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#rockbox log for 2004-02-11

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00:24:21midknight2k3whee hi
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01:05:21midknight2k3linus hi
01:05:28midknight2k3its linus
01:05:41midknight2k3i'm just starting on sound preset loading
01:06:39LinusNsound preset loading?
01:07:00midknight2k3like cfg loading but for sound settings
01:07:38LinusNwhy separate sound settings?
01:08:06midknight2k3because CFG loading is too multipurpose i think
01:08:25midknight2k3for example if you want a car preset and a home preset you may get contrast changed in the mix or something you don't want changed
01:08:26LinusNwould be unnecessary duplication of code
01:08:50LinusNthen create a .cfg file with only the sound settings in it
01:09:07midknight2k3yes, but what if you want to on the go
01:09:14midknight2k3most people wouldn't want to go home and manually do it
01:09:23LinusNi see your point
01:09:42LinusNso a "save sound settings as .cfg file" feature?
01:10:38midknight2k3well i was just going to copy and modify a small bit of the current CFG code, tell it to save to .rockbox/presets as filename.rsp and add a menu into sound settings
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01:16:04midknight2k3sounds ok?
01:18:36LinusNi don't see the point of creating a new file type
01:18:55LinusNwhy not just save a .cfg file with only the sound setting related stuff
01:19:51midknight2k3so they can be in /.rockbox/presets and you can browse them by menu and load them with a browsing feature?
01:20:57midknight2k3if they don't have a new extension people might confuse them with CFG files, and also they won't have their own icon so people can't identify them easier
01:22:22LinusNthe whole idea of .cfg files is to be able to do exactly this
01:22:38midknight2k3exactly what?
01:22:51LinusNit's just that we also added an option to save the entire config as a .cfg file, for lazy people
01:22:55LinusNfor sound settings
01:23:39LinusN.cfg files were invented to have files with different sound settings
01:23:51LinusNand lots of people use them for that
01:24:45LinusNit's just that they either create them by hand, or save the .cfg file with rockbox and later on remove the unneeded settings
01:25:12midknight2k3yes, but the fact that they are indistinguishable from other CFG files is rather confusing (they'd have to use the same extension and icon)?
01:25:24LinusNwhat other .cfg files?
01:26:06LinusNmost people would probably like a "home", "travel" and a "car" file, for example
01:26:54LinusNthose files would probably contain mostly sound settings, but also backlight, spindown and a few other things
01:27:14LinusNhaving only sound settings would cripple the function imho
01:28:33midknight2k3in that case you'd use CFG files. but if you're at home you may want it all the same, just with modified sound settings. so that you can have a "party" preset and a "rock" preset and a "clear" preset etc
01:30:25midknight2k3don't get me wrong, cfg files will still exist! presets would just exist to modify only the sound settings without connecting to a PC
01:30:55LinusNso why not only do a "save sound settings as .cfg file" option?
01:31:29midknight2k3well, it'd be relatively simpyl to just remake a small portion of the code so we can have a different extension+icon+ save dir
01:31:43LinusNyes, but why?
01:31:56midknight2k3so we don't get them confused with "real" cfg files
01:32:19LinusNi'd say that it would be confusing for the user to have the same functionality with two file types
01:32:42LinusNi dont see why the presets can't be "real" .cfg files
01:33:25midknight2k3perhaps you don't get what i mean by "Real" cfg files. By "real" i mean loading other settings as well
01:34:03LinusNbut a .cfg file doesn't have to load other settings, it only loads the settings that are present in the file
01:34:49midknight2k3right. but like i was saying, it may also be handy to have that different extension and icon for simpler loading
01:35:03LinusNsimpler, how?
01:35:20LinusNpressing Play is equally simple regardless of the file type
01:35:42midknight2k3so you can say, oh, party.rsp is my sound settings, and party.cfg is my settings (shuffle, repeat all, backlight on, etc)
01:36:12LinusNso, for a party, you'd have to load two files?
01:36:21midknight2k3oh wait i just noticed that flaw :D
01:36:38midknight2k3well in that case you could just have one CFG file
01:36:48LinusNand why not just "party settings.cfg" and "party sound.cfg"?
01:36:56midknight2k3there you are
01:37:12midknight2k3because party sound.cfg would need to be edited by a computer
01:37:23midknight2k3i see your point
01:37:36LinusNnot if you create a "save sound settings as .cfg"
01:39:14midknight2k3oh wait
01:42:15midknight2k3well on another note
01:42:23midknight2k3are we getting superbass soon?
01:42:26midknight2k3well, mdb i mean
01:42:41LinusNyou mean mdb fine tuning?
01:43:44midknight2k3the sound it lets you have is wonderful but its not been officially implemented sadly
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01:44:55LinusNyeah, i should get to work on that one of these days...
