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#rockbox log for 2004-02-21

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00:45:00WeeD0pEhello ?
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02:02:00bmbrThis is gonna sound semi retarded, but...
02:02:29bmbryou should add this to the faq, or maybe to the Bjorn's ISD-200 page
02:02:56bmbrQ: Help! My Archos is changing to read-only mode and throwing kernel errors, what do i do to fix it?
02:03:05bmbrA: attach it to a windows box and run checkdisk on it :)
02:03:18bmbrive seen a few entries that suggested formatting the archos
02:03:21bmbrwhich im sure fixes it too
02:03:28bmbrbut i took a step back this morning and went, wait a sec
02:03:35bmbrand just ran checkdisk, and now its super happy
02:04:08Bio_Hazardis that related to that ata error thing thats been floating around?
02:04:35bmbri dont believe so.. i was getting vfat errors tossed into my /var/log/messages saying that something had corrupted
02:04:41bmbrand that it was switching to read only.. one sec
02:05:52bmbrFeb 19 14:29:40 dubious kernel: Filesystem panic (dev 08:01).
02:05:52bmbrFeb 19 14:29:40 dubious kernel: FAT error
02:05:52bmbrFeb 19 14:29:40 dubious kernel: File system has been set read-only
02:05:52DBUGEnqueued KICK bmbr
02:05:52bmbrFeb 19 14:29:40 dubious kernel: Directory 5: bad FAT
02:06:12bmbrthat was the error i was receiving.. after running checkdisk, its happy again
02:06:36bmbrjust thought id pass it along
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02:49:19Bio_Hazardalright, im stuck...
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02:51:13stevenmhi all
02:52:15stevenmminor bug- when an mp3 is played back with pitch set to something other than 100%, the song time will still be displayed in terms of pitch being 100%
02:52:42Bio_Hazardits been like that for ages
02:52:59stevenmyea i figured noone bothered reporting it
02:53:19stevenmi would think it is an easy fix.. multiply it by the change factor.. i may be wrong
02:53:42Bio_Hazardi should be simple
02:53:47stevenmthat, and is there a better way to adjust pitch? can one be written?
02:53:48Bio_Hazardbut its probably not
02:54:04Bio_Hazardi wish pitch adjusting was faster
02:54:05stevenmlike.. something with increments greater than 0.1%
02:54:39Bio_Hazardand there should be a cap
02:54:54Bio_Hazardcause at ~180% the box locks up for me
02:55:18stevenmwe ought to mention it when more coders are on
02:55:33stevenmlike, IDC|Dragon or whoever
02:55:43Bio_Hazardid try to fix these little things, but alas, i cant get the compiler working :(
02:55:52stevenmneither can I!
02:55:58stevenmyou on linux too?
02:56:07Bio_Hazardno, thats my problem
02:56:23stevenmYou can't run it through Cygwin ?
02:56:29Bio_Hazardi dont think ive got cygwin set up properly
02:56:35stevenmjust install it..
02:56:40Bio_Hazardi did
02:56:51stevenmor have someone zip up their install and send toyou
02:56:58Bio_Hazardi unzip and untar and all that, but i get compile errors
02:57:03stevenmyo might hafta mount cygwin's / manually
02:57:08stevenmI do too.
02:57:17stevenmhave someone zip up the compiler and send to you?
02:57:58Bio_Hazardi did it right a long time ago (back when the win env just came out) but i didnt know how to code back then
02:58:13Bio_Hazardso it was no use and i uninstalled it
02:58:33stevenmAnyway, I'm off to watch some good tv.
02:58:42stevenmgood luck getting it working
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03:04:44Bluechipevenin' all
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04:01:21WeeD0pEis it possible to decrease the gain level when recording under above -3db gain ?
04:02:03Bio_Hazardanyone available to help me get the win32 compile env working?
04:02:34BluechipWeeD0pE: sorry no idea
04:02:35Bio_Hazardive got it all set up but it wont "make"
04:03:44BluechipBio_Hazard - you got the old "make unknown on this server" error?
04:04:13Bio_Hazardi get "make: *** [firmware] Error 2
04:05:03Bluechipput the tools in the tools dir?
04:05:04Bio_Hazardand "make[2]: *** [scramble] Error 255"
04:05:43Bio_Hazardand "make[2]: *** [../tools/conbdf] Error 2"
04:05:56Bluechip"no" is quicker to type ;)
04:06:23Bluechipis this the "official" dev kit?
04:06:33Bluechipor have you done the whole cygwin thing?
04:06:46Bio_Hazardthe one off the rb site
04:06:52Bio_Hazardyea i installed it
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04:07:33Bluechipput the tools in the tools dir?
04:07:44Bluechip(think you missed that Q first time around)
04:07:56Bio_Hazardis that what you meant?
04:08:07Bio_Hazardor am i having a brain-fart?
04:08:32Bluechipthat question I asked twice - did you work out the answer yet?
04:08:47Bio_Hazardi vote for barin-fart :)
04:08:55Bluechipbarin - lol :)
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04:11:05Bluechiplast time, and then I will take a hint and change the subject....
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04:11:19Bluechipdid you put the tools in the tools directory
04:11:37Bio_Hazardwhich tools directory? /tools or /home/rockbox/tools
04:12:00Bluechip /home/rockbox/source/tools
04:12:35Bio_Hazardthere is tools source in there
04:12:52Bluechipsure is
04:12:59Bluechipyou dont got a win32 compiler tho
04:13:20Bluechip(i dont use that dev kit any more)
04:15:06c0uttahey, bc are you planning on releasing another patch for the win development environment ?
