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#rockbox log for 2004-02-07

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01:41:12scott666is there anybody out there?
01:41:20trackhey scott
01:41:27tracktrack is here
01:41:32scott666my ctrl keys hate me
01:41:48scott666one thinks its the power button on my computer
01:42:01scott666the other opens the calculator and the help menu
01:42:05trackperhaps your keyboard is buggered
01:42:36scott666i dont have another to test with though
01:42:55tracki wish midknight was here
01:43:07scott666hes idle
01:45:23trackScott do u have a digital camera?
01:46:07trackDo you ever use the digital zoom?
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01:47:18*scott666 unplugged the keyboard
01:49:46scott666ok, its the keyboard
01:49:51scott666just tested on the laptop
01:53:19trackdo u use the digital zoom in ur camera?
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02:05:30trackhey midknight
02:05:32trackhows u?
02:05:42midknight2k3track: i never use the digital zoom
02:05:49trackme neither
02:05:58midknight2k3unless i must... my camera only allows it if i switch to .3MP mode
02:06:04trackdo all the digital zooming in photoshop
02:06:08trackotherwise I use the optical zoom
02:06:10midknight2k3so its very nice quality but simply small res
02:06:14midknight2k3optical yay
02:06:16midknight2k3i hace 6x optical
02:06:25trackhow many megapixels is ur camera?
02:06:55trackmine is just 2 megapixels
02:07:01trackbut the quality is very good
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03:03:20midknight2k3hi AciD
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03:30:45midknight2k3JESUS CRP
03:33:38midknight2k3i have 2.8GB in my c:\rvf folder
03:33:55midknight2k3thats all my converted AVI to YUV then to RVF and some WAV and MP3 mixed in
03:33:59midknight2k3just a few WAVs
03:34:06midknight2k3one AVI is 160MB
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03:52:29midknight2k3hi sWampy
03:52:58sWampyhey, just got a recorder from amazon today and am checking out rockbox.
03:53:52midknight2k3how much was it?
03:54:13sWampy199-50rebate so 149 I guess.
03:56:01sWampytrying to figure out if I should flash it, do you have to hold down on for as long to get it to cut on if you flash it? You have to hold the on button on till the progress bar starts to flash or it cuts itself off.
03:56:43midknight2k3you just have to press it
03:56:55midknight2k3but if you flash it only takes about 3-4 seconds to boot
03:57:06sWampyhmm, wonder if mine if broke.
03:57:21midknight2k3which model?
03:57:58sWampyhmm says jukebox recorder 20 v2.
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03:58:15midknight2k3v2 eh
03:58:18midknight2k3and you have to hold it?
03:59:37sWampyyes, it's wierd, you push it and red and green lights come on, screen lights up, display starts to show progress bar, and if you let go of on button before it gets like 1/4 of the way across, it cuts itself back off.
04:01:20midknight2k3well it should fix that
04:02:29sWampyhow do you back up the eeprom so if it doesn't I can flash it back and return it for exchange?
04:04:51midknight2k3you do Menu->info->debug->dump rom contents
04:04:59midknight2k3i'm here to help if you want it
04:05:59sWampyI just found that, I had read the instructions 3 times and someway I guess I was just skimming and remember seeing make sure you backup, but not remembering it saying how to till I really read them. ;-/
04:06:36midknight2k3no problem
04:06:39midknight2k3like i said, glad to help
04:09:08sWampyany suggestions on the best way to organize songs, at first I had artist/song.mp3 and had like 700 artists, and the directory over flowed, so I divided them like a-e/f-m/n-Z or something. Is something like that what most people do, is there a better way, or can you bump the max number of directories up. First time I had to worry about 20gigs of mp3's in one device. ;-)
04:10:04midknight2k3ok well
04:10:07midknight2k3i'd recommend
04:10:28midknight2k3genre->artist->album->XX - song.mp3
04:10:54midknight2k3perhaps an A-L and M-Z category for the genre subfolders if you must
04:14:43sWampyhmm I should work on my genre's, right now mine are messed up, 2 genre's rock/metal/pop and rap/hiphop/r&b, and very few complete even nearly complete albums.
