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#rockbox log for 2004-03-02

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05:57:27dwihnoIs it you?=
05:57:46dwihnoOr is it just me? ;)
05:57:59dwihnoOr is it just me? ;)
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10:41:44LinusNhi c0utta
10:42:00c0uttag'day there linus
10:43:26c0uttai haven't done any more work since we last spoke
10:43:36c0uttamy pc dies a horrible death :(
10:45:27LinusNouch, what happened
10:46:44c0uttaupdate to xp sp2
10:46:55c0uttaupdate to xp sp1
10:47:16c0uttaincompatible sound driver - sysaudio.sys
10:47:45c0uttaone of the base sys files for xp and took me ages to find out
10:48:19LinusNso it won't boot?
10:48:40c0uttano, not even safe mode
10:49:07c0uttaended up doing a complete reinstall
10:49:40c0uttai bought Ghost so now keep a backup of my latest image on my jbr
10:50:35c0uttahow are you ? have you settled into your new apartment ?
10:54:12LinusNstill full of boxes .-)
10:56:18c0uttawe did 10 moves in 10 years
10:56:40c0uttastill have boxes
10:58:04c0uttajörg and i spoke about including sound into the menu system
10:58:22c0uttabut i notice that quelsaruk (?) is also doing some menu changes
10:58:37c0uttayou offered to review them - correct ?
10:59:44LinusNyup, he's doing a splash()-like menu look
11:00:00LinusNgives a nice "popup" touch to it
11:00:18c0uttaare you going to incorporate into cvs ?
11:00:28LinusNi haven't seen the code yet
11:01:23c0uttaok. i will finish the quickscreens in the next 30 minutes
11:01:33c0uttajust to save you from being accused of breaking them
11:06:23dwihnoLinus: vaken?
11:06:58LinusNsom fan
11:07:09dwihnostabilt :D
11:11:30dwihnoså här är det
11:11:57dwihnovisst kan man greja hur mycket som helst med flaggor i en mp3 bara man inte har sönder nåt? :)
11:12:05dwihnoalltså ta bort CRC-flaggan och ta bort crc-bytes:en
11:12:19dwihnooch justera så att frame 1 börjar på byte 0
11:12:25LinusNdwihno: english please
11:12:38dwihno<−− is lazy today
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11:13:25LinusNI'm not entirely sure that you can remove the CRC that easily
11:14:00LinusNyou could try to clear the crc flag and remove the two crc bytes
11:14:07dwihnoThat's what I ment :)=
11:14:08LinusNin each frame
11:14:23dwihnoThe audio data isn't affected.
11:14:27dwihnoSo it SHOULD be ok?
11:14:29LinusNbut i'm not sure if that would work
11:14:47dwihnoAs well as "rewinding" the stream to byte 0
11:15:12LinusNthe thing is that i think those two bytes would have been used for audio data if the crc was disabled when encoding
11:15:31dwihnoyes, but if shift the stream two bytes, it should be ok
11:15:35LinusNso the decoded would expect two more bytes of audio data
11:15:50LinusNin each frame
11:16:17dwihnoYou just change the number of bytes as well.
11:16:34LinusNthere is no "number of bytes" field in an mp3 frame
11:16:35dwihnoAs long as the frame headers are kept OK, it should be OK to remove the CRC.
11:16:49LinusNthe crc flag is in the header
11:17:25dwihnothe frame length is in the frame header
11:17:56LinusNthe frame length is calculated from the contents of the header, yes
11:18:06dwihnoSorry, my mind is all messed up.
11:18:25dwihnoMixing the stuff up.
11:18:42LinusNalso, there is a separate crc in each frame
11:19:20dwihnobut removing the flag and the crc bytes, and shifting the audio stream sounds like a go.
11:20:11dwihnoOr am I out in the blue?
11:20:59LinusNthis is how i see it:
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11:22:56LinusNa 128kbit/s, 44100Hz frame is always 417 bytes long, with our without CRC
11:23:21LinusNso if you remove the CRC, the frame will be too short
11:23:44dwihnoso it's irreversible?
11:23:49LinusNi guess so
11:23:56LinusNwhy are you asking this, btw?