04:15:42BluechipI couldn't keep up with all the changes in the end :(
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04:16:09*Bio_Hazard is stupid
04:16:15Bio_Hazardi figured it out
04:16:22Bluechipwhat was it?
04:16:26Bluechipinstalled in wrong dir?
04:16:34Bluechiptools could not be found?
04:16:34Bio_Hazardexactly what you said :)
04:17:20Bio_Hazardnow that i did "make" now what?
04:17:34Bio_Hazardam i done?
04:17:48Bluechipdo you have an AJZ file?
04:17:54Bluechip(or MOD)
04:18:03Bluechipta dah!
04:18:16Bio_Hazardwell then whats all these other files in there
04:18:38Bluechipdon't try to use the win32 emulator
04:18:49Bluechipis is broken in a dozen places
04:19:17Bio_Hazardwhat emulator?
04:19:33Bluechipdid you type "configure"?
04:19:53Bluechipwhen it said "emulator or ajz" i presume you chose ajz?
04:20:05Bio_Hazardi think so :)
04:20:08Bluechipthe emulator is what happens if you choose the other option :)
04:20:22Bio_Hazardoh, it builds the sim?
04:20:33Bluechipsorry, yes, SIMulator
04:20:39Bluechipnot EMulator
04:20:46*Bluechip bow head in shame
04:21:05Bluechip...and wanders off to make another pint of green tea... brb
04:21:11Bio_Hazardanyway it says on the page not to compile the sim in win32
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04:24:07Bluechipcan't say i blame it
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04:25:06Bluechipi patched it all up to work, but the core guys didn't like my style, and I gave up after a few revisions
04:25:42Bluechip...which is a fair call, it is their project after all ...shame about the sim though
04:28:23Bluechipanyways bio, what do you have planned for us? :)
04:34:02Bio_Hazardi dunno
04:34:39Bio_Hazardive written some little trivial programs for dos, i wanted to see what trivial stuff i could cook up for rockbox
04:34:51Bio_Hazardjust a constantly learning thing
04:36:55Bluechipmy first play was to write Othelo ...means you get to do keyboard and screen IO I got to play with a bit of AI
04:37:20BluechipI have a number of graphic routines you're welcome to use and/or abuse
04:37:30Bio_Hazardothelo is a good plugin :)
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04:37:39Bluechipcheers :)
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04:37:56Bio_Hazardwhat i want to do (unlikely) is make menus slide around
04:38:21Bluechipyou mean transitions or able to reorganise the menus
04:38:43Bio_Hazardi mean like menu changing "woosh" effects
04:38:50Bio_Hazardeye candy
04:39:04BluechipI think that would be cool
04:39:46Bluechipi guess a double buffer would be the core of that
04:39:53Bio_Hazardmight be able to set the top offset (if there is one) and have the menu call do a for loop to slide it up
04:40:09Bio_Hazardand maybe a sond effect (inint that possible now)
04:40:33Bluechipcan only do sound if you are not playing already
04:40:49Bio_Hazardbut it can still be done ;)
04:41:08Bluechipoh yes :) ...just no mixer
04:42:20Bio_Hazardit would check if there wasant any playback happening then if it wasant, it would play
04:42:34Bluechipalso mp3 only atm
04:42:43Bio_Hazardbut i assume that it would be "memor inefficent"
04:43:10Bluechipyou have 32k of ram reserved for plugins to use as a buffder
04:43:54Bio_Hazardbut menu woosh wouldnt be a plugin... or do you mean use it because no plugins would be using it?
04:44:06Bluechipyes, use it cos it's free :)
04:44:33Bio_Hazardso is there a document of the plugin api somewhere?
04:44:57Bluechipnah - you get to read plugin.h :)
04:45:23Bio_Hazardi thought so, but i cant find "plugin.h"
04:45:40Bluechip /source/apps iirc
04:46:02Bio_Hazardyou win again
04:46:28BluechipWhat do I get - not wet cheese again I hope
04:46:58Bluechip(scuse my humour)
04:47:10Bio_Hazardyou have won: dessil fuel! why dessil? why not? truck drivers use it!
04:48:26c0uttahey bc, are you familiar with the language system in rockbox ?
04:48:42Bluechipsorry, never played with it :(
04:48:57c0uttai've been waiting for bagder to come online
04:49:00BluechipI could look and try to answer though
04:49:06c0uttatimezones seem to be wrong
04:49:30Bluechipeurgh - know even less about timezones :(
04:49:31c0uttai have developed user defined menus
04:49:45Bluechipbloody brilliant - my hero
04:49:49c0uttabut, they can't use the lang codes :(
04:50:15c0uttayou can sort items in the menus
04:50:25c0uttaand delete them
04:50:28Bluechipdid you add ON+UP and ON+DOWN so I can reorg my menu? :)
04:50:35c0uttabut adding has to be done by editing a file
04:50:38Bluechiperp - beat me to it :)
04:50:46c0uttayep on+up and on+down are the keys
04:50:58BluechipLOL - I did that for my audio plugin
04:51:10Bio_Hazardive been waiting for that patch for ages
04:51:18c0uttai've extended menu.c a lot
04:51:37c0uttai just need it to be accepted by the core developers
04:51:42BluechipI thought you could press F2 when in the F1 menu to add the entry to the F2 menu (make sense?)
04:51:57c0uttayep - you remember then ?
04:52:19c0uttaproblem is...
