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#rockbox log for 2004-01-16

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00:16:42Zagorah, found it
00:18:48amirightum....hi....I've never been in here before, but I'd like to say that rockbox is possibly the coolest thing I've ever seen :-)
00:19:23amirightI've been using it for like a year now but never really commented on the site or's fun to lurk
00:19:24Zagorhehe, thanks!
00:20:20amirightI was recently impressed quite a bit by the addition of video support, which I never assumed would happen, and I happened to notice that you can play an MP3 and then play a video and have both going at the same time.....
00:21:25amirightso I was wondering if there was any plan to somehow link an rvf and an mp3 so they would both play at the same if they had the same filename and were in the same directory, you could rip the audio from a video file, convert it to mp3, and put it w/ the rvf and it would have video and audio....
00:21:57Zagoryeah, he's working on that right now
00:22:06amirightooh, cool
00:22:18Zagoryup :)
00:22:22amirightyay :-)
00:23:18amirightdo you know if the audio playing slows the video framerate any? I noticed that the audio seems to play much faster than the video itself when both are going, but maybe that was just me
00:24:51Zagorit probably slows it a little, but you'll have to ask [idc]dragon for details
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00:26:54SilShai am back again :) with a few question
00:27:40SilShai wont to buy me a new HD for my Jukebox
00:27:47SilShawhat is important?
00:28:09MTlow power consumption
00:28:10SilShais it good to buy an hitachi hd? because an hitache is inside the jukebox at the moment
00:28:22SilShaor can i also take a toshiba 2,5'' HD
00:28:26MTlow power consumption and resistant to impact
00:28:40Zagoryou can take any brand
00:28:54SilShathis is a diffrence fomm 60 euro
00:28:55Zagorit just has to be 9.5mm high (which all are nowadays)
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00:29:19SilShaan the otaionnnnnnns0
00:29:32SilShaand the rotations?
00:29:43MTas low as possible
00:29:43Zagorstick with 4200rpm. faster just wastes battery.
00:29:45SilSha4200 are enough? and when the hd has more?
00:29:58MTwhen it has more, your batteries dont last as long
00:30:13SilShaand the puffer?
00:30:21SilSha8mb? or can at be less
00:30:28SilSha-at +it
00:30:47MT2mb is fine, 1mb is also fine if ones exist :)
00:30:53Zagorgo for as small (cheap) as you can get. the buffer is not used anyway, since we spin down the disk all the time.
00:31:40SilShaone moment please :)
00:31:40MTare there any that are more/less prone to rough treatment, or are they all much of a muchness?
00:32:15MTthere are certainly ones that have lower power consumption with otherwise "identical" specs
00:32:49Zagori haven't heard of anyones claiming to be more robust than others
00:32:56SilShatoshiba HARDDISK 80GB UDMA
00:32:57SilShaKapazität: 80 GB/ 4200 rpm/ Formfaktor: 2,5 Zoll/ Cache: 8 MB;
00:33:02SilShais this ok?
00:33:11Zagoryes, but the 8MB is wasted
00:33:26Zagorthe 2MB version is probably cheaper and works just as well
00:34:18SilShahm i can not find a hd with 2mb which is cheaper
00:34:21SilShasorry :)
00:34:23ZagorTimbels: your mail bounced. you need to send from your subscribed address.
00:34:40ZagorSilSha: well then take that. it doesn't make any difference.
00:34:58SilShai think this is the cheapest and best i can found
00:35:25SilShai found it with the page
00:35:36SilShathis page compares diffrent i-net shops
00:36:12Timbelshmm damn
00:36:15Timbelsi thought i did
00:36:49Timbelshmm this is strange zagor
00:36:55Timbelsi sended it with my correct adres
00:37:09Zagori'll check the subscriber list. hang on...
00:38:35SilShaany comment to the link i have posted
00:38:42SilShaor better to the HardDisk :)
00:39:09ZagorSilSha: i haven't looked, but the details you posted looked ok
00:39:27SilShano it is another Hd
00:39:56SilShahm doesn't matter
00:40:07SilShait is a Hitachi with 8mb 4200rpm
00:40:13SilShai will take this
00:40:17SilShafor 190euro
00:40:30Zagordo so
00:40:33SilShaweight 99gramm
00:40:53ZagorTimbels: nobody from is subscribed
00:41:10SilShai must see that i can buy very very light batterys :) so the player is not so heavy *g*
00:42:16Timbelsi have a mail i subscribed
00:42:54Timbelshmm let me try to subscribe again
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00:43:18Zagoryou are perhaps subscribed from another address?
