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#rockbox log for 2004-02-06

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02:15:01Xytrixif i replace the batteries for the jukebox w/ nimh batteries that are higher mAh than 1500, should i charge them in a separate charger or will the jukebox charger charge them correctly?
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04:43:34stevenmHi all
04:43:49stevenmWhere is the utility to encode video as the new rvf format ?
04:49:36stevenmuhh.. people ?
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05:28:51midknight2k3yay check it out
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10:57:15DiegoLegoCan someone of you help me?
10:58:14DiegoLegoI have noticed that there are different versions of rockbox for different versions of Recorder. How do I know Which one I have?
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11:23:43DiegoLegoCan you tell me, how I can distinguish between the different versions of Recorders?
11:24:14kurzhaarrockerYou mean V1 and V2?
11:24:56DiegoLegoor 8MB
11:25:27kurzhaarrocker8MB is a special hardwara modification. It requires unsoldering a memory chip and replacing it.
11:26:05kurzhaarrockerV1 uses normal mignon batteries, V2 has a built in battery that is not replacable without screwdrivers.
11:28:08DiegoLegoso probably I have V2, scince I never opened it and there is no way to open it without screwing
11:30:12DiegoLegoThe difference in rockbox is only in the way of charging, right?
11:31:32kurzhaarrockeron you can see numerous photos of players and recorders. None of them is a V2. -> If yours looks differently it's probably a V2.
11:31:32kurzhaarrockerThere are more differences than charging.
11:34:54DiegoLegoIt looks much like the shown ones.
11:35:32DiegoLegoI also installes version 2.0 of rockbox v1, and I had no problem.
11:36:05DiegoLegoRecently I installed also a daily build and all people working on rockbox are doing a really great work!
11:42:46kurzhaarrockerSo you have a v1 (rockbox for v2 wouldn't work on a v1 unit). that means that you can exchange the batteries too, if you really wanted to. Without tools
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12:39:35DiegoLegoI have also tried rockboxui for linux, but it does not work. I get the message 'No file system found'. What must be done
12:42:27kurzhaarrockerrockboxui? Do you mean the simulator?
12:43:56kurzhaarrockerThe simulator needs a directory that simulates the hd of the jukebox. I'm not sure how it must be named right now.
12:44:38kurzhaarrockerI think its just archos or .archos I'm not sure.
12:46:03DiegoLegois the a restriction about the path?
12:46:15c0uttathe win32 sim doesn't work tho...
12:46:24c0uttanot sure about the x11 one
12:46:54kurzhaarrockerI had the win32 sim running a few weeks ago.
12:47:03c0uttawith the archos folder ?
12:47:36c0uttai have found that .rockbox has to be off the root of the current drive
12:47:57DiegoLegothat means?
12:48:18c0uttathe win32 sim uses c:\
12:48:39c0uttanot c:\...\build\archos
12:49:11DiegoLegobut on this computer I am not root, thus it is probably not possible for me on linux, right?
12:49:26kurzhaarrockerI don't know how it works with linux
12:49:35c0uttame neither
12:50:56c0uttausually the directory sits off the build directory
12:51:06c0uttaDiegoLego, what directory are you building in ?
12:51:22*kurzhaarrocker goes munching some food
12:51:49DiegoLegoactually I am not building at all, I just extracted the sim into a directory called archos
12:52:15c0uttawhere did you get the sim ?
12:52:57DiegoLegoBleeding edge builds
12:54:05c0uttaok, i understand
12:54:39c0uttado you have an archos folder in the same folder as the sim ?
12:55:02DiegoLegoonly .rockbox
12:55:15DiegoLegoalso ajbrec.ajz
12:56:20c0uttatry putting an archos folder in the same folder as the sim
12:56:40c0uttathen put .rockbox in there instead
12:56:54c0uttain the folder you'll have the sim
12:57:02c0uttaand \archos
12:57:13c0uttaand in \archos you'll have \.rockbox
12:57:23c0uttalike archos\.rockobx
12:57:34c0uttayou won't need ajbrec.ajz
12:59:41DiegoLegorunning :)
13:01:50DiegoLegoit cannot run plugin, is this ok?
13:03:08DiegoLegobut they are in archos/archos/.rockbox/rocks
13:04:04c0uttamost of them work ok in win32
13:04:36c0uttamaybe not in linux
13:04:36c0uttayou have them in the correct folder
13:07:08DiegoLegoscince the rockbox stuff is too difficult for me. So I thought may be I can have some tries to work out a plugin.
13:07:26DiegoLegoWith some C-skills this should be possible.
13:08:06c0uttaabsolutely. i haven't programmed in C for 10 years and my skills are at beginner level
13:08:25c0uttai have successfully modified the f2 menu and make it user configurable
13:08:50c0uttabut kurzhaarrocker won't test it :(
13:09:02DiegoLegoMy idea was to try it with the simulator, then a plugin should also run on the archos.
13:09:44c0uttai use the sim for most of my testing - i have not written a plugin tho
13:10:36DiegoLegoa gcc is installed on my computer. Can I use this?
13:11:49c0uttai use cygwin on windows, but for linus look at under the "hackers" section
13:14:07c0utta(förlåt linus)
13:14:13DiegoLegoBuilding the cross-compiler ...
13:15:04DiegoLegoThe problem is, I do not understand what is written there.