04:52:34c0uttai have dramatically changes rockbox
04:52:45c0uttawhich means that it will take a long time for the patch to be accetped
04:53:07Bluechipah! yes, the win32 patch did that - and I could never get it to look quite the way that was required :(
04:53:08Bio_Hazardso there are only 4 functions in the plugin API?
04:54:18Bluechipyou looking in plugin.h?
04:54:46Bluechipoh ...while I think about it ..."Agent Ransack" is a good windows grep util
04:54:47Bio_Hazardonly ones i can find are: plugin_get_buffer, plugin_get_mp3_buffer, plugin_load, and plugin_test
04:55:11Bluechipoh - it must have undergone a re-org since I last played
04:55:35Bluechipfollow the headers back from plugins/helloworld.c
04:56:07Bluechipor grep for (example) void (*lcd_puts)(int x, int y, unsigned char *string);
04:56:19Bio_Hazardplugin.h is the only #include
04:56:32Bluechipdoes plugin.h include other stuff?
04:56:59Bluechippossibly better still, grep for struct plugin_api {
04:58:23Bio_Hazard25 functions in the struct
04:58:51Bluechipsounds like too few :(
04:59:56Bio_Hazardoh, wait a second
05:00:09Bio_Hazardtheres a bunch of em
05:00:29Bio_Hazardtoo bad i dont know what they do...
05:00:49Bluechipi don't know what you;re looking at, but I''ve just got todays source code and /apps/plugins.h is fully populated
05:01:30Bio_Hazardoh wait... this is plugin.c
05:01:55Bio_Hazardi fail it
05:02:30Bluechipthere is also a document called "API" in the docs directory, but it is terribly out of date
05:02:55Bio_Hazardoh BTW anyone know the difference between "printf" and "cprintf" in standard C++?
05:03:19BluechipC is normally for Console
05:04:08Bio_Hazardnow after i write something, how do i test it?
05:04:24Bluechipdepends very much on what you write
05:04:40Bio_Hazarda standard plugin thingy(tm)
05:05:05Bluechipplugins are broken in the sim - so they need to be tested on the jukebox
05:05:25Bio_Hazardoh boy, that will be a pain...
05:05:29Bluechipyou can try to update my win32sim patch, but brace for an evening's work
05:05:55Bio_Hazardwhat does the patch do?
05:06:01Bluechipfix the sim
05:06:09Bluechipso (eg) plugins work
05:06:22Bluechipalso audio stuff
05:06:28Bio_Hazardah, well... i dont have anything else to do tonight...
05:06:58Bluechipthe most work will be in mpeg.c because the source code underwent a complete reorg
05:07:07Bluechipso all the functions moved
05:07:31Bio_Hazardis it a .diff or manual changing?
05:07:41Bluechipit's a broken diff
05:07:59Bio_Hazardill try if your up to it
05:08:17Bluechipgo4it - it's a dead project afaic
05:08:43Bio_Hazardwell, where is it?
05:08:53Bluechiplol - sorry, on sourceforge i dont see it :)
05:10:31Bluechipgoto rockbox homepage ...hit the sourceforge button ...patches ...look for my name
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05:14:22Doggerhi anyone here know about mas?
05:14:31Bluechipa little
05:14:52DoggerI seem to remember it takes its data in byte swapped? or bit swapped?
05:14:57Doggeris that right?
05:15:10Bluechipbitswapped iirc
05:15:19Doggerah cool
05:15:22Doggerthat makes sense
05:15:30Doggerav300 has hardware conversion :)
05:15:40Doggeryou write a 16bit val,
05:15:50Doggerand it gives you byte swapped and bit swapped data in another reg
05:15:54Doggershould be really fast
05:16:07Bluechipbrilliant, yes the DVD core processors do that too :)
05:16:16Doggerah cool
05:16:31Doggerpretty useful to have
05:16:48Doggerdid you see my charging graph?
05:16:51Bluechipwe were chuffed to f' when we found it on our processor
05:16:59Doggerkewl :)
05:17:00Bluechiplooking now...
05:17:25Bluechiplove the animated gif :)
05:17:45Doggerthis ones not bad either :)
05:17:55Doggermplayer and convert rock :)
05:18:10Bluechiplol - is it really THAT fast :)
05:18:15Doggerlol can be,
05:18:27Doggerthe charge graph works pretty well
05:18:28Bluechipthat IS a nice GIF :)
05:18:38Doggerhardware gives you value from 0-4000 hex
05:18:44Doggerarchos firmware tell you like 4 values
05:19:29Doggerdo you know if zagor is doing much work on av300?
05:19:43Bluechipno idea at all, sorry
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05:20:20Bluechipany thoughts on runing rockbox on the unit, or are you starting afresh?
05:20:32Doggerwe are doing a lot from scratch
05:20:37Doggerbut now I have i2c working,
05:20:44Bluechipyes, just read :)
05:20:44DoggerI'd *love* some help
05:20:50DoggerI know where the mas is
05:21:00Doggerand I know nothing about the mas
05:21:08Doggerso it will prolly make sense to port some mas code over
05:23:11 Part JimmyDu3
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08:35:48jesse_132I just got an archos recorder (amazon $129) and put rockbox on it, but I am a little concerned that while using it I hear it do a "click" every 30-45 seocnds (when it buffers) ... it sounds like the "click of death" that zipdrives have... not like a quiet HD!
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09:38:00tarabasanyone know a way for upgrading the usb on archos mp3 recorder?
09:38:25tarabasi have 1.1, I would pass to 2.0 usb
09:39:35Doggerdoubt its an easy job
09:40:13tarabasI'm better than mc gyver :)
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11:20:17FlorianKhello, anybody have time to answer a newbie question?
