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#rockbox log for 2004-02-13

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00:04:45top_blokeare you goatboy from SNL?
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00:25:16GoatBoyhe stole the idea from me
00:25:19GoatBoyi'm the original
00:27:08top_blokedamn thief over at SNL
00:27:21trackHow does the audio section work for the RVF files now?
00:27:27top_blokei dunno
00:27:54trackis the audio contained in the file or in the form of a link to an MP3 file and the audio is synced?
00:27:55top_blokesomeone should make a 1 click program to make an rvf w audio
00:28:07trackim sure if you ask Bjorn and co nicely
00:28:24top_blokecause i'm lazy
00:28:24top_blokei made 1 rvf and thats it
00:28:30trackme 2
00:28:37top_blokethey got more imnportant stuff to do
00:28:42trackviewing vids causes too much battery drain
00:28:54trackall we need is a TV tuner plugin now!!!!!
00:29:14trackbut then you would need a TV licence
00:29:31top_blokemaybe a batch file
00:29:47top_blokeif vdub can do command line stuff
00:29:53top_bloketo make an rvf
00:30:05trackin the UK you need a licence to watch telly
00:30:23top_blokeu got 1?
00:30:36top_blokehow do they know?
00:30:59top_blokedo they have porn on broadcast tv and stuff
00:31:10trackbecause when you buy a TV, PC TV tuner card or VCR the shop sends your details to the licence people to make sure you have a licence
00:32:01top_blokeu ever need to renew it?
00:32:13trackevery year
00:32:23top_blokedo they have pron on tv at least?
00:32:32trackSometimes in the small hours
00:32:40top_blokei see
00:33:55trackThe picture quality on a PC TV card is pretty good
00:34:32top_blokeu need a seperate lincece for that too huh
00:34:49trackone licence covers all the TV receivers in the house
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01:28:44pfavrHi all
01:29:16 Part pfavr
01:31:38top_blokeman he aint even here
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04:58:36Geez_Nutzhey, i'm having the "PANIC Sector 0 Directory 1 something something" problem with a corrupt .rockbox folder. i've searched the site but didnt see if anyone has determined a cause. i've tried format and scandisk. any help?
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05:08:37hardeepGeez_Nutz: what version of rockbox are you using?
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05:23:59Geez_Nutzi've tried various daily builds over the last week
05:24:56Geez_Nutzi just deleted the partition and recreated, and im reverting to 2.1, but still curious if theres a known cause of the problem
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05:37:19hardeepGeez_Nutz: what was the last daily version you tried? There was a fix fairly recently in the ata code that might have solved the problem
05:37:49hardeepFix was made on 02/09 so it would have been in the 02/10 daily
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06:01:51Geez_Nutzi'm gonna run 2.1 for a day and see if it happens again, then i'll go to daily and if i still have probs, i'll let you know
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09:49:09dwihnoAny of you guys have RealTek ALC650 chipset?
09:49:17dwihnoThe sound is horrible! :(
09:49:21dwihnoI need to fix it...
09:49:37LinusNi can't helo you, sorry
09:49:54dwihnoI hate onboard stuff ;D
09:50:14dwihnoI'll bring one of my old SBLive's on monday
09:50:21dwihnoWork without music is impossible.
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12:08:56trackmorning boys
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12:22:12dwihnoGuten heute alle leute!
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12:28:27T^JulioVegalol noch n deutscher ^
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15:59:34YunDoes the firmware work on jukebox multimedia 20?
16:00:13dwihnoit's completely different hardware
16:00:31YunDo you know of any opensource(or closed) firmware updates for the multimedia 20?
16:00:57dwihnoHaven't heard of any.
16:02:08PsYCoTiCwill it be OK for me to ask some questions when I get my Archos today concerning flashing with rockbox?
16:04:25MTiirc Zagor has bought an av320 with the intention of possibly porting to the mm range
16:11:07Yunanyone know of a decent audio recorder for win32 that's opensource?
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16:57:54DacarloHi there...(spot the n00b) Anyone know why an Archos jukebox recorder 10 might be stopping mid track on any track?
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17:40:15T^JulioVega|ZoggDacarlo: rockbox?
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17:41:24DacarloSorry yeah
17:41:29Dacarlo(was afk)
17:41:46DacarloSame on the archos software also.
17:47:52moormastermaybe your mp3s are not ok or it is an hardware problem
18:00:47Dacarlohmmm seems to be any MP3. What would you recommend I try to do to the MP3s? Resample maybe?
18:03:35moormasterdid you record them all yourself or are they from different sources?
18:04:07PsYCoTiCthe website mentions that some FM users had to revert to previous flash content due to charging issues? what is meant by previous flash content? the original archos flash content? or previous rockbox flash content?
18:05:21Dacarlodifferent sources..
18:05:44DacarloI'll try ripping one myself and seeing if that does the trick.
18:05:58moormasterthen i would say it is a hardware problem
18:06:31moormasterYou could ask the archos support
18:06:40GoatBoydoes anyone here have one of those "special edition" recorders?
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18:10:30DacarloYeah shame that. I just bought it. Got it out the box and broken. Kinda a disapointment. :-/
18:11:25moormasterjust archos... look at the original firmware: it seems that there are more bigs than windows has ;)
18:11:33moormasterbigs -> bugs
18:13:37DacarloSpotted a few people with the same problems on the rockbox bug forums. Ahh well might just send it back to the vendor.
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18:20:03DacarloThanx for the tips people. Catch ya later
18:20:20 Quit Dacarlo ("ermmm *poof*")
18:21:35PsYCoTiCare the major probs with archos due to the packaged firmware or the actual hardware?
