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#rockbox log for 2004-01-26

00:00:21[IDC]DragonI'm test-watching a futurama episode on the box right now
00:00:26[IDC]Dragon(with sound)
00:00:51[IDC]Dragonwell in sync so far
00:01:11[IDC]Dragonbut I need a bit more performance!
00:02:38Zagorc0utta: for example, toggling shuffle takes 5 key presses in this menu even when it's the first entry. i think that's too much.
00:03:21[IDC]Dragoncan you think of any optimization potential in the file system maybe?
00:03:35[IDC]Dragonor in the blit function?
00:04:16Zagorhow fast are you getting right now?
00:05:01[IDC]Dragonlike <69 fps lest
00:05:37[IDC]Dragonleft, I mean
00:06:01[IDC]Dragonsync was very well, the episode just ended.
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00:13:02hardeepblah, this is annoying: the vc6 compiler doesn't support empty array initialization
00:13:19Zagoruse mingw :)
00:13:59hardeepI want to use the vc6 debugger. :)
00:20:45hardeepZagor: I think i'm pretty much done with my changes to the playlist/viewer code to support viewing/editing playlists on disk. Would you mind if I committed them?
00:21:35Zagorno. go ahead.
00:23:20hardeepcool, thanks
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00:27:53[IDC]Dragongoodnight folks
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00:33:46Zagorbed time
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01:56:29trackhi hardeep and dogger
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06:42:58asdfoinawesfi have 2 problems. when i press the case below the lcd and above the f2 key, the f2 key registers a hit. is that normal?
06:43:09asdfoinawesfthe other one is that my line in for a mic doesnt seem to work
06:43:33asdfoinawesfi attached a computer mic to line in but no audio gets recorded
06:44:09asdfoinawesfyesterday i slipped on a step and i fell on my back while i had my jukebox v2 in my backpack
06:44:33asdfoinawesfthe plastic cover on the lcd is a little cracked but nothing else seems damaged
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06:46:01asdfoinawesfif i record something i dont want to use the mic on the jukebox because you can hear the hdd running in the backround
06:46:36asdfoinawesfplease help
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08:59:49midknight2k3hi adi
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10:23:30midknight2k3linusn hi
10:25:08midknight2k3me and diddystar5 have come up with a rather nice few VU Meter updates
10:25:15midknight2k3the old one now looks very ugly
10:26:01LinusNif you are ready, send me the file and i'll commit it
10:26:18midknight2k3no, I don't think so... diddystar5 was still working on something
10:26:28midknight2k3and I've got to complete coding my scaling options
10:26:30midknight2k3VERY HARD work
10:26:38midknight2k3but I think I've got it
10:34:31 Quit hardeep ("[BX] A friend with weed is a friend indeed")
10:35:45midknight2k3Oh, I was thinking of trying my hand at animations!
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10:53:54midknight2k3anything new planned?
11:00:30midknight2k3can I hear?
11:03:15LinusNwell, we are working on the new interface
11:03:24midknight2k3ooh boy! what's it like?
11:03:25LinusNa playlist editor
11:03:36midknight2k3don't we have that?
11:03:43LinusNmainly different key assignments, with popup menus
11:03:51midknight2k3popup cool
11:03:56midknight2k3i want to do the animations
11:04:00LinusNwe only have a dynamic playlist editor
11:04:16LinusNpopup menus are not about anmations
11:04:23midknight2k3not just for those
11:04:26midknight2k3but thatd be cool
11:04:35midknight2k3fly in from the bottom and bounce at the center
11:04:44midknight2k3foosh bwoing
11:05:08LinusNimho, that's a waste of CPU, time and program space
11:05:12LinusNbut that's me
11:05:21midknight2k3it wouldn't be that much space
11:05:25LinusNi know
11:05:26midknight2k3it'd look a lot nicer
11:05:44midknight2k3rockbox is a bit too... textlike
11:05:50midknight2k3we need icons and animations :)
11:06:20LinusNtextlike, yes, it's basic in a Perl kind of way
11:06:37LinusNdoes what it's supposed to do, and gets out of your face
11:06:43midknight2k3sort of
11:07:06LinusNpersonally, i'm really annoyed by the animations on my Nokia phone
11:07:19midknight2k3but animations, like, while you're waiting for something
11:07:22midknight2k3like a boot logo
11:07:35midknight2k3you're waiting for it to boot, why not have it animated?
