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#rockbox log for 2004-01-08

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00:07:00quelsarukZagor: btw, did daniel make a splash() HOWTO ?
00:07:22midknight2k3i know the format
00:08:25midknight2k3void splash(int ticks, /* how long */
00:08:25midknight2k3 int keymask, /* what keymask aborts the waiting (if any) */
00:08:25midknight2k3 bool center, /* FALSE means left-justified, TRUE means
00:08:25DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
00:08:25midknight2k3 horizontal and vertical center */
00:08:25midknight2k3 char *fmt, /* what to say *printf style */
00:08:25***Alert Mode level 1
00:08:25midknight2k3 ...)
00:08:58quelsaruki have to go
00:09:08midknight2k3bye quelsaruk
00:09:10midknight2k3hope it helps
00:09:12quelsaruki'll need a new splash function
00:09:26quelsarukor something like that
00:09:32midknight2k3for your neat menus
00:09:36quelsarukyups :)
00:09:40midknight2k3they looked neat
00:09:57quelsarukcu another day...
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00:50:58top_blokeu hear about the new ipod
00:51:12midknight2k3yeah how cute
00:51:17midknight2k3pink and green
00:51:35midknight2k3don't be a hata
00:51:41top_blokeoh i havnt seen it
00:51:48top_blokejust heard on the newws
00:52:03midknight2k3its pretty ugly
00:52:05top_blokewhy u hatin?
00:52:25top_blokeu know how much $ it cost?
00:52:26midknight2k3u'd hate if u saw it
00:53:06top_blokei'll try
00:53:11midknight2k3no wait
00:53:56midknight2k3here it is
00:54:30midknight2k3ugly as.. ugly
00:54:45midknight2k3pink, light green, light blue..
00:55:33midknight2k3if that werent enough, the new nitrus 4g is smaller, almost twice as light, plays wma (which ipod does not)
00:56:00top_blokelol cant be found
00:56:14top_blokebut ipod can play aac right
00:56:15midknight2k3Nitrus battery: *proven* 16 hours.
00:56:15midknight2k3Minipod battery: 8 hrs *advertised*. We we know what that means.
00:56:26midknight2k3thats ipod
00:56:27top_blokelolol minipod?
00:56:28midknight2k3not mini ipod
00:56:33midknight2k3the new mini ipod
00:56:49midknight2k34gb, comes in your choice of light blue, light green, pink or .. silver or white
00:57:34top_blokei see
00:57:39top_blokelooks same as regular
00:57:39midknight2k3you do?
00:57:51midknight2k3its smaller, 4gb but the nitrus whoops it
00:58:30top_blokewell 4gs is too small anyway
00:59:03midknight2k3yeah RIGHT
01:00:53top_blokei'd never get that
01:01:10top_bloke4gb is so weak
01:01:21midknight2k3and how much of your archos is full?
01:01:36top_blokearound 5gb left
01:01:47top_blokeso around 13?
01:02:02top_blokeand i'm always adding stuff
01:02:14top_blokei will run outm just a matter of time
01:02:26top_bloketheres a new iriver
01:03:10top_bloke40gb ?
01:03:44top_blokeand IHP-300 which comes with a 2" color TFT LCD
01:03:56arspy87ihp 300?
01:03:59midknight2k3no way
01:05:05top_blokemine wont load though :(
01:05:53Zagorlooks nice
01:06:34top_blokelooks sweet
01:06:44top_blokei assume it can play movies
01:07:23top_blokecolor screen?
01:07:28Zagorthe image would have said that
01:07:50Zagorwell phones have color screens too, yet don't play movies
01:08:28midknight2k3zagor: actually
01:08:35midknight2k3there are plans for broadcasting TV to cellphones
01:08:41Zagoryou want the pmp-100
01:08:44midknight2k3< 2fps
01:09:22top_blokeit has a hard drive though right?
01:09:35midknight2k3the ihp?
01:09:50midknight2k3it has a 40gb flash chip
01:10:10top_blokei mean the one w the color screen
01:10:23midknight2k3it has about 25 cornice drives
01:10:39top_blokei'm lost
01:10:42top_blokeforget it
01:11:09Zagorwhee. i think you will enjoy my next commit... :)
01:11:15 Join Blade777 [0] (
01:11:22top_blokewell what is it?
01:11:40top_blokeif you have a hard drive and a color screen why woundt u play movies?
01:11:44Zagorpatience, grasshopper :)
01:11:51 Part arspy87
01:12:00Zagortop_bloke: because it requires massive amounts of cpu power
01:12:24top_blokewell the 12 mhz archos can play movies
01:13:05Zagorsure, but you wouldn't BUY it for that quality
01:13:06midknight2k3i wish to know
01:13:07midknight2k3what commit
01:13:10midknight2k3ooh cant wait
01:13:17top_blokeWAIT, grasshopper
01:13:22midknight2k3it must be picture playback
01:13:25midknight2k3zoom at vid player
01:13:27midknight2k3ANIMATED LOGO
01:13:34midknight2k3ICON INTERFACE!
01:13:45top_blokecan your current build play lena in a loop?
01:14:11midknight2k3its busted
01:14:29top_blokethat sucks
01:14:32top_bloketell IDC
01:14:52Zagoryou don't think he knows?
01:15:04top_blokehe does?
01:15:09top_blokewhy would he break it?
01:15:36top_blokehe broke it
01:16:23CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
01:16:23*midknight2k3 can't wait to see next commit
01:17:23top_blokewhy would he break it?
01:18:31Blade777the archos wasn't officially designed to play movies
01:18:44top_blokei know
01:18:57Blade777its more of a bonus than anything else
01:19:11top_blokeyeah but why break the loop function?
01:19:19Blade777i mean, who wants to watch a 2 hour movie on a 1.5 inch LCD mono screen?
01:19:25top_blokei dont
01:19:30top_blokesome have done it i bet
01:19:40top_blokei dont wanna watch a 2 hour movie
01:19:40midknight2k3no blade
01:19:43midknight2k3not possible
01:19:45top_blokei want to loop a pic
01:19:48Blade777it is possible
01:19:51Blade777im sure it is
01:19:51midknight2k3your lcd would wimp out after about 10-15 minutes
01:19:58Blade777oh ok
01:20:00top_blokeno it wouldnt?
01:20:04midknight2k3it's happened to me
01:20:05Blade777you seem to know your stuff midknight
01:20:10midknight2k3it gets tired of flickering
01:20:18Blade777well perhaps your archos screen is knackered
01:20:23midknight2k3and it starts flickering all over
01:20:24top_bloke(he doesnt)
01:20:29midknight2k3lol topp
01:20:32top_blokeyouve tested this?
