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#rockbox log for 2004-01-28

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00:10:30midknight2k3hi all
00:11:58BoD[]hi mid
00:12:07midknight2k3hey BoD[]
00:12:28midknight2k3i have new plans for the vu\
00:12:36midknight2k3i thought i was done but i wasn't
00:12:41BoD[]like what
00:12:48midknight2k3i'll show you all later
00:12:55midknight2k3it's confidential. :_
00:13:25BoD[]i'd like my rockbox to go "next" faster
00:13:34BoD[]it's still slow when you click "next"
00:13:44midknight2k3next track you mean?
00:14:03midknight2k3well that can't really be worked around, usually a hard drive spinup is needed
00:14:09midknight2k3ooooooh wait!
00:14:12Zagoryou can preload some data
00:14:16midknight2k3what if we keep 5 seconds of the next song in buffer
00:14:17midknight2k3at all times?
00:14:19BoD[]it is faster with the old original legacy archos firmware
00:14:37BoD[]you can preload ? what do you mean
00:14:49midknight2k3keep in ram
00:14:57BoD[]yeah yeah but ..
00:15:01midknight2k3so we'd still have to spin up
00:15:06midknight2k3but it'd start playing instantly
00:15:18BoD[]i mean .. is there an option or something
00:15:22midknight2k3i never touched the buffer code, so i don't know anything about it.
00:15:25midknight2k3not yet...
00:15:29midknight2k3but it's a good idea
00:15:50BoD[]zagor ?
00:16:14ZagorBoD[]: nobody has written that. I just mentioned that it's possible.
00:16:17BoD[]ok :)
00:16:23midknight2k3i could try
00:16:27BoD[]in that case
00:16:29midknight2k3zagor could do it in a few seconds i bet
00:16:51BoD[]"it's like that to be implemented sometimes" :))
00:17:28midknight2k3let me have a look here at this code.
00:17:36BoD[]good luck ;)
00:17:45midknight2k3i doubt i can do much
00:17:53midknight2k3but its worth a shot
00:18:33midknight2k3buffer.c may do it
00:18:44BoD[]my "typical listening behaviour" is to load the full playlist of all the contents of the hd, and to listen with suffle on
00:19:08BoD[]and of course i want to "zap" quite often ;:)
00:19:26midknight2k3well the numbers are predetermined, right zagor?
00:19:39Zagorwhich numbers?
00:19:45midknight2k3when shuffling
00:19:55midknight2k3it knows ahead of time which number to go to correct
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00:23:15trackHi Midknight
00:23:21midknight2k3hi track
00:23:41tracki switched from mirc to leafchat. I tried xchat but couldnt' get it to work for some reason
00:24:00BoD[]too 'x'
00:24:07trackanother irc client
00:24:13trackHas a plainer interface but it works
00:24:22midknight2k3i know its in mpeg.c
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00:25:31 Nick edsx is now known as edx (
00:25:42BoD[]i use xircon
00:25:51trackyea mid I just found the playlist editor
00:25:55trackhardeep pointed it out for me
00:25:58 Quit edx ()
00:25:58midknight2k3i cant do it
00:26:03BoD[]just a little bit better than telnet ;)
00:26:27trackI want to go back to icechat but I think aol users are still banned on it
00:26:36midknight2k3icechat is dumb
00:26:53midknight2k3ah well.
00:27:00trackwell leafchat seems okay
00:27:01midknight2k3i can't do it
00:27:06trackwhat u trying to do mid?
00:27:09midknight2k3but perhaps someone else can
00:27:18midknight2k3oh, loading the 5 seconds of the next track into buffer
00:27:24midknight2k3so we can play NEXT immediately
00:27:29trackoh yeah?
00:27:29midknight2k3instead of waiting for hard drive
00:27:32trackfaster song switching
00:27:44trackI thought keeping the disk spinning up achieves the same effect
00:27:53midknight2k3that eats battery
00:28:07midknight2k3i mean if you're at the beginning of this song
00:28:10midknight2k3and you want the next
00:28:16trackits just a case of allocating a portion of the ram for your 5sec buffer mid
00:28:18midknight2k3when you press >> it waits for the hard drive then buffers then plays
00:28:29midknight2k3i'm planning a preload of that 5 secs
00:28:38midknight2k3so that we can go next without waiting for the hard drive
00:28:43midknight2k3though it WILL spin up
00:28:45tracksounds feasible
00:29:17trackMid have you seen the Thompson Lyra AV device?
00:29:19tracklooks pretty neat
00:29:32BoD[]anyway i go to bed
00:29:46tracknight bod
00:29:48midknight2k3i think it has somewhere to do with this code:
00:29:49midknight2k3 if (num_tracks_in_memory() > 1)
00:29:49midknight2k3 {
00:29:49DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
00:29:49midknight2k3 /* We have to reload the current track */
00:29:49midknight2k3 close(mpeg_file);
00:29:49***Alert Mode level 1
00:29:49DBUGEnqueued KICK track
00:29:49midknight2k3 remove_all_non_current_tags();
00:29:51midknight2k3 mpeg_file = -1;
00:29:53midknight2k3 }
00:29:59trackoh right
00:30:07trackis that actual C code?