11:07:55LinusNbecause the animation takes space
11:08:19midknight2k3memory = something we have not enough of
11:08:33midknight2k3i get your drift
11:08:49midknight2k3but fast ones .. you could code menu ones that would be very small in size but look nice
11:08:51LinusNbut i agree that rockbox could look nicer
11:08:54midknight2k3but also let you get it out of your face
11:09:01midknight2k3it's just sort of plain. but that's ok.
11:09:02 Join asdfoinawesf [0] (
11:09:14midknight2k3i can make nicer nicks by pounding the keyboard!
11:09:26LinusNmy thought too
11:11:01midknight2k3i was also
11:11:06midknight2k3making a progress bar option
11:11:14midknight2k3of either Slider, Fillup, or Ticker
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11:12:56LinusNmy fingers don't obey me today
11:13:17midknight2k3a line in the middle
11:13:22midknight2k3well across the lcd
11:13:27midknight2k3and a line up and down on it
11:13:30midknight2k3marking the progress
11:13:45midknight2k3EVEN!!! a peak meter and progress bar in one! eh? eh? lol
11:15:32midknight2k3merge it! merge it! :)
11:15:39 Join track [0] (
11:15:50midknight2k3hi track
11:16:08trackcan't stay long im off 2 work in a minute
11:16:10trackhi LInusN
11:16:24trackShould be on later tonight
11:16:50midknight2k3lol ok
11:17:00trackWho loves the Atadore font here?
11:17:04midknight2k3not me
11:17:10midknight2k3my 2nd favorite
11:17:11LinusNme neither
11:17:19midknight2k3I use hebrew-bold
11:17:28midknight2k3what does LinusN use?
11:17:37trackI bet he uses the ISOXXXX font :)
11:18:03LinusNi actually use the internal font
11:18:16midknight2k3ugh! i cant believe it!
11:18:20midknight2k3no class at all.
11:18:24trackLinusN u should make Atadore the sysfont!
11:18:30midknight2k3and you use the default wps too?
11:18:31trackEveryone likes the Atadore font!
11:18:41midknight2k3and the default settings
11:18:52tracklol I agree with midknight
11:18:55trackLinusN you are boring :)
11:19:04midknight2k3yes you need variety
11:19:08midknight2k3i was just discussing animations
11:19:12LinusNi often use the default wps
11:19:19midknight2k3i cant believe it
11:19:32midknight2k3the thing thats best about rockbox is that its customizable
11:19:37trackAnyway I have to go, talk later
11:19:40midknight2k3you dont have to be a coder to have your own modification
11:19:42trackkeep LinusN Busy middy
11:19:42LinusNbecause i develop on my jukebox, and reset the settings so often
11:19:42midknight2k3ok bye track
11:19:51 Quit track (Client Quit)
11:19:57midknight2k3like your own wps
11:20:00midknight2k3its unique
11:20:09midknight2k3and it can be done by anyone with a brain at all
11:20:13LinusNi don't have a desire to be unique
11:20:23midknight2k3i'm talking about rockboxians in general
11:20:29midknight2k3that's what's nice about rockbox
11:20:31LinusNi don't need to do my own wps to be unique anyway
11:20:44midknight2k3you code your own stuff
11:20:50midknight2k3but i'm talking about the end user
11:20:59LinusNi know
11:21:10midknight2k3just commending you on that :)
11:21:17midknight2k3great idea, custom wps.. who'da thought of that?
11:21:24LinusNnowadays, i rarely use my jukebox for playing music :-) I just code on it
11:21:49LinusNnot entirely true, but close
11:22:02midknight2k3i feel inclined to relate
11:22:58midknight2k3but of course since i'm not as good as you its USB, <error>, <fix>, USB, <boo its ugly>, <fix>, repeat * 50, USB, "woo hoo", <release patch>, <gets rejected>
11:24:41LinusNmidknight2k3: you should consider enabling serial port debugging
11:24:54midknight2k3no ty
11:24:58midknight2k3it's not often errors
11:25:01midknight2k3just stuff
11:25:18midknight2k3i done USB over about 300 times i guess when making the clock
11:25:32midknight2k3i'm just dumb... i code one small piece and see if it fits
11:25:38LinusNbut do you really need to test that on the target?
