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#rockbox log for 2004-02-02

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01:46:18Xytrixdoes anyone know how rockbox tests the battery level?
01:46:44Xytrixmine says the batteries are at like 82% but the jukebox wont start unless the charger is plugged in
01:47:00midknight2k3it reads the voltage over some time and adjusts it accordingly
01:47:03midknight2k3and, it should start fine
01:47:37Xytrixdoes that mean there's a problem with the batteries.. or the mp3 player?
01:47:50midknight2k3you could replace them
01:47:53midknight2k3if its an ajbr
01:47:56midknight2k3new ones always help
01:48:02midknight2k3preferable high mah levels
01:48:19Xytrixwithout the charger it says "Jukebox ver 5.08" or what not, then it waits about 10 seconds and says HD error, with the charger it works fine
01:48:51midknight2k3try replacing the batteries with nimh of the highest possible mah
01:49:05Xytrixthese are regular nimh rechargeables right?
01:55:13Xytrixi was reading the version history of the jukebox 5.08 firmware and it said it now stops charging when the battery is full (player version).. if i get higher mAh batteries, the charging should work aobut the same?
01:55:31midknight2k3yes but it will last longer
01:55:47midknight2k3ie the ones included last 8 hours, ones that are 2100 mah can last up to 12
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02:26:05Xytrixare there any well known battery companies for 2000mah+ rechargeables, or should brand not matter?
02:26:26midknight2k3i've used energizer 2100 i think
02:26:32midknight2k3any work
02:28:00Xytrixi was looking at some 2300mah ones, but i see some manufactured by Lenmar and some by Digital.. neither of which i've heard of
02:28:42midknight2k3i'd recommend brand names, but i dunno if theres a huge difference
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07:18:41midknight2k3hi Nibbler
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07:22:33midknight2k3hi Hadaka
07:22:36midknight2k3hi hardeep
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14:12:08gzmy recorder doesn't charge anymore. is there any chance to repair it? Because Amazon isn't able to replace it any more
14:13:34webmindwhich recorder is t ?
14:13:37webmindfirst on e?
14:13:38webmindone ?
14:13:51gz15gb with usb 1.1
14:13:59webmindafaik it has the normal AA size batteries
14:14:16webmindso you could try and replace those (mind to the get a similar type)
14:14:30gzwell the batteries are absolutely ok.
14:14:42webmindcharge them externally ?
14:14:47gzthe recorder just doesnt recognizie if i put the charger in. somehow damaged the port
14:15:09webmindno idea.. got a player myself
14:15:19gzi dont feel like charing them externally you know. i'd always have to carry a charger with me and wouldnt be able to use it when it's charging etc
14:15:36gzwell it's sad. archos really doesnt produce the best quality.
14:16:05webmindcan't agree
14:16:11webmindhave seen very little of this
14:16:18webmindand most people are quite happy with it
14:16:26webmindmaybe their software is bad
14:16:33webmindbut the hardware seems to be quite ok
14:16:59gzna i'm talking about the plate. it's way to thin
14:17:12webmindwhat plate ?
14:17:33gzthe metal packa<ging surrounding the recorder :)
14:18:11webmindi think it's alright...
14:18:24webmindwouldn't want my archos any heavier or thicker
14:18:59gzi'd just like it not that easy bendable
14:19:13gzwell anyhow that means i wont go on with rockbox, too i fear
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14:44:27Nibblereasy bendable?
14:44:33*Nibbler goes bend-testing his rockboxx
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18:47:03bunnahabhainHello, is anybody here?
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19:13:12arnehhello, anyone here?
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19:20:55arnehguess so
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19:21:53arnehanyway, i'm having a problem with the player and just wondering if any of you've heard about it before, and know what it is
19:22:11Nibblerive heared about player before, yes...
19:23:00arnehrecently it's startet locking up. usually within a few minutes of starting it. i have to switch it on and off again to get it started again
19:23:11Nibblerwith a red light shining?
