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#rockbox log for 2004-02-05

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00:13:40midknight2k3hi all you
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00:16:45midknight2k3hi edx
00:16:54edxhi :D
00:18:04edxand good nite
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00:25:02midknight2k3top top toppy
00:26:07top_blokeu know what kind of hard drive a zen has?
00:26:42top_blokeor anyone else
00:27:58midknight2k3just typical 2.5"
00:28:14top_blokefor real?
00:28:24top_blokei thought it was some special smaller one
00:28:44scott666it might be a 1.8"
00:29:07top_blokeits thin
00:29:22top_blokebut otherwise about archos size
00:29:58midknight2k32. point. 5. inches.
00:30:05top_blokeok jeez
00:30:10top_blokenah j/k
00:30:25top_blokewell then i can get a free zen if i get the hard drive for it
00:30:41midknight2k3no actually
00:30:43midknight2k3its a special type
00:30:51midknight2k3and it has er certain restrictions
00:30:52midknight2k3and uh
00:31:14top_blokewhat u mean restrictions?
00:31:52top_blokeit IS pretty sleek
00:32:56top_blokebut then i dont wanna spend $ for a hd
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01:26:12trackHi Adiamas
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01:57:16jef-fer-reyI have an Archos studio 20 jukebox with windows xp...i am tryin to load the rockbox onto my mp3 player but it wont let the mp3 player be recognized. I installed the drivers from archos, and everytime i plug in my mp3 player, my comp gets REALLY slow
01:57:44midknight2k3hi to you too
01:57:47midknight2k3drivers in?
01:58:19jef-fer-reywhat do you mean
01:58:39midknight2k3are your drivers installed?
01:59:01top_blokeu dont need drivers w xp
01:59:09jef-fer-reyshould I uninstall them?
01:59:17jef-fer-reyis that why its so slow?
01:59:17jef-fer-reydriver conflict?
01:59:32top_blokeyeah xp should recognize it
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02:02:06jef-fer-reyit needs some file
02:02:12midknight2k3hi track
02:02:15trackhi mid
02:02:42jef-fer-reywhat do i do
02:02:48jef-fer-reyit dosent liek my drivers
02:02:52jef-fer-reythe ones with xp
02:04:09jef-fer-reyok i got it to is copying the drivers but it got hung up on the last driver that it is copying...what do i do...wait it out?
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02:04:26top_blokei guess
02:05:16jef-fer-reyok last question
02:05:39jef-fer-reyit installed...and now it says that it is ready to dosent show up under my computer
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02:14:10midknight2k3hi tops
02:22:28midknight2k3hi tops
02:43:17midknight2k3HI TOPS
02:47:59midknight2k3HI I SAId
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03:30:57midknight2k3eat me Ni
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10:13:48asdfoinawesfi think that when the keypad lock is on, the backlights should stay off when buttons are accidentally pressed.
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10:14:43asdfoinawesfbecause when i had my jukebox in my pocket today, my batteries were about about 90 and it dropped to about 60 after 1-2 hours of play, which i think is pretty fast
10:15:07asdfoinawesfi think maybe a button was pressed by my pants when i sat down, which activated the backlights and drained the battery
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16:58:46kargatrongotta problem with my recorder:
16:59:02kargatronjust updated to daily build after being at old aug 03 bookmark build for long time
16:59:19kargatronnow whenever i try playing something, I get a PANIC:
16:59:32kargatron'Dir entry 1 in sector 2 is not free'
16:59:37kargatronwhich sounds bad.
16:59:48kargatrondid my disk write corrupt something?
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17:11:12hardeepkargatron: a bunch of people have been reporting that. Which version did you update to?
17:11:31kargatronbut when i rolo to my old version, same problem
17:11:47hardeepkargatron: yeah, the disk is corrupt
17:11:52kargatronwhole thing?
17:11:58kargatronor just this or that file?
17:12:01kargatronmust i wipe?
17:12:06hardeepkargatron: a scandisk will probably fix it
17:12:23hardeepkargatron: what did you do after installing the new version?
17:12:42hardeepkargatron: maybe create a new directory from Menu->Create Directory or try recording something?
17:13:01hardeeper s/create/created
17:13:58kargatrononly thing non-mundane was perhaps reading or writing a bookmark?