00:30:21 Quit BoD[] ("TCL 4EVA")
00:30:24trackC seems a bit like BASIC, very English-orientated
00:30:31midknight2k3that's just the functions
00:30:37midknight2k3they have a LOT in mpeg.c
00:30:39midknight2k3to make it more readable
00:30:44midknight2k3but parts are
00:31:00trackmidknight do u use linux or windows?
00:31:11midknight2k3windows atm :(
00:31:15midknight2k3mandrake has issues installing
00:31:21trackthere is a version of LinuX that can run off the CD
00:31:23midknight2k3so i may just have to try redhat
00:31:25trackim gonna try it tommorow
00:31:26midknight2k3i know
00:31:29trackits called Knobbit
00:31:34tracksorry Knobbix
00:31:55trackyea thats the one
00:32:00 Join Jet8810 [0] (~Jet8810@
00:32:02trackthere is a 700Mb ISO file for download
00:32:08midknight2k3yes track
00:39:50***Alert Mode OFF
00:51:32midknight2k3do we have menu functions in the plugin API?
00:52:13midknight2k3crap tastic.
00:52:33Zagorif you need it, add it. it's simple.
00:52:35trackwhat is the API?
00:52:43midknight2k3but zagor
00:52:49midknight2k3then we all have to change
00:53:07midknight2k3i'll just see how "star.c
00:53:08midknight2k3does it
00:53:30midknight2k3i could do #include "../menu.h"
00:53:31midknight2k3couldnt i
00:54:49midknight2k3looks complicated
00:54:55midknight2k3can you add it to cvs?
00:55:15Zagornot until a patch needs it
00:55:20midknight2k3mine does
00:55:28 Join AciD [0] (
00:55:41Zagorjust add it
00:55:48midknight2k3i can try
00:55:53midknight2k3watch me blow it lol
00:56:01midknight2k3good thing TextPad features full undo ability
00:56:05Zagorthat's how you learn
00:57:15trackZagor what is this api?
00:57:25midknight2k3it's how you control stuff
00:57:26Zagorthe plugin api
00:57:31midknight2k3the plugin api is all we can do in plugins
00:57:35midknight2k3it excludes a lot of stuff
00:57:39midknight2k3but does at least the basics
00:57:44trackahh right
00:58:02trackmid u got the file??
00:58:09midknight2k3so instead of using scary lcd code we can just use lcd_drawline
00:58:11midknight2k3yes lookig
00:58:34midknight2k3yeah! looks nice!
00:59:05trackMy digital camera struggled to focus due to the light reflecting off the LCD
00:59:14Jet8810I wanna dual boot linux and xp
00:59:16trackMid u saw my repainted F1 button?
00:59:20Jet8810pretty much total linux newbie
00:59:22Jet8810used mandrake a little
00:59:27Jet8810which distro should I use?
00:59:46midknight2k3track: LOL
00:59:49midknight2k3its pretty messy
01:00:00Jet8810heh midknight, again?
01:00:06trackits silver nail varnish
01:00:07Jet8810the rpms ne-ver really worked though...
01:00:13trackafter scratching the F1 button
01:00:14midknight2k3ok fine redhat
01:00:14Jet8810I tried mandrake for a few days once
01:00:34Jet8810well, is there a difference
01:00:38Jet8810like, teach me, im ignorant
01:00:58midknight2k3mandrake is better
01:01:33midknight2k3it's cool
01:01:40midknight2k3i know these things.
01:01:41midknight2k3trust me
01:01:49midknight2k3you can download it free why bother with arguing
01:01:52trackjet midknight is a very smart man
01:01:58trackdon't argue wiv him
01:01:59midknight2k3what track said
01:02:02Jet8810ok, ill research it online
01:02:07Jet8810thanks anyways
01:02:09trackjet try knoppix
01:02:16trackit doesn't need to be on the HD
01:02:20Jet8810everybody has their own favorite
01:02:42midknight2k3thats not permanent track
01:02:45trackanyway back to the VU meters
01:02:46midknight2k3its not for real linux users
01:02:56trackwell its good for those who want to try it out
01:03:12midknight2k3he wants it
01:03:13midknight2k3not to try
01:03:14midknight2k3to use
01:03:24trackKnoppix squeezes 2Gb of data into a 700Mb ISO file
01:03:27trackpretty neat compression
01:03:35midknight2k3it snot 2gb of data
01:03:40midknight2k3its not*
01:03:48Jet8810well I want to try/use
01:03:51Jet8810would be fun project
01:04:24trackthe version of linuxs
01:04:37Jet8810i mean who knows, maybe id switch from windows one day
01:04:43midknight2k3i wish
01:04:45Jet8810it sjust kind ahard when the whole world uses windows
01:04:48midknight2k3but my mandrake wont install
01:04:57midknight2k3i downloaded it twice
01:05:01midknight2k3so ill just try redhat
01:06:30Jet8810I wish I still had mandrake ceds
01:06:33Jet8810downloading it all is a pain
01:06:41 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
01:06:43Jet8810especially cuz my burner might be broken
01:06:51midknight2k3its just half an hour
01:06:56midknight2k3if it doesnt work no biggy
01:07:05Jet8810half an hour?
01:07:08Jet8810isnt it like 3 isos?