04:15:11midknight2k3try all of them organized then
04:15:23midknight2k3rock, metal, pop, rap, hip-hop, r&b
04:15:28midknight2k3then artist
04:15:30midknight2k3then song.mp3
04:15:35midknight2k3YAY this is funny
04:15:41midknight2k3you can watch vids on your archos :)
04:16:16sWampyI wish I had had the bucks to buy the color 60 gig thing with camera and tv tunner. ;-)
04:16:37midknight2k3you dont need one to watch video clips
04:16:44midknight2k3and it doesnt have a tv tuner
04:16:51midknight2k3nor does it include a camera
04:16:56sWampyI have a couple of seasons of futurama for my gba.
04:17:11midknight2k3you can port them to rockbox format and watch them
04:17:21sWampytheir website used to show a tuner addon.
04:17:32midknight2k3odd. they don't make one
04:18:37sWampybefore the one with the camera addon came out they were saying it could play music/videos/take still shots/film movies/act like a tivo.
04:19:29midknight2k3you can play music and videos, and you can take pictures and film movies. but no tv tuner (which is a TV reciever) and no TiVo
04:20:39sWampyportable pvr would rock.
04:23:11sWampyplug it in at night, it records your shows to watch on the way to and from work, or even better at work. ;-)
04:23:26midknight2k3thats actually pretty neat sounding
04:24:20sWampythe press release made it sound like it was going to be able to, well maybe next version.
04:24:56midknight2k3yay tastey
04:25:30sWampyfor $149 this thing is pretty amazing.
04:25:54midknight2k3and it can do videos
04:25:56midknight2k3in grayscale
04:26:06midknight2k3even though its a black/white lcd HA
04:26:15midknight2k3da daddum
04:26:16midknight2k3dumm dum
04:26:19midknight2k3music to video
04:28:00sWampyis there a search plugin? where you can search for a word in a song title?
04:29:59midknight2k3sadly not officially
04:30:48midknight2k3there is a patch for it i believe
04:31:42sWampyahh, that looks like it would be a hand feature.
04:31:58sWampyhandy even.
04:32:09midknight2k3really even
04:32:14midknight2k3REALLY EVEN OMG TASTY
04:32:18midknight2k3i have issues so ignore them
04:32:23sWampythat and play random.
04:32:44midknight2k3shuffle is there for you
04:33:33sWampyjust shuffle random song from anywhere on the drive? or do you have to keep a playlist with all songs listed and play it shuffled?
04:35:56midknight2k3you can make a playlist of all the songs on the drive very easily- just do menu, playlist options, then "create playlist"
04:36:02midknight2k3make sure you're at the root when you do
04:36:11midknight2k3takes anywhere from 30 secs to 5 mins or so
04:36:15midknight2k3it will show your progres
04:37:02sWampyright I figured that out and then when you played it, with shuffle on you got any random song. Just wondered if there was a mode where it just played random songs without making the playlist. ;-)
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04:37:18midknight2k3hey dids
04:37:53midknight2k3sWampy: not really, it's designed for shuffling the playlist being used or if none in use, the dir you're in
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04:46:35midknight2k3sorry back
04:49:54midknight2k3JUST MAP IT OUT ALREADY
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07:47:57midknight2k3oh god
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09:23:48midknight2k3nite all
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14:25:44paganif i want to replace my 6GB hard drive, up to what size can the new one be?
14:35:41paganis there any difference, as for this matter, between the models with 6GB and those with 20?
14:35:50paganor between the player and the recorder?
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14:41:06sWampywhat's it mean if when you run firmware_flash.rock it says wrong plugin? And how do i find the right one?