17:14:32kargatronsince bookmarks were screwed up from update (format change), I wrote a new playlist file, but not thru rockbox
17:14:57 Join asdfoinawesf [0] (
17:15:24hardeepyeah, i can't see any of that causing problems
17:15:42hardeeptry a scandisk and see what file it reports is faulty
17:15:50hardeepmaybe that'll give us some hints
17:19:22kargatronhm, rn error-check with no auto-fix options, reported nothing
17:21:20hardeepcan you access everything on the jukebox harddrive from your pc?
17:21:42kargatronbut whoops, just auto-fixed, and got screwed up:
17:21:58kargatronlost my _Playlists dir/, and it became FOUND000/
17:22:20kargatronall sortsa files now named FILE0043.CHK etc
17:22:34kargatronwhich are my playlists, etc. what a pain
17:23:17hardeepyou probably played one of your playlists right?
17:25:04hardeepa number of people have reported that the .rockbox directory is corrupt, that's not the case for you?
17:25:13kargatronso should i back out of 0204?
17:25:17kargatronpart of it was, i think
17:25:32kargatronmy docs/ dir under .rockbox got moved to my FOUND/ dir
17:25:43kargatronbut i can read other parts of it
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17:26:17hardeepyeah, backing out is probably a good idea for now. 2.1 seems to be working for everyone
17:26:31hardeepis it just the .rockbox and playlist directories that are corrupt?
17:26:58kargatronall recovered files are text files
17:27:13kargatronhoas, lemme try an mp3 on my box
17:27:29kargatronrandom mp3 ok
17:28:08kargatronstill, qstn now is - back out of this build? or was this one time prob?
17:28:33hardeepdefinitely back out for now...
17:28:46hardeepat least until we have some idea what's causing the problem
17:28:55kargatronshould i email list?
17:29:12hardeepthere's a couple of open bug reports on it, maybe just add to them
17:29:24kargatronok, thx
17:29:37hardeepso, only the .rockbox and playlist directories are corrupt?
17:30:13hardeep'cause if those are the only two then it sounds like there might be a problem in the file writing code
17:30:58hardeepthe bookmark would have been saved to your playlist directory and the internal playlist control file would have been saved to .rockbox
17:31:36kargatronafaict, playlists/rockbox only messed up
17:31:47 Join edx [0] (
17:31:54kargatroncertainly both were changed by my error check recovery
17:32:08kargatronreverting to old ajz plays as normal, fortunately
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17:50:15squirrel_mastercan somone please help me with my archos jukebox studio 20
17:51:01hardeepsquirrel_master: what's the problem?
17:51:38squirrel_masterok I finally got my comp to recognize my studio is unbeleivably slows my whole comp down
17:51:49squirrel_masterand I cant do anything
17:51:56squirrel_masterXP pro
17:53:36squirrel_masterany solution?
17:53:42squirrel_masteror am i screwed
17:54:31hardeepunfortunately, I can't help you with that... have you tried google searches for XP pro and USB 1.1 ?
17:54:32kargatrondriver issue?
17:54:44kargatronperhaps a working but not optimal driver?
17:54:49squirrel_masteri dont think it is...but how would I know
17:54:56squirrel_masterIm using 2.0
17:54:57squirrel_masterusb 2
17:55:10kurzhaarrockerxp has its own drivers -> no installation necessary
17:55:18squirrel_masterno...i tried that
17:55:32squirrel_masterit says that it needed some tppun.exe file
17:55:34squirrel_masteror somehting
17:55:43squirrel_masterso xp wouldent install it
17:55:50squirrel_masteri could try again
17:56:14kurzhaarrockerhm. Well, I have a rec 15, with the isd200 chip thus I don't really know about the isd300 stuff.
17:56:35 Join methangas [0] (
17:57:03squirrel_masterok here we go...i uninstalled the drivers...and it says it found new hardware
17:57:12squirrel_masterdo i have it install it on its own?
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17:57:18squirrel_masteror do i choose the drivers
17:57:43kargatrontry letting it do the work first, see how it goes
17:57:48squirrel_masterit says its looking for a usb storage adapter v2
17:57:52kargatroncan always customize later
17:58:13squirrel_masterit froze on the last part where it transfers the drivers
17:59:05squirrel_masterits frozen
18:00:04squirrel_masterit continued
18:00:09squirrel_masterit says its ready to use
18:00:17squirrel_masterbut when i go to my computer
18:00:25squirrel_masterit freezes when i click on the F drive
18:01:01squirrel_masterf drive is not accessable due to an I/O error
18:05:36 Quit squirrel_master ("TMD Recruit v3.4 -")
18:06:04hardeepkargatron: can I give you an updated firmware to try and track down the disk write error?