11:24:03dwihnoLearning :-)
11:24:15dwihnoAnd my Super Duper Mega Cool MP3 thingy ;D
11:24:24LinusNah, that one :-)
11:24:47LinusNwhy would you want to remove the crc?
11:24:53dwihnoWaste of space :)
11:24:58dwihnoAs with ID3V1/2 tags
11:25:01dwihnoand lyrics tags
11:25:05dwihnoand all sorts of junk tags.
11:25:18dwihnoIf I want lyrics, I keep separate .txt files :)
11:25:26dwihnoI think of tags as something evil.
11:25:48dwihnoHow about rewinding a stream to start at byte zero?
11:26:04LinusNwell, the CRC could be seen as a waste of audio quality, since it uses up two bytes that could have been used to store audio data
11:26:23LinusNrewinding a stream?
11:26:35dwihnoYeah, I found out some of my files has a different sync offset
11:26:45dwihno(and I've tripled checked my algo) :)
11:26:50LinusNi don't get it
11:27:16dwihnoIn a perfect world, the first 12 bits of a file should be set, right?
11:27:23dwihno11 bits, I ment
11:28:06dwihnoSo if they aren't, it should be OK to ffw until those 11 bits are occured and "move them" to offset 0
11:28:43LinusNcorrection: ffw to the point where you find a valid frame header
11:29:08dwihnoYes, the frame header would be validated as well
11:29:13dwihnobut you catch my drift?
11:29:33dwihnoAm I validating any kind of specification by doing that?
11:29:46LinusNyou mean violating?
11:29:52dwihnoyes :)
11:29:57LinusNno you aren't
11:30:23LinusNthere is no specification on how to store an mp3 stream in a file
11:34:41dwihnoI will be removing "trash" bytes as well.
11:34:46dwihno(ID3V1 tags, yeah!) :)
11:44:30dwihnoThank you for your time \o/
11:44:56dwihnoThe PIO mode, does that come with a speed increase?
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13:19:11c0uttau there linus ?
13:24:39c0uttawhen i hold down f2, press left, release left, release f2
13:24:53c0uttai get 3 events
13:24:59c0uttaf2 left
13:25:05c0uttarelease left
13:25:17c0uttawhy not release f2 on the last event ?
13:26:05LinusNyou should get release, afaik
13:26:45c0uttai've been getting f2 - very bizarre
13:27:07c0uttacode 0x0200
13:27:15c0uttai expected 0x8200
13:28:56LinusNbtw, you should get 4 events, the first event being just F2
13:29:34c0uttatrue - forgot about that one. i was ignoring it
13:30:37c0uttaanyway, it must have been my error. i used splash() to display the keycode and maybe the delay was an issue
13:30:39LinusNi just tried it myself and i got the release event
13:31:52c0uttai have restored the quickscreen functionality - wnat me to submit a new patch to the tracker ?
13:32:04LinusNyes, please
13:32:13c0uttagive me 5
13:32:37LinusNbtw, remember to take BUTTON_REPEAT into account
13:34:44c0uttai don't believe the current quickscreens take repeats into account
13:35:25c0uttaa more complete solution tho..
13:35:59c0uttamay have to wait until tomorrow for the patch - 23:06 here.
13:36:26c0uttai have another partition resize and ghost image to create yet tonight
13:37:49c0uttamight see you tomorrow online
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13:52:04pfavrhas anoyone thought about doing a log on what is played an for how long? Thought it would be nice to do a histogram of what tracks I like and what tracks I skip. Has this been done already?
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14:02:40LinusNpfavr: i believe Uwe did this long ago
14:06:29pfavrok, is it included in rockbox or was it discarded for some reason?
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14:17:35LinusNafaik, he never submitted a patch
14:24:21pfavrok, do you like the idea of having a log?
14:25:00LinusNsounds like a nice feature, not that i would use it though :-)
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17:24:59diddystar5school time
17:25:01diddystar5need to go
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20:44:33Alex1hi all
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22:19:04LinusNhi quelsaruk
22:19:15LinusNgot any code for me?