01:07:12midknight2k3just one for install
01:07:16midknight2k3extras if you want them
01:07:33Jet8810ah ok
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01:13:14trackwhere did Zagor go?
01:13:22midknight2k3he left
01:13:37midknight2k3i know
01:13:40midknight2k3p.p.p. zagor
01:14:02trackmidknight there is someone I love to call P.P.P but I won't
01:14:10midknight2k3oh shut up!
01:14:20tracku worked it out pretty fast!!!
01:15:43trackhe hasn't been in sourceforge for some time nwo
01:15:56midknight2k3can you just shut up about mikeholden
01:16:19midknight2k3please track
01:16:19tracku called Zagor ppp
01:16:22tracknot very nice
01:16:26midknight2k3i was also jk
01:16:29trackme 2
01:16:30midknight2k3what is ppp anyways
01:16:37midknight2k3did you make it up
01:16:41trackno someone at work did
01:16:49midknight2k3someone calls you this?
01:16:56midknight2k3is this where you get your insults?
01:16:59midknight2k3kidding :)
01:16:59trackits a long story
01:17:32trackI feel sorry for Player owners
01:17:37trackthey are missing out on all the action
01:18:05trackmissing out on the Recorders' fun and games
01:18:26midknight2k3charcells are nice
01:18:36trackyea but there isnt' a lot u can do with them
01:18:39trackno graphics or anything
01:19:22tracku can't even use the entire matrix of charcells as a graphical area
01:19:23Jet8810the player sucks
01:19:31Jet8810so much more then the recorder AND IPOD
01:19:42midknight2k3ipod is worse than all
01:19:55trackman, 2 lines of 11character cells? thats just GAY!
01:26:43Jet8810thats so much worse then ipod midknight
01:26:44Jet8810come on
01:26:53midknight2k3ipod sleek secksay
01:27:00midknight2k3i mean, its not
01:27:01midknight2k3its ugly
01:29:19Jet8810you slipped
01:29:20Jet8810admit it!
01:29:22midknight2k3i didnt
01:29:24Jet8810it is sleek and sexy
01:29:24midknight2k3its ugly
01:29:27Jet8810and has better then 11 char cells
01:29:29midknight2k3and its ugly and its shiny
01:29:36Jet8810its white buddy
01:29:37midknight2k3and it has very nice animations
01:29:42Jet8810archos is silver
01:29:43trackand its extrememly popular
01:29:43midknight2k3i mean
01:29:44Jet8810silver is shinier then white
01:29:46midknight2k3its very ugly
01:29:53midknight2k3ipod is chrome
01:29:53Jet8810thats subjective
01:29:54midknight2k3on back
01:30:00Jet8810but nobody sees the back
01:30:06Jet8810i put it in neoprene case anyway
01:30:08Jet8810needs protection
01:30:29Jet8810somebodys angry :)
01:30:42midknight2k3just angry
01:30:42Jet8810i mjust messin with ya btw, so dont like really get mad
01:31:31Jet8810at me?
01:31:38midknight2k3just at you
01:32:37Jet8810sorry then
01:33:37midknight2k3jk np yw ty
01:33:51midknight2k3vu asap
01:35:10 Quit track ("leafChat IRC client:")
01:36:47 Quit elinenbe (" Like's GUI? Then try HydraIRC -> <-")
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01:43:52midknight2k3welcome home diddystar5.
01:46:25 Quit mecraw_ ("Trillian (")
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02:23:45midknight2k3hi scott
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04:03:03Tigrendoes the jukebox have the capability of playing ogg?
04:04:21Tigrenbecause it doesnt have a decoder?
04:04:31midknight2k3have a look at the docs because it says right in there
04:04:33midknight2k3it has a decoder
04:04:38midknight2k3it can't do ogg
04:04:43Tigrenright, no ogg decoder...?
04:05:02midknight2k3no players have a real ogg decoder
04:05:09midknight2k3there are just ones capable of decoding it and some not
04:05:39Tigrenwhat about the jukebox though, makes it not capable?
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05:52:05midknight2k3anyone know about menus in plugins
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06:53:33midknight2k3nite all
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11:13:36c0uttalinus, when i do a "cvs update -dP", does this sync my local copy with cvs ?
11:15:27c0uttaif it cannot sync properly, i am left with a .rej file and must manually update. correct ?
11:38:42 Join AciD [0] (
11:41:58c0uttai like short answers :)
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13:27:00oxygen77I have some cross sompiling problems
13:27:08oxygen77can anybody help me?
13:28:15c0uttai'm an amateur, but maybe i can help
13:28:37oxygen77oki I'm working on avos project
13:28:51oxygen77but this can apply here too
13:29:20oxygen77I'm trying to compile a code that seems to use libgcc
13:29:39oxygen77but on link in can't find some ref
13:29:55oxygen77as if the libgcc wasen't used
13:30:13oxygen77so how can I make ld use this lib?
13:32:44c0uttai'm using winxp for a start
13:32:58c0uttai can see that libgcc is included in the .map files
13:33:56oxygen77maybe it's my crosscompiler build that is wrong
13:38:13c0uttai'm using cygwin and i can't see a direct reference to libgcc anywhere
13:38:53c0uttai can see the crosscompiler being used so i assume that's how libgcc is being referenced
13:40:56oxygen77well thx trying to rebuild
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13:44:14 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
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15:15:26thedude02please tell midknight not to mess around with #fld.
