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#rockbox log for 2004-02-16

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02:32:00midknight2k3shh dids
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05:23:37uiratahi, this is my first time here - is anyone there?
05:24:31uirataWell, anyways, I was looking to upgrade my recorder to 8mb, but I cant seem to find that darn dram chip anywhere!
05:24:51uirataAnyone know where I might be able to find one?
05:53:05scott666tried googling?
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07:28:19midknight2k3hi Nibbler
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08:32:28Nibblerlo midknight2k3
08:32:38midknight2k3hi Nibbler
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09:45:16fragglehi guys, is there a way to pw-protect/encrypt a jukebox recorder??
09:47:30dwihnoTheoretically it is possible to add some kind of password protection in the firmware.
09:47:35pfavrfraggle: that's a cool idea!
09:47:39dwihnoBut you would still be able to access the disk from the computer.
09:47:50pfavrhow about encrypting the filesystem!
09:47:53dwihno(unless you break some specs, I presume, but I'm not sure)
09:48:08fragglebecause i dont wanna get caught with 20gig of mp3 by police-stop......
09:48:36pfavrOr maybe just encrypt the files - then they would be accessible even from the computer
09:49:01pfavrI thinkt the problem would be: how to enter the passphrase?
09:49:05fraggleare they readable by rockboxx?
09:49:29pfavrrockbox to my knowledge has no support for encryption
09:49:44pfavrI'm just babbling that it would be a cool nice feature
09:50:05fraggleyeah, or ntfs support....
09:50:26dwihnoReal time decryption of files might be too CPU intensive
09:50:30pfavrwell, I'm not that keen on ntfs support. I use this other OS (linux)
09:50:54pfavrThere are some very "light" algorithms...
09:51:14dwihnolight algorightms for strong encryption?
09:51:43pfavrefficient is the right term
09:52:20fragglemaybe interesting to know if the cops are allowed to break through pw/encryption?
09:52:35pfavrfraggle: if they can't break it then what?
09:53:12fraggleits just a matter of time/cpu-power.....
09:54:33pfavrif it is optional for the rockbox user. Then if it doesn't take up too much space in ram. I mean: the user can decide for himself if he want good batterylife or encryption
09:54:46pfavrMaybe the rockbox is powered from the car anyway
09:54:47fraggledo you use it in your car??
09:54:56pfavrI don't have a car
09:55:16pfavrI use it on my bike though
09:56:35fraggleim just a little bit paranoid, cos of this mp3cd-article i just read
09:57:26fragglethey searched his house after that O.o
09:58:10pfavrI think it would do a fine project for rockbox to implement encryption. And picture you bragging to your friend (he's in jail because he was caught with mp3 cds): my OPEN SOURCE mp3-player supports encryption:-)
09:58:32pfavrIt is CRM in a whole new way
09:58:49fragglewhich one?
10:00:08midknight2k3Does the watch use USB 1.1 or 2.0? This device uses the 1.1 USB standard. Due to the limited amount of data that must be transferred, a high speed USB 2.0 interface is not necessary.
10:00:09pfavrsorry I meant content rights management - what they do with WMA - except here the encryption is to prevent you from using the music the way you want to.
10:00:13midknight2k3LMAO duh
10:00:25midknight2k3why would you need USB2.0 for 32KB of memory
10:00:43pfavrIt would be faster? ;-)
10:00:59midknight2k3yes, but with 1.0 it'd take about a second
10:01:06midknight2k3and you couldnt really fill it all up at 1 time
10:01:07fragglewhats wma? =)
10:01:35fragglenever heard of that ;)
10:01:58uiratawow - this channel just livened up - hello everyone
10:02:06midknight2k3hi uirata
10:02:37uiratahi hi. I was hoping someone here might know where to get the 8mn dram chip for the recorder memory upgrade
10:02:45uirataer.. 8mn = 8meg
10:03:13midknight2k3uirata, where to order the actual chip?
10:03:17uirataI've been searching all over the net for over a month now - quite frustrating
10:03:58uirataI found a company called Bimen, but they're not responding (probably because I only need one)
10:05:13midknight2k3bimex is what you need
10:06:05midknight2k3hang on
10:07:17midknight2k3LOL sure you don't want a 512MB chip instead? ;)
10:09:03midknight2k3hah a type of memory called "HANDY SDRAM"
10:10:52fragglewow this ram-upgrade is kinda hardcore, i dont wanna try this as long as i dont win a jackpot somewhere
10:13:13fragglebut arcos must have been drunk assembling 2mb-chips ^^
10:13:18midknight2k3here's your data sheet:
10:14:22midknight2k3here is a log that may help:
10:14:22midknight2k319.45.15 # <xam> I can't find the GM71VS65163CLT5 anywhere on their ( website ...
10:14:23midknight2k319.49.50 # <Kamayaka> you need to ask for this device (think this is their e-mail) shipping did cost 3EUR... + tax
10:14:46midknight2k3so i'd suggest you email asking for part # GM71VS65163CLT5
10:15:56midknight2k3rather, this looks like another email you might try:
10:20:04fraggleanother question: is it possible to plug a bigger hd in my rec20?
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10:21:37dwihnoit's quite easy
10:21:44dwihno(if you are patient)
10:22:28fragglewith any notebook-drive?
10:26:26midknight2k3what size'd you want?
10:26:59fragglehmm as big as possible. 80gig?
10:27:22midknight2k3they go up to 80
10:27:45fragglehas to bee fujitsu or just 9.5mm in height?
10:28:22midknight2k3 <−−- works
10:28:49fraggleure my hero ;)
10:28:55midknight2k3woo woo
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10:29:17midknight2k3with the price you could buy a whole nother 'jbrec
10:29:19midknight2k3hi track
10:29:23trackhi mid
10:29:37fraggleim laughin at my friend whos got a ipod, lmao
10:29:39trackwhats new?
10:29:52midknight2k3not much
10:29:56tracklol ok
10:30:04midknight2k3preset loading
10:30:05trackwell the ipod does have style kudos
10:30:27midknight2k3GO EDONKEY
10:30:30midknight2k3uhh err ahem
10:30:36midknight2k328KB/s MY HERO
10:31:09trackget a faster modem
10:31:10pfavr(what's wrong with 50?)
10:31:11midknight2k3faster faster
10:31:20midknight2k3its not my modem its edonkey itself
10:31:23midknight2k3hard to find a good server
10:31:30midknight2k3pfavr, what?
10:31:45pfavrmidknight2k3: just my speed limit so far
10:31:48midknight2k348 mins remaining
10:32:04midknight2k3hmm i wonder if they have train Sim on here :)
10:32:07trackgonna make a cuppa
10:32:14midknight2k3pfavr, i've got unlimited speed limit
10:32:31midknight2k3it's just .. OOH 31KB/s
10:32:36midknight2k3go edonkey
10:32:40midknight2k3no go up
10:32:43pfavrI don't get it
10:32:51midknight2k330 noo
10:32:54midknight2k329 NO
10:32:56midknight2k332 yay
10:32:59midknight2k3ok i stop
10:33:09pfavrusing edonkey - you're at 30 - I say I did 50
10:33:25midknight2k3i'm getting 30kb/s
10:33:31midknight2k338 holy YAY
10:33:38pfavranyone care to submit a feature request saying: encryption
10:33:47midknight2k3pfavr, not gonna work
10:34:06pfavrmidknight2k3: why?