22:22:42quelsarukhi LinusN
22:23:06quelsaruki have to modify more code than i tought
22:23:45quelsarukat least, i managed to make a fake splash_menu() that worked
22:24:23quelsaruki mean, the code works, makes a nice splash window where you can show a menu and move around
22:25:49 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:25:49quelsarukbut i renamed it menu_draw(), so i could see how that worked when calling a menu
22:26:21quelsaruki still have to add it to the code
22:26:37quelsaruk(did i managed to explain myself ok??)
22:26:42LinusNsend it to whenever you feel ready
22:26:47LinusNto me
22:26:59quelsarukok :)
22:27:07LinusNit doesn't have to work 100%
22:27:21quelsaruki know, but at least.. work a bit:P
22:27:26quelsarukhi [IDC]Dragon
22:27:39[IDC]DragonHi Guys
22:28:08quelsaruk[IDC]Dragon, is it possible to add sound to rvf files??
22:28:27[IDC]Dragonlong done
22:28:30quelsaruki made a cool windsurf video, but i wanted it to also have audio
22:28:36quelsaruki mean..
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22:28:44quelsaruki can't make it have sound
22:29:17quelsaruki followed the steps in the *manual*
22:30:02LinusNgotta go, cu in a few
22:30:07 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|away (
22:30:10quelsaruki get image, but no soind
22:30:12quelsarukcu LinusN|away
22:30:39[IDC]Dragonany complaint from rvf_mux?
22:31:00quelsaruki don't know if i made something wrong..
22:31:07quelsaruknearly for sure :)
22:31:23[IDC]Dragoncan I access the file, or a part of it?
22:31:49quelsaruk140 mb... to much for this i-net conection
22:31:56quelsaruki'll try again this night
22:32:03quelsarukif i can't make it work
22:32:04[IDC]Dragonsend me the first MB or so
22:32:16quelsaruki'll make a small one and send it to you
22:32:47[IDC]Dragondoes the size you get make sense?
22:33:00[IDC]Dragontotal = adio file + video file
22:33:09quelsaruki think so
22:44:58 Quit quelsaruk ()
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22:52:20 Join Guest [0] (
22:52:33Guesthi all
22:54:50scunnerhello all!!! does anyone know if it's possible to flash the rom with a crc of 0X222f v1? can't seem to get a solid answer.
22:55:49scunnertried it and got "wrong plugin"
22:56:01[IDC]Dragonyes, if you have a flashable chip
22:56:30[IDC]Dragonflash with a daily build
22:56:47Guesthi, how can I fix a disk read error? it just happened today?
22:56:53 Nick LinusN|away is now known as LinusN (
22:57:01Guesti'm charging my batteries right now, do u think it will help?
22:57:12scunnerthanks boss...i'll try the d.b.
22:57:42 Join matsl [0] (
22:57:58[IDC]Dragonscunner: get the plugins, too
22:58:08LinusN[IDC]Dragon: i think i know why the optimized ata code fails
22:58:38LinusNthe ATA bus protocol is silly as hell
22:58:54LinusNand the archos hardware is cheap as always
22:59:11Guestyeah, I know
22:59:21Guestdo u think it will MAYBE work with fully charged batteries?
23:00:09LinusNGuest: this "read error", what reported it? Rockbox? The Archos firmware? The PC?
23:00:27Guestthe Rockbox...
23:00:42Guestit was working fine in the morning, so turn it on in the afternoon and there it comes
23:00:50LinusNrockbox has no "read error" message afaik
23:00:55[IDC]Dragon(Guest successfully distracted Linus)
23:01:05LinusN[IDC]Dragon: i'll get back to you :-)
23:01:06Guestthats when I boot with F1, with the regular boot I get a *panic* ata -1 I think
23:01:13Guestor a Disk:Null!
23:01:29LinusNso, Rockbox didn't say "read error" after all
23:01:41Guestyes it did, let me tell u the exact message, one sec
23:02:55GuestRead access Error! Can't read from hard drive
23:03:20LinusNthat's not rockbox
23:03:24scunnerdragon, i'm fuzzy on the plugins. are they on the site?