01:49:24midknight2k3heres the deal
01:49:39midknight2k3i'll sketch up an icon for .rsp and if it comes out good we keep the extension :D
01:49:59*LinusN sighs
01:50:07midknight2k3OH WAIT
01:50:08midknight2k3I GOT IT
01:50:14midknight2k3of course
01:50:19midknight2k3why didnt i see
01:50:32midknight2k3we just save it with a different extension, we don't need to duplicate the code
01:50:39*midknight2k3 does dilbert victory dance
01:52:19LinusNbut i still don't get it. why a different extension?
01:53:51midknight2k3so they are easily distinguishable from CFG files, right? if you think about it it'd be a lot easier to manage instead of mixing up CFG files... but yours is the final word. maybe sound as cfg would be good too
01:54:37LinusNi don't call it "mixing up". the .cfg files were invented for exactly this purpose
01:55:32midknight2k3not exactly mixing up, but having the two together could confuse people
01:56:17LinusN"the two"
01:56:31LinusNa .cfg file can contain anything
01:56:36midknight2k3thats it
01:56:43LinusNthe user decides what to put in them
01:56:46midknight2k3you cant tell that anything from looking at .cfg can you?
01:57:00midknight2k3.cfg says "ok im a cfg file, do i have sound settings inside or all settings?"
01:57:11LinusNno, but if you use a sensible file naming scheme you will be able to tell the difference
01:57:31LinusNor if you put them in different directories
01:57:49midknight2k3i don't get your logic! :) but ok, i'll just use CFG files
01:58:04midknight2k3but i'm allowed to put the option in "sound settings" right?
01:58:33LinusNthe logic is that .cfg files are meant to contain settings, and it is up to the user to decide which settings to put in them
01:58:57LinusNlike .bat files can contain any DOS command
01:59:25midknight2k3and the other logic is that no matter what you name them, seperate extensions will always tell you whether you have sound or global settings
01:59:49LinusNbut will you create new file types for recording settings too?
01:59:59LinusNor playlist settings?
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02:00:13midknight2k3they all go under "settings"
02:00:25midknight2k3but those affect the core settings, not the actual sound
02:01:03midknight2k3like, we could label the sound settings as "equalizer" and argue all over again
02:01:09midknight2k3but that doesnt change their purpose
02:01:18LinusNmy point is that i don't see the need for separate file types for sound settings
02:01:47LinusNbut i can see the use for a "save sound settings" option
02:02:04midknight2k3it reduces the need to induce clever file naming schemes using a nifty on screen keyboard
02:04:10midknight2k3i just don't see a particular downside
02:04:15LinusNi'd say that it adds confusion for the user
02:04:34LinusNtwo file types for nearly the same thing
02:04:37midknight2k3sound settings files and cfg files? i'd say that wps files are a lot more confusing
02:04:48LinusNespecially when .cfg files contain sound settings too
02:05:03midknight2k3we should delete that functionality
02:05:08midknight2k3and port that to sound files
02:05:09LinusNabsolutely not
02:05:19midknight2k3ok, well one thing
02:05:25LinusNthen the user would have to play two files for a complete setup
02:05:53midknight2k3wouldnt it be just as confusing, if not more, to use the SAME file extension for similar things as opposed to a different one? the key word here is similar... it's not same
02:06:21LinusN.cfg files contain settings. period.
02:06:39midknight2k3and .rsp files contain sound settings. period
02:06:51LinusNsound settings are settings too
02:07:06midknight2k3but they are different kind of settings
02:07:24LinusNi don't agree
02:07:49midknight2k3i don't GET YOU
02:08:34LinusNtake "fade" as an example, is that a asound setting or just a setting?
02:08:48midknight2k3sound setting, i'd say
02:09:42midknight2k3because it affects the way you hear the music. if you pause, it decides whether you want to fade it or just halt it, that affects sound, i'd say it's a sound setting
02:10:09LinusNi can imagine that some people may disagree
02:10:27midknight2k3how so?
02:11:15LinusNbecause is is a function related to the starting and stopping of music, and not entirely the sound experience
02:11:44midknight2k3but if it makes a difference in hearing the music it's a "sound setting"
02:11:45midknight2k3for example
02:11:49midknight2k3backlight doesnt affect the sound
02:11:52midknight2k3general setting
02:11:57midknight2k3nor does "inverted line cursor"
02:12:01midknight2k3nor "shuffle"
02:12:04midknight2k3all general settings
02:12:10midknight2k3but fade, that affects what you hear
02:12:13midknight2k3"sound setting"
02:13:09LinusNi can agree with you, i was just trying to make a point that it serves little purpose to separate sound settings from the other
02:13:54midknight2k3that doesn't really change anything lol
02:14:50LinusNlet me put it like this: which problem do you want to solve with this?