10:34:26midknight2k3well, what would you have in mind? it'd be basically impossible anyways, but let's hear it
10:34:36*pfavr is away: coffee is needed
10:35:37 Quit uirata ("Leaving")
10:36:49fragglepw-protection on startup should be possible? right?
10:37:03midknight2k3well, yeah...
10:37:09midknight2k3that's not exactly encryption
10:37:29fragglethis may stop police from takin a look onto it
10:37:59midknight2k3ok, well, usb mode would override it. it wouldn't be encrypted.
10:38:25*pfavr is back
10:38:54pfavrI'm thinking .mcr instead of .mp3
10:39:01pfavrmp3 encrypted
10:39:12pfavrand a special tool for encrypting the files on your computer
10:39:26fragglejeah but this would be enough for now, so they cannot browse quickly while checking the car
10:39:32pfavrthen rockbox support for decrypting on the fly as it reads
10:39:58midknight2k3well uh
10:40:02pfavrI'm sure it would be possible - so who will do it first?
10:40:03midknight2k3if rockbox can decrypt it
10:40:11midknight2k3what's the point of ENcrypting it then?
10:40:24pfavryou'll need to enter your passphrase on power-up
10:40:32pfavrif the police comes: poweroff
10:40:40pfavrand you're safe
10:41:04midknight2k3i thought we were talking about the tool for encryption
10:41:24fragglethis would be the next step
10:42:04pfavrif somebody enters the password wrong three times in a row: wipe the drive (oh no!-)
10:42:06trackbut how would it benifit you if your jukebox was stolen?
10:42:17pfavrtrack: it wouldn't
10:42:37fraggleplease someone code a login, which lang. is rockbox coded with?
10:43:40 Join uski [0] (
10:43:45fragglemabe i can do it myself.. in c/c++
10:44:05pfavrC. The login could be used both for a login screen and for encryption
10:44:43midknight2k3yes, good idea. lets see who can code this
10:44:51fragglei will destroy my drive, omg
10:45:06pfavrWell, I might give it a shot (next week or next summer;-)
10:45:29pfavrI'd really like to do it - preferably together with somebody who knows rockbox a little better than I
10:45:54uskiwhat do you want to code ?
10:45:59uskia login/password screen ?
10:46:07pfavrNot that I need it really - but it would be cool to brag about to those IPOD owners
10:46:37pfavruski: decryption of encrypted mp3 files - using blowfish
10:46:44pfavrand a login
10:46:45uskiyou could use AES for encryption; it is very light, and very robust
10:46:52uskii am not sure blowfish is a good choice
10:47:03midknight2k3it'd be pretty easy actually
10:47:04uskiAES is more appropriate for embedded devices
10:47:13pfavruski: I am no encryption expert - AES is probably the way to go
10:47:20uskiit is ;)
10:47:28pfavruski: would it be fun?
10:47:39uskii don't see any use of it
10:47:51uskialso you would have to encrypt your files on your computer before being able to read them
10:48:07uskiand the key would be very very weak as we have only like 10 keys
10:48:20pfavrit should just be an option: wyou would be able to mix encrypted and non-encrypted files on your drive
10:48:47pfavrbut the keys is a problem - it take too long to enter the passphrase
10:49:25uskino, you could use a password like "up up down f1 f2 up f2 right"
10:49:40uskibut as there are not many possibilities, the key will be weak
10:49:47uskiif you use the arrows and the 3 function keys
10:49:55uskiyou would have 7 keys
10:50:00pfavrhow about having a key-file (for a longer key) with a passphrase like e.g. 0192 (on a suitcase)
10:50:02uski=> 7^n possibilities
10:50:08uskiwith n "chars" in the passphrase
10:50:23uskilol if you have a keyfile, encryption becomes no use
10:50:26pfavrthen if the passphrase is wrong 3 times you delete the keyfile on disk
10:50:32uskiremember that everybody can read your drive using usb and you cannot prevent it
10:50:51uskino, everybody will be able to retrieve the passphrase via usb
10:50:52pfavryou're right
10:51:08uskii think the only way to go is to use the arrows and the key as "characters"
10:51:26pfavrjust thought maybe the key-file would be deleted from the drive before it got in the wrong hands
10:51:32midknight2k3right left right right
10:51:36midknight2k3up down right up
10:51:49midknight2k3play play play play
10:51:52uskiyea but with this you have 7^4 = 2401 possibilities
10:51:55uskiwhich is far too low !
10:52:01uskiit can be brute-forced in 30secs..
10:52:02midknight2k3too LOW?
10:52:06uskiyea !
10:52:11fragglebut i think the cops are not allowed to take the drive, without a trace..
10:52:12midknight2k3who the hell would brute force an ajb?
10:52:12uskii connect to your archos via usb
10:52:15uskii take the files
10:52:27pfavruski is right
10:52:32uskii brute force them, trying all possibilities and waiting to get a correct mp3 header
10:52:34midknight2k3"oooh let me haxor this archos"
10:52:38uskiit takes 1 minute with a computetr
10:52:51uskimidknight2k3: it is extremely easy to do
10:52:54pfavryou could do something with a longer key in a file on disk
10:53:00midknight2k3WTF are you talking about encryption for anyways? who wants to encrypt their music?
10:53:05pfavrand then a shorter passphrase for decrypting that key
10:53:05uskiif we implement things like this, we will see "archos mp3 universal decryptor" programs on the web
10:53:13uskipfavr: it's the same
10:53:18uskibut instead of brute forcing the mp3
10:53:26uskipeople will brute force the passphrase file
10:53:35pfavrno, not if you're able to delete the keyfile (wipe) before somebody gets to it
10:53:43uskiyou cannot do it
10:53:49uskibecause when you connect sometihng to the usb port
10:53:56pfavrmaybe it would be wiped automatically if you plug the usb?
10:53:57uskithe microcontroller is "disconnected" of the harddrive
10:53:59uskiyou cannot prevent it
10:54:02fraggleits just keepin the cops away browsing my hd while checking the car
10:54:37uskifraggle: perhaps you could use a simple start password then
10:54:40uskibut it will be weak
10:54:41pfavruski: you're right, but maybe we could come up with some clever scheme
10:55:05fraggleim completely lost in the code
10:55:14uskipfavr: impossible :) i know some interesting schemes but they are all weak in some point
10:55:32uskithe only interesting thing would be to store the passphrase in the flash memory
10:55:46pfavrsecurity is not either black or white - I think it is a tradeoff between inconvenience and security
10:55:48uskiand to use a "weak" passphrase to pretect it (weak =) the one you enter with the 7 keys)
10:55:56uskibut => not all archos have a writable flash memory
10:55:58fraggleuski pleeeze code a simple login, this would be enough for those silly cops
10:56:03 Join c0utta [0] (
10:56:16pfavruski: ahh you're clever: you cannot get to the flash from USB?