13:15:53c0uttame neither
13:16:03c0uttayou'll need one of the linux gurus
13:17:01c0uttalinus or zagor are the best bet. if you lurk in the channel you'll see them
13:17:37DiegoLegoanyway thanks a lot
13:21:59DiegoLegook, I will wait a while
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14:50:54DiegoLegoHow about the video plugin, which format does it support?
14:51:34kurzhaarrockera special video format. You have to convert your video.
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15:01:36DiegoLegois there a special tool to do this?
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15:11:19kurzhaarrockerone tool for converting the video and a second one to multiplex it with the sound.
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15:20:16DiegoLegohow are they called?
15:22:21kurzhaarrockerI don't know, I haven't used them yet. The video with audio is quite new. Maybe you should search the mailing lists for info:
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15:35:23DiegoLegoHow is the video format called?
15:36:02kurzhaarrocker.rvf (rockbox video format), iirc
15:43:52DiegoLegosounds interesting
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16:30:12kargatroni've been out of the rockbox loop for a while - is playlist browsing imminent by any chance, or is it just one of many not-yet-implemented FRs?
16:32:54webmindhow do u mean?
16:33:54kargatronwhile playing a playlist, browsing it as text, seeing what comes next, etc
16:34:14kargatroneven allowing goto when selecting other track, that kinda thing
16:43:28kurzhaarrockerthere is a playlist browser.
16:45:52kargatronah, cool -
16:46:10kargatronjust upgraded from aug 03 build, so unfamiliar with new stuff
16:48:23kargatroni see it now. have keybindings been introduced?
16:48:32kargatronthat would be nice to access from menu buttons
16:48:38kargatronthe pl browse
16:52:38kurzhaarrockerc0utta{zZ} has programmed user definable f2 menu, but it isn't in the main build yet
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17:27:45hardeepkargatron: around?
17:47:45hardeepis that updated version working for you?
17:48:06DBUGEnqueued KICK kargatron
17:48:06kargatron[12:22] <kargatron> hardeep - your test works fine afaict
17:48:08kargatronfrom yesterday
17:48:15kargatronthe first one you provided
17:48:24kargatronthe ATA code reversion (i think)
17:48:28hardeepcan we try one more test?
17:57:32hardeepif you have a chance, please try:, it enables the PREFER_C define in ata.c
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18:00:22kargatronok if i rolo to it? or you prefer raw boot
18:01:26hardeeprolo is okay
18:01:47hardeepthen play a track or playlist and re-rolo to see if resume works
18:05:26kargatronseems ok
18:05:48hardeephmmm, interesting
18:05:54hardeepokay, thanks
18:05:59kargatronrolo'd to PREFERC, played, bookmarked, etc, rolo to base and resume works
18:07:04hardeephmmm, how about rolo'ing back to prefer_c and see if resume works
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18:09:52kargatronanything else before I shut off?
18:10:45hardeepnah, thanks.... looks like that may be the problem
18:11:15kargatronmeaning disabled PREFER_C in current builds the problem?
18:11:57hardeepyeah, I'm going to mention it to [IDC]Dragon and Zagor who know this stuff better than I
18:12:46kargatronglad i could help
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18:41:03[IDC]DragonHi hardeep, kargatron
18:41:44kargatroni'm just a tester, can't answer any tech questions :)
18:42:19[IDC]DragonI'm just the developer who broke it :(
18:43:13kargatronthen you're lucky your bug only corrupted some playlist files. :)
18:45:10[IDC]Dragoncan you reproduce it reliably?
18:45:31[IDC]Dragon(not the corruption, but telling if it's OK or not)
18:51:28[IDC]Dragonhardeep: this tinkering is working on the symptom, not the cause. If thesoftware can read too fast from the ATA port, I think the bus setup for the port is not OK.
18:52:15[IDC]DragonUnless the ATA spec said in this PIO mode you can read with such bustiming, but accesses must be that far apart.
18:52:22[IDC]DragonWhich I doubt.
18:52:41[IDC]DragonLinus might know, or Zagor.
18:54:10[IDC]DragonMeanwhile we can check if a "nop" before "mov.w@%1,%0 \n" /* unrolled, do one more */ would relax it, these are the accesses most close together.
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19:08:58hardeep[IDC]Dragon: yeah, I was just trying to track down when the problem was introduced, not on how to fix it.
19:09:08hardeepI gotta run
19:09:13 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Size DOES matter")
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21:49:09stevenmdoes anyone know the address of the video conversion utility?
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21:53:00stevenm[IDC]Dragon, Thanks
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21:53:09stevenmAre those for linux, windows, or what?
21:53:14stevenmWhat about any "sample" video ?
21:54:12[IDC]Dragonyou don't read the postings, do you?
21:54:55stevenmPostings on the main page?
21:55:22stevenmI see that there is now support for audio, but if there is a page with these URLs, where is it?
21:55:33[IDC]Dragonin the rockbox mailing list, yes
21:55:54stevenmOh, thanks
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21:58:03stevenmHow should the converter be used? Which program ?
22:00:31[IDC]DragonOh, my original posting is a victim of the list switch, not there.
22:00:44[IDC]DragonThis one cites it:
22:02:07[IDC]Dragonand this was about the preview:
22:03:39[IDC]Dragonthe FPS test is also interesting if you encode your own:
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