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#rockbox log for 2004-01-14

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00:11:44midknight2k3hi zagor
00:12:14scott666does anyone know of a program (that will run on XP) to convert .mids to .wavs/.mp3s?
00:12:25midknight2k3dbpoweramp = no go?
00:12:45midknight2k3tried google?
00:12:49scott666closest it gets is .mod
00:13:03midknight2k3i'll have a look
00:13:30scott666everything is mp3/wav>>mid
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00:13:40midknight2k3hey Nibbler
00:13:49Nibblerlo midknight2k3
00:13:59midknight2k3 <−− any use scott?
00:14:14 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
00:14:26scott666i need mid>mp3/wav
00:14:32midknight2k3hi adi
00:14:36scott666not the other way
00:14:46midknight2k3midi to mp3
00:14:50midknight2k3thats what the page is about
00:15:04scott666oh, heh
00:16:13scott666but no, it wasnt helpful
00:16:56scott666i cause really dont want to have to record all of em in realtime
00:17:20 Join Bagder [0] (
00:17:42midknight2k3hi bnagder!
00:19:20midknight2k3all i see is wav->midi or mp3->midi
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00:19:35scott666i know
00:19:47midknight2k3if they can do mp3 to midi
00:19:49Zagorhi bro
00:19:50midknight2k3why not midi to mp3
00:20:02Zagormidknight2k3: midi is not a sound format
00:20:22midknight2k3isn't it an odd sound format?
00:20:28midknight2k3it's just got .. noises
00:20:29 Join top_bloke [0] (~ekolb_pot@
00:20:53Zagorno. it's a notation format. it will sound differently depending on what equipment (instruments) you play it on.
00:21:13scott666yeah...thats right
00:21:18scott666....son of a bitch
00:21:58Zagorbookmark patch going in Real Soon Now®
00:22:11midknight2k3i can't wait
00:22:16midknight2k3say.. does it also save the settings?
00:22:20midknight2k3like resume and shuffle?
00:22:30Zagorit has to
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00:22:32midknight2k3i had a suggestion for that
00:22:44midknight2k3i cant remember it anymore..
00:22:53midknight2k3naming bookmarks
00:22:59midknight2k3when you hit save you get the keyboard
00:23:06midknight2k3just OK to save as the normal name or naming it?
00:23:09midknight2k3i like thazt
00:23:43Zagorwhy would you want to give a name to your bookmark? you already see the track name and position
00:24:07midknight2k3what if its a long file?
00:24:11midknight2k3name the subsongs
00:24:19midknight2k3sort of... i think its a good idea anyway
00:24:25Zagori don't :)
00:24:26midknight2k3or like for audiobooks
00:24:37midknight2k3think about it!
00:24:41midknight2k3maybe a long recording
00:24:55midknight2k3like a concert
00:24:59midknight2k3label each song?
00:25:12Zagorthey are bookmarks, not labels
00:25:23midknight2k3but labeling a bookmart
00:25:29midknight2k3thats what you call smart
00:25:32midknight2k3double in one
00:26:09Zagorno, that's what you call cumbersome, having to go through the damn keyboard every time
00:26:18midknight2k3just have an option?
00:26:22midknight2k3well never mind
00:26:24midknight2k3it was just an idea
00:26:28midknight2k3i thought it sounded nice
00:26:53Zagoryou're doing the "maybe this is possible" thing again, without actually considering if you'd want to use it yourself
00:27:15midknight2k3well i ..
00:27:20midknight2k3i don't..
00:31:39midknight2k3forget it
00:31:45midknight2k3you're against me all the time i think
00:31:59scott666why not just split the file?
00:32:07midknight2k3and HOW?
00:32:21scott666on a computer?
00:32:40midknight2k3and i'm sure everybody has a track splitter
00:32:44midknight2k3and knows HOW to
00:32:52midknight2k3and feels like plugging it in every recording
00:33:16scott666they can press play when they need a new track
00:33:37midknight2k3corrupted my files when i did that
00:33:41midknight2k3er my recording
00:35:10scott666not mine
00:35:33midknight2k3it kept going or something and ended up with a looping 21 minute recording that the PC couldnt recognize
00:35:45midknight2k3the archos recording screen froze when recording..
