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#rockbox log for 2004-01-17

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04:35:11arspy87hey anyone here?
04:36:06top_blokei am
04:36:09arspy87ah hello
04:36:16arspy87do you know why aol users are banned from rockbox?
04:36:31top_bloketrack i believe
04:36:36arspy87oh, what happened?
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04:36:45top_blokei dunno really
04:36:53arspy87maybe BC knows
04:36:58top_blokeya maybe
04:37:00BluechipHey ho all
04:37:07Bluechiptry me :)
04:37:09arspy87bc do you know why aol users are banned?
04:37:30BluechipI would guess that would be an AOL "chlid safety" feature
04:37:47arspy87midknight can't get in anymore.
04:38:28Bluechipcould it be his choice of server
04:38:40arspy87zagor banned all users
04:38:58Bluechipproxy in?
04:39:04top_blokeand jirc on aol is banned 2
04:39:12top_blokebut moot point
04:39:12MTso theres an upside both ways!?
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04:39:23arspy87track doing bad things?
04:39:43Bluechipdo we know WHY these accounts were banned?
04:39:52top_blokemid says its cause of track
04:40:04top_blokebut i dunno other than that
04:40:07arspy87we dont know why
04:40:10arspy87or at least i dont
04:40:15BluechipI don;t wanna hand out backdoors in, if it is going to offend the mods
04:40:29top_blokethers a backdoor?
04:40:37top_blokedont use AOL
04:41:08Bluechiptop: you're too adult to play "my isp is better than yours" :(
04:41:30top_blokebut my isp IS better than urs
04:42:05Bluechipbut can you sign your entire name in the snow without a half-time refil?
04:42:21Troyhello room.
04:42:28arspy87hello Troy
04:42:36Bluechiphello my empathetic friend
04:42:55TroyHi arspy/bluechip/topbloke...
04:43:16TroyI'm new here and I have a bit of a situation.
04:43:38arspy87k whats the situation
04:43:53arspy87if bluechip's suggestion is not suitable and/or feasable under current conditions.
04:44:11TroyWhile trying to defrag my JBR20 v.2 the power suppy somehow got unplugged.
04:44:25Bluechipyou're in trouble
04:44:34Troynow the recorder is dead.
04:44:36Bluechiprun scandisk
04:45:06Troyno display screen, no LED.
04:45:13top_blokepower supply of the pc or the jb?
04:45:25Troyth JB.
04:45:43top_blokewell its still got batteries
04:45:48arspy87is there a recovery mode on archoses? im not sure
04:45:53top_blokehow did that do anything
04:46:00Troyiit's as if the bateries were completely drained. It won't start.
04:46:15top_blokecharge em the hell up
04:46:22Bluechippress and hold ON and NOTHING AT ALL happens?
04:46:51Troyright... nothing. it's like a paperweight.
04:46:56top_blokeoh its v2 u cant take em out
04:47:07arspy87youplugged it in right?
04:47:17BluechipHOW did it "become unplugged"
04:47:17arspy87maybe wait 30 min or so to get the batts charged enough to power it on?
04:47:57Bluechipknocked off desk into cup of tea?
04:48:09Bluechiptripped over cable?
04:48:12TroyI plugged it in. The power supply was lying on the floor when I came into the room.
04:48:30Bluechippoltergeist then
04:48:42TroyIt DOES make a humming sound when plugged in.
04:49:21Bluechipthe MAINS plug came out? or the 2.5mm plug came out
04:49:32top_blokedoes it matter?
04:50:07TroyThe mains plug fell of f the wall.
04:50:37Bluechipit just fell out
04:50:50TroyDo you think, if arspy87's "charge and see" advice fails, thet the warranty will take care of it?
04:51:27Troywell, it was in there loose to start with.. maybe I licked it? My roomate?
04:51:40Bluechipright - cable was tripped over
04:51:44Bluechipor kicked
04:51:45Troy(I meant "I kicked it")
04:51:53Bluechipcheck continuity on the wire
04:52:16Bluechipits hum just means that the primary coil is not set properly
04:52:30Bluechipit does not mean power is being delivered to the litte plug
04:52:35Bluechipgot a multimemter?
04:52:47Troyno, I'm afraid not.
