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#rockbox log for 2004-03-06

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01:14:22MTdwihno: about?
01:16:09MTdwihno: 4 GB flash player
01:16:43MTpage is for 1.5gb model :confused:
01:16:54MTclearly clicked the link that said 4gb
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01:43:30diddystar5hi track
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02:02:05maikeulhmm i was wondering if there was a project dealing with the gmini player
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02:16:47Bluechipevening all
02:17:38midkok thats it
02:17:51midktoday i'm going to buckle down and FINISH MY PATCHES
02:18:03midkalways get 95% done and drop it and start a new one
02:18:05midkwell not today
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02:24:58midkgo go scotty go go scotty
02:25:09Bluechipseems he is afk :(
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02:30:32maikeulmaybe you can tell me
02:30:50maikeuli was interested in participating to the project
02:30:57maikeulif it deals with the gmini player
02:31:11midkdoesn't sorry
02:31:19midkthere's another one though... just getting started
02:31:26elinenbemaikeul: you can make it work with the gmini player!
02:31:37maikeulhm :)
02:31:40midkelinenbe woohoo
02:32:35maikeuli have one for a few days sure it will be better with some additional features :)
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02:33:36maikeuland the new project has nothing to do with rockbox ? that's it ?
02:33:44midknight2k3i absolutely DESPISE that navigation pad
02:33:49midknight2k3it's the worst idea ... ever
02:34:04midknight2k3two half circles, like up and right and left and down
02:34:37midknight2k3i want to poke them
02:36:45Bluechipmaikeul: the rocbox and avos guys know each other and often work together, but the projects are not related
02:38:19maikeulhmmm ok i'll try to see avos guys too so :) thanks
02:38:22midknight2k3its not avos
02:38:26midknight2k3its GMINI nerds!
02:38:32midknight2k3ah sorry
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02:39:35maikeuldo you know where i can find them ?
02:39:57Bluechipavos.sourceforge or keep your eyes peeled here for Dogger
02:40:07maikeulokay :)
02:40:12midknight2k3bc is a nerd! JK JK SORRY I AM SERIOUSLY
02:40:45Bluechipcool, you should work on that joke, you might be able to make it funny :)
02:41:11midknight2k3ah bc makes me laugh
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03:25:33midknight2k3who likes #c!
03:26:51midknight2k3#c sucks butt
03:28:31maikeulit's cool i'm french, you will help me learn slang South Park hasn't tought me
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04:49:12MeeBitI'm having trouble flasinh my jukebox... after i copy the flash files to it and i properly disconnect, and when I try to reboot, rolo says "file length mismatch".... any ideas?
04:49:26midknight2k3what's the model?
04:49:31midknight2k3of your box
04:49:33MeeBitrecorder v2
04:49:49midknight2k3you got the rec flash pack i presume?
04:50:00midknight2k3you need the v2 one
04:50:14midknight2k3if it's a "Rec v2" then plain rec won't work
04:50:57MeeBitso what's the link? I don't see one on the site...
04:51:53MeeBitnever mind, I see it
04:51:59MeeBitthanks by the way
04:52:08midknight2k3good luck
04:52:26MeeBitthx, I'll let you know how it turns out
05:07:50MeeBitwhen I try to run the flash firmware plugin, it says "wrong plugin"
05:08:46midknight2k3that exactly?
05:08:51midknight2k3or "plugin returned error"?
05:08:59midknight2k3or "incompatible version"?
05:09:08MeeBityes that exactl "wrong plugin"
05:09:23midknight2k3never heard of
05:09:28midknight2k3let me check the source real quicka
05:11:19midknight2k3very odd
05:11:57midknight2k3one more shot
05:12:44MeeBitit said it again
05:12:54midknight2k3here is your problem
05:14:22midknight2k3its on the mailing list
05:14:26midknight2k3let me check it out
05:15:03midknight2k3check your hardware info
05:15:12midknight2k3make sure "Flash: M=BF D=D6"
05:15:39MeeBitthat's what mine says
05:16:11midknight2k3can you tell me the rest
05:16:38MeeBitRom: 1.32
05:16:58midknight2k3one sec
05:17:02midknight2k3well go on
05:17:18MeeBitMask: 0x0104
05:17:24MeeBitUSB: positive
05:17:40MeeBitATA: 0x200
05:17:51MeeBitPR: Positive
05:18:20midknight2k3try this
05:18:23midknight2k3get a new daily build
05:18:25MeeBitFlash: M=BF D=D6
05:18:30midknight2k3put the "firmware_v2.bin" in root
05:18:40midknight2k3and then try and run the plugin
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05:19:43amiconnUups, already 05:19 am here.