10:56:37uskino, we cannot
10:56:43midknight2k3lol of course not
10:56:44uskiBUT this feature cannot be used by all archos owners
10:56:56uskiALSO if someone really want to haxor your archos, he can do the uart boot mod
10:57:01pfavrSo, not all games can be used either?
10:57:03uskiand he can read the flash before you can do anything in software
10:57:14uskigames do not use the flash memory
10:57:16fragglecops a dumb as bread and lazy
10:57:28pfavruski: screen size?
10:57:32pfavruski: buttons?
10:57:36uskifraggle: let read the code, wait
10:57:38uskipfavr: ?
10:57:48pfavrjust thought some things was not good on all models
10:57:56pfavrI only have an JBR20 anyway
10:58:05pfavrso how would I know:-)
10:58:05uskipfavr: go to the debug menu
10:58:08uskisee the flash info
10:58:14uskiif you have ?? ??: you cannot write on the flash
10:58:17uski(and you cannot flash your archos)
10:58:23fragglewhich is the main program-funktion? im lost
10:58:31pfavrI know I can write my flash - because I flashed 2.1
10:58:51pfavruski: help fraggle, he's doing the login!
10:59:16 Quit track (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:00:35pfavrI guess there is a way for the CPU to see if the USB is connected (brings up the USB screen)
11:00:53uskibut he can only SEE the usb is connected
11:01:00uskiand once the CPU saw that USB is connected
11:01:03uskiit is too late to do anything
11:01:11uskibecause the hard drive is already disconnected by hardware
11:01:13pfavrabout the harddrive yes
11:01:25pfavrbut the flash may be changed
11:01:27uskifraggle: i think you could implement your code in app_main
11:01:39uskibetween init and browse_root
11:02:00uskipfavr: right, but we can not implement a feature that only a few archos owner can use
11:02:01midknight2k3you know...
11:02:06midknight2k3you could just store it in the config block
11:02:13midknight2k3if you didnt think of that already
11:02:24uskimidknight2k3: yea but it could be retrieved too easily
11:02:32uskianyway i think an encryption feature is no use
11:02:35pfavrconfig block - is that on the hd?
11:02:35midknight2k3you can't access the config block from a PC
11:02:46uskimidknight2k3: erm, where is it stored ?
11:03:00pfavrRTC clock ram?
11:03:03midknight2k3the battery backupped area of ram i believe
11:03:16uskilet me see if there is some space left
11:03:20midknight2k3there is
11:03:25midknight2k30xF5 - 0xFF
11:03:28midknight2k3is free
11:03:33uskiaaaaaah far too low
11:03:35pfavryou guys are to fast for me:-)
11:03:43midknight2k3how so, uski?
11:03:53uski10 bytes
11:03:59uskihmmm perhaps it is enough
11:04:13fragglejeah, but im unable to implement a graphical login screen.....
11:04:16uskithis crypto feature is becoming interesting :)
11:04:24uskifraggle: there are already some functions for this
11:04:26uski(i think)
11:05:09pfavr80 bits is 1.20892581961463e+24
11:05:24fraggleok i study it some more, pretty unhandy formatation
11:05:35pfavrThink the keypad will be worn out by then
11:06:01midknight2k3uski, even so... then we'd fill it up
11:06:07midknight2k3and leave no room for new features
11:06:14midknight2k3or anything else
11:06:20uskipfavr: yea but we must make some program to use all these bits
11:06:25midknight2k3there must be some way... let me think on this one
11:06:35uskibercause if you use only ascii codes like AZERTYYU.....azertyu....123...
11:06:40pfavrmaybe I should work - but this is much more fun
11:06:41uskithen you would use perhaps like 50 possibilities
11:06:58uskiwe should restrict the user to something like 64 possibilities
11:07:22uskithen we "compress" these psosibilities into the space we have
11:07:25uskilike we have 80 bits
11:07:49dwihnoUsing a keyfile is more attractive.
11:07:56*uski thinks
11:08:08uskidwihno: yea, and i connect to your archos via usb and i can retrieve it
11:08:11pfavri think a 0000-9999 would suffice (for the user to enter) - it could be done quickly using the arrow keys
11:08:19uskian encryption feature is no use if it is weak
11:08:36uskipfavr: yea.. give me your archos and i brute force it in minutes
11:08:54uskii could even make a firmware that does this in the archos...
11:09:21pfavrI'm not going to put on millitary secrets - just do something that makes it not worth the hassle
11:09:38pfavrbut off course it should be as good as possible
11:09:49pfavra passphrase for a keyfile
11:09:55uski(make a loop, for every iteration: - increment the counter - decrypt the key stored somewhere - use this key to decrypt an encrypted mp3 file - if we have a valid mp3 header then the key is correct, if we don't then do the next iteration)
11:09:57pfavrthe keyfile is long and AES
11:10:03fragglejust keepin off the cops not the nsa ;)
11:10:04uskiit's the same !
11:10:11uskiif you protect youtr keyfile with a weak key
11:10:17uskiit is like you protected your files with a weak key
11:10:29midknight2k3but uski
11:10:34uskifraggle: then a simple login screen is ok i think
11:10:36midknight2k3its not like its some super secret pc
11:10:43uskibut don't implement an encryption if it is weak
11:10:43midknight2k3its just meant to keep ppl out
11:10:52midknight2k3if they want to brute force it let them
11:10:57 Join Nibbler [0] (
11:10:58pfavrI think fraggle is right: a login could be useful
11:11:15pfavrthe other think is more for the fun of it
11:11:27fragglejeah the cops dont have a notebook usually while car-checking
11:11:44pfavruski: how come you protect your ssh rsa keys using a passphrase?
11:11:53uskibut what do you do if they tell you "give me the password"
11:12:04uskihmm well you could say "i don't remember it" lol
11:12:19pfavruski: you just deleted it when you plugged in the usb cable!
11:12:36uskipfavr: ?
