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#rockbox log for 2004-01-13

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00:14:55Quelsaruktime to go
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00:25:32Guarpiis there anyone who have a jukebox 6000 ?
00:26:00Guarpii need help
00:26:40Guarpiyou're good sleepers
00:26:49bc|busyyour lousy at asking questions
00:28:02Strathi had one until about a month ago
00:28:29Guarpimy jukebox's screen is dead... and i can't modify proprieties with .cfg file (rockebox 2.0)
00:28:46Strathdefine dead
00:28:53bc|busyneeds replacing
00:29:07Guarpistrath > "boom"
00:29:28Guarpii know bc|busy ...
00:29:37bc|busydetails on sourcing replacement screens can be found on the newsgroup
00:29:56Strathi know next to nothing about rockbox, hardware on the other hand....
00:30:30Guarpiso, i don't want to replace, I want to know how to load the .cfg file ! :)
00:30:56Guarpi(i know i'm crazy...)
00:30:57Strathnot my area... sorry zZzZzZz.... :P
00:31:18bc|busyif the LCD screen id "dead" loading a CFG file will not help :(
00:31:45alexandreGuarpi> load simulator for 2.0
00:32:00alexandreand make manipulation on both : simulator and archos
00:32:13Guarpiwhere is it ?
00:32:15Strathwell.... i sequence of button presses, and knowing how to navigate mentaly...
00:32:50bc|busyerase the rockbox firmware from the root dir and boot the origianal archos f/w
00:33:16Guarpialexandre > where can i find the simulator ?
00:33:21alexandreGuarpi> for daily build if menu structure didn't chance to much
00:34:45alexandreelse if it isn't falshed : put ajbrec.ajz of 2.1
00:34:57alexandrein this case you are sure about menu structure
00:35:14Guarpithx very much ! :)
00:37:35elinenbehardeep: that patch on your page −− can I just place that right on top of the current CVS?
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00:50:09hardeepelinenbe: yeah, it should apply cleanly to latest cvs
00:50:19Timbelshey guyz
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02:42:06[SCRB]DarkWombatyo....anybody here have a Gmini120?
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03:41:32Bluechipv. quiet tonight
03:42:44Bluechipdwihno: how's the GUI coming on ...looking forward to seeing that up and running :)
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03:44:10elinenbehardeep: i found a bug in the patch.
03:44:34hardeepelinenbe: there are no bugs
03:44:38elinenbehardeep: the playlist viewer no longer shows the numer that the song is in the playlist −− unless I am missing an option somewhere
03:44:40hardeepelinenbe: only undocumented features
03:44:42elinenbehardeep: haha
03:44:53elinenbeand it never shows the playing icon...
03:44:53hardeepelinenbe: oh, yeah, F1 from the playlist viewer
03:44:59hardeepelinenbe: Show Indices
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03:46:10elinenbehardeep: another bug.
03:46:14elinenbethis time it's real!
03:46:37elinenbeturn off your scroll bar
03:46:47elinenbeand then press ON+PLAY to view a playlist.
03:47:00elinenbethen the margins are not set properly... this is an easy fix.
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03:47:38hardeepelinenbe: hmmm, it worked for me. Which side are the margins off?
03:47:53elinenbehardeep: it acts as if the scrool bar is there...
03:48:00elinenbeah −− it could be a change I made though...
03:48:02elinenbehold on...
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03:48:51elinenbeall the playlist options should be under the playlist item in the "main" menu
03:49:02elinenbeno −− it seems like it does not work here... lemme try again.
03:49:29hardeepThese aren't really playlist options, that's why I put them only under the viewer
03:50:24elinenbehardeep: I see... it leaves room for the play icon
03:50:42hardeepelinenbe: yeah, if you have icons enabled
03:50:52elinenbethe note that shows which song is playing...
03:50:59elinenbeI think ONLY that line should be indented :D
03:51:11hardeephmmm, that's a little ugly imo
03:51:19hardeepi like everything lined up :)
03:51:25elinenbeI agree with that to..
03:51:45elinenbeI think you should play around with multiple select/move/crop/ :D
03:52:52hardeepi'm sure it'll get in there eventually. :)
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04:16:12midknight2k3hi all
04:17:32Bluechipquiet in here 2nite - and im off soon - business meeting tomorrow
04:17:49midknight2k3hey bluechip
04:17:51midknight2k3how's the maze?
