawesfwhat did you do with the one that came with the jukebox?
20:46:43midhaarrockerNot a good advice with the archos devices though :)
20:47:17midhaarrockerI soldered the volume dial of it to my real earbuds :)
20:48:28asdfoinawesfdoes that save battery since you dont have to change the volume from the jukebox?
20:48:54midhaarrockerI rather think it wastes energy but it's a convenient volume control.
20:50:24asdfoinawesfhave you noticed that the midtones are a little low?
20:51:05asdfoinawesfmaybe its just because of my headphones, but i can fix it with the equilizer on my computer when i plug my headphones into it. but i guess an equlizer isnt possible with the jukebox
20:51:10midhaarrockerThe volume dial doesn't affect the mid tones noticably.
20:51:36midhaarrockerThe jukebox has quite a lot of sound controls.
20:52:19asdfoinawesfhow do i increase midtones while keeping the hightones the same?
20:52:29midhaarrockerlower the bass
20:52:58asdfoinawesfok, ill try that
20:53:48midhaarrockerIf you want to have more midtones and bass and treble are your only controls you have to lower them.
20:55:00asdfoinawesfis it better to flash the rom with the rockbox os?
20:55:23asdfoinawesfwould it void the warranty?
20:56:23midhaarrockerProbably, but I don't really now since I don't care about that.
20:57:55 Nick wake|afk is now known as wake (
20:58:21midhaarrockerBut I remember that recently someone reported that a service center denied to repair somethin on warranty because of "experimental firmware" or somethint similar.
21:02:52midhaarrocker and search for "experimental" in it
21:05:19asdfoinawesfdo i send my jukebox back to for warranty service, or do i send it to archos?
21:06:51midhaarrockerI'd try with amazon first.
21:07:28midhaarrockerIs it broken already?
21:07:42asdfoinawesfno, just wondering what to do if it breaks
21:08:09asdfoinawesfi bought mine dec31st with a $50 rebate
21:08:16asdfoinawesf$150 after rebate
21:10:56asdfoinawesfi was thinking about the rio karma 20gb jukebox. its half the size as the archos jukebox and half the weight, but its also $220
21:11:47asdfoinawesfsometimes i think i try to save too much money
21:14:48 Quit methangas (" I love my HydraIRC -> <-")
21:15:22midhaarrockerI'm off. See you.
21:15:31 Quit midhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
21:15:55 Quit asdfoinawesf ()
21:22:12 Join uski [0] (
21:28:33 Quit wake ("server rebooting soon . . .")
21:29:57 Join wake [0] (
21:30:01 Quit wake (Client Quit)
21:45:38 Join scott666 [0] (
21:48:38 Quit _aLF (Remote closed the connection)
21:51:13 Join _aLF [0] (
21:52:28 Join wake [0] (
21:59:13 Join Dogger [0] (
22:00:23Doggerhey anyone alive that knows about irc?
22:00:55Zagori know a bit
22:02:08Doggerhow do I get ops again on my channel?
22:02:09 Quit _aLF (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:02:15Doggerthe server went down I believe
22:02:18Doggerand so I lost them
22:02:26DoggerI registered the channel, and a nick
22:03:03Zagoridentify yourself with chanserv and then ask it to op you
22:03:34Doggerah ok yeah that rings a bell.... thanks
22:05:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:14:00 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:16:14 Join Atrack [0] (
22:19:01 Quit bobdbob2 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:24:17uskihi all, bye all ;)
22:24:21 Quit uski ("Fermeture du client")
22:29:59 Quit Atrack ("Leaving")
22:30:54 Join Guest57 [0] (cscl|waLdi@
22:32:14Guest57hi all
22:32:50Guest57could some one say me where I could get the daily build image that could be flashed ? like previously
22:33:58[IDC]Dragonon the daily build page.