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05:22:59MeeBitI don't see firmware_v2.bin in the zip file
05:23:50midknight2k3some sort of firmware thing?
05:24:46midknight2k3in the flash pack i mean
05:25:25MeeBitdo they have daily builds of flashpack? where?
05:25:33midknight2k3in the normal one
05:25:48midknight2k3get a daily build of rockbox
05:25:59midknight2k3and the firmware_v2.bin in the flash pack
05:26:30midknight2k3im sick of this
05:26:33midknight2k3ah nm
05:27:02MeeBitso I drop the dail build of rockbox in the root, along with the firmware_v2.bin from the flaspak?
05:27:24midknight2k3firmware_v2.bin in root
05:27:36midknight2k3extract the rest where it goes (.rockbox, ajbrec.ajz)
05:27:51MeeBitthere's already one there
05:29:05MeeBitokay, done
05:29:13MeeBitnd it reboted
05:30:13MeeBitokay, it's working
05:30:59MeeBitit worked
05:31:05MeeBitthanks alot man
05:31:38midknight2k3works good?
05:31:49MeeBityeah, waaaay faster now
05:34:53MeeBitdo I need the .bin file on there now?
05:35:08midknight2k3delete it
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05:49:04midknight2k3scared him off
05:49:11midknight2k3stupid bitshift, scott
05:49:25midknight2k3bitshift best word ever
05:49:27midknight2k3HEY BITSHIFT
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05:49:57scott666gonna do that ATA test?
05:50:50scott666check your email
05:53:00midklink me
05:54:11scott666to your email?
05:54:25midkto the page
05:54:28midki dont subscribe
05:54:45scott666oh, really?
05:55:00scott666but you've posted before
05:55:08scott666well its the most recent message
05:55:39midkcalled what
05:55:50scott666Subject: ATA field test (Was Re: File system corruption)
05:56:16midkgot it
05:57:13midkim doin it!
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09:10:17midknite nite
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19:15:14midkSmaug woohoo
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19:15:46Smaugcame around to ask a reeeeeeeeeeeal longshot of a question
19:15:54midknp, shoot
19:16:20Smaugwondering if the Rockbox crew is going to be turning their attentions to any other hardware platforms
19:16:34SmaugI know, I know, the amount of work involved...
19:16:34midksuch as the gmini?
19:16:40CtcpIgnored 4 channel CTCP requests in 12 hours and 48 minutes at the last flood
19:16:40*Smaug blushes
19:16:46Smaugnot ARchos platform
19:17:07Smaugwell, I was thinking of two that'd be worth a go
19:17:17Smaugin my very humble opinion
19:17:25Smaugthe Rio Karma and the Lyra Jukes
19:17:42Smaugespecially the newer Lyra, the 40gb model
19:18:02SmaugI'm a huge fan of Rockbox and it kills me that i"m not able to use it anymore
19:18:08midkkeep in mind I can't say anything for sure
19:18:13Smaugoh I figured
19:18:36midkactually I could only make an educated guess, and that'd be "no"
19:18:40*Smaug laughs
19:18:41midkthe Karma has a great OS built in
19:19:07Smaugit was just the removable drive issue that threw me off the Karma
19:19:15Smaugeverything else about it was so great
19:19:22midkthey're planning it
19:19:32Smaugwell that's good news
19:19:36Smaughow 'bout Lyra?
19:19:52midki can't say anything about that, never seen it
19:19:53Smaugit soooooo needs more configurability
19:19:54midkgot a link? let me google
19:19:59Smaugbide a moment
19:20:58Smaugmanufacturer site
19:21:35midkah, looks familiar
19:21:39Smaugthere are only about two or three reviews out there that I've been able to suss out
19:21:53Smaugit was the one I had to go with after my beloved Archos Recorder shit the bed
19:22:52Smaugand it really needs more configurability...was wondering how much of a gap there'd be to developing Rockbox for it..
