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#rockbox log for 2004-03-04

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00:31:14DacarloHi anyone around?
00:31:59DacarloYeah Im looking for the actual original flash ROM image files for the Rockbox recorder 10.
00:32:09DacarloMy backup was trashed :-(
00:32:48DacarloJust wondering if someone here still has theirs backed up and can DCC it to me.
00:33:13midknight2k3i don't, but what was the rom version? 1.28?
00:33:57Dacarloyeah 1.27 I got the ajz files but I want to flash the chips back to Archo's version. Im missing the bin files.
00:34:25midknight2k3don't need them
00:34:33midknight2k3got 1.27 ajz?
00:34:53midknight2k3i can help you make a UCL out of them to flash that
00:34:57midknight2k3no difference
00:35:42DacarloSo when it boots it wont show rockbox logo n stuff? Reason is its a faulty unit and Im sending it back to Archos. But if ya can help thats great.
00:41:51midknight2k3yes, i probably
00:42:09DacarloSo whats involved?
00:42:41midknight2k3i can walk you through it, or you can send it to me and have me do it
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01:22:58midknight2k3amiconn hi
01:23:02midknight2k3hows your bitswap patch
01:23:21amiconnhi midknight2k3
01:24:02amiconnmy bitswap patch is already committed by [IDC]Dragon. Yeah!
01:24:25midknight2k3is it good?
01:24:38midknight2k3what does it do exactly? faster buffering or somesuch?
01:25:35amiconnThe problem with the archos is that the mp3 decoder chip expects the bits of every byte in the reverse order than they are in the file
01:26:12amiconntherefore the bits of all bytes have to be swapped in order to be played by the chip
01:27:42amiconnI've improved that routine, 14% faster now (real world figures). This gives more time to other tasks and saves (a little) battery power.
01:28:22amiconnbut I guess my ata speedup has to wait until the mystery with some disks is solved :(
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01:28:45midknight2k3wake hi
01:28:55midknight2k3what mystery?
01:29:28midknight2k3i remember you wake
01:30:12amiconnmidknight2k3: Some disks are apparently either not fast enough (or not configured to be fast enough)
01:30:35wakeyeah, i hang out here sometimes, even though my archos has been broken since january
01:30:48amiconnto handle the new speedy routines and give errors, which leads to file system corruption.
01:39:36amiconnNite all
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05:29:14Guest1please register me?
05:29:27Guest1hello.. is anyone here
05:29:28Guest1i need help
05:29:31Guest1can anyone see this
05:30:03Guest1is this the chat for rockbox?
05:30:10dwihnoYou bet! :)
05:30:18Guest1uhmm.. i need some help
05:30:26Guest1i have an archos jukebox recorder 15
05:30:46Guest1and i downloaded the rockbox firmware stuff.. and i dont get how to install it on my mp3 player :S
05:31:01dwihnoit's quite easy
05:31:09dwihnojust unzip the archive onto the disk
05:31:14dwihno(the root of it)
05:31:16Guest1i cant find the "root" thingy
05:31:24dwihnoWell, where do you put your mp3s?
05:32:00Guest1i dunno.. i plug the mp3 player into the usb.. and Jukebox (g) pops up.....
05:32:06Guest1and i put my files in there
05:32:09dwihnoG: ?
05:32:19dwihnoJust unzip the archive directly to g:\
05:32:49dwihnoIt will unzip the firmware executable along with the .rockbox dir, containing languages, plugins ("rocks") and so forth
05:33:25Guest1i dont get it!~~~!!!
05:33:40Guest1i downloaded it.. and now there is a folder on the desktop...
05:33:44dwihnoDo you know how to handle .zip archives?
05:33:48Guest1and i put the folder into g...
05:33:57Guest1i dunno if i do..
05:34:22dwihnoWhat OS do you use?
05:34:26dwihnoWindows XP?
05:34:55dwihnothen there is built in zip support
05:34:57dwihnoopen the file
05:35:00dwihnomark everything
05:35:06dwihnoopen the jukebox in an additional window
05:35:26dwihnodrag'n'drop the contents of the archive to the jukebox
05:35:35dwihno(directly in the root directory of g:)
05:35:52Guest1thats the thing.. i dont see any root directory thingy
05:36:04Guest1all i have is folders... of the artists names.. and their music.
05:36:38dwihnoBy root directory, I mean the base folder where the folders are stored
05:36:43dwihnothe "top level", so to speak
05:36:57Guest1Jukebox (g) ??
05:37:01dwihnoindeed :)
05:37:05Guest1so just put it into jukebox...