00:43:40SilShaok thx and cu
00:43:51Timbelsbut i try again
00:43:53ZagorSilSha: you're welcome
00:43:59SilShathx :)
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00:44:31Timbelshmm i tried subscribing again Zagor
00:44:48Timbelsstill waiting for email back i think
00:47:59Timbelsok it works now!
00:49:40Timbelsthnx :D
00:50:22Timbelshmm strange spaces it makes on the mailing list , that wasnt like how i formatted . sorry for that
00:50:42amirightum....a side discussion about the video capability w/ timbels made me realize that I have no idea how I got to the tools that let you convert standard video to rvf.....any help?
00:51:12amirightI remember they were called avi2yuv.exe and halftone.exe or something like that
00:51:31Timbelsi have them
00:51:51Timbelsget the:
00:51:54Timbelsthey are in there
00:52:32amirightoh, they are?
00:52:51amirightoh, I misunderstood you
00:53:08Timbelsprobably my bad english ;)
00:53:18amirightI thought you were confirming that it was a zip w/ source code, not that yes, it was the right files
00:53:26amirightthanks :-)
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00:54:53trackZagor with the new build It won't remember the Atadore font when I turn it off
00:56:46Zagorthe fonts have moved to /.rockbox/fonts.
00:58:51trackok cool
00:59:27trackZagor about making the atadore font "standard" since it seems to be the most preferred
01:00:17Zagoryou mean replace the sysfont?
01:01:23Zagorno, it's too big
01:01:55trackZagor when asked "Do you want to make a book mark, PLAY yes, any other key, no" The Fx keys do not work
01:02:12Zagorhow do they not work?
01:03:18trackwell when asked "Do you want to make a bookmark, PLAY yes, another key, no" the Fx buttons don't work, only the arrow keypad, or On or Off
01:04:10Zagoryeah, i see it in the code now. i'll fix it.
01:05:07trackshall i file it as a bug?
01:05:52trackyea what im saying is if you wanted to press Fx to say no book mark, they don't work
01:07:15Zagoryeah, i know. it's a simple fix.
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01:56:00Zagorbed time. bye.
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02:44:15midknight2k3hi all
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03:39:55midknight2k3time for etch makeover?
03:40:09midknight2k3ahh nm anyways
03:40:12midknight2k3dont got it here afaik
03:40:20midknight2k3not your fault that i'm dumb :)
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03:41:43earHertzno, blame your parents.
03:43:15midknight2k3thats for not getting me c for dummies volume 2
03:43:17midknight2k3ok jk
03:44:05midknight2k3volume 2 has the annoying and almost unneeded but still hard stuff
03:44:13midknight2k3the "dusty corners"
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05:33:09krunk-hello, I have an archos jukebox. I was just wandering if anyone else noticed that if they are transferring a very large amount of files (like 8 gigs). It has a tendancy to lock up?
05:34:13midknight2k3yeah, probably the batteries..
05:34:20krunk-it was plugged in
05:34:23krunk-every tinme
05:36:13midknight2k3the charger AND batteries combined can't supply enough juice
05:36:24krunk-Ahhhh, I see.
05:36:35krunk-So the batteries deplete, it just takes longer
05:43:39krunk-And if there are any devs on, really nice job. . . excellant
05:44:14krunk-archoses support is nightmareish...I'd have sold this thing by now if it wasn't for rockbox
05:44:22midknight2k3i'll say
05:45:42krunk-I couldn't get the thing to work at all, that dreaded HD ERROR! and blue screens in windows. So I formated windows into ext3, archos into fat32, and installed rockbox. No more bsod's or HD ERROR!
05:46:33krunk-midknight2k3 are you a dev?
05:47:02midknight2k3sorta lol
05:51:51krunk-One more than I'll get outta your hair. For some reason I can format the drive. Neither mkdosfs /dev/sda1 or cfdisk than deleting partition, creating partition, than short, how do I format this thing?
05:52:09midknight2k3very odd... sorry, no idea
05:52:27krunk-mkdosfs /dev/sda1 *should* work?
05:52:40*midknight2k3 shrugs
05:52:43midknight2k3i don't do that
05:53:37krunk-what do you do?