00:35:52midknight2k3so looks like its not that simple
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01:05:09midknight2k3zagor.. dont you at least think it a good idea to be ABLE to name them?
01:05:12midknight2k3like at the load menu
01:05:20midknight2k3press... i dunno.. f3 to rename?
01:10:14midknight2k3i just don't see how ANYBODY could not like that
01:10:19midknight2k3you've turned against me
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01:28:30Zagorcrap, i missed a warning :)
01:29:22midknight2k3on which?
01:29:34Zagorthe bookmark code
01:29:56midknight2k3merging today?
01:30:09Zagorit's already in
01:30:31midknight2k3ill patch thy keyboard
01:30:34Zagoraw, crap. win32 doesn't have strtok_r :-(
01:30:45midknight2k3whatever that means
01:30:47midknight2k3it sounds bad
01:31:02Zagorit means 10 other warnings for the win32 sim builds
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01:42:39midknight2k3ITS HERE
01:43:06tracki saw
01:43:13trackexcellent stuff
01:44:03midknight2k3didnt try it yet did you
01:44:05midknight2k3its nice
01:44:36midknight2k3i tried it a few months ago
01:44:38midknight2k3was very nice
01:46:03tracki know
01:46:10trackits not something I would use all the time though
01:50:39trackhi Zagor
01:51:20midknight2k3back ijn a sec
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02:05:16Zagornight all
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02:14:51StevenmWhere can I find documentation on this new "bookmark" feature that was just added to CVS?
02:15:07midknight2k3already getting people lol
02:15:16midknight2k3it's pretty self explanatory
02:16:41Stevenmthen how do I get it to explain itself ?
02:16:59MTread the source!
02:17:06StevenmDoing so...
02:17:06midknight2k3mt: stfu
02:17:14midknight2k3you're confusing the user
02:17:30StevenmI see there is a new icon.. and some new settings constants
02:17:38Stevenmso I would assume it is a new file type
02:17:48midknight2k3it is
02:17:52midknight2k3ok look
02:17:54midknight2k3did you download it?
02:18:06Stevenmyes, I have it now.
02:18:13MTits in a daily build, not a release, theres no onus for documentation
02:18:30midknight2k3then try it
02:18:33midknight2k3its not really hard
02:18:35midknight2k3thers some settings
02:18:39midknight2k3all self explanatory
02:21:32StevenmOk, don't think I'm all THAT stupid, but just what menu is it under ?
02:21:50midknight2k3general settings, bookmarking?
02:21:57midknight2k3even in the main menu
02:22:39StevenmCVS-040112, right ?
02:23:06midknight2k3get a bleeding edge
02:23:20StevenmAh, that would explain it. Thanks
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03:16:25midknight2k3ahh i think i got the question answered, but its not possible to flash with "Boot ROM = none" right
03:19:15midknight2k3one more thing
03:19:25midknight2k3is this normal?
03:19:26midknight2k3Zakk@PAVILION ~/redzone
03:19:26DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
03:19:26midknight2k3cvs checkout: authorization failed: server rejected
03:19:26midknight2k3access to /cvsroot/rockbox for user anonymous
03:19:30midknight2k3its not been working lately
03:40:15hardeephmmm, let me try
03:41:07hardeepmidknight2k3: anonymous checkout works for me
03:41:24midknight2k3must be an issue with my .. file thingy... lol, thanks though
03:44:52 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: now in non-drowsy formula too!")
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04:51:59midknight2k3hi tops
04:52:28top_blokeyo mid
04:52:36top_blokeempty up in here
04:54:20top_blokefo reals
04:55:12midknight2k3fo shizzle
04:55:16midknight2k3wait jsut one minizzle
04:55:29top_blokei gotta joke
04:55:48top_blokewhy does snoop dogg always carry an umbrella?
04:55:56midknight2k3to get away from the rainizzle?
04:56:04top_blokein case it drizzles
04:56:12midknight2k3thats good
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05:15:33midknight2k3hi scott
05:27:59scott666what are you WOOTing about?
05:28:16scott666i see
05:28:20scott666whats up?