05:37:32Guest1now turn it off and thenb ack on?
05:37:55dwihnoYou DO "unplug" the unit before disconnecting it?
05:38:03dwihnoUsing the "safe hardware removal" thingy
05:38:13dwihnoThen do so.
05:38:26Guest1it worked
05:38:43Guest1so whats the difference betweeen this and the one that was already on here
05:38:53Guest1woahh.. faster huh?
05:39:24dwihnoIt's entirely like a night and day experience, if you ask me.
05:39:35dwihnoThe key word is customizable.
05:39:42Guest1the first thing ive noticed.. is... its wayyy faster
05:40:17dwihnoYou can use different fonts, configure how to display how MP3s are being displayed (the so-called WPS), different kind of timeouts, to name a few
05:40:44dwihnoIt explains everything.
05:41:14dwihnoThe playlist loading is one of my favorites.
05:41:23Guest1how do i play the games
05:41:27dwihnoPress F1
05:41:42dwihnoThere should be a menu with "plugins"
05:43:59dwihnoWell. Yes :)
05:45:32Guest1can you listen to music and play games at the same time?
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05:47:03dwihno\o/ mission accomplished \o/
05:47:13Guest1whats id3
05:47:55dwihnoMeta-information stored in the file
05:48:01dwihnoSuch as artist, song name, album etc.
05:48:18Guest1dude.. this is awesome!!!!
05:48:28Guest1are there any other hacks for jukebox out there on the web?
05:49:36dwihnoYou mean alternative firmwares?
05:49:40dwihnoNone that I know of.
05:49:44Guest1oh i see
05:49:46dwihnoThis is not a hack
05:49:50dwihnoThis is a complete firmware rewrite
05:49:57Guest1whats disk spindown?
05:50:22dwihnoWhen navigating the disk, the disk will spin down after X seconds of inactivity
05:50:47dwihno <−− that's the manual
05:56:50Guest1THIS IS SOO COOL!!!!
05:57:00Guest1dude... props to whoever made this!!
05:59:04dwihnoWell, the core are Linus, Björn and Daniel. They are TEH r0xx! ;D
05:59:11dwihnoThey made everything happen.
05:59:22dwihnoI think Daniel started the project.
05:59:40Guest1ha... im surprised this is free
06:00:51dwihnoWell, if you feel like giving money, there is a paypal account on the website.
06:01:12Guest1im poor
06:01:45dwihnoThen just sit back, and enjoy the ride :D
06:02:28Guest1this game is hard!!!
06:02:40dwihnoWhich one?
06:02:53Guest1where you have to get all of the "o's"
06:02:58MTits not only free, its open source :)
06:03:07dwihno\o/ open source \o/
06:06:28Guest1k.. whats the best thing.. or feature.. that i dont know about.. i dont have time to read the manual
06:06:43MTthe best feature is the manual
06:07:25dwihnoUse the interface, and when a question arises, simply check the manual.
06:07:36dwihnoThe WPS and font stuff is DA shiznat.
06:07:47Guest1no idea what that is
06:08:00Guest1crap.. lol how do i browse my files
06:08:25MTthe best feature is that everything that is physically possible with the archos that any of 100 or more people who have written code for rockbox wanted, probably exists in rockbox
06:08:26Guest1ohhhh.. i press on???
06:09:19dwihnoMT: are there ~100 contributors? Impressive.
06:09:29dwihnoThe power of open source compels you! :D
06:09:29Guest1im sooo bad...
06:09:39Guest1im using my mp3 player to cheat on my math test tommorow
06:09:55MTwell theres 60+ in credits
06:09:56Guest1lol... i recorded myself saying all the answers...
06:10:05Guest1then tommorow i will "listen to music".. in class
06:10:16dwihnoCheatBox? :)
06:10:24Guest1lol you know it
06:10:33MTits people like you that mean i cant listen to music in my exams :o/
06:10:36Guest1is there any way of viewing typed documents on here
06:10:43MTof course
06:10:52Guest1really???? how?
06:10:52MTyou cant check your email yet
06:10:56MTbut im working on it
06:11:03MTtype it into a text file
06:11:05Guest1wait.. your the one who made this ??
06:11:06MTand then play it
06:11:21MTi have made bits of pieces for my own delectation
06:11:31MTnone of them have made it into the main source code tree :/
06:11:34Guest1*bows down to mt*
06:12:00MTive done very little, but appreciate the beauty of open source :)
06:12:49Guest1does this firmware ever freeze up or anything
06:12:53Guest1have any bugs in it?