04:17:59Bluechipkeep trying to get the enthusiasm to redo this winsim patch again, but it's not happening tonight
04:17:59midknight2k3ohh i beat one level last night
04:18:01midknight2k3or something
04:18:18midknight2k3i followed the steps and went in the door
04:18:27Bluechipit's a long dead project, that I MAY resurrect one day
04:19:05BluechipNeeds a LOT of effort to make it into a playable game
04:19:22midknight2k3if you need help i'd like to!
04:20:17Bluechipi need suggestions for fun games mechanics
04:20:40Bluechipcurrently I can draw a random maze of any size which I can solve
04:20:53Bluechipalso need some help with the 3D transforms
04:21:31midknight2k33d? are you planning another mode thats 3d or you mean the overheave view?
04:21:39midknight2k3a first person view would actually be cool
04:21:43midknight2k3but perhaps hard
04:21:56Bluechipapparently it's really easy
04:22:30midknight2k3cool. that'd be pretty neat
04:22:51Bluechipsheesh if it was done on the ZX81 in 16K I'm sure it can't be that hard!!
04:25:24BluechipI think I may need to back off RB dev for a while ...gather my ideas and come back
04:26:42midknight2k3sounds good for me toop
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04:44:25boxman666I was wondering if there were any hardware guru's in here
04:44:30boxman666archos hardware that is
04:45:10Bluechipdo we get any clues?
04:45:33boxman666i had my archos recorder 10 in my car
04:45:56boxman666it came up with an error, which I didn't think much of so I didn't recorder
04:46:01boxman666record it that is
04:46:07boxman666which was a mistake
04:46:22boxman666but anyhow it froze
04:46:33boxman666shut it off, tried to turn it back on
04:46:40boxman666and the power light comes on and nothing else
04:46:56boxman666I dissasembled it, and checked the HD out and it appears to be fine
04:47:13boxman666is it possibly a loose connection or is it toast?
04:47:35Bluechiptried new batteries charged with an external charger?
04:47:57midknight2k3lol bc
04:47:59midknight2k3back in a bit all
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04:48:28boxman666not that yet I tried it on just power from the charge and no batteries
04:48:45boxman666with the same result
04:48:57Bluechipthe archos runs off batteries!!!
04:49:09boxman666it won't run straight of the charger?
04:49:20boxman666wasn't sure
04:49:40Bluechipthe power is for a battery charger, not a general PSU
04:49:58boxman666cool, wasn't sure if it was like a laptop or not
04:50:14Bluechipnope - batteries must be in place and holding a steady charge
04:50:14boxman666well i guess I will have to get some batteries and try that
04:50:28Bluechipbatteries hate the cold
04:51:05Bluechipstange are about the fourth or fifth person with this complaint in about a week
04:51:20boxman666wow really
04:51:30Bluechipyep - player in car is dead
04:51:40Bluechipfreaky huh?
04:51:40boxman666really strange
04:52:01boxman666maximum overdrive style?
04:53:06boxman666alright, thanks alot I will go track down some new batteries and see what kind of result that I get
04:53:20Bluechipgood luck :)
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05:24:26Bluechipnite all
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06:31:09Guest1are ucls still being posted for download?
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08:44:13Strathola aud
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10:29:48Timbelsu guyz all at work?
10:30:15CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 8 hours and 20 minutes at the last flood
10:30:15*midhaarrocker is working heavily
10:30:34Timbelsah ok
10:31:58*Strath is working spuraticly
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10:59:04Timbelsmorning LinusN
11:12:48midhaarrockerLinus: Is there an arbitrary latency when I call mpeg_record ?
11:13:29LinusNhmmm, it could take a few ticks to start it, yes
11:14:16midhaarrockerA few ticks don't matter, I just wonder how I get arbitrary latency in the range of up to 1s with my trigger.
11:14:22LinusNbut i think it is less than a hundred ms
11:14:43LinusNi have never measured it though
11:14:52midhaarrockerHow long can the maximal frame duration be?
11:15:20LinusNat 44.1kHz it is about 26ms
11:15:33midhaarrocker-> nothing worth mentioning.
11:15:57LinusNyou want me to measure?
11:16:17midhaarrockerNo, it's a matter of principle.
11:16:39midhaarrockerWether it is constant time or variable beyond frame durations
11:16:56LinusNit is most certainly variable
11:17:26LinusNand i don't think it has much to do with mp3 frame durations
11:17:46midhaarrockerI have varations from ~0.2s up to 0.9s. I can't explain how that is possible. Yes, frame durations don't explain it.
