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#rockbox log for 2004-01-30

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00:05:43trackhi hardeep
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01:22:19telliottWill running Rockbox directly from flash speedup start?
01:34:50oggiethefroggieyes, a lot faster
01:35:31oggiethefroggieand for the croud helping me, the contact that one of the case bits solders on to has clean come off the board
01:36:18oggiethefroggiejust this little gold square stuck to the solder. ill try and take it back to the shop i got it from tomorrow
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17:36:06uskiwaza :)
17:36:08uskihi *
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19:10:21diddystar5hi track
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20:11:00*Zagor just got a Neo car jukebox delivered
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20:41:19Zagorfeeling bouncy, hardeep? :)
20:41:46hardeepbouncy? oh, the logging on/off... :) I had to reboot my machine
20:47:33hardeepZagor: I was thinking of adding a couple new features. 1. Insert shuffled - insert track(s) at a random place between current playing track and end of playlist and 2. Repeat shuffle - re-shuffle after repeat
20:51:00Zagoris #1 really something people will use?
20:52:01hardeepZagor: well, I do. :) It's useful when creating a shuffled playlist
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20:54:51Zagorok. i don't mind as long as it doesn't mess up the code.
20:56:53hardeepjust another Playlist Option
21:01:14elinenbeZagor: I would use it.
21:01:32elinenbeZagor: I think I would like that feature alot!
21:04:04elinenbehardeep put that patch in the patch tracker!
21:05:10hardeepelinenbe: you can grab both of them from I need to test them a bit more before submitting
21:05:49elinenbecan I just patch them both ontop of the CVS?
21:06:15hardeepyeah, in any order
21:13:47elinenbehardeep: I REALLY like the repeat shuffle −− it's very much like the iriver player now with number of options...
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21:14:49elinenbehowever you killed one of the queue funtions
21:17:10hardeepyeah, I'm putting them back until it's been decided how we want to handle it
21:33:00hardeepupdated patches in same location
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21:34:07trackHi boys
21:37:54Zagorgotta reboot. back in a bit
21:37:56 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
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21:47:23elinenbewow [IDC]Dragon missed Zagor by 2 minutes.
21:47:28elinenbe[15:37] *** Zagor quit ("Client exiting" )
21:47:28elinenbe[15:39] *** [IDC]Dragon ( joined
21:48:02[IDC]DragonHe'll be back.
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22:01:34hardeepMaybe [IDC]Dragon and Zagor are the same person
22:02:08 Nick [IDC]Dragon is now known as Zagor (
22:02:30 Nick Zagor is now known as [IDC]Dragon (
22:05:05trackif I did that I woulkd be booted out!
22:05:45 Part Cheek
22:06:34trackhi zagor
22:08:36[IDC]Dragon#rockbox +b *!*jirc@*
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22:09:32tracki saw idcdragon
22:10:23trackZagor are you really idcdragon?
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22:17:27trackhi matsl
22:19:32[IDC]Dragonmatsl never talks, I think he's the little brother of logbot
22:21:11trackI can see aol users have been banned from jIrc
22:22:04trackunbanned I mean
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22:32:22trackhi Zagor
22:33:39*Zagor checks the log
22:35:21Zagorhi. i just got a neo 35 to play with.
22:35:41[IDC]Dragonyes, saw that in the log ;)
22:35:48[IDC]Dragonhow is it doing?
22:35:51trackcongratulations Zagor
22:36:41trackis it a flash or HD device?
22:36:52[IDC]Dragonbig HD
22:37:00[IDC]Dragon3.5" iirc
22:42:00trackwhat is the neo liek?
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22:49:05Jamesandpiewhere can i download any new plugins for the player?
22:49:08Jamesandpieif there are any
22:49:31[IDC]Dragondo you have an Alpine car stereo?