11:23:47FlorianKhello, anyone?
11:28:23 Part Dogger ("Client Exiting")
11:40:04 Join hithere04 [0] (
11:40:26hithere04has n e 1 here flashed their RecorderV2?
11:41:38FlorianKi haven't because i was having trouble with 2.1 - it made the recorder backlight flash & stuff, like somebody wrote in the bug list
11:41:58hithere04when i try i get a wrong plugin error
11:42:24FlorianKi was afraid to flash it because i thought then that problem would occur all the time
11:43:02c0uttai flashed my recorder at the beginning and haven't experienced a problem
11:43:50hithere04how did u flash it?
11:44:46c0uttai followed the instructions exactly
11:45:27hithere04nm i just got the latest build
11:45:30hithere04and flashed
11:45:41c0uttathat's what i'd suggest
11:45:47c0uttause a daily build
11:46:01c0uttaextract everything and then follow the instructions
11:46:58hithere04what is the battery capacity for a factory v2?
11:47:07 Quit edx ()
11:47:57c0uttai'm not sure hithere04
11:48:40FlorianKsorry to interrupt - anybody have experience with the jbr powering off and on randomly (rockbox 2.0)? I'm using it as an external hd, connected to the charger pretty much all the time.
11:49:16c0uttayes FlorianK:
11:49:19c0uttamany reasons
11:49:26FlorianKsounds bad
11:49:47c0uttapoor electrical connections
11:49:52FlorianKany idea what i could try?
11:50:14FlorianKfor the charger?
11:50:32FlorianKthe laptop's plugged into the same power plug
11:50:38c0uttawhen you use the jbr as an external hd, the batteries will eventually run out
11:50:57c0uttathe charger charges the batteries, and the batteries run the jbr
11:51:21FlorianKi couldn't just remove the batteries and just use the charger, no?
11:51:22pfavrFlorianK: what is the time interval between powering on and off? Seconds, minutes, hours?
11:51:25c0uttarunning via usb is apparently the largest consumer of electricity
11:51:53pfavrwhile connected to USB the HD keeps running
11:52:03FlorianKit's a minute(s) interval, say one minute, two, maybe less sometimes - and it's connected to a pcmcia usb 2.0 card
11:52:16pfavrMy archos is a JBR20, old model with rockbox 2.1 in flash
11:52:25pfavrI'm using usb1.1
11:52:31FlorianKmine is old model jbr15, rockbox 2.0
11:52:31c0uttaFlorianK: are your batteries fully charged at the beginning ?
11:52:53FlorianKno, apparently they drained over the last couple of days, unconnected
11:53:01pfavrI've experienced the batteries get drained after let's say 4 hours connected to USB
11:53:08c0uttame too
11:53:14FlorianKshould i just recharge them while it isn't connected to my pc?
11:53:31c0uttajbr6 (upgraded to 60gb), daily build
11:53:32FlorianKmost of the time, the jbr is connected to my pc 24/7
11:53:50FlorianKeven though i switch of the pc at night
11:54:30pfavrsomehow the first time the batterylevel drops - the charging starts ok - then it gets fully charged and when the batterylevel drops the second time the charging doesn't start
11:54:45FlorianKum ...
11:54:47pfavrAnd I run out of power
11:55:05pfavrI think it might be due to deep discharge setting
11:55:21FlorianKoh, you mean turn off the deep discharge, maybe?
11:55:24hithere04how do u set the deep discharge setting?
11:55:24pfavrAt least I have tried turning the deep discharge off
11:55:35pfavrBut haven't really tested it after that
11:55:47hithere04how do u set the deep discharge setting?
11:56:02pfavrOnly occasionally I would set it to on
11:56:07FlorianKin V2.0, it's under F1, system, deep discharge
11:56:24FlorianKoops, sorry
11:56:36FlorianKi always thought deep discharge was a cool thing to have
11:56:37pfavrto be able to connect the charger without starting a charging cycle (so you can go to bed and it will first discharge and the start charging)
11:56:59c0uttai still use the standard archos charging
11:57:10c0uttahold down f1 then plug in the power
11:57:25FlorianKsometimes u can't help it, can you? because it just turns on the archos charging once it powers down
11:57:34pfavrI think the deep discharge is only ment to be used to now and then discharge completely - but really: batteries are cheap, I bought some 2100mAh recently
11:57:39FlorianKwhile still connected to the charger
11:58:12 Quit hithere04 ()
11:58:19FlorianKthat's true, of course - so do you suggest i buy some new batteries, and that's that?
11:59:30pfavrI did four things to my archos: 1) installed rockbox, then after a while it got very bad re running time and would even turn of and on when I pushed the front somewhere
11:59:43pfavr(that had nothing to do with rockbox)
12:00:01pfavr2) opened it up and resoldered whatever I thought should be resoldered
12:00:12pfavr(that cured the on-off-problem I think)
12:00:34pfavr(even soldered some metal plates together - think it serves as the ground plane)
12:01:01pfavr3) installed 2100mAh batteries - after that the playback time approaches 15-18 hours
12:01:30pfavr4) flashed rockbox 2.1 - so now it starts playing within 4 seconds after pusing "on"
12:01:50c0uttai can concur
12:01:56c0uttai've done 1, 2, 3 & 4
12:02:13FlorianKi had the on/off problem with rockbox 2.1 more frequently than with 2.0, so i thought it was to do with the new version and removed it again
12:02:22pfavrFlorianK: check if the random on/off problem can be caused by mechanical stress: push the front panel - squize and twist the box a little
12:02:35FlorianKthere's also a bug report on that on the rockbox page
12:02:46FlorianKok, i'll try that now
12:02:51pfavr(without having it connected to anything and maybe even turned off)
12:02:59pfavrbe careful
12:03:13c0uttaFlorianK: jbr's are very poorly made
12:03:34FlorianKhm. it turned on now. switched to rb 2.0
12:03:49FlorianKi agree about the poor workmanship :-)
12:03:50pfavryou didn't touch the on button?