02:15:04midknight2k3i want to make it simpler to load sound settings
02:15:16LinusNyou want a way to save and reload only the sound settings, right?
02:15:56LinusNbut saving them to a .cfg file doesn't solve this problem?
02:16:15midknight2k3it could
02:16:19midknight2k3but not the way i envision it
02:17:41LinusNi think of the .cfg files as an all-purpose solution, that can contain not only sound settings, but also other ones
02:17:47LinusNhandy, if you ask me
02:18:12midknight2k3me too
02:18:16midknight2k3BUT also sound presets
02:18:23midknight2k3that carry just sound settings
02:18:27midknight2k3but in a different extension
02:18:54midknight2k3that'd be pretty un-confusing. it'd have its own icon and extension, be in its own "PRESETS" folder, and accessible through the menu
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02:19:27LinusNand why not .rockbox/presets/*.cfg ?
02:19:40midknight2k3hi BumpyC
02:20:01midknight2k3LinusN: becuase it's possible to mix them with CFG files which could be confusing
02:20:09BumpyCI must say, I agree with LinusN on this issue (I was reading the log)
02:20:14midknight2k3if they had their own icon and place, i think it'd be pretty straightforward
02:20:21midknight2k3you could of course move them elsewhere
02:20:32midknight2k3BumpyC: is that Bluechip? :)
02:21:04BumpyCmidknight2k3: no, I am Joseph Jones from the mailing list
02:21:37LinusNthink of it like .reg files
02:21:51midknight2k3ok linus
02:22:07midknight2k3...are you taking that point further?
02:22:26midknight2k3ok lol
02:22:31MTi think linus is spot on
02:22:33midknight2k3well i can see your point too
02:22:42midknight2k3ok i lose
02:22:43MTthey are both config files
02:23:00midknight2k3not the SAME configging going on
02:23:02MTi see where m2k is coming from
02:23:19MTso should we have a .resume for resume settings too?
02:23:32midknight2k3we have that, no?
02:23:41midknight2k3.playlist_control, actually
02:24:05MTthats different, you dont play dot files
02:24:29LinusNsome day, someone will want to add non-sound options to the soundsettings files
02:24:37LinusNfor convenience
02:24:38midknight2k3forget i said it ok
02:24:40midknight2k3cfg it is
02:25:00*LinusN was saved by the cavalry
02:26:23midknight2k3i almost had my way too :)
02:33:52BumpyCI'm off to bed, night folks
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02:35:14LinusNgotta sleep too, nite all
02:35:33 Part LinusN
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03:55:28midknight2k3that teaches him
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05:12:11midknight2k3ANYONE here with Cygwin?
05:13:01 Quit midknight2k3 ("Bye ppl, sudden death remember? :D")
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05:21:28NateDogis there a place where I can get version 2.0? I don't see anywhere on the main site that has it
05:38:32 Join UncleSqua [0] (
05:39:46UncleSquaI just have a quick question... I recently loaded 2.1 and all was working great. Then, last night I was playing songs but could hear nothing until I jacked the volume up to like 80.
05:40:59UncleSquaI have tried re-loading Rockbox but the same thing occurs again & again. Should I try an older version or is there a "magic" way of reimaging my Jukebox FM Recorder 20? Any response is always greatly appreciated. I can be reached at Thank you all in advance.
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09:36:17moormasterdoes anybody know which video codecs are supported by the avitoyuv - tool?
09:36:47moormasterI have tried to convert a video to .rvf but there is only random flicker instead of a video on the archos player
09:37:28dwihnoProbably no codec is supported. You probably need uncompressed AVI.
09:39:04moormasterBut then there would be very big video files if you try to convert a whole film. Wouldnt it be better to release a codec for .rvf? Maybe video-edit tools convert the videos a bit faster than the console-tools
09:41:12dwihnoYou make the videos the proper resolution?
09:41:20moormaster112x64 yes
09:41:29dwihnoWell, test with a small clip
09:41:44dwihno(I haven't tried encoding myself, I am only presuming the codec stuff)
09:42:26moormasterthats what i am doing now ;) I just meant that it is unpractical to work with uncompressed files when they are whole movies and not only 10 seconds
09:43:17moormasterare there other things that must match? (fps or sth?)
09:43:28dwihnoerhm. read that document that came with the tools...
09:43:35 Join AciD [0] (
09:44:12moormasteri can not find any documentation. There were only the tools in the zip file?
09:44:31moormasteris there anywhere a detailled documentation about converting avi to rvf?