18:07:00kargatronok, but
18:07:20kargatronbatteries are low/blinking, due to lots of disk activity, and i don't have my charger
18:07:32kargatrondunno how much juice i have for testing
18:07:35hardeepah, okay, well we can quickly try this. :)
18:07:40hardeepwhat device do you have?
18:08:09kargatronrecorder 20
18:10:14hardeepit reverts back to an older version of the ata code
18:12:45 Nick edx is now known as edx{code} (
18:19:21 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
18:19:41hardeepkargatron: and if that still fails and you still have some juice left reverts the mkdir() changes
18:19:57hardeepthose were the two big disk-related changes post-2.1
18:22:04kargatronhardeep - your test works fine afaict
18:22:16kargatronwrote bookmark, played fine
18:24:51hardeepkargatron: how about resume?
18:34:43kargatronlemme try
18:35:17kargatronresume worked
18:35:24kargatronbut why can't i get my config choices to stick?
18:36:17kargatroni activeate a cfg file, looks good - restart and it's gone. should stick, right?
18:36:20hardeepwhich choices? fonts have been moved to a different directory (/.rockbox/fonts)
18:36:35 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
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18:41:08sjosdasdok im back...i talked to tech support about my jukebox studio 20
18:41:16 Nick sjosdasd is now known as Squirrel_master (
18:41:28Squirrel_masterthey said that I needed to update my bios
18:41:38Squirrel_masterim not messing with that
18:42:10Squirrel_masteranything else?
18:42:35 Join AciD [0] (
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21:47:18Canvinhie all *
21:47:33Canvini've a problem on my player 20
21:47:48Canvinwhen i copy multiple directories
21:48:06Canvinon my archos
21:48:26 Join scott666 [0] (
21:48:45Canvinwhen it create a dir on archos i wait 1 minutes for each
21:49:03Canvinso 2 dir 2 minutes etc..
21:49:14Canvini'm on win xp sp1
21:52:49 Quit Canvin ()
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22:46:06hardeep[IDC]Dragon: around?
22:47:46hardeep[IDC]Dragon: it looks like the disk corruption that some people are seeing might be related to your ata optimizations
22:48:21hardeep[IDC]Dragon: i gave kargatron a version of the daily build with the 2.1 version of ata.c and he doesn't see the problems
22:48:22[IDC]Dragonmeaning, I read too fast?
22:48:41hardeepi'm not sure... the other possibility is Zagor's changes, those were the only things done post-2.1
22:49:05hardeepof course, maybe it's just fluke that it started working after the change I made
22:49:06[IDC]Dragonhmm, can we cofigure waitstates for that IDE address?
22:49:26[IDC]Dragonwhat chang you made?
22:49:40hardeepoh, i just reverted to the 2.1 version of ata.c
22:50:03[IDC]Dragonand nothing else?
22:50:23hardeepno, nothing else
22:51:01Zagortry simply defining the PREFER_C macro
22:51:02hardeepit seems to be that file writing is broken on some systems
22:51:41hardeepwell, my system is okay so I can't test... kargatron was having problems and I've seen a number of reports on the mailing list
22:51:44[IDC]Dragonwith the macro, it still is faster than 2.1
22:52:06[IDC]Dragonthe optimization did nothing to writing
22:52:54[IDC]Dragonmaybe the bus is configured too fast, so we can read faster that the ATA spec
22:53:52[IDC]Dragonfaster than
22:59:22hardeeplet's see if kargatron logs on again and maybe we can narrow it down more
23:00:28 Join AciD [0] (
23:18:29 Join Bagder [0] (
23:18:40Bagderswitched the list now
23:21:13[IDC]Dragonwhat's the reason behind it?
23:21:21Bagderbetter admin interface
23:21:31Bagderbetter personal control for everyone too
23:21:40Bagderhopefully better delivery
23:21:59Bagderbetter bonce removal
23:26:38 Join Zagor_ [0] (
23:26:58*Bagder sees double ;-)
23:27:25Zagor_my router is resetting itself, thus breaking all my tcp connections. it's *VERY* annoying.
23:32:43Bagder"The following addresses had permanent fatal errors" ...
23:32:47Bagderquite a few
23:33:13Zagor_yeah. nice to finally have them auto-managed
23:34:37 Quit Zagor (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:36:29Bagderdown on 494 subscribers now ;-)
23:41:32Bagderseems to be going well
23:41:39Bagderno mail on it yet though
23:43:09 Quit Zagor_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:44:27 Quit Bagder ("")
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