01:20:40top_blokeok fine
01:20:44midknight2k3if it were
01:20:45top_blokei just want a loop
01:20:49midknight2k3if it weren't logical enough*
01:20:52Blade777those 2100MaH batteries from Uniross are excellent
01:20:53midknight2k3yes, it's happened
01:22:28 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")
01:22:42Blade777i wonder if 3000maH batteries will ever be made
01:23:43Blade777im sure the flickering required to do greyscale will cause physical damage to the LCD
01:23:57top_blokeit will?
01:24:01midknight2k3after about 10 minutes it will flicker
01:24:16top_blokei,ve never done it for that long
01:24:19Blade777ah i see
01:24:19midknight2k3i bet if you left it going for >5 minutes after that it'd either die or be constantly flickering
01:24:31midknight2k3or mess up the contrast
01:24:35top_blokewow i nver knew
01:24:43Blade777sounds bad
01:24:51midknight2k3it's not an issue for short clips
01:25:00Blade777Has anyone used an NetMD before?
01:25:30Blade777the system required to get files on the device is stupid
01:25:52 Quit AciD ("")
01:26:16top_blokei STILL havent seen doom
01:27:21Blade777Doom would require a great deal of code
01:27:53Blade777and im sure playing Doom for too long will damage the lcd
01:28:00midknight2k3the video he means
01:28:08top_blokethere ought to be a warning
01:28:15Blade777no the actual game if it was theoritally possible
01:28:18top_blokewhen it starts playing
01:28:37top_blokeTHIS MIGHT DAMAGE UR LCD
01:28:44Blade777oh yea
01:28:50Blade777 a splash screen warning
01:28:53Blade777should suffice
01:29:18Blade777wheres linusN and bagder?
01:29:49midknight2k3if (time_playing>12) { rb->splash(HZ*2, 0, true, "Warning! Exit Video player NOW!"); }
01:30:00Blade777yea summat like that midknight2k3
01:30:04Blade777should do the job
01:30:16midknight2k3or just auto exit
01:30:18top_blokeat the start
01:30:21top_blokeof it
01:30:29midknight2k3afad your dfad
01:30:44Blade777whatever afad or dfad means
01:30:57midknight2k3use your imagination
01:31:14Blade777don't know what you mean
01:32:01Blade777explain please
01:32:23 Join Guest [0] (~jirc@
01:33:44Blade777hi guest
01:34:07 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
01:34:55Blade777gone quiet in here
01:35:51Blade777they should make 1.5 inch CRT screens
01:36:13midknight2k3thats like saying they should make .2" tft lcd's
01:36:22midknight2k3but that'd be cooooool
01:36:33Blade777or 1.5 inch plasma screens
01:38:26Blade777actually get a red, green and blue felt-tip pens, colour in the respective pixels and bingo, one colour LCD
01:39:15midknight2k3Zagor: the new checkin you mean the descramble.c changes?
01:39:54Blade777hi Zagor
01:40:05Zagormidknight2k3: yeah
01:40:21Zagorhi Blade777
01:40:49Blade777anyone know a decent free mp3 encoder?
01:41:08Zagorthere's none better
01:41:08Blade777i mean the actual program
01:41:10midknight2k3which uses lame
01:41:12Blade777not the encoder itself
01:41:17Blade777ok midknight2k3
01:41:21ZagorBlade777: lame is the program
01:41:24Blade777cheers dude
01:41:24midknight2k3fastest cd ripper
01:41:32Blade777ill try it out
01:41:36Blade777thanks Zag and Mid
01:41:46midknight2k3zag.. :) is not free.
01:42:07midknight2k3the program is
01:42:13Zagorno. it's shareware.
01:42:24midknight2k3100% Free, No nags, popups, hidden spyware or bundleware
01:42:29Zagoruse eac instead:
01:42:32midknight2k3you may be looking at CD "writer"
01:42:44Zagoroh, sorry. you're right.
01:42:47midknight2k3 <−− dbpoweramp cd ripper
01:43:07Blade777thanks guys
01:43:12Blade777you lot are the best
01:43:33Blade777so midknight2k3 I assume you are the rockbox leader
01:43:39midknight2k3no lol
01:43:41midknight2k3that's zagor.
01:43:51Blade777my fatal error
01:44:12top_blokefatal indeed
01:44:17midknight2k3lol top
01:44:25Blade777If the USB on the Archos is a "slave", why the hell its shaped like the USB on a PC?
01:44:26top_blokemid, rockbox leader?
01:45:00midknight2k3the port doesn't deal with the mode
01:45:07midknight2k3"mode" as in slave or master
01:45:07ZagorBlade777: that's an good question. it's actually a violation of the usb rules.
01:45:10midknight2k3no idea what it's called
01:45:14elinenbeZagor: what's the deal with multimedia ajz files?
01:45:24elinenbeZagor: is that av120 or av300?
01:45:30Zagormidknight2k3: still, slaves are *required* to use the B socket
01:45:34Blade777Why didn't they use the B type socket on the Archos?
01:45:38Zagorelinenbe: both
01:46:03Blade777im 25 from london
01:46:05ZagorBlade777: dunno. you have to ask them.
01:46:12Blade777just incase you lot were interested
01:46:47Zagormidknight2k3: the gmini is pretty much the same too, except they've wrapped it in a RIFF file
01:47:00Blade777I held the Gmini once Zagor
01:47:07Blade777it seems much better built than the Recorder
01:47:54top_blokeis Blade track?
01:48:04top_blokethat gave it away
01:48:12midknight2k3nice try too!
01:48:20top_blokewhen did u realize?
01:50:00elinenbeZagor: does it use the same method of flashing, or will that have to be taken care of to?
01:50:15elinenbeZagor: how much is known about the hardware on the av300/av120 ?
01:50:30midknight2k3"i held the Gmini" "is blade track?"
01:50:31Zagori actually don't know. i have only looked at the firmware files :-)
01:50:37midknight2k3that SO gives it away
01:50:40elinenbeZagor: it looks like the archos firmware is actaully pretty well made for the av300
01:50:48elinenbeZagor: what about the Gmini?
01:50:55midknight2k3there is a hardware section
01:51:16Zagorelinenbe: the gmini uses pretty much the same file firmat, except they've wrapped it in a RIFF file
01:51:34Blade777sounds good "riff"
01:51:40Zagor(only they got it wrong, so it's not really riff...)
01:51:53Blade777ok Zag
01:52:04 Join Jet8810 [0] (
01:52:16Blade777Hi Jet8810
01:54:14elinenbeZagor: what exactly is a RIFF file? I had the gmini for a few days, and to udate the firmware there was a menu selection...
01:54:17Jet8810hey Blade777
01:54:38 Join arspy87 [0] (
01:55:28ZagorRIFF = Resource Interchange File Format
01:55:29Blade777Hi Arspy
01:55:31arspy87:) b ;) l :-P u :-( e :-I c 8-) h :-o i :@ p
01:55:41arspy87hey Blade
01:55:54Zagorit's simply a container format
01:56:03Blade777sounds a bit like AIFF
01:56:14elinenbemuch like avi or the quicktime format.