09:47:08dwihnothere was some basic info in the mailing list
09:47:15dwihnomy bad.
09:47:17dwihnoI'll check.
09:48:24dwihnoThe audio/video player threads
09:49:43moormasterk thx
09:54:50dwihnoTell me if you're successful.
09:59:25moormasteri have tried with uncompressed video and it gives stripes. The rvf video with audio plays normal audio with snow on the screen
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10:01:10moormasterdo you know any video players which can play yuv-files? I would like to know if the yuv file is ok
10:01:27dwihnoerhm... nah, don't know of any...
10:01:34dwihnoagain, the mailing list might be a good source for information
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10:36:14moormastergot it!
10:36:32moormasteri have to tell the tool the source fps of the video
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22:01:40trackhi scott
22:13:45 Join T^JulioVega [0] (
22:13:54T^JulioVegahey guys
22:14:16c0uttagday there
22:15:14T^JulioVegaanyone knows in which program language rockbox is actually written?
22:19:04moormasteris it possible to surpress usb mode? I would like to use the usb cable as power supply while i am hearing music with the archos
22:19:41T^JulioVegaunix or windooze?
22:20:01moormasterwindows, but does this matter
22:20:24T^JulioVegaoh i thought of something other... i don't think so
22:20:49T^JulioVegalol deutsch?
22:20:59T^JulioVegame 2
22:21:03moormastergut ;)
22:21:27T^JulioVegabenutz doch einfach das netzkabel zur stromversorgung
22:21:43moormasterwäre doch praktisch, wenn ich das USB Kabel als Spannungsversorgung nehme und die Jukebox weiter normal benutzen kann, ohne dass sie sofort in den USB 2.0 Festplattenmodus wechselt
22:21:54T^JulioVegageht net
22:21:57T^JulioVegawart mal
22:21:57moormasterdann muss ich den Netzadapter nichgt immer mitschleppen
22:23:28T^JulioVegastand irgendwo auf der hp dass die das net machen weil du ja wenn die angeschlossen is dateien ändern kannst und wenn du dann gleichzeitig auffer festplatte von der jukebox mitm display rumguckst kriegt der probs oder so
22:24:24moormasternaja hätte ja sein können, dass die Firmware erst selber in den Festplattenmodus umschaltet. Aber scheinbar zeigt sie nur an, dass eine USB Verbindung besteht und sperrt sich solange selbst
22:25:33moormasterwobei es auch schon vorkam, dass ich die Jukebox komplett resetten musste, bevor sie Windows wieder erkannt hat. Vorher hat es nur behauptet, dass sich ein unidentifizierbares Gerät am USB Anschluss befindet
22:25:58 Part oxygen77 ("Leaving")
22:25:58T^JulioVegajo war bei nem freund von mir auch so als ich die treiber installiert hab, hast du winxp?
22:27:10T^JulioVegaich glaub das liegt an winxp der sagt ja auch so was von wegen treibersignatur fehlt und all so n zeugs
22:28:02moormasternaja aber meistens gehts ja auch. Und wenns nach Windows geht sind ja immer nur die Treiber signiert, die sowieso schon mitinstalliert sind.
22:28:35T^JulioVegamanche andern auch z.b. detonator aber stimmt schon
22:30:21moormasterWenn das jedoch eine Art Bug der Firmware wäre, könnte man das doch beabsichtigt hervorrufen, um die Benutzung als externe Festplatte zu unterbinden, damit man ungehindert die Jukebox nutzen kann. Und wenn man wieder in den USB Modus wechselt, ist alles wieder normal.
22:30:21moormasterAber wenn dieses Problem eh nur unter Windows auftritt, nützt das ja auch nix
22:31:07c0uttaactually track, it's just plain C
22:31:27T^JulioVegaah c's all the same ;)
22:31:39T^JulioVegajo sogar nur unter winxp
22:31:50T^JulioVegaalso bei mir unter win2k läuft's prima
22:32:07c0uttai think you could use c++, but the core developers decided on c
22:32:41moormasterhatte das Problem auch nur, als ich die Platte öfters reinstecken und wieder rausziehen musste, dass er es dann plötzlich nicht mehr wollte. Hatte versucht ein VIdeo in rvf zu konvertieren
22:33:05 Nick c0utta is now known as c0utta{afk} (
22:34:32moormasterda wäre es zum Beipsiel auch praktisch gewesen, wenn man hätte einfach die Firmware umschalten können, anstatt immer das Kabel zu ziehen
22:34:35T^JulioVegajo bei mir hängt der auch manchma wenn ich größere sachen draufziehn will
22:37:21moormasteris das eigentlich normal, dass der mehrere Tage rechnet, wenn ich ein DivX-Video in YUV umwandeln lasse?
