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#rockbox log for 2004-02-23

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01:47:19MaDoYaNanybody can help me with setting up slackware
01:47:25MaDoYaNi know i am not in the righ channel
01:47:30MaDoYaNbut ....
01:47:59midknight2k3try #slackware
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01:48:24midknight2k3go to #slackware
01:48:24MaDoYaNtried,, but didint work out
01:48:35midknight2k3uh, /join #slackware
01:48:38diddystar5whats so funny
01:48:47midknight2k3he wants help setting up slackware
01:48:57midknight2k3and i suggesting he visits their channel
01:49:51diddystar5i think slakware setup is similar to debian
01:50:01MaDoYaNmidknight2k3 thanks for ur advice
01:50:03diddystar5its harder than most :)
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02:32:24diddystar5bye everyone
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03:13:00midknight2k3i mean
03:13:03midknight2k3oh, it's you
03:13:50Bluechipsorry, started getting hacked just as I logged on
03:14:13midknight2k3i mean
03:14:15midknight2k3ITS ME!!
03:14:32Bluechipare you sure, what does the little voice in your head think?
03:14:44midknight2k3do you really want to know?
03:14:53BluechipI'd be intrigued
03:15:03midknight2k3that means yes or no
03:15:15midknight2k3yes yes, or yes no?
03:15:32Bluechiplol - is that a Q or is that what it's saying?
03:15:41midknight2k3it's asking, hence the question mark
03:15:55Bluechipyou asking me, or the voice asking you?
03:16:07midknight2k3voice asking you to ask me, or you asking all on your own?
03:16:11Bluechiphey! maybe all three
03:16:40midknight2k3ha bluechip is so funny
03:17:08Doggerhey Bluechip
03:17:16Doggergot my mas working :)
03:17:18BluechipHey Dawger
03:17:26Doggermade a cool scrolling osciloscope :)
03:17:38Bluechipwith gif anim? lol
03:17:57Bluechipthey must have taken you ages!
03:18:03Doggerthe av300 uses 8735.0201 chip
03:18:06midknight2k3thay'd take me ajes!
03:18:21Doggersame as the recorder afaik
03:18:31Bluechipdont think I've seen any 8375 specific docs
03:18:31DoggerI need to work out dma before I can play mp3s tho right?
03:18:38Doggeroh I got one
03:18:46Doggerthink it was on rockbox docs section
03:18:55midknight2k3if you rearrange 8735 it makes 3587
03:18:59Bluechipmy minnd has just gone completely blank
03:19:05midknight2k3and that means its the rockbox one in disguise!
03:19:08Bluechipyes, 3587 - LOL
03:19:26midknight2k3are you laughing at me?
03:19:31Doggerlol o yeah
03:19:33Doggermy fault
03:19:37Doggerdamn byte swapping
03:19:42midknight2k3PPL LAFFING AT ME
03:19:47Bluechipmk spotted it before me
03:19:51Doggergrrrrr @ level 9 of sokoban on av300
03:19:53midknight2k3i was right?
03:20:04Bluechiplucky is cool too
03:20:09Doggerlaw of probabilities means you will be sometime
03:20:24Bluechipdo we know what VERSION our chips are from a rockbox menu?
03:20:26midknight2k3like when i was right about that MDB screen
03:20:29midknight2k3but bluechip couldnt face it
03:20:45Bluechip(and mk couldn't code it - LOL)
03:20:49midknight2k3i could
03:20:51midknight2k3I COULD
03:20:55midknight2k3i so could
03:21:31midknight2k3you didnt like my superbass logo
03:21:33midknight2k3thats all
03:26:04BluechipIf only I could explain
03:26:12midknight2k3can you please
03:26:34Doggerok people
03:26:40Doggerplease don't laugh at my voice
03:27:46midknight2k3Bluechip: explain?
03:27:59Doggeryou see the vid?
03:28:10Doggerits listening in the built in mic
03:28:23midknight2k3did it record or something
03:28:28midknight2k3i want to laugh
03:28:29Bluechipoh no sorry, wasn't supposed to do that ;)
03:28:31midknight2k3DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
03:28:34midknight2k3ill laugh anyways
03:28:40CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 4 hours and 53 minutes at the last flood
03:28:40*Dogger has a fantastic voice
03:28:41Bluechipcoooooooooooool :)
03:28:45Doggerso psoff :)
03:28:48Doggerthanks Bluechip
03:28:56Doggerthe scrolling is cool... all done in hardware
03:29:00Doggerusing the osd
03:29:09midknight2k3Bluechip: explain or no?