01:56:38Zagoravi actually uses RIFF
01:56:54Blade777yea i know im just sayign
01:57:06Blade777and i don't know why midknight2k3 has mixed me up with someone els now
01:57:30ZagorBlade777: stop fooling around. this is not your playground.
01:57:55midknight2k3kick him kick him
01:58:01*midknight2k3 chants
01:58:08top_blokemaybe he has multiple personalities?
01:58:19arspy87did i miss something? lol
01:58:34arspy87ooh what?
02:04:32midknight2k3back in a bit all
02:05:04Blade777ok midknight2k3
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02:05:39Blade777whatever afad means
02:11:28Blade777the gmini also plays wav and wma
02:13:31Zagorbed time. night all!
02:13:33 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
02:13:44Blade777night zaggort
02:16:13 Quit mecraw_ ("Trillian (")
02:26:35 Quit Blade777 ("Leaving")
02:32:17 Part arspy87
02:55:41 Nick elinenbe is now known as elinenbe|out (
03:35:05 Join diddystar5 [0] (
03:50:48diddystar5bluechip: are you there?
03:51:44bluechipi am now
03:52:07bluechipfall asleep AT my keyboard last night - LOL
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04:24:21 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
04:26:30 Quit top_bloke (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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04:33:44bluechipi dont get why it compiled for the fm last nifht!
04:36:27bluechipwrong window
04:59:47 Join arspy87 [0] (
05:05:10bluechiparse pie
05:05:30bluechiphow do i use bmalloc?
05:05:47diddystar5never worked with it blue
05:06:01diddystar5i gotta go everyone
05:06:03diddystar5c ya
05:06:29 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
05:19:17midknight2k3gotta go bye all
05:19:29 Quit midknight2k3 ()
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06:41:23bluechipJust gotta submit my favourite compile error to date...
06:41:25bluechipplugin.c:36:21: warning: dmalloc.h: No error
06:42:03scott666damned caps lock
06:42:18*scott666 prys off the caps lock key
06:42:39bluechiphas anyone here ever managed to get malloc to work in a plugin?
06:43:21 Part arspy87
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06:59:47 Part bluechip
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08:12:43adi|homehmm.. odd im hanging when i reboot my archos
08:36:20 Join Schnueff [0] (~mah@
08:36:58 Join JCook [0] (
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08:38:31 Join JCook [0] (
08:38:49JCookanyone alive here?
08:40:41JCookanyone that could help me install some of the patches? every single one I have tried so far has returned errors when I use −−dry-run
08:49:15JCookheya Schnueff!
08:49:19Schnueffcould be all the patches you tried were too old?
08:49:35Schnueff(old patches usually do not apply well)
08:50:35JCookahhhh ok... it's just a few I downloaded from the rockbox site... just stumbled across it surfing yesterday
08:50:57JCookmy jb was just collecting dust until last night hehehe
08:51:12Schnueffah :)
08:52:11JCookso the ones from the site don't install well onto 2.1 then?
08:52:49Schnueffcould be; which one did u try?
08:53:54JCookI've tried the enhanced menus and MDB patch, scroll patch, and keyboard patch so far... some others sounded like they may be interesting, but I didn't want to sit there and keep getting errors all night
08:55:21Schnuefflooks like they are <= nov 2003, so pre-2.1
08:56:11JCookahhhh ok... so I should look for patches that are only a month or so old
08:56:30Schnueffyeah, that should work better
08:56:55Schnueffi only patch if i really need the functionality
08:57:53JCookyeah, there were a couple that sounded pretty good for functionality.. like utilizing the play button in the f2 and f3 menus
09:01:02 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
09:02:51SchnueffJCook: any current version? or 2.1? (please do not msg privately)
09:03:18 Quit adi|home (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:08:41JCookany version... I'm just looking for a tweaked version of rockbox that would work well on my jbr15
09:09:00Schnueffhm what do u mean, 'tweaked' ?
09:10:24JCookwith some of the additions.. like adding the play button functionality to f2 and f3 menus, I've seen some of the patches change the keyboard
09:10:58Schnueffsorry, cannot help u with that
09:11:45Schnueffsome people who write patches have downloads of patched versions on their homepages
09:11:49JCookok, guess I'll keep messing around until maybe I can get something put together I can live with :)
09:11:55Schnueffthey usually post a link on the mailing list then
09:12:06Schnueff(or in the patch documentation)
09:12:29JCookohhh cool... sounds great... thanks a bunch :)
09:12:56 Quit JCook ("Leaving")
09:15:11 Quit wake ("bedtime. . .")
09:34:53 Join c0utta [0] (
09:43:28 Join midhaarrocker [200] (
10:03:28 Join Dogger [0] (
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11:14:48 Join earHurts [0] (
11:18:19 Join LinusN [200] (
11:19:23midhaarrockerLinusN: [IDC]Dragon broke your fine recording code :(
11:19:32LinusNi know, i'll fix it now
11:20:37midhaarrockerI'm very agog on that patch because I couldn't spot the problem.
11:21:06midhaarrocker(And I was puzzled that queue seems to use interrupts)
11:22:23LinusN"queue seems to use interrupts"?
11:23:37midhaarrockere.g. in queue_put (trying to recall the name from memory) the interrupt level was temporarily bent to level 15.
11:24:07LinusNyes, it disables the interrupt to make it atomic
11:24:49c0uttahi guys
11:25:02midhaarrockerhi c0utta
11:25:08c0uttamorning time over there in europe ?
11:25:30midhaarrockerLinusN: ah, I understand
11:25:39LinusNmidhaarrocker: is that a problem?
11:25:41midhaarrockerc0utta about noon.
11:25:53LinusNc0utta: 11:30 am here
11:25:58midhaarrockerLinusN: no I just had no idea what it might be for.
11:26:09LinusNmidhaarrocker: ah
11:26:45c0uttacan either of you answer a quick question ?
11:27:09c0uttadeveloper newbie. i've created a new .c file but it doesn't seem to get compiled
11:27:15c0uttai am using the simulator
11:27:19midhaarrockerLinusN: I just came across it when I suspected that mpeg_init_playback doesn't return in the recording.c code.
11:28:00LinusNmidhaarrocker: he removed some vital code, for some reason
11:28:04midhaarrockerc0utta where in the dir does your *.c file reside?
11:28:25LinusNc0utta: you have to add the file in the makefile
11:28:50LinusNthe simulator doesn't have the automatic stuff that the target has
11:29:57midhaarrockerLinusN: have you been curious enough to try triggered recording yet?
11:30:10LinusNcurious, yes
11:30:19LinusNtime do do it, no
11:30:49midhaarrockerI know that problem...
11:31:39c0uttathe makefile in apps doesn't reference each .c file - it has SRC := $(wildcard *.c)
11:31:47c0uttai thought that's be enough
11:32:59earHurtshey linus.
11:38:05LinusNmidhaarrocker: found the bug
11:38:22LinusNearHurts: yes?