04:53:01Bluechipremind me how many volts it is
04:53:27Bluechipi have a UK v1
04:53:35Troy6v DC 700MA
04:53:45Bluechiptap the little plug on yur tongue
04:54:07Bluechipand yes
04:54:21Bluechipyou will get a little shock or the taste of lemons
04:54:39Troyfeels like a 9 volt batery.
04:55:02Troy(maybe a little weaker)
04:55:03Bluechipyou might not want to do it twice ...but trust me, stubbing your toe is about 1,000,000 times more painnful
04:55:13top_blokedont u need the middle part to touch ur tongue too
04:55:24top_blokethats inside the plug
04:55:38Bluechipyes, you need to complete the circuit with your tongue for a split second
04:55:48TroyIt was tingly.
04:55:54Bluechipgood - that's power
04:56:06Bluechippsu is likely still okay
04:56:24TroyI have a feeling I just sapped every bit of power out of the batery.
04:56:25top_blokelol mine is unplugged and still stinged me
04:56:34Bluechipcheap psus
04:56:51top_blokeits odd but i like it
04:56:55Bluechiplol pervert
04:57:01top_blokei'm a take another hit
04:57:13top_blokeya thats the stuff
04:57:19Troylol... good lucl with that.
04:57:20BluechipFuturame scenes anyone?
04:57:30top_blokei'm jacking up
04:57:50top_blokelike bender
04:58:00Bluechipproblem is, I'm not sure of the behaviour of the V2 units
04:58:22Troy...with the lithium battery and all...?
04:58:25Bluechipwith V1, when dead batteries are plugged in, it goes to charge screen
04:58:35Bluechipyeah, lithium is quite different
04:58:41TroyI see.
04:58:50Bluechipi dont know about lithium chargers
04:59:09Troywell, if it doesnt snap out of it soon, I have no choice but to send it back.
04:59:11Bluechipwe need some1 with an FM or V2 to comment here
04:59:16TroyIt's only a month old.
04:59:18top_blokeu try smacking it?
04:59:34Bluechipyou COULD try warming it up
04:59:39top_blokenah on second thought
05:00:08Troydo you think they'll have aproblem thet I flashed Rockbox onto it?
05:00:17Bluechiphmmmmm, maybe :(
05:00:48top_bloketheres a company that fixes em if archos wont do it
05:00:49Bluechiphey, spy, does MK know? ...he has an fm
05:00:58TroyWell, if I send it back to , they won't care... I shouldn't think
05:01:09top_blokedo it
05:01:10Bluechipamazon won't even know let alone care
05:01:12top_blokeif it dont work
05:01:34Bluechipwas the unit knocked over in the incident?
05:01:51Bluechipi got mine direct from archos
05:02:18Troyno. It just sat here on my computer desk.
05:02:35Troywell, I'll let it hum for an hour or so... I'll check back in here later for more advice, I guess.
05:03:10Bluechipmains -> psu -> archos ...and wiggle the little plug and the cable where it goes into the psu - s-l-o-w-l-y
05:03:21Bluechipand the where the cable enters the plug
05:04:29Bluechipuse "modest" force ..not 'really gentle' ...not so hard you snap it
05:04:49Bluechipenough to move the socket 1/2...1mm at MOST
05:05:13Bluechipthen try sqeezing and twisting the unit ...again with care
05:05:34Bluechipthis will identify most dodgy connections inside
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05:07:37Bluechipif none of these change anything, then leave it "on charge" overnight and see if things tidy themselves up
05:07:49bobdbobtroy: I have an FM that just ran out this morning
05:08:19bobdbobI left it cranking on something on USB, and it wasn't plugged in
05:08:35MTmy FM had a dodgy headphone socket, i sent it back to be repaired/replaced
05:08:44bobdbobcame back and it was blinking the green light, nothing on the LCD, and it was clicking
05:08:47MTthey ended up giving me a full refund instead
05:08:55MTthey obv had no idea what they were doing
05:09:10MTas i'd fair knackered it disassembling it before
05:09:27MTand im no expert solderer, the joins were utter rubbish :)
05:09:41MTstill wish i had it tho
05:09:58bobdbobWith mine, though, when I reconnected the charger, the green light would start to blink again
05:10:07bobdbobso... don't know if this will help you or not :(
05:10:24TroyI got nothing on the lights...
05:10:35bobdbobis yours flashed?
05:11:18Troyyes. I flashed it a few days ago.