03:29:24midknight2k3no, im sure its using anything other than the osd
03:29:25*Dogger considers singing on his next video
03:29:30Bluechipif only i could, i would
03:29:34BluechipOh yeeeeeahhhhh
03:29:39midknight2k3Bluechip: why can't you?
03:30:40Bluechipwe want a pop-song with sad geek style "we love avos" lyrics
03:30:58Doggerok, will start writing it
03:30:59midknight2k3dogger cool is it just me or is the osc just a bit late
03:31:03midknight2k3I CAN WRITE IT
03:31:05Bluechipanything to make me forget "game cube" to the tune of "go west" by the village people
03:31:09midknight2k3:WE LOVE AVOS OH YEAH:
03:31:27Doggermidknight2k3: no thats the video. I forgot to resync the audio/video after encoding it
03:31:35midknight2k3HA! HA!
03:31:35Bluechiplove the green scope lines
03:31:42Doggerthanks :)
03:31:47Doggerharder to do than you think
03:31:58midknight2k3ITS GA−−GOOD!
03:32:00Doggerso nice having a good osd chip to help
03:32:08midknight2k3Bluechip nerd
03:32:09Bluechipwhat was the difficulty?
03:32:21Bluechipgetting the bright spots?
03:32:24Doggerscrolling is a bit complex
03:32:34Doggeryou can scroll by 16 pixels at a time
03:32:43Doggerso you have to set the position to do 0-15
03:33:06Doggerthen when it gets to the end of the buffer you have to jump back to the start where you've already duplicated to
03:33:23Doggerits a bit messy but it works really well
03:33:25midknight2k3&F indeed
03:33:31Doggercorrect :)
03:33:47Doggerbut prolly the more difficult thing was working out what green is in YCbCr !
03:33:55DoggerI hate YCbCr
03:33:59Doggergive me rgb any day
03:34:00Bluechipfair comment
03:34:10midknight2k3why green then
03:34:21Doggerbecause thats osciloscope colour!
03:34:38Bluechiphe's not as wrinkly us us yet dude
03:34:52Bluechipprolly all LCD in school nowdays
03:35:35Bluechipdid you see the uni course on programming the 3587?
03:35:41Doggerprolly never heard of spacewar game either
03:35:43midknight2k38357 you mean
03:35:48Doggerreally? wow
03:35:50Bluechipor corewars
03:35:51midknight2k3i have space invaders on my watch!
03:35:57Bluechipoh yes!
03:36:01midknight2k3so yes
03:36:03midknight2k3space war
03:36:05DoggerI still need to get some books on arm coding and more on c coding
03:36:14Bluechipwhy arm?
03:36:15DoggerI only started learning c 2 weeks ago
03:36:15midknight2k3code me tetris dogger PLEASE
03:36:17midknight2k3in assembly
03:36:24Doggerwe have tetris on av300
03:36:30midknight2k3port it to my watch
03:36:32Doggerarm7 core on av300
03:36:38DoggerI love arm assemly
03:37:06BluechipARM is one of the few I've not played with before - but I know MIPS, so it wouldn't be too hard I guess
03:37:23Doggeryeah it's very similar to mips
03:37:28midknight2k3Bluechip do you know assembly
03:37:28Doggernot as many regs though,
03:37:32Doggerbut same sort of stuff
03:37:39Doggerfar better than intel
03:37:44Doggerbut that goes without saying
03:37:55Bluechipz80 is better than 8086
03:38:05Bluechip6052 is close
03:38:14Bluechipsorry, have x86
03:38:16midknight2k3anyone listening
03:38:19Doggeryeah I prefer z80 to 8086
03:38:26Doggerhavent tried 6052 tho
03:38:44Bluechip6502 is a great embedded core
03:38:56Bluechipand cheap too
03:38:59Doggerx86 is just hrm lets start with a bad designed instruction set, then add tons of prefixes, bolt on some more badly designed crap,
03:39:10midknight2k3dogger: is the joystick on the av3xx "clickable"?
03:39:21Doggerand you also have 2 speeds per direction
03:39:25Doggereg up slow, and up fast
03:39:28midknight2k3ooh really
03:39:33Doggerbut we don't have diagonals *sob*
03:39:33midknight2k3if you push it up more it goes faster?