12:03:58FlorianKi did
12:04:00pfavrAnd I agree too:-)
12:04:15pfavrwell it is supposed to turn on when you touch the on button;-)
12:04:38FlorianKbut its here now, which is a Good Thing
12:04:38pfavrso now we know the on button is working
12:04:45c0uttai love my jbr tho - despite all it's faults
12:04:54FlorianKof course, me too!!!
12:04:58pfavrc0utta: I agree
12:05:08c0uttaif it died i'd probably cry
12:05:30pfavrBut before doing the 4 steps I was not so sure - step 1 helped a lot of course
12:05:45FlorianKthat's elemental, of course :-)
12:05:46c0uttai'm trying to get another jbr
12:05:52FlorianKrockbox is so great
12:05:53pfavrBut step 2 and 3 was really really good
12:05:56c0uttanot a v2 either, but an original jbr
12:06:15pfavrc0utta: I was thinking the same thing: just to have one in spare
12:06:32pfavrFlorianK: so it seems the mechanical stability is ok then?
12:06:40FlorianKyup, seems so
12:06:43c0uttayes, i don't need batteries or a hd. just the main unit
12:07:01FlorianKhave you tried using it w/out batteries, just with the charger? or is that very unsafe?
12:07:06pfavrFlorianK: that's good - ou don't need to open it up then
12:07:18c0uttaFlorianK: you can't use it woithout batteries
12:07:34FlorianKtoo bad
12:07:36c0uttathe charger charges the batteries, and the batteries run the jbr
12:07:44pfavrFlorianK: I would suggest you let it run off batteries (just let it play on repeat) until it dies
12:08:01FlorianKand then re-charge completely, no?
12:08:05pfavrFlorianK: then plug in the charger and let it charge completely
12:08:12pfavrFlorianK: yes:-)
12:08:23pfavrThen turn off deep discharge
12:08:30pfavrand trickle charge on
12:08:32c0uttapfavr: r u a coder ?
12:08:49pfavrc0utta: well yes but haven't contributed to rockbox (yet)
12:09:03FlorianKthanks very much, pfavr and c0utta, you're the best! I'll try that now. have a nice weekend!!!
12:09:12c0uttau 2 FlorianK
12:09:57pfavrFlorianK: I'll like to hear about if it works or not - maybe you'll need a newer version of rockbox - maybe it should be flashed (the USB changes a little I think)
12:10:27pfavrI think rockbox is still controlling the charging during USB mode
12:10:34pfavrBut I'm not sure about this
12:10:38FlorianKi'll let you know, definitely - and i'll think about flashing 2.1 - when i get more confident about the hardware and batteries, ok?
12:11:11pfavrMaybe it is a bug - maybe rockbox should just charge the batteries at full speed whenever the USB is connected?
12:11:22FlorianKi think so too
12:11:25pfavrFlorianK: good luck
12:11:39FlorianKthanks, pfavr!!!
12:11:57pfavrc0utta: r u a coder 2 ? ;-)
12:12:42c0uttayes - doing some work for f2/f3 user configurable menus
12:13:05pfavrc0utta: sounds cool!
12:14:12c0uttaworks well - my f2 menu is configurable now
12:14:21 Quit FlorianK ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/20040113]")
12:14:35c0uttacan run specific plugins, set sound settings
12:15:14c0uttaworking on f1 configuration too, but need to speak to bagder
12:15:29pfavrok - I was thinking maybe it would be nice tobe able to change e.g. the "random" setting by pushing just a single button
12:15:59pfavrI often leave it running on random - and when a nice album starts playing I turn off random for a while
12:16:34c0uttaat the moment you press F2-Left for shuffle ?
12:17:06pfavrbut it is the only reason for me to use F2
12:17:47c0uttau may have to do your own build
12:18:08c0uttai really want to make your request possible too. may be a few months tho
12:18:22c0uttacomplete key configuration is my goal
12:19:31pfavrIt's not that important for me - just something I noticed the other day about my playing habits
12:20:15c0uttai also turn off shuffle a lot
12:20:21c0uttasame habit as me
12:20:58pfavrMaybe an intelligent function for this so when I turn off shuffle it will continue by playing _all_ of the album it is currently in even though the song it was playing was maybe the last track in the album...
12:21:27pfavrWell, I'm dreaming - we need to add an interface so the rockbox will just read your thoughts
12:21:41pfavr(or learn your habits)
12:22:59pfavrOne thing I might add one day: a log file where your usage is appended to. Then I could do some statistics and clean out the songs I never listen to (or that I keep skipping after <20 seconds of listening)
12:23:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:23:39Dominhey guys, nice work your doing
12:24:19c0uttaDomin, i can't claim any credit
12:24:43c0uttamy aim is to be mentioned in the credits screen
12:29:16Dominwell, still this is just what i been looking for since archos wont make any updates for it
12:29:36 Join LWi [0] (
12:30:19LWii'm working on a plugin and got a problem:
12:31:06LWithe following code:
12:31:06LWiint c_hour;
12:31:06LWiint c_minute;
12:31:06DBUGEnqueued KICK LWi
12:31:06LWiint c_second;
12:31:06LWiint c_oldsec;
12:31:07***Alert Mode level 1
12:31:07LWi struct tm* c_time;
12:31:09LWi c_time = rb->get_time();
12:31:11LWi c_hour = c_time->tm_hour;
12:31:13LWi c_minute = c_time->tm_min;
12:31:15LWi c_second = c_time->tm_sec;
12:31:17LWiproduces: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
12:31:21LWiand i have no idea, why
12:31:46Dominhmm, im no coder so i cant help, sry
12:32:50LWithis is drivin me nuts
12:32:59c0uttai'm having a look - give me 5
12:40:58c0uttayou've got #include "time.h" ?