05:54:00midknight2k3code for rockbox
05:59:10midknight2k3nite all
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06:20:17wakeanyone around?
06:21:41dwihno\o/ ?
06:23:30wakei've got an fm recorder running rockbox. i ran the batteries all the way down and now when i plug in the power, the backlight flashes and nothing else happens. anyone have a suggestion for something i might try?
06:24:50 Join matsl [0] (
06:25:13dwihnoDid you flash your recorder?
06:26:04dwihnoIf the batteries are REALLY drained, I sometimes press F1 while pressing on to boot to the original firmware to allow it to control the charging.
06:30:00wakeit seems that the rockbox firmware is only using trickle charging, so i guess i have to wait until a bit of power is stored in batteries, then unplug and start w/ archos fw, then plug in again. make sense?
06:31:23wakethanks - i'm gonna try that
06:31:28dwihnoAlthough the tricke charge is only being used when the battery is full...
06:31:36dwihno(so it shouldn't matter)
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09:06:36Sethianssomeone have the RockBox v2.1 with the PlayList Viewer ???????
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09:23:16Sethianssomeone have the RockBox v2.1 with the PlayList Viewer ???????
09:24:38LinusNdon't we all?
09:24:39dwihnoIsn't the playlist viewer integrated?
09:24:42Schnueffthe playlist viewer is not in 2.1
09:24:48Schnueffits post-2.1
09:24:59dwihnoSethians: you _could_ download a daily build.
09:25:09dwihnoSethians: they have all the gee-whiz \o/
09:34:26Sethianswhy does RockBox v2.1 have the playlist ??
09:35:06Sethianswhy RockBox v2.1 do not have the playlist viewer??
09:35:26LinusNSethians: because that feature was added after 2.1 was released
09:35:41dwihno\o/ Go rockbox \o/
09:35:56dwihnoLinus: does the recursive directory adding sort the entries btw... ?
09:36:12LinusNdwihno: not that i know of
09:37:15 Join midhaarrocker [200] (
09:47:02dwihnoLinusN: Well, imho, it should, if it's possible ;)
09:48:53LinusNthen it will take a loooong time to create the playlist
09:49:10LinusNmaybe a "sort playlist" plugin? :-)
09:50:10dwihnoAh. Perhaps.
09:55:49Sethianswhat about of a playlist edit
10:00:53Sethiansmm the daily build have the patch 669440 ?
10:05:06dwihnowhich is that btw?
10:06:49Sethiansmmmmm I have dowload the Daily build
10:07:17SethiansI09: CPUAdrEr at 09009454
10:07:39LinusNyes, today's dailt build is bad, try an older one
10:07:59*LinusN is debugging it now
10:09:13dwihnoBlame Zagor? ;)
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12:29:11bertrand`I've a question about my Archos Recorder 6GB
12:29:42*midhaarrocker seeks something bullet proof.
12:29:48bertrand`Can i to a mkfs.ext3 /dev/my_archos ?
12:30:08bertrand`Currently, it's a fat filesystem
12:30:08dwihnoyes you can
12:30:20dwihnobut it won't be usable with rockbox or the archos firmware after that.
12:30:21LinusNyes you can, but the firmware will not be able to read the filesystem
12:30:28dwihnothe first partition has to be fat32
12:30:30bertrand`The firmware can mount a ext3 fs ?
12:30:39dwihnobertrand`: the firmware will only support fat32
12:30:40bertrand`erf :(
12:30:59bertrand`will it support ext3 soon ?
12:31:08midhaarrockervery unprobable
12:31:26dwihnoI think we will have a base on the moon before that happens ;)
12:31:41midhaarrockerbertrand` regarding portability issues fat32 is unbeatable.
12:32:48bertrand`midhaarrocker: ok
12:33:17bertrand`thanks dwihno LinusN midhaarrocker and all rockbox staff :)
12:34:04*midhaarrocker is proud to be regarded as rockbox staff though undeserved
12:34:35Timbelsah well maybe no staff but u still rock(box)
12:39:16LinusNwhich should be the default, "record to current dir" or "record to /recordings"?
12:39:49midhaarrockerI consider the latter as less confusing
12:40:00LinusNme too
12:40:36LinusNit will create the /recordings directory if it doesn't exist, when entering the recording screen
12:40:55midhaarrockerWhen you record for the first time in your life you might not know which dir was your current dir when you recorded...