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17:06:29Wursti have a recorder running todays rockbox daily build... i cant record via extern microphone - can anybody help?
17:08:03_alexwhat happen ? no sound ?
17:08:26Wurstno - just the built in micro works
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17:09:32_alexin "Source" you specify "Line In" ?
17:10:32_alexthe recorded file is silence ?
17:11:27_alex(recorded file are now in "/recordings" directory or in current dir)
17:12:45Wurstits silent... i also cant hear anything while recording (i can when recording via intern micro)
17:13:37_alexI don't know what's wrong
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17:17:43MTWurst: what kind of microphone
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18:26:51paganso, can anyone tell me what's the upper limit of a drive's capacity in archaos 6000?
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18:29:29_aLFpagan> I think that you can put a 60Go if you want
18:29:56pagandoes it depend on the hardware or firmware?
18:30:11_aLFonly hardware
18:30:43paganok, thanks alot
18:30:52top_blokedont they have 80 Gb drives too?
18:32:00swampy1is there a site with a bunch of example wps files?
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21:17:22NickeTthis video player stuff, what's the benefit of that, i.e. like in JBRFM...
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21:22:44NickeTis flashing of jbrfm "safe", is that stuff stable enough nowadays?
21:34:03_aLFlook in the mailing list
21:34:23_aLFI flashed my FM recorder without problem
21:44:15NickeT... and after flashing, does all the things work properly ?
21:49:55_aLFeven if the flashed version doesn't work, you can still run archos orginal firmware
21:49:59_aLFwithout F1+On
21:50:04_aLFwith F1+On
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22:16:29c0uttahi zagor
22:23:27c0uttai understand you don't like the use of typedefs in rockbox
22:23:46c0uttai'm using:
22:23:48c0uttatypedef bool (*PFB)(char*);
22:42:35Zagori'm ok with typedefs for function pointers
22:42:57Zagorbut call it something more descriptive than PFB
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22:52:03track_hi Zagor
22:52:35track_whats new/
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23:03:45track_Zagor how do you use audio for the video playback now?>
23:07:33Zagori haven't tried it yet
23:08:38track_ok no problems
23:09:03track_I bought a TV tuner card today. Really handy to have
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23:14:29track_hi Scott
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23:43:54[IDC]DragonHi Zagor, you there?
23:45:08[IDC]DragonHardeep had a "customer" with HD problems
23:45:32[IDC]Dragonit went away when not using the assembly code in ata.c
23:45:42Zagoryeah, i heard
23:45:52Zagorhow bad does that impact your video player?
23:45:53 Quit track_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:45:54[IDC]Dragonbut how can the code be "too fast"?
23:46:12[IDC]Dragoncould the bus timing be too aggressive?
23:46:32[IDC]Dragonfor some PIO mode we use
23:46:41Zagori don't know, really. i haven't looked into it.
23:47:11Zagorhave you looked in the ata spec? is there any mention of bus timing?
23:47:20[IDC]DragonLinus once fixed some problem with waitstates, for the recording code.
23:47:36[IDC]DragonI'm no ATA expert
23:48:07[IDC]Dragondunno which PIO mode we pretend
23:50:07[IDC]DragonI'd be surprized to find something in the spec like: you can do this bus timing, but don't read too often.
23:50:36Zagorbut there has to be something like it. the ata devices are not infinitely fast.
23:50:59[IDC]DragonSure. The bus has to have a certain timing.
23:51:19[IDC]DragonI suspect this timing to be too agressive.
23:51:26Zagorvery possible
23:51:53 Quit c0utta (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:51:56[IDC]DragonI can't imagine that we're not allowed to read back to back while the bus timing is OK.
23:52:46[IDC]DragonMeaning, it shoudn't be possible that the software reads "too fast".
23:55:12 Join c0utta [0] (
23:56:04c0uttaguys, with the win32 sim, is there any reason why files are being created as readonly ?
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