05:11:26bobdbobbecause I had to hold down F1 for like a minute to get the original Archos firmware to boot, which made the green light solid
05:11:33bobdbobdid you try F1?
05:11:36TroyI see.
05:11:57TroyI'll try it now, but the unit won't even turn on....
05:12:26bobdbobjust the act of plugging the charger in should start it up...
05:13:34Troyit really should, huh.
05:13:49bobdbobwell, on the FM it does... Guess I'm not really familiar with the V2
05:13:55TroyWell, do you se any harm in just letting it hum there for a couple hours.
05:14:00bobdbobbut they're the same, actually, just without the radio
05:14:15bobdbobis the humming coming from the wall adapter?
05:14:23Troyno, from the unit.
05:14:27bobdboboh, ok
05:14:29bobdbobI guess not
05:14:38Troykind of a quiet whirring, really.
05:15:12bobdbobyou still might want to try the F1 thing, since I think I read that the original Archos firmware doesn't try to spin up the harddrive, whereas the Rockbox does
05:15:16Troybut... when I pressed F1, I heard a faint click from the HD.
05:15:42bobdbobI had to hold it down for like a minute before the green light stopped blinking...
05:15:43Bluechipoh! hum in unit, not psu - whoops missed that!
05:16:19bobdbobtroy: that whirring stops if you disconnect the power, right? it's not stuck in some software loop?
05:16:57Bluechipnice thinking bob
05:17:25Troyright. it only whirrs when plugged in.
05:17:42bobdbobwell, yeah, I guess leave it plugged in for a while. worked for me.
05:17:49Bluechiptroy long did you try bob's F1 trick for?
05:18:04Troy20 seconds or so.
05:18:15Bluechiphow long in total has it been plugged in since the total power drain?
05:18:41Troyunplugged it, held F! and plugged it back in whie holding for 20 secs.
05:18:57bobdbobyeah, that should have done it
05:18:59Troyabout an hour now. :(
05:19:05Bluechiphmmmm :(
05:19:39Bluechipthat should be enough for it to do SOMEthing
05:19:43TroyI wrote Archos US. They'll probably tell me to send it back to the retailer (amazon)
05:19:51wakeTroy, you have an FM?
05:20:16TroyBTW, I don't know if the sale is still on, but I got it for $170 US after rebate
05:20:32wakei have an fm that got totally drained and now does nothing but flash when power or usb is plugged in.
05:20:47TroyI don't think so.. There's software for the FM, but it doesn't Pick up stations.
05:20:48bobdbobwake: that's EXACTLY what happened to me today
05:21:06bobdboband I fixed it
05:21:08wakeand you held F1, plugged in and it works now?
05:21:36bobdbobwell, the F1 trick made the green light solid, instead of blinking
05:21:36Troyit's an epidemic!
05:21:41Bluechipf1 for over a minute
05:21:51wakebobdbob: did the backlight blink while plugged in?
05:21:54bobdbobI think maybe it doesn't charge when it's blinking
05:21:57TroyOK, Bluechip... I'll try.
05:22:09bobdbobnot backlight, the green light at the top
05:22:16wakemy green light does not blink or anything - just backlight
05:22:50Bluechipit's just that bob did stress this inordinately long period ...GOTTA be worth a try :)
05:23:33Troy1 minute 30..........
05:24:24bobdbobwake: how did yours lose it's charge?
05:24:35Bluechipanything important on the disk?>
05:24:47 Quit AciD` ("")
05:24:52Troynothing important.
05:25:09Bluechipphew :)
05:25:20wakejust listening to music - then i plugged in and nothing happened except that the backlight started blinking on and off
05:25:49bobdboband all the info on the LCD, was it still there?
05:25:50wakewhen i unplugged and tried to start unit, nothing
05:26:13Troywell, I'm going to move on with my life. I'll check in wit you all later. Thank you SO much for all the tips and advice...
05:26:19wakeit died while i was listening, then i plugged in.
05:26:21TroyI really appreciate it.
05:26:27bobdbobno prob
05:26:37Bluechipgood luck dude
05:26:43Bluechipsorry we couldnt solve it
05:27:14TroyThat's ok. It might pull out in a couple hours. Take care and rock on.
05:27:17 Quit Troy ("Leaving")
05:27:25wakenow backlight flashes w/ power or usb and one out of ten times (or so) that on is pushed, green light will flash on once, then nothing.