11:17:54LinusNrather internal delays in the MAS (for i2c comm etc)
11:18:11midhaarrockerBut I'm in prerecording mode already
11:18:19LinusNi'll put it up in my todo list
11:18:27LinusNoh, you are prerecording
11:18:53midhaarrockeryes, triggering only makes sense combined with prerecording.
11:18:55LinusNthen i know what it is
11:19:20LinusNprerecording is quantized in 1s steps
11:19:40LinusN(forgot to mention that :-)
11:19:54*midhaarrocker wonders how to compensate that.
11:20:01LinusNmaybe i should change that
11:20:12LinusNwhat resolution would be acceptable?
11:21:02midhaarrockerWhat is the limit? :)
11:22:31LinusNwell, the racording interrupt stores the buffer position every second, but i can change it to do it more often
11:23:24midhaarrockerIs there no possibility to ask for the buffer position on demand?
11:24:08 Join Schnueff [0] (~mah@
11:24:15LinusNnot at the moment, but that can be arranged
11:25:09LinusNthe only reason i do it every second is because it allows me to search backwards in 1s steps without counting frames in the buffer
11:25:57 Join Nibbler [0] (
11:27:02midhaarrockerLinusN: Maybe theses 1s steps can be used as starting points from which the exact offset can be searched _with_ counting frames?
11:27:14LinusNi can increase the recolution to about 10ms, but it may affect the recording performance
11:27:34LinusNcounting frames is time consuming
11:27:51midhaarrockerUnless we go frame precise I think 100ms are sufficiant.
11:28:58LinusNcounting frames is quite easy if you search forward, but very time consuming if you do it backwards
11:29:09LinusNwhich you would do
11:30:16midhaarrockerIf you have 100ms points anyway you could step back and count frames forwards again.
11:32:02LinusNlike we do today
11:33:25midhaarrockerBut if that is already done than I don't understand how the result can be quantized in 1s steps.
11:35:15LinusNi step back X seconds using the table, then i search forward to the next frame boundary
11:35:39midhaarrockerAh, one frame search only.
11:35:48LinusNso that the recording doesn't start in the middle of a frame
11:37:00LinusNmidhaarrocker: did you have a reliable way of recording a file consisting of purely 192kbit/s frames?
11:37:21midhaarrockerYes: shorening the line in :)
11:37:53midhaarrockerI simply put in a short circuit plug.
11:38:16midhaarrockerSo I could record _silence_ reliably in 192 kbit/s
11:38:21LinusNquite a few people experience corrupted files, and I suspect performance problems
11:51:40LinusNhave you encountered any corrupt recordings?
11:52:16midhaarrockernot recently and only yesterday I recorded a session. I'll inspect that more thoroughly tonight.
11:52:39midhaarrockerMaybe there are corrupt things I didn't notice yet.
11:52:52LinusNtry playing the file in winamp
11:53:25LinusNor running vbrfix on it
11:53:42midhaarrockerYes. That are things I hardly ever do :)
11:54:00LinusNwhat do you play the files with? rockbox?
11:54:34midhaarrockerI usually do that on my way back home in the train.
12:01:26c0uttahey LinusN: you're hassling me in public!
12:02:40c0uttain the mail archive
12:03:35c0uttaWhat's your approach then? I thought you worked on the configurability,
12:03:36c0uttanot the menu design. Or was it that I used F3 in my example and not F2?
12:03:43LinusNdefine "hassling"
12:04:10c0uttait's up for interpretation :)
12:04:48LinusNi just wanted to know why we should wait for your configurability patch before discussing the appearance of the menus
12:06:32c0uttai'll need to look at the previous code to see how the quick F2-Button was done that Joerg was referring to
12:06:47c0uttaI also use the quickscreen in that manner
12:07:45LinusNstill, what did you mean by "let me do F2 first"?
12:08:16c0uttaf3 was supposed to be a context menu according to bagder
12:08:29LinusNand me
12:08:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:09:08c0uttaalthough the f2/f3 design is the same, the context is the difficult part
12:09:32c0uttai have some #defines that do this
12:09:48c0uttathe #defines are wps, tree, recording, startup
12:10:33c0uttathere are probably other contexts too
12:10:37LinusNi still don't get it, what does that have to do with how the menu is designed (quick-screen look or menu look)?