15:15:29 Part thedude02
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19:42:18Silencio^hi excuse me
19:42:27s|ainti have a problem lol...i downloaded the rockbox files and unzipped them onto my jukebox recorder 20...and then switched it loaded fine, and the menus worked fine, but i got a "dir buffer overload" (or something like that), and i can browse directors, go into them and into subdirectors, but no mp3s (or any files) actually show (and therefore won't play)...any ideas? pleease?
19:42:29Silencio^does rockbox read the musepack format
19:43:19 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: the quilted quicker picker upper")
19:51:25 Nick edx is now known as edx{code} (
19:53:26MTSilencio^: rockbox supports mp3 and mp3 alone
19:54:22trackSilencio, only MP3 is supported by the hardware, no WAV, WMA or OGG or ATRAC3
19:56:03s|ainti have a problem lol...i downloaded the rockbox files and unzipped them onto my jukebox recorder 20...and then switched it loaded fine, and the menus worked fine, but i got a "dir buffer overload" (or something like that), and i can browse directors, go into them and into subdirectors, but no mp3s (or any files) actually show (and therefore won't play)...any ideas? pleease?
20:02:56 Nick Silencio^ is now known as Sil^a (
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20:05:20Sil^atrack thx and thx mbr_
20:05:23Sil^atrack thx and thx mt
20:05:45 Quit Sil^a ("Quit: Lorsque l'on tue 6 personnes Unreal tournament c'est un "MonsterKill", Quake3 c'est un "Excellent", Counter-Strik)
20:06:59 Quit s|aint ()
20:21:46 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
20:27:14trackhi Hardeep
20:35:53tracki saw u "Fixed" a lot of requests on the Feature requests page
20:37:19hardeepa bunch of requests had not been closed after the 2.1 release
20:45:58 Quit AciD (Success)
20:49:14 Join _aLF [0] (
20:50:29trackyea i saw
21:06:47 Nick edx{code} is now known as edx{eatz} (
21:13:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:24:34 Join cjnr11 [0] (
21:24:46 Nick edx{eatz} is now known as edx{code} (
21:36:43 Join track_ [0] (
21:36:43 Quit track (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:37:49 Join slackjawe [0] (
21:39:35 Part slackjawe
21:49:54 Join Cosmo` [0] (
21:50:42Cosmo`i was talking to someone in here about buying an MP3 player the other day
21:50:51Cosmo`make yourself known! :P
21:51:15 Join boydtimothy [0] (
21:51:39 Part boydtimothy
21:56:51 Join matsl [0] (
22:06:28 Join Bagder [0] (
22:14:10hardeepheya Bagder
22:15:29Cosmo`lo guys
22:15:58Cosmo`anyone here in the UK?
22:16:19Cosmo`you ever ordered anything from the US m8?
22:16:31track_only downloadable stuff
22:16:46Cosmo`im trying to get my head round the taxes etc
22:17:14track_im quite impressed with midknight2k3s vu meter plugin enhancement
22:19:26 Join scott666 [0] (
22:19:30track_Hi Scott
22:20:12track_cosmo what are u trying to order?
22:20:17Cosmo`mp3 player
22:20:21track_which one?
22:20:31Cosmo`i just bought one recently, but its awful and broken, hopefully i'll get a refund
22:20:36track_which model?
22:20:44Cosmo`well, i just recently bought an XClef
22:21:02MTcosmo: you have to pay duty, and then VAT on top
22:21:19MTcosmo: only, royal mail is so shit, 50% of the time you get away with paying nothinh
22:22:12Cosmo`oh man
22:22:14MTlast year a friend and I got in on some dirt cheap hard drives, 70 for 160gb including shipping, I paid 15 duty and vat, he paid 0
22:22:21Cosmo`i see ...
22:22:22Cosmo`well ...
22:22:31Cosmo`if i can get a refund on this XClef
22:22:34Cosmo`cos its a piece of junk
22:22:39Cosmo`i aint keeping this, it cost me 200
22:22:47MTwhen did you buy it?
22:22:58Cosmo`i got it yesterday heh
22:23:05MTthen inform them NOW that you want to return it
22:23:12Cosmo`i cant do it now, i plan to do it tommorow
22:23:17track_whats new in rockbox?
22:23:26Cosmo`i would also reccomend to everyone that they dont buy one
22:23:38MTunder the distance purchasing laws you can return anything you decide you dont want within 7 days
22:23:46MTafter 7 days you have no rights
22:23:51Cosmo`cooling off period
22:24:05track_hope midknight2k3 comes here soon
22:24:08Cosmo`get an XClef if you like listen to music through a Tin Can ;)
22:24:09MTbtw, whats wrong with the xclef?
22:24:18MTi was going to get 2
22:24:24Cosmo`sorry m8, some of the buttons dont seem to work properly
22:24:28Cosmo`and the sound quality is really really bad
22:24:55MThmm, I wonder whats that down to
22:25:01Cosmo`i have no idea
22:25:06MTits a crying shame, the xclef looked so promising
22:25:06Cosmo`but basically ...