11:12:51pfavrnvram: stores part of the passphrase for the keyfile on disk
11:12:58pfavryou are supposed to enter the other part
11:13:02uskithe ssh asymetric keys (not necessary rsa) are protected with a symetric key because they don't have a "self" protection
11:13:03pfavrif you fail
11:13:06fragglewhich pw? ;)
11:13:11pfavrso goes the part in nvram
11:13:12uskii mean it's not like protecting a symetric key with a symetric key
11:13:13uskiit's not the same
11:13:41pfavrif you plug in the usb: the nvram is lost
11:13:52pfavrif you try to flash someting else: away goes the nvram
11:13:53uskipfavr: and what if i shut off the archos
11:14:02uskithen i put the harddrive in my computer
11:14:07uskii put a new archos.ajz file
11:14:10uskithen i retrieve the nvram
11:14:12uskiand bingo
11:14:25uskian archos is not a secured thing
11:14:34uskiand you can _always_ bypass the protections
11:14:37pfavrif the JBR is flashed using rockbox it could delete the nvram before it loads the archos.ajz
11:14:41midknight2k3who the HELL would take out the hard drive to bypass a security key
11:15:02uskipfavr: then i open the archos, connect to the I2C pins of the nvram, and i retrieve it using any I2C interface
11:15:06fragglei just want to get rid of cops, not more
11:15:22uskiKEY I HAVE AN IDEA
11:15:26uskiwhy not locking the harddrive ?????
11:15:28pfavruski: there is no such thing as absolute security - you can even break your mobile phone security
11:15:30uskithey have a password feature
11:15:36uskiand it is impossible to bypass it
11:15:43uskipfavr: i know :]
11:15:56pfavruski: you're clever: the harddrive locking
11:15:58uskibut the harddrive password is very very good
11:16:07uskithe only thing to implement is to add some check in the init
11:16:12uskiif the disk is locked, then ask for a password
11:16:14pfavruski: but I thought there always is a backdor
11:16:21fragglewhta are u waiting for? =)
11:16:25uskipfavr: yea there might be
11:16:38uskibut it will be more secure than putting the keys in the RTC
11:16:43pfavruski: and couldn't you just take the plates from the drive and put it in another drive?
11:16:56uskipfavr: it is a lot harder to do than reading an I2C RAM, believe me :)
11:17:01pfavruski: or put in a new flash on the drive?-)
11:17:05uskiyou would need a "white room" to do it
11:17:08pfavruski: just kidding
11:17:18pfavruski: well my walls are white here
11:17:29uskii mean the atmosphere should be clean
11:17:45pfavruski: and I think if you only want to read it once you don't need the white room
11:17:46uskibecause any thing that goes on the plates of the harddrive will kill the heads
11:18:04uskibecause it will damage the head if any impurity falls on the plates
11:18:13pfavruski: never tried it though
11:18:26uskipfavr: do not try it, you will damage things
11:18:51pfavrwell, if you drive is damaged anyway and you just want to get some of the data...
11:19:15uskibut you'll damage naother hard drive then :)
11:19:34fraggleso most appreciated feature for 2.2 is a login!
11:19:35pfavrI like the idea of a HD password
11:19:44uskifraggle: hard disk locking is even better
11:20:02uskiit cant be bypassed, even by usb
11:20:08pfavrbut still somebody needs to figure out how the passphrase should be entered
11:20:10fraggledont overestimate the cops, lol
11:20:26fragglejeah thats a good point
11:20:29pfavrfraggle: you only have mp3's on that thing?
11:20:38midknight2k3yea wtf
11:20:46pfavrthe rockbox will be in the next james bond movie!
11:20:46midknight2k3top secret stolen goods?
11:21:17midknight2k3yes ma'am
11:21:17fragglenot really top secret, but not really legal ;)
11:21:22midknight2k3uh oh
11:21:26midknight2k3i won't inquire
11:21:35uskipfavr: very simply
11:21:39uskimake a screen like
11:21:42uskiEnter password:
11:21:50uskiand then you put symbols
11:21:52uskilike >
11:22:00DBUGEnqueued KICK uski
11:22:04midknight2k3well, if they arent MP3s and they arent legal why put them on the ajb in the 1st palce
11:22:04midknight2k3down = v
11:22:05uskiyou could also put stars
11:22:06midknight2k3< > ^ v
11:22:13uskiand then you convert these things to ASCII chars
11:22:14midknight2k3i may try
11:22:15uskilike U for UP
11:22:19uskiD for DOWN
11:22:21uskiL for LEFT
11:22:22uskiR for RIGHT
11:22:24uski1 for F1
11:22:37uskithis way you could use a standard PC to unlock the drive is you want to do so
11:22:38midknight2k3the time machines on yay
11:22:46pfavror: present a 4 digit code: 0000 which the user has to correct using up down right and left into the 4-digit pin
11:23:00midknight2k3lol yeah
11:23:03uskipfavr: yea why not
11:23:05midknight2k3we get the idea
11:23:10uskibut it is longer to enter
11:23:16pfavrI think the 4-digit is easier to remeber
11:23:23uskinot sure
11:23:29uskiF1 F2 F3 F2 F1 UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT
11:23:32uskiis that hard ? ;)
11:23:37fragglejeah this should be enough
11:23:53pfavrwell change that into some egypt/ancient symbols:-)
11:24:01pfavrwould look good on the screen
11:24:12uskinah, i think we should put stars on the screen
11:24:31uskiand it is also important to remap the keys to U D L R 1 2 3 internally
11:24:33midknight2k3and we need one of those privacy things
11:24:34uskifor the password
11:24:35pfavrhow about a small game - and if you fail: wipe the drive
11:24:37fragglemy pass would be 911 lol
11:24:41midknight2k3liek that covers the LCD so only you can see it
11:24:42uskilolol fragle
11:24:50uskimidknight2k3: lool
11:25:02midknight2k3if you get to level 2 on tetris access granted
11:25:06midknight2k3else, format disk
11:25:26pfavror ask: "are you a cop (Y/n)?"
11:25:36midknight2k3if they say "n" wipe the disk
11:25:43midknight2k3else Y grants access
11:25:47uskiprintf(stdout, "are you a cop ?");
11:25:57midknight2k3rockbox doesnt printf
11:26:01uskiif (buf = "yes") FORMAT HARDDRIVE;
11:26:08uskii know ;)
11:26:08pfavr"are you stupid ?"
11:26:19pfavr(I would answer yes to that one)
11:26:41dwihnouski: you're funny ;D
11:27:10midknight2k3what about me
11:27:13midknight2k3arent i funny too
11:27:20uskiyou you are stupid
11:27:27midknight2k3eat me
11:27:34uskionly bones
11:27:35pfavrno: that's me: I'm the stupiest ever
11:27:48fraggleso your a cop...
11:27:57uski"are you a cop ?"
11:28:02uski"why do you want to check this drive ?"
11:28:04pfavrany of you in Stockholm?
11:28:09uskiand you put 5000 questions
11:28:14uskiso after 100 the cop gives up
11:28:16midknight2k3THEN THEY GIVE UP
11:28:19midknight2k3ITS GENIUS
11:28:20uskiyea lol
11:28:34midknight2k3"are you 59.452 years old?"
11:28:37fraggle4-3= ?
11:28:39uskiLOL you can put some riddles
11:28:44uskiwith very very klong to enter answers
11:28:49uski"BOO WRONG ANSWER, try again :P"
11:28:55uski"OK RIGHT ! next question :]"
11:29:14pfavror just ask: "are you sure (y/n)" 20 times (and you're supposed to hit y every time)
11:29:24uskiLOL better
11:29:27fragglewhen u will upload the new firmware, uski?