11:39:50earHurtsjust saying hi
11:39:58earHurtsI'm in my bathtub
11:40:29midhaarrockerLinusN: Hurraaaaa!
11:40:50 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
11:41:46 Join earHurts [0] (
11:41:55LinusNearHurts must have dropped his laptop into the tub :-)
11:42:11earHurtsunreliable linux os is what it is
11:42:23LinusNdon't swear in the house of God!
11:42:33earHurtsI need a real os, like MS Windows ;)
11:43:03earHurtsOk, truth is, the OS stayed up
11:43:03midhaarrockerI have my tv in front of the bathtub, it's connected to my pc and I have a wireless keyboard :)
11:43:19earHurtsthe windowing sytem LQtopia; went down
11:43:56earHurtsmidha, that sort of decadence destroyed Rome
11:44:49earHurtsah, good, when Qtopia goes down, the samba mounts stay up
11:45:07midhaarrockerearHurts For that kind of decadence I still lack of women.
11:46:40earHurtsdon't worry midha
11:47:00earHurtsthere's always a chance you'll be reincarnated as a woman
11:48:16earHurtsSo since my Archos remains dead, and as I unexpectedly went skiing after xmas, I bought a 512 MB SD card for my pda
11:48:53earHurtsthis allowed me to bring along 7 CDs equivalent of mp3s
11:49:26earHurtsbut at home, I can just samba the pda into my pc via wifi
11:59:12midhaarrockerLinusN: I assume that handling the phys2val stuff "internally" means that the conversion is handled in the firmware and not in the apps
12:02:31LinusNproblem is that we don't want to store physical values in the RTC/disk sector
12:03:11LinusNthat may change when we migrate to .cfg file based settings
12:03:49midhaarrockerI'd prefer human readable and meaningful values in the .cfg files nevertheless.
12:05:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:07:15LinusNthat's what i mean
12:08:02LinusNi'm not too happy about the entire val2phys() business at all
12:08:12LinusNnot very practical
12:09:33*webmind found out when he doesnt get resume
12:10:10LinusNwebmind: shoot
12:14:18c0uttaaha. i thought make only used the makefile in \apps\
12:15:41midhaarrockerLinusN: There's another thing about setting values: I noticed that many arrays with predefined values are maintained twice: for the cfg files and a second time with internationalization.
12:17:03webmindLinusN, pressed 'on' toolong
12:18:21LinusNwebmind: ah, so the ON|REPEAT left the resume dialog?
12:18:32webmindwithout showing it though
12:18:41LinusNmidhaarrocker: i am thinking of reworking the entire settings system
12:18:51LinusNwebmind: it shows it, but very briefly
12:19:11LinusNmidhaarrocker: committed recording fix
12:19:25webmindLinusN, well.. i can't see it
12:23:26LinusNwebmind: interesting, are you running a recent build?
12:24:00webmindnot very
12:24:04webmindi will though
12:24:34LinusNhow old is it?
12:25:37webminddunno.. few months
12:26:04LinusNthe ON key issue was fixed november 14
12:26:23webmindhow ./
12:26:58midhaarrocker:( darned anonymous cvs won't let me get Linus new mpeg.c
12:27:00LinusNthe ask_resume() function now ignores the ON key when it asks for resume
12:27:20webmindaah ok
12:28:03webmindrockbox plays video ??
12:28:25midhaarrockerwithout sound though.
12:28:38Doggerwill it be hard to add sound?
12:28:46Doggerwill it just slow down fps rate?
12:28:58webmindwish i had a recorder
12:30:44midhaarrockerDogger: I don't really know but I assume that it is not _that_ much a problem. The trick might be [IDC]Dragons new mpeg playback api and a multiplexed video format.
12:32:49LinusNtwo problems:
12:33:00LinusN1) Synchronization
12:33:04LinusN2) CPU load
12:33:55midhaarrockerPersonally I think a different aspect is much more valuable: the video proved that grayscale is possible. And then there are these ID3 Tags that contain images of album covers ...
12:34:12LinusNthe COU load isn't that much of a problem, but the realtime synch is
12:35:07midhaarrockerLinusN: I thought that the sync problem might be solved by clever multiplexing when the video is rendered on the pc.
12:35:18LinusNpartly, yes
12:35:34LinusNthat solves the disk latency
12:36:08LinusNbut you will still have to handle the (possibly) drifting playback rate
12:40:47midhaarrockerIn my naive mind I see the video format containing short chunks of a defined duration that have a few video frames and some mp3 audio. So when you play the chunks one by one the synchronization would happen automatically on chunk boundaries.
12:44:20LinusNyeah, that would solve it
12:45:13LinusNstill, the audio and the video frame rates won't necessarily match...
12:45:57LinusNyou might have to reencode the mp3 audio
12:46:40midhaarrockerAh, now I see.
12:47:16Doggerthat sounds cool
12:47:31Doggerand is it possible to display greyscaled image without cpu load,
12:47:39Doggeror does it have to constantly modulate the bits
12:47:45midhaarrockerthe latter
12:47:50Doggerthought so
12:47:54Doggerstill.... pretty cool
12:51:35 Nick c0utta is now known as c0utta{zZZ} (
13:12:49midhaarrockerAh, finally a fully colored daily build page again :)
13:19:58LinusNbagder just fixed that
13:20:31 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|lunch (
13:45:52 Quit midhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
13:49:52 Nick LinusN|lunch is now known as LinusN (
13:58:36 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
14:00:19 Quit Schnueff ("l8rz")
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14:09:34 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
14:28:47 Part LinusN
14:52:46 Quit adi|home (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:08:48 Quit MT (
15:08:48 Quit dsg (
15:08:48 Quit leapingfrog (
15:10:13NJoinMT [0] (
15:14:37Doggeranyone here?
15:17:25DoggerI have a problem with binutils
15:17:26Doggerfor arm
15:17:51Doggerin thumb mode, when I write 'str r0, someLocalVar'
15:17:58Doggerit assembles it as 'ldr
15:18:10Doggermy current work around is ldr r1, =localVar
15:18:16Doggerstr r0, [r1, #0]
15:18:18Doggerbut thats lame
15:18:21Doggerany ideas?
15:19:38NJoindsg [0] (
15:23:13webminddsg, !
15:23:19webmindwhere you at ?