11:25:38midknight2k3i don't just code it at once and try it
11:25:46midknight2k3why not?
11:25:58LinusNi always develop incrementally, just like you
11:26:28LinusNthe clock plugin could be developed in the simulator
11:26:39midknight2k3it didn't work out right. i need to update it
11:26:42midknight2k3after the vu patch
11:26:46midknight2k3and the fm ticker updates
11:26:50midknight2k3and the icon revamp
11:26:57midknight2k3and the menu fixed
11:27:00midknight2k3and redzone
11:27:06midknight2k3yeah its on the list
11:27:09LinusNmost ui stuff is better developed in the simulator
11:27:35LinusNno need to USB
11:28:37midknight2k3i always hated the sim
11:28:40midknight2k3but the x11 ROCKs
11:29:27midknight2k3x11 sim
11:29:49LinusNit works well, yes
11:36:45 Join AciD [0] (
11:38:54midknight2k3i will try and code this
11:39:00midknight2k3centering of text at wps!!
11:49:25midknight2k3any suggestions on getting bmp2rb to work?
11:49:50LinusNdoesn't it work?
11:50:02midknight2k3i always get bit depth errors
11:50:24LinusNyou must save the files as single color bitmaps
11:50:34midknight2k3monochrome, right?
11:50:42midknight2k3i do
11:50:46LinusNwhich tool?
11:51:23midknight2k3i tried lots. paint, photoshop, ms photo editor...
11:51:49LinusNmspaint is one of the very few tools that can save real monochome BMP files
11:52:07midknight2k3file, save as, monochrome bitmap?
11:52:48LinusNi think the file needs to be monochrome to begin with. save as will probably only reduce the number of colors
11:53:03LinusNmy guess
11:53:23midknight2k3so how do we make it monochrome to begin with?
11:53:35midknight2k3i think i got it
11:54:26midknight2k3$ bmp2rb lala.bmp
11:54:26midknight2k3error - Bitmap uses more than 8 bit depth, got 256
11:55:33 Join Nibbler [0] (
11:56:20midknight2k3ah well.
11:56:22midknight2k3nite all
11:56:38midknight2k3vu patch done soon i hope. :)
11:56:39 Quit midknight2k3 ("sudden death")
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12:32:31c0uttahello linus
12:35:10c0uttazagor has given his opinion of my f2 changes
12:36:57c0utta<Zagor> 1. this isn't quickscreens, this is merely custom menus. the f2/f3 screens should be for fast stuff that you want to do with one or two clicks.
12:37:13c0uttavery true
12:52:21 Join Schnueff [0] (
12:59:53c0uttalinus, i plan to allow the direct setting using F2
13:00:07LinusN"direct setting"?
13:00:20c0uttaset volume to 75%
13:00:27c0uttarun .rock tetris
13:00:33c0uttathat type of thing
13:01:13 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|meeting (
13:01:15c0uttai was going to allow a parameter to functions in settings_menu.c
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13:21:15c0uttalike bool car_adapter_mode(void)
13:21:31c0uttachange to bool car_adaptor_mode(void* setting)
13:22:01c0uttais setting is NULL then run set_bool_options
13:22:22c0uttaotherwise, use the setting to set the value
13:22:39c0uttacomprehende ?
13:27:47LinusNi get it
13:27:56LinusN(busy atm)
13:28:05 Join edx [0] (
13:29:18 Quit dwihno (Remote closed the connection)
13:29:20c0uttaok. i'm coding so delay is expected
13:29:29c0uttais this correct approach ?
13:29:57 Quit Schnueff (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:30:58LinusNso "setting" will vbe casted to the appropriate type when used?
13:32:49c0utta(what is vbe ?)