12:41:08***Alert Mode OFF
12:41:36LWiindeed i missed that
12:43:24LWithanks a lot now it compiles
13:56:32 Quit oxygen77 (Remote closed the connection)
14:04:17 Join oxygen77 [0] (
14:18:29 Quit Domin ("Rebooting into hell")
14:19:44CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
14:19:44*pfavr is back
14:20:00*pfavr is away: shopping
14:21:24 Join track [0] (
14:21:27 Part track
14:23:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:30:46 Join edx [0] (
14:32:41 Join Domin [0] (
14:34:53LWihow exactly works the voidformat_time(char *res, int hour, int minute, int second)
14:34:53LWi rb->snprintf( res, 8, "%02d:%02d:%02d", hour, minute, second);
14:35:17LWii mean: how exactly works the snprintf command?
14:35:53LWibecause in the code above, if i set an 7 instead of 8 all works, but it outputs "14:35:"
14:36:21LWiwith the 8 it says I04:I11Instr
14:36:24LWiand hangs
14:38:24 Quit Domin ("reboot")
14:43:27c0uttaLWi, what is the value of res ?
14:43:45LWinothing assigned to it
14:44:10LWi char timestr[7];
14:44:11LWi format_time(timestr, c_hour, c_minute, c_second);
14:46:11LWii tried char timestr[8] and 9, but didn't work either
14:51:54 Join AciD` [0] (
14:52:47c0uttawhat does timestr[8] output ?
14:54:03 Quit AciD` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:54:04LWiif i do rb->lcd_puts(timestr); it prints "14:54:"
14:54:23LWibut only with the 7 in snprintf
14:54:40 Join AciD` [0] (
14:55:21c0uttaremember that the timestr[] must include the terminating null character
14:55:41c0uttashould be: char timestr[9]
14:55:51c0uttarb->snprintf( res, 9, "%02d:%02d:%02d", hour, minute, second);
14:57:10c0uttadoes it work ?
14:57:24LWi(i got no simulator)
14:57:33LWiyes it does
14:57:34c0uttawhy not ?
14:57:46LWii don't know how to compile
14:58:04LWiusing cygwin
14:59:42LWiis there a chance to get a build binary?
15:00:26c0uttahow did you get your original rockbox source ?
15:00:29c0uttafrom cvs ?
15:00:42LWii downloaded a source tarball
15:01:11c0uttai set up another sim environment 10 minutes ago
15:01:33c0uttavery easy, but some plugins won't work :(
15:02:07LWithe simulator-howto in document section is missing, so i don't know how to do
15:02:33c0uttar u in cygwin now ?
15:03:02c0uttai used the instructions at
15:03:31c0uttago to the folder where u want to download
15:03:40c0uttacvs login
15:03:50c0uttacvs -z3 co rockbox-devel
15:04:01c0uttanote that you must use "rockbox-devel"
15:04:10c0uttathis downloads all the developer tools
15:08:18LWiand now?
15:09:25LWioh i see. i need a gcc compiler
15:09:27 Join Domin [0] (
15:10:45c0uttado you have that ?
15:11:03LWii used the rockbox sdk
15:11:13LWii seems it's not included
15:12:55LWii want do do a little alarm plugin, that just plays a previously paused song at given time.
15:13:59LWibut when the plugin is running it plays the buffer to the end and does not attempt to read it full again
15:14:31 Quit edx (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:15:33c0uttai got my cygwin from bluechip in a zip file
15:17:15c0uttaand i've deleted it :(
15:18:01LWido you know how to keep the playing buffer filled out of a plugin?
15:18:14LWii think rockbox is multithreaded
15:18:32c0uttai have no idea
15:18:54c0uttai know it's multithreaded
15:19:25 Part LWi
15:19:53 Join LWi [0] (
15:23:58c0uttaby the way, the full toolkit was 15MB
15:26:56 Nick c0utta is now known as c0utta{zZZ} (
15:26:56 Nick c0utta{zZZ} is now known as c0utta (
15:27:38LWican't you just send me the compiled simulator?`
15:28:18c0uttathe simulator gets recompiled on every make
15:28:41dwihnoThe simulator rocks!
15:28:56dwihnoIt sure makes writing new GUI stuff easy.
15:29:01c0uttayes, i thought it just took the ajz at the beginning
15:29:20c0uttabut it creates a separate uisw32.exe every time
15:29:30c0uttadwihno, new gui stuff ?
15:29:48LWii searched the net and can't find a gcc binary for cygwin
15:30:29dwihnoc0utta: well, sort of ... :)
15:30:55dwihnoInitial GUI stuff.
15:31:41c0uttai think we'll be text based for a while yet...
15:32:30c0uttaLWi, i've got a gcc.exe that's only 87KB
15:32:46c0uttaluckily i had bluechip helping me set up my environment
15:33:00LWiwould be cool if you send it to
15:33:14c0uttacan i dcc it ?