11:29:32uski"are you sure ? right = yes, left= no"
11:29:36pfavrmost people would think the box was broken and turn away
11:29:36uskiand after some times
11:29:39uskiyou invert right and left
11:29:55uskifraggle: im not sure i'll be able to implement this
11:30:02uskii'm not very familiar with the ATA specs
11:30:16uskii thikn we should wait for linux, bjorn, or somebody like "that" :)
11:30:16fraggleim sure im not ;)
11:30:20pfavroh you could risk to lockup your drive
11:30:29uskipfavr: not a problem
11:30:32uskithere is a "unlock feature"
11:30:37uskieven if you don't kow the password
11:30:44uski...but it erases all the data
11:30:45pfavrthen the cops could use that
11:30:55pfavruski: ah very clever indeed!
11:31:01pfavrdidn't know that
11:31:22pfavrare there really no way of unlocking without loosing the data?
11:31:28uskino way
11:32:31pfavrhow come some companies still sell encryption for laptops then?
11:32:41uskino idea
11:32:49pfavr(or demand you to use it - even the pagefile)
11:32:50uskiperhaps to prevent people from taking apart the plates
11:33:00uskisome companies are specialized in "taking plates apart"
11:33:05pfavryeah makes sense
11:33:17pfavr(I can take them apart :-)
11:33:49uskiyea but not sure you'll be able to restore the data..
11:34:00uskii am pretty sure it will not work
11:34:06uskiyou'll have to align the plates, and so on
11:34:11uskihard drive are very precise mechanics
11:34:13pfavr(you get good refrigerator magnets from a harddrive - almost so strong you can stick another refridgerator to your fridge using only one magnet!)
11:34:32uskiyae i know
11:34:38uskinot that strong i think ;)
11:34:44uskibut, yea, very strong
11:34:45pfavrharddrive alignment: thought it was done in software nowadays
11:34:58uskiif the plates are not very horizontal
11:35:07uskithey will go "up" and "down" beyond the head
11:35:11uskisee what i mean ?
11:35:26pfavryeah, but wouldn't you keep them on the spindle?
11:35:31uskiimagine an inclined circle that is spinning, with an axe on the center
11:35:48uskiyea but how to be sure it is correctly aligned ?
11:35:50pfavruski: (I'm really talking out of my ass here - don't know a thing about hd internals)
11:36:13uskiyou have < 0.1mm of error margin i think
11:36:19uskiprobably even less
11:36:36uskithe data is extremely dense
11:36:47uskiany error would cause read/write not being aligned with previous data
11:36:59pfavrSome people would say to do the 8meg upgrade would demand a specialized company with trained personel
11:37:11uskinah, i could do it
11:37:17uskibut you _need_ electronics background
11:37:24uskiand good soldering skills
11:37:44pfavryeah: that's what I mean. If you got like 100 harddrives and some good tools you could probably do that as well
11:37:46uski(and i don't have professionnal equipment, just a regulated soldering iron with 1mm tip)
11:38:17uskinah, because if the first try is not good, you will probably kill the data
11:38:17pfavrbut you're not getting my drive to play with
11:38:28uskiremember the data is in only one plate
11:38:59pfavryes: then use 99 for training - and the 1 for getting the data
11:39:15pfavrit would cost you 20000$
11:39:19pfavrin drives:-)
11:39:24uskino :)
11:39:26uskiwrong :)
11:39:43uskiyou have to be sure you corectly align the head in the first try
11:39:50pfavrI could just send you some mp3's of mine for free - you would save the hassle
11:39:52uski(i mean for the plates with the data)
11:40:00uskilol yea
11:40:15pfavrwant to hear some of my music?
11:40:16uskigotta have a shower
11:42:09midknight2k3go go edonky
11:42:18midknight2k32:42 am
11:42:26pfavrmidknight2k3: what are you downloading
11:42:42midknight2k323kb/s woo
11:42:42midknight2k3flight sim 2004
11:42:53pfavrah ok - I don't play games
11:43:00midknight2k3i don't either
11:43:04midknight2k3not often anyhow
11:43:50midknight2k3woo woo
11:45:55midknight2k3i hafta get nero
11:46:09pfavrwaiting stress:-)
11:46:14midknight2k3yes it is
11:47:02pfavrI've heard they're about to start selling 26MBit/s connections in Stockholm (both up and down)
11:47:34midknight2k3thats good.
11:47:57pfavr(and the same price as a normal ADSL)
11:48:30midknight2k3ok sir
11:48:42midknight2k3huge speed jump
11:48:48midknight2k3aww just went back down
11:49:51midknight2k3this cd better work
11:50:11midknight2k3if its corrupt or something
11:50:11midknight2k3i'll blow up
11:52:36midknight2k3CMON HURRY UP
11:52:42midknight2k3it's so close
11:52:44midknight2k3but so slow
11:52:52midknight2k399.99 WOO
11:53:00midknight2k3now it's "completing"
11:53:04midknight2k3COME ON DUMB THING
11:53:22CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
11:53:22*midknight2k3 is on the edge
11:53:28midknight2k3woo 100.00
11:53:36midknight2k3"completing" still
11:53:49pfavr(I'm witnessing a crime)
11:54:00midknight2k3i was lying
11:54:09midknight2k3i am not downloading anything
11:54:26pfavr(please turn yourself in - so I don't have to)
11:54:27midknight2k3burn, BURN, BURN!!
11:54:35midknight2k3turn me in, for what?
11:54:55midknight2k3the Time Machine
11:54:56midknight2k3its on tv
11:55:20midknight2k316% burning
11:55:25midknight2k3GOD IM SICK OF THESE PERCENTS
11:55:43pfavr(me too)
11:57:10midknight2k3i'm minutes away from flight nirvana
11:57:19midknight2k3ok now
11:57:42pfavrmidknight2k3: you're a bit-junkie
11:57:46midknight2k3*pops in dvd-rom drive*
11:57:56midknight2k3i'll enjoy this
11:57:59midknight2k3and, load.
11:58:19midknight2k3MSFS2004 initializing some crao
11:58:50midknight2k3it works
11:58:58midknight2k3but i better not need cd2, 3, or 4
11:59:21midknight2k3INSTALL DIRECTX ALREADY
11:59:37midknight2k3bit junkies, unite!
12:00:15midknight2k3i know right now its gonna need the other cds
12:00:16 Quit fraggle (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
12:00:28midknight2k3oh well i can try
12:00:41midknight2k3maybe i should just BUY it
12:00:58midknight2k3its like $24.99
12:01:06midknight2k3i may just if this doesnt work
12:02:21midknight2k3OMFG IT JUST MAY NOT NEED CD 2 or 3 or 4
12:03:42midknight2k3"please insert disc 2 into your cd-rom drive"
12:03:51*midknight2k3 grinds teeth
12:04:06midknight2k3nite all
12:08:32 Quit c0utta (" HydraIRC -> <- :P")
12:09:24midknight2k3hm oh well nite all
12:09:27 Quit midknight2k3 ("Going... BYE!")