05:27:53bobdbobI wouldn't touch it
05:28:00bobdbobsomehow it is getting farther now
05:28:05bobdbobso that's good
05:28:46wakei've gotta get a hold of purchase info, then I'm gonna get archos to fix it.
05:29:40wakesomeone mentioned that there is another company that will work on these even if rockbox is installed. what company is that?
05:31:56Bluechipseems heat is a problem
05:32:17Bluechipand those drives get mighty hot when left defragging
05:32:54bobdbobI'll attest to that...
05:33:10BluechipA momentary improvement in performance is noticeable when heating up the battery
05:33:31Bluechipjust enough for a kick start?
05:34:20Bluechipthis paper is excellent :)
05:36:12Bluechipincluding a way to revive a dead battery ...caused by over-discharge ...if done within 3 days of failure
05:39:04wakewhere is the over-discharge bit?
05:39:13Bluechipin the link above
05:39:23wakehuh - i missed it.
05:39:25Bluechipgrep "cadex"
05:39:29wakehave to read a little closer
05:39:49Bluechiplol ;)
05:43:52Bluechipnite all
05:44:04 Part Bluechip
05:47:26 Part arspy87
05:48:34 Join krunk- [0] (
05:48:50krunk-Anyone here using a archos JukeBox on linux?
05:51:39krunk-do you have any transfer problems?
05:52:12wakei only have a usb 1.1 connection rate, so it's slow, but no problems so far
05:52:35krunk-hmmm, mine is .. finicky to say the least.
05:52:49wakei haven't experimented too much: box is not working atm
05:53:08wakeonly had it a month and having power probs
05:53:26krunk-I might sell it for a better supported one I think.
05:54:17krunk-my honest opinion....I'll never buy another archos product again. It's been problematic from day one. First times I started it it gave a HD ERROR!! LOL
05:54:23wakei've gotta send mine back
05:55:19wakelol - my opinion will be based on how they handle my issue. any crap about it being my fault and i'll never buy archos again
05:58:08krunk-well, me and my roommate both bought the same model the same day. Both had HD ERROR!! We were able to finagle them into starting up, but it would HD ERROR!! half the time. rockbox and a firmware update stopped it, but my friends just went out. They sent him another one with out a problem. But it locks up during transfers (both of them) unless you do it in like <= 1gig least I just tried a 2gig and it locked.
05:58:27top_blokethats bad luck
05:58:52krunk-We've had them for a year, both are well crap.
05:59:09top_blokemaybe u hit a bad batch
05:59:21top_blokeu buy at the same time?
05:59:36krunk-hmmm, maybe cept the replacement they sent him had all the same probs.
05:59:43wakehave you checked to see if the problem is the same w/ windows?
06:00:14wakegot to go
06:00:17wake'nite all
06:00:18krunk-windows bsod's... at least w/ *nix it would just lock the drive hehe
06:00:47 Quit wake ("sleep, yay! that's where I'm a viking!")
06:01:15krunk-I was hoping someone would say: hey all ya gotta do is badabing!! hehe
06:03:04 Quit krunk- ("My damn controlling terminal disappeared!")
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06:18:13scott666fyi: midknight2k3 is upset because he's banned
06:21:32bobdbobzagor did it earlier
06:21:43bobdbobhe kicked track
06:21:46scott666so i heard
06:21:49bobdbobthen banned all from that IP
06:21:52bobdbobwhat's up with that?
06:22:07bobdbobor scratch that −− not IP... that domain
06:22:08scott666dunno yet, im lookin through the log
06:22:16bobdbobheh... let me know when you find out
06:25:01 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
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09:00:13midhaarrockerI have a pointer to some memory in the form
09:00:13midhaarrockerunsigned char *buf = "ABCDEFGHIJKL";
09:00:13DBUGEnqueued KICK midhaarrocker
09:00:13midhaarrockerNow I want to access a portion of this as an unsigned long.
09:00:14midhaarrockerunsigned long my_long = *(unsigned long*)&buf[2];
09:00:14***Alert Mode level 1
09:00:14midhaarrockerdoes that job. Is there a way to do that more elegantly?
09:00:20Doggerhey midhaarrocker
09:00:37midhaarrockerhey Dogger
09:02:17bobdbobcan't you just do unsigned long my_long = (unsigned long)buf[2] ; ?
