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#rockbox log for 2004-02-15

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00:18:31levhatorahey is anyone around
00:19:22levhatorawanted to know if archos av140 can run the rockbox firmware, and if so is it possible to restore to factory firmware?
00:19:47uskiif you read the faw, you will notice that no, rockbox cannot be run on an AVxxx
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00:19:53uskithe faq i meant
00:20:02levhatoraare there any plans for such development?
00:20:11uskino, because it is not possible to do it
00:20:20uskiit is a totally different platform
00:20:34levhatoraunderstood. Ok well thank you and keep up the good work
00:20:44uskiyou could take a look at the avos project
00:20:49levhatorawhats that?
00:20:55uskiit's another open source firmware for archos AVxxx
00:21:14levhatorathank you
00:21:33uskinp ;)
00:22:48levhatoraoh well unfortunately its only for AV300
00:23:32levhatorahave you seen any for av100 series?
00:28:53levhatorak thanks
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00:34:36moormasterare there any other open source firmware projects (like rockbox) for jbr fm 20, too?
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01:47:19Doggerhi all,
01:47:24trackhi dog
01:51:32diddystar5Hi Dogger.
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07:18:17midknight2k3hi all
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09:49:00midknight2k3methane gas!
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10:19:31midknight2k3hi moormaster
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10:20:41midknight2k3helo ha
10:20:47midknight2k3i remember my helo trick
10:25:29moormasteris it possible to add a few more file management features to rockbox? Like moving/copying files or even whole directorys?
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10:29:26midknight2k3hi Nibbler
10:29:33midknight2k3moormaster: yes
10:29:54moormasterand is there a chance that it gets implemented soon?
10:30:04midknight2k3not sure... i could try and code it
10:31:57moormasterif you got it, then feature request 849860 would be fixed ;)
10:32:46midknight2k3woo hoo
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10:40:59midknight2k3who here saw contact?
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10:51:53uskihi :)
11:17:22midknight2k3nite everyone here
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12:58:36*pfavr is away: going to the gym
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17:38:59moormaster2 nicks from the same IP??
17:39:27alexandreI disconnected and reconnected quickly
17:39:33alexandre_aLF is a ghost
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18:10:30Doggeranyone good with gcc here?
18:10:51Hadakadepends on what you need
18:11:03DoggerI am lnking 2 c files
18:11:10Doggerbut it doesnt work
18:11:18Hadakaehum, so what are you doing?
18:11:19Doggerit links without error,
18:11:28Doggerbut looking at the output, the address is wrong
18:11:36Doggerok I have rtc.c
18:11:44Doggerthis is gccd to an .o file
18:11:50Doggerthen I have rtcTest.c
18:11:56Doggerthis uses rtcRead()
18:12:06Doggerbut when I use objdump to look at the output,
18:12:08Doggerit has
18:12:17Dogger00ee: bl 0xee
18:12:30Doggereg instead of calling rtcRead, it does an infinite loop!
18:13:12Hadakaum, what command do you use to link them? and are you sure you aren't just seeing relocatable symbols not being resolved yet?
18:13:31Doggerarm-elf-gcc -c -mthumb -mcallee-super-interworking -fno-zero-initialized-in-bss -nostdlib -nodefaultlibs -Iinclude/ src/drivers/*.c
18:13:40Doggerthats to compile rtc.c
18:13:50Doggerarm-elf-gcc -c -mthumb -mcallee-super-interworking -fno-zero-initialized-in-bss -nostdlib -nodefaultlibs -Iinclude/ $$i;\
18:13:50Doggerarm-elf-ld -Ttext 0x03000000 -e main -o `basename $$i .c`.elf `basename $$i .c`.o lib/*.o;\
18:13:50Doggerarm-elf-objcopy -O binary `basename $$i .c`.elf `basename $$i .c`.bin;\
18:13:58Doggerthats to bompile rtcTest.c
18:14:23Hadakatry objdump -d -r on the .o file to see if a relocation entry is supposed to be there
18:14:36Doggeron the rtc.o?
18:14:52Hadakaerm, no, on the binary created
18:15:04Doggeron the elf?
18:15:25Hadakaprobably, I'm still trying to parse those complation lines
18:15:34Doggerok will try...
18:15:44Doggerit links fine from a c file to asm
18:15:54Doggerits just c -> c I'm having a problem with
18:17:57Hadakahrm... I wonder about that linking
18:18:12Hadakayou can also try objdump -d -r on the rtcTest.o
18:18:30Hadakaand see how the call to rtcRead is there
18:18:30Doggerobjdump: rtcTest.o: File format is ambiguous
18:18:31Doggerobjdump: Matching formats: elf32-littlearm-oabi elf32-littlearm
18:18:35Doggerthats all I get
18:18:52Doggerdammit silly me
18:18:53 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
18:18:56Hadakayou need to specify the format
18:18:58Doggerwrong version of objdump
18:19:06midknight2k3hi people
18:19:33midknight2k3yay my contact imc finished rendering
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18:20:33Doggerok, this looks like the problem
18:20:46Hadakawhat does?