12:40:57 Part bertrand` ("bye")
12:42:44*LinusN is about to commit the record-to-current feature, plus a "create directory" menu option
12:43:01LinusNrmdir() is still missing though... :-(
12:43:35midhaarrockerI don't intend to punish you for that :)
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12:46:28quelsarukel dcc
12:46:32quelsarukthat was not here
12:49:47quelsarukgive me your s55 page again :)
12:49:56quelsaruki lost that wind tool
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14:17:44midhaarrocker:( poor logbot is dead.
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17:20:15 Quit Schnueff_ ("leaving")
17:38:22 Join track [0] (
17:38:28 Quit track (Client Quit)
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18:26:43 Join needhelp [0] (
18:28:18 Quit oxygen77 ("ChatZilla 0.8.31 [Mozilla rv:1.4/7]")
18:32:09 Join Zagor [0] (
18:33:16needhelpis anyone here?
18:34:05needhelpI have a problem I can't figure
18:34:10needhelp*can't figure out
18:34:39needhelpI am getting a Read access error on startup, the HDD seems to never spin up
18:35:19needhelpI saw this mentioned before, but haven't found any real solution
18:36:05needhelprockbox has worked very well on my recorder 20 for over a year, and then one day it froze in the middle of playing a song
18:36:27needhelpand then when I turned it on again, it won't get past three bars on the progress indicator
18:36:56needhelpI have tried using different batteries and that didn't work, so I was assuming a HD failure
18:37:12Zagorsounds like a power or hd failure, yes
18:37:17needhelpbut connecting the HD to a laptop, I find all the files are there
18:37:27needhelpso the HD seems to be fine
18:37:32Zagorhave you tried running the archos firmware?
18:37:57needhelpno, I can't access it on my recoreder
18:38:24needhelpdo you mean by holding F1 and on?
18:38:38Zagorhave you flashed it?
18:39:11needhelpI had flashed it once a few months ago, but within a few weeks I flashed back
18:39:37needhelpbecause the flash was causing unexpected delays and pauses in songs
18:39:43Zagorok. then you should be able to simply remove the ajbrec.ajz when connected via usb and see if you can boot after that
18:39:58needhelpbut I can't connect via USB
18:40:04Zagoroh, ok. i misunderstood.
18:40:26needhelpI renamed the ajbrec.ajz while I had the HD connected to the laptop, but that didn't change anything
18:40:47Zagorif could be a power problem, other than the batteries. a bad solder joint or something.
18:41:15needhelpis there any way for me to check that, other than looking for a loose connection?
18:42:02Zagoryou can try pushing on the boards (especially the vertical ones) when the unit is disassembled and see if it makes any difference
18:42:13Zagorthere's no high-tech solution, i'm afraid :)
18:42:45needhelpthe other thing is when I changed batteries, I tried using regular AA's...I don't think that would make a difference as long as I wasn't charging the unit
18:43:29Zagorit's not recommended. regular AAs have a higher voltage than rechargable ones
18:44:07needhelpI only did it once to determine if the batteries were the problem
18:44:20 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
18:44:38needhelparchos tech support said to, in order to make sure that the problem wasn't the batteries being too low to spin up the drive
18:44:40Zagorit's not a good test, really, since regular AAs can't deliver as much current.
18:44:51Zagorthey did? interesting!
18:45:00needhelpso is it still possible that the batteries are the real problem?
18:45:11Zagorit's very hard to say
18:46:35 Join x-snoopy [0] (
18:47:13needhelpI tried pushing on the boards a bit right now, but it's having the same problem
18:47:28x-snoopyI have a problem!!!!
18:47:42needhelpand unfortunately, this is out of warranty now
18:48:51needhelphow much do the batteries cost? maybe it's worth a shot to try to change them
18:49:10x-snoopyI have updated my ARCHOS recorder 2.0 with the today build. After this it will not start. I get the following message: I09: CPUAdrEr at 09009454
18:49:33Zagorneedhelp: they are pretty cheap. a few dollars each.
18:49:41 Join oxygen77 [0] (
18:50:00Zagorx-snoopy: yes, this is a bug in todays daily build. grab the bleeding edge build or yesterdays daily.
