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#rockbox log for 2004-02-08

00:00:03 Join diddystar5 [0] (
00:08:23Zagorthe slowest PIO mode has 600ns cycle time. i actually don't know which mode we use :-)
00:08:30Zagori just send the commands...
00:10:02diddystar5[IDC]Dragon: My display dosent work half the time anymore :(
00:10:56diddystar5almost everytime i boot, the display dosent work at all, and when it does come on, it will only keep working about 15 mins
00:11:43[IDC]DragonZagor: 600 ns sounds pretty fast for our CPU
00:11:49diddystar5and while its working, sometimes it gets corrupted, like parts of the display show up at the wrong place, like the progress bar will move to a difernt line
00:11:53diddystar5any ideas?
00:11:54[IDC]Dragondiddystar5: I don't understand
00:12:17[IDC]Dragonyou think video is harmful?
00:12:33Zagor600 ns is 7.2 clock instructions
00:12:43[IDC]DragonI can't imagine that
00:12:53diddystar5[IDC]Dragon: my display want show ANYTHING most of the time, and when it does its usually messed up (like whats supposed to be on the top show up somewhere else
00:13:16diddystar5[IDC]Dragon: i dont know what it is, i have used video quite a bit
00:13:29[IDC]DragonZagor: I have to check the SH datasheet for what the external bus can do
00:13:58[IDC]DragonOK, 600 ns is not very fast, I was confusing it
00:14:23[IDC]Dragondiddystar5; I used it quite a bit, too
00:15:00[IDC]Dragonhave you tried an older Rockbox version?
00:15:07[IDC]Dragonlike 2.1
00:15:49diddystar5i have even used earlier
00:16:16 Quit scott666 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:16:18diddystar5and i h vae taken my archos apart to see if the display connection was OK, and it seemed fine, i took it out and put it back in
00:16:32 Join scott666 [0] (
00:16:48diddystar5ohh, it still does the same
00:17:12[IDC]Dragonso it's not the software being too fast or such
00:17:24diddystar5btw, my archos did sorta get melted, (just the battery covers is all i could see) do you think thats something wrong?
00:17:24 Join AciD [0] (
00:17:50diddystar5well it was still doing that before it melted....
00:17:54[IDC]Dragonyor box has a core breach?
00:18:35[IDC]Dragonwhat strange defect is that?
00:18:40diddystar5i dont know what happened, it got really hot, melted, i dont know what happened, must have been a short, but i totaly took it apart to see if anything was wrong but it still worked the same
00:19:14[IDC]Dragonthen I would not be surprised if the display is broken
00:20:13 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:20:30diddystar5is it a samsung display?
00:20:58pfavrI once had a battery that had a shortcircuit inside of it. It got really really hot (couldn't touch it)
00:21:30pfavreven though it wasn't connected to anything (it was not in the archos)
00:21:46diddystar5it was still very hot when i found it i dont know how long it had been there
00:21:54[IDC]Dragondiddystar5: no, the controller is from Solomon, we think
00:22:14 Join track [0] (
00:22:15[IDC]Dragonand the display assembly from Shing Yih
00:22:19trackhi boys
00:22:23diddystar5ohh no
00:22:28diddystar5Zagor: hack him!!!!!
00:22:41trackdiddy don't you start
00:24:33diddystar5Zagor: hack track he just came in!
00:24:48trackshut up diddy
00:25:54 Quit pfavr (Remote closed the connection)
00:29:35diddystar5br in a few minutes
00:29:44 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
00:30:55[IDC]Dragongotta go
00:31:04 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
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00:32:46 Quit _aLF ("good night")
00:34:19sWampyhelp, I downloaded yesterday's cvs release,descramble.exe ajbrec.ajz rockbox.bin, uclpack −−2e −−best rockbox.bin rockbox.ucl, copied it over, played it, now player won't boot, unless you hold down f1. ;=/
00:36:33Zagordon't descramble. just run the .ucl file that's in the .zip
00:37:15Zagorit's located in the .rockbox directory
00:37:20sWampythanks, didn't even notice it in there.
00:39:34sWampythanks, worked like a champ.
00:39:40trackZagor is it possible to "de-flash" the Archos, in case you needed to send it in for warranty purposes?
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01:18:24 Join kloud [0] (
01:18:27kloudhey guys
01:18:48kloudgod i hate the blueness of the bumpers on this a6000
01:18:58kloudi want to make them black or something
01:19:16kloudbut thats impossible cause the paint would crack cause its rubber right?
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01:24:28 Join sWampy` [0] (
01:24:44sWampy`anyone have any premade .wps files available as samples?
01:27:56 Join diddystar5 [0] (
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04:13:33midknight2k3hi ll
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04:27:32midknight2k3hi swampy1
04:37:14swampy1hey, flashed my player, works great now.
04:57:51midknight2k3hey swampy, glad to hear it worked out
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16:20:55diddystar5hey pfavr
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19:00:50 Join lwi [0] (
19:01:33lwii got a question: what is the maximum amount of diskspace, a recorder 20 can handle with rockbox?
19:01:59Nibbleri think there is no limit
19:02:27Nibblerwell, limit is in available disks
19:02:36lwiso there will be no problem, putting a 80gb harddisk in?
19:02:48Nibblerdont think so.
19:03:06lwithats great
19:04:43lwii'm using rockbox nearly a year now, and i think its a great project. I tried to write a plugin, that starts playback at a given time, but i found my self not able to do it. But it wouldn't be much code. Is there any chance one of you guys could do that?
19:05:11 Join edx{afk} [0] (
19:09:21lwii'm sorry, i have to go now
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22:40:40midknight2k3hi all
22:46:35 Join scott666 [0] (
22:50:38midknight2k3hi scott
22:54:24midknight2k3what's new?
22:54:51midknight2k3sounds fun
22:59:13midknight2k3dum dum dumdudm
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23:34:03midknight2k3hi tops
23:35:09 Join track [0] (
23:35:22midknight2k3hi track
23:35:29trackhello mid and top_bloke
23:35:37trackjust watching the snooker on my PC now
23:35:48top_blokesnooker again?
23:35:59trackI put a TV-tuner card in my pc
23:36:35tracka Hauppauge WinTV model
23:37:04top_blokecan u record tv on that?
23:37:18trackrecord to hard drive or VCD
23:37:34trackcan record as MPEG or AVI
23:37:47top_blokeand then can u output it back to a tv?
23:38:07trackvia the graphics card yes
23:38:21trackI have a mates graphics card I haven't given back to him yet
23:38:22 Quit AciD (Operation timed out)
23:38:57diddystar5br in a few minutes
23:38:59 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
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