22:34:15[IDC]Dragonthe 6th has been removed
22:34:27[IDC]Dragonbecause it crashes on startup
22:34:34[IDC]Dragon7th should be OK
22:34:54[IDC]Dragon(except for prerecording)
22:35:01[IDC]DragonI recommend the 5th
22:35:27Guest57I do not undersstand
22:35:44[IDC]Dragonsince the we went downhill
22:35:50[IDC]Dragonsince then
22:35:52Guest57I go to the dailwbuiold page and I could not see the Falshable firmware
22:36:26[IDC]Dragonthe .ucl is in the .rockbox dir of the zip
22:36:35Guest57OK thanks
22:37:07Guest57so you adivce the 5th jan 2004 version
22:48:18 Join Atrack [0] (
22:53:57 Quit oxygen77 ("ChatZilla 0.8.31 [Mozilla rv:1.4/7]")
22:59:41 Join _aLF [0] (
22:59:58 Join baz_ [0] (
23:01:17 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
23:01:58 Join LinusN [200] (
23:03:40 Part LinusN
23:05:35 Nick elinenbe|sleep is now known as elinenbe (
23:06:43*Zagor looks at elinenbe
23:12:53 Join quelsaruk [0] (~swordmast@
23:13:43 Quit baz_ ("Leaving")
23:15:39 Join baz_ [0] (
23:17:41 Quit Guest57 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:17:42 Join asdfoinawesf [0] (
23:19:06quelsarukZagor: don't kill me for what i'm going to say
23:19:20quelsaruki have a problem with windows
23:19:55asdfoinawesfi just got a jukebox recorder v2 and copied the rockbox os onto the root. for some reason, deep discharge and trickle charge are not in the system configuration. how come?
23:20:12Zagorquelsaruk: is it ok if i just ignore you? :)
23:20:14quelsarukhte computer doesn't want to boot. More exactly... begins booting windows, but not even shows the "loading..." screen. Any idea on how to repair it without re-instalation??
23:20:38Zagorasdfoinawesf: on v2 recorders the charging is not controller by software
23:21:01asdfoinawesfok, so how does it work?
23:21:11asdfoinawesfi mean if i plug it in for a long time
23:21:35Zagorasdfoinawesf: it's handled by a special charging controller chip. it should be safe to keep it plug in afaik
23:21:52asdfoinawesfbecause im an archie major, and i sit at my studio table for 15 hours from 10pm to 1pm
23:22:02Zagorquelsaruk: if it doesn't show loading, how do you mean it beings booting windows?
23:22:27Zagorasdfoinawesf: if archos doesn't say anything else in the manual, i'd say it's safe to keep it connected
23:22:37quelsarukbecause if not, i should see a "non system disk, replace it, blablabla.."
23:23:08quelsaruk(if i change in bios primary HD i see that as i don't have any o.s. there)
23:23:33asdfoinawesfits not booting or what?
23:24:06quelsarukasdfoinawesf: it's not booting (typical in me, btw)
23:24:26asdfoinawesfso is it like a blank black screen?
23:24:30asdfoinawesfwhen you turn on the computer?
23:24:59asdfoinawesfor does the windows logo show and then nothing happens?
23:26:26asdfoinawesfZagor: what are some good headphones?
23:26:58asdfoinawesfcheap ones though
23:28:08 Quit Strath (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:28:22quelsarukasdfoinawesf: doesn't show the logo, but the computer boots perfectly
23:28:43quelsarukasdfoinawesf: the senheisser mx500
23:28:52Zagorasdfoinawesf: i like the sony ex-70
23:28:53quelsarukjust 18 Euros, and very good :)
23:29:13asdfoinawesfi bought the hd-212pro with my jukebox a week ago
23:29:27asdfoinawesf$25USD after $5 rebate
23:29:48asdfoinawesfi dont really know anything about buying headphones though, so i dont know how good mine is
23:29:57asdfoinawesfshould i have gotten something better?
23:30:14quelsarukbitrate of your mp3??
23:30:39quelsarukyou'll need good earphones with well riped mp3's
23:31:14asdfoinawesf128 and 192
23:31:22asdfoinawesfand 160
23:31:31quelsaruk(i rip in vbr with lame's −−preset standard and i *hear* the difference with one or other earphones)
23:31:51asdfoinawesfhow is the hd-597
23:31:55quelsarukwith 192 you can notice any difference, with 128.. i'm not sure :)
23:32:07quelsarukdon't know, haven't used them.
23:32:11quelsaruki can ask
23:32:47asdfoinawesfare sennheiser usually good?