22:39:11T^JulioVegawenn du's net von pc-festplatte auf pc-festplatte machst, ja
22:39:36T^JulioVegawenn du zum beispiel das original auf netzwerk-pc oder mp3-player hast
22:39:49moormasterne war alles auf der lokalen Platte
22:40:08 Quit track ("leafChat IRC client:")
22:40:17moormasterund das Konsolen tool hält es ja auch nichtmal für nötig, anzuzeigen, wieviel % es schon umgerechnet hat
22:40:36 Join LinusN [200] (
22:40:43T^JulioVegabenutz adobe premiere
22:40:47T^JulioVegais das beste
22:40:52LinusNguys, please stick to english in this channel
22:40:53moormasterkann der in yuv umwandeln?
22:41:21T^JulioVegaif you have the codec installed (better this way?)
22:41:41LinusNja, das ist besser :-)
22:42:02pfavrHvad med dansk eller svensk?-)
22:42:12moormasterthan i could use Virtual Dub, too
22:42:12moormasterIt should recognize the codec if it is installed
22:42:16LinusNpfavr: in sweden yet?
22:42:40T^JulioVegathat should work
22:42:44pfavrYes, Ostermalm, Stockholm
22:42:53LinusNnice, we should meet
22:42:54moormasterwhere can I download the yuv-codec?
22:43:01T^JulioVegagetaway in stockholm ;)
22:43:12T^JulioVegano ahnung
22:43:17pfavrReally like to meet the RockBox hackers
22:43:31LinusNtime for a Rockbox DevCon then
22:43:36moormasterthan I should try to google for it ;)
22:43:44moormasteror then
22:43:57pfavrHow about next week? or this weekend?
22:44:18LinusNnext week sounds good to me, let's keep in touch
22:44:20LinusNgotta go
22:44:22 Part LinusN
22:44:23T^JulioVegaanyone here who understands the rockbox developement tutorial?
22:45:00pfavrHaven't read it, but I managed to make a development environment at my other computer....
22:45:07moormasterme too
22:45:07pfavrAnd check the stuff out from CVS
22:45:11moormasterbut without cvs
22:45:32T^JulioVegayeah i don't understand that part
22:45:43T^JulioVegapoint 8
22:47:42moormastermmh I have downloaded some cvs clients (even one for windows) but i don't know how to use them
22:48:03T^JulioVegai don't even know what i have to do now
22:48:34pfavrI use linux
22:48:48moormasterI bet under linux it is not easier ;)
22:48:51pfavrSo I can't help you there...
22:48:59pfavr(for me it is:-)
22:49:20moormastermaybe you have to download cvs first somewhere
22:49:48T^JulioVegai have the sourcecode so i think i don't need cvs
22:50:01T^JulioVegaDownload and unpack RockBox sourcecode to /home/rockbox OR check out via CVS
22:50:22moormasterso you dont want to use cvs?
22:50:22pfavrYes, cvs is only needed for getting the sourcecode from cvs
22:50:59moormasterHave you got the bash-console working?
22:51:01T^JulioVegai think i'm getting it on now
22:51:58pfavrHey, I do know Cygwin... but normally I get it from
22:52:09 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
22:52:13T^JulioVegabut wtf do i need cygwin for?
22:52:18pfavrCygwin contains a lot of tools... cvs amongst others
22:52:18 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- Get hot chicks here!")
22:52:23moormasterfor compiling it
22:52:54pfavrI think the rockbox-sdk_win32.tar.bz2 contains cygwin also
22:53:09moormasterbtw why is it still possible to mute the sound while the keylock is on?
22:53:22pfavrit is a faster way of getting both cygwin and the binutils for the rockbox (a cross compiler - GCC)
22:53:24moormasterI reportet it some time ago as bug
22:53:56pfavrI hope you get the develoment environment going:-)
22:54:09T^JulioVegai think for the ones who turn the vol to max and then play and immediately lock the keys, so that they don't destroy their eirs ^^
22:54:19T^JulioVegaears i mean ^^
22:55:15moormasteryes but it could at leat be included in the options weather mute should be possibel while keylock or not
22:55:57moormasterpossibel -> possible ;)
22:56:29T^JulioVegamaybe they just want to ärger you ^^
22:56:54moormasternot just me. There are many posts which just havent been answered
22:57:04moormasterwhats wtf?