13:34:22LinusNa misspelled "be"
13:35:15c0uttaaha. thought it was some unix thing i didn't know about
13:38:18c0uttaok. i'll go ahead with these changes
13:38:33c0uttathis means that many files will be changed completely
13:38:45 Join asdfoinawesf [0] (
13:38:55c0uttais it worth doing patches, or should i submit the complete file ?
13:39:05LinusNpatches are necessary
13:39:33LinusNbe aware that we may reject your work
13:40:19LinusNyou are working a lot on this feature while we are busy with other things
13:40:41c0uttaon what grounds would you reject ?
13:40:48c0uttai keep sources synced with cvs
13:40:52LinusNwhen we finally find the time to look at your stuff, you will have made huge changes that we may not agree with /in total)
13:41:06LinusN(in total)
13:41:23 Join AciD [0] (
13:41:30c0uttai won;t do major changes until i get your agreement
13:43:20LinusNi know, but i have so many things to do that i can't always examine all your ideas in detail
13:44:31c0uttaok. i'll take that risk
13:44:54c0uttai must confess that the changes i'm making don't really suit me personally
13:45:06LinusNin what respect?
13:45:23c0uttai really only need about 3 things on my f2 menu
13:45:47c0uttaeasy for me to do a patch an keep it synced with cvs
13:46:28c0uttathe challenge for me is to make it universal so everyone benefits
13:46:40c0uttai suppose that's the spirit of the project
13:47:01LinusNmostly yes
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21:18:54midknight2k3what's up
21:49:54 Nick edx{code} is now known as edx{coffee} (
21:54:03 Join scott666 [0] (
21:54:11midknight2k3hi scott
21:56:14 Join track [0] (
21:56:30trackhi Mid
21:57:35midknight2k3hi track
21:58:51trackim really depressed right now
22:00:07 Join Cortex [0] (
22:00:22CortexHello :)
22:00:49CortexI'm looking for an AJZ unpacker cood somebody help me ?
22:01:03midknight2k3descramble would work
22:01:22CortexTo make a BIN File
22:03:49midknight2k3run it from DOS
22:05:34CortexBut i've got an AV300 and I don't know wich switch i had to use (-mm,-fm,-jb2)
22:05:55midknight2k3might want to try #avos
22:06:14midknight2k3i think does it
22:06:20CortexYes but it don't give any information about unpacking
22:06:32midknight2k3it unpacks
22:06:35midknight2k3doesnt tell you how
22:06:43Cortexjust say "you might use the rockbox unpacker"
22:06:49CortexNo you don't understand
22:06:58CortexI want ti try the Avos firmwar
22:07:04midknight2k3on your ajb?
22:07:15CortexOn my AV320
22:07:22midknight2k3er yeah
22:07:55CortexBut to return to the original firmware i need an Unpacked version of the original one
22:08:12CortexAnd Avos do not give that
22:08:12midknight2k3put the original firmware in a folder with descramble
22:08:21midknight2k3open DOS, navigate to that folder and put in:
22:08:22midknight2k3descramble -mm cjbm.ajz firm.bin
22:08:31CortexSure ?
22:08:53CortexBecause if not i will not be able to return to the original firmware
22:09:02midknight2k3you can USB with Avos
22:09:05midknight2k3if it doesnt work
22:10:36Cortexyes but we need a bin version of the original firmware to launch it from the Bootloader (wich is the name of the Avos Firmware)
22:10:48midknight2k3hang on
22:11:37 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:11:44 Join AciD [0] (
22:14:34midknight2k3read the readme?
22:17:50midknight2k3should tell you what you need to knpw?
22:17:53midknight2k3well do what i said
22:19:59CortexThe readme don't tell how to unpack the firmware
22:20:08midknight2k3read up
22:20:11midknight2k3what I said.
22:20:34CortexWhen I use the -mm switch it works and said :
22:21:07CortexWhat's this ?
22:21:18midknight2k3the scramble algorithm
22:21:21midknight2k3the "key"
22:21:45 Join Guest [0] (
22:21:51Cortexah ok
22:22:15GuestIs this the place to ask for help with rockbox?
22:22:38GuestI want to install the ab repeat patch, but I'm new to this stuff
22:23:11Guestcan anyone help me with this?