03:39:41midknight2k3hmm neat
03:39:45Doggerdiagonals are sorely missed
03:39:50Bluechipdiagonal impossible?
03:39:57DoggerI'm building a games controller to plug into serial port though :)
03:39:58midknight2k3case JOYSTICK_UP_FAST:
03:40:00midknight2k3i cant wait
03:40:03Doggeryep in hardware
03:40:08Doggerimpossible in hardware
03:40:46Bluechipyou could put a 555 in for diagonals?
03:41:04Bluechipin joypad, that is
03:41:15Doggeroh sure... joysticks not a problem
03:41:28DoggerI'll prolly just rip apart a handspring visor pda keyboard
03:41:34Doggerand put it in a game controller
03:41:40Bluechipmegadrive pad?
03:41:44Doggeryou can press tons of keys at same time on that
03:41:49Doggercould do,
03:41:57DoggerI got a n64 one here cheap,
03:42:06Doggerwant something small and portable
03:42:09Bluechipn64 is serial rather than PTM
03:42:28Bluechip...which would probably make is easier
03:42:29Doggeryeah but I'll prolly gut it anyway and use the visor circuit
03:42:40Doggerjust use the buttons and case
03:43:07DoggerI'm no electronics expert so dont want to go trying to interface different serial, clock, power etc stuff
03:43:48Bluechipmight get lucky
03:44:14Doggerhas anyone tried games controllers with previous models serial?
03:44:16Bluechipwhat do you have on the AV end?
03:44:25Bluechipnot that I know of
03:44:27Dogger3.3v gnd, rx, tx
03:44:42Doggerthe handspring visor is cool cos it needs no power
03:44:45Doggerjust those 3 lines
03:45:14Doggercould prolly use a pic from scratch though
03:45:18Doggerbut not done any pic stuff
03:45:43Bluechipi would be surprised if you could not simply connect your favourite console stick
03:45:52Bluechiplooking for specs now
03:45:53midknight2k3console stick ha
03:46:09 Join Dishtoys [0] (
03:46:26Bluechipthey all do if you dont have the tissues ready
03:46:27midknight2k3toys ooh
03:47:05Doggerok, well if there is something I can use off the shelf that would be great
03:47:20Doggerobviously I can set baud rate, stop bit, parity, data size etc on archos
03:47:28Bluechipis the serial tied to a baud etc?
03:47:38Doggerdefaults to 115200
03:47:44Bluechipso it's 232?
03:47:47DishtoysHey Guys
03:47:48Doggerbut settable to any division of the cpu clock
03:47:53Bluechipno, 232 is 15V
03:47:53DishtoysHow is everyone?
03:47:58Bluechipwell thanks
03:48:06Doggerhi Dishtoys
03:48:49DishtoysI had a question...didn't know if the Rockbox boys could help me...
03:49:06DishtoysI'm looking for information on the Alpine AI-NET bus....
03:49:08Bluechip about the N64 controller
03:49:32BluechipDish: think you need to speak to IDC on that
03:49:41Bluechip[IDC}Dragon that is
03:49:48DishtoysIs he on often?
03:49:57DishtoysDoes anyone have an email address for him?
03:50:31Bluechipyou can easily contact him thru the rockbax mailing list
03:51:24Bluechipdogger: it says 3.6V, but is 3.3 within tolerance?
03:51:49Doggerwhat says 3.6v?
03:51:56Bluechipthat link
03:53:09Doggerah ok,
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04:30:23midknight2k3hi Bluechip
04:35:38midknight2k3Bluechip nice
04:40:22Bluechiplol - you wouldn't say that if you knew what i was doing
04:40:55midknight2k3uh ... *runs away*
04:42:34Bluechipsubliminal programming techniques
04:53:09Bluechiprunning out of resources - byeeeeeeee
04:53:23 Part Bluechip
05:34:22midknight2k3hi [GoE]BENtheTEN
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10:49:09c0uttahey linus
10:58:28c0uttalinus, if i'm going to add a new file to rockbox, do i still put in the diff ?
10:59:54LinusNplease do
11:00:21c0uttai diff it against /dev/null ?
11:00:40 Nick edx is now known as edx{code} (
11:21:20LinusNyou should be able to do cvs add 'file' and then do cvs "diff -N -u"
11:22:13c0uttai don't really understand cvs
11:22:27c0uttawhen i do cvs diff it says "i don't know anything about action.h"
11:22:44c0uttai assume it's the cvs on sourceforge, not my copy of cvs
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11:27:00LinusNc0utta: it said so after you added the file?