22:57:11T^JulioVegaCreate build dir and configure build:
22:57:11T^JulioVegauser@host ~
22:57:11T^JulioVega$ mkdir build-dir
22:57:11DBUGEnqueued KICK T^JulioVega
22:57:11T^JulioVegauser@host ~
22:57:11T^JulioVega$ cd build-dir
22:57:11***Alert Mode level 1
22:57:11T^JulioVegauser@host ~/build-dir
22:57:17T^JulioVegathis is in the tutorial
22:57:29T^JulioVegabut there is no configure.bat or so in my folder
22:57:42moormasterno but configure without extension
22:57:46T^JulioVegaso how can i run something that isn't there
22:57:52pfavryou go to the place where you want the makefiles
22:58:00moormasterit should be there after the source is there
22:58:02pfavr(this is build dir - the newly created directory)
22:58:04pfavrand then
22:58:09T^JulioVegaE:\Rockbox Developement\tools>dir
22:58:09T^JulioVegaDatenträger in Laufwerk E: ist TOOLS
22:58:09T^JulioVegaDatenträgernummer: 1053-15E6
22:58:09***Alert Mode level 2
22:58:09T^JulioVegaVerzeichnis von E:\Rockbox Developement\tools
22:58:09***Alert Mode level 3
22:58:09T^JulioVega11.02.2004 22:49 <DIR> .
22:58:11T^JulioVega11.02.2004 22:49 <DIR> ..
22:58:13T^JulioVega04.01.2003 02:12 38.341 bmp2rb.exe
22:58:15T^JulioVega04.01.2003 02:12 53.709 convbdf.exe
22:58:17pfavrexecute the program in ..\tools
22:58:17T^JulioVega04.01.2003 02:12 11.264 descramble.exe
22:58:19T^JulioVega04.01.2003 02:12 11.264 scramble.exe
22:58:21T^JulioVega04.01.2003 02:12 22.016 sh2d.exe
22:58:23T^JulioVega5 Datei(en) 136.594 Bytes
22:58:25T^JulioVega2 Verzeichnis(se), 288.743.424 Bytes frei
22:58:27T^JulioVegaE:\Rockbox Developement\tools>
22:58:37T^JulioVegano configure there
22:58:39moormasterhave you extracted the source into home/rockbox?
22:58:54T^JulioVegaextracted everything
22:59:16moormasterit is not in the comiled tools
22:59:26moormasterthe script is in the tools folder of the source
22:59:49T^JulioVegano confgure there
23:00:17moormasterthis should be there:
23:00:19 Quit moormaster (Excess Flood)
23:00:21T^JulioVegasearched for it in the whole directory, nothing found
23:01:07 Join moormaster [0] (
23:01:24moormasteroh got kicked maybe too much text
23:01:47T^JulioVega? i saw no text
23:02:15moormasteri have tried to post the contents of my tools folder. That was too much
23:02:24T^JulioVegaquery me
23:02:27T^JulioVegaand sen d it ther
23:02:40moormasterk i try
23:03:23 Quit moormaster (Excess Flood)
23:03:45 Join moormaster [0] (
23:03:47T^JulioVeganope nothing received
23:03:54moormastergot kicked again
23:04:02moormastertry to send it as file
23:04:14T^JulioVegadoesnt work
23:04:18T^JulioVegamy proxy
23:04:18moormasterwhy that?
23:04:26moormasterupload somewhere...
23:04:27T^JulioVegamy proxy suxx
23:05:03moormasterthis should workl
23:05:46T^JulioVegathis is what i got
23:06:06moormasterbut there is a file named configure shown at my directory
23:06:11T^JulioVegaVerzeichnis von E:\Rockbox Developement\home\rockbox\tools
23:06:11T^JulioVega11.02.2004 22:47 <DIR> .
23:06:12T^JulioVega11.02.2004 22:47 <DIR> ..
23:06:12***Alert Mode level 4
23:06:12T^JulioVega21.05.2003 08:31 10.984 bmp2rb.c
23:06:12***Alert Mode level 5
23:06:12T^JulioVega24.01.2003 11:55 26.403 convbdf.c
23:06:12***Alert Mode level 6
23:06:12T^JulioVega06.11.2003 12:28 2.548 descramble.c
23:06:14T^JulioVega10.01.2003 11:05 28.171 generate_rocklatin.c
23:06:16T^JulioVega06.11.2003 12:28 3.879 scramble.c
23:06:18T^JulioVega28.03.2002 15:42 28.603 sh2d.c
23:06:20T^JulioVega24.01.2003 11:29 1.582 rockbox-style.el
23:06:22T^JulioVega23.01.2003 00:01 2.034 sample.emacs
23:06:24T^JulioVega8 Datei(en) 104.204 Bytes
23:06:26T^JulioVega2 Verzeichnis(se), 288.743.424 Bytes frei
23:06:44moormasterdid you check out via cvs or did you download the source?