22:24:52midknight2k3i have that...
22:25:04Guestrecorder 20
22:25:07 Nick edx{coffee} is now known as edx{code} (
22:25:25midknight2k3just a sec
22:29:52 Join trackk [0] (
22:29:52 Quit track (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:30:00 Nick trackk is now known as track (
22:30:05trackaol playing up again mid
22:30:54tracknever mind
22:33:05Guestyou still with me mid?
22:33:12midknight2k3ye guest
22:33:25Guestno prob - waiting patiently
22:35:18 Nick track is now known as track- (
22:35:28 Nick track- is now known as trackisaway (
22:35:36midknight2k3try track|away
22:36:47 Quit Cortex ("Leaving")
22:38:53 Nick trackisaway is now known as track|away (
22:39:31track|awaythanks mid
22:41:27midknight2k3ok guest
22:41:29midknight2k3making it
22:41:54Guestok - making what?
22:41:58midknight2k3rockbox with ab
22:42:34GuestOh, you mean it's not already ready to install?
22:44:02midknight2k3it will be in a sec
22:44:24Guestoh - you're the man
22:44:32midknight2k3:) i hope
22:47:22 Join Foby [0] (
22:47:30midknight2k3yes its the right one
22:47:31midknight2k3very close now
22:47:48Fobyis there french people here ?
22:48:00GuestI'm on the edge of my seat
22:48:07midknight2k3it works well
22:48:19Guestright on - how do I get it now?
22:49:01Fobyoh, visibly no. it's not gravous. I have a question however
22:49:17midknight2k3just a sec guest
22:49:36Fobydoes somebody have a problem in the release 2.1 with remote control ??
22:49:43midknight2k3never used one
22:50:05Fobyand other person ?
22:50:19GuestSorry, I haven't either
22:50:22Fobynobody have a problem with remote control ?
22:51:03midknight2k3ok guest
22:51:05midknight2k3here it is
22:51:05Fobybecause i don't understand, i have big problem with it :(
22:51:56midknight2k3to use it, go to F2 screen and select "Repeat mode: AB"
22:52:03midknight2k3icon's in the status bar
22:52:20midknight2k3off is arrows, a marked is a a with arrow and looping is aB
22:52:45midknight2k3well just press on to mark the spots.. you'll get it! :)
22:52:58GuestThank you very very much - I'll try it out as soon as I settle my kid down
22:53:24midknight2k3good luck
22:53:30midknight2k3come back if it doesn't work
22:53:35midknight2k3but it should :)
22:53:39midknight2k3it's rather recent too
22:53:59midknight2k3rather. i plan on having zagor add it to cvs... he said he may if i update it to current
22:57:04GuestBeautiful!! - You ARE the Man!! I am eternally greatful
22:58:34 Join AciD`` [0] (
22:58:48midknight2k3it works?
22:58:51midknight2k3you're welcome
22:59:24GuestThanks again - I can use this to learn guitar licks - I'm outta here
22:59:30 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
23:00:24 Quit cjnr11 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:07:24Fobyoh, does someone konw what release 2.1 upgrade concerning the remote control ? (i'm french, sorry concerning my bad english ;) )
23:08:55midknight2k3i don' think 2.1 was modified for the remote
23:08:57midknight2k3it should work
23:08:59midknight2k3what model?
23:09:24Foby15 go
23:09:44midknight2k3and the right remote for it?
23:09:48midknight2k3does it work with archos firmware?
23:10:32Fobyi don't try
23:10:36midknight2k3tr it
23:10:42Fobyi have one firmware
23:10:48Fobythe better
23:10:59midknight2k3yes, but see if archos firmware works
23:11:11midknight2k3maybe the remote is incompatible, maybe it's broken
23:11:42Fobyhow i can put two firmware on my archos ?
23:12:03midknight2k3just put the archos AJZ on the archos and load it
23:12:07midknight2k3or delete rockbox
23:12:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:12:22Fobyi'm going to try
23:12:33 Quit _aLF (Remote closed the connection)
23:12:36Fobyi can find the archos AJZ on archos site ?