12:11:04LinusNyou are discussing the menu itens, i am discussing the look
12:11:26LinusN(the "hassling")
12:11:28c0uttathe look is the same as the F1 menu - i'm using the same menu code
12:12:12c0uttaif u had a win32 box i could send you the sim
12:12:29LinusNi have, send it
12:12:50LinusNlinus at
12:13:00c0uttadcc ?
12:13:05LinusNtry it
12:13:10LinusNfirewall may stop it
12:13:21c0uttaalso, i have a problem with the win32 sim
12:13:30c0uttai can't get \.rockbox to be recognised
12:13:56LinusNtalk to bluechip abut that, he's working on a major fix
12:14:11c0uttahave had to use the full unc path in the ROCKBOX_DIR
12:14:25c0uttai'll change the sim and dcc to you
12:14:36midhaarrockerbtw: has anybody ever tried to debug the simulatior with gdb in cygwin environment?
12:14:47LinusNi have
12:15:14midhaarrockerDoes it open a new window for each debug message that goes to stdout, too?
12:15:14LinusNit sucked
12:15:30c0uttaahh, i just use debugf()
12:15:53midhaarrockerLinusN: why did it suck you?
12:16:43LinusNcan't remember, something about the debug output looking shitty, and the entire compuier froze on me once
12:17:35midhaarrockerDoes anybody know a way to make gdb _not_ open a new window for each single debug message?
12:17:51LinusNi didn't know it did :-)
12:17:57LinusNnot for me at least
12:26:38c0uttaLinusN: i looked at the layout of the bookmark files
12:26:51c0uttausing * as a delimiter seems a good option
12:27:04StrathlinusN FU! :P
12:27:08c0uttathen i can use bagder's strtok_r
12:28:04midhaarrockerI used strtok_r _massivly_ with my approach to user defined key bindings. :)
12:28:37c0uttai looked at dir.c to see how to use strtok_r
12:28:44c0uttaamazing for 30 lines of code
12:41:07midhaarrockerI'm offline. See you.
12:41:33 Quit midhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
12:50:48StrathLinusN: you blow goats
12:51:10Strathhey, i got some files for ya
12:51:25LinusNStrath: what files?
12:52:07Strathgmini firmware stuff and a link to hardware disassembly of same
12:52:18Strathif interested...
12:53:05Strathfirst, hardware link
12:54:09Strathi have to do a bit of clean up on the source files to sanitize for public disemination
12:54:19Strath(only a minute or two
12:56:16Strathhad hard coded the decryption key.... hehe
13:26:27 Nick c0utta is now known as c0utta{zZZZZ} (
13:48:40Strathbtw, thanks for the key recovery code :)
14:08:37***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:18:28Strathactualy, can i email them to ya?
14:19:36Strath(what address?
14:21:52LinusNlinus __at__
14:22:55 Join babs [0] (
14:23:17babsi'got a matter :/ i loose the USB A/A Cable
14:23:38babsi've suff to rebuild one
14:23:49babsbut any body got the schematics ?
14:26:19LinusNhang on
14:27:34Strathemail sent
14:33:08LinusNbabs: as far as i can see, it should be 1<->1, 2<->2, 3<->3, 4<->4
14:33:42babsso it's a straight cable
14:33:50LinusNshould be
14:33:51babsi dunno how to call it :)
14:34:29babsthx LinusN
14:35:19LinusNhappy frying :-)
14:35:52babsfrying ?
14:36:53Strathwhat'dya think linus?
14:37:46LinusNbabs: hang on...
14:39:16babsfor ? LinusN ?
14:39:47LinusNbabs: i beeped my own cable, just to make sure, and yes, it is straight
14:40:50babsoké :)
14:40:51babsthx :)
14:41:01babsbeeped ?
14:41:13babstested with a conduction tester ?
14:41:39LinusNStrath: looks nice, can't see the point in implementing it in Java, but it's easily ported
14:41:40babsLinusN ?
14:41:45LinusNbabs: yes
14:41:56babsthx a lot LinusN :)
14:42:27Strathwell dogger's ajz was the base code for my development
14:43:24Strath(that, and my java was getting a bit rusty)
14:46:20Strathi supose I could port the damn thing to C, hell, would have been a lot easier, but I needed the refresher :)
14:48:48Timbelsdamn, i wish i could understand 1 thing about what u all talk about ;)
14:50:25LinusNTimbels: :-)
14:50:39LinusNthis is a techtalk channel after all
14:52:04Timbelsi know
14:52:17Timbelsbut u guyz all dit studies for this program stuff?
14:52:18Strathwhat?!? i thought we were trading recipies!