11:27:42c0uttaanyway, i've done it against /dev/null and it's worked
11:28:05c0uttai'm ready to submit my first patch for review
11:28:39c0uttayou said you wanted large changes submitted as small patches, correct Linus ?
11:37:14c0uttamy first patch just sets up for other patches - i want tmake sure i don't break anything...
11:38:15c0uttado u have time to check it Linus ?
11:39:56c0uttai know you're busy with work and moving house
11:41:49LinusNwhat does it do?
11:42:12c0uttaadds helper functions to menu.c
11:42:19c0uttamakes screen.c more modular
11:42:41c0uttaadjusts wps.c and tree.c for f2/f3 button presses
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11:45:41LinusNsend it to me (linus at haxx . se)
11:45:56LinusNah, saw it on sf now
11:46:07c0uttayes, just loaded it up
11:46:14c0uttacan email too if you wish
11:46:53LinusNi like the way you responded to your own patch :-)
11:47:15c0uttai must have had too much beer ?
11:51:16LinusNi see thay you have added functions for manipulating menus on the fly
11:51:35LinusNi'm not entirely sure that we really want that...
11:59:04c0uttawhy not ?
12:00:02LinusNit adds complexity, imho, and
12:00:13LinusNstrike the "and"
12:01:44LinusNwhat is CONTEXT_START?
12:02:16LinusNis CONTEXT_F1 the main menu?
12:02:37LinusNremember that Players don't have F-keys
12:09:17c0uttayou need to use a keyhandler before you can manipulate menus
12:10:17c0uttathat means you can use the complexity if you need to
12:13:11LinusNyeah, let's add the functions and see if we want to use them, else we remove them again
12:13:26LinusNhow about my questions regarding CONTEXT_xxx?
12:15:38c0uttai already use the functions in my next set of patches to manipulate the f2 menu :)
12:15:50c0uttaas far as context_xxx is concerned
12:16:25c0uttai want to find out in what context keys are pressed
12:16:46c0uttait leads towards having different contexts for the same keys
12:17:20c0uttaf2-down in wps could be different from f2-down in the tree view
12:17:45c0uttafor example
12:17:52LinusNi follow you
12:18:11LinusNthen i suggest you rename CONTEXT_F1 to CONTEXT_MAINMENU
12:18:18LinusNwhat is CONTEXT_START?
12:18:37c0uttawhen rockbox first starts
12:18:45c0uttacan't think of a use for it yet
12:19:39c0uttamaybe like the Resume when rockbox starts
12:19:59LinusNthen CONTEXT_RESUME would be better
12:20:28LinusNi think you should only define the context you know of, and we'll add more later
12:20:31c0uttayou may want to do other things at startup
12:20:46c0uttafor example, i always want to run a particular cfg
12:20:59c0uttato set my volume back to 50%
12:21:37c0uttait is usually at 93%, but if i resume at 93% with headphones my ears will bleed
12:21:50 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
12:22:05LinusNwhat does that have to do with context sensitive menus?
12:23:04c0uttayou've got me
12:24:15c0uttai should point out that the quickscreens have changed with this patch
12:24:22LinusNsaw that
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12:24:41c0uttaif you press F2 and release it doesn't stay in the quickscreen
12:24:46c0uttayou saw that ?
12:24:51LinusNin the diff
12:25:08c0uttawill that cause a problem in the interim ?
12:25:46LinusNprobably :-)
12:26:06LinusNpeople will shoot me for "removing the quick screens"
12:26:40c0uttain the interim i could put the functionality back if you want
12:26:54LinusNwe should probably do that
12:27:18LinusNso, this first patch includes the functions for the keyhandler and on-the-fly menu manipulation?
12:27:27LinusNa good start, imho
12:27:41c0uttai think there will be 5 patches overall
12:27:59LinusNwith this, i can modify the FM radio preset menus, nice
12:28:37c0uttathere are MAJOR changes coming to menu declaration :(
12:29:11c0uttano more:
12:29:12c0uttastruct menu_items items[] = {
12:29:12c0utta{ str(LANG_CREATE_PLAYLIST), create_playlist },
12:31:31c0uttamaybe not
12:31:38c0uttai've worked out a way around it
12:31:52c0uttaeven though i have changed EVERY menu in Rockbox
12:40:23LinusNi'll be happy to preview those changes, out of curiosity
12:40:34 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|lunch (
12:55:52 Nick LinusN|lunch is now known as LinusN (
12:57:28c0uttayour curiosity usually means trouble..