09:02:42CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
09:02:42*midhaarrocker tries
09:03:51midhaarrockerNo, that doesn't work as it converts only the first byte of buf[2] to a long.
09:04:13midhaarrockerSo I have a value range of 0 .. 255 only.
09:04:37bobdbobyou have "ABCDEFGH" stored in a char (byte)
09:04:48bobdboband what do you want out of it?
09:04:59bobdbobsomething like that?
09:05:29bobdbobor "CDEF"
09:05:58midhaarrockerIf I start at buf[1] I expect my_long to be 1162101570
09:06:34bobdbobso 0x45444342
09:07:03bobdbobso "EDCB"
09:07:13bobdbobI see.
09:07:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:07:32midhaarrockerJust the same chunk of memory only interpreted as a unsigned long.
09:07:48bobdbobso... you also want to be able to get at "DCBA"
09:07:52bobdboband "FEDC"
09:08:42*midhaarrocker at least believes that he wants that....
09:08:55bobdbobwell, then I'd say what you have is as elegant as it gets
09:09:03bobdbobI think...
09:10:15***Alert Mode OFF
09:15:47midhaarrockerThank you. I'm offline now.
09:16:19 Quit midhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
09:36:35Doggeranyone know much about ata programming?
09:36:35 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
09:36:35 Quit NibbIer (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
09:47:54bobdbobsorry, know nothing about ata programming
09:48:00Doggerdammit :(
09:48:12Doggeralmost have av300 ata code working
09:48:24bobdbobhow much did you pay for yours...
09:48:34bobdbobI say them at BB, but it's 550.00
09:49:22bobdbobI'd like to help with that effort, despite it's legal problems right now
09:49:57Doggerno legal problems any more afaik
09:50:01Doggerarchos were stupid
09:50:16Doggeras soon as I release my replacement bootloader,
09:50:19Doggeranyone can run anything
09:50:28Doggerwithout having to pack it etc
09:50:45Doggerits amazing how little of the hardware archos use
09:51:00bobdbobhow do you mean?
09:51:12Doggerits got 2 video windows, 2 bitmap windows, and 2 cursors... all moveable, resizable, and blendable with each other in hardware
09:51:21Doggerthats just the OSD
09:51:34bobdbobso, play 2 movies at once in two different windows..
09:51:34Doggerso you could play video inside another video window
09:51:41Doggerand good for games
09:51:44Doggercos you got hardware sprites
09:52:09bobdbobdoes it have a full blown dsp in it? or just a mpeg decoder?
09:52:19Doggerfull blown multi purpose dsp
09:52:24Doggercould do tons of good stuff with it
09:52:35Doggeronce I RE it :)
09:53:11bobdbobso, does the effort have a public webpage yet?
09:53:22bobdbobwith downloads or cvs or anything?
09:54:51Doggerall my code is in cvs
09:54:54Doggerapart from the packer
09:55:12Doggeralthough rockbox has released its own packer now
09:55:24bobdbobheh... they're finally seeing the light, eh?
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11:51:35NewDebianmorning everyone:)
11:52:57NewDebiani have a question: what is the best way to format the Harddisk of the Archos Jukebox Recorder? I installed RockBox yesterday but i said there is no partition. I tried to format it with Partition Magic to FAT32 but this doesnt work.
11:58:43 Join KoRnfReaK [0] (
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12:01:27NewDebianmhhh, nobody here
12:23:27 Nick edx{afk} is now known as edx (
12:29:27NewDebianeverytime i copy the rockbox recorder software on the HD, after rebooting the files are away or damged, what a problem could it be?
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13:15:42troyHi all.
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18:50:49Doggeranyone alive?
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20:05:39telliottAnyone remember who wrote the app "create.exe" to auto download the latest daily build, and rocks and create a ucl for flashing?
20:05:50telliottWindows app.
20:06:16hardeeptelliott: no idea, although it's obsolete now that we include the ucl and latest rocks in the daily build zip
20:10:08telliottI've been having problems with the latest build (yesterday). It would randomly stop and ask if I wanted to save a bookmark.
20:12:19hardeeptelliott: 11/16 or 11/17?
20:18:11telliottI don't remember. I've already went back to the Jan 12th build
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22:48:20BoB666BoBanyone know what ata: -61 means?