18:50:02needhelpok, I think I'll try that. I really don't know what else I can try and do
18:50:17 Quit oxygen77 (Client Quit)
18:50:30needhelpthe only other thing I can think of would be to format the hard drive
18:50:44x-snoopyo.k. thank you very much. I will try it. Buy
18:51:18x-snoopyleave rockbox
18:51:27 Part x-snoopy
18:52:26 Nick edx{code} is now known as edx{eats} (
18:52:28needhelpany other possible solutions?
18:54:16 Join fimp-man [0] (
18:54:36 Quit fimp-man (Client Quit)
18:58:14 Join jwormy|school [0] (
18:58:21 Part jwormy|school
18:59:29needhelpgotta go, thanks for your help
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19:00:43Zagorone joke too many
19:04:20 Join jorbond [0] (
19:05:39wakei have an fm recorder that does not seem to be charging. last night, i plugged it in to charge and the backlight started flashing. now, nothing happens. player will not turn on or charge. any suggestions?
19:06:08 Join _aLF [0] (
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19:07:25 Join wake [0] (
19:07:52Zagorwake: no idea, i'm afraid. fm recorders charge in hardware, so it's not likely a rockbox bug at least. :-)
19:08:15 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor_away (
19:09:45jorbondmy player wont show a screen when i plug my charger in
19:09:53jorbondit just lights up the backlight and the green status light
19:10:39jorbondwhen i first bought it, it worked right
19:13:48wakejorbond: sounds similar to the problem i am having
19:13:56wakedoes your box power up?
19:14:26wakenot mine :(
19:14:26jorbondi have found out that if i leave it plugged in over night like that, it will charge it
19:14:32 Join edx{alt} [0] (
19:15:10jorbondbut i have to power mine up with the on+play button simultaneously
19:15:17jorbondor it will flash the red light as an error
19:16:11 Nick edx{alt} is now known as edx{dandd} (
19:16:54jorbondmy player is really moody, but once it boots it works like a charm
19:23:17 Quit edx{eats} (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:40:06 Join neophyte [0] (
19:43:24neophytehelp!!! germans here? (hardware problem?
19:43:32neophytehelp!!! germans here? (hardware problem)
19:43:43jorbondim not german but what is the problem
19:44:08neophytei dont know how to explain :(
19:45:12jorbondi could try and babelfish it
19:46:09neophyteleitet das gehäuse strom?
19:46:54neophyteich meine die platten auf denen die batterien liegen
19:48:12jorbondits a recorder right?
19:48:25neophyte the thing with the labels
19:49:30jorbondwell i have the player and the batteries on them are different, so im not sure
20:12:36 Join Plugh [0] (
20:12:43Plughwow. an op
20:12:47 Join top_bloke [0] (~ekolb_pot@
20:13:12 Nick Zagor_away is now known as Zagor (
20:13:23Plughdid the flash code change? I can't flash today's ucl with today's ajz
20:14:48Zagorwhat does it say?
20:15:25PlughI think I answered my own question
20:15:48 Quit top_bloke (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:15:53Plughcan't flash today's ucl using today's ajz without today's rocks ;)
20:16:00Zagorah, right :)
20:16:28Mode"#rockbox -o Zagor " by Zagor (
20:16:47PlughI thought I'd been keeping track of CVS pretty well, but I apparantly missed some flash rock checkins
20:18:02Plughanyhow, I gotta try to get to work. later!
20:18:09 Part Plugh
20:19:12 Quit neophyte ("get satisfied! • :: ««« (Gamers.IRC) »»» ::")
20:38:27 Join bobdbob [0] (
20:38:30 Quit jorbond ()
20:40:18bobdbobI left my fm recorder hooked up to the computer overnight w/o charger (oops, fell asleep) and woke up and the screen was blank, and it was clicking
20:40:26bobdbobI searched the site, couldn't find anything
20:40:28bobdboband google
20:40:46 Join top_bloke [0] (~ekolb_pot@
20:40:49bobdbobbut now plugging charger in only makes the green light blink periodically
20:40:58bobdboblike every half second or so
20:41:15top_blokegod i just installed windows XP and right away i get hit with the blaster worm
20:41:31bobdbobI have it flashed, so I held down F1 to load Archos firmware, but didn't seem to make a difference
20:41:37Zagorbobdbob: how long have you kept it charging?
20:41:45bobdbobabout 4 hours
20:41:56bobdbobyou think I need longer?