19:23:21Nibblerthe red-led-death
19:23:27arnehor possibly blinking
19:23:28Nibbleri think the reason for this is unknown
19:23:32Nibbleri had it once
19:23:50Nibblerbut seems to happen more often
19:23:57Nibbleru using rockbox or archos firmware?
19:23:59arnehyes, more and more often
19:24:04arnehi'm using rockbox
19:24:18arnehwas usuing an old version though. upgraded now
19:24:34Nibblerso u still get this error?
19:24:49arnehseems so
19:25:13arnehi just upgraded, but now it's stopped with the red light already...
19:25:37Nibblerno idea sorry.
19:25:46Nibblerjust know this happens not only to you
19:26:12arnehdo you think it's a terminal hardware problem?
19:26:29Nibblerwell, try the archos firmware
19:26:37Nibblerif it happens there too, i think its hardware
19:26:41Nibblerif not, its software
19:26:47Nibbler(might be)
19:26:55arnehgood idea, i'll try that
19:27:19Nibblercyas, going pizzahut now...
19:27:41arnehi was thinking sinve it startet gradually it might be some "wear"-problem... like old batteries, or a very defragmentet harddrive..
19:27:50arnehok, good luck :)
19:27:56arnehgood hunting :)
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20:49:19trackHi Hardeep
20:53:01trackWho has a flashed box here?
20:53:45hardeephi track
20:53:48hardeepi have a flashed box
21:01:16trackOn the charging screen when the box is off, it would be useful if the large battery icon slowly filled up to show charge instead of the animated dots
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22:17:30assdqewrmy archos recorder V2 starting to fail after a month(used Rockbox for about 2.5 weeks)
22:17:41assdqewrmic not working, left channel is dead
22:17:50assdqewrany idea what I should try?
22:18:15Bagdernope, I'm not the most hw-skilled person around
22:18:21Bagdersounds like a hw-related problem
22:19:07assdqewri see, I was hoping it was more of software, because I don't like RMA
22:19:32BagderI seriously doubt that is a software problem
22:19:32assdqewrbut thanks, I think I'll try email Archos see what they say
22:25:53Bagderjust don't expect any speedy replies, they're known for their bad responses
22:31:40scott666assdqewr: is the headphone jack loose? can you wiggle it when the headphones are plugged in?
22:32:40assdqewrI tried 3 headset/ear plugs
22:33:00assdqewrthey all worked with my computer and stereos
22:33:05assdqewri mean earbuds
22:33:31assdqewrit doesnot wiggle
22:33:40scott666yeah, but does the jack feel loose?
22:33:58scott666if it did you'd just have to solder it back in
22:34:08assdqewrI now have another problem, I reformat the HDD on archos, and throw the rockbox firmware in, it won't load up the rockbox
22:34:29scott666do you get an error or does the archos firmware boot up?
22:35:19assdqewrarchos firmware boot up
22:35:35scott666you have the ajbrec.ajz file in the root, right?
22:37:11scott666try again?
22:37:40assdqewrI tried reboot the thing 3 times, it still only display root and (empty)
22:37:59scott666i dunno then
22:38:06trackHi scott & bagder
22:38:22scott666have you tried re-copying the whole zip?
22:38:25scott666hey track
22:38:36trackBagder I have a slight issue with the charging screen on the flashed box
22:38:55assdqewryes, I just did that to make sure no naming error or corrupted file
22:39:20trackwhen I tried to charge my box, the charging % went from 99% to -1% and the cycle restarted
22:39:51scott666assdqewr: i dont know what to tell you then
22:40:16scott666delete it, reboot, re-copy, reboot maybe
22:41:06trackWhat do those animated dots mean on the charging screen?
22:41:22assdqewri'll try reformat again
22:41:27assdqewrthanks the help
22:47:32trackim still wondering what happened to adimaas
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