12:59:17c0uttai'll give you an explanation:
12:59:50c0uttaas you probably know, all actions will be driven by a #define
13:00:07c0utta#define ACTION_SETTING_SHUFFLE 1
13:00:17c0utta#define ACTION_SETTING_REPEAT 2
13:00:20c0uttaetc etc
13:00:57c0uttathese will be bound to contexts and keys
13:01:33c0uttain a .map file
13:02:11c0utta512;1;Volume 40%;101;40
13:02:19c0uttais an example of an entry in the map file
13:02:49c0uttaVolume 40% is the description
13:02:55c0utta101=action code
13:03:07c0utta#define ACTION_SETTING_VOLUME 101
13:03:17c0utta40 is the setting
13:03:59c0uttathis line creates an entry in the f2 menu that sets the volume to 40%
13:07:09c0uttato do this i need to know the action associated with the menu item
13:07:30c0uttathis means:
13:07:35c0uttastruct menu_items {
13:07:36c0uttaunsigned char *desc;
13:07:36c0uttabool (*function) (char *); /* return true if USB was connected */
13:07:45c0uttaint action;
13:07:46c0uttachar* setting;
13:08:05c0uttain the example above, action=101
13:08:41c0uttaso instead of:
13:08:42c0uttastruct menu_items items[] = {
13:08:43c0utta{ str(LANG_VOLUME), volume },
13:08:54c0uttawhen declaring a menu, you do:
13:09:48c0uttaitems[i].desc = menu_language(ACTION_SETTING_VOLUME);
13:09:48c0uttaitems[i++].function = menu_action(ACTION_SETTING_VOLUME);
13:10:18 Nick edx{code} is now known as edx{eatz} (
13:10:50c0uttatoo complicated linus ?
13:10:57LinusNnot at all
13:11:05c0uttais there an easier way ?
13:11:51LinusNi'm thinking about the char *setting, what is it pointing to?
13:12:11c0uttain my example, "40/0"
13:13:56c0uttai convert to an integer in the volume function in sound_menu.c
13:14:02LinusNi see
13:14:02c0uttabool volume(char* setting)
13:14:03c0uttaif( setting==NULL )
13:14:13c0uttareturn set_sound(str(LANG_VOLUME), &global_settings.volume, SOUND_VOLUME);
13:14:13c0uttaset_sound_options(setting, SOUND_VOLUME, &global_settings.volume);
13:14:26LinusNso techically, it doesn't need to be a setting
13:14:43LinusNit could be anything, it's just an argument to the action code
13:14:55c0utta512;1;Volume 40%;101;
13:15:06LinusNi think you should call it action_arg or something
13:15:07c0uttawould just bring up the normal dialog to change volume
13:15:29LinusNwho allocates space for the string?
13:15:53c0uttawhen the map file is read in
13:16:46c0uttaspace is allocated then
13:17:56LinusNin a static buffer?
13:20:00c0uttatell me if this is static:
13:20:04c0uttastruct menu_entry
13:20:04c0uttaint action;
13:20:09c0uttachar desc[20];
13:20:09c0uttachar setting[64];
13:20:21c0uttathen in the code below:
13:20:30c0uttamemset(entries[count].setting, 0, sizeof entries[count].setting);
13:20:52c0uttaif ((field = strtok_r(NULL, ";", &end)))
13:21:00c0uttastrncpy(entries[count].setting, field, sizeof entries[count].setting);
13:21:05c0uttaitems[count].setting = entries[count].setting;
13:21:20c0uttayou are amazing being able to read and understand this code
13:21:46LinusNhow are the menus declared by default?
13:22:09LinusNi mean, the default contents, without loading a enu desc file?
13:22:40c0uttathere aren't any - they all come from the file
13:22:49c0uttai could define default ones
13:22:55LinusNyou should
13:23:11c0uttawhat about a default file in .rockbox
13:23:36LinusNpossible, but that gives us a lot of work with the translations
13:24:16c0uttanot really - if you have:
13:24:22c0utta512;1; ;101;40
13:24:41c0uttayou'll get the LANG default for action 101
13:25:02c0utta(note i removed "Volume 40%")
13:25:47LinusNso there is an action<=>lang table somewhere
13:26:29LinusNthe menu structure lists, how many entries are allocated?