20:42:00Zagortop_bloke: yes, you can't connect a windows system to the internet without a hardware firewall
20:42:14bobdbobI actually pulled the batteries out (thinking it woul reset it) and they both read about 3V
20:42:16Zagorbobdbob: i'd let it sit overnight before panicking :-)
20:42:51top_blokewell i turned on the xp firewall and turned off dcp or whetever
20:42:58top_blokehopefully it wont turn off my pc anymore
20:43:08Zagortop_bloke: i read somewhere the average infection time of an unpatched windows system is around 2 minutes, i.e. faster than you can download the fixes
20:43:22top_blokei can atest to that
20:43:50Zagorif you're infected you need to clean up. just enabling the firewall is not enough.
20:44:09top_blokea patch from ms?
20:44:42Zagori think there's a cleanup tool on symantec, then get patches from ms
20:45:10bobdbobzagor: I thought I read that the Archos firmware doesn't spin up the harddrive when it starts up (and hence would be better for these situations)
20:45:42top_blokeok thanks i gotta do that
20:45:56Zagorbobdbob: maybe, i don't remember
20:46:18bobdbobok, thanks anyway
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21:52:37 Join joshN [0] (user17@
22:15:31 Join IceGuest_5 [0] (
22:15:39 Nick IceGuest_5 is now known as track (
22:16:54trackHi Zagor
22:19:14trackis that bug fixed now?
22:20:38Mode"#rockbox +o Zagor " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
22:20:44Mode"#rockbox +b *!*@* " by Zagor (
22:20:44Kick(#rockbox track :Zagor) by Zagor!
22:29:31 Join neophyte [0] (
22:32:19neophytegermans here?
22:34:14 Quit joshN (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:34:36Zagorapparently not :-)
22:35:48neophytekurzhaarrocker where are you....
22:46:18 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:48:20Zagor[IDC]Dragon: you're german, aren't you?
22:48:35[IDC]Dragonyes, hi, guten Abend.
22:49:03Zagor:-) neophyte asked for help, but seems to have problems with his english
22:49:43[IDC]Dragongo ahead, english or german
22:50:57neophyte1. ich habe keine tastatur und muss alles klicken also etwas geduld bitte:)
22:51:21[IDC]DragonWebpad? PDA?
22:51:39neophytebildschirmtastatur :(
22:51:59[IDC]Dragon<neophyte> leitet das gehäuse strom?
22:52:11[IDC]Dragonich meine die platten auf denen die batterien liegen
22:52:27[IDC]Dragonist glaubich eine Folie drüber
22:52:29neophytea die metallschienen
22:52:43neophytenicht mehr
22:53:19[IDC]DragonMoment, ich schau mal nach
22:53:41neophytean welchen punkten muss was mit wem kontakt haben das alles läuft?
22:54:06neophytebilder wären nicht schlecht
22:55:29[IDC]DragonBei mir ist eine gelbliche Folie über dem Blech
22:55:35[IDC]Dragonleitet nicht
22:55:50[IDC]Dragonaber was hast du vor?
22:56:49neophyteweil ich hab den ganz auseinander genommen und wohl irgendwechen kontakt getrennt, jetzt springt meine hdd nicjht an
22:57:21neophyteaber hdd is ok hab ein usb case die läuft
22:57:37[IDC]DragonIst er immer noch auseinander, oder hast du ihn wieder zusammengebaut?
22:58:23neophytealso ganz auseiander ging nicht wegen dem usb connecter
22:59:12[IDC]DragonAuseinandergenommen ist der Batteriekontakt etwas problematisch
22:59:58neophytevorallem wenn noch kontakte durch sind..
23:00:14[IDC]DragonIch wüßte nicht warum.
23:00:59neophytewelches sind den die hauptpunkte an denen die batterien den srom weitergeen?
23:01:45[IDC]DragonWas für ein Modell hast du?
23:02:12neophyterecorder 20gb
23:03:01[IDC]DragonAn der Oberkante des Gehäuses: Links Minus an der Kegelfeder, rechts Plus.
23:03:13[IDC]Dragon(normal auf's Display geschaut)
23:03:35[IDC]DragonDie untern Kontakte sind einfach verbunden.