18:28:09GoatBoyseems to be the units are pretty cheaply made
18:28:25GoatBoylike solder point used for structural purposes
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19:45:26T^JulioVega|Zoggsee ya guys
19:45:28 Quit T^JulioVega|Zogg ()
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21:01:44GoatBoytestes testes?
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21:05:36GoatBoyyou wouldn't happen to know if the different archos recorders use different batteries?
21:05:40GoatBoyor do they all use AA's?
21:05:48GoatBoylike the FM 20
21:06:06moormasterno some of them have non replaceable lithium ion batterys
21:06:15moormasterfor example the jbr fm 20
21:06:15GoatBoythat truly sucks.
21:06:26moormasterthe one i got
21:07:34moormasterbut lithium ion has more capacity than AA
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21:07:45moormasterand has no memory effect
21:09:57 Quit moormaster (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:12:11GoatBoyand are more expensive to replace
21:12:21GoatBoyand don't have as long a lifetime
21:12:49 Join moormaster [0] (
21:13:26moormasterlithium ion batteries have long lifetime
21:13:47moormasteronly the real big notebook batterys are less often rechargeable
21:13:57moormasterbut 500 times is enough for a notebook battery
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21:21:29CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 51 minutes and 20 seconds at the last flood
21:21:29*uski is away: MORT AUX CONS
21:22:15GoatBoyo well
21:22:21PsYCoTiCthe website mentions that some FM users had to revert to previous flash content due to charging issues? what is meant by previous flash content? the original archos flash content? or previous rockbox flash content?
21:22:29PsYCoTiCare the major probs with archos due to the packaged firmware or the actual hardware?
21:27:59moormasterthere is no one currently here who can (or want?) to answer this question
21:28:17PsYCoTiCi guess not
21:28:36PsYCoTiCi have a question concering rockbox and flashing
21:29:41PsYCoTiCahh well
21:30:29moormasteri have a fm recorder but i could not find any problems with charging with the rockbox firmware
21:31:10PsYCoTiCi just got the fmm recorder
21:31:12moormasterbut the original firmware has a lot bugs for example wake to radio only wakes to 90.0 MHz instead to the last heard radio station
21:31:31moormaster[original firmware = archos firmware]
21:32:04PsYCoTiCi dloaded rockbox and
21:32:20moormasteryou dont have to flash rockbox
21:32:41PsYCoTiCfirst thing i need to do is to rename the AJBREC.AJZ on the box right?>
21:32:42PsYCoTiCi know
21:32:51PsYCoTiCbut i DO want to install rockbox
21:33:14PsYCoTiCi dont mean i want to flash
21:33:29PsYCoTiCjust want to use rockbox instead of archos
21:33:56DBUGEnqueued KICK moormaster
21:33:56moormasterthen you just have to copy the AJBREC.AJZ of rockbox to the root directory of your unit
21:34:02PsYCoTiChowever i read that if you use the rockbox firmware your boot time increases dramatically
21:34:03moormasterreboot and finished
21:34:29moormastermmh i think its ok
21:34:37PsYCoTiCyou havent flashed yours?
21:35:36moormasterif it isnt flashed i just have to delete the AJBREC.AJZ and then the original archos firmware boots again. But if you flash and you have problems with it then it is not that easy
21:36:51moormasterok 16 seconds for boot. But when I have time to hear music then I have that 16 seconds to boot, too ;)
21:37:04PsYCoTiCi see
21:37:20PsYCoTiCso is boot time the only reall improvement with flashing?
21:37:27moormasteri think so
21:37:41moormasterall features are reachable if it is not falshed, too
21:37:50moormasterflashed, not falshed
21:38:49_aLFyes except that boot time is longer with not falshed version
21:39:39PsYCoTiC16 secs right?
21:39:56moormasteryes 16 seconds from the moment when the backlight turns on
21:40:47PsYCoTiCi can deal with that
21:41:14moormasteryou can still flash it later ;)
21:43:54PsYCoTiCnow, the website also mentions that you should unmount your box before unplugging it
21:44:07PsYCoTiChow are you supposed to unmount somehting in windows?
21:44:25PsYCoTiCneer mind
21:44:27moormasterunder windows xp there is a symbol in the tray: "remove hardware"
21:44:59PsYCoTiCyeah i saww it right after i asked
21:45:06PsYCoTiCi use win2k
21:45:10PsYCoTiCsays eject
21:45:13PsYCoTiCsame diff
21:45:36 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
21:45:41moormasterbut if the cache for the disk is disabled you should be able to remove it any time. But under windows you never know what microsofts toy is doing right now ;)
21:45:58PsYCoTiCheh yuppers
21:46:09PsYCoTiChow long to charge the archos the first time?
21:46:32moormasterisnt there something in the manual?
21:46:42PsYCoTiCwas too lazy to look
21:46:44PsYCoTiCi will now
21:51:36PsYCoTiCnope doesnt say
21:51:50moormasteri would charge it 12 hours
21:51:55moormasterthis should be enough
21:52:19PsYCoTiCalso the manual says to make sure your box is plugged in to AC when you hook it up to USB
21:52:24PsYCoTiCis this actually required?
21:52:39moormasteronly if the battery is drained
21:52:49PsYCoTiCthank you very much
21:53:07PsYCoTiCwell im gonn aleave this thing to charge tonight and play with it tomorrow
21:53:13PsYCoTiCillo be back then
21:57:34moormasterwhy are here so many people displayed and so few people which are not afk??
21:59:15uskibecause we're all ghosts
21:59:17CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
21:59:17*uski is back (gone 00:37:48)
21:59:49moormasterbut why are you in the channel even if you are afk?
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