22:48:33BoB666BoBi've got a v2, no idea how to open it to remove the batteries.... :-(
22:51:19 Join earHertz [0] (
22:51:22 Part earHertz
22:51:22BoB666BoBdo i just sit here for a few hours and let it die?
22:58:39bobdbob2Bob: you can hold down off for 4 seconds or so
22:58:46bobdbob2should turn it off
22:58:51bobdbob2and then plug it in...
22:58:55bobdbob2let it charge for a while
23:07:05 Join midhaarrocker [0] (
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23:08:45midhaarrockerHi Zagor!
23:09:28midhaarrockerHave you seen the note about the broken english.lang?
23:09:37Zagornot yet, going through the mail now
23:12:20Doggerhi zagor :)
23:12:25Doggergot fat working on av300!
23:12:33Doggerit loads a file, and runs it!
23:12:35Doggerbootloader works
23:12:41Zagorvery nice
23:12:44Doggeralthough it doesn't let USB connection work
23:13:01Doggeron the other devices can only the CPU or the USB access HDD at a time?
23:13:08Doggerdo you have to relinquish control?
23:13:31midhaarrockerI always wondered: did you all "steal" fat / ata code from other open source like linux?
23:13:43Zagorright. by the way, i thought about what to do with the flash. i think you should make an image with a copy of the archos firmware for safe-boot, and then just make a simple boot loader that fits together with the archos code.
23:13:44 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
23:13:59Doggerfat ata code isn't that big a deal. I wrote mine from scratch
23:14:03Zagormidhaarrocker: no, i wrote it from scratch. there was no clean fat nor ata code to steal.
23:14:35CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:14:35*midhaarrocker is impressed
23:14:52DoggerZagor: but that means distributing a modified archos firmware right?
23:14:59Doggerwhich would be legally questionable
23:15:21Zagoryou don't have to distribute it, just make a tool that combines your boot loader with the archos firmware the user already has.
23:15:38Doggerso I make some code,
23:15:43Doggerand you get the user to do say
23:15:57Doggercat mycode.bin CJBM.AJZ > newCJBM.AJZ
23:16:02Doggerand use newCJBM.AJZ
23:16:08Zagoryeah, something like that
23:16:10Doggerthats a good idea
23:16:37Doggeralthough I should be able to get the bootloader to run the official firmware as is
23:16:38Zagorthen you'll always have a fallback firmware
23:16:47Doggerif I update to my bootloader,
23:16:54Doggerit can load the official firmware and run it
23:17:09Zagoryeah. except if you ever update a buggy boot loader
23:17:13Doggeralthough I'll have to write an unpacker or use the archos one thats in rom
23:17:21Doggersure, but thats not a problem
23:17:28DoggerI can recover over serial
23:17:37Doggeras long as I don't update the flash boot sector
23:17:40Doggerto a buggy one
23:17:43Doggerthen I'm fkd
23:18:35Zagori'd recommend making it as foolproof as possible. people are worried anyway about reflashing their units.
23:18:44Doggeryeah sure
23:18:52Doggerbut I cant see any backdoor
23:18:58Doggeryou HAVE to update the firmware on the av300
23:19:08Doggerif it goes wrong they can get a serial cable and recover
23:19:20Doggergot OSD stuff working
23:19:22Doggerget this
23:19:29Dogger2 video windows (YCbCr)
23:19:37Dogger2 bitmap windows (pallette)
23:19:40Dogger2 cursors
23:19:47Doggerall movable and resizable in hardware
23:19:49Doggerand zoomable
23:19:55Doggerarchos uses none of it!
23:21:16Doggerand blendable
23:21:24Doggeryou can combine them all nicely
23:21:28Doggerlooks very cool :)
23:21:29Zagormidhaarrocker: you're sending a patch uuencoded. that's so 80s! ;-)
23:22:09midhaarrockerThat was my &%$/ Forte Agent news reader.
23:26:49 Nick edx{code} is now known as edx{tv} (
23:55:26midhaarrockerIs this right: When recording the chunk that is written to a file starts at mp3buf + mp3buf_read ?
23:56:10*Zagor whistles and looks at the pretty starts
23:57:08midhaarrocker? The pretty starts of rockbox?
23:58:26Zagori can't spell...
23:58:35midhaarrockerstarts = stars?
23:58:43Zagorseriously, i haven't read the recording code much so I can't answer taht

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