23:33:33asdfoinawesfoh well, ill just try the ones i bought and then decide if i want something else
23:33:48quelsaruki think those should be good enough
23:33:51asdfoinawesfso tell me what happens when you turn on your computer?
23:34:14asdfoinawesfwhats wrong with it? im a little confused
23:34:22quelsarukthe computer boots, but when start loading windows, it apears a blank screen, not the windows logo
23:34:36asdfoinawesfdoes it say anything?
23:34:46quelsaruki'm sure it's booting up the o.s. but don't know why
23:34:51quelsarukit does not say anything
23:35:22asdfoinawesfit finishes memory check?
23:36:14asdfoinawesfi dont know then
23:36:20asdfoinawesfdid you partition your hard drive?
23:37:02quelsaruki used a bios feature that let me change the primary hd between the ata one and the serial ata, and with the ATA one it boots perfectly, but with the SATA, hangs on windows boot
23:37:30quelsarukasdfoinawesf: i was working, rebooted it and got that strange issue :(
23:38:02asdfoinawesfso you have an OS on the sata?
23:38:23 Join midhaarrocker [0] (
23:38:26asdfoinawesfwhat if you unplugged the ata when you try to boot with sata?
23:39:01quelsarukhi midhaarrocker
23:39:03asdfoinawesfim not very good with OS problems
23:39:19quelsarukasdfoinawesf: i have an o.s on the sata too
23:39:53midhaarrockerquelsaruk hi!
23:40:14asdfoinawesfmaybe your computer is confused between the 2 hard drives
23:40:28quelsaruki can boot with the sata, or even re-install windows, but wanted to save all the stuff i've already have there, programs and so on
23:40:56asdfoinawesfwhy do you have 2 OS?
23:41:04midhaarrockergrmpf! I missed Linus :(
23:41:17asdfoinawesftry partition magic 8.0
23:41:33asdfoinawesfit lets you select which operating system to boot from
23:41:35quelsarukasdfoinawesf: really hard to explain ;)
23:41:37midhaarrockerand [IDC]Dragon too.
23:41:48asdfoinawesfit has an additional program called boot magic
23:41:57quelsarukdoesn't matter, i'll re-install everything
23:42:06asdfoinawesfyou select which operating system to boot from
23:42:08quelsarukanyway, i have to re-install linux too :D
23:42:16quelsarukasdfoinawesf: i prefer lilo :P
23:43:22asdfoinawesfhas anyone tried jogging with the jukebox?
23:43:27asdfoinawesfdoes it skip?
23:43:34quelsarukdoesn't skip
23:43:42quelsarukat least mine didn't skip
23:43:46asdfoinawesfis it too heavy to jog with in your pocket?
23:44:08asdfoinawesfim afraid that it will pull down my pants
23:45:02quelsarukdepends on which pants :P
23:45:03 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
23:45:16midknight2k3hi all
23:45:17midknight2k3hi zagor
23:45:20midknight2k3hi bluechip
23:45:24quelsarukhi midhaarrocker
23:45:38*midhaarrocker bows
23:45:43midknight2k3hey! who stole my name
23:46:04asdfoinawesfare most people here from europe?
23:46:13midknight2k3hi quelsaruk
23:46:25asdfoinawesfim from chicago
23:46:30quelsarukthe old europe.....
23:46:33midhaarrockerasdfoinawesf: depends on the daytime.
23:47:11midhaarrockerIt's around midnight here -> I'll be off to catch some sleep.
23:47:40midhaarrockerquelsaruk: portugal is old europe too?
23:48:22quelsarukmidhaarrocker: why not? was part of Spain in the old times ;) And we ruled the world :P
23:48:33midhaarrockerprobably depends on their attitude to the iraq war...
23:48:34quelsarukyour country was part of spain btw :P
23:48:53quelsarukthey have many problems here to think about irak
23:49:36 Quit asdfoinawesf ()
23:49:44 Quit baz_ (Remote closed the connection)
23:50:53midhaarrockerI'll have some sleep. See you.
23:51:11 Quit midhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
23:51:30 Join baz_ [0] (
23:51:46 Join arspy87 [0] (
23:52:50arspy87yo everyone

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