05:28:25midknight2k3not much
05:28:50scott666oooh, bookmarks are comitted
05:28:55midknight2k3no, really
05:42:03scott666sim city 4 is excellent
05:42:20midknight2k3simcity 3000 semmed to suck
05:42:27scott6664 is much better
05:42:50scott666i got the 'deluxe edition' that comes with the expansion pack for $30
05:42:52scott666well worth it
05:43:16midknight2k3sounds neat
05:43:19midknight2k3ill give it a d/l
05:47:09midknight2k3bye all
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07:36:10 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
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08:40:39 Join Geshka [0] (~g@
08:40:58GeshkaHi All
08:40:59Strathya sure :)
08:41:50GeshkaI have a question for rockbox/jukebox lads
08:42:56GeshkaWhat RF/FM modulator worth to use with box in the car?
08:44:36Strathi'd think almost any would be fine
08:45:01Strathor is that not the question?
08:45:33GeshkaCan you name it , I am just started to look for and except Belkin device can't find anything else....
08:47:48StrathI have a "sound feeder" which seems to be rather generic, quality isn't that great either (though i lack a comparison)
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09:16:22 Join midhaarrocker [200] (
09:17:36Timbelsmornin midhaarrocker
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09:26:27 Join LinusN [200] (
09:29:31midhaarrockerMoin Linus! Your hint was gold. With some experimental code that lowered the prerecording quantization I was able to reduce the arbitrary latency of my trigger down to <100ms.
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09:30:05Timbelsyou kept on working on that recoring patch midhaarrocker?
09:30:08midhaarrockerBut I failed to go frame accurate yet.
09:30:09Timbelsi thought u stopped
09:30:46midhaarrockerI didn't see what I could do. Now I do.
09:30:55LinusNmidhaarrocker: not frame accurate? why?
09:31:38midhaarrockerWell, it _is_ on frame boundaries, as I use the same code.
09:32:54LinusNok. "frame accurate" means "exact timing" for you?
09:34:08midhaarrockerI don't search for the offset from the prerecord_index to find the nearest frame boundary before the trigger occurred yet.
09:34:50midhaarrockerI tried to, but it's a bit difficult to debug that without serial mod....
09:35:02LinusNyes it is
09:40:32midhaarrockerMy idea was: prerecord_timeout - current_tick gives me the offset from the prerecord_index. Now instead of searching for the first frame only I could loop over the frames until the sum of the frame times (obtained mp3headerinfo) exceed that offset. Used as a post-incrementing loop this should result in the frame boundary just before the trigger event.
09:40:59midhaarrockerWould you allow such a loop in the mpeg thread?
09:43:40LinusNbut what if the frame count reveals that you need a few more frames than that?
09:43:47LinusNwould you search backwards?
09:44:00midhaarrockerno, it would be searching forwards
09:44:32midhaarrocker(using mem_find_next_frame
09:45:55LinusNstill, the sum could exceed the offset a few frames before the actual trigger point
09:46:59midhaarrocker? How that? the offset point is just a time.
09:47:39LinusNmaybe i just don't understand what you mean
09:48:06LinusNwhat is prerecord_timeout?
09:48:09midhaarrockerprerecord_timeout is the timeout, when the next prerecord index should be written.
09:48:34LinusN(doesn't have the code in front of me
09:48:57LinusNi thought you wanted the prerecorded data
09:49:33LinusNi thought you wanted to include the hold time of your trigger
09:49:54midhaarrockerlol, no. Thats a different beast somewhere else.
09:49:58midhaarrockerI just wanted to know the time that has elapsed since the last prerecord index was written.
09:51:12LinusNi thought that you wanted to include the audio that was recorded during the hold time
09:52:39midhaarrockerThat's another problem but only when splitting while recording. Let's solve that later..
09:52:42midhaarrockerIf we save the data not from "n seconds before" but from "n seconds before + offset" the quantization of the prerecording woul be gone.
09:55:10LinusNthen i get it
09:55:40LinusNand i wouldn't mind such a loop, since it would be 2-3 frames max, if the quantization is 100ms
09:57:27midhaarrockerWell, it increases the memory consumption as the prerecord_buffer grows from int[30] to int[300]...
09:58:31LinusNthat's acceptable
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10:09:50Strathlinusn: just curious, what did ya end up doing with the files and link i sent ya earlier?