18:20:59Doggerso when my asm files are assembled, check with objdump and you get RELOCATION RECORDS for the exports
18:21:13Doggerbut checking rtc.o, I only get relocation record for any imports
18:21:17Doggerno sign of the exports
18:21:47Hadakathere shouldn't be relocation records in rtc.o for the exports
18:22:03Doggeryou sure? the asm one does,
18:22:13Hadakathere should be a symbol table for the exports
18:22:19Hadakatry objdump -t on rtc.o
18:22:22Doggeror perhaps thats cos it was from multiple asm sources
18:22:38Doggerok they are there
18:22:55Dogger00000000 g F .text 00000018 rtcGetTime
18:22:55Dogger00000008 g .text 00000000 .real_start_ofrtcGetTime
18:22:55Dogger00000018 g F .text 00000036 rtcSetTime
18:22:55DBUGEnqueued KICK Dogger
18:22:55Dogger00000020 g .text 00000000 .real_start_ofrtcSetTime
18:23:09Hadakaso rtc.o exports rtcRead, rtcTest.o has a relocation entry referring to rtcRead - but what does the .elf have?
18:24:14Dogger03000cd8 g F .text 00000036 rtcSetTime
18:24:14Dogger03000d14 g .text 00000000 __rtcGetTime_change_to_arm
18:24:14Dogger03000cc0 g F .text 00000018 rtcGetTime
18:24:14Dogger03000cc8 g .text 00000000 .real_start_ofrtcGetTime
18:24:14***Alert Mode level 1
18:24:14Dogger03000ce0 g .text 00000000 .real_start_ofrtcSetTime
18:24:14***Alert Mode level 2
18:24:14Dogger03000d11 g .text 00000000 __rtcGetTime_from_thumb
18:24:26Doggerthis looks suspiciously like it was planning to change to ARM from THUMB
18:24:32Dogger(all my code is thumb)
18:24:41Doggeror is that standard maybe
18:24:54Hadakaurm, that looks weird
18:25:17Doggerno the assembly routines dont have it,
18:25:26Dogger03000cac g .text 00000000 usbDisable
18:25:26Dogger03000c94 g .text 00000000 usbIsConnected
18:25:26Dogger03000ca2 g .text 00000000 usbEnable
18:25:40Hadakawhat does objdump -d -r on the .elf say about the function call? is it still a relocated call to rtcRead?
18:26:38Dogger 30000e4:fdc9f000 bl3000c7a <uartOuts>
18:26:38Dogger 30000e8:1c3b movr3, r7(add r3, r7, #0)
18:26:38Dogger 30000ea:3b10 subr3, #16
18:26:38***Alert Mode level 3
18:26:38Dogger 30000ec:1c18 movr0, r3(add r0, r3, #0)
18:26:38***Alert Mode level 4
18:26:38Dogger 30000ee:fffef7ff bl30000ee <.real_start_ofmain+0xe6>
18:26:39***Alert Mode level 5
18:26:39Dogger 30000f2:4b25 ldrr3, [pc, #148](3000188 <.real_start_ofmain+0x180>)
18:26:41Dogger 30000f4:1c18 movr0, r3(add r0, r3, #0)
18:26:43Dogger 30000f6:fdc0f000 bl3000c7a <uartOuts>
18:26:45Doggerthe middle one is the offending item
18:26:53Doggerwtf is it doing that for!
18:27:42Hadakasomething isn't going too well there
18:27:44midknight2k3middle one?