23:07:09T^JulioVegai dont think cvs would work
23:07:32moormastermmh i have downloaded it, too. It was included in my files
23:08:58T^JulioVegathis is what i downloaded
23:09:19T^JulioVegai see
23:09:21moormasteri have downloaded the daily builds source
23:09:31moormasterbut it should make no difference
23:09:39pfavrjust got this idea: how about a scroll lyrics while playing the song plugin?
23:09:40T^JulioVegayeah i unpacked it wrong
23:10:04T^JulioVegau cn view the lyrics text-file while listening
23:10:15T^JulioVegano need for a plugin
23:10:55moormasterand who wants to write the synchronisation timings that the plugin knows to which line it has to scroll at which time
23:10:58pfavrI was thinking like automatic - like a screensaver... if there is a file with the same name as the mp3 in the same dir but with extension .lyr or something... then show it automatically
23:11:49T^JulioVegaif u write it... nice idea
23:11:50pfavrjust count the lines and adjust the scroll speed so it scrolls through the text file in the same time as the duration of the mp3
23:12:09T^JulioVegaget working ;)
23:12:16pfavrshowing 4 lines... should be fine I gues...
23:12:33pfavrwell, I reaaally should be working on something else u know
23:12:38T^JulioVegai have the jukebox studio
23:12:52pfavrI have JBR20
23:13:03moormasteri have jbr 20fm
23:13:05T^JulioVegai have jbs20
23:16:13***Alert Mode OFF
23:17:48T^JulioVegaoh fuk
23:18:01T^JulioVegabash: ../tools/configure: /bin/sh: bad interpreter: No such file or directory
23:18:10T^JulioVegai think i have to use linux
23:18:16moormasterhave you downloaded the tools?
23:18:33T^JulioVegabut i can't execute the configure-file
23:18:34moormasterand extract them to home/rockbox/tools ?
23:19:00moormasterin directoy are you know?
23:19:04moormasterin which?
23:19:17T^JulioVegaroot directory
23:19:34T^JulioVegawhere the cygwin is
23:19:41moormasteryou have to go into the build directory and execute the script from there with thiss command
23:20:28T^JulioVegajust tell me what i have to enter in the dos-box when i'm in the root-directory (no cygwin or so started)
23:20:43moormasternot in the dosbox
23:20:48T^JulioVegawhat then
23:21:00moormasterif you have cygwin installed there should be a cygwin.bat
23:21:13moormasterthis file opens a bash-interpreter
23:21:22T^JulioVegaE:\Rockbox Developement>cygwin
23:21:22T^JulioVegabash.exe: warning: could not find /tmp, please create!
23:21:22T^JulioVega3 [main] bash 1464 init_cygheap::etc_changed: Can't open /etc for checking
23:21:22T^JulioVega, Win32 error 3
23:21:29T^JulioVeganow im in cygwin
23:21:48moormasterthen type
23:21:48moormastercd home
23:21:48moormastercd rockbox
23:21:55moormastermkdir build-dir
23:21:59moormastercd build-dir
23:22:19T^JulioVegabash: mkdir: command not found
23:23:07moormasterhave you clicked on the .reg file after copying cygwin?
23:23:37T^JulioVegabut i didn't put it on c:
23:23:43moormasteroh you have to install cygwin to c:\cygwin or you have to change the values in the reg-file
23:23:58T^JulioVegayo i see it
23:25:37moormasterif it has work you should see sth. like that:
23:25:37moormasterWINUSERNAME@PCNAME ~
23:25:39T^JulioVegastill doesn't work
23:25:59T^JulioVegamy regfile is that one:
23:25:59T^JulioVega[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cygnus Solutions]
23:25:59***Alert Mode level 1
23:25:59T^JulioVega[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cygnus Solutions\Cygwin]
23:26:00***Alert Mode level 2
23:26:00T^JulioVega[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cygnus Solutions\Cygwin\mounts v2]
23:26:01***Alert Mode level 3
23:26:01T^JulioVega"cygdrive prefix"="/cygdrive"
23:26:03T^JulioVega"cygdrive flags"=dword:00000022
23:26:05T^JulioVega[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cygnus Solutions\Cygwin\mounts v2\/]
23:26:07T^JulioVega"native"="E:\\Rockbox Developement\\cygwin"
23:26:11T^JulioVega[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cygnus Solutions\Cygwin\Program Options]
23:26:17T^JulioVegai changed this one
23:26:19T^JulioVega"native"="E:\\Rockbox Developement\\cygwin"
23:26:24moormasterhave you double clicked again onto the file?
23:26:50moormasterwhat does the console show after starting cygwin.bat?
23:27:12T^JulioVegabash.exe: warning: could not find /tmp, please create!