06:13:11MTjust a few
06:13:25MTmuch less than original archos
06:15:00dwihnoWhich is a great thing \o/ :)
06:15:29dwihnoI wound up buying the archos' just because of rockbox... Back then, there was not even audio on the recorder models, and the fat driver was flaky
06:15:41dwihnothere's a swedish saying... "att köpa grisen i säcken"
06:15:56dwihnoWhich basically means, what you get, is what you get :)
06:16:21Guest1how do you delete a folder on here.....
06:16:27Guest1from the actual jukebox
06:16:32MTi just bought another damn archos because of rockbox ;)
06:17:07dwihnoMT: which model?
06:17:27dwihnoGuest1: I don't think recursive directory deletion is implemented.
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06:20:51MTrecorder v2 :/
06:21:03MTim importing it from america however, so at least it will be cheap
06:21:19dwihnoI hate units with non-standard batteries.
06:21:21MT~50% of uk cost
06:21:30MTyeah, I had the FM before that
06:21:54MTnot only the battery, the hard drive is so tricky to get to
06:21:59MTreal pita
06:22:19Guest1ha.. that sounds weird.. importing it from america...
06:22:38Guest1<american boy <−−−−−−−−−−−−−−-
06:23:28dwihnoThe v2 uses custom batts as well?
06:24:07Guest1whats debug...
06:24:13Guest1should i not go into that section ?
06:24:30MTthe v2 == fm recorder with no radio
06:24:52MTsome of the early ones did actually have the radio in them, but disabled in firmware
06:24:52Guest1arcos needs to put a turning dial volumn thingy on their mp3 players
06:24:56dwihnodebug = misc. information, not that useful to the average user.
06:25:02Guest1that would make it alot easier.. don tyou think?
06:25:32MTeasier to break
06:25:52Guest1is there a way to boot up the original firmware thingy....
06:26:13Guest1from the arcos... without having to delete the new firmware... ya know... choose which one to start up?
06:27:36MTyou can put a copy of the original firmware on the disk
06:27:37Guest1so my arcos jukebox recorder 15... would you consider that an older mp3.... or is it still good compared to other mp3 players?
06:27:44MTand then play it
06:27:50MTand it will load archos firmware
06:27:57MTits pretty old now
06:28:06Guest1oh ya?
06:28:08MTlarge, small hard disk, usb 1
06:28:22MTnot a very good screen
06:28:23Guest1i havent seen many mp3 players with such a big harddrive though
06:28:30MT15 gb?
06:28:42MTheck, ive seen flash players with almost that capacity
06:28:58Guest1those are the ones that have the little cards on them?
06:29:04MT(lies, 4.5GB is the largest flash player)
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06:29:24Guest1i thought those little flash cards were mostly like 128 mb.. and 256 mb
06:30:17Guest1how many mb in a gig?
06:30:44dwihnoMT: Are you SURE it's a flash based player? I mean, there's some new kind of hard drive which is really small...
06:30:53dwihnoMT: the largest flash player is 1 gbyte
06:31:48dwihnoThat's what I've seen
06:32:15Guest1wait.. so the batterys actualy last longer with rock box... hows that?
06:32:18MTmaybe it was 1.5GB
06:32:32MTwe use the battery more efficiently
06:33:29Guest1this is sweet
06:33:37Guest1k so i think im going to go study my math...
06:33:46dwihnoSome of the time critical stuff has been optimized as well, such as bit flipping
06:33:47Guest1and then ill let another kid use my arcos.. to cheat.. and have him pay me!!!!!
06:34:03dwihnoWhich shouldn't be a requirement at all :)
06:34:32dwihnoGoddamn endianness
06:34:38Guest1thanks for helping me
06:34:39Guest1see ya
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10:38:30Guestcan someone help me with battery issues
10:39:43DBUGEnqueued KICK Guest
10:39:43GuestMy JBR20 will never play if the batteries are down to 55 or below
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14:01:35LinusNc0utta: awake?
14:08:15LinusNdamn, meeting
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21:33:33c0uttahey zagor
21:34:28c0uttacan you use ms word to contribute to the manual ?
21:36:22 Part Ka__ ("Leaving")
21:36:29c0uttaaren't the file formats the same ?
21:36:49Zagorno they're not. openoffice can read word files, but the oo format is clean xml
21:37:09Zagorso yes and no :-)
21:37:23c0uttai'll download oo at work today
21:37:38Zagoryou can probably still send text to david written in msword though. just not load the existing text.