15:34:03LWii got to reconnect
15:34:08 Quit LWi ()
15:34:17 Join LWi [0] (
15:34:29LWinow it should work with ddc
15:34:52 Join Bagder [0] (
15:35:26dwihno\o/ Bagder \o/
15:35:57c0uttahey bagder
15:36:23dwihnoWelcome back! \o/
15:36:41c0uttaLWi, did you get it ?
15:37:54LWioh wrong path
15:37:58LWiplease send again
15:40:02c0uttai'm being blocked, so i'll send via email
15:41:08LWii solved the buffer reload problem
15:41:16c0uttahey bagder, have a read of my mail on the list about F1 menu
15:41:25LWiin main loop you have to use get_button_w_tmo
15:42:07c0uttaLWi, mail sent
15:43:07 Nick c0utta is now known as c0utta{zZZ} (
15:53:55 Join edx [0] (
15:58:01 Quit AciD` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:08:03 Join uski [0] (
16:16:28 Quit edx ()
16:23:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:38:05LWihow can i do call by reference with int variables in c?
16:38:37Bagderyou pass in a pointer to the int
16:38:56Bagdervoid foo(int *varpointer)
16:39:35LWiint wrap_int(int *var, int min, int max)
16:39:35DBUGEnqueued KICK LWi
16:39:35LWi int temp = 0;
16:39:36***Alert Mode level 1
16:39:36LWi while ((*var) < min) {(*var) = (*var) + (max-min); temp = temp - 1;}
16:39:38LWi while ((*var) > max) {(*var) = (*var) - (max-min); temp = temp + 1;}
16:39:42LWi return temp;
16:39:48LWithis lets my jukebox hang with a memory error
16:40:47Bagder+= and -= would make that code more readable ;-)
16:40:57Bagderand how do you call this function?
16:41:47LWiint a_hour;
16:41:47LWiwrap_int(a_hour, 0, 23);
16:41:59Bagderuse &a_hour
16:42:07Bagderyou must pass in a pointer to an int
16:42:15LWiah, ok
16:42:19Bagderif a_hour is an int, that is
16:43:36 Quit dwihno (Remote closed the connection)
16:44:30LWianother question: how can i invert a character?
16:44:39LWicool it works :-)
16:44:48Bagderyou mean invert graphics-wise?
16:45:37LWiso i have to calculate the position of that char
16:45:50Bagderor lcd_puts_style()
16:46:12LWihm not in the plugin api
16:46:24Bagderwell, we could easily add it
16:46:54CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
16:46:54*pfavr is back
16:47:13LWiwould you do that?
16:47:29BagderLWi: you can add it yourself to your local version while developing
16:47:33Bagderthen submit the patch
16:49:37***Alert Mode OFF
16:50:09LWishould i sort it to the end or where it should be?
16:50:20Bagderyes, append it last
17:09:52 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:11:29 Quit oxygen77 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:15:42 Join oxygen77 [0] (
17:20:29 Quit Bagder ("")
17:38:09 Part uski ("Fermeture du client")
17:38:41 Join AciD` [0] (
17:46:58 Quit AciD` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:49:21 Quit oxygen77 ("Leaving")
17:53:51LWiwas muss ich tun, um meinen sf-account für das Rockbox-Projekt zu registrieren?
17:54:20LWisorry wrong language
17:54:38LWiwhat do i have to do, to register my sf-account to rockbox-project?
17:56:27LWior can i submit code without that?
18:03:15 Join Dogger [0] (
18:10:14 Join oxygen77 [0] (
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18:35:21 Join NX2000 [0] (
18:36:16 Part NX2000
18:46:44 Join scott666 [0] (
18:54:38 Join Nibbler [0] (
19:07:15 Part LWi
19:14:00 Join LWi [0] (
19:14:33 Part LWi
19:15:01 Join LWi [0] (
19:15:26 Part LWi
19:15:33 Join LWi [0] (
19:15:40 Part LWi
19:23:18 Join _aLF [0] (
19:43:17 Join WeeD0pE [0] (
19:46:35 Join AciD [0] (
19:50:25WeeD0pEis the archos jukebox recorder capable of recorcding over the current max. quality level of 7 ?
19:55:44Masskillerdoubt it
19:58:08WeeD0pEhmm why ?
19:58:31WeeD0pEcan anyone confirm this ?
20:04:19 Nick oxygen77 is now known as oxygen_out (
20:10:23pfavrWeeD0pE: I think it is the DSP which does the encoding as well as the deconding - so it would be strange if RockBox didn't provide the highest quality setting also
20:16:25 Join ]MpC[Masskiller [0] (
20:16:25 Quit Masskiller (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:16:27 Nick ]MpC[Masskiller is now known as Masskiller (
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20:25:14 Part pfavr
20:29:14 Join stevenm [0] (
20:34:15 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
20:45:38 Quit stevenm (Remote closed the connection)
21:07:05 Join DoggerMoore [0] (
21:07:27 Quit Dogger (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:09:22 Nick DoggerMoore is now known as Dogger (
21:09:23 Quit c0utta{zZZ} (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:11:17 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
21:19:30 Join c0utta [0] (
21:19:43 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")
21:26:54 Join pfavr [0] (
21:34:22 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/1]")
21:34:37 Join pfavr [0] (
22:21:09 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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22:32:19 Join scott666 [0] (
22:41:24 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
22:42:30midknight2k3IT'S Masskiller! RUN!