10:10:41 Quit Schnueff ("meeting")
10:11:32LinusNnothing yet
10:11:43LinusNi will pas them on to zagor
10:12:37Timbelshey don't forget to look into the .cue patch ;)
10:13:14Strathok, i was just curious, considering that my hits/day for the last three days were 10, 538, and 752 today :)
10:18:58midhaarrockerAnd today isn't over yet...
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10:39:03 Part LinusN
10:39:23 Join LinusN [200] (
10:44:53Timbelshmm vbr is pretty bad
10:45:18Timbelsonly he doesn't state how he encoded the cbr mp3 unfortunatly
10:47:58LinusNvbr isn't bad per se, but maybe LAME has trouble encoding noise in VBR
10:48:33LinusNand the current version of lame is 3.95
10:50:52Timbelsthe current versions i ignore
10:51:03Timbelssince the lasts alt-preset tested version is still 3.90.3
10:51:12Timbelsits the only alt-preset optimized version to be used
10:51:26Timbelsthe alt-preset guy (Dibrom) optimized that version completely for alt-preset settings encodings
10:51:51Timbelsall the newer versions are not optimized for that at all (since Dibrom isn't that actively involved with the development currently)
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11:30:48midhaarrockerThat bookmark patch came in just in time when I started that lord of the rings audio book. :)
11:39:10 Quit AciD (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:52:33Strathmuahaha!: the tool found through google that i've been playing with is the officialy endorsed development tools for the tcc730
11:54:55LinusNStrath: the cpu on the gmini?
11:55:26Strathwhat a knee slapper
12:05:32midhaarrockerare those tools so lousy or why is that so funny?
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12:07:03Timbelsis it correct that the bookmarks don't show up in list
12:07:07Timbelsbut only when u press recent?
12:08:32Strathbecause, we've been strugling to find documentation for the cpu, and by chance we found a tool the can compile for the tcc730, after playing with the tool and continuing the search for documentation about the chip, i saw a bulitin on the telechips site anouncing the update,.... of the tool we had been experimenting with
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12:09:29Strathmeaning that this tool most definatly was the one used by archos to develop the original firmware :)
12:10:42Strath(and btw, the new version doesn't require a hardware key to run) :)
12:12:26Strathwoohoo!!! 3.1 kps sustained data transfer rate!!!!
12:13:13Strath(which by the way... is much better that my usual 1.8 kps
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12:45:03midhaarrockerThinking is always so difficult after lunch.
12:45:43webmindmore before lunch
12:46:37Strathtry almost 6 am
12:46:58midhaarrockerI prefer sleeping after lunch. My boss doesn't prefer me sleeping though...
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15:13:59midhaarrockerLinus: Concerining triggered splitting while recording - with a minimal trigger duration - Do you have a good idea how to solve that? The problem is that we have to split somewhen "in the past."
15:14:21 Quit Strath ("Application closed")
15:18:16LinusNi think we could use the same mechanism as the prerecording
15:18:58midhaarrockerThat would mean that we don't write the last n seconds but keep them in the prerecording buffer.
15:19:12midhaarrockerwrite = write to file
15:20:01midhaarrockerAnd those n seconds are a new parameter in the mpeg code (prerecording time usually differs from the minimal trigger duration)
15:25:56LinusNor rather, we extend the prerecording mechanism to work with spluts as well
15:32:19midhaarrockerSo that it automatically uses the appropriate settings to fill the prerecord_buffer depending on wether the recorder is prerecording or recording ?
15:32:41midhaarrockereither the prerecord or the split time?
15:33:05LinusNwell, there is no such thing as a prerecording buffer
15:33:16LinusNit is the same buffer as for recording
15:33:27midhaarrockerI know, its an array of indices
15:33:53LinusNah, ok, now i know what you mean
15:34:39midhaarrockerYou named it prerecord_buffer (which confused me slightly at the first glimpse)
15:34:46LinusNyes, and when it saves to disk, it always leaves as much in the buffer as the presplit time says
15:35:05midhaarrockerok, seems we're talking about the same idea.
15:35:39LinusNproblem is, the buffer saving mechanism doesn't know how many bytes to leave
15:35:59LinusNit will have to use the prerecording buffer to find out
15:36:10midhaarrockercould some watermark be abused for that?