19:23:32midkhard to say sorry
19:23:37midki don't have any idea how the firmware works
19:23:40Smaugin most respects, I've found it a very good player...except for a few little nagging issues..
19:23:45*Smaug nods
19:23:49SmaugI figured would be a longshot to ask
19:24:12Smaugjust thought it'd be worth a mention, perhaps
19:24:25midkmight post to the mailinglist
19:25:01SmaugI was writing up a review for Epinions, but for some reason it's thinking I put HTML tags in the text <shrug>
19:25:06Smaugbug good idea
19:25:11Smaugthanks for taking the time, man
19:25:21midkdid you use any
19:25:23midkor >
19:25:26midkwithout any tags?
19:25:29Smaugumm, at first, yeah
19:25:37midkit accepts <b> </b> <i> </i>
19:25:37Smaugbut afterwards, I'm pretty sure I removedc them
19:25:42Smaugyeah, saw that
19:25:48midkand <a href> as long as the link beings with ""
19:25:52midkhumm odd
19:25:54Smaugthought I'd ganked all rest
19:26:01Smaugguess I'll just have to look closer
19:26:03midkdo a search for "<"
19:26:08*Smaug nods
19:26:19Smaugwell listen thanks for taking the time to look at this..
19:26:22Smaugappreciate it
19:26:41Smaugcatch you later
19:26:45 Quit Smaug ("fuggit")
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19:46:32 Join yort [0] (
19:46:49yortHi all!
19:47:49yortI was looking for some advice.
19:48:44yortI have to send my JB RecV2 in to repair the headphone jack. Could someone tell me how to "unflash" rockbox and reinstall the Archos OS?
19:49:58 Quit edx ()
19:50:27yortPretty please?
19:51:45yortOr maybe just tell me where to get advice?
19:53:37yortIs there anybody in here?
19:53:59Nibbleryort, its easy
19:54:08Nibblerjust plug it in and remove all rockbox stuff
19:54:16Nibbler(.rockbox and the boot-file)
19:56:25yortthen it will revert.
19:56:50Nibblerit wont load rockbox on startup
19:57:00Nibblerwell oops
19:57:07 Join pfavr [0] (
19:57:11Nibblerdid u flash your archos? caus then i have no idea :-)
19:57:18Nibblersorry, i misread
19:57:40Nibblerbut tell them to repair the headphone jack and keep their fingers of your rom :-)
19:58:02yortYeah. I flashed it. Now I'd like to unflash it, if possible.
19:58:43yortI hope they can do that, but I think installing Rockbox voids the warranty.
20:00:58yortI looked here (at the end of #5), but I don't really understand the instructions.
20:02:55Nibblerwell, did you backup your original firmware?
20:03:15 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
20:04:29yortI did, but I'm nowhere near my home- I live in Japan and I'm in america for the spring :(
20:05:09yortArchos has their firmware on their website.... I cant get it to boot up.
20:05:53 Quit yort ("Leaving")
20:06:38 Join yort [0] (
20:07:02yortoops, accidently logged off.
20:07:46yortCanyanybody help me reflash Archos' original firmware to my Jukebox V2?
20:11:38yortOr tell me where I could go for help?
20:14:33yortThere must be a way to do it, right?
20:15:05yortHas anyone ever delt with Archos tech support, do they care if Rockbox is installed?
20:17:33yortno body?
20:23:24yortI'll check in with you guys later.
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21:02:28 Join yort1 [0] (
21:02:39yort1I need the "internal_rom_2000000-203FFFF.bin" backup file.
21:02:50yort1Could someone out there send it to me?
21:10:00scott666you didnt back it up before you flashed?
21:18:28 Quit yort (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:21:41yort1yes, but my home computer is far far away.
21:22:26yort1That's alright, I'm giving up. I'll send it in and see what they say.
21:22:44yort1take care, everyone.
21:22:46 Quit yort1 ("Leaving")
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22:21:25diddystar5pfavr: awake?
22:21:57diddystar5where was your cd again?
22:22:02diddystar5i cant remember the site
22:24:05 Join Nibbler [0] (
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22:27:21 Quit scott666 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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22:55:28 Join amiconn [0] (
23:11:59 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
23:12:11[IDC]DragonHi Jens!
23:12:17amiconnHi Jörg!
23:12:39[IDC]Dragonno failures reported yet?
23:13:33amiconnNo failures :(
23:14:37amiconnBut the test readings give me some ideas where we should look at next.