23:03:33LinusNscunner: in the rockbox zip file
23:03:33Guest*PANIC* -31 and *PANIC* disk: NULL
23:03:43Guestoh sorry LinusN, that's just Archos
23:03:46LinusNGuest: that's more like it
23:03:55Guestbut rockbox gives me those...sorry about the confusion
23:04:13LinusNdoes the drive spin up?
23:04:31scunnerthx linus...duh.
23:04:33Guestyeah kind of, then it clicks...clicks some more, and I get one of those messages
23:04:53LinusNok, then my guess is either:
23:05:03LinusN1) You have a dead (broken) battery
23:05:17LinusN2) You have a broken solder joint inside the device
23:05:25LinusNwhich model?
23:05:32Guestthe 20 GB model
23:05:47Guestcan the HD break like this: when shutting down I accidentaly shook it?
23:05:52LinusNRecorder? FM Recorder? V2 recorder?
23:06:12Guestold school :D
23:06:23LinusNyes it can break, but i doubt it is that in this case
23:06:38LinusNdid you drop it?
23:06:46Guestit was in my school bag the entire time
23:06:57LinusNok, first of all, try to recharge the batteries
23:07:04LinusNthat *may* help
23:07:06Guestyup, that's what I'm doing now
23:07:13LinusNsecondly, replace the batteries
23:07:42LinusNthirdly, open it up and resolder the joints that hold the two battery spring PCB's in place
23:08:13GuestI don't really "dare" open my Jukebox...what if I can't put it back together again! :D
23:08:15LinusN(i just *have* to add that to the "hardware mods" page)
23:08:50LinusNGuest: find a friend who can do it for you
23:09:03Guestthis happened to me once before, but I booted it with Archos firmware and then shut it down, then I booted normally and it worked
23:09:05Guestbut not this time
23:09:08LinusNos send it to mike at
23:09:19Guestwhere are u guys located?
23:09:25LinusNi live in sweden
23:09:30Guestoh yeah? me too
23:09:34Guestwhere in Sweden?
23:09:43LinusN(or Haninge)
23:09:44GuestI live in Halmstad
23:10:02Guesthow much do u charge to take a look at it?
23:10:56LinusN[IDC]Dragon: ready for the technical ATA gory details?
23:11:21[IDC]DragonOK (just testing Jens' code)
23:11:58[IDC]Dragonhis ATA loop is slower :(
23:13:01LinusNok here's the deal:
23:13:38LinusNthe DIOR and DIOW signals are strobes
23:14:17LinusNfor one read access, DIOR goes low once to start the access, and once to terminate it
23:14:59[IDC]Dragon2 time low for one access?
23:16:47LinusNthe cycle time is actually the time between the two rising edges of DIOR
23:17:00LinusNand the hardware doesn't solve this for us
23:18:18[IDC]Dragonso where do the 2 pulses come from?
23:19:56scunnersrry to be a pain, but before i try to flash the rom, do i copy the ajz file from the v2 folder over the daily build ajz?
23:20:01LinusNthat is the ATA specification
23:20:21LinusNscunner: at least run it by playing the ajz file
23:20:41LinusNscunner: easiest way of installing:
23:20:53LinusNunzip the entire zip file to the root of the jukebox
23:20:58LinusNand then reboot
23:21:52scunnerdid that and i have rockbox on the unit, but can i flash the rom for faster boot time?
23:22:22LinusNyes you can
23:22:57LinusN[IDC]Dragon: the ata spec says that there has to be two pulses
23:23:33[IDC]DragonOK, understood, but what incident does normally do that job?
23:24:17LinusNwell, i'm still trying to figure out why it works so well for us...
23:24:22scunnerok, i have the files necessary for that, but there's another ajz file in the flash rom folder that i downloaded plus firmware v2 and no rom ect.
23:24:48[IDC]Dragonscunner: use only the .bin files from that
23:27:03[IDC]DragonLinusN: I think it's not 2 pulses, it's one active high pulse
23:27:46[IDC]Dragonuh, no, the label indicates low active
23:28:16LinusNso, the question is: how does it work so well for us today?