15:37:52LinusNwell, it would be WATERMARK-calculated_prerecording_amount
15:39:08midhaarrockerhöhö, I thought it the other way araound some presplit time increased watermark.
15:39:54 Quit MT ("changing servers")
15:40:15LinusNsilly me
15:40:48LinusNactually, the watermark won't matter
15:41:17LinusNit just needs to save a little less that it does today, now it saves the entire buffer
15:43:40midhaarrockerok. That means that the end-of-data mechanism gets extended by a presplit time condition rather than tuning the watermark according to the presplit time.
15:43:41 Join MT [0] (
15:44:08midhaarrockeror is there no watermark at all while recording nowadays?
15:45:09LinusNyes of course, it must have time to save the data before the buffer is full
15:45:23LinusNso we have a quite generous watermark
15:46:39midhaarrockerNow it's silly me. I always thought about the watermark neglecting that it is dynamic to the spin up time...
15:47:24LinusNthe recording uses a constant watermark
15:49:58midhaarrocker* some fog in midhaarrockers brain dissolves and he recognizes that all these watermarks don't really affect the presplit time thing *
15:54:18 Join Schnueff [0] (
15:59:47 Part LinusN
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18:33:54CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 5 hours and 43 minutes at the last flood
18:33:54*midhaarrocker waves
18:33:58matt1anyone know how to fix the charging circuit on a 20GB Jukebox recorder? Mine wont charge
18:33:59 Quit earHurts (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:34:33midhaarrockerhow did you fry it?
18:35:52matt1no idea. I bought it like that :( (unknowningly, from eBay)
18:36:26midhaarrockerAre you sure the charger is broken and not the batteries?
18:37:32matt1ive tried it with differnet batteries and a different charger. I presume even if theres no charge in the batteries, and you plug the charger in, the Archos will turn on right?
18:38:21midhaarrockerno, when the batteries are drained the archos won't boot. Wether the charger is applied or not doesn't help here.
18:39:52matt1right. Ill give it another go, but im sure ive gone down that route. It is possible to blow the charging circuit though? If the batteries are charged, and the chargers plugged in, the batteries just drain as normal
18:41:42midhaarrockerIf you're only playing music with the archos the batteries should get charged. If you use the archos as an external hd for your pc it can consume so much energy that the charger can not compensate and the batteries get drained.
18:42:13matt1no, i was just playing music. Its pretty baffling to be honest. Unless im just not using the right spec charger :S
18:44:45midhaarrockerBtw: there is no real charging circuit, but only a DC-DC converter in the recorders. AFAIK it was the players that were much more prone to broken charging circuits.
18:45:05matt1ah, thats re-assuring!
18:45:18matt1<goes to check FAQ for charger spec required
18:46:03 Join earHurts [0] (
18:46:53 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
18:47:05midhaarrockermatt1: on the chip at the very right bottom is the DC DC converter.
18:47:18midhaarrockerIt's labeled 34063A
18:48:11 Join earHurts [0] (
18:48:23 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
18:48:36matt1cheers, i see it
18:50:03matt1ive put my batteries on charge, and will give the charger a go. Im pretty sure that it is bust - ive tried it before and nothing happened
18:50:54 Join earHurts [0] (
18:51:54midhaarrockerPoor earHurts - he has a one-key-only keyboard :(
18:55:43TeRmInAlCrAzYCan anyone tell me how long the standard batteries from archos should last? I've a flashed JBR20, and I'm getting (maybe) 1.5 hours... :(
18:56:28midhaarrockerthat sounds like broken batteries.
18:56:31TeRmInAlCrAzYOops, just checked the Battery FAQ
18:56:37TeRmInAlCrAzY8 hours?
18:57:32TeRmInAlCrAzYI remember someone taking apart their archos, was in a post on the mailing list
18:57:40TeRmInAlCrAzYhe had battery life issues
18:57:49TeRmInAlCrAzYfound he had a bad battery contact
18:57:57TeRmInAlCrAzYI hope this is just bad batteries
18:58:01TeRmInAlCrAzYnot a bad box :(
18:58:42midhaarrockerBut that was a fm recorder (of a V2), not a JBR. The fm has internal batteries, not exchangable by the user.