15:23:35webmindah not here prolly
15:26:13NJoinleapingfrog [0] (
15:26:15 Quit leapingfrog (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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16:19:52 Join matsl [0] (
16:22:09 Join AciD [0] (
16:26:28 Join methangas [0] (
16:26:59*webmind fires up a lighter
16:42:51 Join midhaarrocker [200] (
16:46:39 Join Schnueff [0] (
17:06:54 Join Nomad [0] (
17:06:55 Quit Nomad__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:12:42 Quit Nomad ("leaving")
17:14:22 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
17:27:56 Quit midhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:03:25 Quit Schnueff ("leaving")
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18:15:28 Join wake [0] (
18:20:20 Quit BoBB ("Lost terminal")
18:20:40 Join BoBB [0] (
18:40:23 Join _aLF [0] (
19:19:44 Quit elinenbe|out (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:19:50 Join elinenbe|out [0] (
19:25:26 Quit earHurts (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:28:27 Join earHurts [0] (
19:41:58 Join leapingfrog [0] (
20:03:24 Join uski [0] (
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20:07:49 Join cjnr11 [0] (
20:25:01 Join Zagor [0] (
20:33:51 Join Smooth_operator2 [0] (
20:35:37Smooth_operator2hello Zagor
20:35:52Zagorstop playing here. go somewhere else for that.
20:36:24Smooth_operator2what the fuck u on about?
20:37:12 Join quelsaruk [0] (~swordmast@
20:37:18Smooth_operator2hi quels
20:37:42quelsarukZagor: how made the scroll function?
20:38:07 Quit Smooth_operator2 (Client Quit)
20:38:14 Join track [0] (
20:38:19trackhappy now Zagor?
20:38:28Zagori wrote the first version iirc, but it's been rewritten a few times and i'm not sure who did it last :)
20:38:30Zagortrack: yes
20:39:12tracknice to see you smile for a change ;-)
20:39:36quelsarukZagor: could you enlighten me a bit? (i know, i should read the code first, but.. want to ask you :P )
20:39:41quelsaruki mean...
20:39:48Zagortry me...
20:40:12quelsaruk.. hard to explain....
20:42:03quelsarukthe text scrolled... is *put* in the display completely, and the part out of the borders are not shown, or does the scroll function put in the display just the text that fits the screen??
20:42:21quelsaruk(can you understand my strange question???)
20:43:00Zagorjust what fits the screen
20:44:02quelsarukso then it is possible to modify the function, telling it that the screen is smaller that it really is, no?
20:45:04quelsarukthen is easier to make scroll in a splash screen :)
20:45:14Zagorhehe, yeah
20:46:09quelsarukanother thing
20:46:31quelsaruktoday i'm really inspired (like a genius.. hehehe)
20:46:52Zagornice! :)
20:46:54quelsarukdo you think people use the Quick screens??
20:47:09Zagori use the f2 all the time. hardly ever the f3 one though.
20:47:16quelsaruklike me :)
20:47:37Zagordon't invent a new thing before you reread bagders NEWKEYS post in the archive
20:48:03quelsarukthat was from march or april no?
20:48:12Zagorwe're strongly leaning in that direction (f2 context sensitive, f3 configurable)
20:48:21Zagori don't remember...
20:48:32trackZagor according to midknight if you play a video clip that is too long it messes up the LCD
20:48:57Zagortrack: how long is too long? i've viewed ~3min clips
20:49:11trackmidknight reckons about 10 or greater
20:49:25Zagorok. does [idc]dragon know about it?
20:49:45trackI think someone suggested a splash warning on the LCD prior to using the plugin
20:49:56tracksuch as "warning, extended play may damage the LCD"
20:50:12Zagorit can't damage the lcd
20:50:27Zagorjust because it's garbled doesn't mean it's broken
20:50:29quelsarukdamage?? should be "mess up"
20:50:55Zagori think we should fix the bug instead of warning people about it...
20:51:18elinenbe|outZagor & others: I have played 20 min+ clips with no problem at all...
20:51:24 Nick elinenbe|out is now known as elinenbe (
20:52:10trackwell i dont' know what midknight is on about
20:52:12elinenbewhat I think he is describing, is if you play a video long enough, then it will bitswap and slow everything down a bit.
20:52:26elinenbeand then the video gets garbled (just slowed down)
20:52:50trackwell to me it sounded like the LCD was physically damaging
20:53:03trackbecause of the repeated flashing of the pixels needed to generate greyscale
20:53:12Zagorelinenbe: ah right, if you view it while mp3 is playing
20:53:52Zagortrack: you know they make lcd television sets, right? :)
20:54:11trackyes, but they aren't 1bit STN screens
20:54:26trackthey are prob 24bit TFT panels
20:54:54Zagorit's not damaging. it's doing exactly what it was designed to do.
20:55:31trackAlright Zagor, Sometime ago I filed a request, "make the LCD do greyscale". Bagder rejected it and now its implemented in the video plugin!!!
20:56:06trackso why was it rejected if it was possible?
20:56:23Zagorsimple: we didn't know it was possible
20:56:25uskitrack: because it wasn't interesting, and there was some more important development to do
20:57:00tracki wasn't asking you uski
20:57:00Zagoruski: actually we don't reject requests just because they aren't interesting. we just ignore those :-)
20:57:23trackbut you still must have a sense of humour at some of the more bizarre requests
20:57:25uskitrack: yes and ? if i want to answer, i answer. if you are not happy with this, just ignore my answer
20:57:28quelsaruktrack: you are like a prophet... no one believes you :P
20:57:37Zagorthen some day someone comes along that thinks it is an interesting idea, and implements it
20:58:20Zagortrack: no, i'm afraid it's not funny at all
20:58:31trackmidknight seems to think otherwise
20:58:47Zagorthen he's a moron
20:59:12tracklike his request "Convert mp3 to polyphonic ringtones"
21:00:14trackah well
21:00:17tracklife goes on
21:03:48ZagorDogger: are you here?
21:03:50 Quit track (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:05:11quelsaruki like the new Stenberg idea ;)
21:05:59wakehi. i just got an fm rec and found in the docs that only players can mix line-in with mp3 playback. is this a hw limitation in the recs?
21:06:15 Join track [0] (
21:06:48trackSorry had to restart my PC
21:07:13Zagorwake: yes. the players can do it because their analog in isn't used for anything and is routed directly into the output DAC
21:07:46Zagorsince recorders have analog in connected to the input ADC, it can't be mixed
21:07:59wakeZagor: thx. i wondered if it was something like that.
21:08:41wakebtw, i got my ajb specifically because I wanted to run rockbox, and I have been very happy w/ the results.
21:08:45quelsarukZagor: just an idea... the "play with..." menu, could be one of my hipothetic splash_menu() :D
21:09:19Zagoryou're making a splash menu? nice!
21:09:29Zagorwake: thanks
21:09:54quelsarukyups.. for that gfx menus i once thought about
21:10:05quelsaruki think it's time to end the duty
21:10:25quelsaruk..... in the next month nearly for sure...
21:10:41DoggerZagor: hi there
21:12:30trackwho has a player in here?
21:13:15ZagorDogger: i'm having problems building garme. does it (or ant) somehow have a dependency on the sun java compiler? i'm using kaffe.