23:27:12T^JulioVega2 [main] bash 1672 init_cygheap::etc_changed: Can't open /etc for checking
23:27:12T^JulioVega, Win32 error 3
23:27:12***Alert Mode level 4
23:27:39moormastermmh maybe it would be easier to install it again to c:\cygwin
23:27:49T^JulioVegasieht so aus ^^
23:29:00T^JulioVegastill doesnt work
23:29:16T^JulioVegaah fuck it i go reboot and use linux
23:29:37T^JulioVegasee ya
23:29:39 Quit T^JulioVega ()
23:37:13***Alert Mode OFF
23:38:22 Join Fred [0] (
23:38:30Fredback again with a new nick ;)
23:38:40Fredand a new os ^^
23:38:55Fredso, where is my closest gnu ftp?
23:39:38moormasteri have tried to change the registry values but he still loads the files from c:\cygwin. Maybe a reboot is required after changing the registry values
23:39:44moormasterbut it shouldnt
23:40:13Freddoesn't matter, linux is better anyway ;)
23:40:26moormasterif you know how to use it, yes ;)
23:40:51Fredor if u have a father who knows how to use it ^^
23:41:27moormastermy father buyed it and since then he never installed it
23:41:41moormasternow it is an old version ;)
23:42:05Fredmy father knows more about linux than about windows
23:43:07Fredah does anyone now how to get those files required for linux without searching the whole gnu ftp?
23:43:54moormasterlol it semm that you got the same problem in linux now:
23:43:54moormasterhow to start cygwin ;)
23:44:02moormastersemm -> seems
23:44:25Fredyeah but the thing is first i need cygwin ;)
23:44:41Fredgot it ^^
23:44:43 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:44:47moormasterbut cygwin is for windows or not?
23:45:00moormasterisnt the cygWIN because it is for windows?
23:45:07moormasterisnt the NAME ...
23:45:25Fredauf jeden fall lad ich grad die datein für linux runter
23:45:38moormasterviel Spaß beim Einstellen
23:45:46Fredjo ^^
23:45:54Fredwie alt bist du eigentlich?
23:46:33Fredoh mann alle sind aelter als ich ^^
23:47:06Fredey wieso lad ich mit dsl nur mit 23kb/s?
23:47:19moormastermmh weil der Server ausgelastet ist?
23:47:35Fredjo koennt sein
23:48:18Fredund nacher wars die falsche datei und ich hab umsonst 13 mb mit 23 kb/s gesaugt ^^
23:48:52moormasterhattest du eigentlich die Batchdatei umgeschrieben zum Starten von cygwin?
23:48:58 Quit uski ("Fermeture du client")
23:49:10Fredmusste man das?
23:49:17moormasterweil die wechselt immer nach C:\cygwin\bin und versucht von da dann bash zu starten
23:49:28moormasterfällt mir grad so auf
23:50:39Fredimmer diese c:-programme
23:50:52Fredwer hat schon nur 1 partition?
23:51:15moormasterich seit dem ich meine 2. Platte in einen anderen Rechner verfrachtet hab ;)
23:51:35moormasteraber C hat einfach jeder normale User auf jeden Fall
23:51:50Fredjo aber nicht jeder installiert alles nach c
23:52:09moormasterwoher sollen die Entwickler wissen, auf welche Partition jeder User das gerne drauf hätte
23:52:53moormasterdie einen haben auf d nur backups andere nur spiele wieder andere haben da Linux drauf usw.
23:53:01Fredkann man ja machen dass man die irgendwo zentral einstellt und alle programme die die brauchen gucken sie dnn da nach, schwer is das net
23:53:20moormasterjo in der regfile ;)
23:53:32Fredich hab c,d,e,f,g und linux-partition ^^
23:53:54moormasterund die Batch ist ja nur für die Leute, die nich wissen, dass man die Console mit bash −−login -i aufrufen muss
23:54:23Fredoder die zu faul sind, das einzugeben ^^
23:54:33moormasterjo ;)
23:55:07Fredso wie ich, ich hab mir n perl programm geschrieben was pg heißt, dass macht nix anderes als ping ^^
23:55:24Fredwar nur zu faul das jedes mal einzutippen
23:56:01Fredweil irc sons immer ping timeout hatte jetz hab ich den ganzen tag n ping laufen ^^
23:56:25moormasterich nehm Trillian für IRC
23:56:36moormasterda gabs sowas bis jetzt nich
23:56:48Fredlag sowieso am proxy
23:56:55Fredwar bei icq auch
23:58:02Fredboah wenn jede der 3 dateien die ich brauch 10 min zum downloaden brauch krieg ich noch kraempfe hier ^^
23:58:46moormasterwarn das noch schöne Zeiten mit 56k... war zwar langsam, aber wenigstens konstant langsam. Hab fast nie weniger, als 4 kb/s gehabt ;)

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