23:29:08[IDC]Dragona good one, yes
23:29:23[IDC]Dragon2 pulses are crazy
23:29:47*LinusN is studying the schematics
23:30:49[IDC]Dragonwhat's disturbung me with the ATA spec: t2 is called pulse width, t2i is called recovery time
23:31:03 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
23:31:15[IDC]Dragonand for t2 it says 8-bit
23:31:54scunneryaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! thank's guys! donation on the way!
23:32:34LinusN[IDC]Dragon: yeah, that's also puzzling me
23:33:06scunnerwow that's fast!
23:33:33LinusN[IDC]Dragon: you are probably reading the wrong timing diagram
23:34:02 Quit scunner ()
23:34:03LinusNfigure 44 is the correct one for data transfer
23:34:14[IDC]Dragonah, yes, it wasn't data
23:34:21amiconn[IDC] Dragon, Linus: There are no 2 pulses, one PIO data cycle consists of one one high and one low period of DIOR/DIOW.
23:34:35LinusNhi jens
23:34:53[IDC]Dragonah, _this_ is Jens
23:35:01[IDC]Dragondidn't know
23:35:45amiconnYes, I'm Jens. Sorry logged on but didn't watch earlier.
23:36:05LinusNok, i guess you can interpret the timing diagram like that
23:37:16[IDC]Dragonthen possibly we violate the recovery time when reading so fast
23:37:18LinusNstill, the /DIOR and the /RD timings don't match
23:37:33 Quit hardeep ("My damn controlling terminal disappeared!")
23:38:14[IDC]Dragonthe recovery starts after /IORDY is de-asserted
23:39:01amiconnLinusN: I think we are talking about the timing diagram at p. 292 of the ATA specs.
23:39:59LinusNi wonder where it samples the address?
23:40:45[IDC]Dragonat the rise of DIOR/W?
23:40:51amiconnAs far as I understand the read cycle goes as follows:
23:40:52LinusNi would guess at the rising edge of DIOR
23:42:00amiconn1. The host selects the desired device (via Cs0, CS1 and DA0..Da0. After that it has to wait at least t1
23:42:54LinusNand dior/diow has to be low
23:43:43LinusNof course
23:43:58amiconn2. The device then sets DIOR high in order to start a read cyle. It has to wait at least tA and then check IORDY status
23:44:37amiconn.[IDC]Dragon: No, as far as I read correctly, a read cycle is started by L->H transition of DIOR.
23:44:41LinusNbut the idle state of dior is high, as far as i know
23:45:03LinusNand they call it a "strobe" in the specs
23:45:25amiconnLinusN: If the devices is not selected, the state of DIOR (and DIOW) doesn't matter.
23:47:36[IDC]DragonI'm not sure about the schematics, but I think /DIOR and /DIOW are connected to /RD and /WR, which are low active
23:48:02[IDC]Dragonso, their idle state is high
23:48:30LinusNthey are
23:49:37LinusNso, the HD expects two rising edges on DIOR
23:50:27[IDC]Dragonno, a rise edge to sample the address and a fall edge to sample the data
23:50:59[IDC]Dragonwithout looking, I'd assume our bus cycle would do the opposite
23:52:06[IDC]Dragonso maybe it works because of a side effect, neighbouring transfers on the bus
23:52:17LinusNmy guess too
23:52:55LinusNi'll try to hook up a logic analyzer to it next week
23:53:26[IDC]Dragonthat'll be interesting...
23:54:04LinusNas far as i can see in the schematics, the RD and WR signals are delayed a few ns, but nothing else
23:55:03[IDC]Dragondelayed by what? is there a buffer?
23:55:30LinusNit has to be delayed, since the data goes through a buffer
23:55:51[IDC]Dragonah, found it
23:56:43amiconnLinusN: You are right, the recorder schematics don't show DIOR and DIOW but /DIOR and /DIOW
23:56:44LinusNfunny way of delaying, btw, seems like they delay the falling edge more than the rising
23:57:07LinusNamiconn: the ata specs call them DIOR- and DIOW-
23:57:12amiconnThis puzzles me, why they would describe the signals and then have the physical signals negated?
23:57:41LinusNthey don't
23:58:18LinusNthe ata spec describes dior- and diow- as strobes
23:58:31 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)

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