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#rockbox log for 2004-01-23

00:01:21cstscott666: For avi scaling (in Windoze) I recently tested TMPGEnc ( Works perfect. While this is primarily for mpeg video recoding, it can also export to avi. It is free, except export to MPEG2 works only for 30 days.
00:02:00tracklol windoze
00:03:29hardeeptrack: I know I wouldn't use it
00:03:38hardeeptrack: but I'm sure some people might like it
00:04:36trackbasically its just a "safeguard" incase you need to restore a file after deleting it in rockbox
00:08:47scott666cst: thanks!
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00:16:50scott666i bet clerks would look excellent like this...
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00:17:49[gz]wwut happend?
00:19:13[gz]oh my god just tell my why those fucking bitches didnt implement a way to read out the program-memory path. i mean nobody needs it. but we do. ARGH
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00:19:58scott666could we do it?
00:20:28[gz]i fear we cant
00:21:10[gz]except using a err. elektronenrastermikroskop
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00:21:31[gz]the microscope they use to see atomic structures. that way we could read out the prom
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00:21:51gzprobably burglaring micronas would be easier
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01:10:41gzwell i'm off, too
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01:58:17Strathgmini hardware information, Including CPU/DSP datasheet w/ instruction mnemonics and thier binary formats!!! posted @
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05:43:28midknight2k3hi thu
05:43:47thuI've been irreparably exposed to an ipod
05:44:19thuis there any conceivable way of building a tree of files in memory and browsing by ID3 tags?
05:45:15thuI realize the archoses are short on memory but I don't know how practical would be to write all the info in a file on disk
05:45:31scott666theres a program out there that makes a bunch of playlists based on id3 info
05:45:48midknight2k3thu: yes, id3 database may happen
05:45:52scott666ID3/artists/[artist].m3u and such
05:46:04thuhmm.. that would be a start
05:46:13thumaybe integrated in a smart way to sync the archos
05:47:18*scott666 currently has 453:37:35+ hours of music
05:47:23thuactually it should be possible but slower and battery-consuming to have rockbox go through the entire drive and create playlists
05:47:38thuhow much is that in gigs?
05:47:38midknight2k3we could just make a database
05:47:48*thu is too lazy to have xmms count all the music again
05:47:49midknight2k3that scans at boot and loads it
05:47:52scott666well...its all at 192kbps
05:48:04thumidknight2k3: loads it into memory? and hogs it all?
05:48:17thubuilding playlists is nicer if you have an automated way of doing it
05:48:43thuwell, on rockbox
05:48:52thuthat's a good start
05:49:00midknight2k3to make a root playlist it takes like 2 minutes
05:49:09thuroot playlist?
05:49:10midknight2k3to make them in seperate folders etc, that would take about 3
05:49:18midknight2k3i sure don't need that
05:49:18thuit's okay really
05:49:20scott666'create playlist' in the root dir
05:49:30scott666it makes a playlist of every mp3 on the archos
05:50:04thuhaving a way of automatically syncing rockbox with something like the new gnome audio manager would be nice
05:50:12scott666i suggest the program i mentioned, theres no reason for rockbox to do all that playlist creation when a program already exists that can do it in under 5 minutes
05:50:23midknight2k3scott666: data base!
05:50:42scott666it would just be a pre-rendered database
05:51:02midknight2k3it'd only take a few seconds to do it
05:51:11scott666now a way to search that database, on the other hand, would be useful
05:51:42scott666but someone already made a script that pre-rendered that too
05:53:02scott666it ended up taking up like 15mb of space
05:53:11scott666but anyway, im goin back to war3x
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06:27:24midknight2k3bye people
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07:13:52wethionHey. Er. total newbie question, and I'd gladly RTFM if I knew which FM to read. I'm trying to copy files to my archos, but the file sizes are all 2176K. What am I not doing?
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12:39:32trackhi Galik
12:41:32Galikdid u used to be called tracktheripper?
12:43:15GalikDoes anyone know if there is a problem with wake-up-alarm on the FM?
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12:47:54trackhi Wb
12:48:06tracksorry Hi webmind
12:53:41trackever heard of abbreviations galik?
12:55:27Galiktrack, Yes but I wouldn't want to say "Hi, long time no see" to the wrong track* :)
12:59:45GalikHmmm can't find a link to the latest FMSimulator...
13:01:07LinusNGalik: there is no point in downloading the simulator executables
13:02:42GalikOkay. I'll build it myself. - just building the environment now...
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13:29:06kurzhaarrockerLinus: great thing, these recording directories.
13:32:29kurzhaarrocker(Couldn't you have done that without perforating my trigger code with cvs conflicts?!?) :)
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14:46:11c0utta{zZZ}linus, don't forget about my patch :)
14:46:21LinusNdon't worry
14:51:18 Quit c0utta{zZZ} ("QwIRC 0.89a")
14:57:21GalikWhat is the "isimulator/win32 directory" that the configure scripts wants?
15:00:09LinusNit is the simulation code
15:00:26LinusNfor windows
15:00:33LinusNit's in cvs
15:00:47LinusNwhat did you check out?