22:42:44Masskillercan you help me
22:42:50Masskilleri got a problem with my jukebox recorder 20
22:43:04Masskillerwhenever i plug it into usb, it says "it malfunctioned"
22:43:13 Join track [0] (
22:43:14Masskillerand calls it an unrecogniced dveie
22:43:15midknight2k3...on the PC?
22:43:25Masskillerand i have the drivers
22:43:25midknight2k3but it works ok off usb?
22:43:27midknight2k3hi trick
22:43:29Masskillerit doest
22:43:41Masskilleryeah, it plays music just fine
22:43:53Masskillerits really hard to explain that my mp3 player is broken when i'm listening to it
22:43:55midknight2k3tried the archos USB?
22:44:02Masskillerthats the only one i have
22:44:13Masskillerbut i tried it on my friend's computer
22:44:17midknight2k3try the Rockbox USB screen then
22:44:17Masskillerhe has the same player
22:44:27Masskillerhe has the same player and everything
22:44:31Masskillerand i plug his in
22:44:33Masskillerworks fine
22:44:37Masskillerunplug his, and plug in mine
22:44:39Masskillerand mine malfunctions
22:44:47midknight2k3boot to rockbox
22:44:54midknight2k3then plugin usb
22:44:55Masskillerone second
22:45:05Masskilleri gotta get behind my computer and plug usb back in
22:45:09Masskilleri unplugged it for my cam
22:45:18Masskilleri dont have enough usb spots ;\
22:45:28midknight2k3get a usb 2 card :)
22:45:58Masskilleri have one
22:46:00Masskillerits in the linux pc ;\
22:46:02tracki also have one
22:46:05trackusb2 card
22:46:20midknight2k3Masskiller, Archos works under linux
22:46:22WeeD0pEis the archos jukebox recorder capable of recorcding over the current max. quality level of 7 ? or is there a limition of quality level 7 ?
22:46:23midknight2k3may give it a go?
22:46:27Masskillertried it
22:46:33Masskillercouldnt figure out how to mount it
22:46:35midknight2k3limitation, WeeD0pE
22:47:01midknight2k3we probably could vary it to 1-10 but 10 would be 7
22:48:10trackdont think that would make a great deal of difference
22:48:52midknight2k3track, none at all
22:48:56midknight2k3it'd just make it more variable
22:49:03WeeD0pEn higehr then 160kbps ?
22:49:14midknight2k3well at "7" it records at about 190
22:49:14trackhardware limitation weed0pe
22:49:40WeeD0pEand above 190 is not possible ?
22:49:58midknight2k3no −− hardware. limitation.
22:50:09midknight2k3Masskiller, hrm
22:50:11WeeD0pEthis gmini
22:50:34midknight2k3oh, you're on a gmini?
22:50:36WeeD0pEor what is it called
22:50:36WeeD0pEwhat is there the limitation ?
22:50:44WeeD0pEyey :)
22:50:54WeeD0pEu know this new model by archos
22:51:09WeeD0pEcan it record higher than 190kbps ?
22:51:34midknight2k3or i don't think so
22:51:38midknight2k3i can't say for sure
22:51:41trackthere is a feature request where someone wants to control the archos by plugging a mouse into it
22:51:53midknight2k3track, that'd be yours
22:52:02trackno its someone elses
22:52:03midknight2k3well, show it to me
22:52:24Masskillerso no one can help me with my problem? :\
22:52:24midknight2k3can i see it?
22:52:32midknight2k3Masskiller, i don't know
22:52:46midknight2k3did you look here
22:52:48WeeD0pEi did a bootleg about3 days ago
22:52:50WeeD0pEwith my jukebox :)
22:52:52 Join AciD [0] (
22:53:00Masskillerim not about to recompile my kernal
22:53:01midknight2k3track, here?
22:53:34midknight2k3good reply
22:53:38tracku see it?
22:53:56trackim amazed it wasnt' rejected
22:55:03midknight2k3well its pretty new
22:56:09pfavranybody familiar with a usb2 pcmcia card which works with linux?
22:56:31Masskilleryou could proabbyl use any one
22:56:41Masskillerlinux works with just about any hardware that works with windows
22:58:02 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/1]")
22:58:53trackholsden pils
23:00:17trackfave drink
23:03:57trackall the cool names start with "mi"
23:05:10trackMidknight I have a really good idea for a feature request
23:05:55midknight2k3that'd be?
23:05:58trackhow about a "novice mode"?
23:06:43trackwhen you select an option, a paragraph appears explaining what that option does
23:07:06midknight2k3i was thinking of something like
23:07:06DBUGEnqueued KICK midknight2k3
23:07:06midknight2k3or info below it
23:07:11midknight2k3all the wasted screen space
23:07:34trackok cool
23:07:38trackgreat minds think alike ;-)
23:08:44trackjust have a switchable option for it (help mode on/off)
23:08:57 Join top_bloke [0] (~ekolb_pot@
23:09:11 Quit midknight2k3 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:09:24 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
23:09:57trackwelcome back
23:09:59trackkindle home
23:10:36trackold him knee
23:10:49tracksorry just bored
23:11:03midknight2k3wtf are you talking about
23:11:39trackplaying with an anagram generator online
23:12:46tracklol "Rag Oz" :))
23:13:07c0uttaguys, how do i add a new file to a diff ?
23:17:08 Quit track ("leafChat IRC client:")
23:19:01 Quit midknight2k3 ("Going... BYE!")
23:22:46 Quit oxygen_out (Remote closed the connection)
23:24:56 Join oxygen77 [0] (
23:29:30 Join Dogger [0] (
23:41:12 Quit oxygen77 ("Leaving")
23:54:17 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")

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