22:50:26 Quit track ("leafChat IRC client:")
22:51:07[IDC]Dragonthen never mind
22:51:25Jamesandpiewell are there any other plugins for it
22:51:34Jamesandpieother than nic and jackpot
22:51:39Jamesandpiecos theyre pretty shitty to be fair
22:52:16MTthe player is pretty shitty to be fair
22:52:23MTnot much scope for games and what not
22:52:38MThowever it is all open source, you could write your own games
22:53:01Jamesandpieyea but i'd rather not
22:53:03Jamesandpieand dont know how
22:53:13Jamesandpiewouldnt know where to start
22:53:33Jamesandpieabout how long are they supposed to last for
22:53:37Jamesandpiecos ive had mine for agggges
22:53:43Jamesandpieand im hopeing its going to break soon :-)
22:53:47Jamesandpieso i can get something good
22:54:20 Join Zagor_ [0] (
22:54:30MTwhy dont you sell it now while its still worth something and buy something goof
22:54:43[IDC]Dragonplenty of Zagors here tonight
22:54:46Jamesandpieits worth like 20p
22:54:59Zagor_yeah, got network stalled
22:55:35Jamesandpiehow much you think i could sell it for?
22:55:43MTJamesandpie: try £80-£100
22:55:57MTgo look on ebay and see how much archos 6gb players go for
22:56:00MTits crazy
22:56:03Jamesandpiei got it for like £140
22:56:22Jamesandpiewoooo theres one going for £92
22:56:26Jamesandpiethats impressive
22:56:42Jamesandpiemight do that
22:56:49Jamesandpieshud i get an ipod?
22:56:55Jamesandpiethey look pretty classy
22:57:20Zagor_if you want plugins, get an archos recorder.
22:57:45Jamesandpieyea but thats just as big
22:57:50Jamesandpieand i dont intend on recording anything
22:57:56Jamesandpieso theres not much point
22:58:01Zagor_yup. unfortunately all small players have sucky firmware :-)
22:58:45[IDC]DragonZagor: your new toy is a kind of player, too, right?
22:59:21Zagor_which new toy? the neo or the av300? :)
22:59:30MTbah :/
22:59:31*Zagor_ can't resist toys...
22:59:40[IDC]Dragonwhow, so many
22:59:49MTis that the non-sh1 player that Bagder said you had got :/
22:59:57[IDC]Dragonwhere did you get the AV?
22:59:59Jamesandpiethe av thingys look pretty good
23:00:05Jamesandpieare they the ones that can play movies
23:00:16Jamesandpiewith a big screen
23:00:19MTi was hoping for one of the other brands :/
23:00:19Zagor_MT: the av300 is archos latest multimedia model. really cool hardware.
23:00:30[IDC]Dragonphaa, recorders can also play movies
23:01:00Zagor_yeah, other brands would be good. unfortunately it's a shitload of work and no manufacturers are any more interested than archos. :(
23:01:03 Join track [0] (
23:01:29 Quit Zagor (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:01:38Zagor_rio uses the portalplayer chip, which is more guarded than nuclear missiles.
23:01:41 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
23:02:03MTZagor: yes, and if i had the cash to splash, thats what I would be playing with too :)
23:02:11scott666what about that hd-500?
23:02:12trackmidknight likes the rios
23:02:15MT(the av)
23:02:18trackhi scott666
23:03:02trackhow can a chip be guarded?
23:04:05Jamesandpieg2g ppl
23:04:07Jamesandpiebye bye
23:04:11Zagorscott666: it looked kinda cool. i'd still like to support it (and ever other player) but I can't get it locally
23:04:24Zagortrack: the chip isn't, the docs are
23:04:38trackoh ok
23:04:52 Quit Jamesandpie ()
23:04:55trackSo these chips use a special proprietory language?
23:04:57trackfor programming?
23:05:18Zagorno. but you need docs to make use of all the chip features.
23:05:23MTZagor: if i bought you one, would you be interested?
23:05:42trackoh ok
23:05:58ZagorMT: i'm always interested, but my time strecher is currently broken :)
23:06:03trackIve just learnt why you would find it hard to support other devices
23:06:29trackbecause if its in flash rom the first version of rockbox would have to be bang-on 100% correct such as drivers and the like
23:06:48MTi think that the xclef is very exciting, its cheap, and has a powerful cpu and loads of ram
23:07:08trackMT My old Nomad had 16Mb of RAM and a shit battery life
23:07:17trackthe Archos has a 2Mb RAM and much better battery life
23:07:23MTyour nomad has 16 Mbit
23:07:32tracksomething like that yea
23:07:39MTwhich is 2 MB
23:07:58MTit also had firmware written by creative, forget about it
23:08:13MTand little diddly batteries
23:08:21trackbut one thing I miss from the nomad is WMA and WAV playback
23:08:24trackwhich was handy from time to time
23:09:29MTquite cool this really, have internet explorer 5, 5.01 SP2, 5.5 SP2 and 6 SP 1 all running side by side on the same machine
23:10:18MTi wish it wasnt so, but 93% of the visitors to the site i do work for use one of those 4, and the owner only cares that it looks good in them :/
23:10:24tracklol ok
23:10:43trackZagor is that you wearing the black T-shirt building a house of cards out of Archoses?