23:13:09Fobythank a lot !! :)
23:13:14midknight2k3good luck
23:13:29midknight2k3you can just put it in the root as archos.ajz
23:13:32midknight2k3and PLAY it with rockbox
23:13:38midknight2k3it will load without you having to do anything
23:14:03Fobyi'm going to try
23:14:14Fobywe are very friendly person midknight2k3
23:14:50 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
23:16:40 Nick track|away is now known as track (
23:20:26Fobyeuh, the name of file .ajz
23:20:35Fobyis the same as rockbox ajz
23:20:48midknight2k3just rename it
23:20:52Fobyif i put archos .ajz on rockbox .ajz
23:20:55midknight2k3or put it somewhere else
23:20:57Fobyah okay
23:21:00midknight2k3like /firmwares
23:21:06midknight2k3or in .rockbox
23:23:15Fobythere is only the .ajz to put to archos firmware turns on ?
23:24:11Fobyokay yes
23:24:19Fobyi'm going to test the remote control
23:29:13track back now
23:29:20Fobythe archos firmware is very poor !!
23:29:24 Quit AciD`` (
23:29:27midknight2k3did it work?
23:29:28midknight2k3hi track
23:29:32tracku can say that again Foby
23:29:34Fobybut it seems that the remote go on :(
23:29:34trackhey middy
23:29:35NJoinAciD`` [0] (
23:29:35Mode"#rockbox +bbb *!*icechat*@* *!* *!*jirc*@* " by
23:29:41trackI feel slightly better now
23:29:47midknight2k3ok nm
23:29:51trackjust had a beer
23:30:06midknight2k3it works in archos firmware then?
23:30:09trackI felt really shitty earlier on
23:30:20trackMid I still like to try your etchasketch patch
23:30:25Fobyit seems to work
23:30:40midknight2k3track: not yet
23:30:43trackoh ok
23:30:47trackis it still been coded?
23:30:58midknight2k3sort of
23:31:02midknight2k3i need to redo it
23:31:03Fobyi'm deconcerted :( i will be obliged to use the archos firmwarre !! :(((( berk :((
23:31:05trackoh ok
23:31:17midknight2k3file it as a bug report, Foby
23:31:25trackthe playlist function on the Archos F/W is just GAY!!!
23:31:34track999 songs that take forever to load!
23:31:39midknight2k3oh i tried it once
23:31:52midknight2k3rockbox did my root playlist loaded 1700 songs in like 10 seconds
23:32:02midknight2k3archos froze, 30 seconds and 5 songs into loading
23:32:13Fobyif i list this problem in the bug report, does it quickly be fixed ?
23:32:18midknight2k3it's possible
23:32:23midknight2k3you can come back here later too
23:32:28midknight2k3there may be somebody who can help
23:33:45Fobyi try all over tomerow and i will came tomorow to say you if it work with the archos. because the remote control works on the rockbox somtimes, but sometime, it don't work. it's very strange
23:35:02Fobyi have an eglish question
23:35:02 Quit oxygen77 ("ChatZilla 0.8.31 [Mozilla rv:1.4/7]")
23:35:13Fobydo you have a synonym of "broking down" ?
23:35:28Fobyoh, "broken down" excuse
23:35:51midknight2k3not working?
23:36:25Fobybut i search another english synonym
23:38:30Fobyi will find thsi word later
23:38:35Fobybye bye every body
23:38:37Fobychao !! :)
23:38:45Fobychao !! :)
23:38:46midknight2k3oh well
23:38:48midknight2k3you'll get it
23:38:51 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- irc client ownage!")
23:39:30 Quit Foby ()
23:43:11 Nick edx{code} is now known as edx{avi} (
23:48:27 Join elinenbe [0] (
23:48:39midknight2k3hi elinenbe
23:50:08trackDoes Adiamas still come here?
23:51:03trackhavent seem him for a while
23:51:26midknight2k3it would "seem" not
23:51:37tracksorry havent seen him for a while
23:55:02trackman it seemed such a good idea at the time...
23:57:50trackjust thinking of an old request mid
23:57:58trackI was so proud when I sent it
23:58:47trackthe one about saving HD space using zip folders

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