12:17:05 Join LinusN [200] (
12:17:11uskiLinusN: hi
12:17:29uskidid you read the logs ?
12:18:07uskiwe were just talking about a login feature for rockbox
12:18:27uskiyea, password to open the archos
12:18:38uskiwe thought about many possibilities to achieve this
12:18:44uski=> hdd protection feature
12:18:48uski=> storing a password in the RTC
12:18:51uski=> ...
12:19:01LinusNand the reason for this would be...?
12:19:18uskisome ppl want to prevent the cops from browsing their drive ;)
12:19:36uskisome others want to prevent the brother from playing with the archos
12:19:37uskiand so on
12:20:09LinusNso , a password combined with data encryption?
12:20:24uskiwell, i am not sure that data encryption is interesting
12:20:33uskiin fact, the HDD lock is extremely interesting
12:20:37***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:20:41uskibecause it acts as a login, and it also prevent ppl from reading the data
12:20:44LinusNthat would be the only way of protecting the data
12:20:54uskithe main problem with archoses is that we only have 7 or so keys that can be used to enter a password
12:20:59uskiso the passphrase would be very weak
12:21:17uskithat's why i suggested using the hdd lock feature
12:21:35LinusNthe problem with that is the USB access
12:21:55uskiyea but we want to prevent ppl from reading data with USB, too
12:22:00uskiso it is the only way to do it
12:22:15uskiwe could start the archos, unlock tmeporarily the drive for USB transfer, then relock it
12:22:23LinusNit means that you must use the rockbox boot loader
12:22:26uskibut i thought there is a problem: only flashed archoses will work
12:22:42uskibecause the archos firmware will display some error
12:23:03uskidata encryption would be trickier to implement
12:23:17uskii suggested using AES, because it is light and appropriate for embedded devices, and also very strong
12:23:24uskibut... only with a strong key
12:23:33uskiand we have no way of typing a strong key
12:23:50uskiso, when i said this, they told me "it is just to prevent ppl from reading our data, we don't want to protect from the NSA"
12:24:17uskibut the main problem is that, as the mp3 files can be read via USB, and as the key will be weak, ppl can very easily brute force the data
12:24:30pfavr(Well, I do;-) Rockbox should be in the next 007 movie
12:24:36uskipfavr: :)
12:24:52uskii think that, anyway, there should be some password protection
12:24:56uskia lot of people seems to want that
12:25:12LinusNthen let them implement it :-)
12:25:21uski(even if i don't like using a stupid protection that can be bypassed in minutes)
12:25:34uskiit should be easy, i spot a place to do this check
12:26:00uskiin app_main
12:26:07uskibetween init and browse_dir
12:26:41uskithe only thing i don't know how to do is making the login screen and reading the keypresses
12:28:50LinusNi'm not sure i like adding that functionality, especially if it uses the HD lock feature
12:29:02uskiwe are not forced to use this
12:29:10uskiwe could store the password in the RTC ram
12:29:15uskior even on the hard drive (......)
12:29:47uskia key = 3 bits (8 possibilities max)
12:29:50pfavrof course it needs to be optional - unless you enable it you will not see the login screen - maybe even a feature to remove the feature (so it cannot be enabled)
12:30:03uskiwe could use like 32 bits so we'll have max 10 keys
12:30:07uskiwhich is enough for a small protection
12:30:17LinusNwhat if the RTC goes blank?
12:30:25uskiLinusN: then, no password
12:30:32uskilike in computers
12:30:35uskithe BIOS password
12:30:38LinusNso removing the batteries will unlock the drive?
12:30:45uskithere is not backup ?
12:30:56uski(stupid archos engineers)
12:31:23uskithe only option is then to store it on the harddrive..
12:31:31uskior eprhaps on the flash memory
12:31:38uskibut only flashable archoses will have this feature
12:31:50uski(mine won't, :(((
12:35:18uskii think that storing the password in the flash is the best compromise
12:35:24LinusNis there anyone here that can reproduce the ATA optimization bug?
12:35:30uskii'll ask [IDC]Dragon to see what he thinks of it
12:35:35uskihmmm not sure
12:35:38uskiif you want i can try
12:35:48uskidoes it corrupt data ?
12:35:54uskiif no, i can load a buggy firmware
12:36:32LinusNyes, it corrupts your hard drive
12:36:43uskierm, in this case i can't try, sorry
12:37:14pfavrMy problem: only have usb1 on my computer - so it takes too long to restore the drive
12:37:33pfavrMaybe I should spend some on an usb2.0 pcmcia thing
12:41:34LinusNdefinitely worth it imho
12:42:09pfavrI would be a better beta-tester then
12:42:31pfavrMy main computers have only USB1.1 and no pcmcia/pci slots
12:42:41pfavrit is the f@mily net PC
12:43:32pfavrand my laptop has only 1 pcmcia slot... which is normally occupied by a wireless adapter
12:45:08pfavrneed a wireless -> usb2.0 thing ;-)
12:48:54uskii have an usb2.0 pci card
12:49:08uskibut i "only" reach 60mb/sec
12:49:15LinusNno internal minipci slot?
12:49:51pfavrLinusN: no slots at all
12:50:29pfavrI have a larger workstation in DK - guess I'll put in a new mb in that one later
12:52:14pfavr(or buy an usb1.1 to usb2.0 converter;-)
12:55:59pfavruski: smiley!
13:01:57*pfavr is away: lunch
13:33:51 Join Bagge0 [0] (
13:43:52 Join AciD [0] (
13:45:34 Part LinusN
13:49:27 Join c0utta [0] (
14:17:03*pfavr is back
14:17:04 Quit Bagge0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:20:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:36:09uskiwb pfavr
14:36:09 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:39:46dwihnoAnyone knows the side effects of using realloc? :)
15:43:13 Join track [0] (
15:43:17 Quit track (Client Quit)
15:56:46 Join WeeD0pE [0] (
15:59:09 Quit dwihno (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:59:16WeeD0pEhwo u doing :)
16:01:15pfavrfine thanks tries to get some work done
16:01:25pfavrand you?
16:08:00 Join dwihno [0] (
16:13:26 Join Bagge0 [0] (
16:14:00 Join elinenbe [0] (
16:17:09 Join LiteraryHigh [0] (
16:17:13LiteraryHighhello all
16:18:11LiteraryHighanyone know if the Jukebox 20 can support larger drives?
16:18:28LiteraryHighwasnt sure if the firmware supports larger thjan 20GB
16:18:58 Join Nibbler [0] (
16:19:06LiteraryHighhi nibbler
16:20:29 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
16:20:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:23:53dwihnoLiteraryHigh: It's possible to replace the hard disk.
16:24:12LiteraryHighdoesnt matter the size?