18:27:51Dogger 30000e4:fdc9f000 bl3000c7a <uartOuts>
18:27:51Dogger 30000e8:1c3b movr3, r7(add r3, r7, #0)
18:27:51Dogger 30000ea:3b10 subr3, #16
18:27:51***Alert Mode level 6
18:27:51Dogger 30000ec:1c18 movr0, r3(add r0, r3, #0)
18:27:51***Alert Mode level 7
18:27:51Dogger 30000ee:fffef7ff bl30000ee <.real_start_ofmain+0xe6>
18:27:52***Alert Mode level 8
18:27:52Dogger 30000f2:4b25 ldrr3, [pc, #148](3000188 <.real_start_ofmain+0x180>)
18:27:56Dogger 30000f4:1c18 movr0, r3(add r0, r3, #0)
18:27:58Dogger 30000f6:fdc0f000 bl3000c7a <uartOuts>
18:28:02Dogger03000cc0 <rtcGetTime>:
18:28:04Dogger 3000cc0:e38fc001 orrip, pc, #1; 0x1
18:28:06Dogger 3000cc4:e12fff1c bxip
18:28:23Doggerit is assuming its arm
18:28:24Hadakainfinite loops and such are often placed in such places _before_ relocation things can be done so that the code is the right length, and will do something definite when hitting that place
18:28:40Hadakayeah, there's got to be an arm/thumb mismatch somewhere
18:28:50Hadakabut I know very little arm, so hard for me to say
18:28:56DoggerI think I need to tell it its thumb when I compile rtc.c
18:29:11Doggerthanks for the help on objdump didnt know it could do all that :)
18:29:12Hadakaand, I'm heading out for food
18:29:19Doggernp thanks :)
18:29:38Hadakayeah, now you have the tools to debug what's going on properly - good luck :)
18:29:52CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
18:29:52*pfavr is back
18:29:54Hadaka(and man objdump tells a few more tricks)
18:30:30Doggersure :)
18:36:41 Quit oxygen77 (
18:36:46midknight2k3ok its gone quiet
18:37:05Doggergot it! Thanks Hadaka
18:37:11Doggerneeded -mthumb-interwork
18:37:53***Alert Mode OFF
18:38:03NJoinoxygen77 [0] (
18:38:03midknight2k3 Left and right change the device. <−−- what do you mean, the
18:39:01Doggerthere are several devices connected to the i2cBus
18:39:34midknight2k3well if it displays the RTC
18:39:39midknight2k3what else can it do?
18:39:43midknight2k3what if you press left?
18:39:55Doggerthen you start looking at other devices
18:39:58Doggersuch as the MAS
18:40:04Doggerthe power meter etc
18:40:14midknight2k3oh cool
18:40:29 Join Bagge0 [0] (
18:48:01 Quit midknight2k3 ("handspring visor visor")
18:50:04 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
18:53:16Doggerhey any developers still here?
18:55:39pfavrWell, I'm not a developer on rockbox, really
18:55:52pfavr(but I'm sort of here)
19:03:03 Join WeeD0pE [0] (
19:04:29WeeD0pEsleeping ? :)
19:04:44pfavrwell not yet:-)
19:04:54 Join elinenbe [0] (
19:05:30WeeD0pEgot some questions :)
19:06:28WeeD0pEis it possible to modify the jukebox 20 rec. line in witn a 1.6v voltage ?
19:09:46 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:09:52 Join Unknown [0] (
19:10:00 Nick Unknown is now known as elinenbe (
19:10:30pfavrWeeD0pE: don't think I get your question?
19:12:06 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
19:12:07WeeD0pEok so
19:12:15WeeD0pEim using a mic
19:12:22WeeD0pEin line in
19:12:45WeeD0pEbut mics needs a voltage
19:12:53midknight2k3preamp required
19:12:56WeeD0pEmainly 1.6v
19:13:17WeeD0pEyes i got one too
19:13:21WeeD0pEand it works
19:14:22WeeD0pEi thought a hardware modification coudl do this too
19:14:44WeeD0pEsince little md recorders habe this 1.6v
19:22:21 Join diddystar5 [0] (
19:23:57moormasteryou dont need to modificate the hardware. You need a adapter between line an mic which offers the voltage
19:24:24moormasterbut these need batterys or external power, too ;)
19:24:56WeeD0pEthat was my though
19:25:07Doggerhey where is stdbool.h ?
19:25:21WeeD0pEif my jukebox can deliver this voltage through a h/w mody
19:29:22WeeD0pEu know what i mean ?
19:30:09midknight2k3bye all
19:30:12 Quit midknight2k3 ()
19:30:51diddystar5anyone want to look at some code?
19:44:42pfavrdiddystar5: yes?
19:44:59diddystar5pfavr: my new vu is done!
19:45:10pfavrdiddystar5: oh, great!
19:51:21 Quit Bagge0 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:59:18 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
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20:49:26 Part Schoki
20:56:41diddystar5hardeep: hey!
20:59:03 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
21:08:19 Quit oxygen77 (
21:14:18NJoinoxygen77 [0] (
21:14:23Doggerany developers about?
21:20:58 Join scott666 [0] (
21:22:21 Part scott666
21:23:35 Quit oxygen77 (
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21:35:13 Quit oxygen77 (
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21:42:56 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: try our lowfat flavor too!")
21:56:01 Quit AciD ("Il vaut mieux douter de ses certitudes que d'Ítre sur de ses doutes.")
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