22:25:12Cosmo`i used to have a 90 Minidisc
22:25:23Cosmo`the sound on the XClef reminds me of that with bass and treble completely off
22:25:26MTits got such a powerful PSU and MASSES of RAM
22:25:35Cosmo`the MD knocks the socks off it from a sound quality perspective
22:25:37MTim ill
22:25:45 Part cjnr11
22:25:53MTI should hope it did!
22:26:05track_yea Cosmo with the new NetMD devices theres too much copy-restrictions
22:26:22Cosmo`i know
22:26:26Cosmo`i got rid of it
22:26:32Cosmo`but the Sound Quality on those units is brilliant
22:26:39Cosmo`either that or the sound quality on the XClef is a joke
22:26:46track_well when u think about it MP3 sound quality is excellent als
22:26:51Cosmo`thing is
22:27:03Cosmo`i thought it might just be the ATRAC3 but then its all come from the same source files
22:27:14track_but atrac3 only has 3 compression settings
22:27:33 Join AciD [0] (
22:27:35 Nick track_ is now known as track (
22:27:43MTthe xclef does all its audio processing with the cpu
22:27:47trackdunno why there was an underscript at the end of my id
22:27:48Cosmo`im still annoyed about it, the XClef is nice but it makes everything sound so terrible
22:28:03Cosmo`i've got two nice pairs of headphones and it sounds really bad on both
22:28:06trackGet an Archos
22:28:12trackthats what rockbox is all about
22:28:21MTwhen I say fast, its got more than 15 x the power of the archos
22:28:27Cosmo`i was gonna get an Archos
22:28:34Cosmo`but someone reccomended i dont get the FM Recorder
22:28:49trackthe FMR is discontinued anyway
22:28:49Cosmo`i think my unit must be duff then ... something aint right
22:28:53trackI think Bagder has an FMR
22:29:08Cosmo`i wanted a G-Mini too heh, couldnt find anywhere that sold them though
22:29:18CtcpIgnored 4 channel CTCP requests in 2 hours and 16 minutes at the last flood
22:29:18*Bagder has a recorder 20 v1
22:29:33MTtrack: but there has been talk of branching out and finding newer architectures to port rockbox too
22:29:39*Cosmo` has an XClef ... *SPIT*
22:29:40tracksorry bagder, beg your pardon, I thought u had an FMR
22:29:47MTwhich is why ive been considering getting a couple
22:29:59MTone for me, one for these helpful swedes :)
22:30:13Cosmo`either im seriously overestimating what the XClef should be able to do
22:30:13trackI quite like the iRiver but I hate those stupid built-in battereis
22:30:15MT(as I have no hope by myself of doing the port)
22:30:15Cosmo`or its broken
22:30:18Cosmo`but something is so wrong
22:30:29Cosmo`it shouldnt annoy me to listen to it
22:30:40MTCosmo: the reviews I read of the xclef said it had good sound quality
22:31:05MTit maybe a duff unit
22:31:19trackIm not sure if Rockbox will ever work on non-Archos devices
22:31:32MTwhy is that track?
22:31:40Bagderit already works on neo
22:31:47Cosmo`"Great quality sound reproduction"
22:31:52Cosmo`i must have a duff unit then
22:31:56trackreally? Theres no mention of it on the site Daniel
22:32:03trackunless im blind ;-)
22:32:10MTbut to all extents and purposes, isnt the neo virtually the same architecture?
22:32:20MTyou can download neo builds on the daily page track...
22:32:24Bagdertrack: there's still a few flaws left to iron out
22:32:28trackoh right
22:32:35trackI still have my ancient Recorder 10
22:32:36trackstill works
22:32:46Cosmo`argg ... im really annoyed about this ... its such a nice little gadget, i really want to keep it
22:32:51Cosmo`but it pains me to listen to it :|
22:33:25MTah hmm, you cant download them, but they are listed on the CVS compile status :)
22:33:44trackyou should try to audition a player first before buying one next time
22:33:46BagderMT: they don't boot properly yet, so its just as good ;-)
22:33:58Cosmo`im going to try and return this one
22:34:03Cosmo`or solve the problem ... or something
22:34:10Cosmo`this is a good player but why it sounds so bad ... i dont know
22:34:31trackFor some reason when I resample files into small vbr files the ID3 tags are lost
22:34:35trackthis is using Musicmatch
22:34:44MTCosmo: i assume you got it from ?
22:34:55Cosmo`i've posted on their forums about it
22:35:02MThave you tried updating the firmware?
22:35:08Cosmo`latest version m8 ;)
22:35:12Cosmo`that was the first thing i did
22:35:29MTdo you mind if i pick your brains about it
22:35:35Cosmo`not at all
22:35:41 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- Get hot chicks here!")
22:35:42MTthe firmware updates, how do they work?
22:35:55MTyou put the firmware bin on the hd
22:35:57Cosmo`you connect it to the USB2.0 port ... and it appears as a local disk
22:36:00trackIm curious if ROckbox will ever work on the ipod
22:36:06Cosmo`and you simply bung the file in a specified folder on the XClef
22:36:09MTnot to track :)
22:36:12Cosmo`and it boots with the new firmware
22:36:20Bagdertrack: I doubt that
22:36:31trackwell ive read somewhere linux is being ported
22:36:31MTwhat happens if you then delete the firmware from that folder?