13:26:58c0uttaso far, 131
13:27:55LinusN131*88 = ~11kbytes
13:28:34c0uttafor an int, fnptr, int ?
13:30:08LinusNfor an action, desc and setting
13:30:26LinusNstruct menu_entry
13:30:40c0uttathe menu_entry is generated "on the fly"
13:31:03LinusNhow? the memory must be allocated somehow
13:31:34c0uttamemory is allocated to menu entries when they are read from the file
13:33:15c0uttaif there are 6 entries in the map file, then 6*88
13:33:37c0uttabut only while the menu is active
13:33:43LinusNi mean, where is the memory taken from?
13:34:33c0uttar u accepting dcc - easier to send you the file
13:34:43LinusNtry it
13:34:44c0uttaor email
13:35:39c0uttadid you get that ?
13:35:48c0uttactcp/dcc Send to LinusN of action.c Failed: Connection Closed (Sent 26KB of 26KB)
13:36:10LinusNgot it
13:36:20LinusNok, so you have 16 entries available
13:36:40LinusNbut are you serious about reading the desc file every time the context menu is opened?
13:36:53c0uttayes - it is very quick
13:37:07c0uttai have 16=160 and loaded them
13:37:11LinusNa 5 second disk spinup isn't what i call quick
13:37:14c0utta2 secs
13:37:37LinusNand imagine the battery consumption
13:37:47c0uttagood point
13:38:12LinusNthe ui will feel sluggish
13:38:32c0uttai will come up with a solution
13:38:40c0uttaprobably a static in action.c
13:38:54c0uttabool menu_loaded
13:39:15LinusNyou could have a pool of entries to allocate, a pseudodynamic menu entry allocation
13:39:37LinusNand a list of pointers for each menu
13:39:51c0uttapseudodynamic is a very big word
13:39:57LinusNor just have X static arrays of various sizes
13:40:44LinusNthe problem is that there is a fixed limit on the number of entries
13:41:02c0uttaat this stage, yes
13:41:27c0uttato be honest, my C programming is at basic level
13:41:41c0uttawe can't use malloc, can we ?
13:42:01LinusNi think your code is pretty good
13:42:25c0uttanothing compared to mp3.c
13:42:33c0uttathat code scares me
13:43:00LinusNthat probably means that mpeg.c isn't very well written :-)
13:43:34c0uttait amazes me how far rockbox has gone
13:43:54c0uttain only 2 years
13:45:24c0uttalinus, i must go to bed. i have a 7 month old who is getting teeth
13:45:40c0uttahe will be awake soon
13:46:11c0uttadon't submit my patch yet - i want to change the quickscreens back as we discussed
13:46:32c0uttaso you don't get blamed for breaking them
13:47:08 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/1]")
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13:54:14LinusNsleep tight
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19:11:19 Join dannn [0] (jirc@
19:12:53dannnanyone here?
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19:31:39 Join busy_jess [0] (
19:31:59busy_jessshould my harddrive be making "audible clicks" when it spins up/down?
19:44:22 Quit AciD (Connection timed out)
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22:45:10Nasumgood afternoon people. Is there anyone herew that would be able to help for about 20 seconds?
22:45:38 Quit matsl (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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22:47:52Nasumanyone here?
23:01:14 Quit edx{code} (
23:01:14 Quit ze (
23:01:14 Quit Hadaka (
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23:01:37NJoinze [20] (
23:01:37NJoinHadaka [0] (
23:03:03*scott666 is still here
23:03:51Nasumwould you be able to help me?
23:04:08 Quit ze (Remote closed the connection)
23:04:12 Join ze [20] (
23:05:02Nasumis this a v2? or is it just a recorder?
23:05:09Nasumi need to know which firmware to get
23:07:34scott666thats a v2
23:07:50Nasumok cool
23:07:52Nasumthank you :)
23:08:08Nasumis the v2 any good in your opinion
23:08:25scott666i dont have one
23:08:28scott666but i have an FMR
23:08:32scott666which is broken
23:08:35Nasumu like it?
23:09:05scott666itd be fairly easy to fix i think, i just dont have access to a soldering iron at the momen
23:10:57 Quit Nasum ("Leaving")
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