21:13:24Zagortrack: i do
21:13:38Doggerhrmmm never used kaffe
21:13:49Doggerjust type 'ant' in the directory
21:13:52Doggerthat will build it
21:14:02trackwhats it like compared to the recorder
21:14:09DoggerI just use standard sun java, and ant
21:14:18uskitrack: i have a player, along with my recorder, if you want to test sth
21:14:22Doggerdid you see screenshots of garme on :)
21:14:24Zagorit says: file:/home/bjst/src/multimedia/garme/build.xml:14: Unable to find a javac compiler; is not on the classpath.
21:14:27Doggerthe examples are working well
21:14:55Doggertry export CLASSPATH=wherejavaisinstalled/lib
21:15:04uskitrack: it is horrible. only 2 (or 3 i don't even remember) lines of text, with a small amount of chars displayed
21:15:12Doggeralso make sure the wherejavaisinstalled/bin is in path
21:15:19HadakaI don't think kaffe defines anywhere
21:15:56ZagorHadaka: yeah, but does ant really require it if it's sun-specific?
21:16:14Zagorbjorn:garme>which javac
21:16:17HadakaZagor: shouldn't
21:17:28Doggerhmmm that should be ok,
21:17:46Hadakabut if the ant build file references classes directly, or something else, then that could be the problem
21:17:50Doggeralthough mine is /usr/java/j2sdkblah/bin
21:18:05Doggerno it doesnt... just does a normal javac
21:18:20DoggerI'd just try using the standard sun jsdk
21:18:34Hadakaheh, as if one would want to install that :)
21:18:36Zagoryeah, i just tried kaffe first because it's available with apt-get :)
21:18:54*Zagor is lazy
21:19:18HadakaZagor: get the blackdown port, it's apt-gettable
21:19:30Doggeryou can apt-get j2sdk as well
21:19:32Zagorok, i'll try it
21:19:37Doggerbut you have to add the source for jpackages
21:19:59Hadakadeb unstable main non-free
21:20:02Zagorthat's past my laziness threshold :)
21:20:11Hadakayou probably wish for a swedish mirror or somethign tho
21:20:15*Dogger has never met a programmer who wasnt lazy
21:21:27Zagorwee. j2sdk1.3 - Blackdown Java(TM) 2 SDK, Standard Edition
21:21:30 Join Jet8810 [0] (
21:21:41Hadakathere's 1.4 as well
21:21:52Zagorjust not uploaded to debian yet :)
21:22:22quelsaruki'm lost
21:22:45Doggeryou can prolly build it manually without ant
21:22:48Doggerjust using javac
21:22:52Doggerbut cant remember how
21:24:54Zagori never understood the advantage of ant over make
21:26:02Doggermake is eugh c stuff
21:26:06Zagorbah! Modern compiler not found - looking for classic compiler
21:26:12Zagormake is language agnostic
21:26:33Doggerwhy not just use sun java?
21:26:56Zagorbecause I like apt :-) but it seems i have no choice...
21:27:29Doggerwell you can add as a source in ur apt config,
21:27:32Doggerthen apt get it,
21:27:37Doggerbut there's not much point
21:27:59quelsarukZagor: could i ask you a last big favor? (send me the cvs source code in a tarball.. pliiizz)
21:28:04Zagoras long as there's a .deb in it for me somehow :)
21:28:15Zagorquelsaruk: can't you simply download from the web site?
21:28:54DoggerI'd just download from
21:29:12quelsarukforget that last stupid nonsense ;)
21:30:14Zagorwhee, a mere 90 MB :)
21:30:34 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
21:30:36Zagorat least they have a fast server
21:31:02uski[IDC]Dragon: hi !
21:31:03Doggerbloooaoaaaaaatware :)
21:31:14quelsarukhi [IDC]Dragon
21:32:42[IDC]Dragontonight I hope to complete my half-done work on mpeg
21:33:49[IDC]Dragonmaybe people are angry at me already
21:34:14quelsaruknot really...
21:34:15[IDC]Dragonbreaking stuff for no visible benefit
21:34:21uski[IDC]Dragon: :)
21:34:38uskiwe are confident you will have something interesting to give us
21:34:41uskiat least
21:34:45uskii am
21:34:50quelsarukbut.. you better have a good reason, or Zagor could eat you (he is like Shrek but not green)
21:35:01[IDC]Dragonnot green?
21:35:08[IDC]DragonI thought.
21:35:23Zagori god. they throw a 90MB black-box binary at me, then expect me to run it as root!?
21:35:24[IDC]DragonHere in germany, the police wears green.
21:35:36HadakaZagor: exactly
21:35:42HadakaZagor: don't give in to the dark side
21:37:19Zagori'll try the new blackdown first, at least
21:37:38Hadakablackdown runs everything sun's java does for me
21:37:50Hadakaincluding puzzle pirates ^_^
21:41:39 Quit c0utta{zZZ} (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:45:03ZagorHadaka: what do you have JAVA_HOME and/or CLASSPATH set to?
21:45:33HadakaZagor: none for JAVA_HOME, for classpath I use...
21:45:49Doggerah ant needs JAVA_HOME set
21:45:59Doggerto ur java root.... eg where /bin /lib etc come off
21:46:10Doggerlike /usr/java/j2sdk1.4.0/
21:46:11HadakaDogger: no tool can depend on environment, it's a violation of the debian policy
21:46:36quelsaruki have to go! cu another day :)
21:46:54HadakaDogger: so if ant is a debian package, it has been wrapped so that it doesn't need environment variables set
21:47:05HadakaZagor: /usr/share/doc/java-common/examples/classpath-from-jars-1
21:47:07Doggerhave never used debian
21:47:07Zagorstill says: is not on the classpath.
21:47:09ZagorPerhaps JAVA_HOME does not point to the JDK
21:47:09elinenbeis Henrik in the room?
21:47:21DoggerI like my redhat
21:47:24Doggermore support
21:47:24HadakaZagor: I use that to build the CLASSPATH
21:47:44elinenbeI am using his latest patch, but there are some problems patching the latest CVS and I wanted to take the easy way out!
21:48:07 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:48:31 Join scott666 [0] (
21:50:25trackhey scottt
21:50:36 Quit track ("Leaving")
21:54:14Zagorahhh, finally: setenv JAVA_HOME /usr/lib/j2se/1.4/
21:54:29*Dogger eurekas
21:54:34elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: what's your goal?
21:54:40elinenbeDogger: what's UP?
21:54:51[IDC]Dragontwo at once?
21:54:52Doggeroh just eureka'ing at zagor
21:55:19[IDC]DragonI'd like to add sound to the video
21:55:27DoggerI'm still a little stuck working out ata on av300.... but have got all my code in thumb now :)
21:55:37DoggerI prefer thumb... cleaner I think
21:55:41ZagorLoading file [flash]
21:55:41ZagorError loading file! flash (No such file or directory)
21:55:41ZagorError reading flash file...
21:55:50Zagorwhat's the 'flash' file?