22:36:38MTdoes it revert to the previous version?
22:36:44Bagdertrack: linux is ported
22:36:44trackthere was a screenshot of an ipod with linux on its lcd
22:36:49Bagderbut can't play mp3 at full speed
22:36:54Cosmo`it removes it from the folder when you update it for some reason
22:36:54trackoh right
22:37:10trackIs there a better MP3 software other than musicmatch?
22:37:19Cosmo`Winamp of course heh
22:37:23MTdamn, so it finds the firmware, then flashes it to rom, then runs it
22:37:29trackfor ripping Cosmo
22:37:35Cosmo`is what i use
22:37:50trackwell sometimes I need to resample files, make them smaller
22:37:54*Cosmo` bangs head against table
22:38:08trackI have an MP3 player in the car, takes MP3s on CDs
22:38:16Cosmo`im beggining to wonder if im just expecting too much of this
22:38:18trackso I like to make the files smaller to squeeze more onto 1 CD
22:38:22Cosmo`but it does not sound good AT ALL
22:38:47 Nick edx{code} is now known as edx{muster} (
22:40:20MTi wouldnt expect it to sound great, but it should sound good
22:40:55MTi think you've got it spot on to return it and ask for a different one, and then return that if its not good
22:41:00Cosmo`its bearable ... but not pleasant
22:41:12Cosmo`you know when you get say ...
22:41:14trackCosmo have you tried different brands of headphones?
22:41:16Cosmo`a really cheap MP3 player
22:41:21Cosmo`yep i've tried my two nice pairs
22:41:57trackI used my first linux distribution today
22:42:20tracki tried the Knoppix distribution as its free and can run from CD-R
22:42:35Cosmo`i installed Linux for the first time a little while back
22:42:40Cosmo`i've now got a PC running RedHat
22:42:48tracktrouble is, my sound card didn't work in Knoppix
22:43:16tracki have a Santa Cruz sound card
22:43:48Cosmo`hmm ... ever used a cheap music player
22:43:49MTthats a rebadged something else
22:43:52Cosmo`with cheap headphones
22:43:52MTi forget which
22:43:55MTsonic fury
22:43:57Cosmo`and had the bass and treble turned off?
22:44:10trackTurtle Beach make the Santa Cruz
22:44:23MTvideologic sonic fury
22:44:29MTexact same chipset
22:44:42trackwell its still a great soundboard
22:44:56trackIs there a real difference between a soundcard and onboard sound?
22:46:10Cosmo`bah, i gotta listen to some music to calm myself down
22:46:19Cosmo`cant decide what though heh
22:46:20MTtake your pick
22:46:46trackHas Adiamas left Rockbox?
22:46:51trackhe hasn't been around for ages
22:47:06MTyour card actually has a cirrus logic chip, which is what a lot of onboard devices do
22:47:30 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
22:49:54 Nick edx{muster} is now known as edx{code} (
22:50:38Cosmo`to think i could be taking all my Pink Floyd albums to school with me
22:50:39Cosmo`bah !
22:51:08MToooh, i like you
22:51:26Cosmo`Prog Rock is the best, no doubt about it ;)
22:51:37MThey track, buy your 10gb recorder off you for $75
22:51:41MThey track, buy your 10gb recorder off you for 75
22:51:46trackits pretty worn out
22:51:48trackbut it still works
22:52:11tracknot my fault Rockbox improved it so much ive been using it much more than the archos firmware :-)
22:52:20MTyou know archos' go for ridiculous prices on ebay
22:52:33MTive seen the 6gb players going for 130
22:52:39 Quit oxygen77 ("ChatZilla 0.8.31 [Mozilla rv:1.4/7]")
22:52:46trackno-one likes the players anymore
22:52:57Cosmo`i need to get something cheap lol
22:53:02Cosmo`i cant spend more than 200 really
22:53:03trackDO NOT get a player
22:53:05MTi almost got one for 50 the other day, but it was already sold
22:53:06trackthey are rubbish
22:53:31 Join top_bloke [0] (~ekolb_pot@
22:53:37MTthe only archos worth getting is the only one you cant lay your hands on anymore
22:54:27Cosmo`im running out of options now
22:55:06trackbuy a second-hand iPod
22:55:14Cosmo`i dont like those things
22:55:21Cosmo`i always thought the sound quality was pretty bad on them
22:55:29MTbest mp3 player available
22:55:50Cosmo`i've listened to my mates
22:55:54Cosmo`sounds like the XClef, all flat and horrible
22:56:04Cosmo`i bet all MP3 players sound like that and i cant win
22:56:28trackcosmo its compressed audio
22:56:35MTah, if your xclef sounds like his archos, its probably doing well
22:56:43Cosmo`no i mean
22:56:44Cosmo`his ipod
22:56:55Cosmo`i've tried other peoples ipods and still felt unhappy with the sound
22:57:39trackI wonder what MAS the Ipod uses
22:58:09Bagderno mas at all
22:58:20Bagderits a "secret" ARM SMP thing
22:58:41tracksounds weird ;-)
22:58:55Bagdernot really
22:59:00Bagderthey do it all in the CPU
22:59:02MTMAS is just the first three letters of all micronas parts numbers isnt it?