18:58:54midhaarrocker(or a V2)
19:01:04 Quit edx ()
19:04:21TeRmInAlCrAzYIt's just that I waited for 6 weeks to have this delivered, and the thing is eating juice
19:04:33TeRmInAlCrAzYI have some new batteries in a charger, hope that fixes it
19:05:40midhaarrockerJust recently I had to replace my batteries, too. It was only one cell that went bad, but my unit wouldn't last longer than ~ 1h either.
19:07:11TeRmInAlCrAzYThanks - I'm feeling a bit cheered up! I have some long journeys coming up, and the 'box is going to make it much more bearable ;)
19:07:42midhaarrockerdepends on the music on it :)
19:07:54TeRmInAlCrAzYHrrrummm yeah!
19:08:08TeRmInAlCrAzYI'm weird(ish) tho'
19:08:39TeRmInAlCrAzYi've got everything from gregorian chants to goth metal, and everything in between
19:08:44TeRmInAlCrAzYa lick for every mood :)
19:09:14TeRmInAlCrAzYBTW, silly question
19:09:29TeRmInAlCrAzYI've checked the faqs, all over google, all sorts
19:09:34TeRmInAlCrAzYand I can't get an answer
19:09:50TeRmInAlCrAzYDo larger headphones significantly affect battery life
19:10:45midhaarrockerThat depends not so much on the size but on the impedance of the headphone.
19:11:34TeRmInAlCrAzYAh hah −−- shuffles off to google for another crack at it
19:11:51 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
19:12:00 Join earHurts [0] (
19:12:48 Join edx [0] (
19:12:53midhaarrockerGenerally: if you have two headphones and one sounds louder than the other at the same volume - guess what: the lounder one is more 'efficient'
19:13:15*midhaarrocker never selects headphones for efficiency
19:13:49TeRmInAlCrAzYAnd thus uses less power - is that right?
19:14:08TeRmInAlCrAzYI have a set of Koss UR-30's, with impedence of 100ohm
19:14:15TeRmInAlCrAzYCan't find out what the stock headphones are
19:14:39TeRmInAlCrAzY(btw thanks midh... I'm learning more in 5 minutes here than ages with google ;)
19:15:53TeRmInAlCrAzYbtw, have to agree on selection criteria -> I base it on how much ... bass I can get
19:15:58TeRmInAlCrAzYLove bass ... mmmm
19:16:29midhaarrockermore bass uses more power.
19:16:35midhaarrockerTo be honest - I'd be surprised if the kind of headphones changed the on-time by more than 1/2 h.
19:18:16midhaarrockerI'm not quite sure here but I somehow have this value of ~30 ohms for a typical head phone impedance in my head. But I may be completely wrong.
19:19:06TeRmInAlCrAzYwell, koss portapro's are 60
19:19:16TeRmInAlCrAzYso it looks like you are right there
19:19:45TeRmInAlCrAzYI agree about 1/2hour -> especially when you consider that there is also a hard disk and a cpu to run
19:20:33TeRmInAlCrAzYI haven't changed the bass or bass boost settings at all, left them standard -> the headphones do all the work there
19:20:51midhaarrockerAre they closed ear-buds?
19:23:25TeRmInAlCrAzYclosed full ear coverage monsters ;)
19:23:38TeRmInAlCrAzYI suppose I am asking for trouble, here :)
19:26:52 Join joshN [0] (user17@
19:27:49 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
19:27:57 Join earHurts [0] (
19:29:03 Nick edx is now known as edx{eatz} (
19:31:18 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
19:31:42 Join earHurts [0] (
19:32:57 Quit Rikk ("Client exiting")
19:36:31 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
19:43:41 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
19:43:49 Join earHurts [0] (
19:45:38 Quit matt1 ("Leaving")
19:46:37midhaarrockeracoustic management? Power management? look ahead? What the &%$ did Zagor do here?
19:49:24 Part TeRmInAlCrAzY
19:56:27 Join Zagor [0] (
19:56:35midhaarrockeracoustic management? Power management? look ahead? What the &%$ did Zagor do here?
20:03:20midhaarrockerbtw is it a known bug that when I 'boot' my recorder by plugging in the charger (while off) and afterwards attach the usb cable that the unit freezes and displays "loading"?