14:52:21Timbelsor learned urself?
14:52:29babscan i connect the positon engine behind the blue wire ??? [joke]
14:52:37LinusNi am self-taught
14:54:29Strathmostly self taught myself, though i'm a junior at University of Wisc. - Platt studying Software Engineering.... (oh and went to DeVry for Electrical Engineering)
14:54:30babsteach yourself is the best way to don't be disapointed by your teacher :)
14:55:25Timbelshmmmm yes
14:55:39Timbelsi'm just not that into all that techy stuff :(
14:55:40Strathya but talking back to your teacher is more fun the other way :)
14:56:00Straththen what'cha doin here? :P
14:56:04babsStrath, yes but it's not for learn but for fun :)
14:56:08Timbelsehm enjoying YOUR great work ;)
14:56:22Timbelsand stalking some ppl hehehe
14:56:25*Timbels winks to LinusN
14:57:15Strathat least you show some apritiaion(sp) unlike the majority of the unwashed masses.. :)
14:57:33Timbelsits one hell of a product with the rockbox firmware
14:57:46Timbelsand all that for free..
14:58:43Strathfree as in speech
14:59:10Strathbtw, i' also an engrish major :P
14:59:18Timbelswhats that?
14:59:20Timbelsi'm dutch
14:59:24Timbelsmy english is not that goof
14:59:36Strathbtw, j/k
15:00:39Timbelsu got yourself a new player Strath?
15:00:40Strathcept i ain't got no excuse, bein a native speaker 'n ol
15:01:04Strathmy gmini
15:01:36Strathwhich i am enjoying very much
15:01:39Timbelsi dunno it
15:01:42Timbelsis it new?
15:01:50Timbels(i just got a rockbox, hehe)
15:01:56Timbelsrec 20
15:02:21Strathit was two weeks ago (mine) though it's been avalible since what.... around june?
15:02:55Timbelsah icv
15:02:56Strath <−−−−- my *new* gmini :)
15:03:27Timbelsdoes it works with jukebox also Strath?
15:04:50Strathit's totaly diferant hardware
15:05:36Straththe cpu lacks public documentation, (non-ARM based)
15:05:52Strathbut... we're werkin on it :)
15:06:16Timbelskewl :)
15:06:21Timbelsu had a jbr before?
15:07:11 Quit mjh ()
15:07:13elinenbeStrath: what's your status?
15:07:31Strathi had a jukebox 6000
15:10:41Strathoh, that answered your question?
15:16:59Strathelinenbe: if ya meant status on the gmini, firmware decrypter/unpacker were just sent off to LinusN, and i've accumulated most, if not all, of the tools i need to analize it
15:24:33 Join Dogger [0] (
15:38:37 Join quelsaruk [0] (~DruidaR@
15:38:44LinusNhej du
15:39:05elinenbeStrath: sounds great!
15:39:12elinenbeStrath: so, you have a gmini 120 then?
15:40:19elinenbeI have a question −− does your gmini include the madplayer? When I bought (and returned) mine, it had the madplayer plugin, but now I notice on their website there is no mention of that plugin anymore.
15:41:17Straththe box has a blurb about it, and it's on the main menu, but is locked out
15:42:41elinenbeStrath: look at the archos page now −− there is no mention at all of it anymore.
15:44:42Straththey still got the other "for a limited time" free plugins?
15:44:59elinenbeStrath: yeah...
15:47:38 Part quelsaruk
15:48:55Strathjup, been sites been modified since even last week
15:50:24 Part LinusN
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16:12:26 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")
16:23:35 Quit BoBB ("leaving")
16:23:45 Join BoBB [0] (
16:25:06 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
16:39:43 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:39:57 Join elinenbe [0] (
16:42:56 Join methangas [0] (
16:56:13 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
17:04:01 Quit Strath ("Application closed")
17:05:02 Quit babs (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:31:40 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
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18:22:16 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
18:29:11elinenbehardeep: I have an idea for you
18:29:35hardeepelinenbe: okay
18:29:44elinenbehardeep: now that the playlsit viewer supports the options of turning on and off the icons/numbers −− what about an option to show the full path?
18:29:53elinenbeor is that not possible?
18:30:10elinenbeI am just thinking about the way the playlists work...
18:30:15elinenbefull/relative path?