23:16:41amiconnFirst I noticed that with my first test, the time readings were much longer for some people than with the second.
23:17:22[IDC]Dragonwhat's the difference betweend 1st and 2nd?
23:18:00amiconnEspecially Trent, who got the problem and did both test versions, the "time needed" for _every_ loop type are longer with the first version.
23:18:42[IDC]DragonSO the disk introduces waits, with IORDY.
23:19:30amiconnSince the loops are identical in both tests (expect the additional loop #4 in test 2), this must be caused by the disk spinning down between every 2 read attempts in the 1st test
23:19:32[IDC]Dragonor the sectors are just coming in slower
23:20:34[IDC]DragonIIRC, our spindown cleares the disk cache
23:21:40 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/1]")
23:21:44amiconnAs I do not yield() at all in the whole test run, the disk probably spins down between the reads by itself, since the ata power management is set to 0x01
23:23:11amiconn0x01 means "maximum power savings _with_ standby". In the second test, the time between two reads is much shorter thanks to your faster CRC routine, so the disk does not spin down
23:24:58 Join AciD` [0] (
23:25:04amiconnI've got two reports from different people with the same hard disk model, one of them does have the fs corruption problem, the other doesn't.
23:25:35[IDC]Dragonany difference in the disk settings?
23:25:54amiconnThe difference between the two reports is −− the hardware mask! Hw mask 0x0102 = problem, mask 0x0302 = no problem
23:26:12 Join Smaug [0] (
23:26:15 Quit Smaug (Client Quit)
23:26:28[IDC]DragonAnd I still suspect it can also be the hardware, the delay gates
23:26:45[IDC]Dragonthat's a dirty design
23:27:17amiconnI don't think so, since all test readings are perfectly ok. In my second test I extended my idea in the following ways:
23:28:59amiconn1) For each of the 3 passes for a given speed and alignment, I start reading one sector later, to exclude "deterministic" errors. I then compare the parts which should be identical (via CRC)
23:29:49amiconn2) I use the checksum computed for speed 0 (the C routine) as a reference and compare all other readings against that.
23:30:15[IDC]DragonI uderstand 2), but not 1)
23:30:16amiconn3) The additional "S4" routine is your assembler version 1:1
23:31:36amiconn1): This probably is not needed since I implemented (2), did this beforehand. In my first test, I did not compare against the S0 checksum.
23:31:58[IDC]DragonBTW, the diffent bit in the h/w mask is the type of LCD
23:32:19[IDC]Dragonsounds very unrelated
23:32:23amiconnInstead, I compared the three checksums of each speed/alignment combination with each other.
23:33:03[IDC]Dragonsorry, I gotta leave
23:33:10amiconn_If_ for a higher speed the read errors would've been deterministic, that means occur each time at the same byte
23:33:45[IDC]DragonOK, better the new way
23:33:46amiconnthis would not have been detected. Hence I came up with the idea to read it "shifted" by one sector.
23:34:25amiconnI left (1) in after I invented (2), couldn't hurt.
23:35:04 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
23:38:52diddystar5hi amiconn
23:38:59diddystar5are you new to rockbox?
23:46:42mattzzanybody here to help me with a plugin question?
23:52:52mattzzI want to learn about the basic steps to play a short mp3 sound in a plugin (metronome idea)
23:53:16mattzzsome functions in plugin.h are prepared, I guess
23:53:23diddystar5you may look at the plugin chip8.c
23:53:29diddystar5one sec
23:53:45diddystar5(i havent really been paying attention to the changes in a long time)
23:54:35diddystar5what you need is some raw mp3 data
23:54:53diddystar5it looks like static unsigned char beep[]={} in chip8.c
23:55:29mattzzyep, then I need the complete mp3 file as an array?
23:55:47diddystar5what you are wanting is a metronome?
23:56:13mattzzyes, I have a nice rimshot sound here and I am pretty new to writing plugins ;-)
23:56:54mattzzchip8.c gives me some sort of idea what the basic steps might be
23:57:00diddystar5that should be really easy
23:57:23diddystar5just define your sound, play it and sleep for whatever the timout it
23:57:31diddystar5really simple
23:57:36diddystar5good luck :)
23:57:53mattzzthanx, I will let you know if it works
23:58:05diddystar5ok :)

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