21:56:14[IDC]Dragonrockbox.ucl ;-))
21:56:28Doggeroh dont worry too much about that
21:56:37Doggerits not critical
21:56:44Doggeryou only have it if you snarfed the rom
21:56:53elinenbeI just found a bug... a buggity bug bug
21:56:59Doggerin firmware files, they contain the boot sector
21:57:04elinenbestart a playlist on the recorder.
21:57:06Doggerit tries to compare it to the one in mem
21:57:08elinenbeturn it off
21:57:16elinenbeauto-resume should be on
21:57:20Zagoroh ok, so that's not why it stops... does "03000018 getImmed:shifts?" mean anything to you?
21:57:33Doggerand does an update if its different.... hence you cant downgrade past 1.2.... also hence the red screen problems with 1.01 or whatever prolly
21:57:38elinenbeand then plug it in to USB (already plugged into the computer) and then turn it on.
21:57:40 Join track [0] (
21:57:53Doggeryeah that means that arm instruction hasnt been implemented yet
21:57:59Doggerwhat are you trying to run on it?
21:58:06ZagorCJBM.AJZ v2.0
21:58:15Doggerunpacked yeah?
21:58:18Zagorwhich config do I need?
21:58:22Zagorno. should it?
21:58:31DoggerI dont distribute the packer do i!
21:58:41Doggerdefault.config will work for dsc25
21:58:49Zagori stopped thinking a few hours ago :)
21:58:53Dogger./run firmware.unpacked.firstchunk
21:58:57Dogger:) np
22:00:10Doggernote that 1. it will use 100% cpu, and 2. it will be reasonably slow
22:00:23Doggerbut it will tell you when its doing any hardware access etc
22:00:35Doggerand you can set debug to on at any breakpoints etc in the config
22:00:38Zagoryeah, that's forgiven for a bloody cpu emulator :-)
22:00:44Doggeror get it to print registers at certain points etc
22:01:08Doggerjust that the first person who I showed it to said 'but its not doing anything'
22:01:16Doggerpatience is the best thing to have
22:01:50Zagorman, this is so cool...
22:02:00Zagor"Archos Video AV300"
22:02:01Doggeryou got it running?
22:02:10Doggerall my own crappy work
22:02:32Doggeryou can try some examples from avos as well... they use same config obviously
22:02:49Doggerhey you any experience with binutils arm thumb?
22:03:04Zagora bit. we use arm-thumb at work.
22:03:16DoggerI write 'str, localVar' in thumb, and it gets assembled to 'ldr' instead!... works fine in non thumb
22:03:38Doggerwork around I use is 'ldr r0, =localVar; str r1, [r0]
22:04:14Zagorour asm is in arm, i'm afraid, so i haven't had that problem
22:04:24Doggerah ok,
22:04:39Doggeris that by choice? or neccesity?
22:05:20Zagori don't remember. i didn't start the project :-) (i'm a contractor)
22:05:30trackso who started it Zagor?
22:05:33trackI thought U startred it
22:05:55Zagortrack: i started rockbox. i was talking about my daytime job.
22:06:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:06:25Doggerah ok,
22:06:40elinenbewith the new format? shouldn't the sokoban folder be inside the rocks folder?
22:07:00trackIf one was to donate to this project via paypal, where does all the money go?
22:07:00Zagorthat sokoban file is always a black sheep :)
22:07:15elinenbeZagor: agreed...
22:07:28elinenbetrack: I have a new car here −− haha
22:07:34Zagortrack: devcons, buying new hardware, lawsuits etc :)
22:07:40trackoh ok
22:07:48trackand the beers for everyone
22:07:50elinenbeZagor: <Zagor> man, this is so cool... what's that all about?
22:08:10elinenbeZagor: has there been much donating?
22:08:15Zagorelinenbe: doggers arm7 emulator in java. it can boot the archos av300 firmware!
22:08:28Zagorelinenbe: yeah, quite a lot actually.
22:08:32elinenbeZagor: cool, but why java?
22:08:37elinenbeZagor: any numbers? :D
22:08:48Doggerbecause java is infinitely better than anything else....
22:08:51elinenbeDogger: how far does it get?
22:08:55Doggernah I just use java for prototyping etc
22:09:04Doggerit tries to read ATA
22:09:11Doggerthen tries to communicate with the MAS
22:09:16Doggerbut they both need writing
22:09:20elinenbeDogger: some hate java and some love it... I am more along the hate group. I like lisp for prototyping...
22:09:25elinenbeDogger: cool as school.
22:09:33DoggerI only write in asm and java
22:09:40Doggerhigh level=java, low level=asm
22:09:55DoggerI'd like to see an arm emulator in lisp
22:10:35ZagorDogger: that's quite an unusual combinations. mostly people are c/asm (leaning towards lowlevel) or c/java (leaning towards highlevel). you take both extremes, leaving out the middle ground :)
22:10:51DoggerI kindof bypassed c
22:10:59Doggernever could see what it offered
22:11:07DoggerI think I write in asm faster than most people write in c
22:11:17Doggerso I just do asm when I want to code well and fast,
22:11:23Doggerand java when I wanna code quickly
22:11:32elinenbecurrently the only viewers are video,viewer,chip8 right?
22:11:45Zagorelinenbe: text too
22:12:06Zagorand there's that playlist editor plugin
22:12:07elinenbeZagor: I think viewer is the text one...
22:12:19Zagoroh, right
22:12:30uskigtg. cya!
22:12:34elinenbeZagor: that is no longer a patch −− it's in the CVS −− I use it daily
22:12:47*uski is away: afk.
22:12:47Zagorelinenbe: really? man, i'm behind... :-)
22:15:18elinenbeZagor: been for about a month!
22:19:12 Quit [IDC]Dragon (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:33:09 Join midhaarrocker [0] (
22:34:59 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
22:35:57 Join matsl [0] (
22:38:05midhaarrockerIs it true that the plugin memory is used otherwise when no plugin is running?
22:41:46elinenbeZagor: isn't the JBMM the av100?
22:42:03elinenbeZagor: I thought they were the same thing?
22:44:11*midhaarrocker blushes for asking questions that are anwered in the list already
22:44:28Zagormidhaarrocker: no, it's not used for anything else
22:44:54elinenbeZagor: can anything be currently run on the JBMM or av1xx?
22:45:12Zagoronly doggers code
22:45:22elinenbeZagor: also, I don't get it... is compression optional?
22:45:43Zagoryes. the algorithm allows for simply putting in uncomressed data
22:45:59Zagorthat's why the plaintext was visible even when packed
22:46:52elinenbewhy was some of the code uncompressed then? It seems like they were lazy...
22:47:47Zagorwell the algorithm works with pages of 8 items each. each item can either be a raw byte, or it can be a reference to a string found previously in the data.