15:04:29LinusNyou need to check out the uisimulator from cvs
15:04:41LinusNcd rockbox
15:04:48LinusNcvs co uisimulator
15:05:42LinusNor, instead of doing "co rockbox" when you check out rockbox, do "co rockbox-devel"
15:05:58LinusNthen uisimulator will be included
15:10:11Galikahh k thanks
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15:14:06LinusNgood luck, gotta go now
15:14:23Galikseems to be working now. thanks
15:15:04 Part LinusN
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18:36:07Asmotaku-nekoHi there ! ^w^
18:36:36 Quit hardeep ("BitchX by any other name is still BitchX")
18:36:56Asmotaku-nekoI miss the url of the JBM open source petition. Got any hint ?
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18:49:44doggerhi all
18:52:41Asmotaku-nekonobody here...seems like it.
18:53:22 Part Asmotaku-neko
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19:15:34elinenbebelated hi dogger!
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19:53:53quelsarukhi zagor
19:56:31Zagordogger: does the serial port have any "official" use?
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22:52:41GalikWhen I run uisw32.exe for some reason it list thr root of my C drive rather than the archos sub directory under my build directory. Anyone know what I done wrong?
22:56:08 Join Phatbl0ke [0] (
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23:33:22Cosmo`someones on the ball :P
23:34:16Cosmo`i've been looking into buying an MP3 player and it sort of ... lead me here heh
23:35:12Cosmo`was thinking about purchasing one of those Archos Jukebox FM things
23:38:13hardeepCosmo`: Not a bad choice. A number of people on here have one
23:38:20hardeepand, of course, you get Rockbox
23:38:42Cosmo`yeah i've been reading about it
23:38:44Cosmo`sounds pretty good
23:38:59Cosmo`any MP3 player that has an open source community devoted to writing better firmware for it cant be bad :)
23:40:51MTCosmo`: id get one of the original recorders if i were you
23:41:01MTJukebox Recorder 20
23:41:02Cosmo`what makes you say that?
23:41:05Cosmo`i thought about it ...
23:41:09Cosmo`but the display looks pretty bad if you ask me
23:41:10MTthe FM hardware wise is poor
23:41:16Cosmo`i imagine i'd have problems navigating etc
23:41:20MTmany many people have had problems
23:41:29MTthe recorder and the fm have the same screen
23:41:31Cosmo`i like the look of that new one
23:41:37Cosmo`the Gmini 120 thing
23:41:43MTah yes
23:41:45Cosmo`i understand its not compatible with rockbox though
23:41:50MTnot yet
23:41:52Cosmo`cant find anywhere that sells it though heh
23:41:55MTgive it 6 months
23:42:26Cosmo`oh wait
23:42:32Cosmo`im thinking of the Jukebox Studio 20
23:42:44Cosmo`that has a different display dosent it?
23:42:56MTyes, thats a player model
23:43:11MTbasically there are 3 models, player, recorder and fmrecorder
23:43:26MTthe v2 recorders look like an fm, thats because they are
23:43:34Cosmo`bit of a con aint it? heh
23:43:46MTthe first ones still had the fm receivers onboard, just disabled in software
23:44:00Cosmo`im undecided, its bloody hard to decide what MP3 player to buy nowadays
23:44:05Cosmo`especially when its costs so much
23:44:13Cosmo`if you make a wrong decision, thats £200 thrown away
23:44:47Cosmo`i read somewhere that the sound quality isn't great on the Archos?
23:45:01MTim no audiophile
23:45:09MTbut i found it more than adequate
23:45:18Cosmo`i wouldnt say im an audiophile
23:45:25Cosmo`but i certainly think the ipod sounds shit
23:45:59Cosmo`i dont know what people see in them you know
23:46:03Cosmo`fkin clumsy interface
23:46:06Cosmo`they sound terrible
23:46:12Cosmo`and they're too expensive for what they are
23:46:17Cosmo`style over substance imo.
23:47:03MThell yeah
23:47:17MTpretty things, but they break far too easy and cost way too much
23:47:25Cosmo`its obscene
23:47:29Cosmo`£250 for a 10 gig ipod
23:47:35Cosmo`thats more like a joke
23:47:47MT£250 buys you a 40gb xclef
23:47:54Cosmo`i cant spend that much heh
23:48:01MTwhich will be my next one ;)
23:48:03Cosmo`i was looking at the xclef too
23:48:08Cosmo`i can afford a 20gig one
23:48:34MTif i had a use for a 20gb bare drive, id get the 20 and upgrade to 60
23:48:44Cosmo`do they take 2.5" drives?
23:48:46MT£50 for an extra 20gb seems steep to me
23:49:15Cosmo`i cant push to the extra £50
23:49:18MTaltho i may have to buy one for Zagor, so it can possibly get all rockboxed up
23:49:19Cosmo`i've got a budget of £200
23:49:41MTits a very exciting player, as its got stacks of ram and a damn fast cpu
23:49:47Cosmo`the xclef?
23:49:59Cosmo`i dont know how big they are
23:50:16MTit should give excellent battery life, plus the opportunity to play almost any format we wish
23:50:18Cosmo`i gotta get something soon i sold my existing music player today heh
23:54:37Cosmo`so hard to decide when £200 is involved heh
23:55:29Cosmo`i have to say this xclef does look good though ...

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