16:24:19LiteraryHighi upgraded my old one from 6 to 20
16:24:30LiteraryHighbut it died and now i have a 20 that i want to make 40
16:24:32dwihnoWell, you can upgrade it to whatever size you fancy
16:25:19LiteraryHighthanks much, didnt want to buy the drive before i checked
16:25:36dwihnoIf you want to, you can check the mailing list for recommendations
16:26:24LiteraryHighit will send me a default thing? or i have to wait for the next issue?
16:26:33LiteraryHighoh there's an archive!
16:27:52LiteraryHighalso is there any update if your model has the unkown serial?
16:27:56WeeD0pEis it possible to deliver my mic premap with engery out of my jukebox 20 rec. ?
16:29:24dwihnoWeeD0pE: It's probably better to power the preamp with stand-alone batteries. (I thought most preamps came with batteries???)
16:29:33dwihno(at least the portables')
16:30:15 Join Unknown [0] (
16:36:12 Join methangas [0] (
16:48:21 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:48:22 Nick Unknown is now known as elinenbe (
16:48:48 Quit LiteraryHigh ("Client Exiting")
16:51:58WeeD0pEi thought about a jukebox modification which provides a 1.6v on the line in plug
16:52:14WeeD0pElike thoese mic ins of md recorders
16:53:39 Join moormaster [0] (
17:05:31 Quit AciD (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:19:44 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
17:51:14 Join Cheek [0] (
17:51:21Cheekrock her box yo
18:20:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:26:26 Quit pfavr ("gotta go")
18:28:28 Join Dogger [0] (
18:33:46 Nick Cheek is now known as Ch|eat (
18:41:16uskiWeeD0pE: how much power does your preamp use ?
18:41:28uskiyou could "remap" the stereo line in pins like this:
18:41:29uski- ground
18:41:46uski- power (PIN <= RESISTOR !!! <= POWER)
18:41:50uski- signal
18:41:56uskithis way you'll have a mono signal
18:42:13uskialso, never connect the power directly, connect it via a resistor (like 1k)
18:42:32uskior, better
18:42:37uskiput the power in some line
18:42:47uskiand add a capacitor between this line and the ADC input
18:42:54uskisee what i mean ?
18:48:47 Join mecraw_ [0] (
18:56:34 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Reserve your copy of BitchX-1.0c19 for the Nintendo 64 today!")
18:57:01 Join AciD [0] (
19:03:39Doggerhi does anyone know much about fat.c ?
19:04:10 Nick Ch|eat is now known as Cheek (
19:04:54 Quit wake (Client Quit)
19:17:06 Quit Cheek ()
19:25:55WeeD0pEuski: it requires a 6v batterie, its a A3 adapter by
19:26:17WeeD0pEbut the plug in power of mics is only 1.6gv
19:26:21uskiyou will not be able to get 6V directly from the archos
19:26:46WeeD0pEi know
19:26:51uskiso perhaps you'll be able to use something like a LM317 to create your 1.6v
19:27:03WeeD0pElm317 ?
19:27:16WeeD0pEive hear d1.6v is only up to 96db
19:27:19uskiit's an electronic adjustable output regulator
19:27:24uskiaah ok
19:27:31uskii though you needed 1.6v for powering the mic
19:27:53WeeD0pElike a regular md recorder
19:27:59WeeD0pEit would help me .)
19:28:05uskithen use a lm317
19:28:08WeeD0pEthe a3 adapter is really cool
19:28:18WeeD0pEup to 145db
19:28:58WeeD0pEu have some more infos on lm317?
19:30:20uskido you have some electronic background ?
19:30:51WeeD0pEsome friends have
19:31:05uskithen i think they know what a lm317 is
19:31:06WeeD0pEbut i see
19:31:52 Quit Bagge0 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:32:02WeeD0pEbut u know
19:32:37WeeD0pEi just want that the line in port has 1.6v
19:32:44WeeD0pElike a md mic in
19:33:03 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
19:33:22uskia simplier solution is to add a zener diode as a voltage regulator
19:33:47WeeD0pEa zener diode ?
19:34:17WeeD0pEbut what do you hvae
19:34:27WeeD0pEyou built a tin ybox with a lm317 ?
19:34:44uskiwell, you have 2 solutions
19:34:53uski1) build a small regulator with a lm317, and put it in the archos
19:35:02uski2) build a small regulator with a zener diode and a resistance
19:35:07uskibut it is not trivial
19:35:22uskiyou will have to open your archos, find the power, do the mod (and correctly!), and so on
19:35:30uskiyou need an electronics background and good soldering skills
19:36:05WeeD0pEwhy is there no mod manual ? :)
19:36:23uskiarchos = low cost consumer device
19:36:27uski= not intended to be modded
19:36:32WeeD0pEi mean
19:36:42WeeD0pEin scene mod manuals :)
19:36:49WeeD0pEliek how to upgrade you hd
19:36:52WeeD0pEand so on
19:37:01uskithere are some mod manuals then
19:37:07uskilook on rockbox website
19:37:08WeeD0pEof course
19:37:17WeeD0pEwell we have rockbox here
19:37:26WeeD0pEthis software is superb
19:37:56WeeD0pEyes but there is voltage mod
19:38:00WeeD0pEthis woudl be really cool
19:38:08uskino there isn't
19:38:12uskiyou'll have to do it by yourself
19:38:18WeeD0pEjust need a line in mod "plug in" power mod :)
19:38:41uskido it then :)
19:54:02 Part moormaster
20:20:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:46:18 Join Bagge0 [0] (
20:49:09 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
21:00:54 Join pfavr [0] (
21:01:37midknight2k3it's encryption boy
21:07:43pfavr(I'm known to make people laugh)
21:07:50pfavr(about me)
21:08:27pfavr(and I thought you were friends!)
21:10:33uskir o f l
21:10:57pfavrHe that took you long!
21:11:19uskii was so laughing that i couldn't type anything on my keyboard until now
21:11:38 Join AciD [0] (
21:12:25 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
21:12:48pfavruski: did you do the login screen?
21:13:25midknight2k3i can d a login screen
21:13:28midknight2k3i'm good with UI
21:14:23uskipfavr: no, i didn't find the time
21:14:28midknight2k3i can find time
21:14:29uskimidknight2k3: where would you implement this ?
21:14:31midknight2k3its always around out
21:14:43uskiyea, i can see the time, but i can't grab it ;)
21:14:56pfavrI asked from interest not because I wanted to push it
21:15:03midknight2k3void login_screen(void)
21:15:26pfavrIt should be something you turn on in system
21:15:43midknight2k3the screen, in screens
21:16:01midknight2k3then we just pass the real pass to it and compare the 2
21:16:10pfavrmaybe even with a configurable message, like owner's name, address etc
21:16:15uskiis there already a login_screen func ??!!