18:30:16hardeepelinenbe: definitely possible and easy to add, i'll add it
18:30:37hardeepelinenbe: i always convert to absolute path
18:30:49elinenbeso for instance the full path is /albums/athlete/02 - westside
18:31:04elinenbebut if the playlist is in "/albums/athlete/"
18:31:22elinenbethen the relative path is "02 - westside"
18:31:32elinenbeand if the playlist is in /albums/
18:31:55elinenbethen the relative path is "athlete/02 - westside"
18:32:03elinenbeis it possible to show either?
18:32:53hardeepwhat if the playlist is in /albums and the track is in /tracks/blah.mp3?
18:34:05elinenbethen the relative path is ../tracks/blah.mp3
18:34:16elinenbeand the absolute path is /tracks/blah.mp3
18:34:25elinenbeand the filename (as it works now) is blah.mp3
18:40:14 Quit Schnueff ("leaving")
18:41:02hardeepi'm not too sure about the relative path... it wouldn't be difficult to add but i don't see how useful it would be
18:41:24hardeepi'll add full path viewing though
18:42:24 Join joshN [0] (user17@
18:52:50 Join nanowit [0] (
18:53:13 Part nanowit
19:16:28 Join midhaarrocker [0] (
19:28:29elinenbeI'll try it out in a few
19:29:47 Join Zagor [0] (
19:31:22hardeephi Zagor
19:31:41Zagortime for the bookmark patch to finally go in
19:32:46midhaarrockerMy hope for precise recording triggers are growing again. :)
19:33:10 Quit joshN (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:38:05 Quit earHurts (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:38:41 Join _aLF [0] (
19:44:36 Quit midhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
19:46:30elinenbeZagor: sounds exciting.
19:46:38elinenbecan we have it by tonight's dailys :D
19:46:53Zagoryup, that's my plan
19:47:25elinenbegood luck!
19:53:58 Join Nibbler [0] (
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20:19:51 Join edx [0] (
20:30:43 Join quelsaruk [0] (~swordmast@
20:30:53 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: more nutritious than a six-pack.")
20:31:00quelsarukarg! a Zagor!!
20:58:14 Join joshN [0] (user17@
21:02:18 Quit quelsaruk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:05:43 Join quelsaruk [0] (~swordmast@
21:09:14 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
21:13:53quelsarukhas anyone an idea on how to make a 6x8 *check* icon?? all my tries are not quite good :(
21:14:21Zagorcheck as in v^ or as in paycheck?
21:14:38quelsaruklike in v^
21:15:01quelsaruklike a "v" with a long tail
21:16:16quelsaruki think i'll finaly use an empty of filled square to show an on/off setting
21:17:59 Quit c0utta{zZZZZ} (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:20:43Zagorthat's not a bad idea. or maybe a crossed box instead of filled.
21:20:49Zagorlike a checkbox
21:21:33quelsarukalso :)
21:24:29quelsarukare you going to implement that new menu distribution?
21:33:52quelsarukgreat.. then i'll stop my patch until then ;)
21:34:38quelsaruki have to add at least 2 new variables in all menu structs
21:34:54Zagorwhat are you working on?
21:35:03quelsarukthat gfx menu
21:36:10quelsaruki'm saying something like this :
21:36:11quelsarukstruct menu_items {
21:36:11quelsarukunsigned char *desc;
21:36:11DBUGEnqueued KICK quelsaruk
21:36:11quelsarukbool (*function) (void); /* return true if USB was connected */
21:36:11quelsaruk+ bool icon; /* tell us wheter the option has a yes/no icon or not*/
21:36:11***Alert Mode level 1
21:36:11quelsaruk+ bool *setting; /* which setting should control the yes/no icon? */
21:38:40quelsaruki think is the easiest way to tell rockbox if an item in a menu is a setting or a submenu or another thing :)
21:40:17quelsarukok, i'm leaving...
21:40:31quelsarukcu another day
21:41:14joshNhas anybody asked xclef for schematics for the hd-500?
21:42:16 Part quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
21:46:12***Alert Mode OFF
21:47:45 Join scott666 [0] (
21:48:12ZagorjoshN: not me
21:54:10 Join Nibbler [0] (
21:54:24joshNI just emailed them
21:54:31joshNwe'll see what they say
21:59:39elinenbeZagor: how is the bookmark patch coming?
22:05:15Zagornicely. i just got a slight "social interrupt" :-)
22:05:16 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
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22:47:53 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
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23:21:50 Quit joshN (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:28:37 Join joshN [0] (user17@
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23:32:36 Quit methangas (" I love my HydraIRC -> <-")
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