23:10:47trackin the photo section?
23:11:08 Join Zagor_ [0] (
23:11:18Zagor_this is getting silly :(
23:11:32trackwhat is?
23:11:37trackit was a simple question Bjorn
23:11:41Zagor_my network troubles
23:11:54Zagor_yeah, that's me
23:12:03trackman, I wish I was that handsome ;-)
23:12:17trackI take it the bald guy with the glasses is Linus
23:13:50tracklol. 2 Zagors here ;-)
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23:15:21_Zagor_ho hum...
23:16:01trackwelcome back Bjorn
23:20:19trackWhich Zagor here is Bjorn?
23:21:38_Zagor_all of them
23:22:02_Zagor_there others are zombies from dead network connections
23:22:09_Zagor_the others
23:22:11tracklol ok
23:22:20 Quit methangas (
23:22:23trackI never said u was a zombie! ;-)
23:22:37 Quit Zagor (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:26:44 Nick _Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
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23:29:27 Join track [0] (
23:29:35trackBjorn u still there?
23:32:00*scott666 is here
23:32:07trackhey scott666
23:32:13trackDid I tell you I flashed my box?
23:32:21trackman the bootup speed is phenomenal
23:32:44[IDC]Dragonyou told everbody
23:32:52trackWhos idea was it in the first place, to flash?
23:32:56trackdid I?
23:33:03trackcan't quiet remember
23:33:12tracki thought it was Bagders;
23:33:25[IDC]Dragonmy baby
23:33:25scott666nope, [IDC]Dragon
23:33:55trackoh ok
23:34:07trackHow did u know the Archos had a EEPROM chip?
23:34:31[IDC]Dragonby looking inside
23:35:46trackman if only the chip could be flashed to play wav or wma like the Nomads
23:35:55trackthey can play other codecs by reflashing the chip
23:39:01matsl[IDC]Dragon: now I'm talking. What's up?
23:39:18trackhi Matsl
23:39:24matsltrack: hi
23:39:30trackDragon thought u was the bots' brother
23:39:55matslno i'm his father
23:39:56[IDC]DragonI was just kidding, because you're all so quiet
23:40:19matslautologin u know. i was busy.
23:40:35[IDC]Dragonyou're here quite sometimes, but I don't recall a conversation, that's why.
23:41:48matsli haven't done any coding i rockbox for a very long time. but i try to keep the svanska.lang updated ;-)
23:42:16matslsvenska.lang that is
23:42:28[IDC]Dragonthanks in the name of the svanskies!
23:44:36trackI wonder how Midknight is getting on with his etchasketch plugin
23:46:15 Quit Zagor (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:46:31 Join Zagor [0] (
23:47:50 Join track_ [0] (
23:48:20track_i think i have the same prob as zagor
23:48:47 Nick c0utta{zZ} is now known as c0utta (
23:49:04c0uttaguys, a quick survey
23:49:16c0uttawith an f2 usermenu, what options would you like to see ?
23:49:58 Quit track (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:50:28c0uttai've done my proof of concept and am happy so far
23:51:22c0uttai just want to get your ideas. i'm only interested in car_adaptor_mode & shuffle myself
23:52:20c0uttaand setting volume to 75%, and to 45%
23:52:22[IDC]DragonHi Zagor, I just updated the plugin API
23:52:31Zagoryeah, i saw
23:52:40[IDC]Dragongood so?
23:53:59[IDC]Dragonnot really, I see yellow and red
23:55:06 Join _Zagor_ [0] (
23:55:50 Quit track_ ("leafChat IRC client:")
23:56:10[IDC]Dragonstrange side effect
23:56:18[IDC]Dragonwelcome to header hell

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