22:59:15MTdoes it have some other significant meaning?
22:59:28Bagdernot that I know of
22:59:29trackSo MT anyone could buy a MAS from Micronas and build an MP3 player out of it?
22:59:37MTtrack: the xclef does everything in hardware too
22:59:40Bagdertrack: yes
22:59:44MTwell archos did ;p
22:59:58MTnnng, my typos tonight ..
23:00:07Cosmo`i might try this XClef again
23:00:10Cosmo`aggh i want to use it
23:00:12Cosmo`why does it taunt me
23:00:13MTxclef does everything in _software_, slightly different
23:00:43trackFor some reason I was thinking of the Strongarm processor
23:01:44Cosmo`well guys
23:01:51Cosmo`i'd appreciate your help setting up the eq on the XClef
23:01:56Cosmo`i dont really understand how it works heh
23:02:01Cosmo`i just messed with it until it sounded half decent
23:02:04trackis the Archos processor a Samsung SH1?
23:02:17MThitachi isnt it?
23:02:27trackthats the HD in my archos MT
23:02:47 Join elinenbe [0] (
23:03:19trackwell MT the iPod is a fairly mixed bag. a Sony battery, a Toshiba HD, a Texas Instruments decoder
23:04:18MTmost of these things are ICs manufactured by other companies and then assembled by the 'manufacturer'
23:04:32trackthese companies should make their own components ;-)
23:04:47MTthen we wouldnt be able to get docs
23:05:31tracki suppose so
23:05:49Cosmo`not sure what to do about this XClef tbh ...
23:05:53MTBagder: do you think theres much chance of porting rockbox to other platforms, non sh-1?
23:06:00Cosmo`some tracks seem to sound better than others
23:06:04MTi'll buy it from you 50, final offer
23:06:10Cosmo`but all have some sort of flatness
23:06:21Cosmo`i've probably just over estimated it
23:06:28Cosmo`should have never sold my MD in the first place lol
23:06:35BagderMT: I think there's a fair chance, yes
23:06:47BagderI know zagor has bought one to make a try
23:07:20Bagderit takes a lot of drivers to get written
23:07:44 Nick edx{code} is now known as edx{shower} (
23:08:01MTBagder: Zagor has already bought one? lol, I was planning on buying one of you three one to play with :)
23:08:32BagderMT: not an xclef though
23:08:39Bagderanother non-sh1 unit
23:08:39MToh, whats he bought?
23:08:49Cosmo`thats just annoying
23:08:53BagderI'd rather let him tell the news when he feels like it
23:09:00MTok sure
23:09:10MTsorry, didnt mean to pressurise :)
23:09:14 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
23:09:28Bagderhe also ordered a Neo
23:09:31Bagderwhich is sh1
23:09:59Bagderexpensive little beast
23:10:08MTI dont like the neo, not after what they did with the code
23:10:16MTand the price IS high :)
23:10:42Bagderit would be nice to offer a "real rockbox" for neo
23:10:49[IDC]DragonHi guys!
23:10:54trackhi Dragon
23:11:00Bagderhey [IDC]Dragon
23:11:00trackis the Neo a flash or HD device?
23:11:14Bagderpretty similar to archos
23:11:20Bagderbut mainly for car use
23:11:24trackoh yea
23:11:26Bagderthey have a few models
23:11:28Cosmo`has anyone actually got an XClef?
23:11:38trackI think Terratec also make a device built around the same MAS
23:11:45[IDC]Dragonoff topic: please participate in my "fps survey":
23:12:30MTCosmo: you have :)
23:12:30elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: I just posted my results...
23:13:03[IDC]Dragonwhow, that was quick (too quick to get the temperature variations)
23:13:06Cosmo`apart from me
23:13:08elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: where are our anit-aliased fonts...
23:13:14Cosmo`im gonna throw this against the wall soon
23:13:15elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: it's still on.
23:13:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:13:42trackWhere did the name Atadore come from?
23:13:51trackfor that font in Rockbxo
23:13:52elinenbenow after about 5 minutes its at 67.669
23:14:16[IDC]Dragonwas my description of the pattern OK?
23:15:03Cosmo`i cant believe what im doing
23:15:13Cosmo`going to a Fancy Dress party on Friday as Flavor Flav =P
23:15:33trackGo dressed up as an Archos
23:15:43Cosmo`i need to find a clock
23:15:45Cosmo`and a chain
23:16:36[IDC]Dragonelinenbe: try to heat it up with charging and disk usage
23:17:02[IDC]Dragon(or sit on it)
23:22:09elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: I will restart it and do it again.
23:22:46 Quit Bagder ("")
23:23:37[IDC]Dragonit seems, with the previous video playback I was too fast.