20:03:46Zagoryeah, that's been reported. sounds like the resume code doesn't check for usb properly.
20:05:57 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
20:06:05 Join earHurts [0] (
20:07:35midhaarrockerZagor: your code is evil: it says my hd didn't feature noise management :(
20:07:47Zagorhaha. poor you :)
20:08:42Zagoractually, it didn't make a big difference on mine anyway. but I though we should use it since it exists. we're exactly the kind of application it's designed for.
20:09:04midhaarrocker<dummymode> Where can I turn it on? </dummymode>
20:09:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:10:12 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
20:10:28midhaarrockerI assume that that read-ahead won't help much either. Before that data that has been read ahead can be used we probably have the drive turned off...
20:11:10 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Occifer, take me drunk, I'm home")
20:14:51 Nick edx{eatz} is now known as edx{code} (
20:19:03 Join earHurts [0] (
20:19:58 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
20:20:05 Join earHurts [0] (
20:24:15 Quit midhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
20:26:47 Quit earHurts (Remote closed the connection)
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20:55:15 Join Guest [0] (~jirc@
20:56:45 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
20:59:37 Join leapingfr [0] (
21:09:45 Quit joshN (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:19:37 Join AciD [0] (
21:45:19 Join scott666 [0] (
21:47:06 Join Bluechip [0] (
21:50:32BluechipAnyone have any idea how to make a new font under windows?
21:51:10Bluechip...for Rockbox, that is
21:51:37Bluechip...without installing vast chunks of cygwin
21:51:39scott666im sure there are free font creation utilities available
21:51:45scott666have you tryed googling?
21:51:51BluechipI've searched and searched but to no avail
21:52:42scott666did you search for win32 programs exclusivly?
21:52:49BluechipI've got everything I need designed ...I just need to convert it to a "BDF"
21:53:21 Join joshN [0] (user17@
21:53:34BluechipPerhaps you could suggest a search technique that I do not know?
21:53:41scott666what does the rockbox site have to say on font creation?
21:53:59Bluechipuse PFAedit
21:54:16scott666*nix only?
21:54:41Bluechipbut needs me to install vast chunks of cygwin
21:55:38Bluechipwhich for many reasons, is not appropriate on my machine
22:06:50Bluechipcheers anyway ...bye all :)
22:07:18 Part Bluechip
22:09:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:20:19 Join track [0] (
22:21:14trackHi everyone and Zagor ;-)
22:31:54 Quit track ("Leaving")
22:36:55 Join TeRmInAlCrAzY [0] (~mirc@
22:57:21 Quit TeRmInAlCrAzY ()
23:05:54 Quit joshN (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:15:11 Quit scott666 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:15:15 Join scott666 [0] (
23:17:37 Quit methangas (" WOW! This IRC Client ownz! HydraIRC -> <-")
23:52:31 Quit hardeep ("My damn controlling terminal disappeared!")
23:55:11 Join trackj [0] (
23:55:28Timbelsanyone awake?
23:55:34trackjhi timbels
23:55:41Timbelsi have some troubles with the resume function in the recent build
23:55:44Timbelshey trackj
23:55:53trackjwhats up?
23:55:58trackjwhat archos ui have?
23:55:59Timbelswell normally
23:56:03Timbelsjbr 20
23:56:13Timbelsnormally when i'm in the middle of a song and i power off
23:56:15trackji havent got the daily build so I don't know
23:56:19Timbelswhen i press on again
23:56:22Timbelsit wil continue
23:56:33Timbelsbut now it says something like: end of song list or so
23:56:42trackjim sure Zagor can help
23:56:47Timbelsno hurries
23:56:49trackji never use resume so I dont' know
23:57:06Timbelsi love it
23:57:25ZagorTimbels: yes, i've noticed problems with resume too. we might have broken it with the recent bookmark change.
23:57:30Zagori will look at it tomorrow
23:57:40trackjZagor what bitrate do u rip ur cds at?
23:58:01Zagor−−alt-preset extreme, which averages around 220 kbps
23:58:07trackjok cool
23:58:14trackji like 75%vbr
23:58:19trackjperfect cd sound

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