23:04:34neophyteok was wo
23:04:59neophyteem das kabel hab ich abr nicht
23:05:22[IDC]DragonMacht nichts
23:06:14[IDC]Dragonim Bild ist strenggenommen ein Player
23:06:27neophytebeim ersten bild
23:07:04neophytedie kntake waeen durch sind aber wiedr gelötet
23:07:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:07:35[IDC]DragonMöglich, oder nur verstärkt.
23:09:09[IDC]DragonAls zusätzlichen Leiter.
23:09:30neophytedas kabel?
23:09:45[IDC]DragonMal ne blöde Frage: Warum hast du das Teil eigentlich auseinandergenommen?
23:10:11neophyteneugier und hdd wechsel
23:11:45[IDC]DragonJa, nun weiß ich auch nicht, wie ich dir helfen kann.
23:11:59[IDC]DragonFerndiagnose ist schwierig.
23:12:19neophyte links oben ist ein draht der quer durch die feder geht
23:12:37neophyteliegts vieleicht an dem?
23:13:13[IDC]DragonKaum. Den haben sehr viele Modelle. (deiner auch?)
23:13:31[IDC]DragonIst elektrisch nicht nötig.
23:13:55neophyteja, habe den auch abgetrennt aber weder ersetzt
23:14:05[IDC]DragonSoll vielleicht mechanishe Schwingungen der Feder vermeiden.
23:14:26neophyteschonmal gut zu wissen
23:14:32[IDC]DragonOder die Feder fixieren. Ich fand das Ding auch sehr dubios.
23:15:17neophyteich machs wieder ab glaub ich..
23:15:51[IDC]DragonWie hast du die zerlegte Box mit Strom versorgt?
23:16:32[IDC]DragonKönnte problematisch sein, wegen der Kabellänge.
23:16:46[IDC]DragonHat bei mir auch schon mal nicht geklappt.
23:17:01[IDC]DragonWas für ein Netzteil?
23:17:12neophyteaber ich versteh immer noch nicht wie der strom an das topboard kommt
23:17:42neophyteganz normales ladegerät
23:17:46[IDC]DragonWiso? da sind doch die äußersten Batteriekontakte.
23:18:16[IDC]DragonWürde mich wundern wenn das den Strom liefern kann.
23:18:16neophyteäußersten Batteriekontakte.- bild?
23:18:43[IDC]DragonDu braucht 5V stabilisiert, ein gutes Ampere.
23:18:51neophytenaja das netzteil für dc in
23:19:05[IDC]DragonOh je
23:19:23[IDC]DragonDas hast du an die Batteriekontakte angeschlossen?
23:19:35neophyteneee dc in
23:19:45[IDC]DragonOhne Batterien?
23:19:54[IDC]DragonAkkus, meine ich
23:20:03neophyteaber auch mal mit
23:20:06[IDC]DragonDas kann nicht klappen.
23:20:34[IDC]DragonDu brauchst in jedem Fall die Akkus, sonst reicht der Strom nicht.
23:20:35neophyteaber mit batterien alleine greht er gar nicht rst an
23:20:44neophytesind 100%voll
23:21:18[IDC]DragonOhne Gehäuse drumrum ist es schwierig, die Batterien zu fixieren.
23:21:36neophytenaja geht aber
23:21:43[IDC]DragonDie Federn biegen die senkrechten Platinen arg nach außen.
23:22:04[IDC]DragonOder man muß konstant dagegen halten.
23:22:11neophyteja kP
23:22:37[IDC]DragonVielleicht ist bei dieser Tortur was abgegangen.
23:23:26[IDC]DragonKeine Ahnung, Riß in einer Leiterbahn, Kontaktverbindung, ...
23:25:21Zagorgotta go. see you guys.
23:25:24 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
23:25:26[IDC]DragonIch bin nicht deine Box.
23:28:55neophytegibt es recorder zu kaufen ohne hdd?
23:30:11[IDC]DragonVielleicht. Ich habe bei Ebay mal so einen gesehen.
23:30:26[IDC]DragonNeu jedenfalls nicht.
23:30:33neophytech noch nicht :(
23:31:18[IDC]DragonWo kommst du her?
23:32:56neophyteach man
23:36:20[IDC]DragonWohnst du zufällig im Raum Hannover?
23:40:24neophyteo jetz hab ichn ganz ausnandr, hab die 2 halter om usb vconnecter durchgeschmolzen
23:57:26 Quit neophyte ("get satisfied! • :: ««« (Gamers.IRC) »»» ::")

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