22:48:33Zagorand some data can't be compressed easily with such an algorithm (unique strings for instance) so was stored as raw bytes
22:49:02Zagorwhat i'm doing is simply storing everything as raw bytes
22:49:39Zagorthat will work until our code is ~450 KB
22:49:50Zagorafter that we need compression
22:50:11Doggeralthough if you have a bootloader you could just load the rest from hdd
22:50:22Doggerand forget about their lame packing
22:50:42 Join Bagder [0] (
22:50:48Zagoror replace it with the far superior ucl algorithm we use today
22:51:06Doggercould update the boot sector on the flash
22:51:13Doggerremove any trace of archos
22:51:22Doggerbut make sure the code works beforehand :)
22:51:35Zagoryeah, that's the risky part
22:51:59Zagorwe're fortunate in rockbox to have room for both in the flash
22:52:34Zagorso we have a bail-out option if our code should fail
22:52:47Doggeralways nice to have
22:52:55DoggerI'd hate to have a $650 paperweight
22:56:07 Quit cjnr11 ()
22:58:13 Join LinusN [200] (
22:59:15midhaarrockerCore developers: about that recording as plugin idea. Would you prefer me to do it separately from the trigger job or may I combine these tasks?
23:00:19LinusNi don't care, i won't spend any time doing it, i think the recording should be in the firmware
23:00:23Bagderwait with the recording as plugin
23:00:55Zagori'd like to first see the design of the recording plugin api before we give it the green light. i fear it will be messy.
23:01:59midhaarrockerOk that means separate the trigger and plugin idea.
23:02:09LinusNjörg and i are working on cleaning up the mp3 playback/recording api
23:02:31LinusNi think we should at least wait until that is done
23:02:55midhaarrockerthat cleaning does that primarily concern the firmware code or the apps code too?
23:03:22LinusNit concerms both
23:03:43LinusNwhen we're done, plugins will be able to play mp3 from RAM, for instance
23:03:52 Quit Jet8810 ("Leaving")
23:03:57midhaarrockerAh, silly me. That thing.
23:03:59LinusNand probablt record as well
23:04:32LinusNsource/sink you know...encapsulate...jehova!
23:05:00Bagderwhat if we built this large wooden badger?
23:05:16midhaarrockerTroja has been entered already
23:05:37LinusNlet's not go there, it's a silly place
23:06:32trackhi bagder and LinusN!
23:07:05trackhappy new year LinusN!
23:08:35trackhi LinusN!
23:12:45LinusNspeaking about cleaning up, i'm thinking about the settings code...
23:12:55LinusNit's really a mess today
23:13:07*midhaarrocker agrees completely
23:13:10LinusNwith duplicate string tables etc
23:16:15Doggerhi linus
23:16:30midhaarrockerAnd these menu / options gui functions don't use the capabilities of the graphic lcd...
23:16:52ZagorLinusN: you mean save/load_config() ?
23:17:19LinusNin particular, yes
23:18:00midhaarrockersave / load use standarized string tables, but then synchonously often are internationalized string tables too.
23:18:41Zagor??? internationalized?
23:19:02Zagori don't see what you are complaining about. "wasting" 200 bytes of string data?
23:19:54LinusNthe save/load use its own option tables, and the gui settings code has another set
23:19:56midhaarrockersomething like {"off", "1s", "2s" } for the save / load and then somewhere else {str(LANG_OFF), "1s", "2s"}
23:20:04midhaarrockerfor the menus
23:20:10LinusNmidhaarrocker: that's very intentional
23:20:35midhaarrockerbut there's a second array just to internationalize the "off".
23:20:38Bagderof course "1s" is bad for the menus
23:20:58BagderI bet second is not 's' in all languages ;-)
23:21:08Zagori think mixing menus with settings.c would be a very bad suboptimization
23:21:15LinusNBagder: it should be, it's an ISO unit
23:21:45Bagderbut possibly not the inuitive shortening
23:21:54LinusNZagor: bug it's easy to forget to update both tables when changing an option
23:21:54Bagderbut I don't know that
23:22:32midhaarrockerLinusN: you don't know how often I made _that_ mistake!
23:22:33ZagorLinusN: yeah, that's a problem. but what is the solution?
23:23:34midhaarrockerMaybe make rockbox load the english defaults temporarily just to save the config files.
23:23:53midhaarrockerAnd keep internationalized arrays only
23:24:20Zagorwe add more code to avoid programmer mistakes? that's a slippery slope...
23:24:22LinusNthe solution could be a struct for each setting, containing everything, the type, the unit, the scale, the string table, the name in the config file etc etc
23:25:25ZagorLinusN: that sounds like a pretty good idea
23:25:38LinusN(encapsulate, JEHOVA!)
23:26:25LinusNi have worked a little on that already, mostly in my head
23:32:38*midhaarrocker goes triggering a little
23:32:40midhaarrockerSee you
23:33:07 Quit midhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
23:33:40 Quit uski (No route to host)
23:41:42trackhello Bafger
23:42:18 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
23:42:36[IDC]DragonOops, I got disconnected
23:42:42Doggerhrm seems down
23:42:43trackhi dragon
23:42:57 Join Guest [0] (
23:43:06[IDC]DragonI was wondering why the channel is so quiet
23:43:30trackit can suddenly go dead for some reason
23:43:38Doggerdamn sf
23:43:49trackwhats wrong with sourceforge now?
23:44:21 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
23:44:34 Quit oxygen77 ("ChatZilla 0.8.31 [Mozilla rv:1.4/7]")
23:45:06 Join Guest [0] (
23:46:22 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
23:47:20[IDC]DragonHi Linus!
23:48:03[IDC]Dragonmpeg.c is not doing so well for me today.
23:49:02[IDC]DragonI just undid my changes, back to the cvs code, and do it again one by one to see where it broke
23:49:33LinusN[IDC]Dragon: what were you diong?
23:49:47[IDC]Dragonmoveing the interrupt handlers
23:50:04[IDC]Dragonbut they have some dependencies
23:50:21LinusNbtw, you made a mistake when moving mpeg_init_playback()
23:50:35[IDC]Dragonwith the prerecording?
23:50:37LinusNyou took away the stop_recording() call
23:50:48[IDC]Dragonnot intentionally
23:51:02LinusNi fixed it, no worries
23:51:22[IDC]DragonI diffed carefully, but must have slipped through
23:51:49LinusNwhat about moving the irq handlers?
23:51:57LinusNwhere and why?
23:53:00[IDC]Dragonto have a working "playback engine", the plugin-able functions must be independent
23:53:34[IDC]Dragonso I need to move them to mp3_playback.c
23:54:12[IDC]Dragonand cut all the dependencies to mpeg.c's state
23:54:43[IDC]Dragonlike playtime
23:55:04[IDC]Dragonfor the time being, I keep the recording stuff in mpeg.c
23:55:34[IDC]Dragonso there are crosslings, the demand IRQ is used for both
23:57:14LinusNthe irq handler could stay in mpeg.c, calling either mp3_play_demand() or mp3_record_demand() depending on the mas mode
23:57:38[IDC]Dragonthat's another option

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