21:16:22midknight2k3uski, no
21:16:27uskiaah ok :))
21:16:40uskii was about to have an heart attack
21:16:56pfavr(I'm not laughing - I know how bad it feels when somebody laughs at you)
21:17:13midknight2k3am i missing something here?
21:17:22pfavrJust kidding
21:17:31*uski is laughing at pfavr
21:19:55pfavr(now I feel bad)
21:20:07midknight2k3HA HA
21:20:40pfavrbtw any of you done some video/audio conferencing (not using rockbox but e.g. linux)?
21:21:59pfavrI was thinking about trying this one:
21:22:27midknight2k3unreal 2 uses .ogg files
21:22:31midknight2k3talk about advanced
21:45:33GoatBoyunreal 2 has a lot of really interesting stuff under the hood
21:45:38GoatBoyfor... such a mediocre game heh
21:53:14midknight2k3oh nm
21:54:25 Join wake|home [0] (
21:56:04 Nick wake|home is now known as wake (
21:57:40 Quit wake (Client Quit)
22:06:35 Join scott666 [0] (
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22:23:54*pfavr is away: ZZZZzzzz....
22:24:00 Quit pfavr ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.2.4")
22:31:44 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- Get hot chicks here!")
22:50:02Doggeranyone here know about fat/ata stuff in rockbox?
22:50:54*midknight2k3 raises hand reluctantly
22:51:18Doggerlol k,
22:51:21Doggerhow much about it?
22:52:04Doggerlooks like it only supports fat32 is that right?
22:52:27scott666the archos firmware requires a fat32 partition to boot
22:52:38midknight2k3OOH WHAT A GENIUS
22:52:44scott666so non-flashed rockbox does too
22:53:03midknight2k3all hail scott666, wielder of great info
22:56:24Doggerscott666: yes, but I need fat12 :)
22:56:52midknight2k3I KNOW ABOUT FAT12
22:56:56DoggerI want to port existing fat code to avos
22:57:01DoggerI thought rockbox would do,
22:57:10Doggerbut it doesnt seem to have the support I need
22:57:25scott666why fat12?
22:57:26 Join LinusN [200] (
22:57:30midknight2k3fine dont call on me
22:57:31midknight2k3hi linus
22:57:34Doggerhi LinusN
22:57:42midknight2k3did you see the VU meter update?
22:57:47Doggerdo you know about the fat stuff in rockbox?
22:57:57midknight2k3works good
22:58:03midknight2k3(i made the icons myself)
22:58:07midknight2k3(you told me how)
22:58:27midknight2k3OH i had a question about disk access
22:58:49midknight2k3it used to be when you were clicking up and down through the tree and the disk was on it'd stay on, but you took that feature away?
22:59:07LinusNno we didn't
22:59:14midknight2k3it's not working anymoer
22:59:28midknight2k3anymoer* sorry
22:59:36midknight2k3not for me
22:59:42midknight2k3my favorite feature is gone
22:59:50LinusNwhatäs your spindown setting then?
23:00:09LinusNso, after 5s it spins down
23:00:24midknight2k3no, but when you were scrolling in the tree it was ALWAYS spinning
23:00:37LinusNyeah, back in 1.0
23:00:42midknight2k3if you held up it'd stay on until 5 seconds after you released it
23:00:56midknight2k3it used to do that just days ago
23:01:04midknight2k3someone broke it! lol
23:02:43LinusNnot if you scroll up and down in the same dir
23:02:58midknight2k3no, thats what I mean
23:03:01LinusNyou have to perform a disk access to refresh the idle timer
23:03:18midknight2k3the idle timer was inactive as long as you were scrolling
23:03:59LinusNyou have been dreaming
23:04:04midknight2k3i have not!
23:04:14midknight2k3it used to do that, i swear it
23:04:43midknight2k3you could click up and down for as long as you wanted, and after [x] seconds of not clicking it'd spin down
23:06:14LinusNif it worked that way, it was a bug
23:06:57 Join moorkonig [0] (
23:07:06LinusNhowever, it sure seems as if the disk timer isn't working as expected
23:07:15 Part moorkonig
23:07:42midknight2k3LinusN, if it indeed never existed it should at least be an option
23:07:52midknight2k3"disk spinning while browsing" under "file view"
23:08:51LinusNbut that's the whole point with the disk timeout
23:09:03LinusNset it to 60s if it bothers you
23:09:32midknight2k3but then it takes 60s to spin down when you dont want it to
23:09:53midknight2k3the whole point is that if you're browsing around you don't want it to spin down, you're obviously going to play something
23:09:59midknight2k3and if you don't, the timer kicks in
23:10:15LinusNso set it to 15s
23:10:38LinusN15s would be enough for you to look through the dir
23:11:07midknight2k3what if it's not?
23:11:14LinusN20? 30?
23:11:28midknight2k3it's a lot smarter to keep it going if you're browsing than to keep changing the timeout every time you enter a dir
23:11:37LinusNdefine "browsing"
23:11:45midknight2k3clicking around
23:12:00LinusNin the browser?
23:12:19LinusNi'll think about it
23:12:20midknight2k3just think about it
23:12:22midknight2k3LOL yeah
23:12:50midknight2k3i should code it and hand it to you for a demonstration
23:16:28midknight2k3oh, and one more question
23:16:34midknight2k3void lcd_blit (unsigned char* p_data, int x, int y, int width, int height, int stride)
23:16:49midknight2k3what would p-data mean, and what would stride be?
23:16:54midknight2k3is this blitting bitmap files?
23:19:21LinusNbitmaps, yes
23:20:14midknight2k3so p_data could be rockbox112x37 ?
23:20:17midknight2k3or whatever it's called
23:22:21LinusNwell, the bitmap would have to be in the correct format
23:22:33LinusNand i don't remember how it should look like
23:22:49midknight2k3hmm, we should have lcd_blitline and lcd_blitpixel
23:25:27midknight2k3lcd_blitpixel(int x, int y, unsigned char Darkness)
23:36:09LinusNmidknight2k3: my apologies, you were right about the disk spindown in the browser
23:36:32midknight2k3is it going to be fixed?
23:36:36LinusNthe disk spindown code seems broken
23:36:44LinusNi don't know why
23:37:46*midknight2k3 points at Jörg
23:39:25LinusNi don't think it's his fault
23:40:52*midknight2k3 points the other way at Bagder
23:47:09midknight2k3uh oh
23:47:12midknight2k3was it my clock code
23:47:14midknight2k3is it faulty
23:47:16midknight2k3IS IT DYING?
23:47:42midknight2k3im gonna update that
23:49:46*LinusN is firing up the debugger
23:50:01midknight2k3debug the VU code too
23:50:16LinusNwhy? wasn't that all shiny and new?
23:50:31midknight2k3theres an update
23:50:32midknight2k3it rocks
23:50:56midknight2k3oh my clock code needs updating - you moved the bool exit / done = false to outside of the plugin loop
23:51:03midknight2k3so holp or options is accessible only once
23:51:07midknight2k3help, sorry

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