21:38:06Zagorah, you're in au. today just started for you :-)
21:38:06c0uttatrue. i want to rewrite the flashing pasrt of the manual
21:38:26c0uttayes. feeding kids. ready to go to work.
21:38:56c0uttai can't believe the number of questions about flashing. i found the process SO simple
21:39:07Zagoryeah. but the text can be a bit confusing.
21:39:26c0uttatrue. that's why you get a user to write a manual not a developer
21:39:38c0uttano offence to [idc] tho
21:40:07c0uttai'll email david - i've never seen him in here
21:40:16Zagordo so
21:41:12c0uttahave a good night
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23:08:58Sebulba02When trying to flash & getting "No images found", what exactly am I missing?
23:09:23quelsarukdo you have the .ucl file?
23:09:38Sebulba02I'm trying to play it and thats all it gives me.
23:10:27quelsaruki suppose that you're running an up-to-date rockbox version with the flash plugin instaled and so on..
23:10:32 Part Ka_ ("Leaving")
23:10:43Sebulba02I just compiled it off CVS 5 mins ago.
23:11:12Sebulba02(So, yes)
23:11:24quelsarukthen.. i have no idea, sorry :(
23:11:51Sebulba02No biggie.
23:12:02quelsarukwrite a mail to the list, or to [idc]dragon, or ask him if he comes later
23:12:24Sebulba02I could search the list also, forgot about it.
23:15:28 Join Bagder [0] (
23:17:47Sebulba02Ahh, it all makes sense now.
23:18:51quelsarukhi Bagder :)
23:18:58quelsaruknice to see you again
23:19:01Bagderhowdy ho
23:19:21quelsaruk(at least now that i'm uptodate with the languages)
23:20:23quelsarukSebulba02, ups.. i thought you wanted to upgrade the flash :)
23:20:48Sebulba02& I thought I tried that already.
23:20:49quelsarukBagder, i have a question.. can a fire?
23:21:03CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:21:03*Bagder holds on to his chair, shoot!
23:22:18quelsaruki wanted to mod the lcd_put_scroll_style() so that it only writes down what fits in the screen, so i can have a big text in a splash window and scroll it
23:22:51quelsarukbut all i got was the simulator crashing...
23:23:08quelsarukany fresh ideas?
23:23:19Bagderyes: you may have made a bug
23:23:32Bagderseriously: not really
23:23:33quelsaruki killed 2 goats!!!
23:24:12quelsaruki tried using the... i cant remember the function's name...
23:25:23quelsarukif you're not to busy.. would you mind taking a look to lcd_put_scroll_style() to see if you can do that?
23:25:41BagderI am busy atm
23:25:47quelsarukno prob
23:25:57quelsaruki'll continue trying :)
23:26:00quelsarukthx anyway
23:26:03Bagderbut I think your goal is worthy
23:26:49quelsarukit's for a splash menu
23:27:10quelsarukalso linus wanted to use that function for the new F2/3 menus...
23:27:11Bagderthe regular splash could use such a modification too
23:27:22Sebulba02Well, thanks :)
23:27:37 Part Sebulba02
23:28:36quelsarukso the splash window doesn't use all the screen width, or supporting really big words
23:29:27Bagderit uses the whole width, but it doesn't support long words
23:30:06quelsarukyes.. but a splash window using the whole width is not *cool* enough :)
23:30:41Bagderit is simple to modify it to use less
23:30:54quelsaruki know
23:31:20quelsarukhmm a programming style question...
23:34:15quelsarukif i'm changing a function that is something like function(var1, var2) to function(var1,var2,var3)... should i search the code and modify all the calls, or can i create a new function called function_style(var1,var2,var3), so the function(var1,var2) call that new function with a default value for var3 ???
23:34:37quelsarukthe last option means adding more code.. but easier to implement the changes :)
23:35:35BagderI'd say it depends if it makes sense to have two functions or not
23:35:50BagderI wouldn't do it just to avoid changing many places
23:37:04 Quit wake ("rebooting")
23:38:01quelsarukfor the lcd_put_scroll_style(), i'm using a new variable called display_width that tells the scroll function how long can the text be.. or when do we now if we have to really scroll.
23:39:21quelsarukso i changed the lcd_setmargins() to include a new variable that controls if we have a splash menu (or window) or not, to use all the display or just part of it
23:40:05BagderI think the two-func approach could work
23:40:47quelsaruki used that approach, but did not know if the code police would hunt me later for that ;)
23:51:41quelsaruktime to go! cu
23:52:51 Part quelsaruk
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