23:24:05[IDC]Dragon71 fps is above what my LCD does
23:24:20[IDC]Dragonso it looked more grainy than it could
23:24:38[IDC]Dragonyesterday I made this tool and measured
23:24:58[IDC]Dragonthen for the first time I played a video with a perfect match
23:25:08[IDC]Dragonlooks amazing then
23:25:34elinenbeafter a few minutes of constant disk access and holding it tight between my legs I am at 67.655 for stable lines (as stable as they go)
23:25:44[IDC]Dragonbut a slowly moving pattern disturbes it
23:26:15elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: well, won't as the player heats up start slowly moving no matter what?
23:26:40[IDC]Dragonyes, unfortunately.
23:26:47elinenbewhat is it set to right now?
23:26:57[IDC]Dragonbut it was nice to once see what's possible.
23:26:59elinenbeI pulled the CVS yesterday.
23:27:13[IDC]Dragonit's set to 71 fps.
23:27:29elinenbeso Jrg let's get serious here....
23:27:34[IDC]Dragoncan you compile?
23:27:40elinenbeyes and yes.
23:27:57elinenbehow long will it be until you get a ID3v2 tag cover viewer in here?
23:27:59[IDC]Dragonso you can tune it to your value.
23:28:15elinenbewhere is the setting?
23:28:21[IDC]DragonI'm working on a JPEG viewer infact
23:28:34[IDC]Dragonbut it'll take some time
23:29:09[IDC]Dragonfirst I want the A/V player out of the door
23:29:17elinenbethen that can be used for the attached images in tags :D
23:29:26elinenbenow I get stability at 67.221
23:29:49elinenbe( to heat it up I played 5 minutes of a 20 min video)
23:30:04[IDC]Dragonyours doesn't show a large variation
23:30:10elinenbeI am doing it aging...
23:30:22elinenbewhat file is the setting in?
23:30:28elinenbeaging = again.
23:31:17[IDC]Dragonline 32
23:31:42elinenbecan I define it to be a decimal?
23:31:49elinenbelike 67.5?
23:32:02elinenbeor does it have to be an int?
23:32:11[IDC]Dragonno, but you can make it times 10 or so and compensate below
23:33:00Cosmo`USB2.0 is QUICK
23:33:05elinenbenow stablity is 66.7 ish....
23:33:23[IDC]Dragonactually, times 8 would be better, but less inuitive to read
23:33:44elinenbeI will go with 67. My player is getting warm now though...
23:33:45[IDC]Dragonwell, then set it to 67 and try it out
23:34:04elinenbethe problem with this is that watching video makes the player heat up the most.
23:34:14elinenbeyou have to firgure out the heat delta
23:34:23elinenbeand then use that to adjust the speed on the fly
23:34:40[IDC]Dragonthe net player pauses the disk, like mp3 playback
23:35:04elinenbeI don't quite understand.
23:35:11elinenbeah... I understand.
23:35:21elinenbebut what happens when the buffer runs out?
23:35:26[IDC]Dragonthe disk is not running all the time any more
23:35:28elinenbehow long does the buffer last?
23:35:32elinenbeI have the new player here.
23:35:43[IDC]Dragonit buffers to the mp3 buffer
23:35:43tracknot bad, 228 songs on 1 700Mb CD-RW
23:35:59elinenbeI have almost a constant dim red light...
23:36:00[IDC]DragonI have 8MB, so it lasts quite long.
23:36:30elinenbewhat mAh batteries do you have?
23:36:35[IDC]Dragonthe video bitrate is about 500kBit/s, so you can do the math
23:36:44elinenbethat's cool.
23:37:20[IDC]Dragonor 112*64/8*fps bytes per second
23:37:24elinenbethe jpg viewer is going to work on the fly?
23:38:02[IDC]Dragonit has to decode and halftone into the mp3 buffer first, then it can display
23:39:12elinenbebut, what I mean is you will not have to halftone it on the PC?
23:39:42[IDC]Dragonit just take a while to load it
23:39:54[IDC]Dragonbut no offline conversion
23:40:04[IDC]Dragon(that you can do today)
23:40:12elinenbeI know.
23:40:16Cosmo`the XClef sounds fine on my stereo ...
23:40:22Cosmo`but it dosen't seem to like my headphones
23:40:29elinenbeI was just wondering how long it would take to load let's say a jpg.
23:41:11[IDC]DragonI don't know yet
23:41:22elinenbeand I was also wondering if you were going to have a scale or resize function in there?
23:41:30elinenbenow I am down to 66.2
23:41:48elinenbeand the lines are somewhat bothersome with it set to 67 when I play movies.
23:42:57elinenbeit looks like it could be hard to get something that will work perfectly for everyone...
23:43:10elinenbeI think you should just make up/down work in the video plugin too?
23:43:15elinenbeor is that not possible?
23:43:16[IDC]Dragonhmm, yes, therfore the survey
23:43:35[IDC]Dragonnot with audio along
23:43:48elinenbefind the best value, and then every few minutes adjust it a little...
23:43:58[IDC]Dragonfor video only or stills it would be feasible
23:44:06elinenbenow I wish I had compiled at 55
23:44:10elinenbeI am sorry −− 66
23:44:41elinenbe66 seems like a better number after a certain amount of time on....
23:44:52[IDC]Dragonthe video has to be authored for the actual playback rate
23:45:13elinenbeoh −− I see.
23:50:26 Quit top_bloke (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:51:40Cosmo`XClef getting a bit hot as i transfer 20gig to it :S

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